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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 16, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. hazing! football players in trouble tonight, two members of this bay area high school team arrested for hazing. >> christin ayers on what happened in the locker room. charges. >> reporter: a freshman at this school was not physically hurt, but some teammates of his allegedly held him down and shaved his head and now police are involved. football practice went on at livermore valley charter prep under a cloud. parents told me at least one game was canceled after allegations of hazing here last week. at least two 17-year-old football players are accused of holding down a freshman teammate in the boys locker room wednesday and shaving part
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of his head. is teasing something that happens on this team or is there anything you can say? >> no comment at this time. thank you. >> reporter: the coach didn't want to talk, but the anti- hazing policy speaks for itself. it says hazing will not be tolerated in any form and will be in violation of education code. the boys have been arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor hazing, false imprisonment and battery and livermore police said a third boy may be charged as well. >> kids are going to be kids. the hair will grow back. >> reporter: but others believe the punishment fits the crime. >> maybe they should have those charges. >> reporter: it was confirmed the school is cooperating with police. live in livermore, christin ayers, cbs5. that's the kids. how about the big boys? the nfl tonight, roger goodell hiring four women to implement new policies regarding domestic
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violence and sexual assault. the vikings announced adrian peterson will play in sunday's game. he was deactivated after he was indicted for hitting his son with a switch and former balance raven star ray rice plans to appeal -- and former baltimore ravens star ray rice plans to appeal his suspension for punching his fiancee in an elevator. tonight 1500 people forced out of their home in the tiny town of weed. a catholic church is among the buildings destroyed. flames are fanned by 40-mile an hour winds. deputies are evacuating people door to door. the fire is 300 acres and 15% contained. a huge fire burning east of pollack pines is only 5% contained tonight. the king fire is ending up a huge plume of smoke. it's grown to 8,600 acres. look at these pictures. 500 homes are threatened.
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people have been evacuated and we have the story from the fire line. >> reporter: the main story is highway 50. the flames have pushed to about 100 yards away from 50 and the concern, of course, is if the fire can jump across 50, there are communities like pollack pines just on the other side where there were some additional evacuations today. it was a tough day for crews as the fire doubled in size and containment was cut in half. they are hopeful overnight with some cooler weather they can increase the containment again, keep the fire from reaching highway 50. three top pg&e executives are out of a job tonight in the wake of the san bruno pipeline disaster. sharon chin says it's all because of what was in their e- mails. >> pg&e says it looked at 65,000 e-mails over five years, found a relationship with a cpuc that was too cozy and took action. >> every single employee here
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at pg&e is held to the same standard that's outlined in our code of conduct. these officers did not live up to that. we've taken these actions today. >> so pg&e spokesperson keith stevens says the utility fired three vice president. it also created the new job of compliance officer, hired a lawyer for regulatory advice and plans more training for employees. state senator jerry hill has been a vocal critic of both pg&e and the public utilities commission following the fatal san bruno pipeline explosion in 2010. >> once the leadership changes then there's an opportunity to change the culture and that's what i think we're seeing and it's refreshing at pg&e. >> reporter: hill has harsher words for the puc. >> the only time they'll make changes is when they get caught and they got caught today. >> reporter: the e-mails include a january exchange between pg&e executive brian cherry and the puc chief of staff carol brown.
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terry asked brown -- cherry asked brown to change the administrative law judge. cherry says this is a very important case now in jeopardy. i'm not sure we could get someone worse. brown replies i can see if anything can be done. in another note she says take a deep breath. i am working on it and when a judge is changed to 1 cherry deems more favorable he writes thank you, thank you, thank you. >> that's the obscene part of this. >> cherry was fired. brown resigned, but mark tony of the utility reform network says today's changes are not enough. >> this is part of a long pattern of collusion between the puc and pg&e. but tonight these emails are renewing calls for him >> cpuc president michael peevey said he would recuse himself from future proceedings, but tonight there are calls for him to resign. golden gate next the state attorney general can investigates and determine whether any laws were
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broken. >> golden gate bridge workers are going on strike tomorrow for one day because of a contract dispute. the walkout involves machinists, bridge iron workers, contractors and inspectors. traffic on the bridge and golden gate transit and ferries will not be affected. a couple in their 90s victimized by the same criminals twice in two days. this happened in el cerrito. police say the robbers tricked the couple into letting them in on friday by asking to see their garden. the couple didn't realize they'd been robbed until later that night and the next day the robbers came back. the couple is recovering cts are in their >> the female did have a steel pointed sharp utensil that she did use on my mom and she was pummeled, hit, kicked against the wall. >> fortunately they found people -- unfortunately they found people here were very trusting, very nice and who did not question them really and opened up their house to them.
