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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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risk. >> new york is treating its first ebola case. the fourth diagnosed in the u.s. dr. craig spencer recently returned from west africa where he was treating ebola patients. >> you [ censored ] with your turtles and frogs inside, okay. >> the tour company city sightseeing is apologizing after one of its guides went on a racist rant about san francisco's chinatown. a protest was held in portsmouth square yesterday to send a message that this behavior has no place in the city. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm brian hackney. frank is off this morning. the giants school have another world championship by the time the weekend is over. >> they are hoping to finish off the kansas city royals with a sweep at at that particular time park tonight, tomorrow and
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sunday. that would be nice. >> very nice. anne makovec at the ballpark checking preparations for tonight's game 3. exciting. >> reporter: in 11 hours, at that particular time park is going to be off the hook, you guys. world series 2014. now, i just checked stubhub, the cheapest tickets you can buy. $554 and that's standing room only. check out the logo, though, that they have painted here on the field adding to the excitement. yeah. world series. it's sf debut starting at 5:07 p.m. here's a look from chopper 5 at the giants arriving home from kansas city yesterday. buses took them from the airport to at&t where they held practice in advance of tonight's big game. [ fireworks ] >> reporter: that was the celebration at pier 27 last night over the world series gala. the skies lit up over san francisco's waterfront as
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executives from both the giants and the royals gathered for a big party. back here at the park yesterday police and bomb-sniffing dogs spent the day making sure everything is safe and secure for game 3. they have also installed metal detectors. we saw those lined up at the front door. so that's something that fans are going to have to walk through as their tickets are scanned. first pitch 5:07. we'll be ready. getting here will be a trick. let's check in with elizabeth wenger with some tips for getting around the traffic. >> reporter: mass transit. friday morning commutes are rough around city streets and downtown and now expect extra congestion on the bay bridge trying to get in san francisco. the 280 extension, 101. and we know that muni is offering extra service as ann just said game time at 5:07
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just as the commute is getting under way. and if that wasn't enough, people may be forgetting about the cal game over at levi's stadium. they play the ducks at 7 p.m. a lot of traffic will be going in the same commute direction. 237, 880 and expressways, the lawrence expressway, great america parkway and san tomas expressway. use caltrain to the mountain view stop and right vta from there. it's a half-hour to get you in front of the stadium itself. let's get you out the door right now. there. westbound 24 at acalanes one lane blocked because of a truck fire hauling a horse trailer. they got the horses safe and the trailer. they detached that. it sounds like the truck fire
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is out. it's stacking up to pleasant hill and growing. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. several people are recovering in the east bay after being hit by a car in a dublin restaurant. this mustang drove through the front doors of a taqueria on village parkway last night. a father of two was trapped under the car. six others were struck including a pregnant woman. >> she was really pregnant in main holding her stomach. >> people were seriously hurt but none of the injuries is life-threatening. officers say the driver was trying to park in front of the restaurant but hit the accelerator. milpitas firefighters rescued a family of four from the roof of their burning house. one person was taken to the hospital, three others were taken in by their neighbors. it happened on farm crest street near chipman drive. no word on the cause of the
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fire. the family dog did die in the blaze. >> this is probably the nicest day of the week. low pressure diving off the coastline with big changes for the weekend. today a lot of sunshine just a couple of patches of valley fog showing up in the north bay valleys there. otherwise, we are going to see a lot of sunshine. clouds pulling to the north across northern california. still some rain there but the bay area staying dry. this afternoon 70s and 80s inland. 60s and patchy fog at the coastline. clear around the bay area. the temperatures not bad. 52 degrees in san jose. a little cool in santa rosa with some fog at 49. and 57 degrees in oakland. now this afternoon, we should see plenty of sunshine away from the coastline. 77 in san jose. about 80 in livermore. and 76 in napa. enjoy a much cooler and possibly wet weather expected for the weekend. that's the latest forecast, guys. back to you.
