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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 12, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> fire at a south bay landfill. >> if the owners feel like another chance -- >> we hear from both donald and shelly sterling now, the embattled owners of the l.a. clippers for the first time since the racist rant was made public. from across the bay to around the world , the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. it's 5:00. i'm frank mallicoat. 90 degrees in some spots. >> the heat waves beginning at what looks like a little cool this morning. we've got mostly clear skies in the coastline and clouds rotating. a sense of the ridge of high pressure overhead and the offshore winds and today, could see mid 70s in the coastline and 80s in the bay and some 90s to show up in the valleys. mostly clear just about everywhere you go right now. a little cool early on.
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47 degrees in santa rosa and 53 in san francisco right now. but this afternoon, here we go. 90s in the valleys. plenty of 80s and almost 90 degrees today. 84 in oakland. >> taking you to the east bay where northbound is towards the coliseum and airports. everything slowing nicely to your downtown oakland exit. we have a one problem still out there to about 5:30. still waiting to tell crews but not seeing delays. no delays for pleasant hill down towards 24 interchange. just a heads up. you may still see activity there. chp still on the shoulder. a live look outside. i saw some lane change crews drive by in the last ten minutes or so. should have four southbound lanes open. in the direction to southbound out of morin county, get folks
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into san francisco this morning and moving fine right now through. that's your latest kcbs traffic. thanks. >> there could be confused commuters. >> there's a traffic pattern that could cause a whole lot of problems. >> reporter: the change is expected to last over in the next few weeks. if your commute does take you by the golden gate bridge, pay extra attention this morning because things have changed. it's up by 1,000 feet and if you miss it, you have to drive all the way across the golden gate and pay the $7 toll just to make it back. >> moving that last exit can be treacherous because if you're not local and a native like i am, you'll miss it.
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>> tell me what it was like getting down in here. >> just a lot of traffic. a lot of patience. got to bring it with you. >> reporter: the modification is until construction crews can add safety shoulders. it's one of three serving as your final warning. there's a little minor view and one that could set you back when you head into work this morning. frank, back to you. >> got paid 7 bucks and come back. kate, i know it was awfully early when you approached the exit this morning, but how did it look? >> frank, i can tell you, there are signs that are clearly marked but as one commuter said, it's going to be the tour center coming through or maybe just people who really are in that routine that might miss it. so it's probably good to keep your eyes open this morning. reporting live in san francisco, cate cauguiran, kpix 5. an infant in stable condition after a near drowning at a family swimming pool. emergency crews rushed to the home in concord after an infant
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drowned last night. they tried to revive. they rushed the baby to the hospital. now the very latest developments on a stubborn fire in north san jose. the fire began yesterday afternoon. it went 40 feet high. it was smelled in much of the santa clara valley. as brian webb reports, several factors made this battle particularly tough to battle. >> i think it hurts a lot of people. it's burning under a huge mile and a shouldering volcano at a landfill on the north side of the city, soon, strong winds gusting over 20-mile appearance hour fanned the flames turning
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the small fire into bigger problems. >> the woodchips not only in fire but spreading and floating through the air to a small fire. >> reporter: there's no hydrants where the fire is, so crews come down to fill up the hot spots seem to multiply by the minute. the embers carried concerns that new fire would spark across the surrounding area that's dry as the desert and this fire may only be the beginning of a long, hot and dangerous fire season. >> we're very concerned. and we're prepared, obviously, but we're getting ready for a very tough wild season. >> people have to be extremely careful. >> reporter: for george hoyt who volunteered to bring food and firefighters, what's burning now is bad enough and stinging his lungs the longer
