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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 30, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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dizziness and chest pains, very sear symptoms. >> reporter: not soon after the mayor's wife blood was spilled, we saw how city politics is indeed a blood sport. >> politics in san francisco is a master class in fair-knuckled brawling. >> reporter: this political analyst was not surprised that the response times were leaked right away, as was an official response. the firefighters union has called for the chief's wife's resignation. >> reporter: he are the -- here are the numbers. the first paramedic is supposed to arrive in five minutes, and it actually arrived in one minute and 55
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seconds after they like it to the be here. the ambulance is supposed to be here 3 minutes, and it arrived in 10:18 after they like. >> does that concern you? >> we'll look at that specific data. i just though that she felt it was very quick, under 10 minutes. >> reporter: normally the media would not get access to specific details unless both sides want the story to benefit them, even in a car crash. >> blood politics, theatrical situations. >> reporter: seconds and minutes count in an emergency but there's been examples of ambulances 20 minutes and 30 minutes, an hour late in the last couple of months. now we're here at station 26 up in diamond heights and this station was supposed to respond to the
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mayor's wife's accident but they were not here at the time yesterday. they were at a training subject, and here they are, going to yet another emergency. back to you. >> thank you. the mayor said today that he still has full confidence in the fire chief. bolts will with stand the stress and weather, according to the final reports that broke months before the span opened. we have the results of the final study on those bolts. >> reporter: most of us know the $6.4 billion bridge came under fire even brit was finished, mostly because of those steel bolts that broke when they were tightened down. a final report on the bolts was delivered to the bay ridge oversight committee today. in march of last year a third of the bolts used in the braces cracked when they were tightened, and $25 million was spent to replace those.
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according to engineers, new tests with weather exposure show the bolts will stand up. a committee member says getting the bridge to last 150 years, as it was designed to do, comes down to how well it's maintained. >> the three factors are susceptibility, high stress and the presence of hydrogen. we don't see a metal problem, and we're working on keeping the third factor out even those we don't have the first two. >> the committee says they will wait until november to sign off on the report, allowing time for people to comment. back to you. >> the bolts are safe according to what they say.
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thank you very much. a secret affair and the failure to turn over a mountain of evidence, both leading to the cold case murder trial in san mow say. robert zimmer and his brother, david, were set free by a judge today, accused of strangling dave individual's wife, kathy. they found out that the lead prosecutor had an affair with a woman handling the case's crucial dna evidence. that prosecutor also failed to turn over 10,000 pages of evidence as required by law. >> we have given it to a new prosecutor who has been looking at the case and he'll continue to do that and review the case and make information known to us as to what is thoughts were. >> the d. a. could refile the case against the zimmers if
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more information arises. the governor signed a number of bills into law today, including several on gun patrol. the law allows family members of a person who shows signs of mental instability to request a court order barring that person from buying and using a gun. other bills, audrey's law, increasing penalties for teens convicted of sex acts from somebody passed out from drugs or alcohol and another low, fire excontinue guesser in limo -- extinguishers in limos with nine or more passengers. pot clubs that don't follow the rules could face massive fines, raising the current $25 fine as high as $50,000, depending on the defense. they decided to put off that
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decision and they'll continue the discussion in 30 days. the mayor said there's a good reason for pushing the fines so high. >> they have to be steep. this is a cash business, a lot of cash moving through and if they're not steep people will just ignore them as the cost of doing business and won't comply with the ordinance. >> dispenseerries are already facing a deadline for relocating, amongst other things. the distance requirements leave only about 1% available. it's been two years since we told you about the trucks rolling around which turned out to be pumper truckses. those echos from those trucks fired up neighbors who think fracking should be put to a vote. san
