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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 31, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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san francisco with parade preparations. >> reporter: it is 5 a.m., it's not raining yet. and people are already lined up here ready to watch the parade. i'm here at market and fifth streets right by the cable car turnaround and you can see a couple of eager giants fans ready for the parade. they have barriers set up even though it's expected to rain throughout the morning. the city is expected to come down and get the rest of the setup. the float guys have been at it for two days designing, painting and building these colorful floats for hundreds of thousands of fans. anticipation is building. >> very excited especially the kids. they are going to be going to school and i have to talk to both teachers and say they're not going to be in class tomorrow. they looked at me and go, we know where you're going. >> reporter: the police are
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also getting ready increasing staff and hoping for a peaceful and fun celebration. it's also halloween. and critical mass is today. hopefully everybody will keep it cool. back to you. >> i don't think that man is alone. a lot of kids will be playing hooky today because it's an experience, you have to come over here with the parents. i imagine the schools and the teachers aren't too happy about that. >> reporter: no, they lose money. and san francisco's school board commissioner put out a statement saying kids should be coming to school. actually in 2012, the district lost $160,000 because of kids missing school. so i'm not going to give any advice on that. [ laughter ] >> to each his own. that's good. anne, thank you. [ laughter ] >> take a stand, anne, come on! >> it's like maybe a once-in-a- lifetime thing. >> you can't use that argument. >> you just never know when it's going to happen again.
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>> do what your ally going to do. be prepared for rain. we have a strong system toward the bay area and it looks like the timing not really good for the parade. out the door we go, it's fairly quiet now although we are seeing some scattered light showers on our hi-def doppler radar. starting to show up in the north bay right now but the storm system has slowed down and because of that timing, i think it's going to be moving right overhead about 11, 12:00 when the parade starts heavy rainfall moving through. all right. we have mostly cloudy skies over san francisco. some southerly winds right now. that's keeping these temperatures up a bit in the upper 40s and even some low 60s. but by the afternoon, that rain will be pushing on through becoming heavy in the south bay this afternoon. temperatures will be in the 60s across the board. and it looks like we even have a chance of some thunderstorms. the good news is, it doesn't look like it's going to be a washout for trick or treaters just some scattered showers. that's the latest forecast, guys. back to you. thank you, lawrence. players past and present will be on hand for today's big parade. >> roberta gonzales joins us
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live with more on the parade route and who will be there. roberta. >> reporter: hey, good morning, everyone! check this out. this is the exact route right now -- just a second here. i have to let this truck go by. good morning, thank you very much for being very mind. my photographer here. we are on the parade route here. a lot of preparations going on as you can see, trucks coming in and out. they are bringing in big-time balloons but check this out. we have over here sherry and rob. they are from vallejo. and i have to admit, i think you guys are the first to be here for the parade today. why are you up so early? >> because we wanted the same spot we had in 2012 and we're big giants fans. >> reporter: rob, who is your favorite player. >> reporter: madison baumgarner. >> reporter: why is that? >> he is the pitcher, he is the bomb. >> reporter: right, he is the bomb. i got to tell you, we are going to have a lot of players if not every, single one here today but first off, we got to show you where you can set up like sherry and rob. we have a parade map for you. again, right now, i'm on market
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street right at the corner of drum and california. but it kicks off on stewart and market. and then the parade will wind its way up market street all through the city of san francisco with the ticker-tape parade before it ends up at civic center plaza. and that's where we have a stage set up. we have video monitors, we expect over a million people here today for the celebration and the speeches there at civic center plaza. okay, who can you expect? you guys want to see baumgarner today? you're going to see him. we're going to have buster posey, he is going to be along one of the 12 to 18 floats in this parade. we'll have madison baumgarner mvp of the world series and, of course, we'll have other notable players such as pablo sandoval, one of my favorites, the panda here. we'll have timmy lincecum. we'll have every, single san francisco giant player and then you're wondering what about the legend? yes. confirmed to ride on a float
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today will be the one and only barry bonds. and i'm told it's even a slimmer version of barry bonds. you know, barry has taken up- cycling in the past couple of years so he is feeling healthy and feeling good. you're giggling about that. but yes, barry bonds will be on this court. this morning, if you want to say hi, the streets are ready for a victory parade right here in the streets of san francisco. >> i think you got us covered. >> third time for the parade, third time for you covering it. kind of old hat for you, i guess, right? >> reporter: it's never old hat, right? i got to tell you, i believe i'm more excited than ever before gas of what bruce bochy
