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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 29, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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ebola. again he says he's not taking any chances and says the quarantine is merely a little personal inconvenience and three weeks will pass. you are looking live at civic center plaza in san francisco.
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a crowd in the thousands is glued to the big screen... hanging on every pitch of the deciding game of the world series. kpix 5's ryan takeo is in the middle of it all. there's excitement right now.. but you've learned there s concern about what could happen if the giants win. "..." thanks ryan there's a smattering of
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orange in the middle of the sea of blue in kansas city tonight. several giants fans made the trip, hoping to watch their team win the world series in person. some even brought bottles of champagne to celebrate should the giants win. "it's gonna be good. it s gonna be a great game in really doesn't get any better than this game 7 of the world series no sport has an event like that. this was the last game seven in the world series. in 2011, the cardinals beat the rangers in st. louis. the home team has won nine straight game sevens. the last time the road team did it... 1979. we'll get another update on the crowd at civic center watch party.... and dennis o'donnell live in kansas city - a little later on. now playing out on a t-v screen near you: one of the nastiest political fights in the bay area. with just six days until the election.. big
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bucks are pouring into a tight assembly race in the east bay. our phil matier is here to tell us why. phil? (sot -ad #3 00: 15:) tim sbranti fought parents to protect his union (matier vo) he's being called a union boss (matier vo/ catharine baker at college meeting) she is being called the pawn of a conservative billionaire (sot 00:24 - attack ad #3) who is trying to buy the election for his and picked candidate catharine baker (matier vo) welcome to 16th state assembly race - which thanks to a blitz of tv ads - is being watched by the whole bay area - like it or not. (matier vo) in the republican corner- lawyer baker (sot- 00:41 baker) i oppose bart strikes - my opponent supports them - i oppose high speed rail. (matier vo) in the democratic corner - teacher tim sbranti (sot- tim sbranti) (13:33)- i think the biggest differences is the record of accomplishments. (matier vo - ad video) sbranti points to his years as the mayor of dublin - baker points to another of sbranti's jobs. (sot - 00:57 baker) he's also head of the california teachers association political, arm which has fought some of the education reforms we need in california. (matier vo- mug of munger) sbrtanti counters by pointing to baker's biggest backer conservative, charles munger - who has pumped a million and half dollars into the fight - and he doesn't even live in the district. (sot - sbranti 18:10) you have someone who is essentially trying to buy the seat. (matier vo, ad video) to which baker shoots back (sot- baker) 01:19 i think every imaginable public employee union in the state is backing my opponent (sot 2:35) matier that's a lot of money. baker - it is but it pales in comparison with what the seiu and cta and so many o have put in (matier vo) and so isides have even booked times (sot -baker) 00:35 - it presen' (ss fans in the 16th a.d. su the fairmont hotel prop 45mont hotel in san francisco.
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and they had a special delivery. inside... some of the big names in the health insurance industry were having a dinner. the protesters claim the insurance companies are trying to defeat prop 45 so they can drive up costs. their response? they attempted to have buckets of manure delivered to the dinner. the hotel didn't let them in. another endorsement in the oakland mayor's race. former state senate leader don perata announced today: he's throwing his support behind port commissioner bryan parker. the latest kpix-5 poll puts the stockton-born business executive in fifth place, in the 15-candidate race. but with the city's ranked- choice election system.. he still has a chance. new at 6... a looming education crisis in oakland. half of oakland's public libraries could shut down next summer due to a multi-million dollar budget deficit. kpix 5's da lin says it s not
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the people you think... who would be hurt the most. most of that surplus will be used to hire more cops... but the library system is in a financial crisis... with 8 out of the 16 branches on the chopping block. pkg script: about 100 students from two adjacent schools make the trip everyday to this east oakland library. their schools don't have one. for many low incomes kids, this branch is their only access to books.