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he stays. brian webb, kpix 5. >> while the smoke was unpleasant, there were no health alerts issued yesterday. there was one of several vegetation fires around the city yesterday. one at interchange of highway 87 and 101 but controlled within a half hour. investigators believe it was caused by a cigarette or another burning object perhaps tossed out of a car window. the warm windy weather has been a big problem though and it could get worse. >> there's been more than 1300 fires so far this year. twice as many as normal. the search for four missing boaters will resume east of sacramento. they disappeared after the vote capsized saturday afternoon. they got too windy to work yesterday afternoon, so the search was suspended. there's a red flag warning in
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effect because of dangerous voting conditions. >> it's too windy. >> the capsized speedboat has been recovered. all four missing men are from the area. a ban over access in san mateo county court whether the owner can keep people from crossing his property to get to martin's beach. >> he closed the own in 2008. the previous owner had allowed people to use the road for a $5 fee. the foundation is restoring access to that beach. tonight, the council will consider a plan to call for a 20% reduction in water use city
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wide. >> midwest is bringing a lot of rain, snow and tornadoes even. as marlie hall shows us, the weather has been violent and very destructive. >> here we go. >> storm chasers captured the moment a tornado ripped down power lines in southeastern nebraska. several tornadoes tore through the state yesterday in seward county, a storm left mangled homes in his wake. it was a similar scene in orrick and marshall, missouri, saturday, after two tornadoes ripped through the small town. >> we all huddled up in the back of the basement. the glass was flying at us still, everything was flying around down there. and so i just -- you could hear the house collapse above us. >> this funnel cloud was spotted west of kansas city, on sunday as it got pummeled.
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in colorado, looked like the middle of winter. it blanket just in time for mother's day, covering springtime flowers and turning this roadway into an icy slushy mess. these. two russian speaking regions overwhelmingly voted in favor of separating themselves from the rest of the country. the vote was marred by violence in some locations. the u.s. said they won't recognize the results. even russia is epicouraging to engage in talks with representatives from those regions. a video reportedly shows a terrorist lead of releasing
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schoolgirls since the release would be in exchange for prisoners since the terrorist group boko haram currently held in nigeria jails of afp. the president agreed to attend a security summit in paris on saturday focusing and have yet to answer the invitation. at the same time, officials are trying to develop a conclusive list of the names of the missing girls. experts from the u.s. and other nations are now heading to nigeria to help out. a vigil is planned at stanford in an effort to maintain focus on the missing nigerian schoolgirls. it happens at 6:30 in linton plaza at university avenue. time now is 5:10. it was a very special mother's day for a group of bay area women. how a local nonprofit turned a holiday into an unforgettable experience. >> donald sterling talks publicly for the first time since his racist rant got him banned from the nba.
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coming up, what he said about holding on to the clippers. >> turning offshore. get ready for some serious heat, maybe some record heat. we'll talk about that coming up. >> some paving work has wrapped up out of vallejo. all lanes wrapped up on westbound. we'll have the latest on your drive to work. first, what's driving you crazy during your commute. please ask a question by e- mailing or watch to see if your question gets answered on air. we'll be right back.
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texas is threatening an ente town... although containmens improved. flames driven by strong, shifting winds destd as many as a hundred homes threatening an entire town, although containment improved. winds destroyed as many as 100 yesterday outside of amarillo. somber graduation ceremony. a moment of silence yesterday for three victims killed in a hot air balloon crash in virginia. two on the university of women basketball. yesterday, crews recover the body of a missing victim in a heavily wooded area. donald sterling goes in
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front of the camera for the first time since racist rant went public. kpix 5 reporter mark kelly with what sterling and his wife had to say. mark? >> reporter: after weeks of hearing his voice on explosive tape recording, sterling sat down with cnn's anderson cooper. he asked for forgiveness and insisted he is not a racist. the nba banned sterling for life from the league. you might remember, the former l.a. clipper ceo went on to say if the owners feel i deserve another chance, then they'll give it to me. they plan sterling to sell the clippers, he would consider taking legal action against the nba, potentially tying things up in court for years but sterling told anderson cooper something different. >> it's the end of the road. what do i benefit? especially at my age. if they fight with me and they spend millions and i spend millions, let's say i win or
