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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CBS  October 12, 2014 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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i'm mark kelly. there s a lot to talk about in our ne hour... (anne teases....) good morning! >> is there a lot of news to get to. >> the big issue is the san jose mayoral race. and we'll have both candidates live in the studio. and the big issue is public safety. >> and the question about how the city is going to pay for it, and the pensions. president obama swept through town doing a little fundraising. our political insiders weighed in. and
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they're split. and san jose's pot clubs, it's an issue where they're located, how close can they be to schools? there's a deadline coming up friday, and there could be hefty fines for clubs that don't comply. >> we want to know about the weather. let's look at what's going on this morning. sunrise, beautiful. live look at the golden gate. and we're going to have the temperatures in concourse, 53 degrees, liver more, 72 degrees -- livermore, 72 degrees. the giants had great weather. mostly clear start, and high very danger. it is definitely dry out there. we'll have your 7-day coming up. and that was the bay bridge. [ laughter ] >> i'll put my contact lenses in. [ laughter ] >> let's look at our headlines, the giants have taken the first game of the nlcs. travis ishikawa hits a bases loaded
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single driving in pablo sandoval. giants pitcher bumgarner tossed telephone and two thirds -- 7 and 2/3 shutout innings. a healthcare worker in texas has tested positive for ebola. the person provided care for an ebola patient who later died. if confirmed, this would be the first case of the disease being transmitted in the u.s. officials in texas say that person was wearing full protective gear. but the head of the centers for disease control says the my infection shows there was a breech of safety protocol. several,000 people mavrped through soous -- thousand people mavrped through -- marched through st. louis to protest the shooting of michael brown and other incidents. the unarmed
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18-year-old was shot and killed in august in ferguson. so far the demonstrations have been peaceful. fwrierts are making head -- firefighters are making headway against a wildfire burning just east of sacramento. the fire near interstate 80 is at this point 67% contained. six homes and seven utility buildings have burned since wednesday. most of the people who were under evacuation orders are being allowed to return home. it is still unclear what sparked that fire in the first place. and the dogrock fire in yosemite is 54% contained. it's burned more than 300 acres there. the u.s. forest service believes hot metal fragments from a car started the blaze. the bay area is preparing f another transit strike on frid and back to you, juliet and phil. >> the bay area is preparing
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for another possible transit strike on friday. and this one could affect thousands of commuter who is take the buses across the golden gate. >> drivers with the golden gate bridge district will walk off the job for one day this friday, that means no bus service between marin and sonoma counties in san francisco. this will be the third one-day strike by union workers. the healthcare plan is a sticking point. the current proposal is for a 3-year contract wi3% wage increase annually and a 2% increase in healthcare costs. >> we chose friday. that's a low commute day. our ridership is about half. or goal is not to inconvenience people. it's to send a message that we and everyone in the bay area deserve quality healthcare. >> technically it's just the bus dispatchers and mechanics that will be on strike. but the drivers refuse to cross the picket line, which means no buss will roll. so we're talking about ferres, those are supposed -- ferries, those are supposed to be on track.
