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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 31, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we are just hours away from the giants big victory parade and all over the bay area, people are getting ready to celebrate with the world series champions. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. weather and traffic will play a big part in this. but right now kpix 5 reporters are checking all the angles. kiet do has transit information from san jose. roberta gonzales is in san francisco at the start of the parade route. but first, anne makovec is at civic center plaza where they are doing some last-minute work to prepare. anne? >> reporter: i'm here at market and 5th and city crews have already started putting up the barriers.
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they have been out all night and the crowd is already here. the parade starts in 6 hours. these people are camping out and ready to wait for the long haul. that's how badly they wanted the front row seat. the city is expecting a million people for the parade even though it is expected to be raining. we'll hear more about that coming up in a few minutes. people have been working on the floats for a long time actually since the giants won that game in st. louis. this is the parade company called the parade guys. they have been working feverishly to make sure this one compares to the last couple parades we have had here in the city. [ screaming ] >> 2010, 2012, i had to work until 7 a.m. came here at like 8:00 and i was too late. this time early bird gets the worm. we're here way early, whoo! >> we're giants fans and we
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really wanted to be here and we're die-hard and we really love the giants. >> reporter: police have been increasing staff and hoping for a peaceful and fun celebration. it is overall going to be a crazy day in the city. it's halloween, of course. and critical mass impedes traffic. so that's going to be interesting. hopefully everyone will stay cool. >> a lot of kids playing hooky today. it's like a holiday in the bay area. i guess teachers and school officials -- >> some superintendents said have your child come to school as normal. a lot of parents obviously ignoring that. but it is money to school districts. in fact, in 2012, san francisco school district lost $160,000 because of kids who didn't come to class that day. if you do come out here, you're going to be dealing with rain. let's check with lawrence karnow right now for some of
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the specifics on that. lawrence. >> unfortunately, anne, i think this rain is coming through really the bulk of it right in time for the parade. so if you are going to the parade, just be prepared. it's going to be a great time but that rain will be heavy especially during the time of the parade. right now, we are just seeing some scattered light showers on our kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar. you can just begin to see some moving into the northern sonoma county still the heaviest rainfall to the north of us but the system just putting itself together. so as we head throughout the morning hours, that rain will be picking up in the north bay first. and then sweeping across the rest of our skies. out the door, we have some southerly winds ahead of the cold front so temperatures are very, very mild into the 60s. that rain becoming heavy into the afternoon moving down into parts of the south bay. the santa cruz mountains can see as much as two inches of rain from the storm system. maybe even some thunderstorms. the good news is looks like the bulk of the heavy rainfall will be done before the trick or treaters head out this evening. that's the latest forecast, guys. back to you. >> thank you. players past and present will be on hand for today's big
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festivities and going right down market street. >> roberta gonzales joins us live with more on the parade route and, of course, who will be there. roberta? >> reporter: yes. we are here in the streets of san francisco. they are already shutting down the roads just a few cars coming back and forth. they are setting up all the preparations. i am on the parade route. this is so exciting this morning! and check this out. we have jacob. we have billy. jacob is from vallejo. billy is from napa. we have alex, darrell, marcia, michelle. we have amelia and arturo. you guys came from turlock? why did you come from such a far away place this morning? >> i was raised here and i moved to turlock 25 years ago. and we have been -- all my ten children have been born here in san francisco. >> reporter: 10 children. i praise you. 10 children. then you deserve to be here today. >> i deserve to be here. >> reporter: yes, you do. arturo, tell me, who is your favorite player? >> panda!
