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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 1, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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not really been engaged with fire chiefs association. >> reporter:was that yor ed lee reacting to the latest public call for his fire chief joanne hayes-white to step down. >> i believe that the next step would be that the mayor would state his position. >> reporter: the letter is the second blast by the firefighters union aimed at turning up the heat on the mayor. >> i have not changed my opinion. but i'm also concerned about the relationships that all the groups have. >> reporter: those relationships are between two of the most powerful political forces in the city, the firefighters union. >> they are beloved and they have a lot of money. >> reporter: and an equally popular chief one with deep roots in the city's west side irish community who are some of the mayor's biggest supporters. >> she is the first female fire chief, she was beloved by her colleagues for a long time. >> reporter: and a mayor caught in the middle. >> nobody wins. it is miserable for everybody. and it all rolls up to the mayor's door. >> too many surprise with
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what's happening. it's a piling on mentality. bottom line is we're getting the work done. >> reporter: that's the line out of city hall this evening. a little while ago we saw that the head of the union and hayes- white and mayor were huddled up trying to work something out. i wouldn't be surprised in the next day or so if there's some announcement on the ambulance service possibly bringing in more from the outside private to at least stop the bleeding short term until they can work out this family feud that's clearly put the mayor on the hot seat! >> we don't have a whole lot of time for this, phil, but this is the suddenness of this is a little weird and also, is there something going on behind the scenes we don't know about in terms of her relationship with the rank-and-file? >> yes, everything from overtime, whether or not there's -- you can call in sick or what day, discipline cases, ken, there's always tension behind the scenes in labor situations when the unions and
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the management are involved. but going public, i got to say, this isn't something you would see if willie brown was mayor. he would have stopped it way early. >> phil matier at city hall, thanks, phil. there is trouble with another public safety agency tonight this time tied to the upcoming election. some san jose police officers say they will leave the department if a certain candidate wins the race for mayor. kiet do reports. >> reporter: the san jose police union says the morning after election day could be the beginning of yet another mass exodus of police officers. >> if they wake up and the next mayor is going to be sam liccardo, that there's going to be 200 cops that -- that have a hard discussion with their families and say i can't do eight more years of this. >> reporter: two detectives, both 19-year veterans, say years of paycuts and 70 hour workweeks have taken their toll and they are ready to quit. >> it's not fear mongering. every officer has to say is this going to be the place for
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me to work? >> reporter: vado often works seven days a week and missed out on too moments with his kids. >> it's not realistic, not stable to have your family here. i'm probably going to leave for the private sector if sam liccardo against the mayorship. >> reporter: san jose has already lost more than 400 officers to layoffs, other departments and early retirements. the ones left behind work mandatory overtime. police union president jim unland warned mayor chuck reed officers would leave following cuts to pay and benefits and pension reform. >> when i made a prediction, sadly i have been dead on. and i know hundreds are going to wake up the following day if it is liccardo as the next mayor and be ready to make a really tough decision. >> dave cortese and sam liccardo! >> reporter: at a mayoral debate this week, councilmember liccardo says he is focused on raising officers' pay and rebuilding trust. liccardo is one of mayor reed's stanchest allies. >> they are going to respect a mayor who is honest with them
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and i'm going to give them what cortese wouldn't give them on the council and that's the truth. i'm going to tell them how to restore morale, how to restore pay, how we can ensure that we can have a department that's the most innovative in the country but we're not going to promise them benefits that we could never pay for. >> reporter: the police union has endorsed cortese. financial documents show the union's political action committee has spent nearly $51,000 on his campaign so far. >> one of the things that my candidacy provides to public safety employees is hope that they can work with the mayor's office, they may not be able to restore immediately what they lost but start them back on the path of recovery when it comes to financial incentives. >> reporter: councilmember liccardo says he has great respect for the men and women who wear the badge and that he is confident they will not play politics with that badge. election day is november 4. at san jose police headquarters, kiet do, kpix 5. >> new at 6:00, police in santa
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rosa want you to take a good look at this photo. they think this woman may have something to do with a rash of school break-ins around town. school employee purses are being snatched during school hours. burglaries have been reported at half dozen elementary and charter schools around the city since september 10. other headlines around the bay area, police in san rafael want you to get a good look at the man in the white jacket. he is about to rob the clerk of this shell station on del presidio about 3:30 tuesday morning. the man waits for the clerk to come in, then shows him a gun. he took off on foot with cash and a bunch of lottery tickets. the clerk was not hurt. minimum wage workers in berkeley will be taking home a bigger paycheck starting today. the city boosted its base rate to $10 an hour. it's the first in a series of hikes that will push the minimum to $12.53 an hour by
