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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 30, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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griego. and i'm frank mallicoat linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. sandoval in foul territory! giants win! >> good morning, everyone, i'm michelle griego. >> how sweet it is! >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. there you go. giants back home just moments ago trophy in hand early this morning. >> yeah. their fans just went crazy after the giants beat the royals last night in kansas city. mission district was packed with several thousand people filling up the streets. there were crowds in neighborhoods all over the
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city. >> got you covered today. team coverage this morning. roberta gonzales at the civic center in san francisco with some parade information. >> but first we go to anne makovec at at&t park checking the aftermath of the big celebration after last night's win. pretty exciting! larry baer came out with the trophy. >> reporter: yeah. it is a very exciting morning. we have maybe about 100 fans who stayed up overnight to greet the team as they came home and we're watching a parade of some of the giants players who are -- i believe that's tim hudson. yeah. he is getting in the car finally going home hoping to get a good rest. they just arrived home in kansas city early this morning landed at sfo and took their chartered buses here to at&t park. so many guys have tinted windows, we can't tell who is where. taking a look at the scene, the celebration last night from
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this neighborhood at&t park from chopper 5 you can see thousands of fans packed in the streets in celebration right after the giants win. this was the scene in this neighborhood. muni stopped running trains through the area. the crowd was mostly peaceful. but things got a little rough in the mission district last night. besides the bonfires, one person was shot just before 9:00 at 21st and valencia. a man was stabbed at 11:00. they are both expected to live. the scene at the civic center last night, thousands of people at the city-sponsored celebration, a big watch party. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: that was crazy, madness ensued. ♪[ music ] and fireworks were also lit off. several sfpd officers were injured by rocks and bottles on market and in the mission. so none of those injuries was
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serious. but we expected [ indiscernible ] comes to celebration, there's just so many people out in the streets letting their emotions -- i guess, get a little out of control when things turned violent. but again, live look now at at&t park. we're watching more of the players arriving getting off the bus getting into their cars and hoping for a good night's sleep. that's hunter pence. he looked pretty refreshed for what he has been through over the past 24 hours. >> he looks remarkably well. he is looking for his scooter. >> reporter: he looks like he has a lot of luggage, though. i'm not sure how that would work. >> he had an incredible series. he had 12 hits and was a big part of why they won. >> maybe he is calling a cab or delivering pizza. who knows. >> a quick question, there's always a business side to all of this. were there many arrests last
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night? >> the san francisco police department has not released the numbers yet. they said that they still had to compile them. it was obviously a crazy night for them between the celebrations and then those little spates of violence that broke out so they are going to be getting those numbers to us later on this morning. i believe that is buster posey. no, it is not. i don't blame them for tinted windows. they are celebrities times 10 right now in this town. you can see the dozens of people that came out just to watch them drive past this morning. we are going to see what else unfolds here what other sort of celebrity appearances we can see at at&t park. but yeah, i want to show you again the front page of the "chronicle" this morning. dynasty. we'll keep checking back with you. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> there's a yellow cab around. get over to at&t park and give
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hunter pence a ride home. >> he needs some help. >> larry baer when they asked about mad-baum, where is he, he is a little bit groggy. i'm sure all the players are a little this morning. >> they probably sent his arm to cooperstown already. what a stud! roberta gonzales joins us from downtown san francisco. roberta, did you stay up to watch the game? >> i watched the entire game. honestly one of the best world series i have ever seen. could not sleep afterwards. the first thing i saw in town is it looked as if it's rained overnight. the streets are wet. the city of san francisco is scrubbing the city clean in preparation for it to be beautiful for the country as they tune in tomorrow to watch our world series 2014 victory parade. let me set the stage for you. the parade, it does step off tomorrow high noon right at the
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corner of market and stewart and will snake up market street to the civic center plaza. there will be a ticker-tape parade. a million people turned out to congratulate the giants for the last parade. so if you are coming out to the parade tomorrow, friday, high noon, give yourself several hours to prepare to jockey for position and also be prepared. it will rain on this parade. bee expect a million people to turn out for this year's 2014 world champions. what to wear under that rain gear? last night the city did not sleep. there were thousands of world series championship t-shirts being made overnight for bay area fans. businesses were working really hard all night long to print these shirts.