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>> reporter: i think that's alex's favorite player, as well. in fact she is sporting her wonderful panda hat today. >> yeah. >> reporter: all right. so who are you looking forward to seeing today? >> sandoval. >> he is the favorite out here and how about you? >> baumgarner. >> reporter: well, i got to tell you, first of all in order to see your favorite player you got to get here and the parade route starts right here. we step off at stewart and market streets. and then the parade is going to make its way winding through the streets of san francisco until it ends up at civic center plaza with a ticker-tape parade and once the team arrives there, we're expecting over a million people on the routes and at the civic center plaza to hear the speeches, the celebrations, the music. and then you got to ask, once you're here, who are you going to see? another fan favorite, buster posey. you guys like buster posey? >> yeah! >> whoo! >> buster will be here. and then how about madison baumgarner? mvp player madison will be here, as well. this is going to be his second
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parade appearance. and then another fan favorite, hunter pence! >> yeah! >> reporter: he has been so cordial with everybody giving his time and helping kids eat well and learning about how to play. he is wonderful all the way around. they will all be here today as well as san francisco giants give it up for barry bonds. [ applause ] >> reporter: barry been here. everybody has been talking about the slimmer new version of barry bonds. he has taken on a whole new sport of cycle. . so barry will be here as well and i'm also told there's going to be other notable legends here. so check them out of the we are by the ferry building. this is our proximity for you. i have to tell you i have been listening to lawrence karnow's forecast and i have noticed people as they show up today they have this in hand. the rain will not dampen their spirits. they are prepared for the rain.
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frank and michelle? >> all right, roberta. coffee for a week if you can go back down that line and name everyone on the little post over there. >> reporter: okay. let's try. okay. let's try. it's jacob. billy, a.m. election, darrell, marsha, michelle, amelia and arturo and alex. >> oh, my god! coffee! >> reporter: turlock, pleasanton, napa, vallejo. >> now you're showing off. >> coffee and breakfast! >> well done, roberta! >> i can't believe she did that. >> elizabeth, i'll buy you breakfast if you can name them. >> roberta emceed an event last night until 10:00. that woman is a champ! let's talk about bart for just a minute. it was standing room only on bart trains before 5:30. we saw a couple of tweets about that. some people are attempting to hit the roads instead into san francisco. here's a live look at a crowded bay bridge already stacked up through the maze. the metering lights are turned on at 5:45. and it's looking okay right now
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across the span if you are planning on driving into the city today. i wouldn't recommend it. parking is going to be really tough. there's a couple of other issues out there, as well. in fact, a traffic alert through the santa cruz mountains. there's light drizzle reported and this is a spinout blocking one lane for another half-hour. so chp issued that traffic alert. and big delays still in petaluma. if you can believe it, 21 cars on the shoulder with flat tires. there's a fleet of tow crews out there southbound 101 at petaluma boulevard south. the debris has been cleared and it sounds like all lanes are open. all right. we are talking a lot about mass transit and the expanded service today. kiet do is standing by live at san jose's diridon station. you got any tips for us about how to get in and out of san francisco today? >> reporter: yeah. absolutely. you know, it seems like the public transportation here in the bay area has gone into giants victory mode which means that they are all hands on deck operating at full capacity going with everything that they have. we are going to start with
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caltrain this morning. they say that before the parade, they have added 8 trains going northbound into the city. after the parade, they will stack all those trains up and then send them off from san francisco going southbound as soon as they are fully loaded. service from san jose to gilroy will have delays of an hour after the parade. can you guess which day was the busiest day in caltrain history? it was the world series parade back in 2012. well, today the trains carry even more commuters than did back then which means they could shatter the previous one day record. on to bart they say the number one thing you can do today is to buy your roundtrip ticket or load your clipper card ahead of time. also, avoid those peak times of 6 to 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. as for bart they are using every available train. each train going to and from san francisco will be at its maximum length. they will also be running as frequently as they possibly can. bart will operate until 2:00 this morning. back here live at caltrain, they say if you can work from
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home today, it's a good idea. live at diridon train station in san jose kiet do, kpix 5. >> if you do you can watch our special live coverage. parade of champions that starts at 11:00 right here on channel 5 and we'll stream it live commercial-free at 6:10. bay area police officers are accused of arresting a domestic violence victim instead of the man who allegedly attacked her. why activists say the police department should take the blame. >> and as a nurse in maine battles the government owe her ebola quarantine, a new lawsuit claims a medical supply company is responsible for spreading the virus. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] it's like any relationship. you get out of it, what you put into it. always use gas that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. look at the parade route-- e champs will take their victy
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lap down market street. we' final preparations for the giants world series preparations. this is a live look at the parade route. the champs will take their victory lap down market street and yes, the fans are already there getting a prime spot for the parade coming up. an ebola inspired lawsuit against a company that makes surgical gowns. the suit was filed in los angeles on behalf of a surgeon who wore the gowns. it contends the gowns failed industry tests and allowed the transfer of bodily fluids, bacteria and viruses. the suit claims kimberly-clark falsely claimed the gowns met the highest standards for protecting against ebola and other infectious diseases. no progress in the standoff between the state of maine and a nurse who treated ebola patients in west africa. state health officials want kaci hickox quarantined in her home for 3 weeks. hickox says she has had no symptoms and has tested negative for the virus. hickox went for a bike ride with her boyfriend yesterday.