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october 2016. voters in oakland will decide in november whether to make a similar move. and great news for people in the small east bay community of the rodeo. fire station 75 on 3rd street reopened today. the first time in more than two years. all thanks to a $3 million grant to the rodeo hercules fire district. the recruit academy also graduated eight new firefighters to serve the district. facebook is changing its tune tonight about a major policy that forces people to use their real names online. kpix 5's anne makovec on the group who forced that change. >> reporter: the activists said that facebook apologized to them this morning and committed to changing the controversial policy. an effort led in large part by a drag queen technically named michael williams. >> i have not identified by that name in over 27 years. >> reporter: she is known as sister roma, but last month, she was locked out of her facebook account as were many of her drag queen friends and told to log back in with their
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legal name. >> it's part of the terms and conditions which facebook says helps keep the community safe by holding people accountable. >> they picked on the wrong group of people. >> reporter: last month, a group of drag queens met with facebook representatives to try to change the policy with no luck. today, sister roma and san francisco supervisor david campos came back to present this letter signed by dozens of organizations including the aclu. >> they made a very genuine and real commitment to work with us to right this wrong. that real authentic self is not always reflected in a driver's license and identification card. >> reporter: drag queens aren't the only people who may not want to use their legal names on facebook. >> even, you know, teachers have reached out to us to say, you know, we want to different shape between our professional life and personal life. we don't want our students to know what we were doing this weekend. >> reporter: others may be
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domestic violence victims or undocumented immigrants. >> i do feel sometimes like david approaching goliath but i'm not alone. >> reporter: the activists say that facebook representative told them they will still need to work on technical issues in changing this policy. in menlo park, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> supporters of san francisco's flower mart have a new battle plan to save the iconic landmark. the fear is that tech companies will soon take over the space. now supporters are hoping to get enough signatures so voters can make development decisions like height limits and zoning changes that open the door to different kinds of businesses. part of the property already has been sold which has some long-time owners digging. >> you aren't planning to just sell the place? >> no. >> what's the fuss about? >> i think part of it is, is that part of the property has been sold and the group that sold the property -- they have elected not to stay in the
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business. we are going to move forward. >> many of the tenants have been at the flower mart for several decades. san francisco is losing some of its long-time businesses. flash art and design store has been around since 1938 but it's moving from its spot on market and valencia streets. in its place, 160 housing units. it's trend with oreland mark businesses. supervisor david campos is proposing legislation designed to keep other legacy businesses from being forced out. it would create financial incentives for property owners to retain businesses that have been around at least at least 0 years. live look outside we are at the start of a heat wave in the bay area. yeah. it's fall. that's when it warms up around here. tonight warm and sunny in san jose and plenty more to come. >> chief meteorologist paul deanno live in vallejo which ak look at today's high temperatures -- with a look at today's high temperatures. paul, 100? >> reporter: no. but we'll get close over the next couple of days.
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we sit next to the world's largest refrigerator the pacific ocean. allow do we eliminate that? by the wind coming in the other direction out of the east, not the west. live in vallejo, temperatures in the mid-80s today with warmer weather coming up over the next couple of days. other highs around the region, livermore 87. that's kind of average. what is not average is oakland also hit 87 degrees. 82 today in san francisco. san jose 85. 93 in santa rosa. it will get hotter for the entire bay area all the way to the beach. highs in the 80s and 90s tomorrow and friday. a heat advisory in effect through friday make sure you drink the fluids. maybe an extra bottle or two of water throughout the day to make sure you stay healthy and safe. 70 your average high in san francisco. 15 degrees above average. it's a bigger deal for you near the water than inland because concord yes you'll hit 90 but you're normal or average is 83. so you will only be 7 degrees above average tomorrow. we are live tonight at the
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vallejo ferry terminal where it is not chilly like it normally is. we are in the low to mid-80s and it's going to be hotter over the next two days. we'll talk about when they heat wave ends coming up in my full forecast in 10 minutes. >> thank you. it is so warm out there the city of san ramon is opening up cooling centers for a few days starting tomorrow including three community centers, two libraries and two aquatic centers. for a complete list of locations, you can go to, look under "links & numbers." paul is going to get burned. did you see that? starting to turn red. [ laughter ] >> still ahead for many they are investments instead san francisco living space. why a growing number of bay area condos is being used as a commodity and sitting empty. >> a bad samaritan caught on camera. this guy seen stealing stuff. find out what he did beforehand to fool his victim. >> plus, the bay area neighborhood being recognized as one of the country's greatest.