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and you can expect long lines of fans waiting to snatch up those world series merchandise at the dugout stores and other sports retailers. the shirts are going for $25. live at civic center plaza right here in san francisco. i just moved out of the way so photographer greg can get a view of city hall. can you see this? >> beautiful. >> it is just awash in orange. celebrating the victory of our san francisco giants world champions for 2014. >> how many days until spring training? >> 131 days! >> who is counting? >> i don't know. . >> only one day until the parade that's all we need to worry about now.
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>> if you can't go to the parade, keep it right here. we are going to have live coverage. parade of champions tomorrow coverage starting at 11:00, nice and early and if you can't get to a tv, not a problem either. we'll be streaming it live on so if you have a smartphone or laptop or tablet, you go anywhere and watch channel 5. >> unfortunately the rain is coming and prepare. so not going to dampen the celebrations but there's some rain headed in our direction. that cold front just off the coastline. it will bring with it more clouds across our skies today. temperatures will start to cool down but still mild. a lot of 70s in the bay and valleys. it is a mild start to the day. temperatures 60 degrees now in san francisco. 57 in san jose.
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54 in santa rosa. 78 livermore. 76 in san jose, 69 san francisco. and in honor of the giants, let me show you an orange bridge. here's a live look at traffic across the golden gate right now. and everything looks great as you can see in both directions. they should have four southbound lanes open in the commute direction. checking other bridges, san mateo, dumbarton bridge, very quiet start out there i have to say finally the commute beginning to pick up on westbound 4. that earlier crash counter-commute is now gone out of there somersville road but again the westbound ride picking up approaching g street. 13 minutes out of hayward. problem-free across the bay area. and including coming into dublin. >> i guess. >> it's going to be interesting. >> crazy. >> it was bart's busiest day the last parade. >> they are preparing their backup plans with longer trains right now. well, in other news, health
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officials in maine want to forcibly quarantine a nurse who treated ebola patients in africa. kaci hickox has been staying in her home but went outside last night to meet with reporters. hickox has tested negative for the virus so far since returning to the u.s. last week. and she vows to end her voluntary quarantine today. state troopers are trying to get a judge's approval to keep her quarantined for 21 days. last weekend hickox was forcibly kept in isolation in new jersey after arriving at newark international airport. 5:10 now. a bay area doctor under quarantine this morning. stanford doctor colin bucks treated ebola patients in west africa for the last month and when he got home from liberia he was placed in modified home quarantine in redwood city. he can't go to work, has to check in twice a day and take his temperature twice a day. christin ayers tried to talk to
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him. >> i can't talk to you or i'll go to jail. >> the doctor is allowed some limited outdoor activity like jogging. so far he has shown no symptoms of the disease. to date, there haven't been any reported or confirmed cases of ebola in california. time now 5:11. a woman trapped under her car on the side of the road and it's all caught on camera. why the good samaritan says he felt the need to jump in and help. ,,,,,,,,
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,, forecast in just a few minu and it's champagne in the club in the giants are world series champions. look toward at&t park. the giants just arrived home bringing with it the championship trophy. we are going to talk more about the game of course and check out your weather. we have a big storm coming. more on that coming up. >> it's champagne time in the clubhouse at kansas city and as lawrence said they are home but for the third time in five years the giants are home as world series champions panda making the final catch. a big hug on the mound there for the stud madison baumgarner. we are going to have much more on the big win in kansas city coming up in just a few minutes. but first, some big news in hawaii. lava from hawaii's kileaua volcano is now just about 200 yards away from the main road