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hawaii national guard going to protect people from a lava flow. more than 80 will provide security for a small town in the lava's path. it's been oozing since the month of june and is less than a quarter mile away from businesses and home. one hm tells kpix 5's betty yu -- one homeowner tells kpix 5's betty yu the path is tough to predict. >> it's very much a monster something you can't stop. it's going to do whatever it wants to do. >> so far, the lava flow has consumed a shed but not a home. a complaint against the san francisco police department says it failed to provide appear interpreter at the scene of a domestic violence case. members of an immigrant and civil rights group are speaking out on behalf of a woman they say was abused by her ex- partner. the woman speaks limited english. the complaint says she was denied interpretation services and that she was arrested instead of the alleged abuser.
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>> we saw the complaint to ask for -- filed the complaint to ask for policy changes, discipline to the officers and other issues. >> leaders of the group say the san francisco police department does have an accident language access policy but they say it isn't always followed. and they want to know why. well, do we know how to celebrate or what here in the bay area? we have giants parade of course today and tonight. we invited you to send in halloween costumes and here's some of the best from the week: and we want to see your halloween cost ures too. just go to kpix dot com sla >> have you carved your pumpkin? >> no, but it's on the table ready to go. >> that child looks like anne
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makovec. i think that's her niece. >> she does. >> i think. >> we want to see all your halloween costume pictures. so go to upload your photos to us at >> especially after the big night tonight. >> i still haven't found one halloween photo. >> i did. >> it was from college and she couldn't put it on tv. >> exactly. >> is that right. >> wow. i want to see that. that ought to be good. >> not tv-appropriate. so we are talking bart. i got to tell you we just spotted a tweet and they have already 3,000 more people riding bart this morning than on a typical october friday. so you can expect some crowded trains. your best bart stops to watch the parade your embarcadero, montgomery, powell or you can see it all wrap up over at the civic center. unfortunately we already have word of bart delays. 15- to 20-minute delays on the daly city line but it is impacting all directions. so just a heads up. if you are planning to ride the trains there's a minor delay that tends to cause a ripple effect and the trains get crowded. before 5:30 it was standing room only out of walnut creek.
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other mass transit also running extra service. golden gate ferries, caltrain and muni, they are also rerouting muni around the parade route. various streets are closed. so use mass transit. here's some folks trying to get into the city. the metering lights are turned on about a half-hour ago clear to the maze. a stall was cleared off treasure island. it's still dry at least across the bridge. golden gate bridge no delays. no delays on the san mateo bridge. dry in the bay area now but that will change. we are seeing heavy rainfall in far northern california. a little closer to home some showers beginning to show up in northern sonoma county and you can see some more off the coastline. this will intensify.