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>> the couple is recovering tonight. police say the suspects are in their 40s and spoke a foreign language and the man walked with a listen. police suspect they've done this before. -- limp. police suspect they've done this before. a viewer e-mailed us there have been three dozen burglaries in 1 week in evergreen. we sent joe vazquez to check it out. >> it's really surprising what's happening to our neighborhood. is it safe anymore? >> reporter: what's happening are burglaries, lots of them. the tram family said the bad guys went through their side gate and broke in through a backyard window. >> they took cash. >> valuables we saved and like my mom said, it seemed like they knew what they were doing because they went straight to the master bedroom. they had a plan. >> reporter: adam stewart said burglaries also broke into his backyard window. >> they went straight upstairs, kicked in some doors, went into the master closet. they grabbed a lot of my wife's
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jewelry. >> reporter: another man burglarized doesn't want to talk about it on camera, but he has been keeping track and talking to neighbors and according to numbers he derived from the san jose police department website there have been 37 burglaries in his neighborhoods in the last two weeks. last friday there were 11 burglaries in one day. >> stuff is stuff. it can be replaced. i just want to know who did it, right? and because of burglary being such a low priority for the police force, that's a question that i'm never going to have the answer to. >> reporter: we reached out to san jose police department to ask them what's going on in evergreen and do they have any suspects in mind at this point? so far no response. in san jose joe vazquez, kpix5. >> on its website the san jose police department says it responds to burglaries with patrol officers. the burglary unit has been depleted by budget cuts. an $800,000 mystery at san jose state university tonight, about 500 wireless internet
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devices have gone missing. they were purchased as part of a $28 million technology improvement project on campus. no one is saying much about when the equipment disappeared or if it ever even arrived. the supplier and campus police are trying to sort it out. a big box of soap that was shipped through sfo was hiding a dirty secret. the crate of 66 individually wrapped bars arrived from thailand a few days ago. they looked pretty normal on the outside and then inspectors cut them open. there was a ball of opium in each bar, almost 9-pounds in all, no word tonight where it was headed. social media may be to blame for the sudden popularity of an east bay park. >> visitors are scaling mission peak in fremont by the hundreds and nearly all of them snap a selfie at the top. some bring their dogs along. chopper 5 spotted some of them earlier today taking in the
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sights near the totem. there have been a lot of complaints from neighbors about noisy crowds, crash and traffic. joseph wong shot this one with his friends today. eptember park will clos >> i think it's just like when someone seasons it on instagram, they're like -- sees it on instagram, they're like wait, they did that? i can do this, too. >> there's huge crowds up top. they all want to get a picture with the post up there and it's understandable, but at the same time you have to respect the park. >> starting september 2090 the park will close early -- 29th the park will close early, 7:30. the park district is considering parking fees or permits to try to cut down on the crowds. a new law takes effect in 45 minutes that will affect every california driver. >> a car crashes into a bar. tonight the guy behind the wheel is under arrest but not because of this. >> see why some of the smartest people in silicon valley won't let their own kids use
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in the car's grille. >> it's a miracle that no one was killed. it is a miracle, had a very busy lunch room earlier and they had just pretty much let out. >> the driver told police his brakes failed. then they found out he was wanted on a drug warrant out of sacramento. he was led away in handcuffs for drug and alcohol testing. the new law requiring drivers to stay 3 feet away from bicyclists takes effect at midnight tonight, but on jam packed city streets how realistic is that really? mike sugerman shows us. t?" "yeah, right over here." tr5 turns out our engineer dan denton didn't. sot nat sound track 6 so he designed one. nat sound little worried >> you think they're grooming the city to do all that? >> yeah. >> reporter: let's check it out. anything 3 feet? >> right over here. >> reporter: turns out engineer dan denton didn't. so he designed one. flicts are on multi lane streets, when drivers could have chosen to change lanes to pass." (honk honk) "yeah, i know. i'm mo, i'm movin." mike sugerman, kpix5. fines for violating the new 3-foot rule start at 35-dol. but, bicyclists won't be fid for >> i'm a little worried you're going to scratch up somebody's
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car. >> it's a bike light i use to actually draw a line in the road. it's the same idea. >> reporter: channel 5 didn't have the budget for that one. 3 feet, sir. can't really pass here, can you? this might be a problem. on a two-lane road i often had a line of cars behind me. >> double yellow, can't do that. you can't pass over a double yellow line. so on such a street drivers likely have to stay behind me or pass very slowly. >> reporter: 3 feet, 3 feet! >> most of the conflicts come up on multi-lane streets when a driver could have easily chosen to change. >> reporter: i'm moving. mike sugerman, kpix5. >> so tough out there for everybody. fines for violating that new 3- foot rule starts at $35, but bicyclists won't be fined for getting too close to cars.
