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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  May 11, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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already in effect for the b area. and that means high fe danger, too. a sure sign that the heat is on. exsenseive heat watch is in effect for the bay area. good evening. as we speak of fire danger, we take a live look at san jose as firefighters work to put out a wind-driven fire at a sanitary landfill. smoke is vicible it in the area of zanker road. the area is not heavily populated. the firefighters say wood chips are burning deep under ground. we found the landfill here, it looks like they recycle wood and make wood chips. when we arrived on scene we found a large piece of equipment on fire and piles of wood chips of the wood chips
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are on fire but spreading. they are floating through the air and setting small fires. >> it started at 4:30. seven engines requested. they are having a hard time fighting the fire because of the location, there are no water resources at the top of the hill and they are running out of water. you can see white smoke as it blows across the area and up. not causing problems for people right now. no health advisories issued and no order to shelter in place. firefighters expect to be out there all night, though. no word on what caused it. earlier today thick gray smoke filled the air in another part of san jose. chp says someone has thrown a burning object near highway 101 and 87 that led to the brush fire. it was controlled in less than half an hour. these fires are happening a couple of days after this fire. also in san jose on friday. this was at interstate 280 and
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bird avenue. smoke was blowing across the freeway and it was quickly put out. >> none of that is good news when you consider this bit of news. we are about to experience what will be easily the warmest temperatures so far this year. the national weather service issued an excessive heat watch for the up coming week. it will effect all inland areas, the hottest spots, 100 degrees by tuesday. be warming on wednesday. by wednesday, the temperatures will hit 101 in livermore, 102 in fairfield and middle 90s in the south bay. we will have the full weather forecast for you in just a few minutes. san jose police officers trying to stop a driver in a stolen vehicle shot the suspect. it happened at this intersection of story road and jackson avenue in east san jose around 11:30 last night. the officer spotted the suspect, tried to pull him over. instead they said the driver took off and hit two patrol cars a few blocks away. the driver was shot once and taken to the hospital. his condition is unknown.
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no officers were hurt. a husband and father killed in a road rage shooting. now they are stepping in to help the family while they work to track down the gunman. now, that family had no one else to turn to for support until now. kpix5 brian web with the unexpected helping hand. >> san jose family in shock. dealing with the death of a husband and father. and wondering how they will survive without his love and support. they spoke to us through a san jose police officer, acting as an interpreter. >> still in shock. does not know what to think, does not know what to do at this point. her kids are so young. >> reporter: the family's grief traces back to tuesday near the intersection of center and toley road. that is where he got into a road range incident with two
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young men with in a silver volkswagen. both drivers pulled to the side of the road and started arguing. the police don't know how it all began but it ended with lamb shot and dead. the suspects drove away. >> reporter: he was the sole bread winner for the family. a bus driver who worked seven- days a week. he leaves behind a wife and two young sons, one with autism. all alone with no other family in the u.s. that is where the san jose police department is going beyond the call of duty, raising money for a family in need. >> to raise money to help the family. that is how it started out. >> reporter: the crime is unsolved. the two suspects, still on the loose. leaving behind one dead man and a family full of victims. brian webb, kpix5. >> the police department is using a fundraiser web site to help the family. so far, $28,000 has been raised
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and the police are going for $50,000. if you would like to help we have posted a link on our web site can crews are searching for four men who are missing after their speedboat capsized. the accident happened yesterday afternoon on the lake east of sacramento. the men are presumed dead. divers and boat crews returned to the site this morning, there was a red flag warning in effect because of the high winds that may boating conditions dangerous. >> we were going to go for a walk but it is too windy. we decided not to because it is too, too rough. today, the body of a third person from the hot air balloon crash was found. it was discovered 100 yards from where the second victim's body was found. two victims were members of the university of richmond woman's basketball staff. a veteran hot air balloon pilot
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was at the controls. a moment of silence was held during today's graduation. one of the 53 girls that islamic extremist says she is afraid to go home to school. she is safe but hundreds are still in the hands of terrorist. the worldwide pressure for the nigearian government to find those girls. >> reporter: there were prayers, and protests on sunday. as millions struggled with the government's inability to find 270 missing schoolgirls. >> we will continue to agitate, protest, ask questions until they come back. >> reporter: a terrorist group claims to have the teenagers. u.s. and british advisories are helping with the search. defense secretary chuck hagel cautions finding it them in a dense jungle will be a huge
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challenge. >> we are going to bring every asset we can use to help the government. there is no intention, at this point, to be putting american boots on the ground. [crying] >> reporter: parents of the missing girls are demanding action. this mother says i believe the government can wipe away my tears, she says government pity us and rescue our children. they are threatening to sell the captured girls in in slavery and may force some into marriage. allison harmlin for cbs news, back to you. >> many are assisting the government for the search for the missing girls. the nigearian government is offering a reward for information about the girl's whereabouts. we are coming to get you, are you okay? >> watch as storm chasers rescue a woman in a wheelchair, trapped after a massive tornado blows through missouri
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could be the beginning of something big. a small town in missouri is recovering.. after being sld and a hero's welcome for a bearded drag queen. it is no joke, why this could be the beginning of something big.