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they win, i just don't know if that's important. >> so it sounds like donald's not thinking of a lawsuit but his estranged wife, shelly, is. barbara walters said she will fight to hold what she said is her 50% ownership of the clippers, no matter what happens with her husband's stake. following shelly sterling's statement, the league was quick to fire off a statement of their own about the league's constitution. it said if three quarters of a team's owner vote to quick an owner out, all other owners of the team are also terminated, meaning if donald loses the clippers, so does his wife, shelly. in the newsroom, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> shelly sterling's attorney said his client will fight to hold on to the clippers. well, it was an unforgettable mother's day for one group of women in san francisco's tenderloin. >> they spent the day being pampered, as they should be. it wasn't a traditional salon. it was the hamilton center, a
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nonprofit that provides transition housing for women. women got big makeovers. >> i'm a single mother, really no help. every day is stress. every mom needs a break. >> there's a stigma around being homeless and for them, there's no stigma today. the community is actually wrapping their hands around them and saying, hey, we'll take care of you. >> reporter: and after the makeovers, women were treated to a brunch at the starlight room. it's the 20th year of the event funded for donations. i think they had a good time. >> 5:17. a check on the roads with elizabeth. >> out the door we go. first, a 58 seconds ago, 10 minute delays in all directions in oakland. just a heads up there. in the meantime, hitting the roads now and tow crews just arrived on scene of this accident. it was a center divide, southbound 680.
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right now, we are not seeing delays for concord down into walnut creek but a heads up. the activity is there on the shoulder and crews are not blocking lanes yet. we'll let you know if that changes. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delay at all. they did cancel the high wind advisory, by the way, heading from oakland into san francisco. no longer seeing any roadwork and we're not seeing any roadwork that's impacting commuters. westbound 37 is reopened. just if you are waiting for this to clear, it was closed westbound overnight from highway 29 in vallejo to sonoma raceway. by 5:00, they reopened everything. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge, westbound 92. still looking great in the green. that's your latest kcbs traffic. we're really heating things up this week. >> next few days, maybe not today but much hotter around the bay area out the door we go. in fact, we've got mostly clear skies. kind of a cool start to the
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day. enjoy it while we have it. these temperatures in the 40s and the 50s, but by the afternoon, high winds send the temperatures soaring. 80s and low 90s inland today. this is the spare the air day but could be hotter with possible records. right through the middle of the week. an excessive heat watch, possibly going to be turning into advisory as we get in towards middle of this week. we could see temperatures getting very hot during the day and not recovering at night with the offshore wind. the nighttime, temperatures will stay mild. high pressure is now building in overhead to have skies to the coastline and all around the state, 90s and 80 in sacramento. 76 degrees in the monterey bay. temperatures around our area are going to keep those in the 80s and 90s in the south bay and even along the coastline, mid 70s there and 90s popping up in many of the valleys this afternoon and inside the bay, 84 degrees in oakland and 79 in san francisco and 75 in daly city. the next couple of days,
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temperatures get hot approaching triple digits towards wednesday and looks like the sea breeze will kick in. patchy fog and return to the coastline on thursday. much cooler weather expected towards the end of the weekend but next few days, very hot, guys. >> it is hot. all right, lawrence. thanks. today is the bay area's first spare the air day of the spring season. the combination of high temperatures, low winds and car exhaust expected to bring unhealthy levels of ozone pollution. anyone to exercise outdoors do so in the early morning when the ozone level is the lowest. the bay area air quality management district said there may be several days like this in a row. 5:20 right now. first responders in morin county had a tricky weekend. the operation that likely save add man's life. >> i'm den. a sleepy giant awakens in the trade paying off for oakland a's. they go for the sweep straight ahead. ,,,,
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at four in the bottom of the 11th good morning, everyone. in 2011, the a's traded gio gonzalez to the washington nationals. one of the players sent back a minor league catcher by the name of derek norris.