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appl ere more than if you decided to wait and see about the new iphone, tonight we know you'll be waiting a while. apple says there were more than 4 million preorders in the first 24 hours smashing records and exceeding the supply. some preorders won't be filled until next month. we were surprised to learn that one of the most famous techies ever didn't let his own kids use ipads. tonight len ramirez shows us a lot of silicon valley parents are doing the same. their thumbs.sure it can be detrimental." ann wilson sa ids using ta in palo alto perhaps the hottest tech center on the planet parents are starting to draw the line on giving their kids technology. >> if they think playing is sitting in a sedentary place with their phone, sure, it can be detrimental. >> we call it the ipad. development specialists say most families, technology 't a bad thing.but it reate more we >> in fact, even steve jobs the new york times reported sunday kept ipads and iphones away
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from his three kid. >> i'm really surprised about -- kids. >> i'm really surprised about that. >> reporter: child development specialists say technology isn't a bad thing, but it should be limited to create more well rounded children. >> there definitely is a time to be engaged in 10 and learn how to use 10 -- in technology and learn how to use technology, but there's also the importance of social skills and having interaction with other people. >> reporter: some parents say the more technology the better, ethan tram plays with his own phone and ipad. >> it's really interactive with puzzles and matching games that he can learn. >> reporter: he also takes photos with his dad's iphone and he's just 22 months old. >> steve jobs biographer said he saw it every night. the kids ate dinner with their parents and they talked. a big victory tonight for kids with allergies. governor brown signed a law requiring public schools to stock epipens.
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the teachers union fought it saying nurses, not teachers, should administer medicine. 1/4 of first time attacks happen in schools. a woman with bay area ties has a lot to be happy about tonight. >> she is the new miss america. ♪ come along if you know what happiness is to you ♪ . >> my platform is called love shouldn't hurt protecting women against domestic violence and i get to talk about domestic violence on a national level, give it the attention that it deserves. >> keara konzasav represented new york. she graduated from los lomas high school before she moved east. she graduated from law school.
