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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 9, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and i'm juliette goodrich, k mallicoat is off today crews are battling five wildfires in the sierra this morning, forcing lane closus on the main route to lake t. the "applegate fire" started yesterday afternoon east of auburn. so far, at least two homes and several other buildings have burned. cal says another 80 structures e threatened. there are manda evacuations in several communities. 380 acres are scorched... and the fire's y ten percent contained. the cause is still under investigation.
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caltrans closed lanes to alw firefighting helicopters tod on the freeway. right now, the eastbound side, just one lane is open from applegateo weimar (wee-mar). now, the latest development that wildfire at yosemite national park... the "dog rock fire" has burned 250 a and is now ten percent contained. the pilot who di tuesday has been identifieds craig hunt of san jose. more now, from k-p-i-x five's andria borba. nats they were just trying to ket from jumping the canyon on e peak road in el portal nats beating of chopper blades h become the rhythm of a neighborhood this summer. ns kris kliewer/el portal it is a little scary, but we love to hear sound because it means the'e on it. it means they're figg the fire protecting us. they make such a racket, you know taking wat out of the river. nats yesty afternoon, neighbors were watching the air attack on e dog rock fire wheb they saw grumann s-2t pilot craig hua 13 year veteran make his la retardant drop. gene faulknl portal when it over the edge and dropped t retardant, just as it came . went straight down and just somersaulted and that's whet exploded. the flaming wrecke skidded down the granite leg a debris trail a quarter mi long before finally stoppin highway 140. gut wrenching. and from eagle pk road - a reminder of hunt's sacrifice - a line of red retardant scarring the moun -- marking where his fire f ended. we live beautiful area. it comes wi the territory, but these gu put their lives on the line the time, everyday and peop just don't get that. cal fire has grounded all os s-2-t's... the type of plane that crashed. the agency
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its s-2-t's... the type of e that crashed. the agency
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wants to make sure the restf the fleet is safe. let's check in with liz for check on our morning commut let's get a look at weather.
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here's meteorologist lawren karnow. happening today .. the navy returns to the bay area for big show. ships and planes are here f fleet week. the big event returns to thy area after missing last year because of budget cuts. kpix five's anne makovec isn the water front in san francisco.
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:18:45:14--:22 "we were just talking about it, how the airplanes on the back, how awesome it is that the navy carriers have guys that fly those planes." lank rowland fleet week festivities incle navy ship tours today..
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the parade of ships tomorro saturday night -- fireworkst pier 39. and on saturday and sunday, the blue angelsl bring their daring air showo the bay. we have developing news abo the ebola threat... warning signs have gone up n east bay hospital..warning people about the disease. s painted with bold red lette warn of ebola risk factors. sign is at john muir in walt creek. the hospital tells us it's just a precaution. in texas, the first death o ebola patient in the u-s is being mourned. thomas eric
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duncan died yesterday in da. health officials are watchi about fifty people who had contact with duncan.. meanw, the white house says people flying from west africa to u-s airports will be questi and have their temperatures taken. "we recognize .. this count the extra screening begins this weekend at j- f-k in n york... it will expand to washington- dulles, newark internationa atlanta-hartsfield and chico o- hare. new this morning... money from a settlement... between the city of richmond chevron... will help keep a hospital open in neighborinn pablo. richmond's city council voted to use 15-mil dollars of that money, to prevent the closure of docts medical center. the money comes from a "community bens package"... previously negotiated between chevron d the city of richmond. the time is 6: isis is threatening to kill another american aid worker in syri
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now, the family of the form army ranger is making a plea directly to the leader of t militant group. weather ad libs traffic ad libs time is 5-- i'll have your complete ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at forecast in just a few minu breaking news in hong kong. government officials have canceled talks with student protest leaders... saying ty
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are unlikely to be construc. pro-democracy protesters ha been blocking main roads for nearly two weeks. now talks that had been scheduled for friday are off. hong kong's chief secretary says remark student leaders have seriouy undermined the prospect for negotiations. earlier, protest leaders called on supporters to increase their presence on a highway outsi government headquarters. new this morning... the family of a us-aid works making a plea to the leaderf isis, the terror group threatening to kill their s. "in the seven years i've knn abdul-rahman i've seen him really passionate about a lf things, but never as passio about what it is he's doingn syria. " hundreds gathered for a vign indianapolis to call for the release of 26- year-old amen aid worker peter kassig, now known as abdul-rahman. he's currently being held captive by isis d threatened with a beheading. "abdul-rahman, he's a medice makes a habit of going into danger zones, and trying top people out. while everybodye is getting out, he's going "
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isis has already beheaded t americans and one british hostages. kassig's parents say their n sent them a letter in june saying he is afraid to die t if he does he hopes they'lle comfort in the fact he went to syria to he others. a big silicon valley company plans a major announcement evening. elon musk... founder of palo alto-based tesla... has offered some c about what the electric carr has planned. k-p-i-x five's kiet do is le at the tesla plant in fremo. with the speculation on what musk has in store for the industry. the announcement is schedul
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for seven this evening... ae hawthorne airport in l-a co. that's near another musk company... space-x. let's get a check on our trc
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and weather. toss traffic ts traffic toss traffic we are interested to
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know what kinds of restauras are open at this time of the morning in the bay area. kpix five's roberta gonzales been looking to try and find out.
