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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 1, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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south bend on fourth down. it was jaylon smith that made a big tackle a year ago to seal the win. the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of captionmax, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> aaron: that was a huge, huge turnover by the midshipmen. >> andrew: a field goal, maybe keep this to a field goal it's still a two-touchdown game. if notre dame is able to punch it in, it becomes a three-score game. >> aaron: notre dame trying to gingerly get in this -- get this play off, maybe trying to bleed the clock a little bit.
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>> andrew: folston gets a yard on the play. it will be third down for notre dame. you're right. they're working the clock inside 10 minutes to go. >> aaron: that was a tackle counter where they pulled the back side, number 78, ronnie stanley and both times navy responded well to that and stuffed it bringing up a third and seven for notre dame. this is a great area to run i screen and the irish haven't run many tonight. let's see what they do here. >> andrew: they have had a lost success on third down tonight. six out of seven. from here it would be a 47-yard field goal. keep in mind, it's windy. quessenberry coming. the screen broken up. sarra got a finger on that one. >> aaron: bernard sarra has been having a quiet night but making an impact. they're running twists where they crisscross but everett golson needed to put more air
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underneath that because bernard sarra who is only 6'1" got his big paw on it forcing the field goal. great stop by navy. 46-yard try for kyle brindza. his season long is 48. 10 out of 14 this season. the kick is nowhere close. >> andrew: it remains an 11-point game. navy's defense does the job. brindza not able to tack on three more. ♪ [safety beeping] ♪
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>> adam: oregon's marcus mariota the front-runner after tonight? he beats stanford for the first time in his career. the fifth-ranked ducks win big. elsewhere trevone boykin and dak prescott not their best numbers but survive and advance to next week. back to andrew and aaron.
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notre dame and navy. >> andrew: 8:57 to go fourth quarter. navy getting the ball back. with aaron taylor and jamie erdahl, i'm andrew catalon with our entire cbs crew we thank you for joining us for game throw of our triple header today, earlier you saw air force win the commander-in-chief's trophy by defeating army. they lost to air force earlier this year. florida upset georgia. first and 10 for the midshipmen. hit as he throws, incomplete and did he have an open jamir tillman. >> aaron: everybody gets sucked up and tillman was wide open. if there wasn't late pressure there by notre dame and just an
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excellent job on that outside edge by number 53 justin utupowhom i incorrectly called -- utupo, which i incorrectly called a true freshman. >> andrew: reynolds two yards short of a first down. >> aaron: that time notre dame only had three defensive linemen. they dropped eight. they had plenty of people in coverage. they ended up blitzing and bringing a couple more guys. great coverage downfield by norm's secondary forced the scramble. >> andrew: third down and two for navy. they made it clear it's four-down territory. they don't have to worry about it here as copeland has the first down.
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keep in mind, earlier in this half navy had to burn a time out before a fourth down and one play. they only have two time outs remaining the rest of the way. >> aaron: tick, tick, tick, this is what navy does. they bleed clock and put drives together. >> andrew: reynolds stuffed -- the freshman, niles morgan having a night against navy. >> aaron: if a linebacker sees a hole he hits it but he has to get home to make the play. it's that sort of athleticism that has brian vangorder, defensive coordinator for notre dame very excited. joe schmidt is a very smart football player but nyles morgan is a very athletic one as we just saw. >> andrew: morgan filling in for the injured schmidt on crutches on the notre dame sideline.
