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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. >> ishikawa hits one into right! the giants win the pennant! [ applause and cheers ] >> and the giants are going back to the world series for the third time in five years. and everyone is excited about that. good morning, everyone. it is friday, october 17. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. quite a night at at&t. it's 6:00. it's become a very good habit in these parts. the giants are off to the world series again. >> travis ishikawa hits one into right! [ applause and cheers ] the giants win the pennant! >> the hero right there travis ishikawa three-run homer broke a tie in the 9th inning to give the giants a 6-3 victory and a 4-1 series win over the st. louis cardinals.
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and now the giants are going to kansas city where game one of the world series starts on tuesday. kpix 5's vern glenn spoke with ishikawa right after last night's game in san francisco. >> reporter: talk about the journey, the journey together, starting off in pittsburgh and leading up to this. you're going to the world series! >> i know. i didn't think earlier this year i'd be in this moment but i thank the giants for the opportunity. and, you know, for the second chance. and obviously the play in the outfield. i'm just thankful for all of it. >> got to love vern, dude, you're going to the world series! [ laughter ] >> what a dramatic end. you can't say that enough, right? >> no kidding. roberta gonzales joins us live from san francisco with the reaction from all the fans and your reaction, too, roberta. >> reporter: yes! i'm so excited! it's a beautiful morning here at at&t park. i'm looking at the moon above me here and even a star. it's a perfect setting. i'm here in the san francisco giants dugout. have you ever been in the dugout after a game that was
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played that advances the giants to the world series? you have now. i just now found a line-up from last night's game. how cool is that? also, a power bar. and this is the scene. they haven't even cleaned it up here after travis ishikawa -- no, it was not buster posey or pablo sandoval or brandon crawford. it was travis an unlikely hero who sent the giants into the world series the place went nuts and this was the scene right here. the music is still playing at the baseball field. we knew it wasn't just inside the park where all the happiness was being shared. it was outside the park, as
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well. we headed to one local bar and this was the scene and what a couple of fans had to say. >> everybody thought we didn't have it but we come back. >> i have been waiting 7 years for this to happen. i was shipped away to a seminary and now i'm free and i get to enjoy the giants and win the world series! >> ! are we going to win? yes, yes, yes! [ screaming ] >> reporter: every giants fan's prayers were answered and now we're talking world series. so here's the schedule. first off our san francisco giants head to kansas city where games one and two will be played on tuesday and on wednesday. then it's a travel day and the san francisco giants return here to the bay area with game 3 on friday. there will be a game 4 on saturday. and if necessary, game 5 right here at at&t park on sunday. now, if it does go and advance to a game 6 and 7, the team hits the road and heads to kansas city. so that's your world series
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schedule and frank and michelle i have to tell you, i did a little bit of homework last night and yes, it was bobby thompson back in 1951, he was the last giants baseball player who hit a walkoff home run and sent the giants to the world series. that was the shot heard around the world as of course the giants defeated the dodgers to go to the world series. and here we are. >> the brooklyn dodgers. >> reporter: 53 years later. >> russ hodges. the giants win the pennant, the giants win the pennant! i know you were at game 3 the afternoon game. were you at game 5 last night or did you watch on tv? > >> reporter: i watched on tv because i knew today was a schoolday. i knew i had to be up early and i had a good idea that we would be here at the baseball park so i really enjoyed every play-by- play and by the way, we have a great recap of last night's game. we also have lots of information about the world series so if you want more information all you have to do is visit us online at reporting from the beautiful at&t park, roberta gonzales,
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kpix 5. >> i think she's in her element. >> i think so. she was on her best behavior last night. so that's good. >> she has more trivia, more knowledge than anybody. good stuff. traffic, how are we doing? >> she is like a kid in a candy store there. i think a lot of folks have a giants hangover. it is so quiet out the door, very mild conditions on the road. everyone is moving at the speed limit. barely any cars on the road except at the airport. we always have bums backups at the bay bridge toll plaza when they switch on the metering lights. but it's officially "friday light" the best commute of the week. at the bay bridge it's stacked up at the overcrossing. they turned on the metering lights 15 minutes ago. crossing the san mateo bridge everything is fine. i mentioned one minor fender- bender approaching clawiter. that's now cleared and obviously 60 miles an hour approaching the toll plaza. other drive times still for the most part way down from the typical commute. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. your latest forecast now, here's lawrence. all right. a few clouds beginning to move in this morning and we have
