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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 6, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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with ebola if the serious now in critical continue. thomas eric duncan has be getting treatment in dallas for weeks and this morning a photojournalist who caught the virus in liberia arrived at a hospital in nebraska. i was in the back shopping being held by one of the workers and suddenly we heard a gunshot. >> police are investigating a shooting overnight at a san leandro walmart. witnesses say a shoplifter opened fire inside the store after he and another man were stopped by a security guard. one suspect was taken to the hospital. the giants will look to complete a three-game this afternoon at at&t park. san francisco took a two-game to none lead over the nationals on saturday with an 18-inning victory. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. good morning, everyone. i am michelle griego. >> i am juliette goodrich.
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frank is off today. >> baseball returns to san francisco this afternoon. >> that's right. giants are one win away from advancing to the league championship series. kpix 5's ryan takeo live at at&t park where crews are putting the finishing touches on the field. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. this is a great seat we have right here. if only we could sit here during the game. but we're getting ready for game three of the nlds. it's the best of five series and the giants are up 2-0. take a look at at&t park right now. it's very quiet. but in eight hours it's going to be bedlam getting ready for the first pitch and the giants hope over on the field right there there is going to be a celebration as they are trying to get to the nlcs. but this game two that happened on saturday, wow, what a finish. take a look at how it ended. >> even you're getting into it now. >> yeah. >> belt with a drive hammered to deep right field, and that one
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is gone! >> reporter: brandon belt hit a solo shot in the 18th inning. the longest playoff game ever in post-season history. there is another one that also went 18 inspection, but this one was -- 18 innings, but this one was longer. giants fans up 2-0. they feel pretty good about the team's chances. >> i think it's going to be a perfect 1-2-3. >> 9-0 in the post-season. they haven't lost a game 9-0. >> reporter: the giants have their ace madison bumgarner going against doug pfister for the nationals. as we take a live look back here at at&t park, you see the bunting around the field. it feels like an opening day. no one is here yet. but we can expect that to change in just a couple of hours. we are live at at&t park. ryan takeo, kpix 5.
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>> for fans who want to avoid the hassle of driving, the san francisco bay ferry system plans to offer direct service to the stadium from the alameda main street, oakland jackman square and vallejo terminals. police are investigating a brutal beating at yesterday's 49ers game. they say two fans were attacked in a bathroom at levi stadium shortly after kick-off. they were taken to the hospital and we do not know their conditions. two other fans were arrested. it's still unclear what started this fight. now, a lot of 49ers fans missed the second half because of the heat in santa clara. you can actually see all of the empty seats on the sunny side of levi stadium at start of the 3rd quarter. it was 89 degrees then. first-aid workers say they treated some fans for heat-related issues. it is 6:03 right now. let's get a check on the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks, guys. and we have a couple of problems out the door. highway 4 this time of the morning is always really backed up. well, it may be a touch worse than normal. part of that concrete divider
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sounds like it broke off. some debris into the roadway. it is blocking one lane. you can see the latest tweet. we are seeing delays from the anitoch bridge straight on past that lone tree exit and then a little sluggish into pittsburgh bay point. up to the bay bridge. we are just hearing about the second stall just past the metering lights which are on, by the way. so you can see it's stacked up past the 880 overcrossing. you will wait for 10, 15 minutes to get on to the bridge. those delays are quickly growing. it won't take long to stack up through the maze. meantime, we got to get you out the door with the forecast. here is lauren. and some changes in the weather on this monday. we have some patchy dense fog on the coastline. in fact, out the door we go. we have visibility to half a mile in santa rosa. less than that on the immediate