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>> this is the third work stoppage we have had at the golden gate, but none of them have been crippling. it appears that the unions while trying to make a point, they're serious about not trying to inconvenience customers. they're trying to draw attention to the health and pension plans and the negotiations going on. the controversy over short-term housing rentals moved to the bushes. pent pet lumal take up an issue on tuesday. >> the air b&b law says people abuse these homes for short stays, mainly to tourists. they want to register through the city and the city's hotel tax laws as well. >> your thoughts? >> it's an interesting phenom in san francisco t. may wind up
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going to the ballot because a lot of people are opposed to it. questions about whether or not someone can stay, they had a 90-day limit if you don't live in the house, and unlimited if you do. some speak people are say -- should people are saying it's an issue. you probably heard about the bay area woman with terminal cancer who is planning to take a deadly concoction of pills next month. >> her name is brittney maynard, and she's 29 years old. on new year's day, she found out she had brain cancer of after her surgery, it got worse and she was told she had six months to live. rather than endure painful treatment, she moved to oregon. one of three states with the death with dignity act. >> i will die upstairs in my bedroom that i share with my husband. with my mother and my husband by my side, and pass
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peacefully with music they like in the background. >> opponents include the disability rights education and defense fund. and they say people with certain disabilities could be pressured to die early and family members who seek to cash in on a loved one's death could take advantage of the opportunity. >> this is legal in oregon, washington, montana, and vermont. and there's been three attempts to legalize it in california. but they've never gotten off the ground, in part because of the concerns just raised. >> november 1st, the day after her husband's birthday. 7:37 now. >> and the deadline is friday for pot clubs in san jose to register with the city and comply with some tough new rules. how many will and how many will try to fly under the radar? >> under the new rules, clubs have to be located a specific distance away from schools, homes, and rehab centers. that leaves only about 1% of the city
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available to them. for record keeping violations, up to $10 though. >> we're passionate. we're going to do whatever the city wants us to do to stay around. we've got almost 20,000 patients at this point, folks traveling from the peninsula, the east bay, and we're not going to give up on them. >> for any dispensary caught with no registration, fines could top out at $50,000. >> that's one of the topics we'll be taking up with our mayoral candidates. it's a bolt threat in a bay area mayoral race. hundreds of police officers threatening to quilt. the war of words that could be a game changer at the ballot box. >> and notice anything strange? the story behind the eerie image from nasa. >> voting is getting underway,,
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and the police officer's unn says the morning after elect y could be the sta voting is getting underway in the san jose mayoral race, and the police officers' union says the morning after election day could be the start of another mass exodus of police officers. >> over the past few years bash 400 officers have been laid off, gone to other diameter, or retired. now there are allegations of scare tactics coming from the police department if sam lacardo is elected mayor. >> we want to get a perspective from the other candidate in the race, dave cortez. doubt that if your opponent in this race is elected we're going to have 200 or more recovers leave the department? >> we certainly don't want that to happen. 400 cops have left already. 70 per year for the last four or five years. and we do hear from rank and file police officers on the street that they're having those kind of thoughts. i would encourage
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them to stay. >> some of the reasons are the pension benefits. >> that's a 2012 issue, not a 2014 issue. those changes were made, they're in the city charter, and nothing going to happen with pensions in terms of changing anything. but people are talking about the fact that these cops need more in s to compete with the other cities in the bay area. that's where they're all going. they're coming up to san francisco, going to oakland, redwood city, but they're not staying in san jose. >> what do you do to propose to change that? >> well, it has to be negotiated, but they haven't been at the bargaining table for over a year and a half. we need to get them back to the table. trust has been destroyed. it's a demoralized department. you hear that everywhere. and i think that's what's leading to some of these rumors that more
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people might quit. you can only pay them what's sustainable for the city. but we can work with wages to some extent. >> what would be the key difference between you and your opponent on this issue for a voter? >> i think from a voter standpoint, there's 140 positions that are funded in the city budget right now. and i'm focused on trying to get that money to new officer, to get from us an all-time low of 878 recovers that are available right now back over 1,000. my opponent is saying the city is broke and it can't do anything more. >> where would you get the money? >> there's million was dollars in the mayor's budget, a $10 million reserve, 140 positions that are funded, and a $17 million surplus. >> surpluses and reserves are good for one-time spending, but you're talking about sustained spending. and that's what got san jose into trouble.
