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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 14, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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r michelle. >> thank you. >> all right. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, august 14th 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." tear gas smoke bombs and molotov cocktails, the new violence in missouri overnight. pope francis is in asia this morning. can the vatican repair relations with china? plus a little league team from chicago's south side overcomes the odds to play in the world series. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we just said hands up don't shoot and they just start shooting. >> another night of chaos erupts in suburban st. louis. >> fleece full riot gear using tear gas to control crowds still simmering over the shooting death of michael brown.
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>> meanwhile two reporters covering the unrest in ferguson were arrested last night. >> stop videotaping. grab your stuff and go. >> u.s. forces looking highly unlikely in iraq. >> troops found far fewer refugees on mt. sinjar. >> frightening ride for dozens off the coast of massachusetts. a giant wave slammed ferries. >> i really thought i was going to die. >> south korea says north korea fired short-range missiles shortly before pope francis arrived this morning. >> the pope called on both nations to work for peace. >> going to hug it out with the president? >> absolutely! >> no word whether hillary clinton and president barack obama hugged it out. >> in an exclusive dinner party that she labeled part of the president's foreign policy a failure. >> don't be fooled by the air kisses and the hugs this story is not over. >> new york state had its rainiest day on record. >> also floodwaters swept away several people in the southwest.
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>> north carolina may need to work on his getaway skills. he was spotted dragging a stolen safe. >> it was posted to the twitter account. >> a spider photo bombed when it crawled across the screen. >> she's 99 she weighs 88 pounds. >> she finished it in 59.8 seconds getting a world record for her age group. >> on "cbs this morning." >> justin bieber went to court and pleaded guilty to careless driving and resisting arrest. which i can only assume are two of his songs. this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle king is off. this is supposed to be the first day of school in ferguson missouri. instead that st. louis suburb is shaken after another night of violent protests. police fired tear gas and smoke grenades to disperse a crowd last night. some of the demonstrators threw firebombs. >> the town is facing ongoing violence since an officer shot and killed an unarmed teenager on saturday. mark strassmann is in ferguson. >> reporter: good morning. another rough night here in ferguson. street clashes between police and protesters. 16 arrests, one injured police officer and no sign that this frustration on all sides is going to let up any time soon. and now a second witness has come forward to the weekend shooting of michael brown here in ferguson. a fourth consecutive night of
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violence erupted in ferguson last night. >> we just said hands up, don't shoot. [ gunfire ] >> you must disperse immediately. this is no longer a peaceful protest when you try to injure people. >> reporter: ferguson police just said released a statement asking protesters to assemble only during daylight hours. even those protests have been met by a heavily armed police presence. >> return to your vehicles. return to your homes. >> we were out there peacefully demonstrating and we thought that as long as we're peaceful there's no violence everything's okay. then the next thing i know there's tear gas. >> go go. you don't have time to ask questions. let's go. >> reporter: several journalists were allegedly physically assaulted by police. officers stormed a mcdonald's where ryan reilly and wesley lowery were working, telling them to stop recording and leave. >> let's go. you can move let's go.
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>> reporter: one officer reportedly slammed a reporter's head against glass. they were eventually detained and released shortly afterwards. tiffany mitchell says she witnessed saturday's shooting of 18-year-old michael brown. >> the first gunshot came from the window so i started getting out of the way. >> reporter: she said she found brown next to a police car struggling with an officer inside. shortly after, a gunshot was fired. >> after the shot the kid breaks away and he starts running away from the cop. the cop follows him and kept shooting. and the kid's body jerked as if he was hit. >> reporter: the 18-year-old tried to record the struggle on her phone but was too startled by the gunshots. >> after his body jerked he turned around puts his hands up and the cop continues to walk up on him and shoot him until he goes all the way down. >> reporter: all of us standing here can smell and feel last night's tear gas. remnants of it are on the ground and when you step on it you kick it up. something else ferguson has cancelled its school until
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monday because of everything that's happening here. >> mark, thanks. pope francis landed in seoul, south korea, today. on tarmac he was greeted by south korea's president. he also met families of the victims of the country's ferry disaster. seth doane is in seoul. seth good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. 10% of koreans are catholic and the vatican is said to be focusing more and more across the region really across asia where likely membership numbers for the church are on the rise. that even may include china. and when you're the pope you can send a message simply in the path your plane travels. on his chartered flight to seoul today, pope francis flew over china. that's significant because the last time a pope wanted to fly through chinese airspace was in 1989, and beijing refused the request. despite an estimated 12 million
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catholics there, china does not have diplomatic relations with the vatican. it hasn't since the communist party took over in 1949. today, as is customary for each country he flies over the pope sent a telegram to china's president. it read "upon entering chinese airspace, i extend best wishes to your excellence see and your fellow citizens and i invoke the divine blessings of peace and well being upon the nation." in china, the majority of catholics worship in underground churches. another 5.5 million are members of the official chinese catholic patriotic association, which does not let the vatican appoint bishops. this family has been catholic since the dynasty 700 years ago when missionaries first came to china. i hope china and the vatican could reach common ground she said, and one day the pope will
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visit china. today in seoul, the pope met with south korea's president. and then for the first time made a public speech in english. >> may god bless you and all of the people. >> reporter: that was the first of four scheduled remarks that the pope is prepared to give in english. some vatican watchers say it could be a dress rehearsal for a likely pope trip to the u.s. in september, 2015. norah. >> all right, seth thank you. a five-day cease-fire continues this morning in gaza despite a shaky start. talks between israel and hamas are under way in cairo. just after the truce was announced last night, hamas launched rockets. israeli forces responded with air strikes on gaza. still, negotiators are hopeful they can reach a long-term peace deal. progress and hope this morning for the stranded refugees in iraq. the pentagon says food and water deliveries are helping thousands survive after being forced out by the terror group isis.