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some rain just off the coastline. our hi-def doppler radar is tracking a storm system headed toward the bay area. looks like we could see some rain picking up a little bit later on at least north of the golden gate bridge. otherwise, you have that nice orange glow over coit tower as we are seeing those clouds beginning to increase. temperatures are running into the 40s and the 50s although 60 degrees now in san francisco. by the afternoon, skies will be mostly cloudy. a chance of showers really north of the golden gate bridge this afternoon. and then overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning, the showers sag a little further south. temperatures not all that bad 60s and some 70s. that's a look at weather, guys. back to you. >> thank you, lawrence. today marks 25 years since the loma prieta earthquake rocked the bay area. >> the 6.9 magnitude quake centered in the santa cruz mountains hit just after 5 p.m. on october 17th, 1989. 63 people were killed. more than 3700 were injured. the quake devastated community all over the bay area causing
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an estimated $6 billion in damage. events are planned to commemorate the day the deadly quake hit. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo is live along the embarcadero waterfront with how the quake changed the face of the bay area. >> reporter: for this difficult day here's a silver lining. we are here on the embarcadero and what happened 25 years ago today set the stage for tearing down the concrete that crowded the waterfront. for about three decades 480 ran along san francisco's waterfront. for years, the double-decker hid the now iconic ferry building. voters had the chance to tear down the freeway in the '80s. they voted it down because they feared traffic would be too chaotic. when loma prieta hit, the embarcadero freeway was deemed unsafe and closed to traffic. while caltrans planned a freeway retrofit, critics like then mayor art agnos pounced and city supervisors approved demolition. today the open feel of the
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embarcadero welcomes worldwide visitors. it's almost impossible to imagine a freeway was ever here. so i want to show you this vantage point because where we're zoomed in right here, this is all you would see from where we are. that free would be blocking the ferry building. it's revitalized this area. it's opened up it for pedestrians, bicyclists and tourists, as well. and it's really breathed new life into this part of our beautiful city. live in san francisco, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> thank you, ryan. this morning, we are sharing some of your memories of the loma prieta earthquake on facebook. robin springer shared this memory here. >> we want to hear from you so post your comments on our kpix 5 facebook page and visit for more memories from 25 years ago. it is 6:08. one of the two texas nurses
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infected with ebola is now being treated in washington, d.c. 26-year-old nina pham was taken by ambulance wearing protective gear from head to toe. pham diagnosed with ebola after caring for thomas eric duncan duncan, who died of the disease last week. some nurses at a texas health hospital maintain the hospital was not prepared to deal with that virus. >> i saw a chaotic scene. it wasn't organized. it wasn't safe, no one really in charge. >> frontier airlines now contacting as many as 800 people on a flight with one of the nurses infected with ebola. medical marijuana dispensaries have until 5:00 tonight to register their businesses. if they don't comply with the new rules, they will face big fines. for starters, the businesses have to be a specific distance away from schools, homes and drug rehab centers. that leaves about 1% of the city where they could legally operate. golden gate transit buses
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are running today. drivers are not striking after all. today would have been the third in a series of one day strikes by rotating groups of district workers. the strike was averted yesterday when union and district negotiators reached a tentative contract agreement. neither side is disclosing details. the deal needs to be approved by the district board of directors and about 450 union members. this morning the nimitz freeway back open after a search for a gunman in fremont last night. the s.w.a.t. team, several officers, searching for a man they say is wanted for a violent crime. the shutdown on interstate 880 near fremont started around 8:00, lasting for two hours. police were searching for the suspect in the bushes apparently along the freeway. before that, witnesses spotted the man acting paranoid at a nearby starbucks. and the loma prieta earthquake destroyed much of downtown santa cruz but 25 years later, you wouldn't even recognize the place. it looks amazing! >> all right. we'll send it back to you guys. >> and we are looking at some