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powerful tornado last night. the twister packed winds upo
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135 miles per hour.. you can see -- ominous a small town in missouri is getting slammed by a powerful tornado last night. twister-packed winds up to 1thrive miles an hour. you can see the clouds darkening the skies there. the storm tore up trees from the roots and ripped roofs off of homes. this is one of those homes, a storm chaser and e had mt shot this video of debris all over a man's house. then, he headed down stairs to pull the man's wheelchair bound wife from the rubble. >> we are coming to get you, are you okay? >> yes. >> all right. it looks like your dog is okay. important, right? >> sure. >> we are going to carry you. >> okay. >> thank you. >> yep. >> we are going to get you out okay. >> reporter: despite widespread damage from the storm, no injuries and no deaths were reported there. >> incredible. well, a bearded austrian drag queen returned home in triumph today after winning the song contest. [cheers and applause]
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victory for tolerance in eu. omas neuwirth -- w >> she was welcomed home to crowds. the country's president called the win a victory for tolerance in europe. the real name is thomas newworth was criticized by some in eastern europe who blasted her as an example of western decadence. >> this is for everyone who believes in the future of peace and freedom. [cheers and applause] [singing] protests, highlighting the tensions between europe's progressives, and the ic of russia >> the annual comp teugz is supposed to be -- the competition is supposed to be free of politics but it caused a stir for many. [music] with the song, "waterloo." are among the best-selling artists of all time, selling more than >> to put it in perspective it is the same contest that launched the career of the pop
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group "aba" in 1974. they are among some of the bestselling artists of all- time, selling 400 million records worldwide. and, hair, make-up, nails, done for moms who could otherwise not afford it. how they were treated like queens on their special day. >> it will be hot. record highs on tap for the up coming week. we will have the forecast for you after a break. ,,,,,,,,
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these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. day and relax. the same is true for those who can bare make ends meet. mark kelly every mom deserves to kick back on mother's day and relax. the same is true for those that can barely make ends meet. mark kelly reports, it was those special ladies that got a full day of pampering.
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>> the hamilton family center made over into a salon. from air to make up. classical music. these moms got the star treatment. >> they are beautiful. i feel happy. >> reporter: one of the make- up artists that volunteered to give the moms, many sing skpel homeless, a taste of glamour. >> you get to know about them and their background, what they like and, also, you know, just to bring them a little bit of that happiness. >> i don't want them to feel really sad and like i want them to feel just like the same as everyone else. just happy. >> reporter: the 28th year for this event. 35 moms taking advantage. organizers say it is the most extravagant one, yes. they are happy to see these moms enjoying themselves. >> this is stigma being homeless. for them, it is not. the community is wrapping their arms around them and saying today we are going to take care of you. >> >> reporter: hair done right
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and make-up done up, it is time to show it off. they were treated to a brunch away from the kids high atop san francisco in the star light room where they reflected on what this day of relaxation gives them. >> i am a single mother. i have no help. it is like every day it is -- it is stress. every mom needs a break. like myself and everyone else here. >> we struggle every day trying to make it. we don't have time for ourselves. when we have days like this, it is very special to us. >> reporter: and julia will not soon forget her one day off, taking time for herself and feeling like a queen. >> and i am very grateful. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix5. >> donations to the hamilton family center made this day possible. the nonprofit provides provides emergency shelter and housing for these woman. smoke is blowing but no
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health advisories and no shelter in place. can you tell us about the wind in that area? >> yes. out of the northwest. in north san jose. going to blow the winds towards the freeway. the intersection of the express way. a it is heavily populated. not where the fire is burning but the winds to the northeast, going to the southeast, a lot of neighborhoods around there. and also over the 880. over the express way. it will be a problem to that extent and also because of the fact they think there is wood chips at depth. they are meant to burn. it will be a tough one to put out. meanwhile, the rest of the bay area, clear skies, warm temperatures, 77 degrees is as we look to it. it is 73 at oakland in the city. 71 degrees in 81. 80 degrees, and, the air quality is suffering with the high pressure that will be capping all of it that will be
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generated in the bay area. and moderate air quality around the bay area. spare the air day in 2014. winds are disbursing everying that is out there. today we had great visibilities with northwester hes, high 20 miles an hour. south bay, down to the west, 30 miles an hour. sfo. the north bay, not so bad. the winds will dissipate. not back when they are. for an off shore and warm direction by tomorrow afternoon. so, as you head out tonight, the numbers will be in the 60s inland around the bay, clear skies. heading out, sunshine. that is the last time we are going to see low 50s for the rest of the week. the numbers are warm overnight. during the day time by tomorrow afternoon we will be had in the low 90s inland. that will seem cool by wednesday's standards when things really peak. at the beach, 75 degrees you know it is warm in the bay area, inland. wind waves, northwesterly
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swells, actually, the winds up to 12 knots or so. warm weather tomorrow, tuesday, we will be near 100 degrees inland. a big bubble of high pressure parked over the west coast. keeping us warm. here is what is next. we have the winds that go up tonight. the t-fls climbing tomorrow. a heatwave midweek. it will be hot. the temperatures on average, even just tomorrow, as much as 12-15 degrees above average. it will be even warmer on tuesday. heading out of the bay area, mostly sunny skies, staying in the bay area, 88 degrees in san bruno. down in the south bay, 87 degrees at redwood city and 85 in palo alto. 90 at cooper tino. the numbers in the east bay will be in the low 90s for the most part. and from there, they just go up. expect a warmer day tomorrow and even warmer day as we get towards the weekend or toward the middle of the week. wednesday and thursday will be near the century mark inland. we don't get a break from this.