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david martin is at the pentagon where defense officials continue to stress the american troops will not take on a combat role. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. at this time yesterday it looked like the u.s. military was about to launch a massive rescue operation to avert a humanitarian disaster. but then a small team of green berets and aid workers got a firsthand look at conditions on the ground and found there were far fewer refugees than feared. after weeks of flying up to 60 reconnaissance missions a day over iraq and estimating the number of refugees at anywhere between 15,000 and 35,000 the pentagon ordered osprey vertical takeoff and landing aircraft to fly several teams of green berets in the northern iraqi city of erbil. they landed on tuesday and within hours, about 20 green berets boarded blackhawk helicopters to conduct a day-long reconnaissance mission on mt. sinjar where the
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refugees were stranded. at the same time the green berets were on the mountain the president's deputy national security adviser, ben rhodes was assuring reporters u.s. troops would not go back into combat in iraq. >> he's repeatedly said we do not want to be reintroducing combat forces on the ground. >> reporter: the pentagon released a statement saying the team found far fewer refugees on mt. sinjar than previously feared. because of nightly air drops of food and water, the remaining refugees were in better condition than previously believed. as a result, the statement concluded, an evacuation mission is far less likely the refugees had been stranded on the mountain after fleeing their homes in the face of an onslaught by militant fighters who go by the name isis and consider them to be devil worshippers. the local governor told holly
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williams isis intends to wipe out the yezidi religion. >> if we didn't get the help of the world, international help they would die there. >> reporter: the yezidis have been through an ordeal but it now appears that air drops kept many of them alive and air strikes kept the isis fighters at bay so that many of the refugees could get off the mountain without the need for a gigantic u.s.-led rescue operation. charlie. >> david, thanks. a record-setting storm that swamped the northeast is hitting maine this morning. portland maine, got more than 6 inches of rain since yesterday. across the state nearly 8,000 homes and businesses are without power. the same system dumped more than a foot of rain yesterday in new york. vladimir is in the hard hit town of islip. vlad, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. rain was forecast to hit this area, that wasn't a surprise
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but no one could have predicted this. you can see behind me police roadblocks not letting anybody through. aerial footage shot this morning shows neighborhoods still flooded with water. at least one person is dead in what some are calling a once in a 200-year storm that took this area completely off guard. >> in 14 years we've been here this is the worst. i've never seen this ever like this. ever. >> reporter: what felt like an endless deluge drenched parts of new york wednesday. at one point more than 10 inches of rain in just two hours. >> so the event that occurred today was unprecedented. >> reporter: local officials here admitted this area was not designed to sustain this kind of weather event. >> the drainage systems in the county are designed to sustain a five-inch storm over a 24-hour period. this was 13 inches within several hours. >> reporter: for some, the rare flooding brought back memories of superstorm sandy that
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pummeled the area just two years ago. >> it's like devastation all over again. over by us we had overturned cars and people were -- one guy was bleeding. his windshield caved in. >> reporter: hundreds of cars were completely submerged and drivers were forced to abandon their vehicles. >> we got here and the water was just overwhelming. the cars were all getting stuck and floating actually. >> reporter: firefighters rushed to save motorists stranded on the highway, while drivers stood helpless outside their cars as the flooded roads brought traffic to a stand still. >> i wish i never left the house this morning, okay? that's how i feel. >> reporter: forecasters say the storm that rolled through here actually picked up moisture off the coast of new jersey. it was meant to actually keep rolling through the area but instead stood right over long island and that's what brought the historic rainfalls. >> all right, thank you. the white house says there were no stormy discussions between president obama and hillary clinton last night. they shared a table at a party on martha's vineyard. earlier in the day at a book
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signing, the former secretary of state talked about her criticism of the president's foreign policy. >> clinton told "the atlantic" magazine great nations need organizing principles and "don't do stupid stuff" is not an organizing principle. she referred to a phrase that president obama used in may. clinton said she is not trying to distance herself from the president. >> we have disagreements, does any partners and friends, as we might very well have but i'm proud that i served with him and for him and i'm looking forward to seeing him tonight. >> the obamas and clintons were guests at a birthday party for a mutual friend. kevin ward jr. began racing when he was 4 years old. his dad says he would drive a cart around a homemade track in his backyard. this morning kevin ward sr. wilbury his son. he's demanding answers of tony stewart who killed his son saturday night.
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don dahler looks at the awards. >> reporter: kevin ward sr. says there's no reason for the crash that killed his son. he said that tony stewart was the best damn driver by far on the track that night. why he had to go up as high as he did and hog my son, there's no reason for it. he goes on to say apparently tony stewart was the only one driving out there who didn't see him. the one person who knows what happened that night is possibly facing ten years in prison. is he going to say what he done. video from the scene shows kevin ward jr. hit the wall after he and fellow driver tony stewart collided on the track. moments later the 20-year-old gets out of his car. several drivers whiz by him but when stewart comes back around he hits ward fatally. ward sr. says he and his wife watched for 45 minutes as emergency crews performed cpr on their son to no avail. officials have said there's no evidence of criminal intent but stewart could still face charges in connection with ward's death. ward will be laid to rest today
7:16 am
in booneville new york. his father says he was a special person to many and a very special person to his family. >> don, thanks. traffic is frozen right now along a major southern california highway. the 60 freeway is shut down in both directions near los angeles. a tanker truck carrying milk jack-knifed about 90 minutes ago. that accident caused seven other vehicles to crash. some caught fire. at least 14 people are hurt five of them critically. an american ebola patient is getting stronger. nancy writebol continues to recover at emory university hospital in atlanta. her husband, david, updated her progress to "cbs this morning." >> she keeps telling me that she's doing better bit by bit. she's sounding stronger each time that i talk to her and just letting me know that the doctors are giving her good reports. >> now, he's quarantined himself as a precaution after his return from africa. the fda is packing a potential game-changer for people who don't get enough
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sleep. some 60 million americans have a form of insomnia. it affects 40% of women and 30% of men. the government announced the approval of a ground-breaking type of sleeping pill. dr. carol ash is the director of sleep at meridian health. welcome. >> thank you charlie. >> what's different about this one? >> this is an exciting new drug. it really is a new tool in the tool kit for the treatment of insomnia. typically sleechping drugs are a knockout punch to the brain. they knock out circuits throughout the brain. kind of think of a house where you get a surge and electricity goes off for the refrigerator the tv not just the lights. so this drug actually is like a switch that turns off just the lights. it works by inhibiting orexin which is a neurochemical that actually wakes up the brain. it stimulates the areas for wakefulness, so it's very focused. >> it still has some of the side effects that other sleeping pills have? >> yes, unfortunately. that's why the fda actually
7:18 am
delayed the approval of this drug because when they initially tried to launch it they used higher dosages that actually caused things like drowsy driving and even suicide. so it was really initially a concern. >> when will it be available? >> well it's approved by the fda and now it's going through approval by the dea. and one thing, charlie, even though, yes, any sleeping pills have side effects, the consequences of insomnia are serious. they can result in depression diabetes, hypertension drug abuse, and even death. so you don't just want to use medications. there's other things that you can bring into the mix, like behavioral therapy that can really help. >> other than the question of side effects, there's also the question of dependency. >> yes. well, the statement from merck is that in their studies they didn't see any dependency or any problems with withdrawal. whenever they do these studies on a small number of patients we have yet to see what's going to happen when you expand it to large populations. >> dr. ash, good to see you.
