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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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to declare she is not brain- dead and void her death certificate. almost 10 months aguy she suffered complications from a tonsillectomy and has been on life support since then. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." >> it is gone! captions by: caption colorado linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank is off this morning. here we go again. the giants came up with a big wild card win against the pittsburgh pirates last night. >> brandon crawford was the first grand slam ever by a shortstop in post-season history and baumgarner was impressive pitching a complete game and he kept the pirates at bay. manager bruce bochy said the team has an important lesson. >> sure it's a shootout a do-or- die situation but these guys have been there before. i think that experience really
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came into play today. >> giants winners of two of the past four world series are in the running again. anne makovec is live at at&t park this morning with more. anne, you have the black and orange today. >> reporter: yes. i am representing everybody, excited for another orange october, the first game of the national league division season friday at 12:07 our time and fans could not be more excited. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: they were glued to the tv and erupted in cheers at the 3300 club in san francisco when the giants won the wild card game against the pirates last night. if they win the series against the nationals, they could play a national league championship series against the cardinals or dodgers but for now, fans are just savoring the start of another season. >> i think it's a great game, shutout, pittsburgh, man, let's
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go, orange october, baby. >> we're in! we made it all the wild card way, it's going to go. >> i'm a native san franciscans bay area. giants proud, baby. >> reporter: this was the scene at at&t park yesterday where fans came for another watch party. they are ready for the team to return to their home turf next week which they will do on monday and tuesday. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> thank you, anne. happening today, traffic relief for a lot of drivers in santa clara valley. it's a little complicated though. two of three new on-ramps are opening on i-880 stevens creek boulevard in san jose. it includes the off-ramp from 880 and the new on-ramp to southbound highway 17 toward los gatos. the new off-ramp to stevens creek from northbound 280 and state route 17 is expected to open tomorrow morning. we are going to have to go down and drive it to figure all this out. it's a big deal that they got
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this finished because of course christmas shopping season is already almost here. and the interchange is crucial for santana row and valley fair shoppers. a lot of commuters must be happy this morning. >> it is a little confusing. brian mentioned all those different on- and off-ramps. the bottom line it should be better and hopefully won't be stuck in as much traffic as they also mentioned now that the holiday season, if you can believe it, is approaching. so yeah, hopefully those -- you will spend more time shopping and less time in the car. let's go outside. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of people are stuck in cars unfortunately trying to get into san francisco. metering lights have been on since 5:41 and you are already stacked up through the overcrossings. not seeing much slowing on the incline yet. here's a live look at silicon valley ride westbound 237 problem-free out at milpitas to sunnyvale. westbound 580 is also crowded coming through the livermore valley. and that lumber spill may still be out there. it spilled off a truck approaching the north flynn exit so it's slow behind that
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blocking a couple of lanes. drive time is already nearly a half-hour from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. and this accident still even though it's on the shoulder, southbound 880 approaching alvarado niles in union city, there's some sort of people looking at the scene, something going on in the area. so it is slow now in the southbound lanes from hayward into union city approaching the earlier crash site. that is your latest "kcbs" drive to work. another check of your forecast, it's heating up, here's lawrence. it is going to be some kind of day actually starting out cool in some parts of the bay area down in the '40s in the north bay valleys but by the afternoon the air is dry and it's going to heat up in a hurry with the offshore winds and even places along the coastline. they are going to soar into the 80s this afternoon, well into the 80s inside the bay. and you will see some mid-90s in the warmest valleys. so the heat wave on the way today, and tomorrow probably going to be the peak of the heat. quiet now with offshore winds. temperatures 47 degrees cool in santa rosa. 53 in san jose. but 62 now in san francisco. as we look toward the afternoon
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we have a whole lot of sunshine coming our way in places like the coastline, they don't get many temperatures like this but about 84 degrees in pacifica, about 85 degrees in san francisco. that's the latest weather, back to you. >> okay, thanks, lawrence. developing right now, the family of jahi mcmath wants a judge to declare her alive again. the teen was pronounced brain- dead 10 months ago after complications from a routine tonsil surgery. >>she is doing so much better physically. >> her parents insist her condition is improving. after the 13-year-old was declared brain-dead at children's hospital, her family moved her to a facility in new jersey to keep her on life support. the family's attorney is asking judge to have her death certificate voided but experts remain skeptical. >> i would think that they would at a minimum need a
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independent court appointed competent qualified neurologist to verify that all the previous independent neurologists who have done an evaluation did so in error. >> if the judge decides in favor of jahi's family taxpayers could end up paying for her care. there are no reports of injuries after a bus fire that snarled traffic on interstate 280 for hours. the shuttle bus for employees of los gatos-based netflix burst into flames last night near hickey boulevard in daly city. firefighters were able to douse the flames quickly but the fire was hot enough to blow out some windows. a dozen netflix workers were on the bus at the time. netflix sent another bus to pick them up from the freeway. all lanes were reopened by 9:30 p.m. some parents in dallas are keeping their kids home from school today. that's because several other students may have come into contact with a man who was later diagnosed with ebola. that patient developed symptoms after recently traveling from liberia to texas.
