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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 9, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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look what we have here. the ladies in red. >> yes. >> burnt orange a little bit. >> giants orange. >> yeah. >> and pink! >> and pick, yeah. [ laughter ] >> nice. thank you very much, guys. good morning to you. hey, looks like it's going to be a good day ahead although the temperatures will be cooling down around the bay area at least in some spots. we have some more fog today. the weekend though could be very nice, we'll talk more about that coming up. to the roads, 92 san mateo bridge so far, so good just a heads up westbound. taking the south 101 connector, that road is closed until 6 a.m. >> thank you. national football league owners were the first to see a video that will be shown to all nfl personnel. >> think about the women in your life, the women that you love and care for, the women that have nurtured you. our mothers -- >> the video was shown at yesterday's owners meeting. kpix 5's joe vazquez reports, it's part of an education session on domestic violence and sexual assault. >> how do we redeem this
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moment? >> reporter: the video features former nfl player joer minute who is now a motivational speaker. he asks the viewer to imagine a lady in your life, a wife, daughter or niece. >> imagine that they are at a party and there's some man in there that starts to assault them. physically, sexually, verbally. think about your feelings toward that perpetrator of violence. >> his voice is credible. >> reporter: brian o'connor says the video reflects the kind of conversation his group and others like it have been having with the nfl lately. what he is waiting to see is the league take more action. >> right now it's still just talk. the important piece is what is the program and what's the education and training that's going to be in place that we can stop the violence and get ahead of it before it starts. >> i just don't think a video
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is going to change a culture that's indoctrinated with that kind of behavior. >> it's unfortunately part of humanity, which doesn't change because someone makes a commercial or not going to change because the nfl decides to take a stand. it's not going to change until every, single one of us decides to change it. >> are they going to be relationally successful in life and understand they have a responsibility to get back and to make a difference. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> a second allegation of sexual assault has been made against a former 49er. a massage therapy says cj stillman tried to rape her last year. that's according to a report in the "new york daily news." spillman told police it's not true and that whatever did happen was consensual. another woman accused spillman of sexually assaulting her after a dallas hotel last month. police are still investigating those allegations. 4:32 now. a brutal attack at levi's stadium started with a group of men waiting in line in a
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restroom. one man nudged another on the shoulder to tell him a stall was open. prosecutors say that's what started it. the suspects did not enter pleas at their first court appearance yesterday. amador rebollero, he is the one with the struggle tattoo on his face. he is accused of throwing the most damaging blows. prosecutors say his brother dario was also involved. one of the victims has a severe brain injury. >> he has some bleeding to the brain. he has had to have a partial skull removal to relieve some of the pressure. and he is currently suffering from some paralysis. >> the suspects are expected to enter pleas in three weeks. now, the fight happened on sunday before the 9ers game against the chiefs. afterwards, the two suspects ran from the restroom but security soon tracked them down. crews are batting five wildfires in the sierra this morning forcing the partial
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closure of 80 in placer county. the applegate fire started yesterday afternoon. so far, at least two homes and several other buildings have burned. cal fire says another 80 structures are threatened. there are manhattanner to evacuations in several communities. 380 acres are scorched and the fire is only 10% contained. firefighters have closed part of interstate 80 the main route through the sierra. right now on the eastbound side, just one lane is open from applegate to we mar. for a while, yesterday, helicopters actually landed on the freeway to bring firefighters. one woman said crews couldn't prevent her home from burning to the ground. >> what i have now is on the back of my p.t. cruiser which won't start at the moment. it started when it had to, though. you know, we got the people and the animals out and we're thankful for that.