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which eight branches will face the axe. it'll soon be a lot quieter around lake merced... coming up: why a gun range is being forced out... leaving behind decades of tradition. it's internet history... the bay area link to the earliest pages from the world wide web. (((weather tease))) (((weather tease))) (((weather tease))) and another live look from chopper 5... the world series watch party underway at civic center plaza. the crowd hoping the giants can win it all. a longstanding gun club in san francisco is being threatened
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with eviction. nts a gun club in san francisco is being threatened with eviction. the san francisco puc wants the pacific rod and gun club by lake merced to close it make room for a multi-million dollar clean-up. kpix 5's mike sugerman on the battle over history and environmental restoration. . >> reporter: the pacific gun and rod club could be taking the last shot in the city of san francisco and they are unhappy. for years san francisco wanted to clean up the land which it leases to the club. >> from all the lead shot and clay pigeons that were used by the pacific rod and gun club for decades. >> reporter: that stopped in 1994. more modern ammo and targets
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aren't toxic but this fight is. >> as tolerant as the city of san francisco is, um, people are shooting guns and i think for a lot of people that's just a nonstarter. >> reporter: board member michael emory came here years ago when his son who has add found the sport of skeet shooting and turned his life around. >> i'm right there. >> reporter: 81-year-old ray brooks has been coming for longer. >> this is the 1939 national skeet shooting championship. >> reporter: which was held when ray was 12. he has been coming ever since shooting and hanging out with pals. that's why this is now an historic site meaning some buildings will have to stay when clean-up is complete in 2017. >> we're committed to running an open public process to look at all potential uses for the site which could include the pacific rod and gun club coming back. >> reporter: they don't buy that. >> a 15 or $20 million clean-up of this property was really meant to close this club down and get rid of us without saying we're getting rid of a gun club. >> reporter: it's a long fight.
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the latest shot fired the public utilities commission has made the final vote for clean- up. the gun club has a contract for december and the next such club is 40 miles away. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> the gun club was invited to reapply when clean-up is finished. a person walking on the train tracks near the oakland coliseum was hit and killed by an amtrak train this morning. capitol corridor train was going from sacramento to the oakland airport when it struck the person about 8:30. none of the crew or eight passengers on board was injured but trains were single-tracked near the collision causing delays until midafternoon. in the wake of a deadly collision involving a big rig and teen biking to school, cupertino residents are now petitioning to keep the trucks off that road. specifically, they want to implement a curfew that would ban big rigs from roads near schools during school commute hours. the petition already has more than 5,000 signatures. the monte vista high school
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student was in the bike lane on mcclellan avenue when he was hit by a gravel truck on monday morning. bart's new oakland airport connector is just about ready to roll and we got a sneak peek today. the driverless cars are propelled by cables and run by a network of computers and cameras. bart will be testing the system over the next few weeks. passenger service could begin by thanksgiving. the three-mile track runs along hegenberger road. they will depart from the coliseum station every 4 minutes and tickets will cost $6. there's something new on the net today you probably didn't even notice it. html 5. it hit the web. it has been 15 years in the making. and experts say it allows for seamless integration. the biggest difference is with video. it will allow developers to build it in websites. this means that you will no longer get an annoying pop-up asking you to download a plug- in to watch something. new at 6:00, some of the earliest pages from the world wide web are back giving us a
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look at the internet in its infancy. on the first websites right here in the bay area, kpix 5's john ramos shows it to all of us. >> reporter: back in 1991, scientists at the stanford linear accelerator center wanted an easy way to share research so physicist tony johnson and his colleague paul kunz went to france to learn about a new idea called the internet. >> we both immediately thought of ways we could use it in our own work. >> reporter: kunz came back and posted a list of scientists and their writings. that index as simple as it appears was the country's first website and the birth of the world website web in america. were you saying what have we created? >> not immediately we we first started but very soon within the first year of starting the web yes. >> reporter: a project called stanford way back has brought the early websites into public view. you can see the progression of technology including the very first moving graphic on the