7:19 am
thank you so much. >> it's a pleasure. it is just about 7:19. ahead on "cbs this morning," legendary producer harvey weinstein returns to studio 57 and he shares we are seeing some thick fog around the bay area some drizzle as you approach the coastline, too. but looks like some much nicer weather this afternoon. thick skies toward ocean beach. looks like as we head toward the latter parted of the day, though, hazy sunshine around many spots. high pressure going to strengthen today. that will warm up these temperatures. 80s in the valleys. 70s a few 80s inside the bay. 60s and fog at the coast. a little warmer toward the weekend, too. cooling down on monday and tuesday. this national weather report sponsored by macy's. this national weather report sponsored by macy's.
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"48 hours" investigate as mrd murder on the resort island of
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this is sinking. >> a ferry ride from cape cod turned into a near might mayor for 42 people. a a powerful wave shattered two windows, injured the captain and knocked out the
7:26 am
k in fremont is good thursday morning, everyone. it is 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening around the bay area right now. a very controversial sex ed textbook in fremont is going back to its publisher now for some revisions. the book is entitled, your health today. the board voted 3-2 to go back to last year's textbook which does have some outdated and inaccurate information. quite a heated meeting last night there. >> and the family of a teenager killed when the asiana flight crashed at sfo is now suing the city of san francisco. the 16-year-old girl was killed after getting run over by two fire department rigs at sfo. and a multi-billion-dollar water bond measure will be on the november ballot in california. the money would mostly go towards new reservoir construction and other water storage projects. and paul mccartney saying good-
7:27 am
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good morning. checking road conditions right now out the door. the bay bridge toll plaza, it is stacked up fully into the maze. they turned the metering lights on 5: 45 and they have been on ever since. and right now the westbound 580 approach is the worst. if you are a silicon valley driver, westbound 237, it is a little sluggish on the approach to zanker road. that's why that drive time is suddenly slow as better news for south san jose commuters, they reopened all lanes after that earlier crash. still delayed though to san martin. use monterey highway. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. fog going to be clearing out and impacting san jose, not bad right now. in fact, we have some blue skies there. you can see some low clouds in the distance. going to be a hazy day around the bay, otherwise lots of sunshine as high pressure strengthens. warmer temperatures today 80s inland, 70s and 80s inside the bay and 60s and foggy at the coast.
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7:30 am
scientists have created a rudimentary model of the human brain that operates at a low functioning level. isn't at that amazing? they haven't been able to run any experiments because all it wants to do is watch "duck dynasty." >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." jane pauley is here filling in for gayle king all week. >> coming up rats. the goal is staying away from marijuana. in a state where it's allowed, you'll hear who is being told soto say no. >> plus the little league world series.
7:31 am
see how a neighborhood with violence finally gets a chance to cheer. >> "usa today" looks at the toll from russia's ban on food from europe and the united states. russian suppliers are low on fish and fruit. the cost of fish jumped 36%. the ban is in retaliation for western sanctions imposed over ukraine. >> "the washington post" says the nfl might put tougher penalties in place for players who commit domestic violence. a second offense could lead to a one-year ban. in comes after the controversy of ray rice. he got a two-day suspension after video shows him dragging his wife out of an elevator. the league isn't commenting. >> the "los angeles times" says this serial stowaway won't be flying any time soon.
7:32 am
marion hartman will spend section nights in jail. she was arrested after sneaking through without a border pass. she has a history of sneaking on to flights. >> profits are sinking at sea world. the company reported low second quarter revenue yesterday and stocks dropped more than 30%. the theme park is suffering from negative publicity, especially after last year agriculture documentary "black fish." it looks at killer whales in captivity. >> and we turn to a crime in indonesia, the victim's teenager daughter and her boyfriend are under arrest. >> sheila von wiese-mack and her daughter flew to bali for what was supposed to be an exotic
7:33 am
vacation but three days later it ended in murder. tuesday paradise turned into a grisly crime scene at the st. regis hotel. police discovered the badly beaten body in this suitcase of sheila von wiese-mack. her 19-year-old daughter and her boyfriend, tommy schaeffer, loaded the luggage into his trunk. when they didn't return a hotel worker got suspicious. police tracked down the daughter and boyfriend sleeping at a hotel six miles from the st. regis and arrested them. the couple claimed an armed gang took them captive and killed von wiese-mack but that they escaped. >> it's a tragic situation.