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in the town of pahoa. once it crosses the road and a bypass road, it will effectively slice that town in half. most residents won't be able to get to their area's only supermarket. people in the path have been leaving their homes in the past couple of days. slow-moving lava had already destroyed a garden shed, tires and some metal material on the big island. it's been flowing now for months. and no one knows when it will stop. one person is in custody for the killing of a woman who was shot through the windshield of a car in oakland. the suspect was arrested yesterday in elk grove near sacramento. it was sunday afternoon when someone in another car shot pearla avena in the head on 9 eighth avenue. she was a medical receptionist who had four children. her russ was driving. >> a rescue was caught on a helmet car. this biker said he was heading home from work when he saw a car flipped and saw a driver inside. seatbelt wrapped around her
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suffocating her. he pulled out a knife, cut the belt. she got out just as smoke started to envelope the car there. and now he has this to say. >> just being human, i suppose, if you can help somebody, just help. >> absolutely. posted the video on youtube a year ago but few people saw it. sights like live late picked it up. it has close to a million hits so far. >> good samaritan. 5:16 light now. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> at 5:16, where is everyone? everyone sitting at home waiting it out a little bit. it's still quiet. no big incidents. a few delays in the cash lanes. you can't see them where the camera is but maybe a few cars deep. if you are a fast track commuter no delay at all. uricly at this time of the morning we see something going on. people taking it easy. live look at the nimitz they
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cleared the overnight roadwork in san leandro between marina and davis. this is light like a friday commute. sensors not out to the dublin interchange yet only about 15 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange interchange. drive time about 6 or 7 minutes between milpitas and sunnyvale and the commute along 101 still clear in san francisco. south bay check san jose still problem-free on 280 and 101. that is "kcbs traffic." the forecast, wow, things are changing. here's lawrence. they are. halloween just a day away. and here we go. we have a serious storm coming in our direction and this one is going to pack a punch as it moves onshore tomorrow. in the meantime it's winding up off the coastline. clouds moving into the skies just some high clouds and patchy fog near the coastline. throughout the day we'll sigh a mixture of sun and clouds and some of the high clouds,
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temperatures going to be slightly cooler as a result. and then that scary looking storm rolls in for halloween. yeah, looks like we could see some showers, thunderstorms, and well, brief downpours a real possibility. the storm is developing, low on the back side of it will slow down the storm a little further. latest computer models bring clouds across the skies and then tomorrow morning, the front moves in. wouldn't be surprised if that slowed down more but you get the idea, a strong system as it moves on by so showers on and off throughout the day. you will see some sunny breaks not a complete washout, trick or treaters, you will get wet. we are looking at significant rainfall too probably more than an inch in san rafael. over the mountaintops, maybe one, maybe two inches of rain. temperatures are going to be in the 60s and the 70s. it will be a dry day today. by tomorrow, that all changes. we are going to see that rain maybe thunderstorms showers likely to continue into at least saturday morning. and then by sunday, we'll begin to clear out your skies.