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and larry -- because of what bruce bochy and larry baer said. this was a hard-fought battle out of all the three championships. this is the one they are embracing because it was so hard fought. they beat a good team in kansas city a team that really could have gone either way. very talented teams. lots of spirit. and today we are going to celebrate in the rain. it will not dampen the spirits of over 1 million people here. >> roberta gonzales live along the parade route on market street. >> how can we get into the city and how can we get out? >> i know. it is going to be tough. we'll see if the rain keeps some people away. san francisco is ready to party. as roberta says they have done this now, this will be the third time they have done this. they have this down, street closure down, mass transit steps it up. so here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. pretty quiet right now. this is the time to go if you want to grab a good seat along
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the parade route so far no delay. it's even cleared out in some of the cash lanes but as lawrence is showing us, the very, very light raindrops are just beginning to fall. we are already getting spinouts out the door including this one causing a delay already at the carquinez bridge eastbound 80 in the center divide. so heads up there. again the giants victory parade starts at noon. all mass transit including bart and caltrain is ramping up. let's go out live to kiet do live at san jose's diridon stop. kiet, have you seen any extra giants fans wearing all their gear in addition to the commuters? >> yeah. you know, we saw about a half dozen fans leaving at this hour and they said that if you are not leaving now you're going to get quote, unquote crappy seats and you may not make it if you leave at 9:00 so these guys have some experience. they know what to do to get there on time and get good seats. it seems like the bay area transit systems have gone into giants victory mode which is to say it is all hands on deck operating at maximum capacity with everything you got. starting with caltrain, before the parade, they have added
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eight trains going northbound. after the parade, they will stack the trains up and then send them off from san francisco going southbound as soon as they are fully loaded. service from san jose to gilroy will have delays of about an hour after the parade. can you guess which day was the busiest day in caltrain history? it was the world series parade in 2012. today the trains carry even more commuters than it did back then which means they could shatter that previous one day record. on to bart, they say the number one thing you can do is buy your roundtrip ticket or load your clipper card ahead of time. and avoid peak time the 6 to 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. as for bart, they are using every available train. each train going to and from san francisco will be at its maximum length and they will be running as frequently as they possibly can. bart will operate until 2 a.m. back here live at caltrain, they are recommending that if you can work from home today, it might not be a bad idea. live at diridon station in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> and we'll have special live coverage of the parade of
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champions beginning at 11:00 this morning. we'll also be streaming it live commercial-free online at some other news now. some state officials are proposing a $500 billion investment into water projects. the water plan calls for better coordination of water management on the local, state and federal levels here in the state. a new state fee on water users could help pay for it. a $7.5 billion water bond is now on the ballot from voters on tuesday. police arrested someone they are calling a serial tagger. officers in menlo park say the man tagged overpasses and other buildings. it's going to cost $15,000 to clean it up. williams turned himself in after officers linked him to the spray-paint. 5:09. an investigation under way into a plane crash that killed four people in kansas. we are now learning what the pilot did moments before things went wrong. >> a halloween hazard people
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lost inside a corn maze. what some guests are being forced to do to end the nightmare. >> this halloween and no joke we have a strong storm now headed our way. rain and gusty winds and thunderstorms. we'll talk about that coming up. >> the ride in the east bay here's a live look at 880 no overnight roadwork it slow you down so far in the clear 15 minutes 238 to the maze. your friday drive to work including all your parade coverage is all after this break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new this morning... authori rriers welcome back to "kpix 5 this morning" on this halloween. we have still got original lights up perfect for halloween today and we have a big storm coming in our direction. we'll have full details coming up in just a few minutes. authorities in illinois believe the barriers and lights at a train crossing were working properly when a freight train hit an suv in vidalia. three killed, two injured. the accident happened just minutes before the start of the city's halloween parade which went ahead anyway as planned. this morning crews will take apart a building to recover victims of a deadly plane crash. the plane slammed into a flight training building at the wichita, kansas airport. the building exploded into flames. it's too dangerous for anyone to go inside. the pilot reported he lost