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middle of the day very heavy rain and thunderstorms toward the afternoon. after the cold front moves on by, going to see some heavy rain and gusty winds. and then it looks like some cool weather this weekend. some leftover showers on saturday and we'll dry out sunday. it will be a stormy halloween outside. the good news is i think trick or treaters will catch a break. parade-goers may not be so lucky. if you head to the high country today, winter storm warnings going up today, as well. going to see 8 to 14 inches of snow there about 7,000 feet or so. maybe some snow a little lower than that. as the temperatures begin to cool off later on this evening. clouds out there now and then the storm system puts itself together. 12:00, 1:00 some very heavy rainfall moving across san francisco and the parade. sliding to the south into the afternoon. turning more towards scattered showers for the trick or treaters so not a washout for them. and then it looks like more showers into saturday morning, as well. rainfall totals will be impressive and downtown san
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francisco maybe over an inch and a quarter of if that happens, of course, very, very messy weather. could see up to 2 inches of rain over the tops of the mountains. temperatures cool in the 60s. sunrise time is at 7:34. sunset 6:12. over the next couple of days, very heavy rainfall showers on saturday. return to dry weather come sunday. hey, good morning, everybody! got your galoshes? got your rain gear? ready to go to this parade? i am! but first, i got the giants leading it off and man a long time coming for one 16-year vet. ,,
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good morning. before i get out of here and jump into the fray for this parade, let me give you a
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little baseball front and center. the giants are the hot topic. let's give you tim hudson the oldest to start a game 7 at age 39. he had the shortest outing since 1960 an inning and a third but he is the world series champion. here's the scene in kansas city. hudson got through the 1st inning but the royals chased him 16 years in the bigs. had not been past the first round of the play-offs and this year he cashed in after signing in the off season. he says he saw something in the makeup of this team. >> i didn't know what the picture -- i never experienced something like this. these are amazing. they are my brothers. i love them to death. full team effort. that he is what he it's all b that's what we have been doing all year. >> tonight you can explain this giants magic we have seen? >> i have seen it from afar. not seen it in this locker room, seeing it for a change. on the ice, sharks on the road a lot. last night minnesota, they blew
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a 3-1 lead in the third. here came the wild and kyle just seconds in the game tied it and went to a shootout and then jason delivered. advantage wild. it was up to patrick marleau. denied. and the wild win 4-3 in a shootout. that is sports at this hour. everybody, have a great day and if you are going to the parade, stay dry and have a terrific time. play of the day, how about a little golf? lee westwood par 3, 11th home tournament in malaysia and by golly he tees off and doesn't need a putter because that baby drops right in the couple offul bounce and here it comes. and there it goes! it's a hole in one for lee westwood on halloween, your play of the day. the barriers are up and the
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crowds are here. we are t-minus 5.5 hours from the victory parade for the san francisco giants. we'll hear from some of the fans coming up next. >> i'm kiet do live at diridon station in san jose with some mass transportation tips that will hopefully make your life a little easier if you're going to the parade. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in just a few hours, the wod series victory parade the bay area is celebrating the world champion giants today. >> a few more hours now the world series victory parade will rot right through san francisco right down market to city hall. good morning, everyone. it's friday, halloween. i'm frank mallicoat.
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>> i'm michelle griego. time now is just about 6:30. >> 6:30. do the math. starts at noon. so 5.5 hours away, i desks from the parade of champions in san francisco. the -- so i guess it's about 5.5 hours away from the parade of champions in san francisco. we have team coverage. first to anne makovec in san francisco with all the preparations. >> reporter: yeah. i'm here on market street and market near the cable car turnaround. check the giants fans already lining the parade route and the city has put up the barriers. if you have been looking for a front row seat you're almost out of luck. these people have been here for hours at least coming from places from concord to hawaii some of the fans that i have spoken with. the city overall even though it's expected to rain, they are thinking there's going to be a million people here today.
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it's going to be crazy. it will be the third world series parade in five years. >> i love the giants. born and raised in the city. i love the giants. we bleed gold -- we bleed orange and black. >> reporter: and once again, san francisco is getting ready for a massive crowd. >> the second year you brought your kids out. why do you bring them. >> um, it's a memory that they will never forget. >> reporter: a float production company called the parade guys has been hard at work for the past two days designing, painting and building colorful floats. police are also getting ready increasing staff. >> we are giants fans and we really wanted to be here and we're die-hard and we really love the giants. >> reporter: and for police, it is going to be all hands on deck because not only do we have the huge giants parade today, it is halloween, and in san francisco, later on this afternoon, critical mass is expected to roll through town. >> have you done snooping to see if people will bring a little rain gear along. >> reporter: everybody heard
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the rumors that we are expecting rain, unfortunately, today. but most of the people i spoke with are just ready to get wet. it sounds like it's going to be a drencher eventually. prepare to stop by the time the parade finishes. live on market street, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> it's loud out there. >> what time is it? >> 6:30. i think they all listened to you. they brought their rain gear. >> they are going to need it all. here comes of the rain and showers in parts of the north bay on our hi-def doppler radar. but the bulk of the rain coming through through the middle of the day. you can see the showers now just beginning to make their way into the north bay but just off the coastline as well, this will be intensifying as we head over the next couple of hours. heavy in the north bay and sweeping across the bay area and looks like the heart of the cold front is lying across san francisco for the parade. out the door, we have some cloudy skies but the temperatures are very mild. that's because of the southerly