5:24 am
had to enjoy this one. knocked out on the fifth inning and the 5-1 to sweep the series. sergio blew first day to the ear. pablo, that's right, i said pablo sandoval came through. three out of four in l.a. how about the beads in the house for game four between the clippers and thunder? l.a. rally from 16 down in the fourth. 18 off the fence and clippers beat the thunder 101 to 99 to even that series at two games a piece. we're a month away from
5:25 am
the u.s. open and got to be considered a favorite. not expected. >> got mets and facilities in four of the bottom of the 11th inning. a delicious cream pie. here it comes. at any rate, had your game winner. final score over the phillies, 5-4. >> no. >> it's 5:25. a big shift for san francisco. drivers, there's been a change to the last san francisco exit near the golden gate bridge and you might miss it if you blink. details up in a live report. >> and crews finally get a handle on a huge landfill fire in north san jose. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. ,,,,,, happened at the company picnic.
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. at a south bay landfill aftt went up in flames yesterday. wh dangerous. firefighters expected back out at a south bay landfill after it went up in flames yesterday. what made the fire unusually dangerous. >> a majority of people in eastern ukraine vote for independence, but the international tug of war over the region may have just begun. >> a heat wave. 5 to ten minute delays. bay area coming up. >> monday may 12. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat.
5:30 am
>> the heat wave is not even under way and firefighters have been extremely busy. kiet do live on the north side at the scene of a fire that's sent smoke through much of santa clara valley. kiet? >> reporter: they went home hours ago after fighting the blaze for much of the night. >> this fire wasn't hard enough. >> a nasty thick brown cloud of smoke cut a swath over the skies of san jose sunday. choking anything in its path like george hoyt's lungs the flames sparked on the north side of the city. >> turned the small fire.
5:31 am
>> they set up the small fire. >> when the tanker trucks get to fire line, they get in a tub and then hot spots multiply by the minute. >> flying embers said the fire may only be too beginning of a long, hot and dry fire season. >> we're prepared obviously and getting ready for a very tough wild season. >> reporter: for george hoyt who volunteered firefighters, what's burning now is bad enough and burning lungs along the way. he's going to make it one quick trip. >> pretty nasty stuff. wasting precious minutes, two tons of water. we spent mother's day in north san jose with an outdoor
5:32 am
barbecue and could have a lot of smoke in our direction but no health advisories. a san jose fire department also dealt with smaller veg take fires this morning and yesterday. an infant in stable condition this morning after a near drowning at a family swimming pool. family members were only trying to revive the baby when police and paramedics finally arrived last night. paramedics took over and rushed the baby to the hospital. police say a red light runner got yesterday at 7th. the sidewalk and then hit two trees a building an pedestrian. thankfully, not life- threatening. this is the start of a big time heat uy. >> we'll see record breaking temperatures.
5:33 am
it's going to get hot in spots and temperatures in the 90s in some of the valleys starting out for mostly clear skies and everything all the way to the coastline. high pressure sits overhead and the intense of the clouds to start to disappear, so we've got mostly clear skies now. 70s expected out towards the beaches this afternoon. you'll see 80s inside the bay and hot 90s in the valleys. cranking up heat though and 90 in san jose, 85 in fremont and 88 in redwood city. about 79 degrees in san francisco going to get even hotter next couple of days. check out the roads. >> tow crews came, the tow courthouse went and everything is all good now. southbound 680 treat boulevard, you can see there's no delay. southbound all the way past that exit into walnut creek. here's a live look outside where you will find a bit of a delay in the cash lane, the
5:34 am
outer lanes. >> ten minutes delay. all directions, they fixed the problems and now delays down to 5 or 10 minutes and those should be slowly dissipating. >> there's some flashing lights going on across the golden gate bridge, wrapping up the lane changes on southbound 101. there should be four southbound lanes open now in the commute direction. you can see all the cars. still cruising right along through the limit out of morin county into san francisco and there's some wrapping up of the lane changes now. westbound 37 is reopen this morning out of vallejo. that's your latest kcbs traffic. >> commuters heading north on highway 101 in the new parkway have to pay special attention
5:35 am
if they don't want to get on the golden gate bridge. the last exit is in a different place this morning. kate? >> yes, it is and as much as we all love driving the golden gate bridge, if you're not careful, you could end up late to work and on the wrong side of the bridge if you're not paying attention. >> what was it like here? >> a lot of traffic and patience. got to bring it with you. >> i haven't been here in a long time. >> it will be a little more confusing the next couple of weeks. >> it's happening to add safety shoulders to the project st. changes should last about a month.