7:34 am
>> reporter: thousands of miles away in the affluent suburb of oak park those who knew the family are in shock. >> there isn't a whole lot i can say, except she was -- she didn't deserve this. >> reporter: von wiese-mack the widow of james mack was herself an accomplished academic. she spoke about working with the late senator ted kennedy and studying for ten years with pulitzer prize winning author sao bello. it appears the mack family had a rocky past. oak park police say they were called to their home 86 times from 2004 to 2013 mostly in response to domestic trouble. alex bailey is heather's former classmate. >> i heard that she like got into some fights with people but never anything like this. >> reporter: a forensic doctor said von wiese-mack suffered
7:35 am
blunt force trauma to the head and face and appeared to have put up a struggle. the night before surveillance video caught her arguing with her daughter's girl friend an aspiring rap artist. earlier that day tommy schaeffer tweeted this percentage "out of the country for a little hash tag blessed"." now his fate and that of his girl friends are in the hands of authorities. the st. regis said it is saddened by the event and is doing everything they can to assist in the investigation. >> wow. >> sad story. >> any motive? >> no. apparently it's been an ongoing battle. apparently the family took a
7:36 am
vacation every year but he wanted expect to. he came later. >> the young man. >> reporter: a new ad campaign warning teen-agers that smoking marijuana is bad for their health. ben tracy reminds us this was a place where they made recreational pot legal. >> this seems like a do as we say but not as we do for adults in colorado. the governor wants to make sure that teen-agers don't join the pot parade. this is one way to get attention. a bunch of giant rat cages are being set up around denver this week with a message for colorado teens. >> we're saying hey, don't be a lab rat. don't let yourself be a research subject while we're trying to figure out what's going on. >> reporter: the governmentor's office is spending $2 million on this ad campaign saying marijuana can shrink the brain,
7:37 am
lead to schizophrenia and lead to a lower i.q. >> kids want to be entertained. they want something cool out there and see something that's interesting to them. >> this is your brain. this is drugs. >> reporter: it's certainly a step up from the 1980s public service announcement which were not known for nuance. >> this is your brain on drugs. any questions? >> reporter: but with colorado and washington state legalizing recreational pot, how do you convince teens it's still harmful? nationwide about 45% of high school seniors already admit to smoking marijuana and 60% of them don't think marijuana use carries great risk. last month a "new york times" editorial board called for legalizing marijuana across the country for those over 21 calling it a substance far less dangerous than alcohol. other legalization supporters
7:38 am
say scare tactics don't work. >> it's time we be honest with young people we tell them this is something for adults and they should wait. we shouldn't be trying to scare them away from it by making it sound like an evil thing that's going to destroy their lives. they see right through that. >> reporter: some studies show the anti-drug ads back fire and lead to more experimentation among teen-agers. they considered having willie nelson be the spokesperson for the campaign. and for those who doesn't know willie likes his weed. they decided not to do it because they didn't think the kids would know who willie nelson was. >> oh no! the fact that youngsters' brains are still forming, there's
7:39 am
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the little league world series gets under way today in pennsylvania. 16 teams from around the world are taking the field. one group from chicago is back after more than 30 years, and they're poised to make history. elaine quijano is in south williamsport showing the kids giving the windy city something to smile away. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. last year the jackie robinson west all-stars were just one game shy of making it here to the little league world series. this year they are in and determined to go all the way.
7:44 am
williamsport, pennsylvania is more than 600 miles from their home on chicago's south side. but for the jackie robinson west all-stars, a team that dates back to 1971 the road to get here has sometimes felt even longer. >> i had a cousin, andre. he got shot coming off the bus. >> reporter: 12-year-old marquice jackson plays second base. >> it's kids coming and playing baseball, african-american kids doing the right thing. >> we all hear the negative part of the south side of chicago and the things that goes on what have you. this group kids they're great kids and great students. >> reporter: no all african-american team has ever won the little league world series. this team advanced after a come-from-behind grand slam.
7:45 am
the team manager said the parents deserved the credit. >> this wouldn't happen without the parents. there's quite of few of them juggling jobs quite a few of them not working. >> they've been on the road for nearly two weeks. >> saturday when they won the championship, i cried. when i looked in the stands everybody else was emotional. something positive coming from chicago, great. >> reporter: she says baseball fields have given these boys refuge, a chance for them to be kids. >> i'm having a lot of fun. we woke up ate breakfast, talked to the australia kids a little bit and canada kids and they're really fun. >> reporter: like their team's namesake, jackie robinson, who first broke baseball's color barrier 67 years ago, these boys dream of the imagines and believe the passion they share for baseball will help them win it all. >> i think it's because of our
7:46 am
relationship together and how we love the game. they're like my brothers. >> reporter: the jackie robinson west all-stars will face lynnwood pacific this afternoon. the city of chicago has set up a watch party at jackie robinson park where the community will gather to watch. >> how great is that? >> it's another great example of the power of purpose. >> and the power of sports team sports. >> getting inner city kids -- this is an mlb program, rbi program, reviving baseball in inner cities. here's the payoff. >> i love it i love it. thanks again. elaine will have more tomorrow on "cbs this morning," including we'll catch up with pitching sensation monet davis. she's a handful of girls who made we are seeing some thick fog around the bay area some
7:47 am
drizzle as you approach the coastline, too. but looks like some much nicer weather this afternoon. thick skies toward ocean beach. looks like as we head toward the latter parted of the day, though, hazy sunshine around many spots. high pressure going to strengthen today. that will warm up these temperatures. 80s in the valleys. 70s a few 80s inside the bay. 60s and fog at the coast. a little warmer toward the weekend, too. cooling down on monday and tuesday. there may be a new customer service nightmare involving the nation's biggest cable tv company. we'll show you how one man says he was kept waiting forever and then got ♪ each year 17 billion toilet paper tubes are thrown away in the us alone. that's enough to fill the empire state building...twice. now there's scott naturals tube-free
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7:52 am
hold. they're closed. i'm pissed. >> i guess if i say i want to cancel they say just hold on for a second and put you on hold for three hours. >> imagine a world with no conflict. katie holmes will be here ahead on "cbs this morning." colorstay moisture stain™ this is love for your lips. revlon energy! energy, energy, energy. it's inside of all of us. even gary here. [applause] berocca has guarana and caffeine to support mental sharpness. oh yeah! early morning meeting? no problem. [applause] plus, berocca has b-vitamins to support physical energy. some assembly required? awww. cherished memory. [awwwwww] i'm bringing down the house!