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winds and clouds. a lot of 60s out there now. toward the afternoon very well and the cold front into the south bay. you can see heavy rainfall in the santa cruz mountains and up to 2" of rain across some of the mountains. looks like we'll finally begin to dry out a little bit but still some scattered showers for trick or treaters later on this evening. that's a look at the weather. back to you. >> thank you. today's parade will include the team and the giants but some of the former players are going to be there, as well. >> it's cool. roberta gonzales is on the parade route this morning. >> reporter: i have to admit this is my third parade and one thing i have noticed is people are coming out earlier than ever before. we're on market street and we have people out here. people are jumping in. let me see here. we have stephanie and we have
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john and howard. you guys are from san jose. we have quinn and nicole charles. billy from nap that. you jumped in and i haven't gotten to meet you yet. we have alex, marcia, michelle and darrell. hello, everybody! everybody is here from union city, san jose. who is from pleasanton? >> everybody is so excited and they are here already lining up the parade route and if you are coming on out, let me show you the exact route. first we step off on the corner of stewart and market streets. and then the parade will wind its way around market street until it finally ends up at civic center plaza and that's where the team will have speeches, they will get a key to the city. the mayor will be there and lots of surprises, as well. it is a ticker-tape parade in the city of san francisco. who do you want to see? lots of players, right? number one pick for everybody
6:35 am
how about buster posey? >> whoo! >> reporter: buster posey will definitely be here at the parade today. and boy, what a great season he did have. and who likes baumgarner? >> whoo! >> how can you not love the bum? mvp, mvp! [ laughter ] >> mvp! >> reporter: then also riding on a float today will be hunter pence! >> whoo! >> everybody lost him some hunter pence because he gives so much time and we love his scooter. you think he will be on his scooter today? >> all right! >> so those are some of the players that will be here. of course, all of the team will be here and we also have air legend. any guess? >> barry bonds! >> whoo! >> so many people will be surprised because barry has slimmed down. we have barry bonds now an avid cyclist here in the bay area. he is healthy taking on a whole
6:36 am
new sport and he is happy and will be here. we have people here from pleasanton and san jose. did anybody carpool in here today? >> right here. >> bart, bart. >> tell us about bart and other options, elizabeth has all the traffic information. >> we're so impressed about how you remember the names of the fans and where they are from. good at dinner parties. i have been asking for tweets from you, commuters, about what it's like to try to get into san francisco. here's one from sarah perry. thank you so much, sarah. this is her jam-packed ferry commute out of larkspur. they are stepping up ferry service between 7 and 11. sausalito ferry is normal but adding extra staff. major delays unfortunately now for bart riders just in the
6:37 am
daly city line. daly city in all directions you can see there they are having an equipment problem hopefully this will be resolved soon. there's already been thousands more commuters than usual october friday. and if you are planning on checking out the parade embarcadero, montgomery, powell or civic center, those are your best stops. bart is running these longer trains. they are running rush hour capacity all day long. even into tomorrow. they are running those trains until 2 a.m. caltrain and muni also offering extra service. here's a live look at the roads. some people are heading into san francisco via the bay bridge. but, you know, earlier we had mentioned that it was stacked up through the macarthur maze. it seems like it's eased off a bit. not quite backed up through the maze any longer -- almost. a traffic alert still in effect coming into the santa cruz mountains. a spinout some light drizzle in the area northbound 17 approaching the summit. one lane is blocked. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." i know kiet do has been monitoring the caltrain commute. kiet, are you seeing a lot more
6:38 am
commuters in orange today? >> reporter: yeah. you know, we have seen a lot of orange and panda hats and giants jerseys as early as the 5 a.m. hour. they know from previous experience that if you are not in civic center by now you won't get a good seat. also, they are saying don't bother with driving. that's why we are here to give you some mass transit transportation. starting with caltrain, before the parade they have added 8 trains northbound into the city. after the parade, they will stack the trains up and then as soon as they are fully loaded they will send them off southbound from san francisco. service from san jose to gilroy will have delays of about an hour after the parade. can you guess which day was the busiest in caltrain history? it was the world series parade back in 2012. well, today the trains carry even more commuters than it did back then which means they could shatter that previous one day record. on to bart, they say the number one thing you can do is to buy a roundtrip ticket or load your clipper card ahead of time. also, avoid peak times of 6 to 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
6:39 am
as for bart, they are using every available train each train going to and from san francisco will be at its maximum length. and they will be running those trains as frequently as they possibly can. also, bart will be operating until 2:00 today. back here live at caltrain, they are recommending if you can work from home somehow today. might not be a bad idea. live at diridon station in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> and we'll have special live coverage of the parade of champions beginning at 11:00 this morning. we'll also be streaming it live commercial-free on it is 6:39. police have apparently tracked down the man who recorded a group of bikers speeding and taunting a chp officer. investigators say they may not have caught the suspect without his own him. >> and new developments in the domestic assault investigation into 49er ray mcdonald. whether prosecutors decided to file charges.