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>> thank you. developing in canada, authorities now know more about the gunman who terrorized their capital. there's new video taken right before the attack. take a look at it. on the left side of the screen, you can see a car pull up, the shooter gets out with a large gun and runs to the war memorial. he shot and killed an army reservist there and then ran into the parliament building and was taken down by a sergeant at arms. [ applause ] >> in an emotional sergeants at arms -- an emotional sergeant at arms returned to work yesterday. the country's top leaders honored him with a standing ovation. here's what we know about the gunman so far. 32-year-old michael bibeau was born in canada, a muslim. he has ties too jihadist groups and was in ottawa trying to get a passport to get to syria. his father is a libyan businessman and his mother hasn't seen him in five years. she says she is sorry to what he did. another american healthcare worker has ebola.
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wendy gillette reports from the new york hospital where a doctor is now isolated. >> reporter: this "new york post" video shows dr. craig spencer being rushed to bellevue hospital in manhattan escorted by a convoy of emergency vehicles. the city took no chances after spencer showed symptoms of ebola. the emts wore full protective gear as they transferred him to an isolation unit. new york city mayor bill de blasio urged residents to stay calm after the 33-year-old tested positive for the virus. the city's first case. >> new yorkers who have not been exposed to an infected person's bodily fluids are not at all at risk. >> reporter: spencer had been monitoring his temperature twice a day since returning from guinea where he treated ebola patients. health officials say he was not contagious when he went for a jog, rode the subway, visited a restaurant and took a car service this week, even going bowling in brooklyn the night before he was diagnosed. still, they are monitoring his fiancee and two friends who bold with spencer. >> all three of these contacts
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are healthy and are being quarantined. >> reporter: the cdc has sent its own ebola response team here to bellevue hospital to help doctors treating spencer. the agency confirms spencer, who arrived at jfk airport on the 17th in new york, went through multiple layers of screening but was allowed to enter the country since he did not have a fever or any other symptoms of illness at the time. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. >> spencer's fiancee and two friends are being quarantined but have not shown symptoms. they will be monitored for 21 days. so far no symptoms. the chp is not saying much about one of its own. officer who allegedly stole a woman's nude pictures. kpix 5 tried to reach officer sean harrington at his home in martinez with no answer. in august he pulled over the 23- year-old in san ramon for suspected dui. she says harrington snooped through her phone and forwarded the pictures to his phone.
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happening today we could find out if you have to pay to walk or bike across the golden gate bridge to cover a $33 million deficit over the next few years. 16,000 people walk or bike across the bridge every day. another option is to raise vehicle tolls again. bridge officials talk about the issue at 10:00 this morning. and did you see the partial eclipse of the sun yesterday? it was very, very cool. >> if you missed it like myself don't worry about it. a total solar eclipse is coming for parts of the u.s.? 2017. >> three years. >> partial ellipse was neat. >> the last eclipse was 1970. 39% of the sun was eclipsed yesterday. it was a cool sight. never look at the sun directly. it's always you can't look at
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it directly and have to protect your eyes. in three years, in 2017, i remember reading about this when i was a kid, this is back in the '30s! [ laughter ] >> about this thing that's coming up in 2017. we are going to be able to see it a little bit -- a little bit -- probably about 100 miles north of the bay area it will be total in 2017. i can't wait! exciting. >> a group of bay area workers walks off the job. details of the dispute that could affect service starting today. >> here's a clue for you today. now, this is too, too, cute to be true. "where's roberta?" as the news continues on kpix 5. >> we are looking at lots of sunshine on this friday but this weekend could see some pretty impressive rain. we'll talk about that coming up. >> we have slow spots out the door. you want to know about this accident in san mateo county and another hot spot growing in the east bay in lafayette. tell you all about it your drive to work on a friday after this break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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in san leandro right now. t strike is also going on in oakland. workers say it started after a company man was disrespect waste management workers are on a one-day strike in san francisco and oakland. workers say it started after a company manager was disrespectful toward union workers. waste management is still sending out trucks to collect trash today. halloween is a week from today. >> a week, can you believe it? >> all over the bay area people are hard at work with their halloween costumes. we wanted to see your photos. we have fun photos from our kpix 5 morning team. >> yes. here are a couple of pictures of lawrence karnow dressed up in his halloween best. so cute. the one on the left, right? >> that's me on the left. >> my brother the mummy. that makes me laugh. >> toilet paper? >> i don't know what we wrapped