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engine power shortly after take- off. he was killed as were three people in the building. 911 dispatchers are getting a number of phone calls for help from a middle of a central valley cornfield. people go into a big corn maze. this is in dixon. they start wandering around the field and when they can't find their way out, pull out the cell phone, they dial 911 for help. it happens just about every weekend during the maze season. >> stay calm. we don't laugh. it's not a comedy and our dispatchers have a serious job and take every call on that 911 system extremely seriously. >> are you sure?! the emergency dispatchers get in touch with the owner of the maze and he goes out to try to find the people lost in the maze. maybe a big flag or something? ? >> leave crumbs like hansel and gretel. >> then you don't have to call
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911. >> there used to be a maze- themed amusement park in vacaville, but could you actually sneak under the barriers. that's how you got out if you got lost. [ laughter ] all eyes on the parade coverage in san francisco. the parade route along market street from embarcadero to van ness near the civic civic, that will close down 9 a.m. the muni buses that ride along that route are also going to have to be rerouted, the f market and mission street is closed between the embarcadero and van ness. so if you are not planning ongoing to the parade or even if you are planning ongoing to the parade, don't drive around that area. it's going to be a mess. and there will be no parking. so your best bart stop for checking out the parade embarcadero, montgomery, your powell street stations or civic center to see the speeches on the screens at the end. here's a live look out the door right now. san mateo bridge traffic this is the time to beat the rush. of course it looks good so far out of hayward. you know, even the bay bridge, earlier this morning, much earlier around 4:30 when we
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first got on the air, we saw a smaller fender-bender and slight delays in the cash lanes. kind of thinking oh, no, we may see an early-morning backup. but so far it doesn't appear to be the case. dry conditions means good commute conditions across the span into san francisco. they have been doing lane changes across the golden gate bridge southbound 101 quiet from san rafael to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. only 14 minutes there. and they picked up all the overnight roadwork out of there in pleasanton. so now westbound 580 just the usual delays now coming out of tracy on 205. it backs up at mountain house then sluggish at north flynn then clear approaching the dublin interchange. a quick note a tweet from caltrain earlier. a lot of mass transit is expecting record-breaking ridership. the last record-breaker was the last giants parade in 2012. so caltrain says they expect record ridership, as well.
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that's your latest "kcbs traffic." lawrence is wearing his mock turtleneck so it will be raining. >> heavy rain in northern california and hi-def doppler showing yellow and orange most of that to the north. more showers behind that. this is slowing down a little bit so the timing is critical. unfortunately, it looks like it is moving right overhead for the parade today. so if you are heading there be prepared for heavy rain and gusty winds when the cold front comes through today. it's going to be windy at times. once the front moves through we get into some unstable air. there's a possibility we could see some thunderstorms into the afternoon. then a cool weekend. rain ends saturday, dry on sunday. this is an impressive storm for this time of the year and it will make for a wicked halloween as the storm rolls through. the good news for trick or treaters may be just more
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scattered showers. the heaviest rainfall coming through during the day. if you are traveling be prepared. the high country we could see 8 to 14 inches of snow. that's pretty amazing for this time of year! snow levels starting out about 7,000 feet but probably dropping down to about 6500 late in the day. let's time this out. right now, just some scattered light showers beginning to show up to the north. but as we head through the morning it picks up in the north bay and then as we look toward the parade, here you go, that front just laying across the entire bay area. heavy rainfall moving through and then in the afternoon, things begin to break up so trick or treaters as you head toward the evening not a washout just a chance of a couple of scattered showers those continuing right into saturday morning. so with that in mind yeah be prepared we are going to see some impressive rainfall. rainfall amounts over an inch a possibility make a couple of inches across some of the mountaintops. so this is a strong storm system sliding on through. going to keep the temperatures down, as well. mainly into the 60s outside. and looking out over the next couple of days, this will definitely be the stormiest day
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of the week in the next 7. showers continuing into saturday morning. dry weather returns on sunday and monday. but you guys are going out to the parade. we talked about the weather with you yesterday, guys. are you guys prepared to go out there? >> i brought my rain boots. my rain gear. >> i went shopping. i bought a new jacket. i have an umbrella the size of this desk. >> good, good, good. >> we are ready to go. >> it's black. >> that's good. >> i'm looking forward to seeing you guys out there. it should be quite a spectacle. >> while you're warm in the studio. >> how does that happen? >> true reporter. there is halloween. we know how to celebrate that in the bay area. we have the parade. tonight the streets will be filled with trick or treaters. we invited you to send in your favorite halloween costumes. here's some of the best. year..check out anna and el and for the traditional...'s a hall >> "frozen" is probably a popular costume.