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so are you going to talk about a tax increase or something to keep it go something >> the city council recently foregoed the opportunity of a tax increase. and i'll tell you what is working. the economy is clicking. the mayor did a good conservative job ever projecting tax revenue over the next five years at 3% a year, but it's coming in at 6.5 or 7% a year. and if that keeps happening, that is your surplus. >> what if it doesn't? >> you have to sit down with people and make them understand that. it can't be my way or the highway. it's got to be a negotiation, a collaborative process. i've done that my entire 22 gleers politics. bring people together, get them to understand that we're trying to preserve their job, not get rid of their jobs, and work these things out. >> okay. you have the backing of the police and the fire unions. in return for that backing, did you make them any promises? >> no, absolutely not. police
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and fire unions know that i'm ray tough but fair negotiator from my past background. i voted against the 90% pension in 2005. i was the only council member that did that. it's amazing that they'll still endorse me in this race given that, but they know i'm fair. and that's what counts. this is on the police department, the recent revelations that recovers were moonlighting with the 49ers. do you believe that should be happening? >> yeah, no, absolutely. and this whole issue of domestic violence needs to be taken a lot more seriously. it's not a game. and games no matter how big even at the nfl level can't override the fact that we absolutely can't have conflicts of interest with police officers and vfrpgzs involving domestic violence -- investigations involving domestic violence. there was a mistake by the police chief, by the 49ers and their contractor, and the cop that was involved should have known better. >> there was a whole lot of other cops working for the 49ers. are they working for other corporations as well? how big is the moonlighting issue in
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san jose police? >> well, there's always been a big reserve force. and it's an opportunity for these rofrps that ever their -- officers that have had their wages cut severely. but there still has to be compromise checks. we can't compromise safety. >> you'd be opposed to moonlighting for corporate -- >> i'm not opposed to them moonlighting, but all the conflict checks need to be in place. and it's not up to the 49ers to say that's a contract with someone else that we hire. they've got to make sure that their contracts are appropriate and are hiring the appropriate people. >> the san jose a's, or the oakland a's, or the idea of a stadium in san jose. if you were a mayor, would you continue to pursue that? >> yeah, i think sometimesing this manage that's also -- that's something that's become a train wreck since i left the council. and i'm eager to come back, a new commissioner and
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mayor, and to sit down with mlb to see where we might have things in common. >> three to five years ahead, what would be the difference between you being there and your opponent? >> i think you'll see a dedicated workforce in the city of san jose. >> if they listen to you guys, and both seem to be agreeing on just about everything, that's the difference? >> i think the difference is after 22 years of experience in balancing budgets without chasing people away, without losing police officers, without demoralizing people at the city, you'll see a city that's working together once again with me. and i think that's the difference. my opponent has been presiding over all of this for the last several years. you can seat culture that's been created with my opponent. and look back just a few years and seat different culture that was there when i was there. cooperation and collaboration. >> you're replacing chuck reed
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as mayor of san jose. how would you characterize his years in office? >> oh, that's a quick question. i'd give him a 7 or 8. but i think there's going to be a footnote next to his legacy in terms of this public safety issue. i'm sure he wanted to leave office without having skyrocketing crime rates and police officers abandoning the system: he was a great mayor when it came to fiscal reform. i support those reforms but he went about them in a very, very difficult way. and it's forced a lot of people out. >> okay, we'll have the second half of the debate coming up. let's look at our sunday morning forecast for today. and first things first, he is a beautiful, live shot of our dublin cam right now where it is clear this morning. clear in fact in much of the bay area. here's what you can expect when you're heading out the door today, more mild inland. but it will be sunny everywhere and warm to hot. there is a red
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flag warning. we have some dry, gusty winds today. if you're thinking of firing up the barbecue, be a little careful this morning. around the bay, 89 in santa clara. palo alto will sit at 90. the same for los altos. vallejo at 90. and in san francisco, a little warmer than yesterday. 84 degrees. san rafael, 91. novato 92 . today looking very nice. warmer than yesterday. tomorrow is columbus day, that's going to be nice as well. a chance of showers moving in tuesday night into wednesday. it's going to clear off into the workweek. then another chance for showers on friday. this looks like even the sun is getting into the halloween spirit! active regions of the solar surface
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combine to form what looked like a jack-o-lantern face! nasa set up the colorized images to form this. >> oh, i see it. ,,,,,,
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the go san jose is the laboratory for an experiment in healthy eating. >> the goal is to get fruits and vegetables in places they
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aren't sold now. >> food carts on the streets to the corner liquor store. the healthy food program wants to take the stress and high cost of eating healthy. >> reporter: nature's market is one of the stores on the cornerstone of the healthy eating band wagon. two food carts and one farmer's market participating in the good go program. in its first month, customers are giving it five stars. >> i'm glad this is close by so i can have something good to eat. >> reporter: often the cost of fruits and vegetables keeps people from buying. in stores flying this banner, the coupon helps the wallet. >> the good to go logo will be highlighting the qualifying products. >> reporter: stores display these quick and easy recipes in the aisles to show healthy meeting doesn't mean hours slaving over a hot stove. >> pick up your groceries, go home and cook. takes a half
7:54 am
hour. >> reporter: with a million dollars in grant money, aaron healy with the health trust helped launch good to go. >> food is a basic right like water or healthcare. >> reporter: she encourages businesses to join. they given marketing tips, and in some cases, refrigerators. and to keep prices below chain stores, price checks below every corner. one goal: a healthier food landscape in san jose. >> food is a cornerstone of every culture and family t. should be celebrated in a positive and healthy way. >> reporter: to get your coupon for this program, you could print it from the good to go facebook page. the program is going to run at least the next two years, then they're going to see how to get the funding and grants to go from there. >> build it and they will come! supply it and the kids will eat it. >> one person came in and redeemed $150 worth of coupons. so some people are really taking
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advantage of it. >> nice. good to go other giants! a victory in game 1 of the nlcs. ,,,,,,,,,,
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it's the new efficient.