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the bay area. the units are in high demand.. so why are they are everywhere these days. huge condo developments going up all over the bay area. units are in high demand so why are so many of the buyers choosing not who live there? we sent mike sugerman out to find out. what can you tell us? >> reporter: why wouldn't you, veronica, live in a place like this when you have a rooftop view of the entire bay area? a panoramic shot. some people buy them and they live there once or twice maybe a month. they buy them like stocks and they just wait for it to get more expensive. a lot of people are doing that now. >> it's $1,250 per feet with another 200 square feet of outdoor space. >> reporter: and a view that goes on for miles for someone with deep pockets. >> one 60-day period of time out of closing 16 transactions, 14 of the 16 were task buyers
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from china. >> reporter: that's a lot of cash. >> they were cash buyers from china. >> reporter: the unit is going for $2.4 million tomorrow sore a bargain. >> relatively speaking, relative to hong kong, it's a deal. >> reporter: there are no figures on the amount of foreign buyers in san francisco. but a survey just out from the website shows upwards of 40% of expensive downtown condo sales are to people who don't live in san francisco. >> the hypothesis is that there's a bunch of empty buildings, that's not good for san francisco because then when you go down, there's no -- there's no -- there's -- there's no way to support the retail. >> reporter: people buy it for investment not want the hassle of renters, more likely a second, third, fourth home where they will spend some time not full time. >> sometimes they will come once or twice a month for the weekend. and it's a nice pied-a-terre to escape to the city. >> reporter: steve carey is
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selling his infinity condo in a move against the grain working in silicon valley and is tired of the commute. many high paid techies are finding a way to live and work up here. but if they do use it as a weekend getaway, it's fine with him. >> it's not as many crowds in the elevators during peak rush hour. there's not as many people coming in and out of the parking garage at peak hours. >> reporter: you might think downtown high-rise development is helping to ease the city's housing crunch. by housing more san franciscans. that might not be the case. maybe they are doing this. maybe they are renting it out on "airbnb." and sometimes, veronica, those things are going for $6,000. a night! that's a nice crisis to have. >> must be nice, mike. thank you. real estate prices in san francisco may seem steep but they are a steal as you heard compared to hong kong. prices there can top $2,000 per square foot. in san francisco,it can actually be about half. dozens of parks and
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playgrounds in san francisco now have free wi-fi. the service is part of the city's push to bring the internet to as many people as possible and you shouldn't have to worry about speed. the city says it is fast! the mayor says this is another example of what can happen when everyone works together on a project. >> i think that we are demonstrating more and more the value of bringing not only technology to our citizenry that need it, but also bringing the relationship of public- private. government can't do everything by itself. >> google helped with this project. the city is also pushing to make wi-fi available in low- income housing. and for a complete list and a map of which parks have the new wi-fi, you can go to, keyword wi-fi. giants fans have flocked tonight to at&t park to watch the team try to advance in the play-offs. the team is in pittsburgh facing the pirates so the ballpark has put the game up on
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the big screen. the orange and black clad crowd won't be going hungry or thirsty. the concession stands are serving hot dog, beer and garlic fries. paul deanno is live in vallejo with the forecast. going to heat up. is this the summer as last gasp do you think this next week? >> reporter: this will be summer's final few body blows here, yes, before we hit november and hopefully into a nice rainy winter. we could use it. you know, this is the perfect evening for a stroll along the waterfront here in vallejo. the 6:15 ferry just came in. it is 81 degrees right now about 10 to 15 degrees above what is normal for this time of year. that's because we have the offshore wind and we will for the next couple of days and it will get warmer before it gets cooler. vallejo will be pushing 90 before the week is over. high temperatures today, it's beautiful in kentfield. 87 degrees. it was warm in richmond, that's strange, 87 there. san bruno 86 tying morgan hill. this is what happens when you get an east wind.