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the temperatures are going to warm up, then rain end of next week. this storm tomorrow, boy, it is going to pack a punch! and, of course, we have the world series parade to contend with now. so here we go >> are we going to have an inch of rain at 11:00, noon? >> i don't think so. if it comes through fast enough, then we'll get through it and get on the back side of the front. we may see a little sunshine. but if the storm system slows down, i'm afraid it might, then yeah. >> and trick or treaters later that night? >> just some showers. >> okay. thank you. well, it happens only three times a year and these kids just can't wait. >> it's so true. 11-plus tri-valley schools all come together to combine special and general education kids to play sports all day long and there are no losers, just a bunch of winners. and we think that's pretty cool. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: they brought out the dublin high band to the delight of over 200 special needs athletes all pouring into dublin high stadium along with
5:20 am
hundreds of volunteers as three different tri-valley school districts all got busy on the soccer field. >> the special needs kids are going away with the idea that they can perform, that they're champions, that there's nothing they can't do. >> whoo! >> reporter: the school's partnered with special olympics through project unify. it allows both special and general ed kids to work together through sports. the end result? a stronger student community. and some incredible memories for those special students. what's today mean to champions? >> wonderful. >> wonderful. >> yeah. >> we're learning about feelings and by all the faces right now, i see happy, energetic, psyched. >> reporter: psyched? >> yeah! >> they are just on cloud nine. they love it. they actually have a fantastic time over here. >> hi, cassidy! my name is emma. >> reporter: the general education kids are learning,
5:21 am
too. how about compassion? not to mention team work. and the value of inclusion in all aspects of life. and these students love it. >> it just makes me see things in a different perspective and i love coming here every year. i came here last year and it was such a great experience. i wanted to come again. it is really fun. i like to see them all smiling. >> reporter: you can tell this really makes a difference? >> yeah. >> reporter: the program is now in its third year and is a huge success. that's why this week we salute the tri-valley, this week's -- >> "cool school"! >> yeah. 11-plus schools. unbelievable day, leave there feeling all the better for it. >> good athletes. >> they do three, so it's soccer right now. then in the fall they are going to do some basketball. in the winter basketball. and track and field in the spring. so the kids just can't wait. >> very cool. good job, frank. well, what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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home. especially with the rain. use mass transit. bart, golden gate ferries and caltrain will all be offering extra service. we'll take a full look at your morning commute coming up. there was a party all over last night. giants fans in downtown san francisco celebrated in the streets after that clutch performance by madison baumgarner. >> was there a game last night? the. >> there was. >> remember that? >> play of the day now. of course the final out, they got the giants out of a big jam and delivered a world series title. watch. popped up! sandoval! in foul territory! [ applause and cheers ] >> much more where of the giants coming up. that's the play of the day, play of the year. >> for sure. the golden state warriors
5:26 am
quietly opened their nba season in sacramento last night. it was also steve kerr's first game as head coach. steph curry had 24 points leading the warriors to a 95-77 win over the kings. and look at this. it appears the san francisco giants have some followers in the state capital during a break in the warriors team game the world series result was announced to a hearty round of applause. that's awesome. >> if i had a ticket i'm not sure i could have gone to that game. >> for sure. >> all right. 2014 world series champions have a arrived back home. we are live at at&t park where the team just got into their cars ready for a long nice trip. we heard from larry baer though. that's coming up next. >> i'm roberta gonzales live at civic center plaza where the city of san francisco is scrubbing down the streets, the sidewalks are getting washed. and the city is preparing for a world series victory parade. i have everything you need to know as the news continues right here on kpix 5.
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hours after winning the wor series. details this linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. the san francisco giants are back home this morning just hours after winning the world series. details on the victory celebration. >> and they are getting ready for a parade but we have a major storm coming in our direction. how might that affect that? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and finally things are heating up right now on the morning commute through the livermore valley. one of our slowest travel times, the rest of your bay area commute is coming up. >> good morning, everyone. it's thursday, october 30. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. what a day it is! >> the 2-2.
5:31 am
popped up -- sandoval! in foul territory! giants win! whoo! >> they sure did. giants are back home in san francisco after winning the third title in five years. how about that? >> and even before they got home this morning, their fans were just going crazy. >> yes, yes, yes! yes, yes, yes! >> there were celebrations all over the bay area after last night's game 7 victory. >> we got you covered. team coverage this morning. roberta gonzales is at civic center with information about tomorrow's big near victory parade. dennis o'donnell has giants highlights. he is up and with us from kansas city. >> but fires we go to anne makovec at at&t park where the giants arrived just a few minutes ago. anne. >> reporter: yes. they did. and they went home very quickly. i don't blame 'em. i'm sure they are absolutely exhausted. they have been on a plane all night long. this is a front page, though, this morning of the "san francisco chronicle."
