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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  June 15, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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week. tonight: bay area protestors are urging san francisco's archbishop not go. good evening, i'm brian hac. i'm ann notarangelo. kpix reporter brian webb tes us: that includes many prominent, local politician brian? representative nancy pelosid in a letter that she is disheartened that the archbp is speaking at this confere other people took the same message directly to catholi today. protesters with pamphlets. preaching to churches. instd of the other way around.
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soundbite christine haider- winnett / equally blessed coalition "as a religious leader is irresponsible for archbishop to be speaking at this event." that event is e march for marriage. this wen washington dc. san francis's archbishop is billed as a sr speaker. soundbite john bar/ equally blessed coalition "t those people actually equate homosexuality with satanismh naziism and with slavery." e march draws thousands of supporters of traditional marriage. one man one womane archbishop talked to kpix5 t gay marriage last year. soundbite archbishop salvate cordileone / san francisco e there are many gay couples are providing a loving environment for the childr there's one thing test test test test e when gay marriage approval t an all-time high. an pe himself has taken as a religious leader it is irresponsible for the archbishop to be speaking at this. march for marriage this week in washington, d.c. sanfrancisco's archbishop is billed as a star speaker. >> those people equate it with satanism and slavery. >> reporter: the archbishop talked to kpix5 about gay marriage last year. >> sure there are many gay couples providing a loving environment for their children. but there is one thing they can not provide for their children
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and it is not their fault but that is a mother or a father. >> reporter: this comes at a time when gay marriage approval is at an all-time high. even the pope taken a softer stance. the archbishop is gearing up for a longer battle. >> the longer society goes against more harm will go out. the issue will not die out because it is not just. >> >> reporter: they hope it will work up to the archbishop. >> if he would be inspired by our wonderful cities, wonderful stance on quality to change his point of view. that is what i wish would happen from this. >> reporter: we tried to get ahold of the archbishop but he was out of town. today, at stanford, students taped messages to their cap and gowns in support of a class mate.
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uproar over the university's decision not to expel a man that she accuses of raping her. many students filled out -- well you can see that, ix in red tape, title 9, banning sexual discrimination in schools. >> it is a great venue if you want to make something visible on your cap or if you want to share with aa large group of people. it is a great place to show you are a big group banded together. >> they are passionate it is great we can bring important issues to light. >> the alleged attacker did graduate today but it will have to wait out a one year suspension before they can return to grad school. at this point, no charges have been filed. the problems keep crossing up at the aging coliseum. we spoke to the overseers about what it would mean for the future of both teams that play there. >> the pitch, it is a line drive. >> reporter: the same week that news broke that the oakland a's were planning to sign a new lease at the oakland
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coliseum. the coliseum showed its age. it was lights out saturday night in the middle of a sold out game. >>en worst original ones but time for a change. >> reporter: it was built in the '60s, hosts the a's and the raiders. >> the last stadium in the country with both two teams playing in the facility. >> reporter: the joint powers authority that oversees the coliseum, he spoke at kpix5 about the a's plan to sign a new 10 year lease. >> we are going to lease with the a's with the idea we would build a new stadium. >> reporter: but the a's owner has an eye on a move to san jose. the raiders want to stay in oakland and plan to spend $400 million on a new football staidium but fans fear along term lease for the a's could force the raiders out. >> they have a little more leverage than the a's do, they have a lot of other opportunities. we are very concerned about los angeles. >> reporter: the a's 10-year
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lease has an outs clause allowing the a's to walk if the raiders build a stadium on the site. but he is wishful thinking. >> we like to tph-pbg three years time when we come back, both teams will have a new stadium set up. >> the joint powers authority could vote on friday. >> reporter: it would need approval from the oakland city council and alameda county supervisors. back to you. >> as for the lights going on the a's say the circuit breaker shut off and had to be reset. well, a police chase ended in the hills of san jose. the car slammed into a tree and the people inside took off running. officers caught one of the suspect's right away. took them an hour to track down another. right now there is no word on why the chase began or what the suspects were wanted for by the police in the first place. three people suffered minor burns in a house fire in san jose this morning including a firefighter. the fire started in the garage on rockway drive and quickly
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spread to the living space. the six firefighters had two hours to get the flames under control. they say it it looks like an appliance left on in the garage started the fire. way up north a fast-moving fire is threatening 500 homes in and around sequia forest. it doubled in size overnight and come within a mile of one community near bakersfield. the firefighters are accelerating on the fire and urging people living nearby to evacuate. >> how are you getting to work in the morn something what a missed deadline tonight could mean for your commute tomorrow. a look into a new nonprove thaeut hopes to save the planet from this small cafe. >> as we look outside live. changes coming our way in the week ahead. detailing them in the forecast, after a break ,,
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for adding five miles per hour to your serve. that ball wasn't in. get your eyes checked. help me out here. download the best mobile app today. so you can always have the advantage. chase. so you can midnight deadline to pass a budget. l state lawmakers will get their paycheck afterall. they meade their midnight deadline they passed a budget. -- they made their midnight deadline they passed a budget.