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everybody warms up. not the typical warm spot, everybody warms up. hayward hit 80. daly city 77. vallejo where we are this evening, sunshine tomorrow, 87 degrees. one degree warmer than today. we're not done with the warming yet. friday we are forecasting a high of 89. big-time ridge of high pressure but it's not just that there is a ridge. it's war that ridge will be located, right -- it's where that ridge will be located, right over top of us to the north giving us an east wind that will keep us dry, sunny and warmer than normal temperatures through at least saturday with significant cooling coming but not until next week. if you are traveling out and about our fine state, sacramento tomorrow 89. fresno 93. but monterey is 88 degrees there. redding 90. yosemite 89. heading to tahoe sunshine 67 degrees at lake level. livermore tomorrow 91. but san francisco 85. that is 15 degrees above average. napa warm 90s. san jose 90s. and 83 a high tomorrow in
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pacific. hot thursday 100 inland, mid- 80s at the bay, low 80s at the coast. then cooling on saturday. 70s at the coast. a little more on sunday, 70s near the bay, and by tuesday and wednesday of next week some of you inland will stay in the 70s. so cooling is coming. but we have more warm weather to come. typically we see the low cloud cover and fog moving into the area around 6:00, 7:00 at night. tonight it is just a gorgeous sunset. you're looking live over mare island. not a cloud in the sky nor will there be a cloud in the sky for the next three days. all about the sunshine, it's all about the heat here in vallejo and throughout the entire bay area. back to you in the studio. >> we should all enjoy it because, you know, in a few short weeks, people will be complaining it's too cold. >> it's going to be cooler soon. >> thank you. california state university system is about to hit a major milestone. three million living alumni. the system is celebrating by launching the world's largest
6:21 pm
yearbook. the alumni of all 23 campuses will be asked to create a profile and can earning badges for making donations and other contributions. it sounded like a good deal. coming up, a guy drives another man home after he has too much to drink but caught on camera, he is seen helping himself to the guy's stuff over and over again. >> plus, one of the ten greatest neighborhoods in the country is right here in the bay area. turns out we check out what makes it so special.
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that federal reserve blighted neighborhood to a bustling community an oakland neighborhood that's been working for more than a decade to turn itself around is finally getting the rewards. we sent kpix 5's john ramos to take a look. >> reporter: oakland's uptown district is around telegraph avenue and features one of the hottest restaurants and nightclub scenes in the bay area. >> the word of mouth, it's fantastic, absolutely. i think even within the past four years, this is sort of, um, vibrancy of the neighborhood. >> reporter: the district also offers new youth oriented urban housing. part of a long-ago plan of then mayor jerry brown. today the american planning association named uptown one of the nation's ten great neighborhoods for 2014. >> for incubating the homegrown artistic and entrepreneurial spiritual neek to oakland. >> reporter: artists have moved in. in her loft boutique she sells
6:25 pm
local designer fashions and provides studio space for artists. >> oakland is going through a major renaissance. and there's this energy that you can't deny. >> reporter: she loves being here but she and other retailers say there is very little daytime foot traffic because the city's plan is so focused on restaurant and bars that don't open until the evening hours. >> it creates that energy that nothing starts until 4:00 so people aren't as encouraged i guess to come out here and feel like they can walk around on a saturday even in the daytime. >> reporter: it's a reminder of what a difficult task it is to create a plan and a neighborhood that actually benefits everyone. in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> today's award also recognized the restorationof the fox theatre the creation of a public park and hundreds of units of housing. there's a colorful new addition to san francisco's castro district. this rainbow crosswalk at 18th and castro is one of the final
6:26 pm
pieces of the month long castro streetscape improvement project. more than 4,000 people voted on the design back in march. coming up in our next half- hour, breaking marijuana laws and getting away with it. it how people coming from around the world are growing pot illegally in our state with hardly any consequences. >> new details about the man diagnosed with ebola in the united states. and we now know kids may have been exposed.