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coastline as that thick fog returns with the sea breeze. so temperatures going to cool down near to the beaches today. you will see some 70s there. 80s inside the bay. but still some very hot 90s showing up for the valleys. it is mostly clear out over the bay, although you see a couple of fingers of fog if you look very, very closely. the temperatures in the 40s in santa rosa with the fog. 59 in san francisco. and 56 degrees in san jose. this afternoon we are back to 94 degrees in concord and hot there. 87 san jose. and 76 degrees in san francisco. that's a look at weather, guys. back to you. >> lawrence, thank you. new this morning, san leandro place are investigating a late night shooting. police are not releasing information quite yet, but witnesses say it appears there was a robbery attempt right around closing time at midnight. one customer says the sound of gunshots sent people scrambling for safety. they say one suspect was brought to a hospital. developing news now. an american cameraman diagnosed with ebola in liberia has just
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arrived in nebraska. meanwhile, the condition of another patient being treated in a texas hospital has become critical. marlie hall has the latest from dallas. >> reporter: a specialized plane carrying 33-year-old ashoka mukpo took off from bangor, maine, where it refueled en route in nebraska this morning. the freelance cameraman became ineffected with ebola while working for nbc in liberia. one of the countries in the midst of the outbreak. mukpo will be treated in isolation at the nebraska medical center. doctors will use the lessons they learned while treating american doctor rick sacra. he also contracted ebola in liberia but tested negative for the virus after treatment. sacra underwent tests for the disease once again in massachusetts over the weekend after coming down with a cough and fever. but late sunday the centers for disease control confirmed he does not have the virus. here in dallas thomas eric duncan is battling for his
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life. he is the first person diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. he flew from liberia it to texas last month. >> the patient in dallas is critically ill and we are really hoping for progress there in his care. >> reporter: authorities in dallas believe about 50 people may have been exposed to duncan. among them, a homeless man who rode in an ambulance immediately after duncan. officials will test all of them daily. marlie hall, cbs news dallas, texas. >> the federal government may place tighter checks on all travelers entering the u.s. from ebola hot zones in west africa. they would include taking people's temperature and asking questions to see if they had contact with anyone who was sick. here in the bay area the centers for disease control already has a medical officer stationed at sfo. >> it turns out that there is a contagious illness that a passenger has, they will work with the carriers and local health officials to make sure that all passengers are
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notified in a timely basis and that they get the appropriate treatment. >> there is a precedent in asia. in 2003, china used scanners. islamic militants have threatened to behead another american. 26-year-old peter kassig, an aid worker from indiana, was abducted a year ago. kassig's parents say he converted to islam while in captivity and changed his first name to abdul-rahman. meanwhile, the u.s. and allies are continuing airstrikes against isis targets in syria, but the militants are still making advances forcing hundreds of thousands of syrians to flee to neighboring turkey. >> isil is sophisticated in recruiting and training efforts online. >> fbi director james comey said about a dozen americans are fighting alongside isis and
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other such groups. and new this morning a suspect is underarrest following a suspicious fire in wallenda -- walnut creek. investigators in the contra costa fire department found a gasoline can on the scene. police then looked at surveillance video and recognized a transient arthur holden and took him into custody. major shake-up in silicon valley this morning. palo alto based hewlett-packard will split into two separate companies. one company will focus on the personal computer and printing businesses. the other company will focus on data storage and software. hp has laid off tenses of thousands of workers in recent years due to slow sales as consumers turn to mobile devices. this evening could be the one and only debate in a silicon valley congressional race that gained national attention. mike honda will face off against rhoa con a. he still trails in
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the polls. the debate about begin at 6 this evening in san jose. time now is 6:10. search is on for the malaysian airlines jet that vanished somewhere over the indian ocean. the powerful new tool that could finally help solve the mystery. and fleet week kicks off today with an emergency earthquake preparedness drill. i am kiet do. we have a live report coming up. the sea breeze is back and so is the fog. but take a little bit longer to cool us down. we will explain coming up. and it looks like two sets of stalls have cleared now over at the bay bridge toll plaza. unfortunately, it is slow all the way through the maze. coming up. the rest of the bay area bridges and mass transit. it's all after this break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at we are seeing patchy fog moving in along the coastline.