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it just passed through. it had a rainy day fund and money for the bullet train. now, the plan will head to brown's desk for his signature. meanwhile, the clock is ticking for muni to make a deal with its drivers. right now, it looks like a midnight deadline will come and go without an agreement. if it happens the existing contract will rollover on july 1st. drivers staged a 3-day sickout over the dispute. no word on if they planned to do it again if there is no deal. a bay area start up is looking centuries into the future to try to find solutions to some of today's biggest problems. >> mark kelly shows us, anyone is welcome to give it a try. >> it is about solving a problem over the course of 500 years. >> one look inside and it looks like a trendy san francisco cocktail lounge. it is much more. >> reporter: in this space,
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everything has a purpose. >> your environment perfects how you think but more on the conversations. i will take the table, more than glass and metal. >> more than a chime mechanism for the 10,000 year clock we are building. it can ring a series of 10 bells in a different sequence each day for 10,000 years. >> reporter: soon, they will have this robot. >> i wanted a place where you could really exchange thoughts. >> reporter: the goal n this space, get humankind to start seriously talking about long- term problems like climate change and d4 station and thinking beyond today and tomorrow and the 24 hours news cycle to 10,000 year fist into the future. what world do we want to leave behind? he says this, with its library and prototypes for grand experiments can get people thinking big thoughts, again, about the future. >> the grandest hopes for this
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space are that it is -- it is a place kind of like the cafes and enlightment. san francisco touching tribute to maya angelou after the break called a blta? waitress: sweetheart, one bite, and you're not going to care what it's called.
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kasem counted down the hits more than 40 years on th famed radio and television personality casey kasem has died. he counted down the hits for more than 40 year in the american top 40 radio program. he was also the host of america's top 10 if for awhile. he was the voice of nbc television. and also the voice of shaggy in
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the scooby doo cartoon. he suffer friday dementia in recent years. retired back in 2009. he was 82 years old. author and civil rights activist maya angelou who died last month had it deep roots in san francisco. she graduated from mission high and came back frequently. today, san francisco said good- bye to her with a joyous celebration. >> reporter: as we honor and pay tribute and celebrate the life and legacy of a phenomenal, warrior, truth- telling woman who, because of her, set so many of us free. >> and in this world of incredible change in the life in 50 or 60 years, maya angelou
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stood as tall and forceful and as important as any of the many icons of human beings which we are all familiar with. >> we have a soul that says you have been there, now do it. if you have been there, get up and get the going, we are going to get up and get going maya. we are going to move and get going and make sure that the world got out. that maya, maya, is still with us and always still be us. >> she wanted all men and women to thrive. not merely survive. she believe willed in the power and the resill kwreps -- resilience. she wanted everyone's life to have purpose. [singing]
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(toss back) (toss back) (to back) the nascar boys will be rol into wine country next week >> in the weather department we have changes ahead. you can see indications of that at this hour. you look ahead, a few whisks of high clouds over the bay. disturbance in the upper atmosphere, low pressure, lower temperatures as l. decrease the sunshine a little bit as we look over ocean beach right now. still t is mild out in concord. 72 degrees. warm in santa rosa at 75. livermore, right now, 68 degrees. livermore will reach maybe 72 tomorrow. pueblo, 70. tomorrow in the inland area. that is a breath of fresh area in the east bay. speaking of breath, we have gusty winds out there. 18 mile-an-hour winds in the airport in san francisco downtown, 25 mile-an-hour gusts. windy out there. north bay following suit in that department. 8:00 tonight, if you are
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heading out. partly cloudy skies, the temperatures mostly in the middle to upper 60s. tomorrow afternoon. it will cool down in some spots. inland areas, most part, 72, 73 degrees. and along the coast we will be in the low 60s. what is happening, keep area of pressure that is over the western two thirds of the country. and that combination means as that low sinks south and moves rapidly doing it. the temperatures cool down tomorrow. then, the low gets kicked out of here in a big hurry. mild weather returns as the high pressure builds in by tuesday. what it all means is that the weather is one thing one day and the other, another day. dry all of the way through. tomorrow, we get cooler weather and then on tuesday, slightly warmer. let's have an idea of what the sky conditions will look like tomorrow. tomorrow morning at 8:00. see how tomorrow starts out with fog along the peninsula. showing it clear in the northbound. i will be curious if it is.
