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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 24, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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frank mallicoat is doing sleep research. it's 4:29. we have a suddenly interesting weekend. >> i'm wanting to do some of that research! >> i'll work on that this afternoon. >> it should be very interesting weekend. today the nicest day of the week. off the coast we have stormy weather coming our way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we already have a few accidents out the door including one in fairfield. one in hercules eastbound 4 at willow and others. so far, through most of contra costa county, though, things look good. it will get very crowded along the peninsula though. >> giants game? >> another big sporting event, cal plays over at levi's stadium so we'll tell you how to get around all that. >> we're piling on. thank you, liz, lawrence, beautifully done. do you think that giants fever is building in the bay area? >> good question. of course it is! leading up to the world
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series game three, 5:00 tonight, giants players arrived home from kansas city yesterday afternoon. buses took them from the airport to at&t park for practice. winning was great. it's a joy to be part. the results will take care of themselves. i'll see you when it's over. i try to black it out as much as i can. i'm not going to be like oh, we're here. now we're going to behave this way or whatever the case is. let the game -- play the game and enjoy it and let it go. >> reporter: police and bomb- sniffing dogs spent yesterday making sure the ballpark is safe for today's game. if you are going to the game, you can expect to pass through a metal detector and security will take a look through your bags as you enter the park. here's the schedule for the rest of the series. we know it will go through at least sunday. if the series is undecided
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then, it goes back to kansas city for 6 and potentially, if lawrence has his way, game 7. >> i want to see it go all the way! weather could be a factor this weekend. i think originally friday might be an issue. i think saturday may see showers for the game but today this is probably going to be the nicest day of the week. we have a lot of sunshine coming our way. low pressure kind of digs off the coastline lifting clouds out in front of it. still seeing rain in far northern california. we are going to see a whole lot of sunshine here. warmer temperatures 70s and low 80s inland, 70s inside the bay, 60s at the coastline. clear over san jose. we are seeing reports of patchy, dense fog in parts of the north bay so watch out for that. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. by the afternoon, about 80 in livermore. 77 in san jose. and 70 degrees in san francisco. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. first out the door headed to the bay bridge.
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this half-hour is when most of the overnight roadwork is starting to clear. here's a live look at westbound 80. no delay right now getting into san francisco. getting into oakland, though, eastbound bay bridge they have the left lane closed until 5:30. sometimes they pick that overnight roadwork ahead of schedule though. ongoing roadwork 98th to davis, three left lanes closed until 6 a.m. they sometimes pick it up early. and northbound 880 marina to davis, all through san leandro you might find a delay for the next half-hour. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge, no problems in either direction between hayward and the peninsula. and i mentioned that car fire. it is still there. it's in hercules eastbound lanes of highway 4 at willow pass. it is not causing a delay. it sounds like all the activity is on the right-hand shoulder. but we know earlier fire crews were out there and that car that was on fire is now out of lanes. westbound 580, wow, this is
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"friday light" even out of tracy. so far no big delays. only a 14-minute drive time between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. and mass transit so far, so good. we are going to be talking a lot about this coming up. alternates to get around some of the chaos, the traffic chaos tonight because of a number of things going on. in the meantime, no delay bart systemwide. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. they had chaos last night. this morning seven people are recovering in hospital after being hit by a car when it ran into a dublin restaurant. some people had serious injuries but none life- threatening. it happened at a taqueria. the drive of the car was trying to park in front of the restaurant when she accidentally accelerated. >> reporter: us can miles an hour said it sounded -- customers said it sounded like an explosion. >> we heard a big boom. boom! and i ran out and everybody was screaming.