6:15 am
you with. my mom was always making my costumes. we didn't buy them. >> you were the vampire in this one. >> yes. isn't that great? my little brother is the devil. >> very cute. >> this is one of my favorites. you hated this, right? >> i did. i still remember it, it was so uncomfortable. i was probably crying five minutes before they took the picture. >> it would be hard to sit down but it's cute and creative. >> my mom made it. one of the only costumes she has ever made. a lot pressure for moms to sew. >> i feel no pressure because i just don't. [ laughter ] >> we want to see all your halloween costumes pictures. go to upload your photos so send them in. >> time to check traffic, weather, traffic. >> i think it's traffic this time, right? we'll start off with traffic. we have a cup of things going on you may want to know about including this one coming into
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san mateo bridge westbound 92. one lane is blocked. there's an accident there and so far we're not seeing any delays on our sensors. unfortunately, we cannot say the same thing in the east bay. look at this backup. this is very unusual for lafayette commuters. there was a truck fire near the acalanes exit. one lane is blocked and traffic is already really heavy through the east bay. very slow and go and solid approaching the now earlier scene. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights were turned on at 5:45. we have a number of things going on tonight. we could have tricky traffic around san francisco. game three of the world series. you may not know the warriors are playing over at oracle this preseason game. they take on denver at 7:30 and then on the peninsula you can see traffic on 237 and 101 cal
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game over at levi's stadium. that's your latest drive to work. another check of your forecast we have more rain on the way. >> yeah. we sure do. i think today we'll sneak in a nice day but this weekend that could change. nothing here. showers lifting further to the north. before you we have patchy, dense fog showing up in the valleys down to about a quarter mile visibility into santa rosa right now. this afternoon, mostly sunny nice and warm. rain expected to move back in this weekend especially on saturday. so here we go. low pressure diving off the coastline along with that we are going to see some very unstable air so the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms once that front moves through. timing it out for the storm it looks like it will be moving in early tomorrow morning. 6 a.m., you have it stretched all the way across the bay area and behind that more scattered showers and then another impulse moves in around game time towards saturday night. a nice day for the game today but tomorrow, maybe some showers and some cool weather. by sunday, it looks like things drying out very nicely. but this could be a pretty decent soaker maybe about a
6:18 am
half inch of rain in the wettest valleys and mountains. a tenth into san jose. temperature-wise for today we are looking at some 70s and 80s inland. 60s along the coastline next knew few days return to rain tomorrow, dry sunday. looks like we'll see warmer temperatures through the middle of the week. that's the latest forecast, guys. back to you. >> thank you. well, you've seen hints all morning. now where in the world is roberta? >> she is standing right next to you. [ laughter ] >> roberta! >> i know where you are. [ laughter ] >> good morning, everybody. you know, this week, um, well, wear' actually only 7 days awe from halloween, right? can you believe that? there are so many parties taking place this week including the blackhawk auto museum. looking for the perfect costume? this story is about the people
6:19 am
behind the costumes. we take you to the east bay in this week's edition of "where's roberta?" >> reporter: for nearly 30 years, the family has owned and operated on course theatrical supplies. >> we sell dance wear and dance shoes stage makeup for theater people and wigs. >> reporter: once a year happy dancing turns to halloween. >> we offer a really nice selection of costumes and we try to get things that you don't find in the halloween superstores. >> reporter: what would you say is the number one costume so far this year? >> well, i think from the movie "frozen" that's a hot item. and actually, you know, probably have to talk to tammy about what else is hot. >> reporter: tammy general manager. costume buyer and daughter. >> boys are always wanting to be scary and ninjas and a little darker and pirates and very masculine type ideas. >> reporter: so if you had to dress me, what would you put me in? >> oh, roberta, you're so much
6:20 am
fun to dress. cleopatra? maybe something from the titanic? who knows. >> reporter: how long have you been here at encore? >> i have been working here over 20 years. i have seen a lot of halloweens go by. >> what's it like working side by side with your father and your moor? >> it's great having all that quality time with my parents. we're actually one big family and, um, it's special to work in this unique environment. >> oh, ho ho! >> reporter: i wanted to talk about the family because they have been enriched and entrenched in our community for so many years there in encore for 30 years and they are not like the superstores that come in and just take your money for a month and then leave town. they pay their taxes and they are there 365 days a year for the community. they have great costumes. >> did you get one? >> sorry. >> no, no. >> well, now what is remarkable, those hand made costumes that cost up to $500 are actually selling them right now at half off. so if you want to invest in a costume right now is the time.