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the hospital in dallas now admits that it mishandled the case when the man initially reported feeling sick. the hospital then released him. texas and u.s. health experts say they are confident they will be able to contain the virus. hong kong police are warning pro-democracy protestors not to surround and occupy government buildings. authorities say there will be, quote, decisive enforcement if public security is threatened. student leaders have vowed to occupy government buildings if hong kong's chief executive does not step down today. time now is 6:07. the nfl is dealing with another accusation of sexual assault. and this time, a former 49er is the target of the investigation. >> long-time customers in san francisco's flower mart are making a last-ditch effort to keep tech businesses from taking over. their new plan of attack. >> it is looking like a very hot day around the bay area. how long will this heat wave stick around? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and if you are riding to work instead, so far mass transit looks great. in fact, bart has 42 trains all
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on time. take a check of the roads, your drive to work, it's all after this break. ,,,,,,
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kiet do joins us live with e latest. breaking news in santa clara where police say a home burglary turned into a stabbing. kiet do has the story. >> reporter: we are live on the 3100 block of cabrillo avenue in santa clara near lawrence expressway and el camino. police say it was a bold and unusual crime for the city of santa clara. they are relatively safe here not a lot of stuff like this happens here. but at 3:00 this morning, they say that a man entered the home through a kitchen window and that's when he woke up one of the people who lived in the house. they had a confrontation in the kitchen. there was a struggle. the suspect had a knife stabbed the victim a couple of times
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and fled. that's when they called 911. when the officer got there, they surrounded the scene and then they found the suspect. he was hiding in th bushes. he gave up easily no fight. the victim is in the hospital in serious condition. that's the latest from the scene. we'll have an interview with the police department spokesman with more details. but all in all, a good catch by santa clara police as they catch a man who started a burglary and turned into an assault. live in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5. a former 49er player is under investigation by police in texas. cj spillman of the dallas cowboys is being questioned after a report of an alleged sexual assault at the team hotel last month. investigators say the report came september 20th at the gaylord texan hotel. that was just before the cowboys were flying to st. louis to play in this game against the rams. spillman is cooperating with police and has not been arrested or charged.
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an alarming statistic on sexual assaults on university of california campuses up by almost 50% last year. every, single school except uc- san francisco reported an increase. universities across the country including cal are being scrutinized for their handling of sexual assault cases. a thorny issue for san francisco flower mart might have a possible solution. current tenants fear that the tech industry will soon take over the space. so they plan to ask voters to decide what should happen at the site. the mayor is on their side saying that he likes the idea of hanging on to some of the city's historic businesses. a lot of the tenants have been at the flower mart for decades. middle school in berkeley has a special mission for boys providing them with life lessons teaching them to be upstanding citizens and gentlemen. the east bay school for boys is this week's "cool school." >> reporter: the east bay school for boys has 92 students and they are all boys.