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>> reporter: as a black ford mustang crashed through the front windows injuring several people inside. one of the victims a pregnant woman. >> she was really pregnant and she looked in a lot of pain and she was holding her stomach. >> reporter: there was a family eating on the right side of the restaurant and the husband was actually standing at the time when the car barreled through. and he got pinned right underneath the mustang. >> the mom, the wife, pulled her husband out, the girls were screaming because their father was halfways under the car. >> reporter: these karate students training in a class nearby called 911. >> it was devastating to see people going in the ambulances all hurt. even the children looked extremely hurt. >> reporter: juliette goodrich, kpix 5. the chp isn't saying much about one of its own accused of stealing nude pictures of a woman but her attorney says the officer broke the public trust. kpix 5 tried to reach out to officer sean harrington at his house in martinez but no
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answer. in august, he pulled over the 23-year-old woman in san ramon for suspected dui. she says he snooped through her phone and forwarded the pictures to his phone. >> i would just say their personal private photos that she meant to keep private on her own cell phone and weren't meant for anybody else's eyes. >> the allegations are under investigation. a san francisco tour company is apologizing for this. >> you little [ censored ] food market with your turtles and your frogs inside okay, [ censored ] >> that's a tourist guide going on a racist rant. it led to a protest in chinatown. >> the message here today is san francisco has no tolerance for racism and no tolerance for anyone who wants to target any particular group in our community. part of the message is that chinatown [ indiscernible ] >> the tour company, city sightseeing, said: comments
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made by this former employee on her last day of employment are absolutely not a representation of how much we love and support chinatown and every other community in san francisco." another american has ebola. wendy gillette reports a doctor who treated ebola patients in west africa is now isolated in new york. >> reporter: this "new york post" video shows dr. craig spencer being rushed to bellevue hospital in manhattan escorted by a convoy of emergency vehicles. the city took no chances after sensors showed symptoms of ebola. the emts wore full protective gear as he was transferred to an isolation unit. new york city mayor bill de blasio urged residents to stay calm after he tested positive for ebola the city's first case. >> new yorkers have not been exposed to a person's bodily fluid are not at risk. >> reporter: he had been monitoring his temperature twice a day since returning from guinea where he treated ebola patients. health officials say he was not
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contagious when he jogged, rode the subway, visited a restaurant and took a car service this week, even going bowling in brooklyn the night before he was diagnosed! still, they are monitoring his fiancee and two friends who bold with spencer. >> all three of these contacts are healthy and are being quarantined. >> reporter: the cdc has sent its own ebola response team here to bellevue hospital to help doctors treating spencer. the agency confirms spencer, who arrived at new york's jfk airport on the 17th, went through multiple layers of screening but was allowed to enter the country since he did not have a fever or any other symptoms of illness at the time. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. >> the three people who came in contact with spencer will be monitored for 21 days. well, we could find out today if you have to pay to stroll or bike across the golden gate bridge. that's one of 40 options to eliminate the endless projected
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deficit for the bridge, $33 million this time for the next five years. about 16,000 people walk or bike across the bay bridge every day. another option is to raise vehicle tolls yet again. bridge officials take on the issue at 10 a.m. los angeles firefighters worked through the night on a wildfire in the brentwood neighborhood. fire broke out about 11 p.m. it burned two acres but did not threaten homes. low winds and high humidity kept it from spreading question quickly but smoke is blowing into the santa monica mountains and several people called the fire department about that. more and more bears are getting closer and closer to people in california neighborhoods. rachel kim shows us what they are doing about it in the suburbs east of l.a. >> reporter: we have seen them up in trees, rummaging through trash cans, and making themselves at home. >> oh, my god a bear is in my house, in my house! >> reporter: -- in our foothill community. >> somebody is looking for breakfast. >> reporter: in monrovia where bears pay regular visits to residents, an information meeting to be bear aware. department of fish and wildlife
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officials say because of the ongoing drought, black bears have adapted to urban areas and are now used to getting food, water and a little shade around homes. >> we know there's a lot of cubs being born very close to town and we see them with their mothers and what mom teaches you to do is what the youngsters tend to learn. >> reporter: the lieutenant says the best thing for residents to do, don't attract bears to their properties by controlling food and trash cans, picking up fallen fruit from trees, and protecting fish ponds. >> the bears, the coyotes, none of them are leaving. we just need to learn to live and adapt with them. >> i'm not really overly concerned. i have never been confronted by one. [ siren ] >> reporter: despite the sirens and beanbags that scare them back into their habitats, authorities say these bears know when and where the food is. so they will keep coming back. >> stay out of their way. you never want to be in between a bear and where a bear wants to be. >> and that is true.
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that's rachel kim reporting. one mama bear and her cubs were so comfortable in one neighborhood, they stayed for weeks. time now is 4:41. he made the catch of a lifetime and now he is getting rewarded for his stand-up move. how a fan's decision to give back a historic home run ball is being paid back today by the san francisco giants. >> what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. ore about th ,,
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it's economnomnomcial. ♪ nom...nom...nom... lopreventable medical errors,hey all lnow the third leadingse of cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46. that terrorized their capit. they've also released video taken right before the a canadian authorities are learning more about the gunman to terrorized their capital and released video taken before the attacks. on the left side of the screen, you can see a car pull up while the shooter gets out with a large gun and then runs to the war memorial. he shot and killed an army reservist there and ran into the parliament building.