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a little patch or two right inside the bay. otherwise, clear in many of the interior valleys. changes will come in our weather. we will talk about that in just a few minutes. new this morning, several hundred demonstrators are camped out in hong kong vowing to keep up the pressure on the government. tens of thousands of people, mostly students, began pouring into the city september 28th to protest china's restrictions on the first direct election for hong kong's leader. schools reopened and civil servants returned to work as protesters cleared the area outside the city's government headquarters. and the search is back on for the malaysian airlines passenger plane that disappeared over the indian ocean. crews had to wait for months so the seabed could be mapped. they will use sonar equipment that goes beyond depths of two mice. the search area is still about the size of west virginia. >> it makes a great deal of difference because they will be able to hold a tighter path right above the ocean floor
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knowing what's coming ahead of time so they can go a little bit faster and get more done in less name. >> and the plane vanished back in march. it's 6:15. happening today fleet week returns to the bay area. >> very exciting. we missed it last year because of federal budget cuts. >> kpix 5 kiet do is at moffatfield field, you are getting a chance to ride along on an important drill this morning? >> reporter: yeah. we are going to take a ride on the mv22 osprey. they are going to try to answer the question, what happens if there is an earthquake in the bay area? how would the u.s. military respond? they would show up with this aircraft. the osprey. it's a tilt rotor aircraft that takes off like a helicopter but then converts to an airplane when the rotors tilt forward. it flies really fast. twice as fast and five times farther than previous helicopters. the mayor saw one of these and he specifically requested it for an exercise. this is exactly the kind of equipment he would want if
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there were a major earthquake in the bay area. the osprey will be transporting the so-called medical shuck trauma platoon from moffat field to sfo. from there the platoon will caravan to san francisco general hospital for more exercises. >> we are awfully lucky to have the fleet week that is here. they are a great draw. i think as part of san francisco's tourist attraction. >> reporter: and the blue angels will be back in town later this week along with the parade of many other ships and events. celebrating military service. you know, the osprey takes off at 8:00 this morning and it should be at san francisco general hospital sometime before lunchtime today. >> very nice. i know tickets are about $60 on some days. tell us about some other options. i know you can see -- there is some good hotspots to watch as well, right? >> reporter: yeah. marina green. you know, the blue angels come at about thursday or so. so you can see that for free as
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they practice. should save you a bit of money there. not as good as the real thing, the airshow this weekend. you know, hey, save yourself 60 bucks a. >> f.p.: live at mountain view, kiet do. >> you know, a couple years ago we went to pier 39. that was a good option. >> is it really free? because you buy more things there. >> very true. when you buy the crates and the little mini doughnuts. >> i know. >> fun story. all right. all eyes on the ground right now. if you are heading to the bay bridge toll plaza i promised i would tell you when it stacked up through the maze, and it has. it is stacked up for a 25- minute wait on to the span. they cleared the earlier stalls around the metering lights. those were switched on about a half hour ago. we are even seeing delays in some of the approaches of westbound 580. heavy from 24. you see the speeds averaging just below 30 miles per hour. and even if you are coming down
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the east shore freeway westbound 80 a little sluggish already through berkeley. so, yeah, the commute is definitely underway. if you are traveling highway 4 we got a little bit of a problem right here at lone tree. this is a tweet from kcbs traffic. causing debris in the roadway and slowing down the ride coming off the anitoch bridge. you see the delays beyond 160 four-on-four. and lawrence is going to touch on your forecast in a minute. meantime, you can see the fog. it is thick and heavy right now affecting visibility across the golden gate bridge. that is southbound traffic right now heading out of sausalito. that's your -- latest on the drive to work. sea breeze i can kicking in -- sea breeze kicking in. visibility down to half a mile in santa rosa. still that fog a sign of the winds switching directions now. that means we are going to see some changes in the temperatures the next couple of days. going to cool down the temperatures today but only on the coastline and just inside
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the bay. not a whole lot of change for many in the valley. sunny and hot there-and then slow cooling through the middle of the week. still we have got tropical storm simon in the south headed for ba half. up to the north high pressure in control. low clouds and fog beginning to make their way on shore. temperatures still hot in the central valley. 96 in sacramento. 99 in fresno. 78 in lake tahoe. 77, patchy fog in the morning hours of monteray. lots of sunshine into the afternoon. computer models picking up on low clouds and fog. breaking away towards the coastline and surging back on shore overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. we will see more fog surging further on shore the next few days. temperatures are still on the warm side. 86 degrees in santa clara. 95 and hot in morgan hill. 70s along the coastline. you will see a lot of 90s, even mid 90s the warmest spot inland. then inside the bay 76 degrees in san francisco. 80 in alameda. your sunrise time 7:10. sunset at 6:45.