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clouds rolling into the bay area now as we head in toward the middle of the day we are going to see some heavy rainfall maybe even some thunderstorms, gusty winds. we could see some isolated hail. it's going to be a wild day on this halloween. temperatures are going be to the mid- to upper 60s in parts of the south bay. i think as you look toward the east bay, it looks like the rain will be picking up as we head in toward the middle of the day and the afternoon. temperatures there also in the mid-60s. about 65 in moraga and 66 in pleasant hill. in the north bay, we are beginning to see a few scattered light showers. those will be picking up over the next couple of hours and becoming heavy and it looks like downtown san francisco pack all your rain gear if you are headed to the parade. expecting heavy rain and gusty winds for the parade. okay, lawrence. and we are counting down the hours until the giants world series celebration. look at all the people out there. a live look at the parade route. we are going to check in on the
6:44 am
last-minute preparations coming up in just a moment. but a lot of folks already getting prime seats. got to be in the front row if you want to see everything. >> they have their rain gear so they are ready to go. for the first time since january, americans have cut back on consumer spending. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> good morning, frank and michelle. i'm sure a lot of those giants fans will be making up for some of that slide as they purchase new giants gear. but in september, consumer spending pulled back by two- tenths of a percent according to the commerce department. first decline in several months. also came after a big back-to- school shopping moment in august. personal income up only two- tenths of a percent. that was the weakest wage gain since last december. we are dealing with some big gains on wall street though this morning and we can credit another central bank for printing money to help out. the bank of japan is increasing its own version of quantitiesative easing leading global stock markets higher and that's sending wall street higher with the dow jones
6:45 am
industrial average in record territory, s&p with a possible record. that's impressive given the sell-off and the dow and s&p were closing in on correction territory. the nasdaq was down 10% before the rebound started a couple of weeks ago. let's see how we are doing so far. the dow is up 150 points. 17,344 would be a new record. nasdaq up 57. s&p up 17. strong earnings from companies like linkedin, gopro, are also helping out the move this morning. michelle and frank, back to you. >> hard to believe it was, you know, about 16,000 a week or two ago and we are already over 17. >> reporter: we had tremendous volatility in the market. it seems to have soothed down a little bit. we'll see if we can continue going positive. >> it's a giants friday. thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> on this halloween, norah o'donnell joins us live in new
6:46 am
york with a preview. >> what's in the next case against captured eric frein. >> plus can the power of positive thinking reverse the effects of aging or cure diseases like cancer? a top psychologist from harvard will join us with her research in studio 57. tom brady and peyton manning face off sunday. we'll talk to the coaches who helped train the superstar quarterbacks when they were teenagers. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> i'm going to watch that story. >> i know. me, too! all right norah, thank you. have a good weekend. a homicide investigation in san jose has shut down a major downtown intersection in the city. officers called the second in santa clara treats shortly after 11:30 last night. they found a man there with a gunshot wound who was later pronounced dead at a local
6:47 am
hospital. so far, no suspects. both second and santa clara streets will stay closed in that area until 8 a.m. meanwhile, the vta is not running light rail trains along 2nd street right now. the chp says it's arrested a daredevil motorcyclist who posted video of his illegal antics online. gerardo kelsa of brentwood was arrested wednesday night. he faces several felony charges including evading a police officer. investigators say the stunt took place october 11 during a sideshow that included dozens of other bikes on interstate 680 in milpitas. chp says it will seek search and arrest warrants against others in the case. >> just know that while apprehension may not be immediate, it is likely imminent. >> chp says tips from the public prompted a focus on kelsa and in his own postings on social media, it helped investigators tie him to the case. keeping with the traffic theme let's see how we are doing on what will be one busy day for you. >> it will be busy for everyone
6:48 am