5:32 am
it says, dynasty. now, when the team arrived here at at&t park early this morning, we spoke with president larry baer about that. he was a little hesitant to use the "d" word. but obviously, elated. >> this group really felt that they earned it because they -- you know, they defied a lot of odds. nobody predicted us to do anything for play-offs including the pittsburgh series. >> compare this to the other wins. >> everybody -- it's equally wonderful but, you know, to do it a third time people think there's something special going on in this clubhouse. i think there is. a lot of guys now have multiple championships. >> reporter: thousands of giants fans packed the streets in celebration right after last night's win. this was the scene here. muni stopped running trains through the neighborhood. the crowd was peaceful. things got rough in the mission
5:33 am
district with bonfires and a person shot at 29th and valencia and a man stabbed a couple of blocks away at 11 p.m., both expected to survive. very fun scene at the civic center. that's the city's celebration. thousands came to that party. that was a bunch of madness. i'm sure tomorrow for the parade, we are going to see thousands of more people getting crazy with their celebrations, as well. now, one thing that was a little disappointing to fans that came here to at&t park this morning, there are about 100 of them that came to see the team return to their vehicles, that none of the players came out and talked to the fans. again, i can't really blame the players for that. they are groggy. they are exhausted. but that's something that fans would have liked to see here. they were still, though, of course, very excited to see the 2014 world series champions back on home turf. i'm anne makovec live at at&t park. back to you. >> the fans can see them
5:34 am
tomorrow at the victory parade. dennis o'donnell is in kansas city site of the 7th and deciding game. >> he got up early to join us live this morning. dennis? >> reporter: ha ha ha! that's right, frank. we're just outside union station in downtown kansas city. and what the giants did last night is look history in the face and say, we don't believe you. no team since the 1979 pittsburgh pirates are won game 7 on the road for the decisive world series game. here's how it came down. ace madison baumgarner was in the bullpen if the giants needed him. the game was tied at 2 in the 4th inning when michael morse hit one into right field. pablo sandoval would score to give the giants a 3-2 lead to. now, madison baumgarner entered in the fifth. he retired 14 in a row at one point. but with two out in the ninth, alex gordon ripped one into center field. gregor blanco misplayed it and let it roll to the wall.
5:35 am
juan perez kicked it around and gordon coasted to third. the next batter salvador perez, here's how it ended. >> he will hold there with two out. >> the 2-2. popped up! sandoval -- in foul territory -- giants win! >> pablo sandoval catches the final out with the tying run. 90 feet away. baumgarner ends the game by throwing five scoreless innings. [ applause and cheers ] >> when i heard that we were thinking about using them out of the bullpen i think it would be a couple of innings. for him to come out through five, that's unbelievable. >> that was that pick. that to me, i mean, that was singlehandedly my opinion the
5:36 am
best pitching performance i have ever seen. >> whoo! >> i don't know how many teams on the road at any point in the season let alone the 7th game of the world series comes back after a 10-0 loss but they buried it and we had the secret weapon in baum. >> reporter: madison baumgarner allowed one run in 20 post- season innings and i heard anne this morning talking about destiny, i think it may be more appropriate for team of the decade because they won in 2010, 2012 and 2014. if you look to the 49ers back in the '80s, that was the team of the decade. i think the giants are well on their way to being -- having that moniker now for the next few years or so. so let's go live back to san francisco. reporting from union station in kansas city, i'm dennis o'donnell. frank, michelle? >> well done, dennis. thank you. roberta gonzales joins us now live. she is in downtown san francisco. >> roberta, how incredible is
5:37 am
baumgarner's performance throughout the series? baumgarner was just awesome of course he is mvp. also i thought it was so fitting that pablo sandoval made the last out of the game 7 world series because he was so tenacious throughout the whole play-off series. we are here at civic center plaza this morning and you know what i noticed? when i drove into the city of san francisco this morning, it looked like it had rained overnight because the streets are wet. the sidewalks are wet. this is the city that has not slept at all. let me show you why. we have san francisco city workers diligently hard at work. they are scrubbing the sidewalks. they are scrubbing the streets. they are getting ready for the world to see the world series 2014 victory parade right here in the city of san francisco. let me set the stage for you. it will step off tomorrow high noon at the corner of stewart and market streets. then the parade will gradually work its way up market street until it wraps around right here to civic center plaza
5:38 am
where there will be lots of speeches. there will be music. there will be celebrations. and, of course, it is a ticker- tape parade. you know the ticker tape scene. we had one just two years ago when one million people turned out to cheer on our world champion san francisco giants. that's right. one million people. so if you plan to come on out tomorrow at high noon, give yourself several hours to get here. there will be road closures and there will be rain. yes rain on the parade. it will not dampen the spirits of the 1 million people we expect at civic center plaza and throughout the streets of san francisco on friday. the next thing you have to think about what are you going to wear under the raincoat on friday? take a look at this. can you get a peek at this? thousands of world championship t-shirts are going to be for sale for the fans.