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he was eventually taken down by the sergeant at arms. an emotional sergeant at arms returned to work yesterday. the top leaders honored him with a standing ovation. the gunman, 32-year-old michael joseph bibeau was born in canada and was a muslim convert. he has ties to jihadist groups and was in ottawa trying to get a passport to get to syria. his father is a libyan businessman and his mother says she hasn't seen him in five years. she says she is very sorry for what he did. >> well, a pretty cool sight in the bay area yesterday. a solar eclipse. >> as meteorologist paul deanno found out, it's the first -- it's not the first one since 1970. it's not. we had a partial solar eclipse last year. whatever, paul was there. watch. >> reporter: a logjam in the sky above the bay area bought
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dozens of solar ellipse enthusiasts to the observatory in los altos on thursday. >> cool! > can you see the sun? >> yeah, a little bit. >> reporter: a partial solar eclipse happens when the moon blocks part of our view of the sun. 39% of the sun went dack. rule number one, never look directly at the sun. there are a number of ways to safely check out an eclipse including eclipse shades. members of the peninsula astra nom cal society volunteered today showing the novice skywatchers what to look for. astronomers say this eclipse is the perfect way to showcase our tiny little neighborhood in the vastness of the universe. >> this is a chance for us to get in touch with our own star the sun. many people don't know that if you were close to any of the stars in the sky, they would look as big and bright as the sun. >> i know what they meant. in march 1970, there was a total solar eclipse in the u.s.
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which is a little different from what happened yesterday. in 2017 there will be a total solar eclipse. >> one of our weather producers wants to go to oregon to see it. we have big changes i think today probably the nicest day of the week. the rain is lifting to the north as low pressure digs to the south off the coastline so today going to be a very nice day. mostly sunny skies coming our way. nice and warm maybe even a couple of low 80s and then rain coming in over the weekend. especially on saturday. could be a thump as it moves on by. you can see the low digging in off the coastline making for a stormy morning tomorrow.
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you could see isolated thunderstorms with the system and unstable air moving on through. here's comes the cold front. 6:00 tomorrow rain across the bay area moves by. unstable air and thunderstorms and 6:00 scattered showers around the bay area. a half inch in some of the wettest mountains in the north bay. lesser amounts south maybe about .18 in pacifica and .13 in san francisco. temperature 60s 70s and 80s well inches. sunday should be nice dry and mild right through the middle of next week. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. everyone knows that game three
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of the world series is happening in san francisco later on tonight. so you already know to watch out for the bad traffic around downtown. did you know there's also a game over at levi's stadium? a lot of traffic is actually going in the commute direction as opposed to san francisco where it will actually be opposite direction. so that will hopefully help things out a little bit there. but here over at levi's stadium cal having the oregon ducks. so all the streets in the area at 7:00 expect big delays for the evening commute home. we have talking 101, 237 and 880 as well as some of those express ways around the south bay, lawrence expressway, great america parkway, san tomas expressway. and people like to tailgate before. i know those oregon duck fans like to come out to games. so 50,000 people are expected to attend. use mass transit caltrans or vta. very quiet across the getting golden gate no issues just a few cars there going in
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opposite directions on northbound and southbound 101. i haven't seen the lanes change trucks so it doesn't mean they haven't driven past yet but they should be getting four southbound lanes open any minute. usual overnight roadwork in san leandro northbound and southbound 880 so it's being hit in both directions lanes blocked. scheduled until at least 5:00. i know southbound it is scheduled until 6:00 but often times they pick that up early. in the meantime out the door a little farther south in milpitas, westbound 237 if you are a silicon valley driver so far no delays between milpitas and sunnyvale. coming up, we'll get a check of mass transit on this friday morning commute. in the meantime brian, michelle, back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. the giants fan who caught the home run ball that sent the team to the world series got a surprise phone call and a big honor. >> you remember travis ishikawa's home run ball in game five of the nlcs was hauled in by fan frank burke the man from oakdale. he gave ball back to ishikawa. so he could have sold it made money but instead, he will get to throw out the ceremonial
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first pitch at game 3 today. great. from baseball to football now. >> fans may not realize that some of the technology used to televise "thursday night football" seen here on kpix 5 is manufactured in grass valley near sacramento. in fact, so is the switching equipment used for this newscast. tony lopez shows us the technology. >> reporter: this high-tech equipment could be the next thing in technology. >> something better. >> reporter: mike is cofounder of the grass valley company that makes these camera mounts known as gimbles. the nfl is using it during thursday night football games with an estimated 16 million people watching. >> it's huge for us. this is a really big deal for company. i want everything to work bright. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the 70-pound piece of equipment uses a series of motors and gyroscopes to take the shake out of live video images even when on an airplane flying 2,000 feet above the field. >> you can shake it and it will