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the next few days those temperatures cooling down back to normal by thursday and friday. we start to warm up. offshore winds getting hot again next weekend. >> if we go into extra innings today, let's just say. >> which we likely will. >> we will be good, huh? >> it will be a great day at the ballpark. bring your sunscreen. game time 2:07. it will be toasty out there. okay. 6:20 now. the gateway to the south bay's biggest city has turned into an eyesore. who you a clean-up project is also helping the city's less fortunate. coming up, how many tickets were punched in the american league championship series last night? and the 49ers had to rise up to defeat a former friend. the wrap coming up. ,,
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good morning everyone. another day. another new report that jim harbaugh could could be out of san francisco, but once again his team responds with a win. alex smith facing his former 49er team. late first half. chiefs leading 10-6. colin kaepernick. kaepernick looking for brandon lloyd. look at him go upstairs to make this catch. this was a 3rd and 9 play. so it kept the drive alive allowing phil dawson's fourth field goal of the day to give the 49ers a 19-17 lead. and san francisco goes on to win 22-17. baseball. tigers down 2-1 in the bottom of the 9th. baltimore. game three of the alds. two on and zach britton.
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the tigers lose baltimore. moving on. could mike scioscia and the angels avoid elimination versus the royals? bottom of the third eric hosmer took hector santiago deep and kansas city was 8-3. they sweep the angels. the royals go on to the american league championship series for the first time since the reagan administration. if our morning crew hasn't told you, three, four, five times, the giants this afternoon at 2:00. my sportscast will emanating from at&t tonight. it's going to be a great day, everybody. see you it evenin . >> i think ten times now. our play definitely from the national football league. carolina's billy brown picked up the loose ball on a punt return, ran it 79 yards right into the end zone. panthers beat the visiting chicago bears 31-24. >> nice. all right.
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6:25 now. another american infected with ebola has arrived in the u.s. how the outbreak could air travel in the near future. a driver is caught on tape slamming her suv to a doughnut shop. what should he is now blaming for the crash. ,, ,,,,,,
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live inside at&t park inside the dugout right now. we are getting you ready for game three as the giants look to sweep the nationals in the nlds. a major gateway into san jose has become a major embarrassment. but that's all about to change. sea breeze is back.
6:30 am
so is some dense fog outside. watch out for that. when will we cool things down? we will talk about that coming up. and one. worst commutes around the bay area, westbound 580 through the livermore valley. we will have all of your kcbs travel times in a few minutes. good morning everyone. it's monday, october 6. i am michelle griego. >> i am juliette goodrich. frank is off this morning. 6:30. >> an american diagnosed with ebola is back in the u.n. this morning. a plane carrying him arrived a short time ago in omaha, nebraska. that's where ashoka mukpo will be treated in an isolation unit. the freelance cameraman became ill last week in liberia. as andrew experiencer reports, the centers for disease control is considering increased screening for people entering the u.s. . >> reporter: the ebola outbreak could have an impact on airport security. health officials are looking at entry screenings and several other ways to limit the risk of infection to americans. >> we will look at those and see what works to protect americans
6:31 am
and to make sure that whatever we do doesn't unintentionally actually increase our risk. if we make it harder to fight the outbreak in west africa, we actually increase our own risk. >> reporter: stripping everything from the curtains to the carpet, a cleaning crew worked through the weekend to decontaminate this apartment in dallas. the team thomas duncan was staying with when he was diagnosed with ebola are still inquan teen. they are among a group of about 50 people, most of them considered low risk, being watched for fever or any other signs of the ebola virus. >> it's not exactly the easiest thing to transfer. it's not like a respiratory virus where it can get expelled into the air and people can get infected. the bad thing about it, though, is very high case fatality rate. if you do watch the virus your chances of surviving are around 50-50. >> reporter: officials are also keeping an eye on the people who rode in the same ambulance as duncan. among them, a homeless man who walked off becoming the subject of a nearly day-long search on
6:32 am
sunday before police found him and took him into custody. i'm andrew spencer. >> the four relatives who let duncan stay at their apartment are not showing signs of the virus. it spreads through direct contact with bodily flew outside of a patient showing symptoms. new morning, a late night shooting at a san leandro walmart. investigators are not releasing details but witnesses say it appears there was a robbery attempt just as the store was closing around midnight. one customer says the sound of gunshots sent people scrambling for safety. >> i was in the back just shopping, being helped by one of the workers, and suddenly we heard the gunshots and heard people screaming and we started heading towards the back. we ended up in the back room. >> witnesses say one suspect was brought to a hospital. two men are under arrest for an attack at yesterday's 49ers game. the assault happened in a restroom in the 300 level on the north side of levi stadium. two victims were taken to the hospital. no word on their conditions.