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but whatever you want to dress for, for halloween we have you set up. just visit us online at and click on "links and numbers." >> thank you. as we head into another historic year of drought, here's a not so crazy idea. how about raising the price of water? i'm kiet do. we'll have that story coming up.
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are like a passionate dance.ion it's color. it's a way of life. a harmony that brings people together. the more we give in to the magic of this place, the more we'd like to stay. oaxaca. live it to believe it. sources good morning. today is the gay -- good morning, everybody. today is the day. i expect to see a lot of orange and black neither of which i'm wearing right now for game 3 of the world series. i'll see you it the ballpark
6:25 am
later on. the series is tied at one game apiece. bruce bochy got off the bus and he was all loose heading into tonight's game. >> how important is this game three? because of course the team that wins will take the lead in the series. >> yeah. i'll try to think how long it's been going now, how important it is the next game is. [ laughter ] >> you know? i think i have heard this since late august. >> yeah. yesterday both teams held workouts first the royals then the giants here and not seen here nisetup video tim hutson got to be christmas eve for him. he will make his first career start for 16 years in the league in the world series. >> i say night to my wife. here i am on the eve of the biggest game i ever pitched. it's a relief. it's finally here what i have hoped and dreamed for
6:26 am
throughout my career is finally here. we wanted to win another one. you get greedy. when you see a guy like that that is coming to the and of his career, he gets to get to the biggest day that a baseball player can be on. and he gets to compete tomorrow. that's -- we're very happy for him. >> 5:07 first pitch. i'll see all of you out at the yard. see you later, everybody. all right. thank you. our play of the day now comes from european soccer. you will need to see this a couple of times though. eric from english club tottenham scores and you believable goal. take a look again. in slow motion. he wrapped his left foot and blasts it past the goalkeeper. creative. it earned him our play of the day. 26 minutes after 6:00 on
6:27 am
your friday morning. passengers shocked when a san francisco tour guide launched into a racist rant. now the community has a message for anybody who saw the video. >> reporter: at&t park ready for world series game three coming up tonight. we'll tell you about some of the special appearances we are expecting on the pitchers mound and the preps here at the park next. californians are discovering the real risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions... while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up.
6:28 am
no wonder every major newspaper in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way." it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has "too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk." time to vote no on prop 46.
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the extra precautions in ple to make certain the virus doesn't spread. another major u.s. city reports its first case of ebola. the extra precautions in place to make certain the virus does not spread. >> and how do you make people safe water during a drought?