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marlboro day the vote now has the county divided. >> this will be ready to harvest in probably two to three days. >> reporter: meet this vegetable rancher, a strong no vote on the proposed fracking ban. >> i live here and i farm here and i raise my family here. why would i want to do something that i have any question that i think is going to cause harm to? one, my lifely hood, two, my family, and three, my future. >> a few miles away, this cattle rancher wants to vote yes. >> we don't need oil. we may want some. we don't need it. we need water. >> the campaign signs tell the same story, neighbors, some right next door to each other, all divided over the future of oil production. the campaigns is promising to protect the land and water. >> we think we have a lot to risk here and we don't think it's worth the gamble. >> the no signs pro up and away promising to protect property
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rights. >> the biggest players in this campaign is the sierra club and the center for biological diversesy, the same people who shut our water off. >> water is a complicated business here, and so is the science of hydraulic fracturing, as is the confusing idea of mineral rights. it's a tough assignment for voters, a laundry list of complex issues boiling down to one single vote. >> some folks think it's accessible and some don't. >> it's really a more complicated issue. >> do your home work. understand what you're voting on. if you stick to the truth, they'd lose this thing hands down. >> i'm hopeful that my neighbors are smart enough to deal with the complexity of these issues. >> that was elizabeth cook
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reporting. there is virtually no fracking underway in san mateo county. they want to stop it before it starts, says supporters. another blow to a bay area billionaire who wants to block off the public access to the beach. the governor signed legislation that allows the state to forcibly open up a public access road down to a beach. the billionaire has a year to negotiate with the state as to how he wants to do that. last week a judge ruled he can't stop the public from accessing the beach without a permit. new at 6:00, some bay area fisherman are suing pg & e, claiming massive contam contam nation. >> reporter: in 1896, long before the golden gate bridge,
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a large manufactured gas plant turned coal and oil into gas here. it also left behind a mess. now fishermen are suing pg & e, demanding they clean it up. >> the fact it's caused damage for the last hundred years does not mean there's a license to do it for a hundred more. >> they claim old residue is causing harm to the fish and environment and mat rena n neighborhood. >> what they did was dump the waist from the manufactured plants. >> reporter: he says they have known about it. >> they have known about it. >> in the marina district we have successfully investigated 23 properties and completed remediation on six. >> reporter: pg & e says they are reviewing the lawsuit but they're aware the issues involving old manufactured gas
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plants in the bay area. >> we are managing historic operations and doing so in the marina district since 2010. >> reporter: a new fight over a century-old operation and the fishermen say all they want is for them to clean it up. kpix 5. a thieve steal as wallet and a camera shows how she did it, all without the victim noticing a thing. how police finally tracked this individual down. how people from all over the world are cashing in on this northern california land. the clouds that were over the campus earlier this morning may be the final clouds we see for about five days, a big-time warmup with lots of sunshine even for you at the beach. that's coming up for you in the
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forecast in about 7 minutes.
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a woman is sitting there down at the bottom of your screen and she steals the woman's wallet next to her. she sits down at the tender greens restaurant in walnut creek and bends do you know grab the wallet out of her purse, playing it cool, lifts the cash and credits cards before replacing the empty wallet, back in the purse and walks out. the suspect racked up $3,000 on a shopping spree. police say the suspect in a four-hour manhunt charmed his way into somebody's home to hide out. neighbors say this 35-year-old from san francisco talked his way into this complex on everett court yesterday after police said he use a fraudulent check. police looked for him
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for hours and he eventually walked out of a house with a homeowner and gave himself up. >> basically they gave him food and took care of him and then offered him a ride out of tun, and the homeowner did not know he was a dangerous criminal they just let in. >> he's also wanted in oklahoma for a sex crime with a minor and he's booked in the jail. a wakeup call for a hayward woman overnight. she woke up to a any burr screaming. her apartment was on fire, and firefighters say while the woman was sleeping somebody sprayed -- the woman was not injured. stow is file agnew filing
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another lawsuit. he's disabled from the '11 attack. he was recently awarded an $18 million settlement damages. ebay and pay pal are splitting up. ebay approved a plan to separate its pay ball business as a separate publicly traded company beginning in 2015. ebay says the two stand-alone businesses will help both compete in the changing e-commerce and mobile payment worlds. investors were happy, too, sending ebay shares up too more than 7%. u.s. stocks ended slightly lower today of the dow jones tell 28 points and the nasdaq dropped 12 and the s&p, five points. the governor signed the law to where plastic bags will be