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just that. where nobody knows your name. the chevrolet cruze eco. with an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon highway. it's the new efficient. in o rnia pot... people from other parts of the wor. now at 6:30, they are cashing in on california pot. people from other parts of the world some breaking the law. so why aren't they behind bars? welcome back. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. so many people from around the world are now coming to northern california to grow marijuana, the law says it has to be for medicine. but as our joe vazquez found out, it is all too easy to game the system with hardly any legal consequences. >> reporter: from the sky it's painfully obvious the rivers and streams of northern california are running dry. but in humboldt county it's not just because of the drought.
6:30 pm
it's also the thousands of marijuana grows. each plant requires 6 gallons of water per day! per day! and in this time of drought, an increasing number of growers is taking water from rivers and streams without a state permit. that's illegal. but we found very few marijuana growers ever go to prison. take the case of this operation run last year by a group of bulgarian nationals. sheriff's deputies destroyed 200 plans and confiscated 400 pounds of processed marijuana. hundreds of trees had been cut down to make room for greenhouses and a nearby creek was completely drained. the sheriff's department says the ringleader got a $300,000 civil fine for the environmental damage but no criminal charges ever filed. even when there are charges they often get dropped. last year 109 people were arrested or cited for cultivation and possession of marijuana for sale. 86 of them were charged by the
6:31 pm
d.a. but only 7 were ever convicted. even more striking, the cops who conduct these raids on illegal pot grows tell us in the last five years, not one single cultivation case has gone to trial in humboldt county. none. >> there is no inaction on my part. >> reporter: the district attorney says don't blame him. it's california's much too vague medical marijuana law. >> there are no clear guidelines. >> reporter: under california's compassionate use act, you can grow cannabis for medical use with a doctor's note called a recommendation. you can even form a co-op and grow communally. but every county has different regulations on how many plants are allowed per patient and humboldt has no limits at all. so gallegos says people game the system. >> we can arrive at these sites with 100 plants and go, wow, completely illegal activity, look at the impact on our community. and then 100-plus recommendations will surface and everyone is like, no, no.
6:32 pm
my part of this massive grow is completely lawful. whether they are lawful or not, since the burden of proof is beyond a reasonable doubt on us and we have to prove it unanimously of 12 jurors, it is often a burden of proof that we are not able to prevail at trial. >> reporter: so was marinov operating a california legal patient co-op or growing it for an illegal operation? we wanted to ask him that but he was nowhere to be found. meanwhile, in humboldt the pot farm he was running last year appears to be back in business. >> you can see inside the greenhouses, they have replanted for this year. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> both the sheriff and the d.a. say there is no doubt in their minds that organized crime has moved into their area. but juries in humboldt historically are reluctant to put growers in jail so the d.a. says he is not taking cases to trial because he knows that he'll lose. at first he appeared to be a good samaritan. a man helping someone who had too much to drink. but his true colors were
6:33 pm
captured on a home security system. kpix 5's len ramirez says the good deed turned into the perfect opportunity for an easy crime. >> reporter: right. when you look at the video, it really appears this was a crime of opportunity. we have shown that video to the neighbors here on the street where this burglary happened. they are not shocked that a good samaritan turned bad but this burglar brought his daughter along while he committed the crime. the video shows the burglar first leaving the home with the little girl believed to be his daughter but as they walk down the steps the man stops and returns to the doorway to wipe to remove fingerprints. the santa cruz sheriff's department says that over a period of hours, the man returned to the home again and again to steal two large flat screen tvs, pieces of furniture, a laptop computer, golf clubs and even the victim's suits. ann and bill are santa cruz neighbors. >> he brought his daughter and then he took her apparently back to a car and left her
6:34 pm
there while he then went back to take everything he possibly could that was movable from the home. it's appalling actually. >> reporter: earlier that night the victim had flagged down the burglar on a nearby road and asked to be driven home because he was drunk. the burglar drove him home and took him inside but weighed until the victim was --waited until the victim was passed out before burglarizing him. on one of the last times up the stairs, the burglar notices the surveillance camera on the porch but it was too late. his picture was taken. >> amazingly clear and you have to to be identify him from the video. it's great. >> reporter: it happened a week ago today on the 2000 block of east cliff drive in santa cruz. the santa cruz sheriff's department does not believe the little girl is in any danger other than the fact that her father or guardian, the man in the video, might soon be going to jail. live in santa cruz, len ramirez, kpix 5.