today if you are trying to get in and out of san francisco. if you are planning on riding bart and you live along the peninsula, this is really for you. there's some delays right now major delays is what they are calling them on bart on that daly city line in all directions. so there was an earlier switching problem and equipment problem near daly city and so usually major delays means a half-hour or more but the trains are already crowded to begin with. we also heard that there was a disruptive person on a train near daly city, as well. so both of those issues causing some trouble now for commuters again from the peninsula trying to get into san francisco. everything else is on time. ferries are stepping up their service out of larkspur, caltrain as well offering 8 extra northbound trains into the city from san jose. here's a live look at a crowded bay bridge but not too bad actually not quite backed up through the maze yet. it was more crowded earlier actually. the roads are still dry so san mateo bridge also looks good if you are trying to get to the peninsula from the east bay. that's the good route. i wanted to show you what some
6:49 am
of our bridges look like right now. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. this is moving well both directions. with the parade route along market street, between the embarcadero and van ness, that shut down to pedestrian traffic and car traffic at 9 a.m. sometimes they close it down earlier. also mission street is closed between embarcadero and van ness. basically that's the area to avoid. parking will be a nightmare, as well. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." we have rain in addition to all this. with the forecast, here's lawrence. you're talking mass transit, last time i rode bart, there was a man sitting next to me drooling on himself. boy. it wasn't even halloween. that was fabulous. it ought to be an exciting ride today. folks, around the bay area, we are looking at storm clouds moving in right now. some heavy rainfall making its way into parts of northern california. but more of that is going to start to slide in our direction. you can see it just beginning to make its way in parts of the north bay. it's putting itself together here. and it will likely intensify over the next couple of hours and spread across the entire
6:50 am
bay area. certainly with this kind of storm, there's a possibility of some very unstable air and some isolated thunderstorms. expect some rain and wind as the front comes through. heavy at times until the afternoon. and then maybe some leftover showers on saturday and a cool weekend but a dry sunday. all right. this low is still deepening off the coastline and the front is right here, moving in, in the next few hours bringing heavy rainfall. behind that more scattered showers. if you are traveling to the high country be prepared. we have a serious storm moving there, as well. 8 to 14 inches of snow across the high country. that's impressive for this time of year. snow level running about 7,000 feet but probably dropping down to 6500 later on this evening. all right. timing it out for you right now, some light showers in the north bay. as we head in toward the middle of the day, well, here we go. that front making its way right across the parade time. and then sliding into the south bay later on this afternoon, the good news for trick or treaters not going to be a washout. certainly a chance of some more scattered showers. but looks like most of the heavy rainfall will come through a little bit earlierer. with that in mind, looks like the rainfall amounts going to
6:51 am
be impressive. in fact, some places maybe over an inch of rain as the storm system comes by and certainly over the mountains. maybe as much as 2" of rain. temperatures going to be in the 60s outside, we'll keep those numbers way down, as well. showers continuing into saturday morning. then we'll dry things out by saturday afternoon, return to sunshine on sunday and monday. and warmer weather by next tuesday. but guys, you guys are going out to the parade. you're going to be going live out there in the heart of the storm! and i am looking forward to watching you. >> if you were a true weatherman you would come out with us. >> i have to check out my hi- def doppler. >> i wish that hi-def doppler was on the roof. [ laughter ] >> pr department from bart called. they want to chat with you. [ laughter ] >> just telling the truth. >> okay. it's 6:51. police say they have caught a suspected serial tagger. menlo park police say the man tagged more than 50 buildings, overpasses and utility boxes. it's going to cost $15,000 to clean it all up. williams turned himself in after officers were able to
6:52 am
link him to all that graffiti. prosecutors are leaning against charging the san francisco 49ers ray mcdonald with domestic violence. police arrested him in august after some sort of fight at his home in san jose's silver creek valley. a police report said his fiancee had visible injuries. 49ers have allowed him to play since he is not charged. a second woman has come forward in the chp nude photo scandal. she told investigators officer sean harrington might have taken a picture off her cell phone. the woman had been arrested for suspicion of drunk driving. harrington and at least one other officer are being investigated for allegedly snooping through another woman's phone and stealing her nude pictures. time now is 6:52. a lava flow on hawaii's big island is inching toward homes and businesses. but there's finally some good news for those living in its path. >> reporter: we are counting down to the parade of champions in san francisco.