6:31 am
it's easy. some researchers say raise the price of water. i'm kiet do. we have a live report coming up. >> should be a fantastic friday but we have a storm just off the coastline. that's going to affect your weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and it looks like lafayette continues to be our hot spot. you're going to be stuck in an unusual traffic jam now approaching acalanes stacked up through the walnut creek interchange. coming up. well, good morning and thank god it's friday! it's october 24. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:31. this morning, 7 people are recovering in hospitals after they were hit by a car when it rammed into a dublin restaurant. some suffered serious injuries. but none life-threatening. it happened at a taqueria the driver of the car was trying to park in front of the restaurant when she accidentally accelerated. kpix 5's juliette goodrich got there shortly after. >> reporter: it sounded like a
6:32 am
loud explosion. >> we heard a big boom. i ran out here and everybody was screaming. >> reporter: as the black ford mustang crashed to the front windows injuring several people inside, one of the victims a pregnant woman. >> she was really pregnant and she looked in a lot of pain and she was holding her stomach. >> reporter: the husband was standing at the time when the car hit and he was pinned under the mustang. >> the mom, the wife, pulled her husband out and the girls were screaming. >> reporter: these karate students training in a class nearby called 911. >> then it was kind of devastating to see all these people going in ambulances and they are hurt and lots of -- even the children looked extremely hurt. >> reporter: juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> the best-case scenario for the giants, a weekend sweep for kansas city. >> let's not jinx anything. here's a chopper 5 look at at&t
6:33 am
park. a live view this early friday morning. the world series resumes tonight. anne makovec reports from at&t park. >> reporter: good morning. >> things are quiet now. but less than 11 hours from now at&t park is going to be on fuego! you can see the pitcher's mound behind me and we are going to be special appearances on that mound a little bit later on. the giants arrived here for practice at their home field yesterday. buses took them from the airport to at&t park where they had the chance to get back into the zone. including this guy tim lincecum. he is cleared to play tonight after a back strain in game 2. before wednesday we hadn't seen him pitch since september but he was red-hot in kansas city and hopes are high for tonight.
6:34 am
also making an appearance on the mound, the giants fan who caught the home run ball that sent the team to the world series frank burke from oakdale. he is going to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. he is being honored forgiving the ball back to travis ishikawa a move that paid off. security is going to be very tight for today's game. if you are heading here to the park homeland security helping to make sure the park is safe, bomb-sniffing dogs combing the park yesterday and today fans will see metal detectors for the first time. back live at the park, you're looking at the bleacher seats now. those are going for $600 on the low end. the cheapest way you can get into the park standing room only, is $554. those are the latest numbers from stubhub. if you are planning on heading here, you're going to run into some traffic. we have lots of tricks and tips for you on our website.
6:35 am live at at&t park, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> there will be a lot of traffic. >> yeah. >> it isn't going to rain saturday night during the came? >> there is a good chance we could see some showers. not a rainout so you don't have to worry about that, but we could see showers and it will be cool. today the game looks like a great day to have the game here in san francisco. going to see a lot of sunshine throughout the day and these temperatures going to be running above average. there is a chance we could see some showers rolling on through into the evening hours and then by sunday things clear out and it should be a nice day. hopefully they wrap it up by sunday. 70s and low 80s in the interior valleys. 60s along the coastline. 70s inside the bay. out the door a quiet start to the day. we have patchy, dense fog in the north bay, temperatures in the 40s there in santa rosa and visibilities down to half mannheim. this afternoon gorgeous. 76 in the napa valley. 77 in san jose. and 70 in san francisco. time for a road check so we
6:36 am
head to liz. it's a mess in lafayette especially for this time of the morning when you're used to cruising along. not the case today on westbound 24 from the walnut creek interchange all the way out to acalanes. the speeds are all below 20 miles per hour. earlier truck fire it is now out. one lane slow lane continues to remain blocked. once you get past acalanes everything clears out. also through the altamont pass, tracy, actually traffic is "friday light." once you hit the livermore valley, there are some slowdowns on the approach to vasco. westbound 580 and then remains slow and go all the way to the dublin interchange. drive time though is slightly down from a typical commute. its a friday. that's the latest "kcbs" drive to work. new york city is dealing with its first case of ebola! inside an ambulance, you're about to see is dr. craig spencer. he recently returned to the u.s. after treating ebola patients in west africa. he tested positive for the
6:37 am
virus yesterday. the emts who transported him wore full protective gear took him to isolation in the hospital. new york city's mayor urged all the residents to stay calm. >> new yorkers who have not been exposed to bodily fluids are not at risk. >> the doctor was self- monitoring after returning from guinea where he was treating ebola patients. a san francisco tour guide company is apologizing for this. >> your little [ censored ] food market with your turretles the and your frogs inside, okay? >> that's a tour guide going on a racist rant about chinatown. the outrage over what she said led to a protest at chinatown's portsmouth square. >> message here today is that san francisco has no tolerance for racist or anyone who wants to target a group in our community. and part of the message is chinatown is an amazing community.