6:35 pm
new details about the latest american infected with the ebola virus. texas health officials say more than a dozen people came in contact with the man including schoolchildren. reporter polo sandoval with a question about the response. >> reporter: faced with the first-ever ebola case diagnosed in the u.s. health officials are in texas are scrambling to reach anyone who came into close contact with thomas eric duncan who brought the virus in the u.s. that could take days. >> retrace every step where he had direct physical contact for everyone and for each one of those contacts we'll monitor them for 21 days. >> reporter: the patient left the ebola hot spot of liberia on september 19 reportedly stopping in brussels and arriving in dallas the next day. he did not feel sick until four days later. he sought treatment at an e.r. on september 26 but it wasn't until two days later that he was hospitalized and isolated in dallas. then yesterday, the cdc
6:36 pm
confirmed that the patient is indeed infected with ebola. health officials say the patient told the nurse about traveling to africa, but the information was not fully communicated to it the medical team. texas governor rick perry says his state is ready to face the problem. >> there are few places in the world better equipped to meet the challenge that is posed in this case. >> reporter: some experts say there's no reason to panic. >> disease is tough to transmit. the authorities are tracing everybody that this guy came in contact with. so i don't think there's a reason to panic at all. that we shouldn't be doing. >> three paramedics who treated the man haven't gotten ebola yet. they are being told to stay at home and are being closely watched for symptoms. their ambulance has been taken out of service for decontamination. the man did come into contact with about 20 people, five of them children who went to school this week. none of the students is showing symptoms but they are being
6:37 pm
closely monitored. the next 21 days are critical. that's the incubation period for the ebola virus. the director of the u.s. secret service resigned today. this comes after a series are of embarrassing security screwups for the agency entrusted with the protecting the president. in the end, president obama lost confidence in julia pierson to head the secret service. that after a man with a knife blew past secret service agents and made it into the white house. pierson was under fire yesterday for several hours on capitol hill. afterwards lawmakers from both parties said she should step down. still ahead, doctors getting perks from drug companies. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch the new way to find out how your physician may be benefiting and why some say it doesn't tell the whole story. ,,,,,,,,
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ties to pharmaceutical companies. ch, no. it is no secret that many doctors have ties to pharmaceutical companies. on our consumerwatch tonight, julie watts test us about a new government website that's supposed to reveal the payments and the perks that your doctor is getting from the drug companies. >> reporter: it's called open payment. the website authorized by the affordable care act launched by the obama administration yesterday. it's supposed to shed light on big pharma's relationship with doctors detailing who is getting things like speaking fees, travel and free meals from drug companies. now, it's technically illegal for drug makers to pay doctors to prescribe their medications but there are many loopholes. this tool was intended to give patients a better perspective on when their doctor's prescription for the latest drug or medical device is really in their best interests. but groups like the american medical association and pro publica are urging caution warning for now the information
6:41 pm
is still inaccurate and incomplete. pro publica offers a more complete data because called dollars for doc. clorox will now reveal which fragrance allergens are in each of its specific products. this is information traditionally considered a trade secret. clorox hopes the transparency will keep customers loyal. as many as 11% of consumers have sensitivity to fragrances. and finally, a new honor for comedian jimmy kimmel tonight. he is named the internet's most dangerous celebrity. mcafee named its 201 most dangerous cyber celebrities. those whose names are most likely to result to links to malicious sites and malware. [ laughter ] >> don't google his name. now chelsea handler, sierra flow rider an blake shelton are among the most dangerous celebrities. moral of the story is be careful where you click. >> kimmel is on there now? >> he featured it on the show
6:42 pm
last night. i think he finds it amusing. >> exactly. >> julie, thank you. warm today, and you can get used to it for a while. >> yeah. it's pretty warm out here. vallejo 86 degrees today. we are right on the water. and we were 4 degrees shy of 90. the sun is down just enough of a sea breeze right now, but forget about that sea breeze for the next two days. we'll talk about a heat advisory and temperatures way above normal that's coming up next. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, as maureen mcgovern once sang, there's got to be a morning after. ♪ there's got to be a morning after ♪ >> how am i feeling? >> how will alex smith feel on the morning after he plays his old team? >> i hope we smack 'em up. >> patriots didn't exactly smack 'em up. >> getting ready tonight. >> somebody is not a morning person. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,
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when is the last time you went to the movies? how much money did you spend? imagine watching brand-new blockbusters without spending all that cash? tonight will this be the death of the movie theater?