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she joins us live now from a coffee shop on lincoln avenn alameda. and roberta, what is on the minds of customers this mor? the n-f-l has launched a new campaign aimed at stopping e league's domestic violence problem...
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campaign aimed at stopping e league's domestic violence problem... coming up at 6:3 why some experts say its ju another meaningless gesture. ,,,,
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basketball in germany... al berlin's jamel mclean threwa desperation shot, with a half-second left in the gam and.. it went in! that shot at the buzzer gave berlin a 93-92 win... over the n-b-a champn san antonio spurs. it's 6-- ebola warning signs are going up in at let one bay area hospital. we'll have the latest on a growing nationwe effort to keep the virus fr spreading. reporter ad libs as new wildfires continue to break
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out around northern around northern california -- witns give new insight into the crash that killed a baya firefighting pilot. the n-f-l launches a new puo stamp out violence against women... as new allegations surface against a former 49. weather ad libs traffic ad libs good morning. it's thursday, october 9th. i'm michelle griego
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and i'm juliette goodrich. e is 6-- bay area hospitals are takio chances when it comes to the ebola virus. a warning is posted at john muir medical center in walnut creek. it s patients to tell staff immediately if they have any risk factors for ebola. the u-s is stepping up efforts to stop the spread the ebola virus. five major airports will start screeni passengers for symptoms.. a, susan mcginnis reports the t person diagnosed with the v on u-s soil has died. -nats- amazing grace dozens candles last night at wilshe (will-sher) baptist church dallas to remember thomas ec duncan. yesterday he became first person in the u-s to e of ebola. duncan's fiance, o remains in quarantine, told friends she's heartbroken. ) the first thing she said wa baby is gone i'm finished hh officials are monitoring abt 50 people, who had varying degrees of contact with dun for signs of the virus. they out of an abundance of caut a sheriff's deputy who is exhibiting ebola like sympts has been hospitalized. he h been in the dallas apartment where duncan stayed after he arrived from liberia. (sot n monnig/ son) we're very... a scared, just want to make se he's okay. (standup) in response to the spread of e, the white house says passen traveling from west africa five u-s airports will be questioned and have their temperatures taken. (gfx) t tougher screenings starts ts weekend at jfk in new york, later at washington dulles, newark international, atlanta-hartsfield and chico o-hare. (sot - dr. tom frie/ cdc director) - "we recogni that whatever we do until t outbreak is over in west af, we can't get the risk to zen this country." officials say those airports receive the majority of travelers from africa -- where the outbreas
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killed thousands of people. susan mcginnis cbs news washington. a freelance cameraman who contracted ebola while on assignment in liberia was g a blood transfusion yesterdo help fight the virus. fast planes and big ships a getting a lot of attention
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around the bay... fleet week has returned aft missing a year. the blue angels will be flyg around the area starting th afternoon. kpix five's anne makovec has highlights from the waterfrt in san francisco. 18:46:20 its a very impresse vessel. i guess it's going be commissioned on saturda'm hoping to be attending that. 18:48:49wow i've never beens close to an aircraft carrier before." here are some fleet week highlights.. there are navy
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ship tours today.. tomorrow, it's the parade of ships. saturday night -- fireworks at pier 39. and on saturday and sunday--thee angels will take to the skyr the bay.