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web, this spinning screwdriver. >> so when people saw that, did they go oh, that's cool? >> yeah, back then. >> reporter: in the basement at the lab's archive there are documents from when the world wide web was considered a project and one day jane got a call that they had found an old computer in kunz's office. >> it has a label that says it's historic. do you want to come look at it? i'll be right there. >> reporter: this is it. the computer that started it all. the first server to carry the internet in north america. >> so yeah, i still get goosebumps anything about it, yeah. we saved it. >> reporter: while no one can predict where the internet will take us, here they are preserving its past. in menlo park, john ramos, kpix 5. >> if you would like to view the stanford way back project there is a link to it in our website,, "links and numbers." detecting cancer early could be as easy as taking a pill. in the google moon shot project the company is creating a pill
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that could find malignant cells. it would contain small particles that would find cancer in the bloodstream. particles would be able to report what they found to a wearable device. the hope is it to get the pill to doctors by the next decade. particles falling from the sky in the form of liquid -- a liquid we haven't seen. >> let's see google do that. >> it's going to ruin my son's halloween. >> you know what, there's maybe a little bit of good news. >> let's hear it. >> okay. it might let up for halloween night just in time. if it doesn't, -- >> halloween day. >> he is a little kid. >> is that what happens? it's a daytime thing? then you're in trouble. let's look at coit tower and a little gauze of high clouds against what is left of the sun as we approach the end of what was a beautiful day in the bay area. boy, it really got out there. 82 degrees at morgan hill. 80 at hayward, 79 degrees in san francisco and concord 79. fremont 78 degrees right now. you see everybody is very close. when you see 79 this late in
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october in san francisco, man, it's unusual. high pressure really gave us offshore winds through last night. very nice day today. but here comes the rain. just in time for halloween day that cold front approaches increases the clouds tomorrow. and it looks like rain begins friday morning and spreads south during the day. let's have a look at what futurecast looks like. there's a model of, you know, the atmosphere if it behaves itself what it should be doing tomorrow so that by 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, just high clouds that will cool temperatures a bit and then watch what comes. this cold front is into the bay area at 8 a.m. right through the central bay right at the height of the morning commute. a narrow band i grant you that but nevertheless plenty of showers so that by friday night, there's just widely scattered showers and plenty of places that are fairly dry so if your halloween takes you into the early evening hours, as it used to happen, it may not be so bad. the streets will be wet. 72 degrees in santa rosa.
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76 napa. 67 san francisco. 77 san jose. for halloween, showers, temperatures mid-50s to mid- 60s. and then as we look ahead, it's going to warm up after saturday lingering showers saturday morning. sunday we're back into the low 70s. and then look at what happens on tuesday and wednesday. we're right back into the 80s inland again. so once again, we get a dose of rain, biggest dose so far this season. and it will turn around again with warm temperatures next week into november. >> so there's some good news. that's the silver lining. we need it. >> thank you. still ahead, he dines by himself but he is not exactly alone. the story behind this snapshot that's gone viral. >> plus, it started as a regular commute home but in a few moments, it turned this motorcycle rider into a hero. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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went viral on social media. this man spotted him eating at a an elderly man is touching hearts across the world after this photo went viral on social media. this man spot him eating at a
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fremont in-n-out with a picture of his deceased wife by his side. after talking to the man, the photographer learned that he had been married to his wife for 55 years. even though she passed away years ago, he still carries a photo of her wherever he goes. we caught up with a woman who has the inside story on this timeless love affair. that's coming up tonight on bay area nightbeat at 10:00. a rescue on a san diego freeway has gone viral one year after it happened. reporter michael chen shows us the hero caught it all on his helmet cam. >> reporter: he was on his bike going north on 163 a typical commute home when he came upon something not so typical. a car flipped over on the highway. he stooped down to look inside although his helmet cam couldn't look into the car. he saw the driver. >> when she was snared in that seatbelt, that was wrapped around her upper body. and her suffocating was the one that i thought -- she was
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panicking. she couldn't get out. >> reporter: as he was peering in. >> anybody have a knife? >> reporter: another driver who had stopped to help was calling for a knife. he hurried to the other side of the car. >> got a knife? >> reporter: he went to work cutting the seatbelt when suddenly an ominous statement from another good samaritan. >> is this thing on fire? >> yeah, it's smoking. >> reporter: he cut the belt quickly and the driver climbed out. paramedics tended to her. hooten says it was all a blur of adrenaline. >> it's something you don't think about. you just do it. >> reporter: soon after the incident a year ago, he put the video on youtube but few people saw it. a few days ago after sites like lively picked it up, it went viral zooming past 500,000 hits. >> it's crazy and flattering. >> reporter: he says the attention is overwhelming but hopes anyone who sees the video can take away this.