6:33 am
investigators are still trying to figure out what started the fight. in anaheim, police are looking for three men who attacked two other men in the parking lot after the angels-royals playoff game friday night. one of the victims was knocked unconscious. he is in critical condition. police say it was a random attack and they say there were no weapons and no sign it involved rival team loyalties. but they do think alcohol played a role. all right. 6:33. giants fans will be bringing out the brooms this afternoon. >> yes. they are hoping the giants can sweep the washington nationals and advance to the national league championship series. >> for more on today's festivities is kpix 5's ryan takeo live if san francisco. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: hi, jules and michelle. we are live inside the dugout here. the giants dugout. two wins down. nine more to go for another giants championship. i want to give you a cool look right here. this is what the players are going to see today. 2:00 start time.
6:34 am
you can see ios 8 eighth park is not -- at&t is not going to look like this, that's for sure. fans in the stands, capacity crowd expected. down back at the field they have the home plate covered. the pitching mound covered. but this field just look pristine. you see the post-season logo right there. they are all ready for baseball after a marathon in washington on saturday. >> you're getting into it now? >> yeah. >> belt with a drive hammered to deep right field, and that one is gone! >> belted it. 18th inning solo shot for brandon bell. that was the difference in the game of the longest game ever in post-season history. up 2-0. best of five series. the giants fans feel pretty good about the team's chances. >> you think it's going to be a perfect 1-2-3. >> 9-0 in the post-season.
6:35 am
>> reporter: giants ace mad some boston marathon on the hill -- madison bumgarner on the hill for the giants today. also, he will face doug pfisterer from the nationals. you see the banners out over there in left field. 2010 and 2012. hoping to keep the even number championship streak alive. it's not a must-win game, but ethey would like to close it out to set up the pitching for the next round and face the dodgers or cardinals. >> all right. 6:35 now. caltrain will be adding extra service for fans heading to the game. >> and the san francisco bay ferry service will provide direct routes from alameda, oakland and valet hoe. we know the score is going to be out of the ballpark, right? >> they are the giants. that's right. and the weather is going to be spectacular. i mean, what a nice day to get out there. lots of sunshine for the game.
6:36 am
temperatures well into the 70s. going to notice changes at least along the coastline. the fog is back along the coast. some of the patches making their way inside the bay. most spots away from the coastline. 80s in the bay. you will see 90s and still hot in the valleys. 70s towards the coastline. a nice look over the bay. you have nice clear skies as well. the temperatures a little cool into the north bay as you are looking at 48 and some fog in santa rosa. 59 in san francisco and 56 in san jose this afternoon. 82 in oakland. 87 degrees in san jose and about 76 and sunny in san francisco. all right. let's check on the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. hotspots, we have been pretty cool. we have been doing well as far as accidents, incidents. we are seeing traffic pick up though. we are seeing the usual congestion westbound 92. the san mateo bridge, it's up to 17 minutes. trying to get out of hayward, if you your commute takes you
6:37 am
southbound 880 trying to get to highway 92 the slowdowns begin around san leandro. we are seeing our usual slow traffic now out of tracy. the bulk of the commuter traffic is in the 205/580 split to the livermore valley. here is drive times for you. 880 the nimitz. clear through oakland. the bay bridge toll plaza is heavy. nearly a half hour from the carquinez bridge. that's your latest kcbs monday drive to work. back to you guys. >> thanks so much. a ped hit by a car in san francisco has -- a pedestrian hit by a car in san francisco has life-threatening injuries. it happened in the mission district about 7:30 last fight. the impact was hard enough to bend the hood and break the windshield. police say the driver stopped and is cooperating. witnesses told police the pedestrian ignored a light. one person was killed and five others hurt when a car crashed into a doughnut shop in
6:38 am
southern california. surveillance footage shows a silver jeep liberty plowing through the store. one man was sitting inside the shop at 9:30 saturday night when the window next to the parking lot exploded as the suv crashed through the store. >> just like going hit by a bunch of metal, just pushing against you, you know, at real high-speed. just feeling all the stuff. you mean -- i mean, it was like time slowed down. >> four others were seriously hurt. one victim died. police call the entire incident an accident. the 42-year-old woman behind the wheel told police she hit the gas instead of the brakes. a south bay freeway ramp is likely to look better later today. caltrans plans it to start cleaning up the ramp from interstate 280 to downtown san jose. the ramp has become a dumping ground. some people in the neighborhood are worried the trash will lead to crime. >> it gives the message that nobody is paying attention.