6:38 am
>> the tour company said this: comments made by this former employee on her last day of employment are absolutely not a representation of how much we love and support chinatown and every other community in san francisco. well, switching gears, water is at a premium and some say that raising those premiums even higher is the best way to get through the drought. >> it's a harsh plan but as kiet do reports, it's what one stanford researcher says we must do. it's a story you'll only see on kpix 5. >> when you have low supply and high demand of something, well, this just might be a good time to consider raising the price of water. >> there's nothing though like a drought to point out the obvious. >> reporter: it's a no-brainer says stanford researcher buzz thompson who released a paper entitled, the path to innovation. he says water utilities who charge the same rate no matter how much water is used needs to stop. >> the best way of encouraging people to conserve is to charge those people who are using the
6:39 am
most water higher prices for those last units. >> reporter: thompson is talking about a tiered pricing system where the more you use it more it costs. we're not talking about raising the price on normal household use. if you use a lot of water, like filling up a swimming pool, that might push you into a higher tier which means your water bill would go way up. making you think twice about installing a pool or even watering the grass. what's more, researchers say higher prices would spur innovation in technologies like grass even a new type of member break that makes desalinization -- membrane that makes desalinization more affordable. >> without adequate prices of water you see a damping of technological investment. >> reporter: governor brown says there's no magic bullet for the drought and water pricing is only part of the solution. you have a history of being the bad guy. do you want to be the bad guy
6:40 am
in this circumstance with water prize? >> there is a big role for the state and localities. so these decisions on how to price water will be made in a variety of locations but we'll convene all the stake holders to get it right. >> reporter: and we asked the santa clara valley water district to weigh in. they say that peer price -- tier pricing works. they have seen it time and again. they can ration or impose a drought reduction fee but for quick results for conservation, you have to hit them in the wallet. back to you. >> you know, the bottom line, kiet, and what always comes out during times of crisis is the fact that agriculture uses 80% of the water in this state. righ what's going to happen with them? >> reporter: yeah. when it comes to that, the problem is more complicated. there's a lot of talk of moving towards water markets, that is when a farmer doesn't need water in a particular season he can sell it to somebody else who can make more efficient and effective use of the millions
6:41 am
of millions of gallons of water that the farmers use of year. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. the a's are holding out hope for a deal to move to the south bay. the team is working with major league baseball and in the courts to win permission to play in san jose. the "mercury news" reports san jose officials are giving the a's up to 7 more years for the negotiations. the a's have a new 10-year lease at the oakland coliseum that allows them to leave early for san jose. time now, 6:41. don't be surprised if your recycling starts piling up. the strike that could affect service in parts of the bay area. >> apparently, most people ignore those nutrition facts on the back of every food label but a new plan could have you thinking twice about what you eat. next.