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i'm juliette goodrich.. a lo talk about in the next half , upcoming the time is seven 7:58. >> i hope ann feels better this morning. >> we're thrilled to have i though. and we have a lot of news in the next 30 minutes. >> first things first, we're going to be talking about the mayoral race in san jose. same liccardo will be coming in live to talk to phil. >> police and how we're going to pay for them down there. and the questions at the california watchdog agency, the public i tilts commission. the president is -- public utilities commission. the president is not seeking reappointment. he is doing this under a cloud of investigations about questionable dealings. and fleet week continues
7:59 am
today and tomorrow. it's a good time. bifor the men and women in uniform, there's some work involved. let's look at our forecast. certainly a nice weekend for weather for fleet week. and a live look now at the golden gate bridge. traffic moving right along. temperatures in concord, 54 degrees. livermore already at 75. it's going to be a warm one inland. and if we look at our headlines now, mostly clear start to sunday. we'll have your 7-day in just a few minutes, with rain. the giants have taken the first game of the nlcs. in the 2nd inning last night, travis ishikawa hit the bases-loaded single, driving in pablo sandoval. later in the inning, the giants scored another run on
8:00 am
a misplayed ground-ball. bumgarner tossed sevnd 2/3 submit out nrgs. final score -- innings. final score, giants 3, cardinals 0. a healthcare worker in texas has tested positive for ebola. the person provided care for another ebola patient who later died. if confirmed this will be the first known case of the disease being transmitted in the u.s. officials in texas say that person was wearing full protective gear when taking care of the patient. but a short time ago, the head of the centers for disease control said the new infection shows there was a breech of s proetd col. several thousand people marched through st. louis to call attention to police violence. it was the second of four days of planned events to protest the shooting of michael brown as well as other incidents. the unarmed 18-year-old was shot and killed in august in ferguson. a suburb
8:01 am
of st. louis. so far the demonstrations have been peaceful. firefighters are making headway against a wildfire burning east of sacramento. the nearly 500 acre applegate fire is new 67% contained. six homes and several utility buildings have burned. most of the people are now being allowed to return home. it's still unclear what sparked that fire in the first place. and the dogrock fire in yosemite is 54% contained this morning. it has burned more than 300 acres. the forest service believes the fire was started by hot metal fragments from a car. air tanker pilot craig hunt of san jose died fighting that fire when his plane crashed into a hillside on tuesday. the governor has a big task on his hands. he has to pick a new person to lead the embattled
8:02 am
study public utilities commission after the top regulator announced he wasn't going to seek reappointment. >> the council president says heel not seek reelection at the end of his 6-year term in december. he was underfire for being too close with pg&e after a chain of e-mails revealed the two entities sharing advice. ting and punishing all state >> for corporation, for ignorance of their duty, lack of duty, and for incompetence. and we feel that michael peavy has hit a home run on all three of those counts. >> the public utilities commission is in charge of regulating and punishing all state utilities from gas soefshs to -- gas service to cab companies. this comes as news also came out that kamala harris's office has asked the puc to freeze all documents dealing with pg&e. looks like they're going in and doing an
8:03 am
investigation as well. it's going to be very interesting to see who the governor picks to replace mr. peavy. fleet week continues on the san francisco bay today and tomorrow. >> that's after most of the event was canceled last year because of the government shutdown and sequestration. for the first time in two years, the boat, planes, pageantry and noise is back. up to a million people flock to the city for fleet week events. it's also about preparing for the next local disaster with joint drills as well. >> where you land, where you situate supplies, and those relevant kinds ever things that we're doing on the ground, practicing and talking about. >> much of the event is paid for by private sponsors, but there's a lot of government money that's thrown in as well.
