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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 25, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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showing how you can break the new iphone. am says get one thing straight. len ramirez? >> reporter: they say don't get bent out of shape, it is only affecting a small number of phones. apple only gets a little media attention when they introduce a new phone. now they are getting attention about some big problems, for the iphone 6, it has been six days of the best and the worst of times. first it was 10 million units sold. the biggest launch ever for an apple phone. then game bend gate. people bending the thin phones went viral after people started noticing the six plus model will bend if you sit down with it in a pants pocket. the phone can be utterly destroyed with bare hands. >> i feel like it is going to break at any moment. >> reporter: cindy is worrys because like many others she carries the phone in her back pocket and sometimes sits down
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with it there. she has done the same thing with other phones and had no problem. >> i feel like they should provide a case to help solve the bending problem. >> reporter: apple says only nine customers complained of the bent phones and called their phones beautiful and sturdy. recode showed how the iphones are stress tests and say they meet or exceed high quality standards. one said bend gate is no big deal. >> they always find a way to manage and will replace your phone for free no problem. >> reporter: shouldn't you as a consumer demand a little more from a company charges that much? >> reporter: other websites tried and failed to bend samsung, motorola. this new ad has also gone viral. in addition to bend gate, apple
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has had a bigger problem with the update to ios8. it interfered with people's abilities to make phone calls on their phones. liz, they have released an update to the update that fixes everything. >> an update to the update. a few little wrinkles they need to iron out these days. >> that's right. >> thanks len ramirez. well bend gate helped sink apple's stock 4% today. how glad were you to see this today? we got a little rain. this was the wettest day since last march. >> almost half a year the last time we had this much rain. most of it fell while we were sleeping, nearly an inch of rainfall in scotts valley. near anne an inch in pacifica. mountain view, almost half an
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inch. petaluma, 1,600ths of an inch. san rafael, three tenths of an inch. san jose was soggy in the south bay. that makes today the wettest day in san jose since march 31. and the rain chance is not entirely over yet. we will talk more showers in the forecast coming up in about ten minutes. >> thanks paul. we are less than an hour away from a ferry strike. captains with the ferry service are walking out at midnight. that means no boats will be running from larkspur landing and sausalito to san francisco. the bridge district says contract talks are still going and they hope to make a deal soon. >> the bridge district is committed to negotiating a good bay and we stand ready the meet our unions and represent our employees. we have made significant moves so we are hopeful we can reach a settlement.
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>> the captains have been offered with a three year contract with a 3% raise each year. they are also being asked to pick up more of their healthcare costs. again, the strike is just golden gate ferries. other ferries will run as scheduled. we have all the info on our website, tonight, some new heat on the ride sharing services. uber, lyft, and side car. the san francisco and the los angeles district attorneys both sent letters to the companies accusing them of misleading customers by claiming they do background checks on their drivers. the das are telling them make changes or face legal action. we spoke to some drivers who say this is nonsense. >> they make you see a mentor before you even start to make sure that you are a safe driver. make sure your car is working properly and you have insurance. make sure your id and everything is registered together. and then, after that, they make you do a background check. so they have to make sure we
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are safe and not criminals and we are not going to do anything to anybody. >> there have been problems in san francisco including in june, an uber driver with a previous drug conviction was charged with hitting a passenger. and new year's eve, an uber exdriver killed a little girl in a crosswalk. windows in san francisco have been bordered up after this mornings wild shootout. it started with a carjacking in richmond, then a high speed chase that went over two bridges and ended in the heart of the financial district. that is where joe vasquez is tonight. joe? >> reporter: liz, i just talked to a security guard starting graveyard shift tonight. he said i heard a loud bang and smoke coming out of a car here in the intersection of california and battery street. suddenly the man in the car accident started shooting at this guard and some other people trying to help the driver. the whole ordeal started in richmond, 5:00 this morning. a woman was headed to the gym, suddenly, a man jumped into her car and pointed a gun at her
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head. >> he pointed the gun at me and he is like are you going to drive away? >> reporter: but olga refused. she thought about her husband and children inside the house. >> i'm not going anywhere. if you are going to shoot me, it will be where my family knows where i'm at. >> reporter: she jumped out. the suspect took off. police chased him for more than an hour all the way to san francisco. he eventually crashed on battery street around 6:00 a.m. he flipped the car and was trapped inside. not knowing he was a criminal, several passer byes tried to help the man, but he opened fire. >> he slammed into vehicles and laid there for a little bit. then we heard a gunshot. >> i don't know that the good sausalito samaritan was shot or hit by a bullet. >> reporter: the carjacker refused to drop his gun and pointed it at the officers.