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clouds out there now. some rain just off the coastline. will we see that here? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and it looks good right now traveling on 880 in oakland. your slowest travel times around the bay area. we'll show them to you let you know what they are all after this break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they were that fateful day. we h ttle over a 25 years the loma prieta earthquake rocked the bay area and people are sharing where they were that fateful day. >> we had lived here about a little over a month when loma prieta hit. >> we could walk up the hill near out house in southern marin and see the fire in marina. so yeah, it was really just an incredible thing, sort of surreal. we hadn't lived here long enough to have any frame of reference for that. >> we talk a lot about the city
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of san francisco. but downtown santa cruz was just nine miles from the epicenter and suffered extensive damage especially to one of its most beloved buildings, the cooper house. >> we take a look back in what's been built and whether or not it preserved the same feel as the old buildings. ♪[ music ] >> that's one of the challenges of history is not to leave everything in the past. >> reporter: on a warm october afternoon, 25 years ago, santa cruz lost its soul. with the loma prieta earthquake epicenter just nine miles away, downtown santa cruz didn't stand a chance. the ford's department store, the pacific garden mall and the beloved cooper house. it was a courthouse a popular restaurant and the beating heart of a town with the renaissance character and bohemian identity. >> it's not bad as it is but it's not the cooper house. the real cooper house had a lot
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more character and was the best building in the downtown. >> reporter: ross gibson one of the city's most prominent historians took us on a walking tour through some of the worst damaged areas to see how much of the original charm was saved. the cooper house was demolished and rebuilt as a brand-new five- story building with retail shops on the ground floor. >> no, when you build a new building, you no longer are able to bring in the mom and pops who originally occupied the downtown. >> reporter: because they can't afford it? >> they can't afford it because you have to recoup the money of building a new structure. >> reporter: some of the most iconic images came from the pacific garden mall. >> instead of saving what was already here, we close to completely reinvent the downtown. >> reporter: this section was rebuilt in the so call humanist style, low buildings that maintain pedestrian ambience. >> this is the style that i envisioned for some of the rebuilding. >> reporter: and finally the old ford's department store. walls and part of the roof collapsed trapping victims inside. it's now a four-story building with retail and and outdoor
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eating area. the architects tried to capture a little bit of the cooper house magic. >> it creates life in the street and you see that there's a lot more eating areas out front that makes a lot of difference. >> reporter: downtown santa cruz is no stranger to tragedy. the great fire of 1894, the great flood of 1955, and then the great quake of 1989. do you see this as kind of like a death, rebirth, death, rebirth cycle and this is part of the way the world works? >> well, at least for santa cruz. the downtown has always been a phoenix rising from the ashes of its previous disaster. >> reporter: a diverse group of elected officials, business leaders and other important persons, the so called gang of 36 held hundreds of meetings over a couple of years sweating all the details and the result is what you see now a vibrant very unique downtown that santa cruz can really be proud of. live, kiet do, kpix 5. all morning we're sharing your memories of the loma
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prieta earthquake on our kpix 5 facebook page. was day. we want to kee ing from you. post your com ur kpix 5 faceboo and visit ou for more memor from 25 years ago. >> we want to keep hearing from you. so just post your comments on our kpix 5 facebook page. visit our website for more memories from 25 years ago. i remember i was out in new england but i flew back two days later for a wedding and flew into san francisco. it took six hours to get from san francisco to the east bay. >> oh, boy. >> forever and a day. this is the "san jose mercury news" the day after, wednesday, the day after the quake and just one word, pretty much sums it up "devastating." had the death toll in the paper i think you can see it up in the corner there 271. 63 died. because of the world series game not many cars were in the
6:19 am
cypress structure but they had no clue how many people were trapped. thanks to the world series game saved a lot of lives. >> a lot of people didn't know of the devastation because a lot of the power was out. they couldn't see. people were turning on the radio. these things happen here and once it happens, you never forget. >> a reminder to get prepared. >> that's right. >> next one is coming lawrence likes to tell us that. >> i know. all right. let's get right to traffic. we'll show you what's going on out the door right now. a live look at our sensors coming through the sunol grade. i mentioned that earlier crash southbound 680 approaching highway 84. there might still be some activity there off to the right- hand shoulder because it's slow. it's one of our slowest spots now as you can see just in that area. a lot of our travel times are actually down. it's been a quiet morning commute. we had a stall sounds like a stalled truck westbound 580 at vasco. there's a slight brake light or two behind it. you can see 22 miles per hour. but the drive time this is way down from typical commutes 22 minutes between the between the altamont pass and 680. over at the bay bridge the meet