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second down and 12. reynold chased by day, day hit him, it's picked off. utupo has the interception for notre dame. sheldon day set that up. utupo with the i-n-t and there are a couple of injured members of the irish defense down on the field. >> aaron: one of those is sheldon day and i think the other one is james onwualu. >> andrew: that's correct. day upon top, onwualu on the bottom. great pressure from sheldon day, the junior out of indianapolis, and that really is what set up the interception as we take another look. >> aaron: top of the screen, day doesn't get blocked, the guard makes a mistake, the two players
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hit each other, sheldon day and james onwualu coming up with a huge play forcing the turnover but that could have been a costly interception for the irish. >> andrew: notre dame still attending to sheldon day. it will be a tough fight. but the chosen one has been sent to us. [slurp] grab a quesarito big box from taco bell for a chance to win
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>> andrew: 7:09 to go fourth quarter. notre dame up 42-31. a good sign moments ago as sheldon day was able to walk off under his own power, looked to be ok, good to see as keenan reynolds has thrown the interception, just his third of the season, as we take another look. >> aaron: you see onwualu and sheldon day go to make the play and they hit helmets. you have to wonder if it was the blows to the head that got both those players a little bit wobbly. they got up. >> andrew: since taking the lead, navy's last three possessions, punt, turnover on downs and the interception and norm again with golden field position, they start the drive at the navy 29 yard line trying
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to put the midshipmen away with 7:09 to go. >> aaron: five wide receivers, no running backs, cam mcdaniel from the slot play action. >> andrew: they fake to mcdaniel. the pass is high over the head of the intended receiver, chris brown. >> aaron: that's something notre dame will do. they showed the look of five wide receivers. it was 10 personnel meaning one running back and no tight ends, four wide receivers that time. >> andrew: golson has gone -- folston has gone for 134 rush yards today but it's mcdaniel on sec and 10. they give it to mcdaniel. uomah wraps him up. don't forget. later in the game we'll have the play of the game presented by napa auto parts.
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>> aaron: on third down after a sudden change and a turnover this is a great opportunity for navy who has won on first and second down to win on third. >> andrew: golson. pressure coming. golson has some room and goes out of bounds. that will be fourth down. now what does brian kelly do? the last field goal by brindza was not even close. >> aaron: keep your eye here. great job. it could have been a hold on the right tackle a little bit. christian lombard. everett golson showing you his athletic ability getting away from trouble, forcing another field goal, andrew, you mentioned the last one didn't look so pretty. let's see what brindza comes up with here. >> andrew: miss from 46. this is from 44. to give notre dame a 14-point lead. and this one is not even close.
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may have been blocked. it was. once again, notre dame is not able to put points on the board. the normally reliable brindza 0-2 tonight. >> aaron: we talked about this undersized defensive line for navy. once again, bernard sarra, knocks matt hagerty over and gets his hand on the ball. back-to-back missed field goals by the irish. breathing life into this navy team. >> andrew: navy with two time outs remaining. 5:43 on the clock. reynolds to the air on first down. he throws this one away.
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good pressure by the notre dame defense led by greer martini. >> aaron: andrew, i think navy is being too predictable on first down throwing the football. i think they need to run on first down and start throwing on second and third down. notre dame seems to have figured out. playing the option. >> andrew: reynolds is four out of 12 passing tonight for 85 yards. williams-jenkins spinning away. he gets up to the 34 yard line. it will be third down. time continues to tick away. 5:23 and counting. >> aaron: navy took too much time to get that last play off. that helped them. they scored a couple of touchdowns when they got to the line of scrimmage and ran a play quickly. >> andrew: he gets the first
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down and room to run -- comb land into notre dame territory. tackle made by jaylon smith. a gain of four. navy on the move. >> aaron: that time navy had three offensive linemen trying to block the perimeter. look at the holes they start with and great blocking sealing off notre dame's defense, showing you the athleticism catching him from the back side. navy is humming. >> andrew: copeland with 139 yards on the run are. reynolds. over the middle. the pass is caught by tillman. somehow, he reels it in. a gain of 22. navy. first and 10. >> aaron: that was a beautiful job and a beautiful ball thrown that time by keenan reynolds. notre dame expected pass. dropped into coverage but reynolds threaded that ball beautifully for the first. >> andrew: they can get a first down without scoring a
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touchdown. reynolds throws out. throws. swain at the five. touchdown. and now if you're navy you've got to look at going for two. try to make it a field goal game. >> aaron: just an incredible job by the middies running downfield keeping notre dame off balance. once they got a couple of those big gains they started rushing up to the line of scrimmage like they did to start the second half and found a lot of room to run and hit their head on the goalpost making this a five-point game and about to go for two to make it a three-point game as you mentioned. >> andrew: trying to bring navy to within three. flag is down. delay of game. or did they give navy the time
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out? >> referee: time out. time out on the field. >> andrew: second time navy has had that happen where they just got in the time out and they only have one remaining the rest of the way. >> aaron: that could prove costly, particularly with the type of offense they run. the lower right, the play clock is ticking. >> andrew: you had to know you're going for two there. wasted time out and now you only have one left. that could prove costly against navy. >> aaron: i agree with you, partner. the clock management hasn't been ideal for navy. you don't know if those time outs are going to play a role but you can't be lackadaisical either getting your play call in or getting the time outs. they're taking it too close.