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>> several officers fired and the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: this window has been boarded up. most of the windows have been repaired. traffic is back to normal. as for the good samaritan, hi was treated at the hospital, but his injuries were not life threatening. oring live, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> the name of the carjacker has not been released. another turn with the video of ray rice knocking out his wife in an elevator. a law enforcement official said he sent the video to the head of security in april and the nfl got the message says they got the package. what is not clear is if anybody bothered to look at it. the league security chief jeffrey miller says he never received the video or watched it. 49er legend joe montana was checking out a youth clubhouse in san francisco today. the children got to ask him questions. one of them asked for his take
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on the recent domestic violence incidents. joe was not at a loss for words. >> you know, they have to find ways that what is going on is not right and everybody knows that. and things need to be done and rules need to be changed. when something goes wrong, somebody has to pay for it. >> montana's famous on field connection jerry rice has also called for the niners to bench ray mcdonald accused of abusing his pregnant girlfriend. shocking new video shows why a state trooper is facing felony charges tonight. one second an unarmed driver is reach for his license when all of a sudden the trooper reaching for his gun. it was september 4 when trooper sean groupert stopped lerar jones. >> license please. get out of the car!
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get out of the car! get on the ground! get on the ground! [ sound of gunfire ] >> i just got my license. you said get my license! i grabbed my license right there! that's my license! >> put your hands behind your back. put your hands behind your back! put your hands behind the back. >> what did i do, sir? >> are you hit? >> i think so! i can't feelly legs! i don't know what happened! why did you shoot me? >> well, you dove head first back into your car. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i didn't hear. >> jones was shot in the hip and is recovering. groupert's lawyer says the shooting was justify because he feared for his life. he could get 20 years in prison if convicted. lots of speculation tonight that the country's next top cop could come from the bay area.
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u.s. attorney general eric holder resigned today. holder said his decision came with mixed emotions. >> in the months ahead, i will leave the department of justice, but i will never leave the work. i will continue to serve and try to find ways to make our nation even more true to its founding ideals. >> a scuttle in washington was that president obama would pick camala harris to replace holder but harris says she intends to continue her work for california. well a terrifying game of hide and seek. a guy breaks in, a woman escapes onto her roof. tonight, you can just see how close he came to finding her. >> bay area criminals sent on all expense paid vacations. what is that all about? you'll see what we found out tonight. ,,
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this photo. on the roof, a man who broke into >> a dramatic scene in southern california. take a look at this photo, on the roof, a man who broke into a woman's house just feet away cowering under the eves. the woman is trying to hide from him. she says she was in bed when she heard the guy bust through her front door. she called 911 and then crawled out of a window. >> once i saw him in the house, i knew that we both couldn't be there. i knew that i didn't want to have a confrontation with him of any sort. you know, not knowing what his intention was. >> well the woman was helped down eventually, police eventually got the guy to give up. he had been detained earlier while wandering in the yard but police let him go because the person who called in wouldn't identify him. tonight, cate caugurian shows us the same program that pays criminals cash is sending
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them on all expense paid trips but there's a catch. >> reporter: north side. south side. if you cross any of these borders ... >> you have to protect everywhere you go. >> what do you mean you have to protect yourself? >> carry gun and be aware of what you do. >> reporter: he might not be packing heat, but others certainly do. >> it's crazy. >> how so? >> that part and that part. >> do you feel like you are scared on a daily basis? >> i have been growing up in it. >> reporter: he says operation peacemaker fellowship aims to bring the two sides together without the guns. >> expectations that we are going to go to war. >> reporter: the program does it step by step, the most popular part, traveling. the fellowship pays for the guys to get out of richmond,