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time is 6-- let's get a look at weather and traffic. here's meteorologist lawren karnow. crews are battling five wildfires in the sierra, whh have closed lanes on inters 80 in
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placer county. the fires... collectively known as the "applegate fir. started yesterday afternoon far, at least two homes and several other buildings have
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burned. cal fire says another 80 structures are threatened. there are mandatory evacuations in sel communities. 380 acres are scorched... and the fire's y ten percent contained. these are live pictures of e closures on interstate 80 r now. the lanes have been closed since yesterday. fire crews have been landing helicopters on the freeway move firefighters and equip. the c- h-p has not given a for reopening. interstate 80 is the main r between sacramento and the truckee- tahoe area. right on the eastbound side... ju one lane is open from apple to weimar (wee-mar). for a while yesterday, helicopters actually landedn the freeway... to bring firefighters to the scene. one woman says the fire sprd so quickly, crews coiuld not prevent her home from burnio the ground. "your whole life is there. u know what i have now is in the back of my pt cru which won't start at the mo. it started when it had to th so, we got the people and t animals out, we're thankfulr that." investigators are still wor on determining a cause..
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developing right now... the tanker pilot who died when plane crashed while fightina fire at yosemite national park... has been identifieds craig hunt of san jose. people who live in the areae watching the air attack on e "dog rock fire" tuesday... they saw hunt's plane make s last retardant drop. when it came over the edge d dropped the retardant, justs it came over. we saw him ti and there was a missing wine must've clipped a tree or something. we really don't w yet. but, then he went stra down and just somersaulted d that's when it exploded. hunt had been a firefighting pilot for 13 years. he was firefighting pilot for 13 y. he was also a former navy lieutenant commander, and a part-time science instructo u-c santa cruz. as for fire... it has burned 250 acres ands now ten percent contained. a new video that will be shn
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to all national football league personnel is aimed at preveg domestic violence. "think about the women in yr life - the women that you le and care for, the women that nurture you" the video was shown yesterdo n-f-l owners. kpix five's joe vazquez reports it's paf an education session on domc violence and sexual assault. how do we redeem this momen the video features former n player joe ehrmann, who is a motivational speaker. he as the viewer to imagine a lad your life. a wife, a daughtr a niece. imagine that they't a party and there's some man there that starts to assault them.. whether it's physica, sexually, verbally. think a your feelings toward that perpetrator of that violenc his voice as a former playe very credible brian o'connor with the group futures witht violence in san francisco ss the video reflects the kindf conversation his group and others like it have been ha with the nfl lately. what 's waiting to see is the league take more action. brian o'cr / futures without violence right now, it's still all jt talk. so the important piece here is what are the progra, what's the education, what e training that's going to ben place so that we can actual stop the violence and get o ahead of it before it even starts? (video nats) i just don't think a video is goino change a culture that's indoctrinated with that kin behavior." it's unfortunatea part of humanity which is n going to change because som makes a commercial. or not g to change because the nfl decides to take a stand. i' not going to change until e single one of us decides to change it. nfl video: are they're going to be relatioy successful in life and understand they also have a responsibility to give back to make a difference. meanwhiof sexual assault ha former 49er.
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a massage therapist in santa clara said current cowboy c. spillman tried to rape her d rip off her pants last year. that's according to a reporn the new york daily news. spillm told police it's not true . and that whatever did happes consensual. another woman accused spilln of sexually assaulting her dallas hotel last month. po are still investigating tho allegations. a court- appointed expert ss he sees no evidence jahi mc is alive. stanford university pediatric neurologist paul fisher told a judge... new s performed on the bay area gl in new jersey did not meet e accepted criteria for determining brain death. jahi mcmath suffered complications ten months ago... after undergog surgery at children's hospil oakland. time is 6: apple has sent out invitations for what aps to be the next big product launch. what to expect at next wee' unveiling. surveillance cameras catch a mountain lion making itselft home in a south bay neighborhood. the warning to residents, coming up.
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time now for a look at wha',
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charlie rose joins us now fm new york. good morning. thanks. cbs this morning starts at 7 o- clock.