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met were turned on this morning at 5:43. so you were stacked up through the overcrossings but i got to say your approaches are actually not too bad. it's the sensors showing slowing end to end across the bridge itself so coming into san francisco, those sensors show 16 miles per hour. everything is fine across the golden gate bridge out of sausalito. golden gate transit buses are not on strike. just a quick note from 511 bay area, some of their routes are. one or two routs on golden gate transit route 4, 54, 72x and the 47 morning routes are canceled. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. with the forecast, here's lawrence. liz, a lot of those clouds rolling in. our hi-def doppler radar tracking a storm and check it out. you can see that rainfall just about to make its way onshore in far northern california toward eureka that's going to be sliding down in our direction throughout the day today so a chance of rain developing in the north bay i believe as we head into the afternoon. the rest of us will see increasing clouds and cooler
6:21 am
temperatures today but the good news is the sun returns for the weekend. and it looks like it will be nice. but we got to get through this storm system. not the strongest one we have seen but still could see a third of an inch of rain in the wettest parts in the north baylesser amounts to the south bay maybe .10" into the santa cruz mountains. today further north better chance of rain. 65 degrees and rain in eureka. some rain in ukiah. 69. 76 and partly cloudy skies in sacramento. you can see latter part of the day beginning to pick up solve rainfall so maybe a wet commute in the north bay. otherwise to the sort not as much. but i think we'll drag some showers in further south overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. then we'll clear out your skies for the better part of the weekend. temperatures expected to be in the socks and the 70s. sunrise 7:20. sunset 6:29. and looking out over the next couple of days, chance of showers developing latter part of the day today to the north. then chance overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. lots of sunshine for the rest of the weekend and another chance of rain on monday. we'll have more news when we come back. ,,,,
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than this, so we'll show it again. tra good morning, everyone. just 11 teams in the history of the nlcs have come back after trailing 3-1 in the series. the giants were the last to do it and they were hoping to keep it that way last night. madison baumgarner took the mound clinching was all he had on his mind. he was in some trouble in the 4th inning when tony cruz popped a solo shot for a 3-2 lead. cardinals starter adam wainwright made it whole but the st. louis bullpen did not. pat neshek off speed hitch pinch hit solo shot to tie the game. morris barely played the last two months.
6:26 am
but looky there. a hero last night. st. louis loaded the bases off castilla in the night. taveras tap out, inning over. so there were two on, one out for travis ishikawa in the bottom of the 9th. here's how it ended. >> hits one into right! the giants win the pennant! >> the giants win the pennant indeed. their third national league pennant in the last five years. they will go to kansas city on tuesday for game 1 of the world series. and if you are wondering, we checked the stubhub last night. $473 right now for standing room only for game 3, 4 and 5 when the series shifts back to at&t park. get your wallet out. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. you soon forget the price but never the memory. >> i'm watching on tv.
6:27 am
>> yeah. [ laughter ] >> play of the day, doesn't get any more dramatic. travis ishikawa three-run jack in the ninth that gave the giants the national league pennant and a berth in the 2014 world series. game one just four short days away. kind of the play of the year right now. [ laughter ] >> to the world series. >> very exciting. 6:27 right now. a nurse who contracted ebola is now in isolation near washington, d.c. why the hospital where she works is blaming the federal government for the spread of the virus. >> it's been 25 years since the loma prieta earthquake. we'll take a look back and let you know what has changed since. ,,
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and i'm michelle griego. tis 6-- we' good morning, everyone! it's friday! we love it. october 17th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:31. we'll have much more on the giants big win to advance to the world series in just a minute. but first -- >> off to kansas. but first, today marks 25 years since the loma prieta earthquake rocked the bay area. >> the 6.9 quake centered in the santa cruz mountains hit just after 5 p.m. on october 17th, 1989. 63 people were killed. more than 3700 were injured. the quake devastated communities all over the area causing an estimated $6 billion in damage. and events are planned to commemorate the day the quake hit. kpix 5's ryan takeo is live along the embarcadero waterfront with more on the
6:32 am
destruction caused that day. ryan. >> reporter: michelle, it took 15 seconds. it sounds like a short amount of time but when the earth is shaking beneath you, especially a 6.9, it feels like forever. everyone has a story. my photographer, he was bouncing on the couch as a kid and still 15 seconds, it feels like forever and it's still impacting us today. >> reporter: the images not only remind us, they still shock us and some haunt us. >> just seen chopper 5 going over the freeway system. here it is 880, there are huge sections of the freeway -- >> reporter: in oakland the cypress structure double-decker collapse was the deadliest scene, 42 died there. today a memorial park sits at the site in west oakland. 880 was relocated. >> here comes the footage of the bay bridge. there is the cantilever section and there right at the end of