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along the shore skphraoeupb pushing through the try valley area. aside from that, sunny start to tomorrow morning. it will be cooler. looking over the city. windshield wipers might be going a little bit. cooling trend on tuesday. the great valley, showing numbers mostly in the middle 80s, redding at 85 degrees. looking at the numbers, overnight lows, 50, san jose. how about morgan hill tomorrow. looking at 74 degrees morgan hill. 72 in san jose and 75 in concord. we will look at 77 on fairfield at travis airfield base. sunny, cooler, 57 degrees. 72 in santa rosa and 73 in
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petaluma. now, heading north. the readings there. high, extended forecast. looking for things cooling down. we will apply heat for the latter half of the week. middle 80s by wednesday. inland, at least. the rest of the bay it will be cooler than that. so, the week ahead, mighty fine. ann? >> we are looking at next weekend, the nascar boys are rolling in. it gets going on friday. events run through sunday. it is never much fun, though, for regular drivers. traffic backs up pretty badly around the raceway. they plan to meet with the chp tomorrow on ways to keep things rolling. >> they have been having this event since the '80s. >>and they have not figured it out by now? hey, hello. the race is coming. avoid it at all cost. yes. even if you are going to the race, leave early. >> yes. >> yes. >> please. ago...9 1/2 game lead... today...a d
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...they've lost 6 of 7... watch this pitch...buster baseball, giants business, what is this?
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june swoom? buster posy's day. he says he is done. the replacement, worked out with for sanchez, giving the giants a 4-2 lead on colorado. third of the year. next up, boom, pablo, away and gone. over the chevron card. number 9. giants up 5-3 in the 5th. he got a lot of man behind it. second homer for the year. both are coming in against the rockies. >> where bruce bochy can do little. the rockiess rally the third straight game in the late going. they scored 4 in the 8th. the reliever, lopez here. justin, the big blow. rockies putting the hurt on him. the smack down. 3 straight, late-inning comebacks, rockies won 8-7. giants at the white sox on tuesday. >> yankees captain, jeter,
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retirement farewell tour, a's presented him with a $10,002 check, that is his jersey number. now, the a's start, now, hello. derek noris, a 3-run shot in the first. going in the 2nd. that is backedda away and gone. 3 run shot. leading 6-0. craig, boom! knocked it with the bases loaded. brought home another run. remaining in the game. now, donaldson, a 0-33 club. found it for a hit. the a's beat the yankees, 10-5. they host texas tomorrow. currently up 4 games in the west. >> are you saying teach team is up there with one of the one you played in the early part of the century? >> we are in june, what is this early part of the century? >> i mean some of the a's teams
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that you have played -- [ laughter ] >> does it compare it? >> you lost me at century. [ laughter ] >> give it to him, jerry. the best thing the field can say about the u.s. open is that it is over. ahead of them, wire to wire? martin, only 8 in 114 years they have done that trick. a 5-shot lead. and on the par4, 3. it stays o. tapping in for birdie and extends his lead to six. ricky in the oklahoma state orange. it was the biggest threat until this. at the 4th. now, getting this hole. dropped 8 back. eric, the 2-time heart transplant patient, leading in 5 of him. and then kamer. well, a little drama here at
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the 7th. badly missed hit. bogey this hole. leading in 4 strokes. that is ahead of the field. did you stop there? kamer at the 9th. you want a money shot? this is the dagger right here. set up a birdie. kamer went on to the 18th green, from here, had an 8-shot lead and long par putt here to end it all to finish 9 under 4. second major championship. won the player's championship on mother's day, won the national championship on father's day, today. nascar, jimmie johnson, michigan. trouble for vicars in the 55 occur. hit the wall on the first lap. spinning, spinning, getting hit again. but, travis, if you are scoring at home. back to johnson, held off harvick for the third straight or third win in weeks. first ever in michigan.
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nascar coming to sonoma next weekend. we told you about that. [ laughter ] and why bother. yes. why even bother. game day tonight, patrick willis with the 49ers wait until you see what he is as about the sea hawks. >> yes. and more world cup talk. the u.s. folk, they play tomorrow. >> happy father's day, vern. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for watching, by the way. >> "60 minutes" is next. good night ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at safeway. ingredients for life. captioning funded by cbs and ford >> we have prada. we have chanel. we have dolce gabbana. we have versace. we have burberry. >> stahl: luxottica started here as a small tool shop in agordo, a dot of a town in the italian alps, when frames were still made of mountain goat horns. do you have any idea how many people in the world are wearing your glasses right now? >> at least half a billion. >> wow. >> cooper: giving away apartments to homeless people like robert mcmurtry... >> this is great. >> cooper: ...who has been living on the streets for years, may not sound like a wise idea, but it is happening in cities across america. >> and i can go buy some food and keep it. >> cooper: so far, 100,000 me


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