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teenager killed in the asiana crashed at s-f-o is suing the city of san good morning. 7:56 on this thursday. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening around the right now. the family of a teenager killed in the asiana crash at sfo is suing the city of san francisco now. the 16 was rub over by two fire rigs on the runway after the crash the family says rescue screws violated her constitutional rights by leaving her in harm's way. california voters will have the final say on a $7.5 billion water bond measure. state senate and assembly passed it yesterday and governor brown signed it last night. music legend paul mccartney will put on the final performance at candlestick can tonight. they are putting on the finishing touches now. crowd of some 50,000 people is expected. we understand he plays nearly
7:57 am
40 songs. should be quite the show. traffic and weather coming up right after the break. (vo) ours is a world of passengers. the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three. (vo) the co-pilots. all sitting... ...trusting... ...waiting... ...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan.
7:58 am
it's a subaru. good morning, we have our first reports of a new accident now and it sounds like one lane is blocked in a bad spot where it's always slow. westbound 580 approaching north flynn. you can see it's an accident involving a motorcycle. the number 2 lane is blocked. and if you want to know a drive time, there it is 27 minutes now between the altamont pass and 680. but that accident is likely going to cause bigger delays. bay bridge backed up through the maze. here's lawrence. fog is looking thick. we have some drizzle outside this morning approaching the coastline but you know what? looking like a very typical summer-like day outside as we are going to see plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. a little bit hazy but temperatures will be warmer today. up into the 80s inland, 70s and low 80s around the bay, and 60s along the coastline.
7:59 am
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♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, august 14th 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including a top heart doctor with new findings on salt but first here is a look at today's "eye-opener at 8:00." >> another rough night here in ferguson. polices police slashes. >> a small team of green berets and aide workers found there were far few refugees than feared. a once in a 200-year storm
8:01 am
that caught this area completely off guard. >> it was a like that turned off the lights so it's very focused. >> the white house says there was no stormy discussions about it. a tanker truck jackknifed and at least 14 people are hurt. saturday had they won the championship i cried. something positive coming from chicago? great. >> everybody is acting like this is normal. >> you have got to be kidding me. >> today's eye-opener"eye-opener at 8:00." presented by comfort inn. i am charlie rose with
8:02 am
norah o'donnell and gayle king a off, and jane pauley is with us. police arrested 16 protesters in the fourth straight night of violence. >> fairly calm as you said compared to other nights.p>> a crew from our st. louis affiliate was talking with one demonstrator earlier as police fired tear-gas and smoke grenades and they were handcuffed and detained on wednesday, but they are free this morning. north korea turned down the invitation to visit the pope in south korea. he brings a message of forgiveness urging the north and south to end their hostilities. francis plans to reach out to north korea this week in a mass of reconciliation. this morning robin williams'
8:03 am
representatives are rejecting claims that financial problems could have led to his suicide. the statement is those reports are simply false, and she understands the desire to understand this but we encourage your focus to be on working with others with depression. >> meanwhile his daughter is going off-line because of the twitter. i should have risen above. deleting this from devices for good long time maybe forever. time will tell. good-bye. that's disappointing. she lost her father and people should be sending sympathies. and the cast of the musical
8:04 am
cast sang. ♪ >> beautiful. it's a great show "aladdin." a warning about the deadly risk of salt. researchers say well over 1. million heart-related deaths worldwide could be because of eating too much salt. our doctor is a cardiologist in next to. good morning. >> good morning. >> i was looking at this and the united states our average daily sodium intake is 80% higher than recommended. what is it doing to our body?
8:05 am
>> americans eat three to four times of the recommended daily assault. salt is an essential daily nutrient but when you get too much it increases the volume and causes high blood pressure and it damages vessels and causes plaque to build-up quicker in the arteries and puts a strain on the heart. >> what is the danger of too little salt? >> there is controversy about how low to go. these two studies that came out in the new england journal this week question maybe lower than three grams a day might be associated with increased risk and there is concerns about how the study was conducted in how salt was measured. >> so how much is just right? >> exactly. it's a moving target. you would think it would be an easy answer. but the american heart
8:06 am
association recommends as low as 1.5 grams a day. but as a cardiologist i say 1.5. >> did anything surprise you? >> how globally prevalent this is, it's a world-wide problem and so many people are affected by high blood pressure and consume almost four to five grams of salt a day. >> i admit, i love salt and i salt it but there is already so much salt in our prepackaged food. >> 80% of the salt comes in from prepackaged foods or restaurants. salt tastes good. there are other ways to get flavor like pizza and soups and
8:07 am
salt can be hidden in and people don't recognize that. >> there's a little bit of salt in my hard boiled egg i had this morning. 5 milligrams would that be about right? >> yeah that's good. >> do we need better labeling? >> yeah it feels as a public health issue and the government is starting to think about putting guidelines on the industry in terms of how much salt is added to processed foods, but the way we put calorie counts on our menu board, this is something we need to do with sodium amounts and philadelphia and california is doing this and we tell people count your counts but if we make it easy for them it's better. >> a reminder is important. >> thank you. >> thank you. this morning, why it takes more than being a
8:08 am
>> announcer: this morning's eye opener at 8:00 sponsored by comfort inn. truly yours. opener at 8" sponsored by comfort inn, truly yours.