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>> andrew: they'll go for two. 4:18 on the play clock -- on the game clock. swings it. wide open whiteside for two and we've got a three-point game. >> aaron: it starts with the second notre dame missed field goal in a row. bernard sarra sends it away forcing the turnover and then keenan reynolds showing you tremendous accuracy. look at that dart putting it in the window where only his guy can get it, and a couple plays later chris swain bobbling the football comes up big to control it for the touchdown and then,
8:20 pm
of course, the two-point conversion that we just saw. this navy offense is humming. runs some play action. it's not there. nobody covers. 29 out of the backfield. geoffrey whiteside makes it a three-point game. outstanding drive by the midshipmen. >> andrew: 4:18 to go, a three-point game. last year in south bend notre dame won 38-34. there were eight lead changes in that game and another wild one tonight in this, the 88th edition of notre dame against navy. the longest continuous intersectional rivalry in the country. >> aaron: we talked about this being rivalry based on mutual appreciation and respect but we
8:21 pm
also talked about the fight and the way that navy plays the game of football. there is no quit in these young men, it's been an outstanding performance so far, and there are four minutes left in the game. it's anything but over. let's see how the irish respond. with a time out, it looks like, andrew. >> andrew: it looked like navy may have been trying to fake the onside kick potentially. so brian kelly calls a time out. time now for red lobster which presents today's scholar athletes. for notre dame, corey robinson a 3.83 g.p.a., four times on the dean's list and for navy it's offensive linemen e.k. binns, his goal to become a professional sports marketing director. red lobster's commitment to the investment in our future shown today by donating $1,000 to notre dame and the u.s. naval
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academy's general scholarship fund and swain hanging onto that one on the last touchdown. >> aaron: where was the pursuit by notre dame? swain out there wide open. no gold helmets or white jerseys around him. he had the luxury of being able to bobble it. somebody should have been there to knock it out but credit him with great concentration and i don't know if i agree with this. trying to go, if notre dame gets this, this could ice the game if they could control the clock. >> andrew: they attempt it. they do. the onside kick. the hands team is loose and it looks like prosise falls on it for notre dame. c.j. prosise, the junior who caught the first touchdown of the night wraps his arms around this one. >> aaron: the irish weren't so lucky in tallahassee but here they get a great bounce, the ball hits c.j. prosise and comes
8:23 pm
up with it. now that they have it, notre dame has the ball on the plus side of the field meaning across the 50. that's very advantageous field position for an offense that's been explosive tonight. >> andrew: aaron, if navy had a time out tbld a no-brainer to kick it deep but because of the mismanagement with the clock they do the onside kick, they don't get it, and now folston keeping the chains moving for notre dame. tackle made by jamison. >> aaron: even though navy's offense can score quickly, to your point, andrew, in a situation like this, that's where it becomes problematic when the basis of how you move the football up and down the field is on the ground, you need those time outs more so than a traditional offense. >> andrew: folston had a breakout game last year against navy with 140 yards rushing. tonight a new career high with 145 on the ground against navy.