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phased out. the law is designed to reduce litter. the makers say it result in the loss of manufacturing jobs in the state. 2014 will go down as one of the driest years ever in california. you know that. you live here. state water managers say we have received less than 60% of our average precipitation for the '14 water year which ends today and we're facing what could be a fourth consecutive dry winter. we have a photo gallery of the drought's devastating impact on reservoirs, along with other resources on our website. it's not the greatest thing you have ever seen but check it out. it will shock you. on that note, i'm not even going to ask if there's any rain in the forecast. >> then i won't answer. [ laughter ] >> one of those pictures is
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spooky. >> you don't want to start the rainy season this dry. it's been three years, a growing effect. we have this wonderful banking system of water and the accounts aren't looking good. we could use rain and it's not coming. we won't see much in the way of cloud cover. it wasn't terribly warm today. you see the temperatures on the screen. most of us would agree it was comfortable outside. we'll leave that comfort zone for most of us tomorrow. how about 83 in san francisco tomorrow. nothing on the radar and nothing will be when you have the high pressure building off to the west, and if it were to stay there we wouldn't get hot because we would not get rainfall, but the ridge is inching its way close to us and wants to visit the bay area, and when it does, winds go clockwise around high pressure, and so
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when it's to the north, the flow gives us an offshore wind and we do this every september and october. this is not something crazy. but it will be out of normal because our temperatures average around 70 near the water and we'll be in the mid-80s with the hottest days being friday and saturday. tomorrow is 83 in san francisco, likely not the hottest day of the week. 86 in oakland. livermore, 87. napa, 88. san jose, 83. san francisco and san jose with the same high tomorrow. santa rosa, 86 degrees. the extended forecast, 90s inland, and the hottest day is likely friday. if you want to head to the beach to cool off, close to 80 degrees coming up on thursday and friday. it will end unsunday. we do this every october but it's still a shock to the system. a lot of folks in san francisco don't have air-conditioning, and it's like 75 at midnight and it will be pretty uncomfortable. >> i definitely feel it and i
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don't have air-conditioning. i was shocked when i got here. >> let the whining begin. >> there will be a lot of unprepared people. >> thanks. the head coach is fired after 10 state losses, rumors of the team moving and, coming up, how the raiders nation is dealing with this. the prayer in this end zone fires up fans. what the media lass to say about it, coming up next.
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here's something we have heard before, the oakland raiders have made a coaching change. former assistant and defensive line coach sparano was named interim head coach this afternoon, the news coming less than 24 hours after they fired allen who won just eight games in his three season with the team. from the coaching changes to the losing season to the rumors of the team leaving oakland, just how much more than the raider nation take? we sent john to ask that. >> reporter: this is like -- [indiscernible] -- i said, welcome home. >> reporter: if you're a raider fan, you know about ricky's in san leandro, less a bar than a shine 32 the glory days of the raiders and the late al davis, but these are
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difficult times. >> eight head coaches since '02. they definitely have to get it right this time as quick as possible. >> reporter: the bar's owner says even if the team doesn't get it together, it probably won't matter to die hard fans, because most of the them probably aren't cheering for a team but for a history, a family. >> they're a unique group of people and i've been to many games at the coliseum and it's awesome. >> reporter: to many, the coliseum is not awesome. chris is with a fan group pushing for a new said yum to keep the raiders in oakland. >> we can spell keep the teams if we're losing but it would expedite the process. >> reporter: but the team is not winning and does not have the money to build a private stadium, but raider fans doesn't seem to worry about that, because davis tout them, if you can't win, just dream, baby.
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>> they have won just eight of their last 22 games, and sparano, could he turn things around? we'll see. >> they got three trophies, don't forget that. the nfl says their referees were wrong to call a penalty on a player to dropped to his knees in prayer. abdullah ran in for a touchdown, you see there, after intercepting a pass and he's a devout muslim, and he got down to pray but he got penalized. >> we shouldn't play the victim card especially for a football game. we should thank the nfl for setting the record straight and making it clear that they're not against any kind of religious expression. >> the game officials reportedly told coaches they threw the flag for the end zone slide, not the prayer. cashing in on california pot.