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we're going to take a closer look on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on the cw. our weather is heating up especially at the coast a little unusual. time for another look at the forecast. paul deanno is live in vallejo. paul, i don't see any fog or clouds. >> reporter: it's zero. no, we're looking over mare island looking off to the west. we have a beautiful sunset. it is so different from the rest of the country, october time to cool down. except here in the bay area, we warm up before we cool down. that's what's happening over the next couple of days. heat advisory in effect for thursday and friday with widespread 80s and 90s everywhere all the way to the beach. now, on day one of the heat wave, typically that east wind is not strong enough to give us zero of an ocean influence and we are picking up a little bit of that now. oakland down 8 degrees over the past hour, 76 degrees. san jose 79. santa rosa down to 84. san francisco down to 74. overnight tonight upper 50s,
6:47 pm
low 60s. we'll cool off officially. san jose you're low tonight 60 degrees. oakland 61. napa 57. big ridge of high pressure which is often the case, somewhere close to us, but where it's going to center itself and park itself for the next couple of days, that's the key. just to our north giving us that east or offshore wind, that will keep us dry and sunny and above average temperature- wise for a long time right into and through the weekend away from the water and at least through saturday even at the beach so we're clear, mild tonight, fog-free everywhere. sunny on thursday. warm to hot temperatures widespread 80s and 90s all throughout the bay area with little change heading into the weekend and only a minor change on saturday with some fog and some onshore flow returning right along the coastline. let's take a tour and talk about those highs tomorrow because they will be warm. 93 in palo alto. 90 in union city. 84 is the high tomorrow in half moon bay. concord will hit 90 only 7 degrees above average.
6:48 pm
benicia 88. that's significantly above average. the proximity to water tomorrow will not matter with an east wind. everybody is hot. danville 89. novato 92. sausalito 85 degrees. warm for all the tourists heading over there heading over to grab a coffee with that great view and santa rosa 90. clearlake tomorrow 88. windsor your high the 3 degrees. extended forecast we're talking 90s inland. near the bay cooling starting sunday and at the coast, you'll be back down to the 70s on saturday. so the hottest days are the next two days. and everybody cools off next week by tuesday and wednesday we're down to the 80s inland and upper 60s, low 70s near the bay. a lot of restaurants out here along the vallejo waterfront. this is the mare island taproom. we look down here, the front room, wheelhouse. it's a beautiful night. it's chilly outdoor dining most days, but tonight it is all about the sunshine, the clear weather and the warm weather. live in vallejo, paul deanno, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. we have some breaking news we want to get to on the peninsula.
6:49 pm
this is video just in of a bus fire. whole bus on fire there. this is on interstate 280 right there near kiki boulevard in south city. this is cell phone video we got. the entire front of the bus is on fire. flames as you can see thick, black smoke. don't know if there are any injuries. we know the fire department is there. and no word of how this got started. traffic is backed up though as you can imagine around the scene. we'll be right back with more.