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every class begins with a handshake. every lesson designed to engage with the idea that boys engage more when there's a direct connection to the real world. >> boys have a lot of energy. boys like to have their minds engaged along with their hands. >> reporter: the school created four core pillars incorporated in each class, self, prep, work and life. self is inner growth and taking care of themselves through eating right and exercise. the students play basketball, have competitive team building exercises, and even built their own [ indiscernible ] to release some energy throughout the day. prep is readying themselves for high school and eventually college. >> they are trying to teach us to, um, be able to interact with people and just be our best selves and be able to help other people. >> reporter: the work pillar is evident everywhere especially in shop class through building and design the boys are learning collaboration and empathy. when an idea doesn't work, they
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use wows and wonders instead of harsh critiques. >> they throw out a couple of wows, wow, i like this detail right here. i wonder how you're actually going to attach them and make it strong? >> reporter: the students even build their own decks and are now working on a community bench. >> before i came here, i was, more, like, about me. but now i have learned to be more about, like, helping others. >> reporter: which leads to the fourth pillar life where all the skills will lead to these boys growing into good men. >> i wasn't there yet. i feel like i'm pretty good. i feel like i know when like it's appropriate to do this and when it's not. >> he says he doesn't feel like he is there yet but he is well on his way. >> yeah. he doesn't seem like -- 8th grader? >> yes. >> that's something s he seems years ahead of his time. >> they all are. it's great. they are getting -- they are being taught some good lessons there. >> that's one "cool school." >> it is. we want more though. so e email your nominations to
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us at we may come and feature your school on the show. 15 minutes after 6:00 on this thursday morning time for the family to gather. [ laughter ] >> that's right. >> warm and cozy. >> hi! >> i always want to go to lawrence first. but let's talk traffic. we are seeing a few slowdowns out the door. northbound 101, you can see it just past the 280/680 interchange so speeds are downat 44 miles per hour. we usually see slowing at this time of the morning and nothing unusual here sadly heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. you know, the metering lights are turned on at 5:41 so earlier. and unfortunately, it's too late to beat the rush. it's already stacked up through the macarthur maze and even a touch of slowing now on the sensors from the incline towards yerba buena island. if you are a silicon valley rider, so far everything looks great on westbound 237. no major delay leaving milpitas out to sunnyvale. and here's a live look near the dublin interchange. obviously the slowdowns have
6:17 am
now started in the southbound lanes. 680 leaving pleasanton through sunol grade and then the usually commuter traffic out the livermore valley. we can show you a live look now at the commute direction. all those headlights, that's the commute westbound 580. the drive time, there it goes, 28 minutes from the altamont pass. there was a lumber spill approaching north flynn. that is now cleared. but there are some heavier delays out to vasco. mass transit, got to say, everything looks good. bart systemwide, on time. that is your latest "kcbs" drive to work. we even have heat advisories in effect today as this heat wave continues. today is going to be hotter as high pressure really takes over. the air is much drier this morning so it's going to heat up in a hurry. heat advisory for the entire bay area extending not only today but also into tomorrow as well may have to be extended into saturday depending how fast temperatures cool down this weekend. today sunshine and temperatures off and running. clear all the way to the coastline. it will be warm to hot outside. the cooling may begin with a
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sea breeze starting late in the day on saturday into sunday. maybe a return to some fog, too. but for now, we are fog-free as we have high pressure overhead and those offshore winds continuing to keep us nice and clear. also cranking up the temperatures at the beaches going to be a beautiful place to be if you can get there today. numbers there right along the coast will be in the 80s. swells three to five feet out of the northwest and looks like we'll start to cool down near the beaches over the weekend. 85 today in half moon bay. 84 pacifica. 87 in san mateo. and about 86 in union city. a lot of 90s showing up in the interior valleys and plenty of sunshine. then inside the bay 86 in alameda, 85 san francisco and daly city. your sunrise time 7:06. your sunset 6:51. looking out over the next couple of days, tomorrow may be just slightly hotter and then we may begin to cool slightly along the coastline on saturday and sunday. then everybody cools down more fog and low clouds on the way. i think that's going to feel pretty good toward next week. that's a look at weather, guys.
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back to you. all right, lawrence. thank you. hundreds of san jose police officers threaten to leave if one city councilman becomes mayor. coming up at 56:30, the candidate response. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, it's not often that colin kaepernick and alex smith take a back seat to anybody but the giants saved their season last night. we'll take you inside the clubhouse coming up. ,, ,,
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it's a place you've been before, but it's not on any map. so go out there, lose yourself, and find the truth. ♪ we're all born wild. ♪ let's keep it that way. the 2014 4runner. toyota. let's go places. good morning, everyone. the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat has played out now for the bay area teams. the agony for the a's came two nights ago. the thrill for the giants came last night. largest crowd in tnt park history. nobody was raising the jolly roger by the end. marquis matchup of the night
6:23 am
reigning mvp andrew mccutcheon against madison baumgarner, got him swinging in the 1st inning. the pirates starter was allowed just four earned runs in all of september. he gave that in one swing of the bat to brandon crawford in the 4th inning, the first grand slam by a shortstop in play-off history. that kind of league was insurmountable for pittsburgh against baumgarner. he struck out 10 pirates. basis loaded in the 7th inning belt drives home a pair with a base hit up the middle. 7-0 san francisco. belt with three rbis in the game. there was little question it was the giants' night especially when they were getting defensive gems like this. the panda rolls over the rail, makes the grab, to rob russell martin and hold on to the baseball. baumgarner came out for the ninth and then got neil walker to pop out to end the game. a complete game four-hitter for baumgarner who hasn't allowed a run in his last 16 post-season innings. bruce bochy said he would have needed a tractor to get his
6:24 am
pitcher out of the game. friday against the nationals game 2 also in d.c., games 3 and 4 are at home on monday and tuesday. baumgarner when he was approached by the manager bruce bochy to take him out of the game, baumgarner said, i ain't coming out. giants move on. a's as we know have gone home. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. and don't forget we have thursday night football right here on kpix 5. see the packers take on the vikings at 5:25 then stick around for the "5th quarter" after the game. time for our play of the day now from that wild card game in pittsburgh. san francisco giants third baseman pablo sandoval went into foul territory to make this catch. and flipped over the rail for an even more dramatic effect. had to see it again. that is your play of the day.