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we have spotted dozens of marijuana farms from overhead and found out who is moving in to make money. a disease that killed thousands over seas is now here in the u.s., the first ebola case diagnosed on american soil. those little blue beads could be doing more than just cleaning your teeth in tooth paste.
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you're watching kpix 5 news. now at 6:30, they're calling it the green rush. people from all over the world buying up northern california land to get rich growing marijuana. welcome back. >> pot has always been big business in humboldt county but it took off after the state legalized medical marijuana. our reporter shows us who is taking advantage and getting away with it. >> reporter: deep in the mountains of california's rugged northwest they are everywhere, those greenhouses seemingly in the middle of nowhere, the marijuana farms. in just the last five years cannabis
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growing has doubled. this realtor says he gets calls from all over the country and the world. >> they have certai attributes, they are looking for, a lot of water, good sun exposure and looking for remote locations. >> it's not our business to ask what they're going to do with property. there's private property rights. >> reporter: there's a hitch. it's completely i would legal under federal law and even under state law where marijuana is medicine, you need a doctor's note to grow it. that's why they don't want you to see their crops. look closely. you can see people making a mad dash to cover them up as chopper 5 flies overhead. we spotted 35 farms in less than an hour. >> miles away you can see the greenhouses, they're so big. >> reporter: the sheriff detective shows us how growers are clear-cutting 100-year-old wed woods and leveling hills
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and sucking dry rivers that are already stricken by drought. >> these plants can taken well over a gallon of water a day. we come across a lot of firearms. we have deputies that have gotten in shootings before. one of the ones-- [indiscernible] -- >> reporter: who are these people? >> the asian connections, russia, germans, to name a few. we have pretty much run into all of it. >> reporter: why from bulgaria? >> i have no idea. there's a lot of mean be made in marijuana, the modern day green rush. >> reporter: green rush instead of gold rush? >> yes. >> reporter: sheriff deputies busted this farm last year, destroying pounds and pounds of marijuana and almost 2,000 plants, and almost all 16 suspects arrested are from bulgaria, six on expired visas.
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the alleged ringleader is this man who has been linked to other known illegal grows yet no charges were filed against him or any of the others arrested with him. for the sheriff, it's frustrating. >> the state of california and the federal government itself has changed policy and direction. marijuana is not quite as important of an commodity that they're trying to control, so funding has gone way down, which is resulted the lack of enforcement. >> reporter: he said it's like playing -- [indiscernible] -- you bust a few and most come right back. >> we're scratching the surface on it. it's basically out of control. >> reporter: kpix 5. >> you heard joe talk about the expired vivas. we checked with immigration, and all but one of the suspects are still here in the u.s. amtrak is sending a message to remind everybody to be alert
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when crossing train tax. today in sacramento, a memorial here stands for individuals hit by trains. >> she cleared the train tracks but had remembered that she forgot her cell phone. >> it happened so quickly. she couldn't react in a way that one would need to react. >> last year more than 600 people were killed or injured by trains. the deadly ebola virus has made its way to the u.s. health officials are confirming the first case of ebola diagnosed in the u.s. the patient is being treated in isolation at a hospital in dallas. he apparently left liberia last week with no symptoms. he got sick several days later and was admitted to the hospital on sunday. health officials say they are confident that this is contained and will not lead to a wide-spread outbreak. >> the director of thesy vete
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service said the agencies failed its mission. the. the direct earn was under fair for more than three hours today on capitol hill, taking responsibility for the white house security breach when a man caring a knife and scaled the fence and made it into the east room. they promised a robust investigation is underway. >> don't let somebody get close to the president. don't let somebody get to his family. don't let them get into the white house ever. >> it's clear our security plan was not properly executed. this is unacceptable and i take full responsibility. >> the white house said the president still has full confidence in the security agency. the director has not offered to resign. the first airstrikes from britain were launched today. royal air force tornadoes dropped bombs on one of the militant's heavy weapon positions. airstrikes also hit an armed pickup truck.