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finally a few low clouds to the shoreline will cool us as the beach but in the meantime we will be in the middle 90s by tuesday and warmest spots even around the bay will be warm. the city itself will be in the 80s by tuesday. expect hot times ahead for the bay area, ann, den stpheus. >> thank you very much. >> all right. we have not said this yet in the newscast. happy mother's day, especially my mom who wants the giants to win. >> she lives in the east bay. >> yes. yes. there is a long story. check it out on facebook and we can have a conversation. >> can the giants take down the dodgers? career day for the caveman. oakland has old friends for dinner, next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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broken thumb. he's expectedo miss 6 weeks, so it's time r pablo sandovol to step up to the e and k. bad news, folks, bell will have two pins inserted to repair his broken thumb. expected to miss six weeks. time for pablo to step up his game and pick up the slack. 11 wins against the giants at 21 starts, the pand a hitting under 200, still, in the 1st, the gap, the rbi double. giants take the lead, rare sighting. retaking the lead, in the 7th. crushing the curve ball on a 0- 2 count. that guy is money. giants have a 3-2 lead.
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4-2 giants on the night. surgery has not blown a save all year until today. now, getting it out in a heartbeat. we go to extra innings and in the 10th, giants load the bases and guess what. panda, comes up big. giants core 3 in the inning, they win 7 of 4. hudson gets a no decision in the shortest outing of the season. wins it 6. giants win it, 2000 four. now, trading gonzalez to the nationals, one of the players the a's got in return, catcher, jerry noris. >> the rookie skipper of the nationals. bottom of the 1st. now, for north. getting the green light on a 3- 0 count and crushes it. oakland scored 4 runs in the 1st. welcome back to oakland, gonzalez. it got worse in the 2nd. now, hitting the pop up. should of ended the inning. but, jose can not make the catch.
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the ball would roll, foul, and it would be a walk to continue the inning. now, round 2. they are 3-0. yes. career day for the a's catcher. drives in 6 runs, only lasts 4 and a third. the shortest of the year. the lead, 20 for that man. tossing the shutout innings, third start this year without allowing a run. he picks up his 5th win of the year. the a's beat the nats, 9-1 and they sweep the series. >> mom is giving me the power and strength to do something great on her day. it is nice to give it back to her somehow. >> i don't think i have seen anything like that before. the count, hitting it on the nose. that is awesome. early on in the game, having a nice cushion to go out there and relax and play my game. easier for me. >> going down the middle. would you wait for that pitch?
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especially with, you know, men on base? you know, i would have done the same thing. >> sterling, not allowed courtside anymore. the stars were out in l.a. for game 4 between the thunder and clippers. now, okc in control. the pocket, taking it away. 40 points for the mvp. l.a. would go small and make a run. collins, finishes with the left hander, putting the clippers up by 2. now, getting 18 in the 4th. final seconds, l.a., still up, 2. griffin can not finish and thunder will have one final chance. >> final seconds to go to west brook. putting up the 3. no good and the clippers tied the series. >> that was a great basketball game. what a tkra mattic comeback. down as many as 22 points, to even the series at 2 games a
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piece -- dramatic come back. down as many as 22 points to even the series at 2 games a piece. now, golf, trying to hold on to a 3-shot lead. down to 1 when he reached the 17th and sawgrass. it gets on the green. look at that. it stops just in the nick of time. but he was not out of the woods yet. he needed to save parto hold his lead. >> did he? oh my goodness. >> my goodness indeed. holding him off to win the player's championship. coming up tonight, former giant say broadcaster here in the bay area for 95.7 the game. >> good to hear from him. >> he was always friendly. i always thought he would be great behind a microphone. as long as it is radio, not tv. >> dennis, your job is secure. >> thank you very much for
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joining us. ,,,, ,,,,
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your favorite style of cake. endless possibilities. baskin robbins mother's day cake. pick one up today.
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>> jeff: tonight, severe weather in the heartland. >> we have a large tornado on the ground causing damage. >> jeff: tornadoes rip across the nation's midsection. >> oh my lord. >> jeff: and the danger is not over yet. eric fisher has more. defying international pressure, voters in eastern ukraine cast ballots to break away. clarissa ward is watching the vote. this afternoon as mark albertia tells us a third victim is found after friday's deadly hot air balloon crash. ♪ a house is a heart even when it's gone ♪ >> jeff: and on this mother's day, anthony mason with ben harper. he has played music all around the world, but there's nothing like singing with someone back home. >> i just, you know, came to my mom and said, "let's do a song together, just one song." and from that one song came another song and another song.


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