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stay. >> reporter: the 3-year-old company has 15 local employees and all assembly and design is done inside the grass valley headquarters. each gimbel takes a month to make and orders are already backing up. >> we really made a commitment to make this happen. and it's taken everything to do it. >> reporter: they are hoping being in the in the spotlight will lead to more -- being in the national spotlight will lead to more business. >> the outlook is promising. >> we have been getting calls about the nfl games it weekend. these are the two that will air on kpix 5. so they are the only two we are going to tell you about. [ laughter ] >> seattle and carolina is the morning game at 10 and then oakland at cleveland at 1:25. 4:51. what's in a label? a lot more than you might think. the small change that could make a big difference in the food that you choose to eat. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we have a very nice day planned on this friday if you are headed out the door. mostly clear skies although we are seeing some patchy fog in the north bay this afternoon. fog at the coastline, 60s. inside the peninsula lots of sunshine and temperatures warming up to 77 degrees in san jose, maybe about 80 degrees in gilroy. and 79 in morgan hill. into the east bay you will find plenty of sunshine throughout the afternoon and those temperatures will be warming up. 70s and low 80s. about 77 degrees in concord and 76 in pleasant hill. in the north bay, lots of sunshine too after a couple of patches of dense fog. we have 7 degrees in santa rosa 76 in sonoma, 77 in santa rosa. san francisco mostly sunny skies 70. so far everything quiet on the roads. if you are planning on celebrating the giants later on tonight and maybe even going to the world series, golden gate
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ferries are actually offering extra service later on tonight out of larkspur, alameda- oakland ferries same thing and an extra vallejo baylink ferry. we'll tell you about how to get around the traffic headaches we are expecting this evening around san francisco and the peninsula. "kcbs traffic" is all coming up. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. now, would you be more likely to eat less junk food or no junk food if you knew how long it would take to burn off those calories? >> what about more junk food? >> or more. [ laughter ] >> cate caugiran shows us why people are thinking twice about what they eat. >> reporter: scientists found a way to guilt you into eating and staying healthy. >> i think that people may relate to exercise more than they do calories. >> reporter: most people don't even look at how many calories are on nutrition labels. but they did discover if you put down exercise data on the label, it changes the game entirely. for example, on this nutrition label instead of just being how many calories are in the
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bottle, you would also see it would take 4.2 miles to burn off this soda. makes you want to rethink switching to this. and before you bite into this double cheeseburger would it change your mind if the label said it would take a 5.6-mile hike to burn it off? a registered dietician says it's easier for people to think in miles, instead of calories. >> people have a hard time putting calories into the total day. >> reporter: but as far as the fda approving the new fine print on food -- >> to change any label is going to be very costly and requires a lot of research to see if it would be successful. >> reporter: she says not to mention -- >> you can have different sizes in people, different weights, different sexes. so i'm not sure it's going to be the same amount of exercise for? >> reporter: but hey, it was good food for thought. in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. 4:56. a doctor who just returned from west africa is diagnosed with e. coli in new york city. the public is on edge there this morning after learning he
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was using public transportation, jogging, even bowling in the days leading up to his diagnosis.
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it's a joy to be part and the results will take care of themselves. >> the world series moves to san francisco today. the giants are looking to bounce back after a game 2 loss to the royals in kansas city. first pitch 5:07 at at&t park. >> those who have not been exposed to an infected person's bodily news is not at risk. >> the fourth -- fluids is not at risk. >> dr. craig spencer has ebola in new york city. he was in west africa treating ebola patients. >> you [ censored ] with your turtles and frogs inside, okay. >> the tour company city sightseeing is apologizing after one of its guides went on a racist rant about san francisco's chinatown.
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a protest was held in portsmouth square yesterday to send a message that this behavior has no place in the city. from across the bay to around the world, the s tha matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm brian hackney. frank is off this morning. it's 5:00. time to check traffic and weather and it looks like trouble ahead for this weekend. >> boy, it looks really interesting. this low just diving off the coastline but today should be nice outside. we are going to see a lot of sunshine around the bay area. watch these clouds begin to lift to the north here as that low digs off the coast. we are going to see a lot of sun maybe just a couple of patches of coastal fog and these temperatures really very nice. 70s inside the bay some 70s maybe some low 80s inland. and 60s along the coastline with patchy fog. it is a mostly clear and quiet start to the day although we have a couple of patches of dense fog showing up in the north bay. 49 degrees some of that thick fog into santa rosa. 54 in san jose. and 54 degrees in livermore. this afternoon look at the temperatures should be a


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