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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  October 5, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> glor: tonight, fighting for his life. the c.d.c. gives an update on the man diagnosed with ebola in texas, as investigators try to track down everyone he may have exposed. manuel bojorquez is in dallas. deadline day, pro-democracy in hong kong are told they have to move back. is the protest falling apart? seth doane is there. and new mapping technology with nearly seven months after it disappeared, charlie d'agata, on why the search for malaysia airlines flight 370 is starting again with new mapping technology. days after another drunk driving arrest, michael phelps is putting his come back on hold to enter a program. don dahler has details. and the most unforgiving open water camp in the world. if you want to cross the english channel, "60 minutes sports" discovered, ned denison is your man. >> something in the human psyche
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loves this test. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: good evening, i'm jeff glor. the c.d.c. says in africa the ebola virus is spreading so fast it's hard to keep up. in the u.s. the agency said today they remain confident it will be controlled. tonight, a new patient is headed to a hospital in nebraska. the freelance cameraman for nbc, who caught ebola on the job in liberia. in dallas, the c.d.c. said today the man diagnosed with ebola in dallas is fighting for his life. all this as officials struggle to contain the panic as much as the disease we start with manuel bojorquez. >> reporter: doctors at texas health presbyterian hospital say ebola patient thomas eric duncan's condition hasn't improved. he remains in critically ill. when asked today, the director of the c.d.c. said so far doctors have not used
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experimental medication on him. >> the medication you mentioned can be quite difficult for patients to take and may transiently worsen their conditions. >> reporter: health workers are >> reporter: health workers are checking daily on the 50 people exposed to duncan. one low risk contact, a homeless man, michael lively. doctors quickly tracked and isolated him in the hospital. >> we realize we perfect and learn from that experience saying what cu better next time? >> reporter: next time begins tomorrow. an american freelance cameraman is now on the flight to the united states from liberia where
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he will be treated at the same sacra recovered. he returned to the hospital but doctors don't believe it is ebola related. >> we pray for thomas duncan. >> reporter: sunday the treatment has taken on new urgency. liberians, are relying on their faith to take on a crisis that is affecting their homeland and their new home. jeff, officials say three of the patient's family members considered higher risk of infection have not shown symptoms. >> glor: manny, thank you. in hong kong, the government's deadline has arrived. it wants pro-democracy demonstrators to pull back. some have agreed but not all. seth doane is there. >> reporter: tonight, some are remaining on some hong kong
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streets. this despite a call by hong kong's leader to vacate camps by monday morning so schools and government offices can reopen. protestor koha lee plans to stay here. >> i don't think we should back down. it means we're giving up all our hopes. >> reporter: pro-democracy demonstrators wearing yellow ribbons have been blocking the roads for more than a week, they have tried to force the chief executive to step down, to allow for free elections. but making those points have come at a clashes from pro- democracy counter-protesters have continued through we you need to go to school, to work or just ordinary people just hoping to live a peaceful life this woman said. the counter-protestors wearing blue ribbons say there's been too much disruption and the pro- democracy movement is hurting the economy. salespeople tell us there are
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few are shoppers. you know how much each shop needs to pay for rent, this woman asked. 200 buses have changed or cancelled routes. this taxi driver says the blocked roads from the protest has caused him half his business. all along these protesters have been telling us that even if these streets are clear they feel that now that this pro-democracy movement has been sparked it cannot be silenced. seth doane, cbs news, hong kong. >> glor: a powerful typhoon is pummeling japan tonight and is currently bearing down on tokyo. the storm has taken a tragic toll on u.s. forces in the region and here is carter evans. >> reporter: high surf lands the coast of japan as typhoon phanfone launched winds of up to 90 miles an hour.