8:09 am
megaproducer harvey winestein in our green room. katie holmes tells us how they brought the best-selling book to the big screen. good morning, guys. that's ahead here on "cbs this morning." frustrated with your overactive bladder medicine not working? ...can't handle the side effects? botox® treats symptoms of leaking, going too often, and the strong sudden need to go. ask your urologist if botox® can help calm your bladder. ...and reduce your daily leakage episodes. the effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing speaking, breathing, eye problems
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♪ this is where you want to be, in our green room. look at this katie holmes and harvey and david and jane pauley and norah o'donnell. this is where you want to be because we are going to talk about a movie about an boy who learns about society. his mother is played by katie. all of that welcome to the green room. great to have all of you. david once represented harvey. >> yeah. >> he is there for you. >> oh, yeah.
8:14 am
>> without him i would be in trouble. >> can the green room levitate with heavyweights? >> here we go. we'll be right back. this portion of >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsor bid toyota. let's go places. a shuttle? yeah, carbon fiber wings, it works. better get an a. you mean, he better get an a. that's what i said. agree to disagree. no during toyota's anual clearance event, get 0% apr financing on a 2014 tundra. offer ends september 2nd. for great deals on other toyotas, visit this is gonna be great for my shuttle. my shuttle. toyota, let's go places. ♪ ♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk all the deliciousness of hershey's
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8:18 am
"the giver" is a new film based on a popular young adult book. a boy learns of a futuristic society. his mother katie holmes is responsible for making sure civilians follows the government's strict rules. >> your injection levels are extremely low. i can correct this and then we will address what's happened. >> i know that there's something more something missing from our life. no, not missing. something that has been stolen from me and from you. i don't know what it is exactly but jonas does. >> katie holmes is here along with harvey weinstein. his studio is releasing "the giver." i'm pleased to have both of you here. >> nice to see you all. >> before we talk about this
8:19 am
interesting movie, reflections on robin williams who passed away and all of us is who think of him this week. >> you asked me to come on afterwards. it's been a tough week to collect your thoughts and think about those implications. because when you knew robin, he made everybody else's life so good. i'm sure you encountered him in an interview or two, charlie. he was just so funny and so bright for you. and if you made a movie with him, you know he was so good for the crew. but, you know the story that i always remember and i spoke to matt damon and ben affleck when we made "goodwill hunting" when robin won his well-deserved oscar, the first day -- this reminded me, katie plays with alexander who plays the father in "the giver."
8:20 am
he played opposite the professor from robin williams first role just got off the boat from sweden and robin says let's welcome him to america. i'm going to change the script you tell him it's all about improvisation. here's this scene about mathematic formulas and robin comes out and goes jack nicholson and then gus is pointing to -- like in a state of shock and then he does jack and de niro and does 15 things and the crew is totally straight faced while gus is shooting. and then stelen starts to ad lib this swedish gibberish. and then when gus yells "cut," 180 members of the crew exploded with laughter and stelen looked around and goes "what happened to me?" and robin told him what was going on.
8:21 am
every day with him was like that. for billy crystal and robert de niro, there are people who are so close to him, i just you know i e-mailed billy last night, just too tough for a lot of people to deal with this. this is just an act of shock. >> and the amazing range he had from dramatic acting to improvisational standup was stunning. >> we'd give him one scene in "goodwill hunting," we'd say one for robin and one for us. inevitably, there was always something that he added to that film. and right on the spot just a brilliant mind at work. >> the film that you have put together "the giver" is out. we all enjoyed watching it. it's an interesting story for people who haven't read the book. it's about a society with no conflict, no wars, no sadness, and also no love and no emotions. katie, what did you think when you first got the script? >> well i really loved the
8:22 am
script and then i read the book and i, you know immediately understood why it's so beloved. and i think these themes are very important. what i love about the movie is you really see these two, you know -- you see this extreme society and -- >> that's perfect in many ways because there's no conflict. >> no war, no pain. but then you see jonas go through having all these memories and these beautiful human moments. and it's wonderful to see on screen these wonderful life moments. and to me the movie is very emotional when you see it. you know it's a celebration of life in many ways because you're seeing what happens when you take away freedom. >> i agree. >> a lot of powerful ideas here too, harvey. >> you know katie and alexander are both getting really strong reviews, and they mirror meryl streep and jeff bridges, and i
8:23 am
really went to merrill andyl and her daughters closed the deal. three of my daughters had read "the giver," they heard it was being discussed they said you have to make the movie. i called meryl right away and said have your girls read the book? she said they all loved it. climate control, caused us pain overpopulation caused us pain. she goes through all the reason why the world is perfect and why there's pain now. just to see the two great actors be on the opposite -- meryl makes you believe that totalitarianism had a reason. you think about it but at the end no one wants to sacrifice their freedom. >> katie makes you believe she's the mother of a teen-age boy. great acting.
8:24 am
there's a particular scene where your teen-age son asks you and his father "do you love me?" and your reaction and you are in life a mother. what is your reaction to his question? >> i believe it's precision of language because in this society where you're not supposed to speak of such words. and so it was an interesting role to play because, you know she is the keeper of these rules and yet she has this child who's been chosen to start breaking the rules and experience things that are beyond her level of understanding or experience. and i think that -- >> i just would like to speak on behalf of the teen that we loved having you here this morning. >> she speaks for us.
8:25 am
>> who was watching the your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, it's 8:25. i'm juliette goodrich. time for some news headlines. a controversial sex ed textbook in fremont is going back to the publisher for revision. the book is entitled, your health today. the board voted 3-2 to go back to last year's textbook, which does have some outdated and inaccurate information. the family of a teen killed when the asiana flight crashed at sfo is suing san francisco. 16-year-old ye ming wong was killed after getting run over by two fire department rigs. and a multi-billion-dollar water bond measure will be on the november ballot in california. the money would mostly go to new reservoir construction and other water storage projects. we'll have traffic and weather for you in just a minute.
