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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 24, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live from the cbs bay area
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studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, candles are lit to remember the six people killed in a crime spree near uc santa barbara sheriff's deputies say the 22 year man behind it planned the attacks and was later killed. we have new details about how it all played out. >> reporter: police say the man accused of a chaotic ten minute shooting spree near the university of california santa barbara campus is believed to attacked three men in his apartment before he set off on a rampage. >> the three male victims appear to have been repeatedly stabbed. >> reporter: the suspect identified as 22-year-old elliott rodger tried unsuccessfully to break into a sorority house armed with handguns. >> we have identified ten separate locations where criminal activity took place.
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>> reporter: richard martinez's son christopher was one of the people killed. >> everyone thinks it won't happen to their family and then it does. none of us. i don't care who you are, are immune to this. >> reporter: roger died to a gunshot to the head after exchanging gunfire with deputies twice and crashing his car. the family attorney says that his family was devastated. he was seeing several therapies and his family was concerned after seeing disturbing material on the youtube channel. they contacted the police. >> tomorrow is the day of retribution. the day in which i will have my revenge against humanity. >> reporter: police are reviewing the videos along with the 141 page document rodger left behind as their investigation continues. tonight, seven people remain in the hospital. doctors say two are in serious condition, three are in fair
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condition, and two are in good condition. uc president was stunned today as she commented on the tragedy. >> obviously, if in the aftermath of this shooting it is uncovered that there is anything that could have been done to prevent this shooting, at this moment in time, this appears to be a shooter who snapped for whatever reason. we don't know the predicates. >> she said though the shootings happened off the campus, she is directing resources to help students and faculty. >> when will this insanity stop? when will enough people say stop this madness, we don't have to live like this! too many have died! we should say to ourselves not one more. >> a father whose son was among those killed last night is
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pointing the finger at who he thinks is to blame at the massacre. linda yee is in the news room with that part of the story. >> reporter: he is pointing fingers at politicians. he listed the arsenal the shooter possessed and the newest tragedy has social media jumping. the killer is the son of a hollywood film director. he wrote his final script and played it out. when it was over, sheriff deputies found an arsenal in elliott rodger's car. >> two of these guns where cig sour, and the third was a glock34 long slide. >> reporter: they found 400 unspent rounds. the father of one of the victims inconsole bl.
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richard martinez slashed out at the gun components and those who support them. >> he died because of the nra and politicians. they talk about gun rights. what about chris' right to live? >> reporter: the shooter's family spokesman said they called police about his troubling videos but no one suspected he was dying guns. >> with the bureau of alcohol and firearms, we determined all of these weapons were legally purchased from federally licensed firearms dealers and that they were all registered to the suspect. >> reporter: the anger over yet another mass shooting is being expressed on social media. on twitter the phrase latest shooting exists should horrify us but we have become used to it which is horrifying. we the people do nothing showing we demand change. no action, no change. finally, more horrifying is the
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wait until the next shooting. the shooter's family attorney says they offer their deepest compassion and sympathy to the victims' families and they intend to cooperate fully with the police investigation. linda yee, kpix5. >> we have continuing coverage on air and on you can also share your comments on our facebook page. well tonight, a stretch of southbound 280 in san francisco remains closed for a retro fitting project that will last through the holiday weekend. crews have started pouring a different kind of concrete called quickcrete. it is mixed on site and sets faster. kpix5's brian webb took a tour of the construction and saw why it is necessary. >> reporter: construction crews in hats and vests with hammers and saws are breaking down the bridge to build it up again better and stronger. >> this holiday weekend, we wanted to impact the motoring
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public as least as possible. >> reporter: walter wallace with cal trans is our tour guide. the spot a brand new bridge hinge will be carefully put in place relieveing the duties of an overworked hinge that served the bay area for 50 years. >> the bridge isn't a solid piece. it is a moving part allowing for mobility of the bridge. >> reporter: we can't show you the actual hinge because it is packed in concrete but i can tell you the old hinge was only about six inches long. the new one will be two feet. cal trans says it will make the bridge safer and meet new tougher standards for earthquakes. >> this new hinge will be seismically safe and at a higher standard. >> reporter: this project is said to be scheduled to be over
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before tuesday morning's commute. then three more hinges will be replaced over the fourth of july and labor day weekend. brian webb, kpix5. >> the entire project is expected to cost under $4 million. hundreds of scouts observed memorial day today. boy and girl scouts and 40 and 50 adults attended ceremonies at the national cemetery in san francisco. they placed flags on all the veteran's graves to honor the men and women who served our country. >> it is honor because all the veterans lost their lives fighting for this country and i think it is nice to honor them. >> scouts also placed flags at the golden gate national cemetery in san bruno. pope francis is on a three- day visit to the holy land which the church is calling strictly religious, but his plea for peace night have been a message to the nations'
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leaders. >> reporter: thousands joyfully greeted pope francis before he celebrated mass in an open air stadium in jordon. [ speaking foreign language ] later, the pope met with hundreds of disabled children and syrian and iraqi refugees seeking a better life in jordan. the pope deviated from his prepared remarks. he called for peace and denounced those who make and sell weapons the pope also road in a golf cart to pray at the jordan river where christians say jesus was baptized. king odola of jordan drove him. >> you reminded us that pontiff means bridge builder. >> reporter: the pope also hopes to bring hope to the