5:39 am
the businesses were working to print the shirts. expect long lines at sports retailers today. the shirts go for about $25. meanwhile, again, live at civic center plaza right here in san francisco, i have been watching people come up this morning ever since 4:30 this morning. they stop, they take a picture and this, look at city hall. isn't that beautiful, frank and michelle? >> it's gorgeous! >> yeah. it's glowing in original. congratulating our san francisco giants winning their third championship in the last five years. sportscaster vern glenn snuggled up in bed this morning fired off a photograph to me this morning of the headlines of the "san francisco chronicle." he said, ro, go get one these right away. it says dynasty on it. we are just so lucky to live here in this city to be able to see three championships in five years. only two national teams i think have done that ever? frank, you'll know more about that i'm sure. >> my it have to check my reference book on that -- i might have to check my
5:40 am
reference book on that. it's cool three in the last five years. >> roberta, thank you, at the civic center. if you can't go to the parade keep it right here on channel 5. we'll have live coverage. parade of champions, coverage starts friday halloween at 11:00 where it will be a little bit rainy and if you don't have a tv, not to worry, you have a smartphone, computer or tablet, we will be streaming the parade live and in living color. check it out on your device. >> you want to know what i'm excited about? >> weather? >> sure. [ laughter ] >> that. >> also getting that barbecue from the kansas city news anchors! >> that's right! >> i'm not sure how they are going to send that out. it might be a day old but we'll make it work. >> i'm sure it will be delicious. a lot of celebrations to be had today around the bay area. looks like tomorrow for the parade, yeah, could be a little touch and go with the storm system headed our way. this is a strong cold front especially for this time of the
5:41 am
year to dive into the bay area. it's likely going to slow down a bit. so today we'll just see some high clouds moving overhead. 60s near the coastline. we are looking at the clouds rolling in overhead now and temperatures at 60 degrees in san francisco so mild beginning to the day, 57 in san jose. and 55 in livermore. this afternoon, 76 in concord, 76 in napa and 69 and dry in san francisco. but by tomorrow morning, that all changes, liz. all right. it may have been kind of a late- night for some folks. it was very quiet on the roads for a really long time. people kind of struggling to get out of bed a little bit but now we have suddenly a number of incidents out the door. so we have a little bit of a hot spot a car fire approaching north flynn. we'll zoom in and show you. sounds like it's blocking a lane. 205-580 split. 280 crowded near the coliseum and in hayward we have an
5:42 am
accident causing slight delays just there approaching the accident scene. southbound 880 at whipple. so far we are not seeing our usual problems all the way through that southbound corridor from san leandro but again, that accident not helping that commute. bay bridge just the cash lanes middle lanes still clear. 5:42, this is actually right around the time they switch on the metering lights. and it doesn't look like they are switched on yet but that's coming here very shortly. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. back to you guys. >> thank you. in other news, mourners gathered at san jose state university last night to honor a student who died at a hit-and- run crash on campus. chi lam died monday a day after he was struck while trying to walk across 10th street. the computer engineering student would graduate next spring. police arrested the suspect the day of the accident. they believe he was drunk. a bay area doctor is under quarantine this morning. stanford doctor colin bucks treated ebola patients in
5:43 am
liberia. when he got home he was quarantined in his home in redwood city. he has to stay away from work, take his temperature and talk with health officials twice daily. christin ayers knocked on his door to talk with him. >> you'll violate my quarantine order. you can't be physically here. >> okay. >> it's a risk for jail time honestly. >> he followed the rules. he said by phone he is not taking any chance. the doctor is allowed some limited outdoor activity like jogging alone and so far he has no symptoms of the disease yet. to date there have been no cases of ebola in california. it's estate planning awareness week. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here to remind us what we need to know about this stuff. but pretty important topic. she joins us live in london. so i guess the first question, jill, does everyone need a will