6:33 am
the cantilever is where the roadway dropped on to the lower deck. >> reporter: the old eastern span is of course closed to traffic. its present day piece by piece demolition is nothing like what happened in an instant then. in san francisco's marina district, men in suits became volunteer firefighters with water from the bay. the pancaked areas are rebuilt. but the city is trying to get some marina building owners to retrofit buildings that could collapse. >> we are standing outside of candlestick park and i'll tell you what we can see. you can actually see the asphalt waving. >> reporter: we would love to forget the pictures of panic. but the iconic images also give us a sense of where we were and what's changed since. so that's some of what changed. coming up at 6:55. you'll hear from an expert who gives us his number one issue that he says what hasn't changed since the '89 quake. live in san francisco, i'm ryan
6:34 am
takeo, kpix 5. >> this morning we're sharing your memories of the loma prieta earthquake posted on our facebook page. an idges were closed. so many p tal strangers- offe assistance. people lping people. beautiful. we want to keep from u. post your comments on kpix 5 facebook visit kpix dot com for m es 5 years ago. >> and we want to keep hearing from you. just post your comments on our kpix 5 facebook page and visit for more memories from 25 years ago. and lawrence you mentioned your wife had just crossed the bay bridge? >> she had just crossed the bay bridge and then the earthquake hit and it partially collapsed. she did her first news live shot that day way back when. so everybody has a story from around the bay area. >> i had a friend on the cypress structure and just got off and went through the tube on webster street when it hits. >> you have to prepare. we have storm clouds headed
6:35 am
our way now. some partly cloudy skies around the bay area. we could see rain coming in our direction. best chance north of the golden gate bridge this afternoon. you can see it's starting to slowly slide up into parts of northern california. eureka going to see rain soon. out over the bay bridge it's a quiet start to the day. we have partly cloudy skies. temperatures generally in the 50s although 49 degrees in santa rosa, 54 in san jose. now 60 in san francisco. this afternoon, skies becoming mostly cloudy. we are going to see some 70s and 60s. a chance of rain maybe for the commute ride home in the north bay. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. all of a sudden we have major problems now. if you are trying to drive the bay bridge into san francisco, it's stacked up from the metering lights toward your fremont street exit. the problem are large metal plates that caltrans installed causing rough travel over them.
6:36 am
these are causing really big delays. i have noticed they will clamped down on the metering lights so let's show you the bay bridge toll plaza. cars are barely moving approaching the pay gates. for a while it was stacked up very slow, 14 miles per hour. that's once you reach the incline section. those speed sensors don't jump a lot on the bay bridge into san francisco. that's the bridge to avoid. coming through the macarthur maze we are getting word of a new issue a motorcycle accident partially blocking the connector from 580 to 580. chp is on the way. that's your drive to work. back to you guys. thank you. well, if you haven't heard, the san francisco giants are world series bound. >> travis ishikawa hits one into right! >> travis ishikawa three-run homer broke a tie in the 9th
6:37 am
inning. he did indeed. and a 4-1 series win over the st. louis cardinals in a big victory last night. that puts the giants in the world series which starts tuesday in kansas city, missouri. kpix 5's vern glenn spoke with ishikawa after last night's big home run. >> reporter: talk about the journey starting off in pittsburg and leading up to this -- dude, you're going to the worlds! >> i didn't think earlier this year i would be in this moment. i'm thankful for all of
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one of the two texas nurses infected with ebola... is n being treated in washington. 26-year-old nina pham was t by ambulance-- wearing protective gear from head to toe. pham was diagnosed with ebola after caring for thom eric duncan, who died of the virus last week. some nurses at texas health main the hospital wasn't prepareo deal with the virus. the hospital is defending it's actions. a statement from the hospit shifted the blame to the c-c
6:42 am
-- saying the hosptial foll the 'frequently changing cdc guidelines and recommendati time is 6: after weeks of anticipation -- apple final unveils its latest tech gadget... we'll take a clos look at the company's "nextg thing". today marks 25 years since e loma prieta earthquake hit of northern california. ,,
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♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪
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(dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. morning. here now is kcbs radio's rter jason brooks. housing starts rose in september and that could help the market rebound this morning. >> boy, does it need it! let's check in with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> good morning, frank and michelle.