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dwindling christian communities in the holy land. a member of the palestinian parliament says better opportunities aboard force the christians away. >> they see no prospects for employment. what do they do? >> reporter: the pope called for an end to the war in syria. one attempt to bring peace to the fractured middle east. adriana diaz, cbs news, jerusalem. >> the pope will presider a fair service for orthodox christians. one real estate agent could pay more than double for his bay area house. >> and we have the forecast coming up. a few changes in the week ahead as well. an entire forecast after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,
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standing firm against growi pressure to change the tea' >> the washington redskins said today they are standing firm against growing pressure to change the team's name. half of the u.s. senate is early morning for the change saying the current name is a racial slur. mark albert reports. >> reporter: this morning, washington redskins president bruce allen pushed back at the senators telling majority leader harry reed he may not have been provided all of the facts. in his letter, allen repeated what he said for months. that his team has always been
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respectful an shown reverence toward the proud legacy and traditions of native americanses. senator reed and other senators wrote to commissioner roger goodell earlier this week saying the nfl cannot longer ignore this and perpetuate this name for anything other than what it is. a racial slur. >> for too long, the informal has been sitting on its hands doing nothing. >> when the senate sends you a letter l is a need to react. so i think they reacted very strongly and very positively as far as where they stand. >> reporter: maroon says he would advise his former boss that the fire storm surrounding the la clippers basketball team has not come to the redskins yet. >> so you don't believe the pressure is yet strong enough to force the team to change the name? >> look ... this is a business. if people are offended and
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people think that this is a real slur, and an insult to the native american people, they are going to stop buying merchandise, tickets, supporting the team. that hasn't happened yet. >> reporter: the team says native americans first designed its redskins logo, and still support it. despite protests last season, snider vows he will never give up an inch. mark albert, cbs news, washington. >> a recent poll by the associated press found 83% of americans were in favor of keeping the name. a couple shopping for a home in berkeley has been outbid so many times they are advertising themselves as buyersful their agents put out this add saying the couple is willing to pay up to $3 million for a 2500 square foot house. a castro valley real estate agent is hoping to keep his house in the family though it
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could bring good bucks. juliette goodrich tells us how much the value has shot up. >> reporter: the katrina family bought their home in 1998. >> we paid 400,000 for it. >> reporter: the previous owners were his wife's parents. she grew up in this home. and in 1963 ... >> bought the lot for about $8,000 and spent $25,000 on the house. >> reporter: it has had its share of remodeling. >> it was a beautiful fireplace. a nice stone from back then in the 60s , but the problem was it took up so much space up here and it was wood-burning. >> reporter: and the home has been updated with hardwood floors. >> it had the typical white carpet that was white. it had more marble in the house than a mausoleum. it was just marble all over the house. >> reporter: for decades, this established neighborhood had little to no turnover until about five years ago. >> the widows were passing away and new families were coming in
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so you are seeing more kids in the neighborhood. kids playing on the street. you come on the other hand the corner and you have a cone saying kids playing. >> reporter: the price for the katrina's home shot up in a 60 year span from $33,000 to $400,000, and new? >> about 825 to 900. >> reporter: he knows if he put his home on the market right now, it would be tough to find a replacement property like this one. for now, he hopes it will stay in the family and his 15-year- old son will buy it one day. >> did he ever say dad i want this house down the road? >> we were talking about that the other day. hopefully, he will be able to afford to buy the house from dad. >> reporter: in castro valley, juliette goodrich, kpix5. taking a live look outside tonight, cool conditions at san francisco's tower. here is brian hackney with a look at weather for the rest of the holiday weekend. >> well, we are beginning tomorrow with a few low clouds
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along the shoreline which is par for the course this time of year. we go with status quo. clouds in the shore, sun inland. as you head out sunday morning, you will see temperatures in the mid 50s in the bay area. everybody will be breaking off into sunshine by mid-morning so not a bad start to sunday morning. all courtesy of a massive dome of high pressure parked tough west coast and the high pressure is billing a bit between now and tomorrow and temperatures could come up a little bit. especially inland. the shoreline will be fairly moderate in terms of temperatures. it has been cool in the coast. temperatures have managed near 60 degrees. warm inland, cool shoreline setting a trend for the rest of the week. numbers are going to be changing as we get to tuesday through friday. they will come down inland. but in the meantime, sunshine and warm temperatures so here is what is next. we are looking at temperatures remaining cool at the shore, mild around the bay shoreline
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and warm temperatures around livermore and napa and san jose. it will be downright warm tomorrow inland monday. in the bay area, warm sums it up for the great valley. in sacramento, 98 degrees and down in the fresno area, 99 degrees. looks nice in the sierra. lake tahoe, 77. let's look at what is happening around the bay area. 76 in san mateo. 82 in mountain view. down in san jose tomorrow, the number manages 84 degrees. even at the beach and boardwalk in santa cruz. out in the east bay, we look at santa clara in the low 80s . you head east young man and you head into warmer climbs. 92 at pleasant hill and 86 in fairfield. 82 in vallejo. up in the north bay, numbers will be mid 80s to almost 90 degrees at clear lake. 81 degrees in novato tomorrow. stun stinson beach looks nice.