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>> just being human, i suppose, if you can help somebody, just help. >> that was michael chen reporting. coming up in the next half- hour, a warning about the debris after a rocket explodes following liftoff. what scientists say may have played a role. >> and lava crawling toward homes on the big island. what officials are letting people do even though it is closing in.
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investigators try to piece together what went wrong. welcome back, i'm ken bastida. supplies and experiments destroyed in this rocket explosion. tonight investigators are trying to find out what happened. welcome back. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. that unmanned long the was on its way to the international space station packed with supplies and experiments including one from a santa rosa school when it blew up just after liftoff. craig boswell on how nasa is trying to move forward. >> reporter: nasa successfully launched an a rocket. it came 24 hours after an unmanned rocket exploded in the sky over the virginia coastline. no one was injured. but more than 5,000 pounds of supplies for the international space station were destroyed. bonnie collier was there for the launch.
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>> ten seconds later could run. and you could feel it in your chest. and it just meant something went terribly wrong. >> reporter: this was to be the fourth of the eight launches included in orbital science's $1.9 billion contract with nasa the agency has used private contractors to supply the international space station since it retired the space shuttle in 2011. critics question whether the engines which were left over from the '60s soviet space program played a role in the crash but experts say the engines had been refurbished. >> they are virtually new engines. the design is old but it's a very good design. >> reporter: residents along the virginia coast are told to stay away from the debris because it's hazardous. >> if you find anything that washes ashore on came down on your property, don't touch it, contact the authorities. >> reporter: russia successfully launched its own rocket this morning so the international space station will get supplies.
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craig boswell, cbs news, wallops island, virginia. >> orbital sciences says the damage to its launch pad is minor. they may be able to determine the cause of the explosion within a week. people in a small village on the big island of hawaii preparing to watch their homes burn down. lava from the kileaua volcano has already swallowed up a shed on the outskirts of the town of pahoa. it's inching closer to homes. hundreds have evacuated and for many, they will never be coming back to these homes. >> initial shock was like you're losing a loved one in your family. >> pretty heartbreaking and sad, yeah. we don't know what's going to happen from now on. >> reporter: in an attempt to help the residents find some closure, officials will be allowing people to witness the lava destroying their homes if it comes to that. geologists are also warning of possible explosions because of the dangerous mix of 2,000 degree temperatures and gas
6:31 pm
from the lava flow. stocks lost a bit of ground today after the fed announced it's shutting down its six-year bond buying program. it closed just below 17,000. the nasdaq and s&p also fell slightly. another major car recall tonight this time it's from ford. as consumerwatch reporter julie watts tells us, the problem is around the gas tank. >> reporter: another day another recall. tonight ford is recalling more than 200,000 suvs to fix gas tanks that can rust, leak or cause fire. the affected vehicles are the ford edge and the lincoln mkx. from the 2007 to 2008 model years. the company says brackets near the fuel tank can corrode causing problems. ford says dealers will inspect the fuel tanks and repair or replace the brackets at no cost. there are no reports of injuries or crashes. and just in time for halloween the center for environmental health is advising licorice lovers to avoid good n plenty. the group says it recently tested good n plenty purchased in the bay area and found it
6:32 pm
contained higher-than- acceptable levels of lead. lead is sometimes found in industrial grades of molasses. main ingredient in black licorice. hershey's says its candy is safe and meets fda standards a british technology company is working on a plane of the future where every seat and no seat is a window seat. windows are replaced with floor-to-ceiling hi-def screens projected by views captured by cameras outside the plane. don't like what you see? you can choose from other prerecorded images. planes without windows are later which translates to lower fuel costs and the idea could be a reality within the next 10 years. if you have a consumer story