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today's strike mark britain's entry into the air campaign aiming to crush the islamic militants. britain agreed to join the u.s. and france in airstrike missions over iraq last friday -p. the u.s. has spent nearly $1 billion fighting isis and the costs would rise if ground troops were added, according to new estimates from a military think tank. coming up in tonight's consumer watch, a warning about those little blue beads that are supposed to keep your teeth pearly white!.
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they are supposed to brighten your she'll but they say they could be harmful to your health. >> the growing controversy under these beads. >> they say they don't break
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down and it could pollute the ocean, but it's not smackerring health concerns. they microbeads are being discovered by dentists with them inbedded in people's gums. the beads are added to exfoliate. >> if it's not visible to us and in the pocket, then it creates problems. we'll never see it then but only see the ramifications of it there, inflammation and pain and swelling. >> he says he found the plastic beads in a handful of patient mouths.
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one state has banned the beads, illinois. >> they are in everything. >> although it looks like they will soon be in fewer products. >> all right. good news. here is something that may surprise you. hot cars like porsches don't get the highest number of speeding tickets. which cars do? the less expensive four- cylinder type of vehicles. the number one cars, a subaru, amongst among others. still ahead, downward facing
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dog, probably not poses you would expect from plastic toys. >> but find out why these green army men are now yo ga dudes. >> get freed an accident -- get ready for an october heat wave. i'll tell you how long it will last. anybody interested in a job with the raiders? are the patriots taking resumes for a quarterback? >> we're taking applications for viewers coming up.
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do you feel burned out at work? tonight a new trend taking off in silicon valley that gets you some r & r. join us tonight at 10:00 p.m. on the c. w. for that. new at 6:00, a twist on a classic toil. kpix 5's reporter shows us why a san francisco
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man has created a peaceful version of the little green army men. >> reporter: these little green men have found enlightenment. >> they are doing yoga instead of fighting. >> reporter: say namaste! >> i made it as a tool to get more dudes to consider yoga. >> reporter: he got into yoga and wants to share his thus with dude-like toys. >> they already look like they're doing yoga. they are incredibly manly and sitting on these platforms that we could replace with yoga mats. >> reporter: the military have embraced yoga in the treatment of ptsd. he has become a kick-start campaign out of his office, actually the bedroom out of his apartment, and his war chest is growing. >> it's a long ways to go but i'm getting a huge flood of support.
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>> reporter: we ended up on the floor because let's face it, that's where kids play with these things. i thought that because my wife and i have two boys. when we were raising our two kids we didn't allow them war toys so they could take a peanut butter sandwich and make a gun out of it, a toy gun with a sandwich. kids like to do that kind of stuff. >> yes. >> reporter: but he's not aiming at the kid market. it's aimed at, as he said, dudes, who might find these a novelty item. >> i got enormous benefits from trying it that i didn't realize. >> reporter: kpix 5. >> you will notice all the little figures have helmets on. keep that in mind when you do yoga.
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the kick starter campaign runs until next friday. the goal is $40,000. >> the population of vallejo grew by two if you are counting tigers. these two tigers made their debut today. the three month old tiger cubs were transferred from florida where they were hand-rised by vet raised by staff. they are considered critically endangered, just 25 of them left in the wild. >> beautiful. >> the month that contains halloweens starts tomorrow. >> where did this year go. >> and it means it's time to get warm. some of you who love the heat, get ready. but this is the type of year when it warms
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up, and mother nature is right on cue. livermore, 78. van jose, 72. santa rosa, 79. san francisco, 68. and i know for most of you, you don't like the heat and that's why you choose to live here. rainfall for the month of september, i used percentages rather than numbers, but it shows you how little rainfall we get in september. we nearly got triple the average amount of rainfall in san francisco. san jose, you doubled your average. we'll take it. every drop we could use. conford, 59. napa, 57. san francisco, 59. here it comes, a big, strongage of high pressure which -- strong ridge of high pressure. where is the ridge going? that's the critical key to the weather for the next five days.