5:36 am
this sign is one of three serving as your final warnings. >> looks pretty good for me. >> at least if you miss the turn t mistake comes with one of the prettiest views on the most popular bridge in america. >> not bad with a morning drive. >> so beautiful. >> and if you miss the last this, you have to drive all the way across the golden gate bridge pay the $7 toll to make it back. cate cauguiran, kpix 5. >> you can always check out the current traffic conditions on 53-year-old mountain biker is hospitalized now after had to be rescued by a helicopter. this morin county investigator say a man suffered traumatic injuries when he fell down a steep hillside. crews used a line 200 feet long and lowered him to a nearby
5:37 am
parking lot. giving him emergency repair and to the hospital. apes in the city of davis is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old girl. friday, police arrested father hector korey why, the 45-year- old faces charges that include statutory rape. correa placed on administrative leave. the troubles in ukraine. final votes are not in just yet but voters in two russian speaking regions have overwhelmingly voted in favor of separating themselves from the rest of the country. it was marred by violence. the and russia encouraging to engage in talks with representatives from those regions. california under way in stage two and happening this
5:38 am
morning. >> the annual race started with a run to sacramento and auburn and back. british cyclist won by just a few inches after the 120-mile ride. today is much shorter, 12.5 miles with individual time trials around fulsom. tomorrow is the only day in the bay area this year. stage three is in the lowlands in mount hamilton and ends at the top of mown diablo. the 728-mile race ends in thousand oaks. >> hot in two big mountains. 5:30 on your monday morning. a beloved u.s. landmark reopens to the public. more on the project to restore the iconic symbol of america. >> donald sterling does his first interview since the nba banned him for life. coming up, his estranged wife vows to hold on. ,,
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welcoheyback. really? kiss your abs goodbye. cardiologist to check stand 1. crystal geyser alpine spring water? toucé. crystal geyser. always bottled right at the mountain source. today's session begins on wl street. jill wagner... of cbs moneywatch dot-com. good morning frank and mich! we'll see if invest riday's momentum. session begins on wall street. >> let's find out more. joe wagner. cbs this morning. good morning. >> good morning, frank and michelle. investors build on friday's momentum. the dow closed another record high of 32 points, finished
5:42 am
16,583 that is 3 points higher than the previous record which is set on april 30th. the nasdaq rose 20. this week, investors get an idea of how much americans are spending. reports on retail sales and consumer sentiment are due. makes up 70% of all economic activity. tesla may soon stop making battery packs for toyota. bloomberg news said in a quarterly filing that test is a reported the yield made the rav4 e.v. made roughly $15 million thanks to that agreement. bloomberg quotes tesla saying toyota will no longer make the sport vehicle but has not announced plans to end the rav4. nissan said its profit in the first three months of the year hit more than a billion dollars. that's up about 5% from the same time last year. sales were up, especially in china. the japanese auto maker is also
5:43 am
benefiting from a favorable exchange rate thanks to a weak yen. there's a list of the wealthiest cities in the world and san francisco slipped into the top ten, didn't we? >> that's right. well, london is the healthiest city in the world. opening land put out a list of the cities that have the most billionaires. london is number one the 72. moscow is second with 48. new york city is third with 43 and then los angeles and san francisco both round out the top five. frank and michelle? >> no surprise there, right? when it comes to san francisco. i don't know about that. >> i was kidding. >> jill wagner, cbs thank you. the giant funnel cloud in central kansas over weekend. it first, it appeared in an open field and then headed straight for homes and barns there. incredibly, there were no reports of injuries or damage.