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idea, call us at 888-5-helps-u. >> i prefer the real thing. >> makes you feel claustrophobic. >> thank you. it has all come down to one last game. we'll take you to the watch party to game 7 of the world series next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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seven of the world series. they're trying to clinch the . it is do or die for the san francisco giants in game 7 of the world series. they are trying to clinch a championship on the road. that's hard to do a game 7. kpix 5's ryan takeo is at the huge watch party at the san francisco civic plaza. a lot of excitement. some people thinking about celebrating after words. >> reporter: 3-2 the giants in the middle of a rally top of the fourth. first and third right now. and one out. and the crowd right here, they
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are waiting for every pitch. they are excited. you look up and see city hall is a great backdrop painted in orange. we were talking to police, we have been talking to them all this week. we have been trying to get a sense for how they are going to react to these crowds. that's the number one -- their number one concern is safety and crowd control. we'll show you video back in 2012. in years past the celebration has turned into violence. some set fires in the streets in 2012. even smashed a muni bus. san francisco police plan to keep fans at bay by picking up trash cans and having gas buses replace buses on power lines to avoid rioters. and fans here hope the fact that the team has been here before will help other fans, too. >> we hope we have matured. i think the first couple of years people were caught off guard with excitement, didn't know how to act.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: one kid in the mission hopes those riots don't happen again. he wrote up on a piece of paper basically asking people not to hurt his neighborhood in the mission. signed joey, six years old. so maybe that will have an effect on people. it's gone viral ever since. we are trying to stay with this picture as long as we can. but we are going to send it back to you. giants just made an out so it's 2 out right now in the top of the fourth. giants lead 3-2. >> whoo! all right. ryan, thank you. >> thank you for the play-by- play right there. >> fingers crossed. >> not only the game but the people standing around watching the game, exciting night. >> it is. coming up, running for change. >> how this week's jefferson award winner is transforming a whole lot more than kids' physical habits. >> also, racing toward the bay area a cold front that's going to deliver a pretty good dose of rain. not tomorrow. just in time for halloween. now, that's scary. stay tuned. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell in
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kansas city where residents don't have to go very far to find one of the most iconic water features in america. that story coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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prevention movement in america"... has died. e first a san francisco man called the founding force behind the suicide prevention movement in america has died. bernard mays created the first crisis hotline in san francisco in the early '60s. his work built the foundation for a network of more than 500 help centers across the country. he won a bay area jefferson award in 2010 and was selected as a silver medalist one of only five among the year's winners. he was 85 years old. this week's jefferson award winner has changed everything for a group of north bay students. they weren't coming to school. and if they did, they were late, didn't pay much attention. sharon chin is here with who made the difference. >> reporter: isaias franco got results. a 24% rise in the class's gpa and a 15% drop in truancy. he had one idea and it only took two feet.
6:42 pm
>> if these students were going to change around their lives, we have to do something really amazing. we don't need any equipment. it's free. anyone can do it. >> reporter: teacher isaias franco figure out how to inspired his students at tamalpais high school. they would train to run a half mar ron. >> big things happen when you say yes. >> reporter: none of them were ah individual runners. not even isaias. >> runners for change! >> i didn't think i would be doing something like this. >> reporter: he and his students trained three times a week for an hour and a half every week they found themselves living up to the group name, running for change. they developed a responsibility on and off the track. >> really be proud of what you're doing. >> reporter: they established team work and felt more connected with their school. all 6 students who ran a half marathon in san diego last june
6:43 pm