6:53 am
and it is already almost too late if you are looking for a front row seat. we'll hear from some of the fans coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,
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6:56 am
suspected of killing a pennsylvania trooper is fin in police custody. eric frein was captured yeste five things thing. a survivalist suspect of killing a pennsylvania trooper is police custody. eric frein was captured yesterday in an abandoned airplane hangar in the poconos. frein was on the run for 48 days. prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty. the maine governor is threatening to use, quote, the full extent of his authority to keep a nurse out of public places. kaci hickox treated ebola patients in africa but she broke quarantine after testing negative for the virus. officials wanted her to remain in quarantine for 11 more days. lava flowing from the kileaua volcano in hawaii is slowing down. right now it's only burning a grassy area but is coming close
6:57 am
to homes. crews took advantage of the slowdown saturating the ground with water and foam. police arrested a man who allegedly video showed a sideshow of bikers. police say they finally tracked down gerardo kulsa using his own post os social media to find him. and we're just a few hours away from the giants parade of champions in san francisco. a massive crowd is expected to gather along market street and civic center plaza where the parade will end up. let's check in now with anne makovec to see how everything is coming together. anne? >> reporter: people are already lining up five hours before the parade is even set to begin. check out some of the people lined up for a front row here. they have already been here for several hours. you can see the city has the barriers up and ready to go. they are expecting about a million people even though it
6:58 am
is expected to rain here in san francisco during the parade. there's a float parade production company that's called the parade guys that's started working on the floats for the parade right after the giants won the world series in kansas city. and they have been at it for two days designing, painting and building these colorful floats for hundreds of thousands of fans anticipation building. 2010, 2012, i had to work until 7 a.m. came here at, like, 8:00 and i was too late this time early bird gets the worm. we're here way early. whoo! >> we are giants fans and we really wanted to be here and we're die-hard and really love the giants. >> police are also getting ready. they have been increasing staff hoping for a peaceful fun celebration of course and it is also halloween. so that's going to add to the crowds here in the city. everybody is prepared for the rain, as well. they have heard about it. but this is one of those
6:59 am
situations where umbrellas are going to be hard to manage once the streets are so packed. we'll see how it goes. should be a good time. right now live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. we can't believe how many people are out there already. we have a couple of mass transit notes. they are expecting record- breaking ridership on bart and caltrain. but look at this kind of surprising northbound train 215 nearly empty. plenty of room now coming from san jose. what's up with that? by the way, caltrain northbound 221 is stalled right now past gilroy and still these major delays on the daly city line affecting parade-goers from the peninsula into san francisco. >> we are still looking at those storm clouds rolling into the bay area. our hi-def doppler radar showing you some of those showers now expecting rain to be heavy at times throughout the day today. tapering off to showers this evening. temperatures only in the 60s maybe some isolated thunderstorms. don't forget, daylight saving time comes to an end but we get to fall back an hour on saturday night. >> don't forget special live coverage of the parade of champions beginning at 11 a.m.
7:00 am
and stream it live commercial- free at good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, october 31st, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." an alleged cop killer captured after weeks on the run. state wants the death penalty. >> the nurse says no deal as quarantine negotiations break down. >> and king james returns to court in cleveland but there is no fairy tail ending. >> we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> let me assure you and everybody here justice will be served. >> police capture the pennsylvania fugitive. >> the seven-week man hunt for eric frein ended quietly. >> he was found in an


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