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we're going to be singing about the rain coming up. >> wow, what a nice pleasant change. we need this to start early and sustain through the winter. we need a nice soggy winter to cut into this drought around here. is this the beginning? maybe. at least we have a gunning to talk about. the radar is drive -- beginning to talk about. the radar is dry, nothing on it. we've had a few drips throughout the summer, but the last time we all got a decent rainfall in the bay area, a couple weeks after easter, 142 days ago. before i show you why that is going to end that streak, i want to show you some pretty big time damage. cabo san lucas, a big time hurricane made a direct landfall. there is widespread damage. it's now down to a tropical storm, but rain was an issue, wind an issue, storm surge an issue, big time problems in the baja peninsula and the southern tip of it. look at that damage, 100 mile-
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per-hour winds in and around cabo. around here we're looking to the north. this is a fall-like pattern with a big strong area of low pressure offshore. nine times out of 10 we'll get a low over here this time of year that head due east right into the pacific northwest. this time it heads to the south in our direction. we'll see an increase in cloud cover not tomorrow but wednesday and wednesday night into thursday a cold front passes by and it will finally rain. been a long time for some of you with rainfall, like five months. how much rainfall? don't get your hopes up, not that much. we're running futurecast out 72 hours and we're looking at maybe .1-inch of rainfall for hayward, less for san jose, but it's rain. it's a start and it's coming as soon as wednesday night. cloudy skies by midafternoon wednesday. showers arrive in the north bay by 8:00 wednesday evening. it will be a showery commute to work. tomorrow nice and sunny,
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temperatures down, san jose 78, fremont, palo alto mid-70s, low 80s with sunshine, danville and concord 83. n rafael 80, petaluma 76. we are cloudy by wednesday afternoon. it's going to rain. ken loves this. thursday morning have some rain showers. after that the sunshine is back, should be a beautiful weekend. rain, though, wednesday night, could not be happier. it's about time. >> we need it. going to show you something that when you see it, you will think twice about going in the water. that's what it looks like when a great white shark bites your ,,,,
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you're a champion of facial hair. just for men mustache and beard. >> closed captioning is sponsored by stretch of beach in monterey bay will be closed this week after a great white attacked a surfer. >> bo browning was about 50 yards off the beach when a 50- foot long gray white gave him the scare of his life. >> out of nowhere popped into the air probably 10, 15 feet and i looked down and saw a
2:03 am
shark roll over on my board and i think took a bite on the way down. >> chomp. browning is scratched up but okay otherwise. >> you know what dennis would say? good gosh, that's a huge fish! >> that's right. cue it up. we've got a whale of a sportscast ahead, a monday night top five highlight reel just play and hit record now. the giants went to the desert the giants went to the desert tonight and it ♪ yeah, girl ♪ you know, i've been thinking about us ♪ ♪ and, uh, i just can't fight it anymore ♪ ♪ it's bundle time ♪ bundle ♪ mm, feel those savings, baby and that's how a home and auto bundle is made. better he learns it here than on the streets. the miracle of bundling --
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report is next on kpix5. he desert.... >> baseball up top, how do the giants respond to the series loss to the dodgers? giants at the diamondbacks. they can't trip up now, two outs, checked swing, no. he walked aj pollack to load the bases. next batter boom! mark trumbo back away and gone, a grand slam, first vogelsong has given up in his career. that was enough offense for arizona who goes on to win 6-2, three straight losses for the giants. the dodgers won which means they lead the nl west by four game. the giants still have the top spot in the wildcard. however, this james jones double fumbles highlights how
2:07 am
the 30-14 loss went with houston yesterday. veteran charles woodson can see the writing on the wall and sent a clear message about the state of the team. >> reporter: why do you think they got off to such a quick start? >> we're not very good. we suck. that's as blunt as i can put it. collectively we look bad. everything that other people say about you, we're making them right. >> reporter: andrew luck of the colts hosting monday night football. they led by 14 in the 3rd, but look how the eagles storm back. that's darren sproles. i could coast up on him. he had a career high of 152 receiving yards. tied at 27-27, time running out and rookie cody parkey banged the game winner, eagles win it 2-0 for the year. rory mcilroy recently told reporters tiger woods and phil mickelson are on the final holes of their career. tiger had a chance to respond today and he starts the top five. >> i thought it was funny.
2:08 am
i mean phil has less holes to play than i do, though. 8 straight strike outs to start a game >> no. 4, mets pitcher, how about tying a major league record with eight strikeouts to start a game, this against the marlins. no. 3, always nice when twins second baseman brian dozier has your back. the club slips, the double play. no. 2, doesn't take much to make the utah football team happy. they really enjoy their new wife helmets and no. 1 jack walsh is a real man with his bare hand. he stopped a comebacker. houston beat the cleveland indians. how about that? you like that? >> what's the deal with the white helmets? they just wanted a new style? >> retire the old helmets and broke out the new ones and they
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just went crazy. >> they don't win much. >> they don't win much. >> i'm told to toss to ,,,, (yawn) (ding!) toaster strudel! more fruit in the filling, ya? mmm! ya! warm, flaky, gooey, toaster strudel! now, with more fruit! don't wait for awesome...
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