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it will park just to our north, off the southern oregon coastline. the winds co-clock-wise, so not only will be sunny and rain-free, we draw out the industry from the east. when the winds coming out of the east, this here doesn't matter. the ocean does not play a part, so we're warm at the coast and hot near san francisco bay and hot in the city and we'll be in the mid-90s inland with the hottest days coming up on friday and saturday. i see temperatures running 10 to 15 degrees above average. mainly clear for most of us tonight, patchy fog along the coastline, but then put that fog word away. tomorrow, things will dry out and it will be warm from now to saturday, four days. san jose, 83, two degrees above average. san francisco, your 83 is 13 degrees above average. that is significant.
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87 for you in san ramon. alameda, 81. thursday, friday and, 90s inland and 80s near the bay, close to 80 in the coast. we're getting hot for at least the next four days. we have a lot to talk about in sports. dennis has it all coming up next.
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game on, dennis? >> game on! [ laughter ] >> game on! >> game on! [ laughter ] >> that's it. sparano, right? >> yes. >> dennis allen is the past and sparano is the present. what about the future? >> my resume box is wide open and people are sending them in. we'll see. >> allen took the fall for the raiders' 0-4 start, winning eight of 36 games and will go down as the latest of many poor decisions by the g. m. >> a lot of it rides on me. i was brought in to win championships here and to win,
6:53 pm
period. that did not materialize and the way the season began through the first four games, you know, they had to make a change, and so, you know, that falls on me. >> we are all responsible. we all had a hand in this. it's a shame it came to this but it did. so we have to move forward and don't feel sorry for me in this business. >> reporter: [inaudible question] >> that was reggy's decision. you see where it ended up. i don't know if -- [indiscernible] -- >> reporter: davis will have a bigger role in that process. this off season when mckenzie begins the search for a new
6:54 pm
head coach, that is in place. >> my job is to lead this team and look for an interim coach. >> reporter: he said he remains committed to mckenzie but they need to get back to being a winning team. >> we were over in london and there was raiders' fans everywhere and they love this team and they were going congratulations, and all this stuff, and we have not won a game yet. to play like we did over there and what we have done for the fans, it's not right. i feel bad for them. >> the pirates will host the giants in the national league wild card game tomorrow night and after ending a two-decade playoff drought last year they had baseball fever in pittsburgh. >> i loved the fact that our city is going to have another opportunity to show up. they took it to an extreme last year,
6:55 pm
at least from my perspective, and they showed off and it was a sincere hunger, and it had taken over 20 years, and hopefully the hunger will be there, but this was more of an organization victory for us, you know, as a team and city to get back in it with a different group and way. >> the warriors held their training camp, the first, this afternoon. >> -- [indiscernible] -- >> the dolphins' running back, james, who was released by the 49ers earlier this month, he's getting a shot in miami because of the joe to marino who is
6:56 pm
expected back in week six. the patriots were blown out by the chiefs last night. brady committed three turnovers. he's had four straight bad games. but the head coach was not amused when asked if there might be a quarterback controversy. >> reporter: [inaudible question] [ laughter ] >> brady is 38 years old and he's had four straight bad games. >> he didn't have the greatest offensive line. >> you are right. >> it all starts there, as you know. >> [ laughter ] >> ve har
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steve: how you doing? welcome to the show. everybody? how are you folks doing today? thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? got a good one for you today. i got a family here returning for the fourth day with a total $40,835 from chicago, it's the moffett family. [cheering and applause] and from mount juliet, tennessee, it's the shepard family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and a shot at driving out of here in a brand-new head-turning ford fusion hybrid. yeah. [cheering and applause] i got a lot of money! let's go play "feud"!
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give me d.j.! give me rachel! [theme music playing] >> d.j. steve: all right, guys, here we go. we got the top 7 answers on the board. when mrs. claus is out of town, name something santa cuddles up with instead. d.j. >> his gifts. steve: his gifts. >> good answer! [cheering and applause] >> rudolph. steve: rudolph. [cheering and applause] pass or play? >> players play, steve. steve: "players play, steve." [cheering and applause] little angry little pastor's wife, ain't she? [laughter] "players play, steve!" [laughter] i think that's why pastor didn't come.


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