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three american service men were swept into the ocean. one was found dead, the other two still missing. the shock evident on the base facebook page. the typhoon is now heading directly towards japan's most populace island. including tokyo. not before a crash critically injured a french driver. torrential rain could cause landslides on mount ontake. rescuers have been forced to suspend their search for hikers still missing. it's expected to hit and move back out to sea but not before dumping as many as 16 inches of rain. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> glor: after a four month break, ships are moving into position to search for malaysian
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flight mh370. using a new high resolution map of the ocean floor. charlie d'agata has details. >> reporter: long months after flight mh370 vanished from the sky relatives are no closer to knowing what happened. but they refuse to give up hope it will be found. recalling on the kind people of the world to rescue our children says this mother can't live on. this ship might just provide some answers. she's the go phoenix, one of three vessels joining the search. it joints the fugro, this footage taken on board the third ship shows some of the rough seas they're dealing with. they will be using sophisticated sonar equipment, to map the ocean's floor closer than ever
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before. the other big advantage, new sea bed maps showing a far better resolution. satellite exchanges suggested it went down somewhere in an arc west of perth, australia. in seven months of searching, nothing has been found. the priority area the original search area was 430,000 square miles. area was 430,000 square miles. that's now been narrowed to 23,000 square mimes but that's still nearly the size of west virginia. those in charge of the new search could say the aircraft could be found on day 1 or it could take a year. there are no guarantees. except that anxious relatives won't find any peace until someone finds the plane. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> just over four weeks to go
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for election day and elections are tightening up today. elections director anthony salvanto joins us from new york, anthony good to see you. big numbers and news seems to be kansas, why? >> the republicans have a 51-49 best estimate in our battle ground tracker to retake the senate. that's pretty close, there are a lot of races underneath that estimate but kansas is interesting because it's a republican incumbent, pat roberts who is neck and neck with an independent candidate, greg orman. no one knows with whom he would caucus and every seat matters. >> hillary clinton, what does that mean for her and these races? >> there are a number of races where democrats are locked in tight contests from arkansas to north carolina to new hampshire and iowa and oh, by the way,
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though states happen to hold key primaries. but these are a real test for her and democrats because they need to turn out their base. they need someone to excite their base, in order to stake and win these contests. >> anthony, thank you. >> thank you. >> vice president biden is in damage control, in the fight against i.s.i.s, julianna goldman in washington has more on this. >> the vice president caught the crown prince of abu dhabi today, during a forum at harvard. >> our biggest problem is our allies. >>reporter: biden says nations including turkey, yaw united arb
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emirates and saudi arabia. >> formal clarification and called the comments far from the truth. the timing of the vice president's remark is unfortunate. just last month, the uae and saudi arabia committed military support to the u.s. coalition against i.s.i.s. the u.s. is trying to get turkey to sign on as well, but at the same event, the vice president said, turkey's president admitted to him that his country allowed too many i.s.i.s. fighters into syria. called president erdogan who demanded an apology. the vice president apologized for any indication that had intentionally supplied or facilitated the growth of i.s.i.l. or other violent extremists in syria.
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won't compromise the coalition but jeff the fact that the white house put out that statement of apology suggests it's too big a risk to stand. >> julianna, thank you. rare pictures of john and jackie kennedy going up for auction. and michael phelps says he's entering treatment.
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>> michael phelps announced today first on twitter that he's taking a break from swimming. he will seek help for issues that led to his arrest for driving under the influence in baltimore last week. as don dahler reports it wasn't the olympian's first mistake. >> hit a personal and professional low point and he knows it. tweeting, the past few days have been extremely difficult. i recognize that this is not my first lapse in judgment and i'm extremely disappointed with
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myself. i'm going to take some time away to attend a program that will provide the help i need to better understand myself. he did not elaborate on the kind of program he plans on attending. this is 29-year-old's second d.u.i. arrest. in 2004, he took a plea deal, 18 months of operation. bruce turkel. >> gives them something we can relate to. i can relate to the guy making a mistake not being strong enough to deal with it on his own, going for help and asking for our forgiveness. we are suckers for that.. >> baltimore police stopped phelps for driving 84 in a 40 mile an hour zone. his blood chronological was well above .08. phelps said he had learned his lesson. >> i have already learned from this experience. i will pass along to others who
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even think of the mistakes i've made. >> using a marijuana pipe, swimming is a major part of my life but right now i need to focus my attention to me as a individual. his first court date is november 18th. don dahler. cbs news, new york. >> next up, o canada. a singer has a bad date.