5:20 am
for more halloween costumesd everything you need to get t for fright night just go tox dot com slas >> i saw people wearing costumes yesterday already. i saw batgirl out there running around. >> was it frank? >> what bar were you at? the. >> people in san francisco wear costumes every day. for more halloween costumes and everything you need to get set for fright night go to good morning, everybody. got your ga lashes? got your rain gear? ready to go to this parade? i am! but first, i got the giants leading it off and man, a long time coming for one 16 year vet. >> all right, vern. little lies can often lead to big trouble and stretching the treat on your resume' could backfire. steven greenberg has today's jobs report. reporter: pretending yourey someone else could be fun on halloween but that's not good to do on a job hunt. 53% of hiring managers in
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california said they caught candidates lying on their resume'. that includes candidates who pretend they have skills, degrees or experience that they don't have. it goes both ways. employers also disguise their open positions to make them sound more glamorous or interesting than they are. employers should be more candid and honest with their applicants. it could lead to new hires staying at their jobs longer. in 2013, more than half of all new hires quit their jobs after less than a year. there are many reasons. but unhappiness with the new position is certainly one of them. candidates and employers trying to be something that they are not contributes to a labor market that's often frustrating and inefficient. a customized accurate resume' can get employers knocking at your door. i'm steven greenberg, kpix 5. ,,,, what's possible today?
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play o' the day... from the links in the p-g-a. here's good morning, everybody. hey, before i get out of here and jump in the fray for this parade let me give you a little baseball front and center. the giants are the hot topic. tim hudson the oldest to start a game 7 at age 39. and yes, he had the shortest outing since 1960 an inning and a third but he is the world series champion! here's the scene in kansas city. hudson got through the 1st inning clean but the royals chased him 16 years in the bigs had not been past the first round of the play-offs and this year he cashed in after signing
5:25 am
in the off season. he says he saw something in the makeup of this team. >> i didn't know the picture. i have never experienced something like this. these guys are amazing. i mean, i -- they're my brothers. i love them to death. you know? full team effort. that's what it's all about. that's what we have been doing all year. >> so now you can explain this giants magic we have all seen for five years? >> i have seen it from afar. >> segue to the ice. sharks, boy, they have been on the road a lot. last night in minnesota they blew a 3-1 lead in the third. here came the tie and a shootout and then jason delivers. advantage wild. it was up to patrick marleau. denied. and the wild win, 4-3 in a shootout. that is sports at this hour. everybody, have a great day. and if you are going to the parade, stay dry. and have a terrific time.
5:26 am
>> thank you. play of the day, we are going to take you to the lynx, pga, lee westwood on a par three 11th home in malaysia. if we're showing you the tee shot, you know what's going to happen. >> perhaps a hole in one. >> it's the play of the day. a little bouncy bounce. how about that? >> a beauty. >> right into the cup. that's an eagle on a par 3. and that's pretty impressive. your hole in one and your play of the day. good morning, i'm roberta gonzales. i got my rain gear and i have my place along the parade route. how about you? everything you need to know about today's victory parade coming up as the news continues right here on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald.