6:25 am
now that we have that burned into our brains. 24 minutes after 6:00. corporate tech shuttle burst into flames. hear from passengers on board when the fire broke out. straight ahead. >> almost 10 months after a bay area teenager was declared brain-dead, the family of jahi mcmath says she is showing huge improvement. how the family attorney claims he can prove it. ,, ,,,,
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linda macdonald is captioning for you in realtime. it is another orange october. i'm anne makovec live at at&t park in san francisco where the giants are once again in the national league division series. >> also just ahead the first
6:29 am
woman to lead the secret service is out of a job. the breakdown in communication that was likely the last straw. we're fog-free, the temperatures going to be heating up in a hurry getting hot maybe even near the beaches. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we're seeing unusual early gridlock already on southbound 880 between hayward and union city. an early-morning accident didn't help. your "kcbs" drive to work is coming up. good morning, it's thursday, october 2. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank is off this morning. >> breaking news in santa clara where police say a home burglary turned into a stabbing. kiet do joins us live from cabrillo avenue with the latest. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. santa clara police said this is a bold and unusual crime this kind of stuff just doesn't happen in santa clara but here we are 3100 block of cabrillo avenue near el camino and lawrence expressway. they say 3:00 this morning a man entered the kitchen through a window trying to burglarize the house. he woke up some of the people that lived inside there.
6:30 am
one person came out. there was a struggle in the kitchen. the suspect had a knife on him. the victim was stabbed a couple of times then the suspect fled the scene. police arrived here they surrounded the area and then they found a man hiding in the bushes. they arrested him. he didn't put up a fight. the victim was taken to the hospital with a couple of stab wounds. >> at this time, the suspect is at our police station awaiting to be interviewed by investigators and our crime scene as you can see the truck parked behind me is processing the scene documenting the evidence that we need for later. >> reporter: and we are hearing now that the person who was stabbed was a woman. she is the sister of the homeowner. again, santa clara police made good work of this. they are wrapping up the scene now. not much of a traffic blockage at this point. but that's the latest here from santa clara. kiet do, kpix 5. some parents in dallas are keeping their kids home from school today. that's because other students may have come into contact with a man who was later diagnosed
6:31 am
with ebola. the patient developed symptoms after traveling from liberia to texas. the hospital in dallas now admits that it mishandled the case sending the man home after he initially reported feeling sick. texas and u.s. health experts say they are confident they will be able to contain the virus. a close call for some tech workers. their shuttle bus caught fire on 280 near hickey boulevard in daly city last night. firefighters were able to douse the flames quickly. but the fire was hot enough to blow out some windows. a dozen netflix workers were on the bus at the time. >> we started to smell smoke and so we pulled over, got off the shuttle. there was more smoke. then there was a pop. and then there was fire. >> netflix sent another bus to retrieve their employees from the shoulder of the freeway. all lanes were reopened by 9:30 last night. well, the heat is on in the bay area. there are heat advisories posted and as a result the city of san ramon at least will help people beat the heat by opening cooling centers. they include three community
6:32 am