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>> 13 new photos of the wedding of john and jackie kennedy have been found and will thousand be auctioned off. the ceremony took place september 12th, 1953 in newport, rhode island. highlights show cutting of the cake and the newl newlyweds, leg for their honeymoon. hewlett-packard lsxd to)fá0& split itsq soon as tomorrow.
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the company is separating its computer and printing businesses from data storage. a rendition of the canadian national anthem did not go as planned last night in vancouver. ♪ >> yeah, he was singing and skating at the same time. his name's mark donnelly. there was a carpet that was bad, remarkably, donnelly did not drop the microphone. got right back up. very, very impressive. a dedication for the disabled veterans memorial.
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>> president obama this morning called it a painful truth. america has not always done enough to help its veterans. he was speaking at a dedication ceremony for honoring americans injured in war. here's david martin. >> when the flame was finally lit, you couldn't help why it took so long to erect a memorial for disabled veterans. >> we are commemorating all disabled veterans. there is a link to revolutionary war all the way forward. >> cbs had a tour this morning, american veterans disabled for life is telling you something. >> the point being the disability doesn't end when the war ends. they live with it forever. >> dennis joiner, is living with these disabilities today. >> i have always struggled
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somewhat, i've never really felt that the general public really understands or understood what disabled veterans go through. >>reporter: some disabled veterans like former u.s. senator and presidential candidate bob dole who was severely wounded in world war ii, have lived public lives but most are like joe bakani. >> i felt like an average joe. >> shot by a sniper in iraq his picture is part of the memorial. >> do you think that picture is a window into your soul? >> i hope so. i hope people can see beyond the wheelchair, that there's still a young man in there with many more years left to live to make something out of himself. >> bakooni is back on his feet and a junior at university. just another college student, except to someone who has visited washington's newest and
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most overdue memorial. david martin. at the veterans disabled for life memorial. next, a week of open water swimming.
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>> finally tonight, open water swimming is one of the most unforegiving unheralded supports in the world. in this week, 60 minutes sports is giving you a rare inside look. we visited the southern coast of ireland for something called cork distance week. >> pick it up. >> get on the boat. >> get in there dig harder, come on lindsay, this is your year. >> they came from around the world, doctors, teachers and homemakers, swimmers of all ages and sizes. >> good swim, well done. >> somebody might have been faster than you, bigger taller
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slimmer, doesn't matter, this is a sport about getting there. >> steve paine is a firefighters who stride to swim the english channel six times and failed. desperate he came all the way from australia, coming from the celtic sea. >> how much does this mean to you? >> everything. >> for nine grueling days, denison led, down rivers and streams through rapids and remote lakes, along ireland's dramatic cliffs and out to open sea. >> something in the human psyche loves this test. they seek it out, they want it, they want the challenge. >> in all they swim nearly 40 hours over 60 miles. since 2009, 46 of denison's swimmers have gone on to conquer the 21 miles from england to france. >> what is bit the english
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channel? >> it is epic, it's mythical. it's ugly, it's tough. >> i just want you to all close your eyes and i want to give you some real examples of what people have enjoyed in these big swims. you swim. the 200 meters from france. and there's a bank of fog so thick that the captain says, we can't go in. oh, by the way, the wind just picked up. you're cold, you're tired, everything hurts, you can cry for your mommy, you can get out or you can keep swimming. >> you can see our full report on distance week ned denison, 60 minutes on show time. this is the program. i'm jeff glor, scott pelley will be here tomorrow. good night.
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it up. now the city -- may ask the homeless for help. plus: a mountain lion leaves a gruesome calling cd on the doorstep of a bay ar home. and one wrong move.. could l disaster. what's tripping up kids at a popular bay ar soccer park. kpix 5 news is next. the trash is one problem. ,,
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figuring out who should be cleaning up this silicon va gateway.. is another. ng, i'm brian hackney. the trash is one problem, figuring out who should clean up the


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