6:50 pm
trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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room together when kaeperni colin kaepernick today gave credit to alex smith for keeping the locker room together when kaepernick replaced smith as the starting quarterback in 2012. in fact, he said he is one of the classiest people i have ever been around but when the chiefs kick off against the 49ers on sunday the feel good story will be left in the locker room. >> i hope we smack 'em up. he don't play for our team anymore so we're still friends off the field but, you know, as far as teammates, when we play each other i don't root for him to do well. [ laughter ] >> since the trade, smith has thrown more touchdowns fewer interceptions and more yards than kaepernick. two years later the question is still being debated. did the 49ers make the right decision at quarterback? >> do you believe that you were
6:53 pm
the better choice? >> i mean, not going to say that publicly because y'all going to make it sound like something else but i do feel like i'm a good player, yes. >> i'm trying to get a win. i could care less about the stats and outduels anybody. i know this is going to be a story and going to have to deal with it. yeah, going back there and playing against some of those guys that i played with, but there's a lot of unknown, too. it's a different place, different stadium, a lot of new faces there, as well. so in some respects, um, it's different. >> now, kaepernick is often criticized for his one word answers following football games but he is nothing compared to patriots coach bill belichick who doesn't like talking about monday night blowout loss in kansas city and how he plans to fix his football team. >> how difficult is it to react to the adversity of monday? >> go on to cincinnati. >> the drafted. >> we're on to cincinnati. >> you think having a 37-year- old -- >> we are on to cincinnati.
6:54 pm
>> do you feel like the talent you have here is good? >> we're on to cincinnati. >> getting ready for cincinnati. so that's what we're doing. >> the cincinnati bureau is thrilled with that press conference. the a's lost in extra innings. on top in the 12th, kansas city answered back with two runs to advance to the alds. while it was a fantastic game, that is no consolation to the a's. >> how am i feeling? not feeling very good. i mean, it was a great game both teams played well and played hard. but the short answer to your question is not great at this point. you want to win the game. >> the a's are 0-7 in -- what ken? >> i thought he was going to stay we're moving on to cincinnati. >> maybe next year in the world series. [ laughter ]
6:55 pm
the royals wreaked havoc with 7 steals the most in a play-off game since the ford administration. oakland lost 31 of the last 47 games. apparently getting tackled in front of 100,000 people wasn't the worst part of running on to the field for an ohio state student. along with being charged for trespassing, the school announced that anthony wonder will have his scholarship taken away. he is a fourth year engineering student. the 3-1 cal bears travel to pullman saturday night to face washington state. do not expect cal head coach sonny dykes to be trading any texts with cougars head coach mike leach. >> 10 years from now there ain't going to be anybody to talk to anybody. it's going to be this. you know? you want to go out on a date with me, i don't know what you look like. i look kind of like this. okay, well, what are your interests? what do you think my interests are? looking into this thing and typing into this. just like yours are. well, yeah, no kidding. that's what everybody is doing. yeah, that's right. virtually everyone. well, where do you want to go? well, what difference does it make? all we're going to be doing is
6:56 pm
looking in this machine anyway. [ laughter ] >> well, that's true. in the end it's going to be tough to perpetuate the species. there's no question about that. [ laughter ] >> we're going to enjoy looking in this box and eventually we're all going to be extinct and die out. that's how it ends. you know? [ laughter ] >> and now, ken and veronica, let's go back to you. >> okay. all right. got it. >> good lesson for you. you are always on that thing. >> putting it down. >> good for you. we want to get back to breaking news on the peninsula. yeah, scary looking bus fire northbound 280. traffic alert because two lanes near hickey boulevard are right there daly city south city closed for emergency response. we believe everyone got off the bus. that's what we're told. we'll have more on nightbeat at 10:00 and here at 11:00. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud!" give it up for steve harvey! [theme music playing] steve: how are we doing? thank you all very much. thank you, everybody. i appreciate it now. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? got a good one today. tell you how good is today is gonna be, because this family is returning for the fifth and final day with a total of 41,425 bucks. from chicago, illinois, it's the moffett family. [cheering and applause] and we've got problems, 'cause we got another family from chicago, illinois. it's the caauwe family. [cheering and applause] everybody's in trying to win themself a lot of cash. and remember, if the moffett family
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wins today's game, they're gonna be driving out of heren a brand-new fuel efficient ford fusion hybrid. right there. [cheering and applause] let's play "feud." give me d.j. give me angela. [theme music playing] ha ha. top 8 answers on the board. here we go. if it were up to men, women's breasts would be the size of what kind--d.j. [buzzer] [audience groans] if it were up to men, women's breasts would be the size of what kind of ball? >> a basketball. steve: a basketball. [cheering] pass or play? >> we want to play. steve: they're gonna play, d.j. [applause]


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