centers, two libraries, two aquatic centers. for a list of locations, go to, "links and numbers. that's appropriate on a day like today. >> especially near the coastline. of course in the valleys you see a lot of the heat during the summertime but, boy, out toward the beaches in the 80s? that's getting pretty toasty for them. it will be nice at the coastline, lots of sunshine. the air is starting out drier so the temperature will be warmer by the afternoon a the offshore flow keeping that fog well off the coastline. so this afternoon, we have sunny skies all the way to the beaches. 80s at the coast. well into the 80s in the bay. and, yeah, maybe even mid-90s in the hottest valleys. a nice look at the sun coming up a great day ahead if you like the hot weather. temperatures all over the map now. a little cool into santa rosa, 47 degrees. but yeah, some of that warm air already coming down to the surface in san francisco at 62. 54 in livermore. 52 in concord. temperatures this afternoon 92 degrees in livermore. 90 in san jose. 87 in oakland. 84 degrees at the beach in
6:33 am
pacifica, liz. >> your picture of the bay bridge looks so gorgeous. a lot better than ours showing all the traffic. i'll show it to you in just a minute. in the meantime, out the door san mateo bridge, kcbs has been flying their airborne units and they spotted a stall midspan on westbound 92 leaving hayward so it is causing a bit of a delay midspan. but overall, the drive time still looks okay. 14 minutes between hayward and the peninsula. southbound 880 is unusually delayed now trying to get out of san leandro. jamming up beyond 238. southbound 880 down into union city, there was an earlier wreck, earlier motorcycle accident approaching alvarado niles. that jammed up the works early. the accident is cleared but it is very slow. we are also seeing a lot of slow traffic through the sunol grade and, yes, at the bay bridge toll plaza backed up through the may see. that's traffic, back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. a big wild card win for the giants. >> they kept the pittsburgh pirates at bay to advance to
6:34 am
the next round. [ applause and cheers ] >> and the curve ball is hit high and deep to right field, it is gone! >> brandon crawford with a grand slam in the fourth and madison baumgarner was impressive pitched a complete game shutout. >> we have had a lot of adversities we have had to go through this year a lot of guys getting hurt. but, you know, i feel good about the guys putting out there. >> i was in shock a little bit. [ laughter ] >> that's brandon crawford on the grand slam, the first-ever for a shortstop in play-off history. >> and that has fans excited. among them, anne makovec live at at&t park with more reaction. good morning, anne. >> reporter: yeah, who wouldn't be excited for another orange october here in san francisco? the giants are going to be playing here at at&t park on monday and tuesday and fans could not be more pumped. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: that was the scene after the big win last night.
6:35 am
fans erupting in cheers at the 3300 club in san francisco. now, if the giants win the series against the nationals next week, they could play a national league championship series against the cardinals or dodgers. fans say they are getting used to these must win situations. >> they are the best. that's the way to go. >> how far are we going with this? >> are you kidding me? we're going all the way? >> reporter: and this was the scene at at&t park yesterday where fans came for another watch party. they are ready for the teams to return to their home turf next week and the players did some celebrating last night. we have a shot here of madison baumgarner who had just pitched that shutout chugging four beers at once. yeah, hopefully he will be recovered for the first game of the series which is going to be friday at 12:07 our time. they are playing that in washington. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. now an update to a story
6:36 am
you first saw on kpix 5. mayoral candidate sam liccardo is accusing can the san jose police officers association of what he calls dirty politics. the union president jim unland told kpix 5 that as many as 200 officers in san jose will seriously consider quitting if city council member liccardo is elected mayor. unland says many officers don't trust liccardo because of his close tieses to current mayor chuck reed who oversaw cuts to officer pay and benefits and pushed for pension reform. unland made the prediction after kpix 5's kiet do asked about the rumors swirling around the department. >> this wasn't a story i'm pitching, you called me based on -- on intel you gathered from talking to our officers. um, it's not a threat. it's not meant to be a scare tactic. but it is the reality. the [ indiscernible ] who hear these kind of veiled threats consider it political blackmail and they are smarter than that and they won't be bullied.