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>> investigators are still working on determining a cause. such dry conditions. yesterday was so hot. it continues. >> yeah. looks like it's going to cool down the next couple of days. we'll get a little relief from the heat. but this weekend looks like those offshore winds return. the fire danger will be elevated but then major changes toward next week. out the door we go. we have patchy fog a little thicker this morning and moving inside the bay and some of the valleys now. so i think it will be a cooler day ahead as the fog will be slow to clear. out over sfo you can see the fog. temperatures are generally running in the 50s and the 60s. by the afternoon, still on the warm side inland. about 86 in concord. 80 in san jose. 75 in oakland. and 67 degrees a little breezy in san francisco. all right. let's check the roads now with gianna. >> good morning. let's jump to the golden gate bridge right now and show you traffic conditions as you work your way out of marin county into san francisco of a little foggy there still limited visibility. no accidents reported in this area. a new wreck at the bay bridge is eastbound just on the lower
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span heading into oakland. looks like two lanes may be blocked. we'll get more details on that as it comes in. heading from oakland to san francisco everything is clear no delays. 92 san mateo bridge off to a good start. heads up westbound to the south 101 connector closed until 6 a.m. for roadwork. 880 looks good northbound into oakland. southbound no delays to report as you work your way towards hayward. that's traffic. >> thank you. 4:36. the latest developments on that wildfire at yosemite national park. the dog rock fire has burned 250 acres and is now 10% contained. the pilot who died tuesday has been identified as craig hunt of san jose. we have more now from kpix 5's andria borba. >> they were just trying to keep it from jumping the canyon. reporter: on eagle peak road in el portal -- >> you can see the scars from the previous fire. >> reporter: -- the beating of chopper blades has become the rhythm of the neighborhood this
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summer. >> it is a little scary, but we love to hear that sound because it means they are on it. it means they're fighting the fire, protecting us. >> they make such a racket taking the water out of the river. >> reporter: neighbors were watching the air attack on the dog rock fire when they saw grumman s2t pilot craig hunt, a 13-year veteran, make his last retardant drop. >> when he came over the edge to drop the retardant, we saw him tilt and the missing wing clipped the tree or something, we really don't know yet, but then he went straight down and then just somersaulted all the way down the canyon and that's when it exploded crosses the flaming wreckage skidded down the granite leaving a debris trail a quarter mile long before finally stopping on highway 140. >> gut-wrenching. >> reporter: and from eagle peak road a reminder of hunt's sacrifice, a line of red retardant scarring the mountain marking where his firefight ended. >> we live in a beautiful area,
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comes with the territory. but these guys put their lives on the line all the time, every day. people just don't get that. >> reporter: even last night the people of el portal before they even knew craig hunt's name said they wanted to start a memorial fund for his family because of his death. they say they absolutely want to follow through on this. in el portal, andria borba, kpix 5. >> now, for now, cal fire has grounded all of its s2ts, the type of plane that crashed. the man who says an uber driver attacked him may be permanently blinded in one eye. roberto chicas' left eye is swollen shut and his face is bruised. he and two friends caught an uber ride to a san francisco home last month. investigators say the driver patrick karajah bludgeoned him in the head after he complained about the route the driver was taking. >> the cab came, we got in and the next thing i remember i was in the icu and doctors were working on my left eye.
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they told me that i had suffered severe face and head injuries caused by a hammer. >> chicas' lawyer says uber should be responsible. the company has suspended the driver. taxi drivers were out in san francisco protesting uber. demonstrators yesterday said it's not fair. the city regulates the taxi industry. taxi companies blame uber and other ridesharing services for decimating their business. >> ebola warning signs have gone up at a bay area hospital in bold red letters warning all patients if they have any risk factors that could lead to ebola, tell staff immediately. the signs at john muir in walnut creek say it's just a warning. >> purely precautionary. we know ebola is very difficult to transmit between -- from human to human other than bodily fluids. so it's just a precaution at this point. we just want people to be aware and so that we do take the best
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care of them. >> the signs are posted in the emergency rooms and urgent care centers. we have developing news about efforts to keep ebola from spreading in the united states. susan mcginnis reports the first person who contracted ebola on u.s. soil died. >> reporter: dozens lit candles last night to remember thomas eric duncan. yesterday he became the first person in the u.s. to die of ebola. duncan's fiancee, who remains in quarantine, told friends she is heartbroken. >> the first thing she said, my baby is gone. i'm finished. >> reporter: health officials are monitoring about 50 people who had varying degrees of contact with duncan for signs of the virus. they say out of an abundance of caution, a sheriff's deputy who is exhibiting ebola-like symptoms has been hospitalized. he had been in the dallas apartment where duncan stayed after he arrived from liberia. >> we're very kind of scared, just want to make sure he's okay. >> reporter: in response to the
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spread of ebola, the white house says passengers traveling from west africa to five u.s. airports will be questioned and have their temperatures taken. the tougher screenings start this weekend at jfk in new york and later at washington dulles, newark international, atlanta hartsfield and chicago o'hare. >> we recognize that whatever we do until the outbreak is over in west africa, we can't get the risk to zero in this country. >> reporter: officials say those airports receive the majority of travelers from west africa where the outbreak has killed thousands of people. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. a freelance cameraman who got ebola while on assignment in liberia was given a blood transfusion yesterday to help fight the virus. contra costa county has its first case of enterovirus, a child who has since recovered from the respiratory illness. and that brings the number of cases to six in the bay area, two in alameda county, one in san francisco, and one each in solano and santa cruz counties. the virus appears as a common