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see california, and see the world, but there's a catch. >> we leave the country, you have to be willing to get on a plane with a young man who is trying to kill you or someone that you are trying to kill. >> reporter: they visited washington dc, mexico city, and while there, they met public leaders. visited colleges, did community service projects. working together for these guys more foreign than the countries they visited. demilo had only ever been as far as san jose. >> they really want to get you out. that is love right there. we don't get love like that nowadays. >> if we start changing the value similar of the young people, the culture will shift. >> reporter: sam vaughn is a mentor who did ten years for attempted murder. >> i didn't really understand as a man who i needed to be. because i didn't have another man showing me this is what a real man does. >> does. >> reporter: now he is doing
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what his dad could. , not talking police and looking away at nonviolent illegal activity. >> you can't do that. that could compromise everything that we do. it would compromise our relationship, our word, our bond. >> reporter: you are putting a lot of trust in people you said are self-identified criminals. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: what would you say for the critics? >> i would say let's consider the alternative. the alternative in this city has been reflected more and more gun violence. >> reporter: so far the all- star tern tiff is working. these fellows surpassing all expectations simply by staying alive giving rise to hope in a city that needs it. >> this office and these fellows and this fellowship opportunity is a mother's best hope that her son or daughter won't be shot by a firearm in this city. >> reporter: in richmond, cate caugurian, kpix5. >> the stats are pretty
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impressive, of the 68 fellows who joined since 2010, 57 of them haven't been involved in any gun activity. we told you about a rotten egg smell in manta view last night. it was sulfer dioxide. police ended up finding two dead bodies in one apartment. and while detectives won't say for sure, it could be part of a suicide or a murder suicide. many evacwees left so quickly, they didn't have time to grab that wallets our purses. hear what the neighborhood chevy's restaurant did. >> i had a couple inside who came to eat. they asked to speak to a manager. when the manager came back, he said don't worry about the check. >> they later came back and paid the manager for their meal. a big quake up in alaska. check this out.
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[ screaming ] ed. >> everybody go outside. >> that was a news conference for a u.s. senate candidate. the quake, 6.2 magnitude centered 80 miles north of anchorage. no damage in alaska with that quake but plenty of damage from napa's 6.0 quake last month. tonight, napa is rocking again, but christin ayers shows us in a much more positive way. >> reporter: parts of downtown napa still damaged from the earthquake. you can see some buildings still shut down. tonight, fundraiser hope to send a message napa is open for business. for the bubblely, strike up the band. >> this is how we recover. with a glass of champagne and good food. >> reporter: the food courtesy of eight of napa's top chefs. together tonight in a culinary olympics of sorts. plating up some of wine country's best food and in this kitchen, there is no such thing
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as too many cooks. >> there is just a feeling of brotherhood and sister hood in here right now. but we are going to do the very best we can because we care so much. >> reporter: this is day one of napa valley rocks, a day of sipping and celebrating to raise money for earthquake relief. a couple of miles away in downtown napa, there is still work to done. several hotel rooms are still closed but napa is 90% back. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: an tourists have taken notice. lisa and 15 girlfriends came from as far away as miami for tonight's event. >> a little damage, who cares? it's all good. >> reporter: that is exactly what they want to hear. christin ayers, kpix5. >> all the money from this weekend's events will go to the napa relief fund. >> a great community up there. unbelievable. >> rain. >> rain. wow. >> this is the earliest wet season that has gotten its
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fooding in five years and we could use a nice rain. >> san jose, wettest day since mar 31. you are partly cloudy. cloudy skies, great time lapse earlier today. palo alto right on the campus. rain in the morning, a quarter inch of rainfall with very slow clearing in the afternoon. so where do we go from here? we have showers in mendocino county. cleared out in the immediate bay area. a few showers in fort bragg. we will see the showers increase once again tomorrow because the upper low pressure area behind the front has not moved yet. it is couples toward us. vallejo 57, better sleeping weather. the cold front took some of the humidity with it. fremont down to 59. san francisco, 59 degrees so the front is gone, so happy the front stopped by and gave us up to three quarters of an edge of rainfall. so what is next? this right here. the low pressure area. it is cold air aloft.