6:37 am
they know it's their job to elect the next mayor, not the job of a union boss. >> i don't think police officers should leave. i'm a long-time resident here in the city and i think, you know, people should stick it out and try to work it out. >> both candidates have said restoring officer pay will be one of the their top priorities. a public memorial will be held today for former san jose police chief joe mcnamara. he died september 19 at age 79 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. he led the sjpd for 15 years before retiring in 1991. during his tenure, the department became one of the most respected in the nation. today's memorial begins at 10 a.m. at the california theater in downtown san jose. a former secret service agent is back in charge of protecting the president this morning. joseph clancy is temporarily leading the agency. julia pierson resigned yesterday after just 18 months on the job. she faced growing criticism as you know after a man jumped the
6:38 am
white house fence last month and ran all the way into the east room of the white house. secret service let armed men with a criminal record on an elevator with the president in atlanta last month. >> she briefed the president or senior staff about the fact that a armed man entered into an elevator with the president during a trip to atlanta just minutes before the "washington post" reported the same story. and that was just kind of the straw that broke the camel's back. >> the white house says the next permanent director of the secret service could come from outside the agency. oakland teen jahi mcmath has been declared brain-dead for nearly 10 months but now her family wants her declared alive again. kpix 5's joe vazquez has more on the family's unprecedented request. >> reporter: attorney chris dolan told the judge he has experts coming to the bay area to testify that jahi is alive. he says tests have shown she now has brain activity that wasn't there before. dolan is asking the judge to
6:39 am
declare that she has not suffered brain death and he wants her death certificate voided. >> jahi is doing so much better physically. >> reporter: a few months ago her parents gave an interview to the terri schiavo foundation insisting their daughter is improving. remember late last year, 13- year-old jahi had gone to oakland children's hospital for a tonsillectomy but there were complications post-surgery. she was declared brain-dead. her family fought that declaration and eventually moved her to a hospital in new jersey that would keep her on life support. >> there's no evidence that patients who are brain-dead can ever recover. there's no recovery from death. >> reporter: david magnus from stanford center for biomedical ethics says the claim is unprecedented. he wants independent proof. >> i would i think this would at a minimum need an independent court-appointed competent, qualified neurologist to verify that all
6:40 am
the previous independent neurologists who have done an evaluation did so in error. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. new this morning, four teenagers are in custody for brutally killing hundreds of chickens in fresno. 18-year-old gabriel quintero and three other juvenile males were accused of breaking into a foster farms facility weeks ahe do. once inside they used a golf club to kill more than 900 birds. the teens face charges of burglary and felony cruelty to animals. time now is 6:40. netflix is trying to revolutionize the film industry once again. the new service that could make movie theaters a thing of the past. ,,
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a toasty day at the
6:44 am
coastline, mid-80s into daly city. 84 pacifica. lots of sunshine all day long on the peninsula. offshore winds bringing temperatures into the 90s in redwood city. 90 sunnyvale. 92 campbell. san jose sunny skies, 90. 96 gilroy, 94 morgan hill. in the east bay you will see plenty of sunshine all day long heating things up. 88 in fremont. 86 in hayward. 92 in danville. about 91 in concord. 87 degrees in oakland. and 86 in berkeley. sunshine and some hot numbers in the north bay. 92 in the napa valley. 91 santa rosa into san francisco. temperatures into the mid-80s in san francisco. the coast is toast. wow. weekly unemployment claims fall to the lowest number in over 8 years. >> here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle and brian. certainly some good news coming in on the job market with the labor department reporting that first time unemployment claims fell by 8,000 to 287,000! the lowest level in a long
6:45 am
time. four-week average also dropping down below 295,000 continuing claims down to 2.4 million, the lowest that level has been since 2006. on top of that, the challenger job cut report for september was 24% lower than the total in august and that was its lowest level since 19 97. this comes before the monthly report for september tomorrow. looking for a gain of around 215,000 jobs, 70,000 more than august. a lot of anticipation over what tesla is about to debut. elon musk the ceo tweeted yesterday that it's about time for something new and that means d will be unveiled next thursday during an announcement. all sorts of speculation to what that means. perhaps some new enhanced abilities for the model s including self-driving abilities or an all-wheel drive model s or perhaps an entirely new model other than its model x crossover that it has planned
6:46 am
in the model 3 mass market car in a couple of years. tesla shares are shooting higher on that news. coming after the big sell-off yesterday, dow down 240, stocks flat in early trading. let's check the big board. see how we're doing so far, dow down about 27. nasdaq still positive by a point. s&p down by one. tesla shares up 3% in anticipation of next week's announcement. michelle and brian, back to you. >> okay, jason brooks from kcbs news, thank you. facebook is backtracking on its policy about user identities. facebook recently deleted several hundred accounts of people who were not using their legal names. the site requires people to use their legal names for security purposes. but that didn't sit well with local drag queens who don't use their birth names. facebook apologized and announced the policy doesn't mean a person's legal name but instead the name they use in real life. well, it's been a long headache for commuters in santa clara valley. today though the first step
6:47 am