6:39 am
nobody cares and, therefore, i think it's increasing the crime in our neighborhood and in san jose. >> susan snideall thinks caltrans has been playing favorites. san jose councilman and mayoral candidate suggests using homeless people for clean-up duties. the return of fleet week to the bay area. >> it was canceled last year due to federal budget cuts. first will be a disaster preparation exercise. the marines use the mv-22 osprey aircraft in training for the next big earthquake in the bay area. the blue angels will again be the stars of the show. they will be back in town this week along with the parade of ships. it's a san francisco tradition celebrating military service that draws in tens of thousands of people to the waterfront. time now is 7:39.
6:40 am
the new iphone has been flying off the shelves and apple is already announcing plans for the next big unveiling. details straight ahead. and with november fast approaching election season officially gets underway today. how a surge in voting by mail is changing the face of american elections. ,,,,,,,,
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helping you find a dentist you'll want to go to for the rest of your life. we've helped over 8 million people find that dentist, and we can do the same for you. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪ starting out a with patchy dense fog. cooler temperatures near the coastline. inside the peninsula you find a whole lot of sunshine. temperatures going to be down a few degrees. still on the warm side. 88 degrees in campbell. 87 in san jose. a hot 95 in morgan hill. it will take another couple of days before that cool marine air works its way inland. so the mid 90s in the warmest interior valleys. the sea breeze, though, as you make your way into alameda 80 degrees in the afternoon. 92 in napa.
6:44 am
95 degrees in sonoma. 88 santa rosa. into san francisco lots of sunshine this afternoon and much more comfortable. 76 degrees. all right. 6:44 now. time for a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morningments charlie rose joins us now from new york. good morning. >> hey, good morning, michelle and julia. ahead we will talk to the head of the cdc and learn what the american medical community is doing to stay ahead of ebola. plus, girls from europe are heading to syria to make a new home with isis. how the terror group is recruiting teens to marry militants. we go on the road with willie nelson. the news is back in the morning. see you at seven. >> sounds great. thanks so much. cbs this morning starting at 7:00. there is a big monday morning announcement from a silicon valley giant. >> here is c cbs financial reporter jason brooks. good morning, jason. >> reporter: good morning. big deal coming from hewlett-packard. the company will split itself
6:45 am
into two different publicly traded companies. one will be focused on pcs and printers. the other on enterprise services. that includes data centers, software and all sorts of it services for enterprise. that is the main growth company. that's the one that ceo meg whitman will remain ceo of. hewlett-packard enterprise. the or one hp, inc. will be headed up by dion weissler. that company not the big growth model. printer and pc sales have been gradually weakening over the past several years, although pc sales had a nice rebound for hp in the most recent quarter. a lot of businesses have had to refresh their pc line-ups after microsoft ended support for windows xp. hewlett-packard shares up about 5% in early trading on that news. >> also, yahoo is reportedly about to invest a lot of money that it got from the ali baba ipo into snapchat. it would give snapchat a valuation of $10 billion. that company has about 100 million users of its
6:46 am
instant messaging service. that's where people second photographs and have a time limit of one to ten seconds on how long that photograph could be looked at before it disappears from the service. >> he the big board -- the big board, a big rally friday. off to a good start this morning as well. the dow up well over 80 points. nasdaq gaining 18. the s&p is higher by 10 points. back to you. >> jason brooks from kcbs news. thank you. cupertino based apple appears ready to launch yet another product. >> it was just weeks ago apple unveiled the iphone 6. well, now the technology news website says apple will hold an event october 16 to highlight updates to its ipad line. they say apple will also show off new imacs and the latest osx operating system. all right. 6:46. let's check in with elizabeth. a busy morning on the roadway. >> it has. out to fairfield. it's probably a new problem