6:46 am
you tell them you haven't enjoyed this roller coaster this week? >> not at all. >> i don't think most people have. it's all right. we are looking at a recovery this morning. at least to some degree. getting some decent news on the economy to help out. commerce department reporting a rise in home building in the month of september with housing starts up over 6% in the month led higher by apartment building which rose over 18%. that sector could swing wildly but we are seeing more apartments come online. that led to a vacancy rise in development tal units in september for the first time in september. the building will continue to pick up this fall building per its up by 1.5%. >> a lot of silicon valley tech earnings coming in. and a lot of them disappointing. even though google's revenue was up over 20% from a year earlier to more than $16 billion, saw a bit of a decline in its digital advertising growth. that's weighing on investors this morning. also chipmaker advanced microdevices disappointed its sales were down and as a
6:47 am
result, it's cutting 7% of its workforce. that amounts to a little more than 700 workers for the sunnyvale-based chipmaker. market has been on a terrible ride for this week. a bit of a mixed day yesterday. today though off to a good start. perhaps buyers sensing an opportunity with stocks down by 10% in the last month. across the board all are up. google down 1%. advanced microdevices up 5.5%. investors apparentlily like the cost-cutting move with the employees. frank and michelle, back to you guys. >> it may be the factors up today. >> if you are a giants fan you're certainly experiencing some exuberance this morning. st. louis cardinals perhaps not. >> kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks, thank you. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> norah o'donnell joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, frank and michelle. ahead new ebola fears after a
6:48 am
healthcare worker who came in contact with the virus boarded a cruise ship. peter greenburg on the impact of the virus on the travel industry and why he doesn't think a ban would work. plus, cbs and hbo are betting on net tv. we are looking at how the moves are reshaping the cable landscape. >> and he is baseball's greatest hitter but a better scandal has kept him out of the hall of fame. a sunday morning preview pete rose tells lee cowen why he thinks that will change one day. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. thank you. >> 25 years ago today, the loma prieta earthquake hit. and we have been talking about it all morning long. one of the hardest-hit areas was santa cruz. it was just miles from the epicenter. >> kpix 5 reporter kiet do is live in santa cruz a city that had to start from scratch and rebuild 25 years ago.
6:49 am
>> the quake damaged or destroyed 41 buildings including the beloved cooper house. right now we're standing on the site where the old building used to be. the cooper house had significant damage especially since the epicenter was nine miles away. bricks fell, walls cracked and when the building was eventually demolish, crowds came out to say their good- byes. it was a courthouse, a restaurant, the vibrant heart of a downtown area. the structure never recaptured the magic. ross gibson explains why new buildings push out the little guy. >> no, when you build a new building, you no longer are able to bring in the mom and pops who originally occupied the downtown. >> reporter: because they can't afford it? >> they can't afford it because you have to recoup the money of building a new structure. >> reporter: parts of the pacific garden mall also suffered major damage reduced some of the businesses to a pile of debris. many structures were rebuilt to try and recreate the so-called pedestrian ambience. part of the ford's department
6:50 am
store also collapsed trapping victims inside. that structure was rebuilt and has attracted a cluster of outdoor restaurants and injecting life into the downtown area. a core group of a few dozen elect officials and business leaders held hundreds of meetings over a couple of years and worked on the details on the height of buildings and trees and everything else. it's a vibrant unique downtown that cruz is proud of. kiet do, kpix 5. i think a lot of folks suffering a giants hangover this morning. >> i think so. where are they? >> it was so quiet for a while but now we have this hot spot on the bay bridge and it is bad. let's actually take a live look at how sluggish it is right now kind of end to end from the metering lights all the way to san francisco. the problem is caltrans and they installed these metal plates and they are sticking up a little bit in the roadway near that first exit coming into san francisco near the fremont and harrison street off- ramp.