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traffic ad libs if you wanted to be the first person to line up for the giants parade you're too late! i'm anne makovec live in san francisco where the whole city is getting ready for a giants celebration. i'm kiet do live at diridon train station in san jose with some important transportation tips to make your life easier. >> here's another sign that people are going to the parade early, already standing room only on one bart train out of walnut creek. your best way to get to the parade, we'll let you know coming up. >> so we have the parade, we have halloween, trick or treaters and we have a very powerful storm headed our way. we'll have details coming up. >> good morning, everyone. it's friday, october 31. happy halloween! i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:30. >> we're just a few hours away from the big parade to honor the world champion giants in
5:31 am
san francisco. >> kpix 5 reporters are helping you get ready, as well. kiet do has transit information down in san jose. roberta gonzales in the city has your parade route information but first we kick it off with anne makovec in san francisco with the parade preparations. good morning, anne. >> reporter: that's right. we already have people lining market street here behind me. i'm at market and fifth by the cable car turnaround here in san francisco. and space is already limited if you are looking for the front row seats to this parade. it's expected to rain. we have been hearing that warning. but the city is still expecting up to a million people here today. >> crazy and mad crazy. >> reporter: it will be the third world series parade in five years. >> looking for the ticker tape, cocktails and then going to watch some speeches. >> reporter: and once again, san francisco is getting ready
5:32 am
for a massive crowd. >> yes, i'll be in the office building looking down at the parade. >> reporter: a float production company called the parade guys has been hard at work for the past two days designing, painting and building colorful floats. police are also getting ready increasing staff. >> electrifying. you know? everyone is here cheering. everyone is on the same page. it's just really nice. >> reporter: all right. back out here live now on market street you can see the barriers lined up because they are ready for a crush of people. and also, it's not only the giants parade going on in san francisco today. it's also halloween which is a little crazy in the city and critical mass. hopefully everybody is going to be cool. frank and michelle? >> i know. i don't think enough is happening today. anne, about all of those people, are they ready for the rain? >> reporter: you know, that's a very good question. i think a lot of these folks are just resigned to the rain. i mean, a lot of them have umbrellas.
5:33 am
but once all the people pack in here, you try to put up an umbrella and you smack somebody in the face. so i think everybody is just ready to get wet. >> good day to have good manners. bundle up and bring a poncho because it's going to rain. >> unfortunately, the timing of this storm system not the best for the parade. the bulk of the storm coming right through for the parade. >> oh, boy. >> so if you are headed there -- >> awesome! >> -- be prepared because the storm system is moving in. a line of showers off the coastline in the north bay but it pick up in the next 280 three hours in the north bay and slowly sliding across the rest of the bay area throughout the day. so yeah, we have mostly cloudy skies right now. we have some southerly winds bringing these temperatures up and keeping them very mild this morning. 63 in san francisco. 60 in san jose. and 61 degrees in oakland. now, this afternoon, that rain line will be pushing further to the south and into the south bay we are going to see heavy rainfall there. maybe as much as one to two inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains.
5:34 am
so this looks like a real good soaker. and there's also winter storm warnings up in the sierra nevada. that's the latest from here, guys. back to you. today's parade in san francisco includes some current and former giants. >> roberta gonzales is on the parade route with more on who is going to be there. hi, roberta. >> hi there. who isn't going to be here in that's the topic today. good morning, everybody. okay, i have my rain gear on. i am literally on the streets of san francisco this morning. this is the route for the victory parade celebration and guess what! people are already here. we have alex, marcia, darrell and michelle and they are all from pleasanton. i came from pleasanton too! like we're neighbors! >> all right! >> reporter: what brought you out here so early, alex? >> so we can be in the front and i can see the players up close. >> reporter: what's this all about? >> pablo sandoval. >> reporter: of course. it's panda. is he your favorite player? >> no. joe panik is. >> reporter: oh, yeah, joe baseball, right? >> so cute. [ laughter ] >> reporter: okay. you got that one right. okay, and what brings you out
5:35 am
here this morning, marcia? >> big pan. >> for how many years? >> forever. >> reporter: forever. darrell! darrell! >> hi. >> reporter: nice shirt. >> oh, thank you. i just got it. >> reporter: that's the official t-shirt no knockoff. >> it absolutely is. it's my favorite. >> reporter: who is your favorite player? >> it was angel pagan but since he got hurt i have to go with mad-baum since he got hurt. >> who is your favorite player? >> pence. >> reporter: he will be here today. the most notable players we are kick-starting with buster posey. he will be here and boy, buster really contributed all season long. he is definitely a team leader. also here today, darrell, your favorite the bum and mvp of the entire world series. we'll be seeing him like the one waving the biggest and grinning the biggest and then also here a fan favorite, hunter pence, he will be here. i have to tell you hunter is such a cordial guy.