5:44 am
some areas of kansas though still under a severe thunderstorm warning as more storms march through that area. and in nebraska, rain, tornadoes sweeping across the southeast part of the state, no one injured there either but several barns and homes were destroyed. for the first time, donald sterling is talking about the racist rant that rocked the nba. in the newsroom with what donald and his estranged wife, shelly, had to say. >> sat down with cnn's anderson cooper and after his comments got him banned from the nba for life, sterling vows he's not a racist. >> another chance, not give it to me. >> after weeks after only hearing his voice on explosive tape recordings, for the first time, we hear donald sterling's take on the scandal that led to his lifetime ban from the nba. anderson cooper. >> the people who decide my
5:45 am
fate, i think, are not the media, and not the player's union but the nba. >> reporter: in the interview, asked for forgiveness and insisted he's not a racist. the league said they plan to force sterling to sell the clippers, speculation swirled that continue legal action against the nba. potentially tying things up in court for years. in the interview with anderson cooper, sterling did not seem interested in the route. the end of the road, what do i benefit? and especially at my age. if they fight with me and they spend millions of dollars and i spend millions, let's say i win or they win. i just don't know if that's important. >> while donald might not be planning to sue, in an interview with barbara walters, his estranged wife shelly made it clear she'll fight to hold on what she said is 50% ownership of the clippers no matter what happens with her husband's stake. >> i'm fighting for my 50%.
5:46 am
there are reports of the nba wants to oust you completely as a team owner. you'll fight that decision? >> i will fight that decision. >> it sounds like donald and his estranged wife not on the same page with this issue. seems to be shying away from the lawsuit while shelly is digging in. >> it sounds like it, mark. shelly sterling might like to keep her ownership but there are some rules. >> they are and pretty clear. after shelly sterling's comment, the league fired off a statement essentially saying don't get your hopes up, shelly. according to the nba constitution and here's a quote, if a controlling owner's interest is terminated bay vote, all other owners are automatically terminated as well. it's not looking good for shelly sterling. of course, the attorney said they'll practice in court calling the nba's interpretation self-serving. kpix 5. one of the biggest tourist attractions in the u.s. is
5:47 am
about to reopen for the first time in nearly three years. >> sure is. the washington monument on the national mall has been closed for 33 months now to repair some damage caused by an earthquake looking at live pictures from the nation's capital this morning. the ceremony is planned more than an hour from now before it opens up to the public. built back in the 19th century and commemorates george washington and remains the world's tallest stone structure. >> such a great place to visit too. >> i know, every time you turn, i have seen that. >> it's very cool. have you been to dc, elizabeth? >> yes, i have. eighth grade school field trip, first time visiting the washington monument. in the south bay, everything is quiet overall through traveling 280. 101 as well coming up from morgan hill. so far, no delays and not even seeing a yellow sensor. everything is showing speeds above that 40 miles per hour. and everything is pretty good at the bay bridge.
5:48 am
no metering lights yet and typical stuff in the morning. but it's starting to get backed up. a closer look at just about the end of the parking lot to right now, but the south track, the regular commuters, everything should be pretty much good to go heading into san francisco. and bart still in recovery mode. the delays down to about five minutes. in and out of the bay station, quick problems and that's the only one having an issue. everyone pretty much good to go on this monday morning commute. here's a live look and gorgeous pictures sunrise over the golden gate bridge. this traffic camera, you can see southbound traffic slowing nicely. there's a new configuration on the golden gate bridge. cate cauguiran will have a live update on that for you coming up in just a little. in the meantime, san mateo bridge traffic in the drive time so far out of hayward. this is westbound 92 traffic out and over the high-rise and along the peninsula, 101 and
5:49 am
280. also, still very quiet at this hour. remember, kcbs106.9fm. remember, it's sizzling weather. here's the forecast. >> hot breaking temperatures, maybe not records but they'll be close. temperatures getting hot in spots. out the door we go, kind of a nice cool start to the morning with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. mostly clear all the way to the coastline and then we start to heat things up. plenty of sunshine in the afternoon and it will start to get hot and even hotter, possible records as we will be towards look the next couple of days. and then near 100 degrees as we look towards the next couple of days and not much recovery in the heat overnight. in fact, it's probably going to stay very warm during the nighttime hours. high pressure overhead haas got the temperatures into the coastline and getting hot in spots today in central valley. 91 degrees in sacramento and 90 in fresno. 76 degrees, a gorgeous day in
5:50 am
the monterey bay. beach in the half-moon pay and pacifica. a sea breeze in the afternoon and up this morning and thin cooldown in the afternoon. sunrise time, 6:02. sunset at 8:10. hope to see much of the sea breeze and then wednesday, that will be the peak near the coastline up into the 80s. triple digits in the valley and finally t sea breeze returning thursday and friday and fog our way and much cooler temperatures next weekend. the next few days, hot weather. >> we like the cooler temperatures at the end. >> i think so. feels good once the sea breeze kicks? >> climb the ac button. warm. >> thank you.