6:51 am
you can drive over them but very slowly at reduced speeds. it's causing a severe ripple effect obviously behind the pay gates. they have clamped down on the metering lights so you can stacked up through the maze but it's on the span itself. that's the where we're seeing unusually heavy amount of traffic. so talk a little bit about your alternates. obviously, this is the one to avoid if you can right now. san mateo bridge looks okay. it is a little slow behind the pay gates backed up from clawiter but once you get on the span everything looks good and 101 is also pretty nice trip along the peninsula. or you can ride bart. everything so far is on time. and just a quick note about this accident. still there in the maze westbound 580 to eastbound 80. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. we have some showers that are just moving in along the coastline right now. our hi-def doppler radar is tracking that storm system. could see some rain making its way in our direction today. right now doppler showing the rainfall in northern california. just beginning to make its way onshore here. but it's going to be creeping
6:52 am
down the coastline throughout the day maybe showers in the north bay later on this afternoon. so we'll see some increasing clouds as we head throughout the day as well. the temperatures going to be down a few degrees. and a chance of showers to our north. sunshine to make a return for this weekend should be a gorgeous weekend so not a washout. but yeah, could see some rain moving in later today then overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning, some rain spreading further south throughout the bay area. temperatures around the state it's going to be cool into the north. you will see 65 degrees in eureka with rain. 69 in ukiah and 72 into monterey bay. computer models timing out the storm and you see the brunt of the system really head up into far north bay maybe a third of an inch of rain in the wetter spots and showers south but not much. by tomorrow afternoon, we clear out your skies and here comes that sunshine. temperatures today not all that bad. 60s and some 70s for highs. as we look out over the next couple of days, a nice weekend on tap. some rain likely to make a return on monday, dry and warmer weather toward the middle of the week. apple says its new ipad is
6:53 am
the thinnest tablet ever made. [ applause ] >> this is the new ipad air 2. >> ceo tim cook unveiled it yesterday during an event at company headquarters in cupertino. the new model is said to be 180 times faster than the original. the ipad 2 starts at $499. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at the dallas nurse who was the first to contract ebola in e u.s. is now in a hospi five things to know at the :55. the dallas nurse who was the first to contract ebola in the u.s. now in a hospital in maryland. nina pham was moved to the national institutes of health last night. another nurse, amber vinson, now being treated at emory
6:57 am
hospital in atlanta. republicans and democrats are calling on president obama to impose a ban on traffic from west africa the epicenter of the ebola outbreak. five airports are screening passengers from the area. president obama called up reserve and national guard troops to be called up. joe biden's son is discharge from the navy reserves after testing positive for cocaine. the "wall street journal" first reported hunter biden's failed drug test. the son is embarrassed that his actions led to a discharge. the island of bermuda will feel the full force of hurricane gonzalo later today. residents stocked up on food and boarded up. the giants will take on the kansas city royals in the world series. the giants clinched the nlcs last night and another nail- biter at at&t park. they came up big with some late game heroics. that man rounding the bases,
6:58 am
travis ishikawa with a three- run homer in the bottom of the 9th for a 6-3 win. next stop, kansas city. and i'm ryan takeo live in san francisco. 25 years ago today, the loma prieta earthquake rocked the bay area. >> just seen chopper 5 going over the freeway system. here it is 880, there are huge sections of the freeway -- >> reporter: 63 people were killed most of them died in the collapse of that cypress freeway in oakland. the 6.9 quake struck during rush hour 5:04 p.m. just before the world series. the ace-giants game postponed that day -- the a's-giants game postponed that day. parts of the bridge fell, homes collapsed. the infrastructure has improved since then but there is a huge problem still being addressed. >> the number one problem we have is the old buildings that we all spend time in. the buildings built since the
6:59 am
1970s take advantage of what we have learned from earthquakes and modern building codes. buildings built prompted an officer irrelevant that didn't take into account seismic forces. >> reporter: that expert says there are still hundreds of buildings across the city that still need retrofitting to be done. live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. and our hot spot the bay bridge. it is really backed up. the delays continue to get worse as these metal plates that caltrans installed on westbound 80 driver's are forced to go really slow over them and so now it's having a ripple effect behind the pay gates. metering lights are on. san mateo bridge and bart look good as options. we have some partly cloudy skies now. our hi-def doppler radar is showing some rain coming in our direction first hitting northern california and sliding down into the bay area. maybe a little bit later on this afternoon some showers north of the golden gate. temperatures expected to be in the 60s and 70s mostly cloudy skies. a nice weekend though for the bay area. >> thank you for watching. remember, your next local update is 7:26.
7:00 am
>> the ferry building all aglow in giants orange. game one on tuesday night. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, october 17th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." lawmakers lash out at the cdc over ebola, and we hear from one of the infected nurses for the first time. >> isis launches attacks inside baghdad amid reports the terror group is now taking to the sky. and pete rose tells "sunday morning" why he thinks he'll get a second chance at the hall of fame. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> if we do what we needed to do, stay focused, then this is going to be something that is contained here. >> america fights to contain ebola. >> a health care worker is in quarantine on a cruise ship in the caribbean.


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