8:26 am
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okay you can't forget the cc... guys, this is going to take a while. avo: get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card on new 2014 turbo models or lease a 2014 jetta se for $169 a month after a $1,000 bonus. owe. good morning. we have been checking tweets from chp in marin. all lanes are open after an earlier crash southbound 101 at sir francis drake. there's still activity on the right-hand shoulder. you can see the slow traffic coming southbound even though all lanes were just reopened. pretty heavy right now from
8:28 am
novato. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. you may hit some fog as well coming into sausalito and across the span as you head into san francisco but no delay across the golden gate bridge. different story at the bay bridge. it's backed up solid to the maze. westbound 580 still the worst approach. just cleared an accident on the eastshore freeway in albany. that's causing the slower drive time. that is "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. >> we are looking at some thick fog around the bay area this morning. looks like we are going to see plenty of sunshine though by the afternoon. a little drizzle though out toward the coastline. clearing your skies out already in towards san jose. but we are going to see the hazy sunshine continuing inside the bay this afternoon. looks like high pressure taking over and maybe about 86 in livermore. 82 in san jose. 838 in the napa valley. lots of sunshine there this afternoon. a little cool along the coastline in the 60s. next couple of days, high pressure takes over. the temperatures warming up slightly for the weekend. then cooling off a little bit into sunday and monday. huh, fifteen minutes c ave you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that.
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♪ ♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour why is a famous attorney known for liberal causes like same-sex marriage backing a case against
8:31 am
>> "time" magazine looks at new words and phrases in online dictionaries. here are a few. hot mess cray is an adjective short for "crazy" and yolo is an abbreviation for you only live once. >> nothing in moderation. >> everything in moderation look salt. >> this could be a nice guided effort to punish teachers.
8:32 am
in june a judge decided tenure laws keep teachers on the job and violate the students' rights to an education. >> a lawsuit brought by seven public school parents. campbell brown founded the nonprofit partnership for educational justice. she persuaded one of the top trial lawyers in the country to join her cause. david boies is set to argue against the supreme court against same-sex marriage. >> i didn't persuade him. he was already there. >> exactly. >> it would be a nice thing to claim that you were -- >> yeah. >> let's understand why both of you are involved in this. campbell? >> well when i left journalism i got involved in this because i
8:33 am
became a mother and i instantly realized as i think all of us do because it's obvious, the educational opportunities that are available for my children are very different than those available for most children. and the inequality that exists in this country in terms of choices is something that we have been trying to address for decades and have failed to address for decades and it's reached a point where i think you see people on all sides of the political spectrum agreeing that our public education system is in crisis. >> why is tenure the reason for the inequality? >> it's not just tenure. it's the way tenure works together with dismissal protections that tenured teachers have that no other public employee has, which makes it almost impossible to remove a grossly ineffective or incompetent teacher or even an abusive teacher. you read stories where teachers engaged in sexual misconduct
8:34 am
with kids and they still can't remove that teacher and it will take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars. all the evidence shows the single most important school-based factor that determines a child's success in life is the teacher. so why wouldn't we do everything possible to get the most effective teacher possible in the classroom. >> you both should answer this what your critics charged. you focused a lot of time and money and one of the best lawyers in the country on an issue like tenure when many people say budget cuts to schools and inadequate funding is really the reason there's inequality. >> you have to deal with those also. there a lot of problems in our educational system and we got to deal with all of them. but if we don't deal with the problem of getting the best teachers and keeping the best teacher and paying the best teachers, we're not going to have quality education. >> teachers are an essential link to education. >> it is essential. >> you may be arguing at face
8:35 am
value because often the question of tenure and the teachers union is considered people on the side of the democratic party and you're a well-known democrat. and when you put together same-sex marriage the same thing was asked about your conservative partner, law partner, arguing the case because he was a conservative. >> i think the thing that liberals really believe in is equal opportunity. we've been fighting for equality in this country for decades in all sorts of areas. 60 years ago we decided it was wrong finally to segregate our schools based on race. we're now segregating our schools based on economics, we're segregating our schools based on where a child's parents live. and it has the same corrosive effect of destroying people's opportunity as racial segregation did. >> so it's a civil rights issue. >> it's a civil rights issue.
8:36 am
education is a basic civil right. if you don't have a base beingic education, you lose all of the rights. >> we got a response to the lawsuit in new york. "tenure does not mean a job for life, a cloak of incompetence but instead empowers to help kids and instead we base dismissals on just causes." >> nobody is stripping teachers of due process rights. the teachers have all the due process in the world and they deserve all the due process in the world. to say tenure rules are reformed, look at what happens in new york city. look at the number of people who cannot be dismissed, despite misconduct despite the fact that even the teacher union
8:37 am
recognizes they're not fit to be in the classroom. this is not an attack on teachers. for the vast majority of teachers, it will make it a more professional -- >> is it an attack of the teachers union? >> it is an attack on certain aspects that are hurting students. i believe in unions but it doesn't mean unions are always right. >> it's a case where you think on tenure and dismissal, unions are wrong for fighting for that? >> we need better teachers we need to be able to reward teachers. you wouldn't go to a hospital or law firm where the doctors and lawyers were not retained on merit, where they all had tenure regardless of competence. parents feel the same about schools they send their childrens to. >> there's been a study the effect of kids in nontenured states. massachusetts tenured, mississippi not tenured.
8:38 am
they do better in massachusetts, they do less well in mississippi. would you like to address that? >> sure. to again with mississippi spends a lot less money on education than massachusetts does. it's got an entirely different social background. what you have to do -- >> why not wage a cam panpaign on that? >> well you should and we are. part of education equality is to deal with those issues too. but the ability to keep and retain the best teachers is an important aspect of it. the right comparison is take massachusetts schools where there is tenure and massachusetts schools where there's not tenure and make that comparison and you come out with a different story. >> we're not saying this is a silver bullet. this is not intended to address every problem. it is a small part of the problem and all the other issues do need to be addressed. but there's no reason we should ignore this one if there's not a way to attack it.