8:04 am
tax dollars. >> just like the bay area was back this weekend. >> it is a great draw. but there's been a lot of complaints about the noise and stuff. i think people actually miss today last year. [ laughter ] election has already begun. group of candidates that has been consistently debating - tho absentee voting for november's election has already begin. and one group of candidates that has been consistently debating those running for mayor of oakland. >> they held a debate last week in a part of town that could use some high-powered attention. mayor jean quan crowded a small church for the debate. the first question: when was the last time you came to this side of town? many say they do come here to campaign, shop or go to church. neighbors don't see it. >> you ever see any of the mayoral candidates over here? >> no. >> city council? >> no. >> jean quan?
8:05 am
y area's >> in east oakland, the unemployment rate hovers around 30%. guess where they'll be monday? in that area. [ laughter ] in another debate and questions about the election coming up, the candidates in the bay area in the congressional race held their one and probably only debate of the season. >> mike honda is the 7-term incumbent backed by the democratic establishment. the newcome sera favorite of the tech -- newcomer is a favorite of the tech industry. question, whether youth trumps experience. >> as a teacher i've administrated for over 20 years, that was the direction i went until i hit the direct politics, elect the politics. and there i took all this experience and tifrp r turned that into policy-making. >> there's a question, is the american dream going to be alive for the next generation?
8:06 am
and today, unfortunately we have a washington politics that seems so disconnected. >> this is for congressional district 17 that covers fremont to san jose to cupertino and sunnyvale. >> it's an interesting battle between two democrats, evidence of our new election system, rather than a republican versus a democrat in a final has the two top vote-getters. >> they're both young. [ laughter ] >> well, you're pulling out one of the key issues in this. an issue of age and experience, and a generational shift. social security and those traditional programs in washington versus new tech and new ideas. and possibly a more libertarian approach. but ythey're both young. the group "no kill contra c many animals have a goal of a no-kill nation. and they're setting their sights on a shelter in the east bay. >> 4,000 animals were killed here last year, even though many
8:07 am
of them were healthy and nice enough to be adopted out. >> to make this shelter a no-kill shelter would require approval from the board of supervisors. time is not on their side. >> my tax dollars, i don't want them being sent on killing these companion animals. >> there are alternatives out there, successful no-kill open admission municipal shelters out there. >> the mayor says there are meetings set up with the board member and the shelter to figure out what steps this group needs to take to make this a no-kill shelter. >> that's going to be an interesting one. when you bring that rule in, it brings in a lot of money too to keep everybody alive. in the san jose mayoral rac. the police officer's union s the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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g after election day with voting getting underway in the san jose mayoral race, the police officers' union says the morning after the election day could be the start of another mass exodus of police officers. >> with 400 recovers have been laid off, gone to other departments or retired. now there are allegations of scare tactics coming from the san jose police department if sam liccardo is elected mayor. >> and joining us this morning sam liccardo. they're talking about 200 possible police officers exiting if you are elected. it is over pay, pension and benefits. >> i think our voters want a mayor's office sliegz rather than scare tactics. there were a lot of police union bosses who would like to pick the next mayor. but the voters are going to do it. >> do you think these police officers are going to leave? >> no. and the reason why is because we're restoring pay today. i came to an agreement with the council and the rest of
8:12 am
the union a year ago to restore pay 11%. what we're seeing is new candidates are gradual r graduating from the academy, they're staying on board like a year ago. so we're going to continue to restore pay, keep recovers on board, and make san jose safer. >> in the last two years, we have seen a spike in crime, and a reduction in police officers. this was brought on by the reform in part by you, the mayor, and the voters of san jose to scale back on the pension and benefits. you're not going to fundamentally change that? >> you're not correct about the crime statistics. if you go to the fbi website, you'll see the real data. it says that we're the safest, lowest rate of violent crime of any major city in america in 2012 that. crime rate dropped 10% in 2013. >> what about car thefts and the others? >> another 9% among all serious
8:13 am
felonies including prop 8 crime in the first six months of 2014. in mid-2014, we had a lower rate of violent and property crime than we had the year i came into office in 2007. what has been created by the campaign and by the public safety units is an extraordinary hysteria about crime. it has been compl contradicted by the data and facts. >> so there hasn't been an increase in crime? >> we saw an increase in crime up to 2012, which is wha cities in the state saw. virtually every major city including san francisco and many neighboring cities like santa clara and sunnyvale saw big spikes in property crime. since 2012, we've seen serious felonies drop 19%. and that's significance. and we're doing it even with a smaller police
8:14 am