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cold in most children, but it can cause severe respiratory problems especially in kids with asthma. plenty of anticipation leading up to this evening's announcement of the ceo of tesla motors. elon musk released a statement last week saying he will reveal what the d and something else is all about. some analysts say the d stand for driver less. the announcement is scheduled for 7 p.m. tonight at the hawthorne airport in los angeles county. there's some speculation apple is about to unveil at least a new ipad. the company has sent out invitations for an event to be held at its current cupertino headquarters a week from today. the invitations include the cryptic message, it's been way too long. apple has dominated the tablet market since ipads were first introduced in 2010. but sales have declined lately. >> there's probably going to be new colors such as potentially a gold version. we're also going to see the fingerprint sensor and some of the other features that have made it into the iphones but
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haven't hit the ipad yet. we're also going to see new macs and the new mac operating system called yosemite. >> apple is expected to launch a new mobile payment system sometime this month. 4:43 now. what would you do if you caught a mountain lion chillin' on top of your car? the big cat that's all the talk in a san jose neighborhood. >> i would hide in my house! and what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,
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a broader mix of energies, world needs to move, to keep warm, to make clay piggies. that's why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. making a plea directly to t leader of isis... the terror group threatening to kill t son, peter kassig. as c-b-s news' kris van cleave repor. kassig's hometown of indianapolis hel gil, praying for h developing news, the parents of a u.s. aid worker are making a plea directly to the leader of isis. the terror group threatening an and british
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es. kassig's parents say their son sent
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american and british hostag. kassig's parents say their n sent them a letter in june, sayi he's afraid to die... but if he does, he hopes they'll take comfort in the fact het to syria to help others more than six weeks after t napa earthquake... we're geg our first scorecard on the disaster response. on the positive side: immed help from across the bay ar meant there were plenty of t responders on hand... one problem that did emerge: areas with mostly non- englh speaking residents were reluctant to report problem and ask for help. { mayor jill techel "but when you knock on yourr and you say ' i'm a building inspector, we'd like to loot your home,' they re they'ret sure you're from government, they're not sure they trust. they're not sure that you ll come in and tag their house they'll be out of their hou and have nowhere to go." and there could be more pros ahead: when rain finally comes. it will expose damaged roofs and chimneys seem perfectly fine now. time is 4-- here's
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meteorologist lawrence with check of weather. people in part of san jose's almaden valley are keeping a close eye
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out for a big cat. kpix five's betty yu reports that's because the animal sd up on surveillance video tuy morning.
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david tang calls this a onc a lifetime surprise. sot: david tang / homeowner "it s scary. and i did not expects area because this is still of san jose, even though we in mountain area." just bef3 am, the cat leaped onto the hood of his camry. he shared this video hoping to alert s almaden valley neighbors. ty live near popular hiking tr. sot: david tang "the major concern i have is the safetr the kids, and lots of single people doing a morning walk sot: stephanie owen / neighr "i run and walk on this strt nearly every day at dusk s'm not too excited about that." bridge: betty yu "the mountn lion spent about 30 secondsn top of david's car, and then walked across his front yar after that, it disappeared his neighbors backyard." so shawn stuck / neighbor "i'm little concerned for my dogs actually." "i have a littleg that would be like a scooby snack." the california department of fish and wild believes this cat weighs abt 125 pounds and is probably o to three years old. it's unl for people to run into moun lions, but it's not hard tod their prey around echo ridge drive. sot: shawn "deer, coyotes all the time you he them at night." "i mean we the cats were around but we just never knew they were cg so close." the state department of fisd wildlife says the animal dit do anything wrong, and does
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not pose a threat. right now, there are no pla to track it. time is 4: cages.. candles.. pets.. and prayer how they're all tied togethn protest. and we want to invite all y pet lovers: send us your questis about their health and well-being just email "petst kpix dot com", or on our facebook page just search kpix/cbs... we'll have our t expert give you an answer e friday here at noon dozens of people held a vig,
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outside an animal shelter in martinez. they want the shelter to st killing animals that might suitable for adoption. they four thousand animals were killed at the shelter last . the group wants to make the contra costa county facilita so- called "no kill" shelte and they say it can work. "and my tax dollars, i don't want them being spend on killing these innocent compn animals." "there are alternatives out there. the are successful no kill and admission municipal sheltert there." the mayor of martinez attend the vigil... and said the ce would require approval from board of supervisors and significant funding. today the bart board will ve on a plan to partner with a transit to provide overnighs service. it would run between san
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francisco and the east bay saturday and sunday mornings when bart trains aren't run. the one year pilot program d start in december. bart has already secured about 800 thousand dollars to fund the overnight bus trips. a coffee chain is now makin easier, for customers to ple orders by phone. the mobile payment company "square" now has an app that allows customers of "be bottle coffee" to place ord in theory, the coffee will ready when the customer arr. for now, it only works in be bottle shops in san francis and new york. it's 4-- multiple homes are destroyed and dozens of others in danger as wildfir close part of interstate-80 the details on how much of s contained after the break...
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frank mallicoat. let's get a look at weatherd traffic. here's meteorologist lawrence.


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