5:36 am
he gave us so much of his time and energy all this week getting on the bus heading to kansas city getting off the bus. and then yesterday when the team did land, by the way. if you want to know the parade route, we have it for you. we have a map. i'm at the starting line right now. the parade steps off right here near stewart and market streets. and then it will wind its way all the way up market street until it lands at civic center plaza. that's where all the activities will be as far as the speeches are concerned. the music, the mayor, and that's where all the player also give speeches. another player who will be here today we have to talk about him, none other than barry bonds. you guys ready to see barry bonds today? >> sure, yeah. we love barry. >> reporter: we love barry and don't be surprised when you see barry and it's a slimmer version of barry bonds because barry has taken up a new sport and that's cycling. and i have to tell you i have been out there on that course with barry and he is really
5:37 am
great. so we are going to have all your favorites here today. parade starts at 12:00. make sure you have your rain gear, as well. from the corner of stewart and market streets in san francisco, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. >> roberta, i'm wit darrell. even though pagan is hurt, he is one of my favorites. >> love him. >> reporter: michelle, did you hear that they are going to be tossing out bum shorts today? >> bum shorts? >> underwear. they say madbum. i'll try to snag a pair. >> do that. we'll talk later. all right. >> you guys just talk amongst yourselves there. all right. >> perfect segue to traffic. i guess we should have warned from two years ago. they are expecting record passengers on bart. it's extra packed trains on halloween. you combine all the different things going on together and then critical mass as well you can expect some extra crowded
5:38 am
bart trains and, in fact, here's a tweet from the bart spokesman. she noticed it was already standing room only out of walnut creek. so there is some bart parking available that's the good news. i guess this is the time to go. the roads are clear. and bart is so far parking is available. there was police activity overnight so the vta light rain is not running on 2nd street due to the blockades in the area. a crowded bay bridge no metering lights yet and no incidents. 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. all eyes are definitely on mass transit today. let's go to kiet do live at san jose's caltrans diridon station. kiet, are you seeing a lot of giants fans regular commuters? is it hard to tell who is who? >> reporter: yeah. you know, the train leaves in about 5 or 10 minutes here. we have seen some fans arriving
5:39 am
even at this early hour. some of them have been to previous parades and they know from experience that you have to be in place in civic center in the 6:00 hour to get some decent seats. they also say do not even think about driving today which is why we're here to give you some public transportation tips. starting with caltrain, they say before the parade they are adding 8 trains going northbound into the city. after the parade, they will stack the trains up and then as soon as they're full they will send them off going southbound from san francisco. service from san jose to gilroy will have delays of an hour after the parade. can you guess which day was the busiest in caltrain history? it was the world series parade in 2012. and today the trains carry even more commuters than it did back then which means they could shatter that previous one day record. on to bart, they say the number one thing you can do is buy your roundtrip ticket or load your clipper card ahead of time. also, avoid peak times of 6 to 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. as for bart they are using
5:40 am
every available train each train going to and from san francisco will be at its maximum length. they will be running as frequently as they can. bart will operate until 2:00 this morning. back here live at caltrain, the recorded announcement is warning people that the trains will be crowded today and to be patient. if you can work from home today, not a bad idea. live at diridon station in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> that may be a great idea because you can watch it here. we are going to have special live coverage of the parade of champions at 11 a.m. and if you can't get to a tv, we'll be streaming it live commercial-free, mind you, at the san francisco police department is accused of arrest the victim instead of the suspect in a domestic violence case. an immigrant and civil rights group is speaking out on behalf of a woman they say was abused by her ex-partner. the woman speaks limited english. the complaint says she was denied interpretation services and that she was arrested
5:41 am