force. we've got a police chief who's focused on patrol, and a community focused on keeping each other safe. >> if everything is going fine, why is there a need to change? >> i believe that we need to move forward with fiscal reforms. we can't go back. certainly the head of the police union who is going to renier a few month, and make many other police officers who retired over the last five year, he will have a 6-figure pension that will grow to $200,000 a year by the time he's in his 70s. they like everyone to believe they need that pension for everyone to be safer. i know from my experience of being a council member during the worst of the great recession, we didn't have enough money to pay recovers to work. and that's because we're paying officers so much to retire. we lost 80% of the depletion of the san jose police force that occurred before pension reform ever passed. >> at the same time you're talking about paying pay for police -- raising pay for police? >> yes. the difference between
8:15 am
pay and pensions, with pay tax payers know exactly what they're paying. >> didn't those raises affect pensions? >> they do unless you can reduce the pension formula to reduce the long-term unfunded cost. the idea is reducing the pension formula so you don't have what we currently have, a $3 billion unfunded debt. because of pension formulas that never made sense. the math never worked. we can restore pay as long as we are reducing those extraordinary pensions. >> speaking of pay, how do you feel about san jose police officers moonlighting for private security firms, working for people like the 49er? >> it's long been the case that san jose police have been able to work for school districts, for malls, and for the 49ers. the fact that clearly in this case you've got an officer who by his involvement in some way or another, complicated an investigation, i think it's a good indication that the chief made the right decision. let's pull back and just focus on
8:16 am
making sure our officers are doing the best they can. >> i asked your opponent this, on a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your predecessor? >> i think chuck reed has led this city through the toughest of times. i think he had a very difficult hand that he was dealt. i think he did an excellent job in managing the fiscal challenges of this city when a lot of folks were talking about bankruptcy openly. and for that, i think he gets a 9. the mayor and i don't agree on every issue. but i'm proud to be supported by chuck reed and every single mayor who has led this city and weighed in on this city. they all support me because they understand the importance of fiscal reform to ensure we can pay for the police officers we need. >> okay! thank you for joining us this morning. i imagine you have some other appearances to make pretty soon. >> thanks a lot. let's look at our sunday forecast. here is a live shot of san jose this morning.
8:17 am
it is a clear start for much of bait area today. good for fleet week in san francisco. here's what you can expect today, a mostly clear start, more mild inland, but sunny everywhere, and warm to hot. but there is a red flag warning today with nose dry and gusty -- those dry and winds. so be cautious when you're out there today. let's look at some of our temperatures, 89 in santa claira today. 86 in fremont. 89 also in redwood city. 70s along the coast. east bay, 91 in danville, 90 in vallejo, 92 in walnut creek, and the same for brentwood. ghor san francisco, 77 in -- 74 in san francisco. in the north bay, it's going to be in the 90s in sonoma. so tomorrow is columbus day. it's looking nice. same for today. a little warmer than yesterday. and as
8:18 am
we head into tuesday night into wednesday, there say chance of showers. fireworks tonight marked a fitting end of a day celebration for fleet week. this is the view last night from our rooftop cam. hundreds of thousand was spectators backed the embarcadero for air shows and furious of navy ships -- tours of navy ships. and the highlight is not on the water. it's what's going on in the sky that draus a lot of the attention -- draws a lot of the attention. >> reporter: for one highlight of san francisco fleet week, we have to look up. >> i'm here for the blue angels. cisco fleet week started in has truly taken o. it's the public s chance foa peak behind the curtain of e armed but does it motivate people to join and climb inside those jets? depends --"if i were >> this gentleman. >> reporter: after the blue angels' performance got cut short due to fog, there was
8:19 am
concern today. fortunately they took to the air. their formation, a favorite of mike hughes. >> blue angels, baby! and then any other high-speed military aircraft. and the low-speed military aircraft! >> reporter: san francisco fleet week started in 1981. it has truly taken off. >> it's the public's chance for a peek behind the curtain of the armed fores. >> reporter: does it motivate people to join? depends on who you ask. >> if i were inside i'd probably just faint. >> i'd love to do it, but not on a full stomach. [ laughter ] >> reporter: fleet week's humanitarian village shows firsthand how military and civilians are prepared to respond to future disasters. these fleet week fest firsts have generated -- fest firsts have generated about $10 million
8:20 am
for the city every year. but it's this navy ship that stole the show. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: the uss america is the navy's newest vessel, commissioned today at fleet week. when it takes to the oceanside, it aims to restore america's dominance on the high access. it was built in mississippi. it took nearly 3,000 workers work 24/7 for five years norget this ship built -- in order to get this ship built. it's going to be docked in san diego. e discovering that galbani ricotta inspires moments that are simply better. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). italy's favorite cheese brand. mmmm. ring ring! ring ring! progresso. i forgive you.