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two big bay area companies e getting new bosses. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason br. leading with ceo changes at big bay area firms, gap and amd, will then mention week jobless claims edging lowery 1k to 287k.hit the big board jason brooks from kcbs news. thanks. there's speculation apple
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speculation is swirling that apple is about to unveil a w ipad. the company sent out invitations for an event ne week at its cupertino headquarters. the invitatio include the cryptic message. "it's been way too long." apple has dominated the tabt market since ipads were fir
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introduced in 2010. but sales have declined lately. " there's probably going toe new colors, such as potenti a gold version. we're also g to see the fingerprint sens and some of the other featus that have made it into the iphone but haven't yet hit e ipad. we're also going to s new macs. and the new mac operating system, which is called yosemite." apple is also expected to lh a new mobile payment system, sometime this month. plenty of anticipation leadg up to this evening's announcement... by the c-e- palo alto-based tesla motor elon musk released a cryptic statement last week... sayi he'll reveal what the " d' d something else" is all abou some analysts speculate the "d" stands for "driverless." the announcement is scheduled f seven this evening... at the hawthorne airport in los ans county. time is 6-- let's get a check of traffic. people in part of san jose's almaden valley are keeping a close eye
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out for a big cat. kpix five's betty yu reporta mountain lion was caught on surveillance video. david tang calls this a onc a lifetime surprise. sot: david tang / homeowner "it s scary. and i did not expect this area because ths still city of san jose, even though we are in mountain a" just before 3 am, the cat ld onto the hood of his camry.e shared this video hoping to alert his almaden valley neighbors. they live near popular hiking trails. sot: david tang "the major conce
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have is the safety for the , and lots of single people d a morning walk." sot: steph owen / neighbor "i run and on this street nearly every at dusk so i'm not too excid about that." bridge: betty "the mountain lion spent abt 30 seconds on top of david's car, and then walked across front yard. after that, it disappeared into his neighbs backyard." sot: shawn stuck neighbor "i'm a little concerned for my dogs actua" "i have a littler dog that d be like a scooby snack." the california department of fi and wildlife believes this t weighs about 125 pounds ands probably two to three years. it's unusual for people to n into mountain lions, but i' not hard to find their prey around echo ridge drive. so shawn "deer, coyotes all the time you hear them at night "i mean we knew the cats we around but we just never kn they were coming so close." the state department of fisd wildlife says the mountain
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that showed up tuesday morng did not do anything wrong, d does not pose a threat. right now, there are no plao track it. time is 6:xx a huge victory for thousands of hospital patients in the east bay. the new plan to save their access to affordable medical care. reporter ad libs fi,, ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count.
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passenger screenings to idey possible cases of ebola. passengers flying from west africa will have their temperatures taken and answ series of health questions. first person diagnosed with ebola in the u-s died yeste. u-s and nato officials are turkey trying to convince t turkish government to get me involved in the fight again isis. the militant group is staging a relentless assaul the key syrian boder town of kobani. this morning, the u-s launched a new round of airstrikes in the area to ph back isis fighters. this morning, the governmen hong kong called off talks pro-democracy protestors. negotiations were planned a massive demonstrations were began late last month. the s were canceled because hong kong's government says studt leaders are undermining the effort for a compromise. the "dog rock fire" at yose national park has burned 250 acres and is now ten percent contained. the pilot killedn his air tanker crashed while fighting the fire, has been identified as craig hunt of san jose. cal fire
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has grounded all of its planes the same type that crashed tuesday. the city of richmond is tryg to keep doctors medical cenr open in neighboring san pab. richmond is receiving a 90- million-dollar donation from chevron as part of its refi modernization project. the city council has approved an to use 15- million of that fund d-m-c, :18:45:14--:22 "we were just talking about it, how the airplanes on the back, how awesome it is that the navy carriers have guys that fly those planes." lank rowland pause for traffic!! pause f traffic!! pause for traffic pause for weather!!
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pause for weather!! and we've got thursday night football here on kpix 5. the packers take on the vik at 5-25--followed by the fifth quarter thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update is at 7:2 cbs this morning is coming next. have a great day.
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♪ good morning to our viewers in the west, it is thursday, october 9, 2013. welcome to cbs this morning. questions about the nation's ability to contain ebola after the first death in the united states. new revelations about what the white house knew about the secret service prostitution scandal. and a new warning about a hidden ingredient in diet supplements. >> first, your world in 90 seconds. >> what we're doing is putting in additional protection. we can't make the risk zero here. >> growing fears in america's fight against ebola. given at five american airports for passengers traveling from west africa. >> the meare


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