instead of the alleged abuser. >> we saw the complaint to ask for policy changes discipline of the officers and also damages for the wrongful arrest and the failure to provide language access to a domestic violence survivor. >> leaders of the group say the department does have an excellent language access policy but they say it isn't always followed and police need to find out why. in business, global markets higher today on word that japan is moving to stimulate its economy. wall street is looking to continue the rally. jill wagner of joins us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. it was a spooky start when it comes to stocks for the month. but october is finishing off sweet. the dow jumped 221 points on thursday ending well above the 17,000 mark. the nasdaq rose 17 points. you could soon get your caffeine kick delivered to your desk. starbucks is launching a delivery service. starting in the second half of
5:42 am
next year, customers in certain markets will be able to use the coffee chain's app to have food and drinks delivered. no word yet though on which markets that is. forget black friday. amazon will be rolling out holiday deals starting tomorrow. they will be discounting high demand gifts like toys and electronics. same goes for office max and office depot. walmart will also be offering more than 20,000 rollbacks or discounts on everything from groceries to toys. and that is happening starting tomorrow, as well. walmart also considering matching online prices from competitors like amazon. so the world's largest retailer started testing that strategy last month in about five markets. walmart already matches prices from local brick and mortar stores. >> a number of american food chains want to get business with spooky promotions. >> reporter: yeah. it isn't just about candy this year. so if you go in costume
5:43 am
chipotle is offering a boo-rito for $3. krispy kreme will give you a free donut if you show up in a costume. starbucks is giving out franken- frappe chinos after 2:00 and arbys free bacon on anything but you have to say, trick or meat. [ laughter ] >> frank and michelle? >> my favorite is the boo-rito. love that. >> sounds like a cocktail. >> happy halloween, jill and we love your giants colors orange and black. >> looking good. >> yup. >> have a great weekend. thanks. 5:43 right now. gas prices dipping around the u.s. and experts say they could go lower. what most drivers could soon see for the first time in almost four years. ,,,,,,
5:44 am
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watch any channel live on any device around your home. download the xfinity tv app today. homicide, in the heart of downtown. cers were called right now san jose police
5:46 am
are investigating a homicide in the heart of downtown there. officers called to 2nd and santa clara streets shortly after 11:30 last night. they found a man with a gunshot wound. he died at the hospital. police have mow suspects. the motive is unknown. both 2nd and santa clara streets are closed in that area due to the investigation. the hawaii national guard is sending troops to the big island town of pahoa where a massive lava flow is crawling toward a major road. lava from the kileaua volcano has been sliding toward the ocean since june. the molten rock is less than a quarter mile away from businesses and homes. one homeowner told kpix 5's betty yu the lava flow's path is tough to predict. >> it's a monster. something that you can't stop. it's going to do whatever it wants to do. >> so far, the lava flow has
5:47 am
consumed a shed, but no homes. the national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas could soon fall below three bucks for the first time in 4 years. it's very close now. aaa auto group says it's actually at the $3 mark after a 33-cent fall over the past month. around the bay area higher, always is. but says there are some local stations selling gas below $3 a gallon in san jose, santa clara and mill valley. so shop around. >> i have actually noticed a difference when going to the gas station. >> it was like 35 bucks to fill up my honda. yay! >> that's pretty good, elizabeth. but even with cheaper gas prices don't drive today. you may want to sit it out and ride bart. we'll tell you about a couple of problems on the roads already this morning in addition to all the parades madness around san francisco. so in petaluma, we have a bit of an issue. the truck was carrying some kind of debris, no idea what it was but it fell off the truck and now anywhere from five to ten cars have flat tires on the right hand shoulders. not the way you want to wake up
5:48 am
this morning. southbound 101 approaching petaluma boulevard south. speeds are slow in the area. seems like most of the cars are cleared to the right-hand shoulder. they still have to clear a lot of that debris. so yeah, watch out for that. even farther south coming into novato, southbound 101 approaching ygnacio there was a two-car spinout. everything is off to the right- hand shoulder. for a while it was blocking lanes. they cleared it quickly. but watch out for that. lawrence will talk about rain showers. we have already seen some spinouts out the door. we have been watching twitter. i think people are fearful about this morning's commute trying to get in and out of san francisco for the parade. check out this one. bart is running extra long trains. they are running a typical rush hour commute all day long.