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72. ten degrees warmer than the shoreline. so in the extended forecast, we are looking for plenty of sun inland. numbers will be near 90 degrees. then cool it down a few degrees a day until thursday, we are just into the low 80-degree range inland. in the bay, we will be in the mid 70s . on the beach, we have fog and low clouds and temperatures remain in the mid 60s . have a great rest of the weekend. well, we have had great weather for san francisco's carnivale celebration. it began today in the mission district. ♪ [ music ] >> this year's celebration has a brazilian theme tied to the world cup which takes place in brazil next month. the san francisco festivities run through monday. you know the old saying, if mama isn't happy, nobody's happy? well, pablo sandoval with a bat in his hands lately, he has been happy. and the orange and black nation has been happy, too. the giants, the best record in
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be held out of his next sta monday because of hamstring es...'s no >> some late breaking giants business. matt cane will be out because of hamstring issues. it is certainly not going to kill the giants vibe tonight. at 31-18, that is the best record in baseball. buster posey has been slumping. 2nd inning, pablo sandoval, 0-2 pitch, backtrack wall, gob.
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one upped the giants in the second. listen to this, six starts, vogelsong averaged a strike out an inning. sergio romo in to close it. romo got the next three batters. kurt suzuki tapped out to end it. giants 5-0 against the american league. 16-8 at home. they win it a final of 2-1. sky dome roof open in toronto. let's me show you where yoenis cespedes took ra dickey's bench. tally that! 1-0 in the 2nd inning. here's the as . jesse chavez deserved better. craig gentry wouldn't have any luck at all if not for bad
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luck. this is the roller to first, brandon belt, the bobble couldn't connect with chavez. the as have lost three in a row. but they are still in the west by two-and-a-half. in anaheim, albert pujols deep. check alex gordon. he stays with it and hauls it in. catch right? looks like one. they went to review it. good game and great effort. bulls won the game in extras as well. san rafael crowd tonight. drake at bat. zach stromberg the pitcher. division three baseball sectional quarter final play. how do you break open a type game? put a bat in max diaz's line. they scored three in the 6th
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inning. seven seed took down the two. winning 5-2 to advance against tam next wednesday. after the break, boy. round ball. ladies just wait until you see christian renaldo. what he did. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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3 2nd period, tyler tuhh-foy unties >> get your air guitar going. that is slash at the staples center. kings, black hawks, game three. break away, 3-2, nobody beating the kings tonight. not chicago. drew doughty getting into the act. 4-3 the final tonight. which pacers team showed up in south beach for game three? i think it is roy hibbert going down. miami comes back. lebron ahead of the pack. watch him run. good-bye. he's back up by one to control the fourth. the as with ray allen. four 3-pointers in the last quarter. miami takes a series lead 99-
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87. champions league final portugal. real madrid. he goes again and we are level! >> sergio ramos. that is when real madrid took over. a rebound header. that would be the game winner. and just for you ladies, here is renaldo. you know what happens when he scores. off comes the shirt. there goes the pecs and the eight pack. we'll be back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow >> that's it for us at 11:00. thank you very much for watching. we'll see you back here tomorrow night at 5:30. goodnight. ,,,,,,,,
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[doorbell rings] alan: hey, charlie, would you see who that is?! it's death! alan: hi, mom! your gardener left this in the driveway. it wasn't a gardener, it was a girl with a grudge. so how was your friend's funeral? oh! terribly disappointing. yeah, in my experience, nothing kills a party like a dead broad in a box. don't be glib, charlie. hello, alan. oh, hey, mom. wow, you look nice. yes, mourning becomes me, doesn't it? if only more of my friends would die. i'm sure the feeling's mutual. charlie, as long as you're over there, make mommy a drink. it's been a very depressing afternoon. thanks for spreading it around. can you believe, two of cynthia's 3 children didn't even bother showing up at her funeral?


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