towards solving the decades old problem at the intersection of interstate 880 and stevens creek boulevard. kpix 5's kiet do has more on the new ramps that are opening this morning. reporter: we are right here near valley fair mall and check it out, this phase of caltrans construction just opened up a few moments ago at 5 a.m. this morning. this moment $62 million, two years in the making, we're talking about getting on and off of stevens creek boulevard from 880. chopper 5 shot this video of crews putting the finishing touches on the construction yesterday evening. never before has it been this easy to exit on to or get back on 880 from stevens creek. caltrans has added multiple turn lanes for the exit from 880 south. and the exit to 17 south from stevens creek is also much improved. this is going to be a major relief for holiday shoppers because as you know, it's been gridlock for years here because of construction. >> these new ramps that are opening today and tomorrow are going to provide a new signal
6:48 am
lights intersection for anyone accessing stevens creek boulevard. we are going to have wider newly reconfigured ramps so that adds more capacity for people to queue on and off the freeway. so it's going to control the movements in this area. >> reporter: starting tomorrow morning at 5 a.m., caltrans opens the second phase with new on- and off-ramps to stevens creek boulevard from 280, the leafs that you used to sit through for years they are gone replaced by signal lights. all in all major improvements to a frustrating drive here one of the worst interchanges in the south bay. kiet do, kpix 5. >> it is a complicated intersection, especially when people are out there shopping. 880 and 17 begins right there at stevens creek boulevard, doesn't it? >> yes. >> very interesting. >> i don't know. [ laughter ] >> talking to my producer, talking to you. funny how excited kiet do is about that story. he has been in traffic there for a while, it seems. on the roads, a couple of new issues coming off the bay bridge. we have westbound 80 on the
6:49 am
skyway. it sounds like there's an accident now approaching that 9th street exit. it was backing up -- i just got word, though, lanes are just cleared so almost as soon as this accident popped up it was cleared off of the freeway. for a while it was stacking up on the upper deck and it is definitely backed up behind the pay gates over at the bay bridge toll plaza. once again, it's going to be kind of rough going heading into san francisco all the approaches are really stacked up, 5:41 when they turned the metering lights on and 580 we saw is slow now from the 24 interchange obviously heavy as well from berkeley as judging from that drive time. kcbs was flying airborne units over the san mateo bridge and spotted that stall midspan. should be cleared by now. unfortunately, it did cause a bit of a delay leaving hayward at westbound 92 up to 18 minutes now between the east bay and the peninsula. southbound 880 you know that earlier motorcycle accidental va rad doe niles wasn't blocking lanes for very long but there may still be some activity off to the shoulder or just taking a really long time for traffic to recover slow from 238 past alvarado niles.
6:50 am
that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. we a fall heat wave on the horizon. here's lawrence with the forecast. >> things will be drier and offshore winds with temperatures heating up in a hurry. still, it's cool in spots. north bay valleys in the mid- 40s right now but that offshore wind continues and it won't be long these temperatures going to soar into the afternoon. in fact, enough so heat advisories issued from noon today until 9:00 tomorrow. some hot temperatures around the bay area, 80s and some mid- 90s into the afternoon. today, going to be one of the warmest days i think today and tomorrow probably the peak of the heat wave. and then it looks like things beginning to break down a little bit. but for today the offshore wind will continue. out at the beach, looking very, very nice. sunny and warm 80s right along the coastline. swells three to five feet out of the northwest. then some cooler fog may just begin to move in as we look toward saturday and sunday. but not today. mid-80s into half moon bay. about 84 degrees in pacifica. 90 in san jose. about 86 in hayward. east bay temperatures up into
6:51 am
the 80s and 90s. inside the bay sunny and very warm, 87 degrees in oakland. 85 in san francisco. and 85 degrees at stinson beach. looking out over the next couple of days, tomorrow may be just slightly hotter and then we'll begin to cool down at least along the coastline as we head into saturday and sunday. a little bit more of a sea breeze that could carry with it some fog and low clouds. more fog for everybody by next tuesday and wednesday when temperatures return to normal. but between now and then, yeah, pretty toasty out there. >> head to the beach then. >> yes. >> we like that. from the big screen to the small, hollywood star adam sandler just signed a deal with netflix. he is going to produce and star in four films exclusively for the los gatos company. so now netflix will begin actually producing movies. netflix is about to premiere its first original movie a sequel to crouching tiger hidden dragon. subscribers can either watch it on the site or in imax theyer. amc, cinemark and regal theaters will boycott the film
6:52 am
but mick la salle a film critic with the san francisco chronicle says movie theaters shouldn't worry. >> i think it's hitting an audience that's not going out. that's my gut feeling on this is that it's not really taking away it's just catering to an audience that's already there. >> our partners at cnet say don't be surprised if netflix eventually adds a special charge to watch original movies. it's now 8 minutes before 7:00 on thursday morning. a deadline is set by protestors in hong kong for two hours from now. that serious threat coming from demonstrators and from the government. >> reporter: giants fans have reason to celebrate this morning. the team has done it again, advancing in the play-offs. coming up we'll look at last night's win and what's next. ,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
alex jenny jenny carlos alex carlos good morning burrito team! we set out to make a bigger, tastier breakfast burrito and i think we nailed it. introducing bigger, better breakfast burritos. the grande sausage, packed with hash browns, sausage, and creamy sriracha sauce and the meat lovers, stuffed with ham, bacon and sausage, both wrapped in a warm guerrero tortilla. burritos so big, they make everything look smaller.