5:51 am
49ers face off against a familiar opponent. why she has the team at odds. >> an ohio woman delivers a rare set of twins on mother's day. why the family calls her unusual birth a miracle. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] it's like any relationship. you get out of it, what you put into it. always use gas that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. all right. checking out your pollen report for today. the winds shifting offshore, that can be bad for folks with allergies. it will stay in the medium to medium high category in wednesday and thursday. >> and they just switched on the metering lights at the bay bridge. now sudden those, those fast track lanes filling in all the way back to the end of the parking lot. more on this plus the rest of your kcbs traffic is coming up.
5:54 am
>> if entertainment center is across the street but the plan could lead to 789 parking spot. the team has allotted per gameles. the two sides can't come up with solution and threatened to block the $400 million project and stadium opens up in august. tourists were kept away from the famous sydney opera house saturday afternoon because a man was walking around on the top of the building. it wasn't a protest, one police officer said it was a drunken man who decided to go up the sales. the witness said the man was smoking a cigarette and drinking on the roof until police pulled him to safety with a harness and a rope. on ohio woman gave birth to twin girls on mother's day. not just any twins.
5:55 am
>> they're known as mono mono twins meaning the babies shared the same amniotic sack and placenta that only happens in 1% of twins. cord entangment and compression are concerns but they came out healthy and holding hands. >> so awesome and they were both holding hands and so great to hear them both cry. three pounds, three ounces. >> both babies are doing very well. one little girl is breathing on her own and the other is getting extra oxygen but both should be just fine. >> and very cute. >> and holding hands. 5:55 on monday morning. the next half hour, the largest city in california to file for bankruptcy protection is back in court. why city leaders plan to pay back some of the money borrowed. >> plus, it's a mother's day miracle. how a family's quick response save ed a baby's life. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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moving that last exit can be treacherous because if you're not local and a native like i am, you'll miss it. >> today's commute could get a little confusing. construction crews move up the last san francisco exit. >> 315 fires so far this year, twice as many fires as in a typical year and our driest months are still ahead. smoky, no doubt about it. >> i think it hurts a lot of people's lungs. >> sending thick smoke into the air and flaming woodchips soaring. >> i feel like get another chance. >> we are hearing from both donald and shelly sterling now. the embattled owners of the l.a. clippers since the first time the racist rant was made. across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning.
6:00 am
>> good morning everyone, the weekend is gone and here we are. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. after battling the blaze all night long, firefighters finally get a fire at a landfill in north san jose under control. we've got a live report straight ahead. >> if your commute takes you across the golden gate bridge, listen up. there's been a minor change that's caused some pretty major back-up. the tip that you want to know to save you time an a little money. >> we get another check of kcbs traffic this morning. we get word of a new accident now at southbound 80 before the 98th exit. there's one lane blocked. you may start to see some delays now heading out of downtown san jose. right now, everything is great but the accident was just reported, but they clear things quickly and have no problem. as you get closer to the oakland coliseum, everything looks great. northbound and southbound 880 but heads up, the accident


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