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that air wants to sink any heating of the day. you get that turbulence in the atmosphere and we will likely see isolated showers tomorrow. nothing like what we had this morning. most of us will not see any rain though there will be a few showers out there. after that, low pressure gone. rain for utah, the four corners, arizona. we have high pressure building in. this will give us dry weekend and likely next week will not be a repeat of the rain we just enjoyed so a 10% chance of a shower with a risk of isolated thunderstorm in the far north bay mountains. more sunshine over the weekend looks really nice and temperatures will warm up. we need some warming because look at the highs tomorrow. not that high this time of year. only partly sunny skies in cupertino. 73 hayward. 69 for a high. san ramon, slight chance.
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richmond, 71. napa, 75 degrees, cloverdale, 71. sunshine is back on saturday. good timing for all the soccer matches out there. a couple of degrees warmer and well into the 80s mid land. 70s near the bay. wonderful news to get the rainfall and some lucky folks will get a few extra showers tomorrow. >> lucky. we need more. >> well, it is coming. we'll get there. yes. coming up now, the hunt for a top secret pool middle in the middle of the mojave desert.
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demolished. caltrans gave u up ey've >> well, if you have noticed the old bay bridge is coming down piece by piece, cal tran gave us an update. they removed half of the old s curve. they say lit be all done by 2018. a search for a desert oasis going viral. >> a pool middle in the middle of the mojave desert. it starts with an online reservation. then, you get a key and coordinates. those lead you to a designation
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200 miles plus away where this group of friends found out this hidden pool is no mir raj. it is created by an austrian artist who wanted to see how far people would go for leisure. [ laughter ] >> hmm. >> very far. >> 200-mile ins the desert? >> one of the greatest moments in sports this year happened tonight at a time when sports really needed something really positive. plus ... one team's champagne is style on ice, the other is pours as we speak. [ cheers and applause ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm a doctor of internal medicine with something terrible to admit. i treated thousands of patients, risked their lives, while high on prescription drugs. i was an addict. i'm recovered now, but an estimated 500,000 medical
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professionals are still out there, abusing drugs or alcohol. police, airline pilots, bus drivers... they're randomly tested for drugs and alcohol... but not us doctors. you can change that: vote yes on proposition 46. your lives are in our hands. afternoon the giants clinch their spot in the postseas >> when the brewers lost this afternoon, the giants clinched their spot in the post season. pitcher tim hudson decided to hold off on the celebration. >> no, no, no, i didn't. i would never drink and drive. >> willie maize celebrating the anniversary of his catch. giants lead 6-0. then, yasmandi
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grandal, a grand slam and padres lead 7-6. hunter pence beats the throw, and the giants win 9-8, and yes, the celebration began in the clubhouse. the giants prevailed. they are moving onto the post season. so the giants are still trailing pittsburgh by one game for that first wild card spot. that means a home field advantage if they can get it away from pittsburgh. this man looking great in texas. adrian beltre, opposite field off of luke gregerson to end it. the as have lost three straight. the loss drops oakland one game back of kansas city for the forced wild card spot. they are still two games up on seattle with three to play. it is getting nervous there. yankee shortstop derek jeter in his final home game batting in the bottom of the 9th inning. game tied at 5-5.
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>> a base hit to right field! here comes richardson! here is the throw from markaikis. derek jeter in his final home game with a walk-off single! >> could not have scripted it better. jeter with the walk off winning it for new york. the yankees win 6-5. jeter will not play shortstop in his final three games on the road. i have in my hand the thursday night top five. >> goodnight. >> that is a huge fish! >> look at that baby! the bahamas. reeled in a huge ... that's a rock fish elizabeth. michael taylor makes the diving catch to rob. and the mets did win 7-4. back to the yankee stadium. stephen drew files one down the right field line. look at the fan reach over and make the catch. but up staged by derek jeter tonight. eli manning through four
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touchdown passes and this wasn't one of them. the ball popped out of randall's hands and robinson gets the pick. the giants win 45-14. soccer in germany, phillip hoffman. they won 1-0, that is a want to get away moment and we will be right back.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. >> david letterman is next with
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jerry seinfeld. >> you made it. it is friday in 25 minutes. [ laughter ] ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestr i'm alan kalter. captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause )


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