6:47 am
spot brewing. it's a five-car accident. it is blocking lanes and you can already see the slowdowns on the sensors. so it's westbound 80 right there before the 680 split. multi-car crash. delays are building near highway 12. it's even a little bit sluggish once you get past that accident scene. bay bridge has been stacked up for a while. 5:47 is when they activated the metering lights. westbound 580 probably one of the worst approaches or is the worst approach. sluggish from beyond the 24 interchange. 34 minutes now from the carquinez bridge to the maze. if you want to ride mass transit everything is on time. bart systemwide to delay. for the giants game at 2:00 cal trains and the ferries stepping up service. don't expect any parking spots to be left though. they will be filled from the morning commute. westbound highway 4 sluggish, obviously, through anitoch. we also have damage to the k
6:48 am
rail, that concrete divider blocking one right lane. that debris is out there. extra slow out to pittsburgh. that is your kcbs drive to work. foggy out the door as well. here is lawrence with that. a sign in the change of the weather. the wind has changed directions on the coastline. that sea breeze is making a return. today still going to stay hot. on the coastline that fog has moved in. that will help to cool you down there. by the afternoon skies becoming mostly sunny away from the coast and then the temperatures going to be just slightly cooler inside the bay and still hot in many of the valleys. slow cooling ahead as we look towards the mid. week. tropical storm simon in the south. up to the north we have high pressure in control. but the ridge is starting to weaken and that means that sea breeze going to move further on shore with low clouds and fog through the middle of the week. temperatures hot in the central valley. 96 in sacramento. 99 fresno. 77 degrees and patchy fog in the monterey bay. computer models picking up low clouds and fog and overnight
6:49 am
tonight into early tomorrow morning surging further on shore. that's a sign we will see the next few days. the fog is going to move further on shore and the temperatures will be cooling down. today up a bit. warm side in the south bay. 80s, even some 90s along the coastline. that will bring those temperatures down generally in the 70s. east bay though staying on the hot side. mid 90s in many spots there. inside the bay you will see the sea breeze. 76 degrees and mostly sunny in san francisco. 92 in napa. about 88 degrees in santa rosa. next couple days the temperatures cooling back to normal on wednesday and thursday. warming up offshore winds likely with much warmer temperatures next weekend. back to you. >> lawrence, thank you. election day is still a month away, but election season starts today as ballots are mailed out to millions of voters. >> political analyst melissa griffen cane joins us with more. good morning. good morning. this is such an exciting day. yay! for those of you who are permanently getting vote by mail ballots you will be getting
6:50 am
your ballots soon because election departments are sending them out today. california's history of mail ballot voting goes back to 1873 when a number of californians were out of the state fighting the civil war. the governor signed a law allowing citizens to vote by mail. this is from a soldier fighting in virginia on election day. he vote for governor and wrote in emperor north the first. not sure if that's a down grade from emperor. since then several laws have been passed to make it available to everyone. according to the secretary of state, in the june primary 69% of the total votes cast were mail ballot votes. a phenomenal percentage there. >> we were talking about how we like the tradition of going to the polls and to sort of thing. with so many people voting by mail, will we still have election days?