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norah o'donnell joins us now from
6:45 am
new york. good morning. time for look at what's coming up on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us. >> reporter: ahead we are at the hospital where new york city's first patient diagnosed with ebola is being treated. new york governor cuomo is going to join us as we'll ask him what plans the city has to control this virus in a city of 8 million people. plus, only on "cbs this morning" dr. john lapook sits down with an american doctor who recovered from ebola. dr. richard sacra talks about his treatment and why he wants to go back to west africa. and how genetic screening is being used to help prevent diseases like breast cancer. we are going to preview my "60 minutes" piece that airs sunday. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 and good luck in the game tonight. >> hey, norah. thank you so much for that. and we'll see you at 7:00. thanks. coming up it's a mixed bag. the latest round of corporate earnings reports. here now is kcbs radio's
6:46 am
financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. coming after a big day for the stock market yesterday in which the dow gained over 200 points, nice rally after the selling on wednesday, corporate earnings really will be the key driver in market action today. getting a number of winners including u.p.s. and microsoft. microsoft posted a revenue gain of 25% to more than $20 billion. that's propping up its shares today. two bigger losers amazon and pandora. amazon's revenue was up 20% to $20 billion yet it still lost more than $400 million and it's expecting to lose possibly upwards of $600 million in the current quarter. pandora did top earnings expectations. its revenue soared 40% to $240 million. but the oakland-based company did not see much new subscriber growth flat from the prior quarters and shares are down on that news. checking the big board so far this morning, the dow is in positive territory up over 30
6:47 am
points. nasdaq up 13. s&p up 4. shares in pandora down 11%. amazon falling by 7%. microsoft is up by 2%. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. more than 100 waste management workers are protesting this morning. the strike is going on in oakland and san leandro. workers say a company manager was disrespectful toward the union workers. waste management says it's offering full service and making all pickups today. but it's unclear if it will be affected in the future. walnut creek is going all out to lure shoppers this holiday season. starting november 5, on wednesdays, the city will offer free valley service at city owned garages and free parking after 5 p.m. it's the slowest night of the week for shopping. >> parking is a mess in walnut creek with the construction there, elizabeth. >> as michelle and i are both
6:48 am
very aware walnut creek has some very good shopping options and traffic is a mess there, too. so we keep talking about the evening commute. i want to focus on the morning commute to get to you work on time because there are issues or maybe you have a flight to catch at sfo. we have an overturn accident southbound 101 near the airport blocking a lane. lafayette a mess. that slow lane is blocked westbound 24 at acalanes. it is stacked up beyond the walnut creek interchange starting to affect traffic on southbound 680 from pleasant hill. there was an earlier truck fire and they have just blocked that slow lane for a while. it was fully engulfed and yeah, crews were still out there. they called out the tow crews. so the evening commute, we have a number of things going on. you may have heard there's a world series game 3 over at at&t park. that kicks off at 5:00. then we have a warriors preseason game. you may not have known about some of this other stuff going on that could affect traffic on the nimitz and then we have a cal game over at levi's stadium. 50,000 people are expected to attend that. so the commute is always bad
6:49 am
along the peninsula but 101, 237, 880, stick to mass transit. muni and bart are offering extra service for the giants game. bart is offering longer trains. two ferries offering direct service to the ballpark. and caltrain a good bet even for levi's stadium if you want to use caltrain or vta to get to the cal game this evening. what drives you crazy during your commute. zy at tr lights.. back east, when the light turns green,e "go" - we don't ju there. it see e californians just t there. i want to say "wake up, the light is green, you go now." pausing a r two after the light turns green before proceeding is a good idea.. not everyone follows the ru. pausing a second or two after the light turns green before proceeding is a good idea. not everyone follows the rules. and you don't want to slam into another red light runner coming the opposite direction. however, more likely the driver idling at a green light is
6:50 am
simply a distracted one. we have all seen those stop lights as an excuse to check facebook or finish that last text. so when the light turns green, look both ways and then go. we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. >> here's lawrence with the forecast. >> if you haven't heard, the world series is back tonight at at&t park. out the door a gentle breeze, clear skies. what kind of history is going to be made in the park tonight? can't wait! all the fans gathering today. game time just after 5:00. should be a great nature for the game, too. should be nice and dry, should be a great fight for the game.