finished including suzy kim who almost gave up. what does that teach you about life? >> you know, nothing is impossible. as long as you keep it up and try not to give up. >> first time i have had a 4.0 in my life. so. >> it used to be? >> used to be like i don't know 3, 2. i don't know. >> reporter: this year isaias set the goal higher to run a half marathon in the united kingdom next june. and this time, lucy is among 12 students running for personal change. >> be courageous and trust ourselves like our confidence. >> reporter: meredith helps train the runners and calls isaias their role model. >> he dreams bigger than anyone i have seen and he follows through. and if he says something he means it, he is going to do it. >> reporter: the man they call mr. franco learns lessons, too. >> regardless of a child's circumstance, that they can be an amazing student and amazing person and so they are really
6:44 pm
my heroes, the kids. >> reporter: so for teaching his students that nothing is impossible, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to isaias franco. the half marathon in liverpool is next summer just after school ends and they are training. >> we are talking england? >> yes. >> wow. >> so this is cool. they can stay in shape. he is teaching them discipline. i saw you leading the pack there. so there you go. >> going slow. >> why a half marathon of all things? >> in their science class they read an article about a teenager who changed his life training for a marathon and they agreed why not? the students are owning the experience not just the training but planning the details of their travel, as well. >> very cool. i like that one. thanks, sharon. running for change trying to raise $50,000 to pay for that trip from registration fees to plane tickets, longing, you can imagine how expensive it will be, including lodging. to support their efforts use the link to fair funding page
6:45 pm
on also the play to nominate your own hero for a jefferson award. tonight our christin ayers talked to the stanford doctor under quarantine. wait until you hear what thinks neighbors told us. that story on bay area nightbeat tonight at 10:00 on the cw. let's have rain for halloween in the morning. >> i wish you could make an appointment with it. >> if you had to have thousands of people to watch a game, tonight isn't a bad choice. thousands of people crowding the civic center to watch the game. the giants were ahead 3 to 2 last i heard. we'll see how that develops. it's 73 degrees in kansas city. -- in san francisco right now. balmy for this time of the
6:46 pm
year. and the numbers as we head south about 50 miles to san jose, tranquil and nice. 74 san jose. 77 santa rosa. 75 san bruno. 72 oakland. 76 livermore even at this hour? >> overnight tonight we'll get to about low 50s for the most part 49 at santa rosa and fairfield 49. sunrise on a nice day. high clouds in advance of this. low pressure that's just abeam the pacific northwest. and that's carrying a fairly potent cold front with it. so that when this high subsides and gives way over the next 36 hours, it will make room for the trough of low pressure. the cold front approaches the rain comes with it the timing looks like this. we'll get the futurecast in a minute but it looks as if it's going to begin early, early friday morning in the north bay and then be right in the middle of the bay area just in time
6:47 pm
for the morning commute. a nice day with balmy temperatures but the cold front powers into the bay area at 7:00 friday morning. that will make a mess of the commute especially because this will be the most rain we have seen so far this season. and certainly some of the heaviest cells. then we move it out. so that by 9:00 on friday night, we get a bit of a break. so we could on halloween night -- we'll have slick streets, it might get a break in the showers. of course we need the rain. mostly clear patchy fog at the shoreline more clouds milder tomorrow and then wet weather arrives just in time for halloween morning. and then goes to scattered showers. tomorrow, we'll look at numbers close to average. a little warmer in some spots. 67 in the city and 70 in oakland. we'll be in the mid- to upper
6:48 pm
70s in the south bay. 78 santa clara, 78 pittsburg. 80 antioch, 78 pleasanton. for the north bay tomorrow low to mid-70s and we'll see some increasing high clouds and then up in the far north 76 at ukiah, 76 at lakeport and 76 degrees at clearlake. extended forecast we'll be looking for a nice day tomorrow, cools down dramatically on friday. it gets wet on friday. we'll get a break it looks like a bit of a break on halloween night. and then showers linger through saturday morning. after that, of the pendulum swings the other way. we'll be back into the low 80s by tuesday and wednesday. stay tuned for dennis live in kansas city. ,,
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it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools.