5:49 am
even until 2 a.m. halloween revelers partying until late in the night. if you want to check out the parade your best bart stops embarcadero, montgomery, powell, or you can see it all wrap up by civic center. just a heads up, i notice right before i got on air that bart is deal with about 10 minutes delays. >> we have heavy rain coming. out the door we go. our hi-def doppler radar is tracking this storm system. heavier rainfall so far in far northern california. although beginning to see some showers trying to push into the bay area northern sonoma county seeing those showers now. just some light stuff but this is likely to be picking up over the next couple of hours. certainly for this kind of storm, there's a potential for some thunderstorms around the bay area, as well. expect heavy rain, gusty winds to accompany the front and the
5:50 am
possibility of thunderstorms this afternoon. it will be a cool weekend especially on saturdays, lingering showers on saturday, as well. then drying out on sunday. a stormy halloween the main cold front going to pull through the better part of the day and then by the afternoon, more showers the possibility of some of those thunderstorms. if you are traveling be very, very careful. 8 to 14 inches of snow about 7,000 feet or so across the high country. so yeah, be prepared for that. let's time it out for you today. just some scattered showers early on and then things begin to pick up in the north bay and here we go. 12 noon, well, it looks like some very heavy rain moving through the bay area and then sliding to the south throughout the afternoon. good news for trick or treaters. some scattered showers out there. not completely dry but not a washout, either. then a chance of more rain and scattered showers into saturday morning, as well. so the rainfall totals going to be impressive for this storm system maybe one or two inches of rain across the mountaintops. san rafael 1.5" of rain for the parade in san francisco, over an inch and a quarter so if you
5:51 am
are coming to the parade it is going to be wet. sunrise 7:34, sunset 6:12. looking out over the next couple of days that storm rolls through today bringing heavy rainfall. nice sunny bright weather the next couple of days. yes, mr. mallicoat, you have a question sir. > so michelle and i will be at the civic center from 11:00 to 1:30, are we going to need an umbrella? >> you know what? >> or -- >> you guys, i have to tell you know. >> you would. >> you guys are going -- you guys will be in the heart of the storm. unfortunately, with the timing, it is going to be coming down heavy probably on the parade. >> i brought my hard core galoshes. i'm good to go. >> i'm watching. this is going to be great. >> we hope others do, too. [ laughter ] >> thank you. the sunrise sunset report on kpix 5 is sponsored by
5:52 am
mccroskey mattress company, locally made, universally adored. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:53 am
5:54 am
hampy halloween. we have a cirrus -- happy halloween. we have a serious storm this afternoon and evening for trick or treaters not a washout but wet. by the way, don't forget to fall back this weekend. that's right. turn your clocks back an hour on saturday night.
5:55 am
there is a fleet of tow crews now out in petaluma. a member of the "kcbs phone force" just gave us the ring. now reportedly 21 cars with flat tires. ran over the debris that fell off the troubling. it's a mess. the san jose "mercury news" reports prosecutors are leaning against charging san francisco 49er ray mcdonald with domestic violence. police arrested him back in august after some sort of fight at his home in san jose's silver creek valley. a police report said his fiancee had visible injuries. 49ers have allowed mcdonald to play since he has not been charged. a second woman has come forward in the chp nude photo scandal. the "contra costa times" reports the woman told investigators officer sean harrington might have taken a picture off her cell phone. the woman had been arrested for
5:56 am
suspected drunk driving. harrington and at least one other officer are being investigated for allegedly snooping through another woman's phone and stealing her nude pictures. a woman won her lawsuit against google after its street view showed a picture of her cleavage. canadian woman looked on the internet and found herself looking like this. she said that's not right. she sued google for violating her privacy. a judge awarded her $2,200. rain or shine, the giants parade is happening in downtown san francisco today. and people are already lined up. we'll mare from them coming up next. >> reporter: and don't even think about driving to the parade. i'm kiet do live with some public transportation tips. ,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
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the giants big victory para. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald.
6:00 am
we are just hours away from the giants big victory parade and all over the bay area, people are getting ready to celebrate with the world series champions. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. weather and traffic will play a big part in this. but right now kpix 5 reporters are checking all the angles. kiet do has transit information from san jose. roberta gonzales is in san francisco at the start of the parade route. but first, anne makovec is at civic center plaza where they are doing some last-minute work to prepare. anne? >> reporter: i'm here at market and 5th and city crews have already started putting up the barriers.


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