8:39 am
>> this battle will be fought in the courts? >> it will be fought in the courts in the legislature. this is something, as campbell says, we have to address in a lot of different ways. both my parents were public school teachers. i believe in this fight. this something we have to do on every level. >> thanks david. thanks campbell. >> it's time to stick a fork in the stick but not before a beatle gets one last time to say good-bye. we're going to take you through more than 50 years of memorie
8:40 am
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paul mccartney helped make history nearly h he'll do it again. john blackstone shows how one of america's most famous stadiums is taking a final bow. ♪ ooh, i need your love babe you know it's true ♪ >> reporter: paul mccartney is playing to soldout stadiums on his "out there" tour. tonight he'll play at candlestick park.
8:44 am
in 1966 the beatles played here the final concert on their last tour together. >> they came in here this is where they got all set up ready to go and walked through the tunnel out to the field together. >> reporter: the beatles were relegated to the visiting team's locker room. >> they didn't trust the beatles? >> at the didn't even trust the pope. >> reporter: pope john paul ii celebrated mass here in '87 with 87,000 followers. >> music history, sports history. this place is ringing with history. >> reporter: amanda has been leading tours through candlestick, taking people on to the field itself for a final good-bye. raymond lopez remembers watching his first game here as a little boy. what will it mean that this will be gone? >> i'm not a very religious person but when we came here
8:45 am
this was church for us. it's tough. there's a lot of history behind here. not for just the team but personally. >> reporter: candlestick opened in 1960 as the home of the giants newly transplanted from new york. it was here that willie mays thrilled the crowd with home run after home run. and it was also here that a sell-out crowd was robbed by a 7.1 earthquake that interrupted the 1989 world series. >> all of a sudden you heard like a bang and it really really shook hard. it seemed like it lasted for five minutes. >> reporter: buildings and brilks collapsed in san francisco but candlestick held firm. no one was injured. in 1981 49ers quarterback joe montana threw a game-winning pass to dwight clark. so dramatic it's been known ever since simply as "the catch." >> it's a mad house at candlestick! >> a defining moment for the
8:46 am
team and the stick. >> when you came to stick, you knew it was going to be something special. >> reporter: ronnie was a member of the team that won four super bowls. he took us into the locker room where so many victories were celebrated. will you be able to watch when they put the explosives around this place? >> i'll be able to watch but my heard will be empty. >> reporter: dave dravecky was a pitcher in 1988 when he underwent surgery in his pitching arm. he was able to pitch again but the cancer returned. he lost his arm but nothing can take away his love for the stick. >> this is a place where a little boy's dream came true not once but twice, the second time after being told ten months earlier i'd never be able to pitch. so there's a lot of wonderful memories here. >> reporter: mccartney brings
8:47 am
candlestick's long and winding road to an end tonight. the next time the stick attracts a crowd, it will be for the implosion that brings it down. >> into my life i believe that you pay your respects at the end of someone's life and you pay them because of what they stand ou why there's a new scrabble champion next on "cbs this morning." look at that. cool!
8:48 am
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the wait is over for even faster internet. xfinity is now doubling the internet speed... ...on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet...period. xfinity internet from comcast, now double the speed. >>oregon. he beat a five-time winner who some call the michael jordan of
8:51 am
scrabble. here's jim axelrod. >> reporter: the convention center in buffalo, new york was nearly silent except for the rattle of scrabble tiles. more than 500 wordsmiths competed over five days in the 25th national scrabble championship. >> they come from every walk of life that you can imagine, anything from nuclear physicist to cab drivers to teachers to stay-at-home moms everybody. >> reporter: this year's champion, conrad bassett-bouchard marks a difference from prior winners. he's been playing for almost a decade but he's been honing his skills online. >> i played 10,000 games online before i ever went to a tournament. i knew my two-letter word and three-letter words without even realizing i needed to. >> reporter: those two and
8:52 am
three-level words are key. >> at the tournament level, it's a math game. >> reporter: there are 100 tiles in a scrabble game. the vowels are all worth one point. more obscure letters like q and z are worth ten points. >> you can be a person with a big vocabulary who reads a lot and knows a lot of words but you may not know very arcane words that are helpful in scrabble. >> he opened with zilch, that earned him 52 points. >> i don't call them my scrabble friends anymore. they're just my friends. to some degree one big, happy family. >> reporter: conrad for his victory won $10,000. >> i love
8:53 am
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headlines... the family of a teenager killed in the asiana crashed at s-f-o is g the good morning, it's 8:55. i'm juliette goodrich. time for news headlines. the family of a teenager killed in the asiana crash at sfo is suing the city of san francisco. the 16-year-old was run over by two fire rigs on the runway. her family says rescue crews violated her constitutional rights by leaving her in harm's way. california voters will have the final say on a $7.5 billion water bond measure. the state senate assembly and assembly passed it yesterday and governor brown signed it last night. and music legend paul mccartney will put on the final performance at candlestick park today. crews are putting the finishing touches on the giant stage on the field right now and a crowd of almost 50,000 people are expected. so let's find out how the weather will be for that.
8:56 am
let's go to lawrence. >> definitely going to be rocking there tonight. chilly heading to the paul mccartney concert. you will see that cool fog rolling in just like now. we have some foggy conditions around the bay area. but that's beginning to break up. a little drizzle approaching the coastline and hazy such today and the temperatures running up into the 80s for the valleys about 86 degrees in livermore. 82 in san jose. 83 in the napa valley. and about 69 in san francisco. the next couple of days, we are going to see more sunshine on the way. some warmer temperatures maybe a couple of places inland in the low 90s. still 60s with patchy fog along the coastline. then cooling off a few degrees on sunday into monday. we are going to check out your "kcbs traffic" when we come back.
8:57 am
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get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. not to labor the point, but this sale won't last long. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ good morning. if your commute takes you along the peninsula, watch out for this menlo park accident. southbound 101 from the approach to marsh you can see delays backed up an exit or two. yellow sensors one lane is blocked. heavy traffic past the accident. 880 in oakland, right now the delays continue beginning around 98th and loosen up past broadway.
8:59 am
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