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somewhere inside this stadium right now champagne is on ice. we just don't know which clubhouse it's going to. giants leading 3-2. that game is in the top of the 5th inning. game 7 of the world series. now, when you come to kansas city, everybody talks about barbecue, right? there's gates, oklahoma joe's. basically anywhere that ken bastida can ring up a tab when he was here, he did it. but kansas city is actually
6:52 pm
known for something else. i been to niagra falls. i have been to yosemite falls. >> viva las vegas ♪ >> reporter: even the bellagio fountains eased the pain of my mounting debts. but this? what is this collection of fountain lights and falls doing in the middle of a baseball park? i always assumed it was to distract attention away from a team that hadn't won in 29 years. i was wrong. >> kansas city is known as the city of fountains. there have been fountains in this city from the beginning of the it's known as having more fountains than any city in the world other than rome. >> reporter: oh, maybe that's where i got confused. >> when the ballpark was built in 1973, the founders of the royals, mr. and mrs. kaufman wanted to add extra glamour to the ballpark for their hometown and they thought it would be the perfect thing to add in the city of fountains and that's where they came from and they are still here today one of the
6:53 pm
most recognizable features of any ballpark in the country. >> reporter: 320 feet long, more than half a million gallons of water, and enough bulbs to light up new york city. just a word of caution. there are no fish in these fountains and if you decide to take a dip you will wind up in jail like this woman. >> you're not supposed to get in them. it occasionally happens. >> reporter: it did happen one time after an emotional royals victory. >> cookie rojas at second bay, fred at shortstop, they had a deal together. if the royals clinched the title they were going to go jump in the fountain. so we don't normally recommend that. but that's exactly what they did. the royals clinched and cookie rojas and fred jumped in for a celebration. >> reporter: doesn't anyone have an original idea anymore? >> you say fountains in america, kauffman stadium will probably be one of the first ones that will come up. >> reporter: those fountains will be turned off tonight until next year. major league baseball season ends and the nba season begins!
6:54 pm
the warriors tip off their campaign tonight against sacramento and with the core group returning expectations are high for golden state. of course the big change was at head coach and steve kerr is jacked out of his mind to get the season started. >> there's a buzz before you get into the grind where the routine sets in with game after game and opening night, you know, always feels like a play- off game to me and i think all of our guys are jacked up and ready to go. >> well, the pacers are set to begin their season without all- star paul george. as he recovers from a broken leg, george has started the rehab process and even played one-on-one with his new workout partner. but larry bird lowered expectations about any early comeback. >> he has a rod in his leg, holding that bone together and it's got to heal. >> looks good against his dog, though. >> and when he is standing out there in front of you guys it
6:55 pm
looks good. other than that he don't do nothing. >> reporter: they received their championship season as they celebrated their fifth title for the spurs. head coach gregg popovich is already in midseason form with the media. >> how emotional? i never know how to answer those questions, you know, like really emotional. [ laughter ] >> unbelievably emotional. i don't know how to answer that. we enjoyed the ceremony very much as anyone would. really enjoyed it. [ laughter ] >> one more. >> i am not ready for another long season of gregg popovich soundbytes but be that it is amay, of the major league baseball season ends tonight. we'll be in the clubhouse. one of them will have a lot of champagne. right now looking good for the giants. they lead 3-2. >> you know dennis, i was telling veronica about the blue fountain across the street from the marriott that there in kansas city that you tried to
6:56 pm
jump in after that big win in game one of the giants and royals. >> reporter: ken, i'm surprised you saw something other than the barbecue on your trip here. >> hey. hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. >> i'm ready to get on a plane and go back, you know? good food. >> reporter: come on. >> good people. >> no, no. he is going to have to come back here because we are going to be celebrating the giants parade. >> let's -- i'm hearing that baumgarner is warming up. let's stomp this down. let's get it done. let's finish it. let's celebrate back here in the bay area. >> 3-2, 3-2. [ pause ] >> thank you. live pictures from city hall in san francisco. glowing orange tonight. a preview of things to come? let's hope so. >> see you tonight on nightbeat at 10:00 on the cw. complete wrap up. game. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: come on, let's go, baby, let's go! good, thank you very much. thank you very much, folks. i appreciate you now. thank you all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. we've got another good one for you today, folks. returning for their third day with a total of 20,630 bucks, from douglasville, georgia, it's the gardner family. [cheering and applause] and from atlanta, georgia, it's the catone family. [cheering and applause] everybody is here to try to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand new, stylish ford fusion hybrid. [cheering and applause]
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