5:44 am
will? >> reporter: in a short answer, yes. if you die without a will your state is going to determine what happens to your estate. the state will also decide who will raise your children. i think that potential alone should prod you to get going with the process. remember a will, it's a legal document and what you're doing with a will is you are ensuring that your assets are passed to your designated beneficiaries in accordance with your wishes. in the process of drafting a will, you're going to name an executor. that's the person or the institution that will oversee the distribution of your assets. and if you do have minor children, this is when you will need to name a guardian for them. >> well, what else do we need? >> reporter: two other big documents that are really important. one is a health care proxy. that allows you to appoint someone to make a healthcare decision on your behalf if you lose the ability to do so. there's also another document
5:45 am
called a durable power of attorney. this will allow you to appoint someone to act as your agent in lots of different circumstances, perhaps someone who might need to withdraw money from your bank or even respond to an irs inquiry. now, there are also some folks who may want to consider trusts. i would emphasize that for anyone who has an estate that's worth more than $5.3 million or $10.6 million for a couple. >> jill, we hear a lot about probate. tell our viewers, what is that? >> reporter: well, i know it spooks a lot of people but probate is simple. it's a legal process by which the state court will officially appoint the executor and also will account for the deceased property and assets as well as their debts. i think people get a little bit uptight about probate because it is a public process and it can be lengthy and costly. but it usually really does go fairly smoothly as long as
5:46 am
someone is not contesting the estate. just a reminder that there are assets that pass by contract like life insurance or retirement plan or trust. those assets actually avoid the probate process. so i have some great estate planning checklists at i know just what you want to do right after you've won the world series is next on your list, do my estate planning. >> i'm going to get right on that. [ laughter ] >> certainly don't talk about it a lot but something you need if you do lose a loved one. jill schlesinger live for us in london. thank you, jill. >> thank you. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:47 am
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bulldog: the veterans day sale is ending soon! get four years interest free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! and, get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. ♪ mattress discounters with a car crash last summe quan and lakisha renee love collided in june... at 26th market streets in oakland. quan and la quiche
5:49 am
smartmeter renee lovely collided in june on 26th and market in oakland. she is suing quan and the city for the crash that happened. 5:49. a check of traffic on this world series celebration day. san francisco and the rest of the bay area getting ready to party. i do want to talk about that parade coming up tomorrow. as we expect it is going to cause a traffic mess around san francisco as it has in previous years, the city's third victory parade in five years. so they should have some of this down by now but the center of the action is at market. the parade kicks off at noon at market and stewart and then it will head west all the way to civic center plaza. so bay bridge is a hot spot tomorrow. by the way, the metering lights were just switched on so it's getting crowded there now, as well. but now, this bumped up with the evening commute home so kind of plan accordingly. mass transit is going to be your best bet. previous years and parades bart ferries and caltrain have
5:50 am