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you get out of it, what you put into it. always use gas that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. home quarantine after possie exposure to ebola. they came in contact with a libe
6:56 am
man now five texas children are in home quarantine after possible sposher your to ebola. they came in contact with a liberian man now being treated at a dallas hospital. he was mistakenly sent home after developing symptoms. a patient in hawaii is in isolation undergoing testing for the ebola virus. >> hong kong police warn pro- democracy protestors not to attend to "occupy" government buildings. authorities promise swift action if public security is threatened. student leaders say they will do just that, hack into government buildings just two hours from now. their deadline if hong kong's chief executive doesn't step down today. >> a former secret service agent is back in charge of protecting the president. joseph clancy will lead the agency temporarily in the wake of a string of embarrassing and potentially dangerous security lapses. the first woman to lead the secret service julia pierson resigned yesterday. a home burglary turned into a stabbing in santa clara this morning. the burglar fled the scene after stabbing the homeowner
6:57 am
during a struggle. police later found him hiding nearby. the homeowner was taken to a nearby hospital. the suspect is in custody while police investigate. and a former 49er and current cowboy player is the target of a sexual assault investigation. police are questioning safety cj spillman about an alleged assault at the team hotel last month. he hasn't been charged. spillman spent parts of four seasons with the 9ers before he was cut this off season. i'm anne makovec live in san francisco, where giants fans are pumped for another orange october. >> the curve ball high and deep to right field is gone! >> reporter: the orange and black crewed to a victory in the wild card game last night 8- 0 against the pirates. madison baumgarner pitched a complete game.
6:58 am
>> fans here in san francisco glued to the tv erupting in cheers at the 3300 club in san francisco. if the giants win the series against the nationals next week they could play a national league championship series against the cardinals or the dodgers. the first game of the nlds is going to be at 12:07 on friday. that's going to be played in washington and the team will be back here at at&t park for games on monday and tuesday. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. and even though this accident has been cleared on the skyway, it's kind of a mess right now trying to get off the bay bridge. we are seeing unusual slowdowns on the san francisco side of the span. the accident was on westbound 80 at ninth. for a while lanes were blocked. a break up the incline but then it's stacked up through the maze at the bay bridge toll plaza. all the approaches are stacking up, as well. ride bart. everything is on time systemwide. no delays. and lawrence, we can actually see some of the slow traffic in your bay bridge cam. >> isn't that a nice shot?
6:59 am
this is a good day to slow down and enjoy the sunshine. >> that's right. >> it should be a beautiful day ahead as we are going to see sun to the coastline. it's going to be hot in spots. heat advisory up at noon until 9 p.m. tomorrow. these numbers spectacular along the coastline mid-80s in pacifica, 85 degrees in san francisco, 92 san jose, 92 napa valley. could be warmer tomorrow and some of these numbers approaching near 100. finally cooling down a little bit saturday and sunday, a sea breeze at the coastline, 90s in the valley, then everybody cools down next week. >> looks good. some football, don't forget, we have thursday night football right here on kpix 5. see the packers play the vikings at 5:25 and then stick around for the "5th quarter" after the game. okay. you know what time it is? >> what time? >> time to go to the beach. >> that's a great idea! >> all right! >> all for it. we're out of here. have a great day.
7:00 am
thanks for watching. >> bye-bye. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, october 2nd, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." new questions about the texas hospital that turned away an ebola victim. a shake-up at the secret service. former white house chief of staff bill daley on what it will take to fix the agency. the daring rescue of an american girl after an international manhunt spanning 12 years. we begin today with a look at your "eye opener." >> he thought he had ebola. and he was sent home. >> shocking new details at america's first ebola case. >> he recently arrived


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