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farm sink, under cabinet lighting, look at this spice rack. um... where's my room? right there where it's always been! we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. just slide right in! ranked highest in customer satisfaction. ikea kitchens. fundraising for the mid-term elections and while there had been taf president obama was back in the bay area for another round of fundraise further midterm elections. >> and while there's been talk for the president making a public appearance, the closest the crowd got was the murdercade. [ laughter ]
8:23 am
>> it's no secret the president's numbers have been slipping. so we sat down with our insiders. okay, president obama, what's his image now? hope or traffic jams? lcome addition to [ laughter ] >> no, we still had hope in his case! believe me, he is in an election cycle in which in many places, he's not a welcome addition to your candidacy! in some case, he's a burden for your candidacy. the one place he can do no harm is where nancy can get reelected without him. >> he's anding to a place that's comfortable. >> absolutely. for him, and also for the people running. you haven't heard one member of the board of supervisors ask him to be included in his party. you haven't heard one member of congress. you haven't heard any of the rest of them saying please. >> aren't these cash grabs by
8:24 am
president obama getting a little old? there's no hope. [ laughter ] >> you called them cash grabs? oh, my , my, my. money raising is not is should not be characterized as cash grabbing. >> maybe there's another part of his job which he could be doing. talking to the people! no public events. >> this is an election cycle. he has to try to get a majority in the house for those who will follow his lead. >> the democrats regain the house? >> i for sure will hold onto the senate, and i'm optimistic about the prospect for a net of 17. >> no and no. [ laughter ] >> speechless. [ laughter ] >> that's what we call the news business, a no comment comment. [ laughter ]
8:25 am
>> joe biden's motorcade was in today too. >> nothing compared to the president though. when he roll into town, it is off the charts. streets are closed down, they bring in bulletproof glass, protestors roll out. and traffic is an absolute nightmare. >> and biden was the day before. >> shows you the difference between the offices. ,, hey sweetie. okay, i'll send it. one hundred seventy-two dollars for a chemistry book. just use citi popmoney. boom. with citi popmoney it's easy to send money to just about anyone, anytime. visit your local branch or to learn more. ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪
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♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ >> our forecast for today, a beautiful picture of angel island right there a clear start this morning in much of the bay area. warmer inland. our high for today, up to 89 in oakland. all the way up to 92 out in fairfield. 89 also down in san jose. nice today, warmer than yesterday. similar weather for
8:27 am
tomorrow for columbus day. it's really tuesday night into wednesday that we're going to be watch some rain roll in, and possibly more rain on friday. but definitely a cooling trend midway through the week. >> and we welcome that rain. >> we're ready for it. >> i noticed that temperature drop from monday to tuesday. watch out. >> thank you so much for joining us. c-w... channel 44, cable 12. ,,,,,,
8:28 am
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apology accepted. i'm watching you, soup people.
8:30 am
>> schieffer: i am bob schieffer, and today on "face the nation", overnight news, a second case of ebola confirmed in dallas. word this morning that a healthcare worker who treated thomas duncan has been diagnosed with ebola. we will get details from the head of the centers for disease control, dr. tom frieden, house homeland security chairman michael mccaul, and we will have a report from liberia where u.s. troops are in place to help fight the deadly disease. we will go to iraq where the latest on the war with isis, we will talk to former secretary of defense leon panetta, whose withering criticism of the president's strategy has stunned official washington. >> plus an all-star panel, including peggy noonan of the wall street journal, da


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