6:51 am
nice and warm through the bay area and sunny today, but rain tonight into saturday. high pressure out ahead of the system, really the system digging to the south so it's slowed it down a bit. looks like it's going to be moving onshore late tonight and early tomorrow morning. tomorrow about 6 a.m. or so you will see a lot of rain around the bay area. timing it out with our computer model a nice day today. a few clouds filtering in late in the afternoon and here comes the storm system 7:00 in the morning. and then maybe some lingering showers and another round of showers into saturday night. of course that could affect the game saturday night. clearing out latter part of the sunday. temperatures today should be very nice. 70s and 80s inland. 60s along the coastline. and looking out over the next few days, we are going to see that rain return, some much cooler temperatures over the weekend. and then slowly warming up and dry weather through the middle of next week. that's a look at the forecast, guys. back to you. >> thank you, lawrence. scientists say that guilt is the way to stay healthy. researchers at johns hopkins found out if told people how
6:52 am
much exercise it would take to burn off calories, they would eat less. for instance, a double cheeseburger would take 5.6 miles to burn off. the study suggests putting that information on the nutrition labels but some dieticians say that's not the best idea. >> you can have different sizes in people, different weights, sexes. so i'm not sure it's going to be the same amount of exercise for everyone. >> people that participated in the research did change their eating habits knowing how much exercise it would take to burn calories. now at 8 minutes before 7:00, some are calling it a tax on walking. you me vitt to reach for your we'll let before you take -- you might have to reach for your wallet before you go across the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: at&t park is getting ready for the world series 2014. coming up after the break what to expect. >> and it's a football doubleheader this sunday on cbs. seattle at carolina is morning
6:53 am
game at 10:00. then oakland at cleveland at 1:25. watch both games right here on kpix 5. ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can.
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in the u.s. doctor craig ive for the new york city is tackling the fourth ebola diagnosed in the u.s. a doctor is came back from west africa and has ebola. his fiancee and two friends are quarantined. investigators in canada confirm the suspect acted alone when he killed a guard and stormed parliament on wednesday. people say that michael bibeau was heading to ottawa to get a
6:57 am
passport and may have lashed out over delays in the process. >> clean-up is under way after a tornado damaged property and uprooted trees in longview washington. people in washington were told to take cover yesterday afternoon. the national weather service estimates winds from the tornado reached up to 110 miles per hour. 7 people were sent to the hospital after a car rammed into a dublin restaurant. the driver of the car was trying to park in front of a taqueria on village parkway when she accidentally hit the gas. everybody who was injured is expected to recover. later this morning, the golden gate bridge district will for adding tolls for pedestrians and cyclists. about 16,000 people walk or bike across the bridge daily. the toll will go into effect in summer 2017. >> reporter: 10 hours from now world series game three is going to begin at at&t park and the excitement you can feel it
6:58 am
around here. chopper 5 is flying above at&t park. the field is manicured. we have cleaning crews out early this morning to make sure that it stays that way. first pitch 5:07 p.m. here's a look at the giants arriving home from kansas city yesterday. buses took them from the airport to at&t where they held practice in advance of tonight's big game. there was the celebration at pier 27 last night over the world series gala. the skies lit up over san francisco's waterfront as executives from both the giants and the royals gathered for a big party. and back here at the park yesterday, police and bomb- sniffing dogs spent the day making sure everything is safe and secure for game 3. we saw metal detectors lined up at the front door. that's something the fans are going to be having to deal with as they scan your tickets. you have to go through a metal detector if you don't pass muster there you're going to be
6:59 am
hand wand-ed, something new for the game. we'll see that at all mlb games starting next year. if you are looking to come to the park, the cheapest ticket standing room only $554. back to you. >> thank you. look at our sensors right now in lafayette. this is really going to slow you down. some folks will be late to work today. westbound 24 at acalanes have the slow lane blocked with the truck fire. it's affecting southbound 680 traffic out of pleasant hill backed up to monument. we are looking at mostly clear skies with patchy fog around the bay area to start the day. but you will see a lot of sunshine in the afternoon probably the nicest day of the week with some 70s and low 80s inland. 60s along the coastline. but the weekend whoa, it's got some changes coming our way. >> whoa! >> some showers and even temperatures cool in the 60s low 70s. >> i'm looking the giants tie. >> how about that? got it right today. >> captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am
good morning. to our viewers in the west. it is friday, october 24th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." ebola reaches new york city, and the cdc rushes to contain the exposure. a man with a hatchet attacks police without warning, raising new terror concerns in the u.s. plus, the genetic revolution that could predict diseases like breast cancer. we'll preview the "60 minutes" report. but we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> you've already acted very, very quickly. we believe there are four people who he came in contact with. >> ebola hits new york city. >> dr. spencer was rushed by


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