6:51 am
>> it's a great question. at some point election day is deadline for mail ballots day, right? a recent study by uc davis showed that young people and people of color are more likely to vote on election day. so it's unlikely that we would move to an all mail ballot system any time soon. while election day is here to stay, one downside to mail ballots is that they muck up election night. it takes days to count those ballots. so close races can't be called on election night. back in the june primary it took a week before we knew weather betty yee or john perez would be moving forward in the state controllers race. >> there is something nice about getting that sticker. i voted. i love the sticker. i love it. so does this affect candidates and campaigns? >> it certainly does. and they tend to love it, actually, base instead of one election day we have 30. one consultant told me instead of a macy's one-day sale, you have a 30-day sale. can't argue with that. some politicians love it because they have more time to convince
6:52 am
people to vote for their candidate or cause. this is expensive. they have to raise a lot of money early. also, it allows campaigns to change their message midstream. for example, people over 55 vote earlier. so campaigns target them earlier. and then closer to election day they run ads targeting younger voters who tend to wait. now, none of this is any fun unless your mail ballot gets counted. every year thousands do not. for tips to make sure your ballot gets counted check us out at cbs >> head to the polls or send your ballots in. >> g head to the post office. >> exactly. time now is 6:52. a new search has been launched for the wreckage of the missing malaysian airlines jet. the powerful new tool that could finally provide some answers. i am ryan takeo live at at&t park. they are getting the park ready. you see the workers making sure
6:53 am
the windows are squeaky clean for game three of the series. we will get you ready for game three coming up. ,, it was art that brought us together in the first place. and it's working its magic once again. here it means more than lines or pictures on a page. it's a way of life. it's music and color. the more we give in to the magic of this place, the more we'd like to stay. oaxaca. live it to believe it. ♪(themstan! ! !om cheers) hey guys!
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6:56 am
is back in the u-s. ashoka five things to know at the 55. an american cameraman diagnosed with ebola last week is back in the u.s. ashoka mukpo will be treated in a specialized isolation unit at a nebraska hospital. in dallas, the first person diagnosed with ebola on u.s. soil is in critical condition. thomas eric duncan took a turn for the worse over the weekend. isis is threatening to behead yet another american. and also a typhoon had hit tokyo causing -- typhoon hit tokoyoio
6:57 am
causing major damage. one man was killed. the others are still missing. >> a new search begins today for the wreckage of malaysia airlines flight 370. 239 people were on board when the plane vanished from radar over the indian ocean in march. this time search crews have more powerful sonar equipment and better maps of the ocean floor. and the u.s. supreme court has just rejected appeals from five states seeking to ban same-sex marriages. that could pave the way for immediate expansion of gay and lesbian unions. the justices did not explain why it chose to hear the appeals. >> i am ryan takeo live at at&t park. giving you a live look all morning right here. take a look. they are trying to add to those banners. they are two wins down. nine more to go until another giants' championship. they are hoping to keep that 2010, 2012 even numbered streak
6:58 am
alive. the field is all road. post-season painten field. it's looking good here at at&t park. the pitchers mound is covered. so is the home plate. we are expecting 40,000 plus here. standing room only probably for game three. 2-0 lead for the giants. it's hardly ever like this. it's so quiet right now. coming up at 2:07, that's the first pitch time for game three. it's going to be raucous in here. the players hope they will be celebrating on the field. giants and nationals 2:07 here at at&t park. live at at&t park. ryan takeo, kpix 5. and right there they are offering extra service just for the giants game. here is a live look out the door right now. south bay 101, there was an accident quickly cleared to the right-hand shoulder. unfortunately, good sized delays for this time of the morning in the northbound lanes. traffic beyond capitol
6:59 am
expressway. this multi car crash continues to cause major delays in fairfield. it is now stacking up beyond highway 12. out to the bay bridge we have been talking about this for a while, it is backed up east of the maze. 580 still slow from the 24 interchange. lawrence. and we are seeing patchy fog out there this morning. so a change in the weather. you can see the fog right there near treasure island if you look closely on the left side of your screen. but it's fairly low. it's a dense fog that has moved on shore this morning. going to break it up. looking at a lot of sunshine this afternoon. 87 degrees in san jose. hot in the valleys in the 90s there. as you approach the coastline you will see the sea breeze and that helps to cool you down. 76 in san francisco. 71 in pacifica. the next couple of days cooling down the temperatures each day and finally getting heat relief in the valleys on wednesday and thursday. but next weekend offshore wind kicks back in and the temperatures heating right back up. >> not too bad. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. remember your next local update is at 7:26. cbs this morning is coming up
7:00 am
next. bring your sunscreen if you are going to the giants game. go giants! good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday r 6th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a dire turn for the ebola patient in dallas. the cdc director joins us. the young women of isis. how girls as young as 14 are being radicalized by the terror group. and bubble trouble. the man who tried to run across the ocean and the rescue he says that did not need to happen. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> freelance cameraman ashoka mukpo in omaha for treatment. >> the man infected with ebola arrives for treatment in the


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