stepped up service offering longer trains and service. so we expect that it will be a similar case this year and parking is going to be difficult. you can expect that to be an even bigger problem this year. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. with the forecast, here's lawrence storm clouds beginning today. clouds in the skies but no rain just yet. that will change tomorrow morning. you see the storm off the coastline bringing with it heavy rainfall tomorrow morning. in fact, that's a very strong storm system for this time of year. partly cloudy out there now. we have some patchy fog, too. a mixture of sun and clouds in the afternoon. slightly cooler temperatures. and then that scary storm moving in, wouldn't you know it, just for halloween for all the trick or treaters and now the giants celebration parade. that system behind it, we have all that unstable air, that's going to be pushing on through. so let's see if we can time it out. a lot of clouds moving across our skies today. then late tonight maybe a few showers. and then the cold front begins to drop into the bay area. 9:00, 10:00 in the morning, you see the brunt of the rain in
5:51 am
the north bay and it sweeps across the rest of the bay area so the parade if you are going there could be very wet. and trick or treaters maybe some scattered showers not a washout. but you could see some more raindrops. temperatures going to be in the 60s and the 70s for today. they will be dry today. tomorrow expect some stormy conditions with a possibility of some thunderstorms. showers continuing into saturday. warm and drier weather expected by sunday and monday. and your halloween forecast trick or treaters headed out, plan on showers maybe isolated thunderstorms and hail, too. and don't forget this weekend, turn your clocks back one hour on saturday night and get an extra hour of sleep. >> like that especially big celebrations going on this weekend. >> no kidding. i think i we need it. >> i have been reading the paper while were you doing weather. >> thank you for that. [ laughter ] >> i was listening, lawrence. >> guess what. they won 88 games in the regular season? they won 12 in the post so last night victory number 100. >> wow. >> that's cool. >> he ignored you for that bit of information. [ laughter ] >> good stuff. >> not unusual, by the way.
5:52 am
[ laughter ] it is 5:51. coming up, it is the internet upgrade that will make your life a whole easier. how it's already changing what you can do on the web. tell you about that. ,, ,,,, a remote that lives on your phone.
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. the oakland's public library is facing a $3.5 million budget deficit. the city council has until next june to close the budget gap for the library system. the oakland public library director says he hasn't decided which eight branches will face the axe. 5:55. internet videos may be easier to watch after an upgrade yesterday. html 5 is now live. it's been 15 years in the making. it now allows for seamless integration. the biggest difference is with video. it will allow developers to build it right into websites. this means you will no longer get that annoying pop-up asking you to download a plug-in to watch something on your computer. google has a new device that says it could detect cancer. just swallow it and google latest moon shot project, the company is creating a pill that could find malignant cells. the pill would contain microscopic particles which
5:56 am
would travel through the bloodstream and find cancer cells. the particles would be able to report what they found to a wearable device. the hope is to get the pill to doctors by the next decade. 5:56. a man who treated ebola patients in west africa now under quarantine right here in his bay area home. what the stanford doctor is and is not allowed to do during the his time in isolation. >> reporter: and your world series champions 2014 have made it back to the bay. we'll hear from giants president larry baer and take another look at the trophy coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
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6:00 am
>> a world win for the san francisco giants! >> whoo! >> and the crowd goes wild! good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. what a night in kansas city! plenty of excitement as the team arrives about a couple of hours ago took a red eye flight out of kansas city. >> sfo and over to at&t. >> the fans just went crazy after the giants beat the royals last night in kansas city. >> the mission was packed with thousands of people in the streets. there were crowds in neighborhoods all over the city. >> we have team coverage for you this morning. roberta gonzales is at the civic center with information about the parade and dennis o'donnell joins us with highlights from kansas city but first anne makovec is at at&t park where the giants arrived just a short time ago to a welcoming -- nice welcome from the fans. >> reporter: ah, yes. and a


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