8:24 pm
>> aaron: we talked about the changes on the offensive line that harry hiestand, offensive line coach made. >> andrew: folston running around the right side and he gets to the 35 yard line. navy with just one time out remaining. >> aaron: they're in a quandary, you love a stop of two yards on first down but with one time out remaining you don't want to burn tyou have to hope that your defense can somehow make a play but how risky can you afford to be if your defensive -- if you're defensive coordinator buddy green? i think you bring the heat. you bring the pressure. looks like they're going to. >> andrew: it's folston up the middle. it will be third down for notre
8:25 pm
dame. >> aaron: from the sam linebacker position on the run blitz, tick, tick, tick, the clock at 2:35, buddy green and ken niumatalolo hoog calm but he needs one of his guys to make a big stop. notre dame has missed its last two field goal attempts. this is an extremely important down for navy. >> andrew: he's kicking into the wind if they're able to hold notre dame to a field goal try. we've seen brindza already miss two. third down and six. play action. golson with time. he lobs it to folston. first down notre dame. folston still going. around the corner. dives, and he's out of bounds at the two. >> aaron: great job by notre dame's offensive line giving him protection. this was great coverage by navy as well. everett golson made the decision
8:26 pm
he needed to make which was take the check-down. he didn't force the football and he gave it to folston who made the play, the sophomore bringing notre dame down to the three yard line. >> andrew: wide receiver will fuller who sprung folston for extra yards. first and goal for the irish. we have some movement and a false start. >> referee: 78, offense. five-yard penalty. first down. >> aaron: that's tough because that's ronnie stanley, the junior out of las vegas that is easily norm's best offensive linemen. long arms impressive on film but a costly mental error for his team. >> andrew: stops the clock with 1:34 to go.
8:27 pm
>> aaron: ball security been a problem for the irish, particularly down here deep in the red zone. they have to protect this. navy's got to try to jar it free. >> andrew: there is the ball on the ground. golsonon scoops it up. he's still running. touchdown. how did that happen? third rushing touchdown tonight for everett golson. he's thrown for three touchdowns. that should do it. nearly a turnover. instead, it's six for the irish. >> aaron: we talked about ball security. everett golson never gets a good handle on it. he was trying to give it to tarean folston. the defense opened up and the seas parted and golson made them pay for it. a couple of missed tackles by navy but once again the luck of the irish is alive. >> andrew: golson has accounted for a career high six touchdowns
8:28 pm
tonight. >> aaron: that's the second time in the last couple minutes we've seep a ball bounce back into the hands -- remember the onside kick, c.j. prosise fell in his lap. that ball fell right in everett golson's lap. >> andrew: nearly a turnover. notre dame up by 10 with 1:27 to go. >> andrew: we showed you the quote earlier, ken niumatalolo, navy coach used a basketball aa nalg, said "we have to shoot 75% from the three-point line and
8:29 pm
they have to miss a few lay-ups." it was pretty close, but notre dame, with 537 yards of offense tonight, now has a 10-point lead. this one scooped up by gulley. >> aaron: s.e.c. west and the s.e.c. conference in general proving to be very interesting down the stretch.
8:30 pm
>> andrew: navy needs a quick strike. the sack by farley. the c.p.r. out of charlotte. >> aaron: coming off the outside edge. they brought too many. the right tackle let him go inside and farley stayed unblocked and came up with the huge sack. great call by defensive coordinator brian vangorder, and that's been his calling card all season long, and the difference between this year's notre dame defense and last year's is that they're attacking now, andrew. they're pinning their ears back. they're bringing pressure. that makes it fun for his players. if you're a young defensive player, this is the type of system you would like to play in. >> andrew: vangorder spent seven years in the nfl including last
8:31 pm
year with the jets. as you take a close look at this match-up between the browns and the bengals. >> andrew: vangorder last year was with the jets coaching under rex ryan, but he said the man in the nfl who had the biggest impact on him is jack del rio, he's been with rex ryan but when we spoke to vangorder this week he had tons of praise for del rio. golson is forced out. once again it's farley. >> aaron: tremendous closing speed off the back-side edge by farley and another blitz anticipating a throw by navy. brian vangorder's guys get home again. >> andrew: navy with no time outs remaining. 1:03 to go. >> aaron: farley more of a box safety, somebody that's
8:32 pm
physical, likes to play around the line of scrimmage, much better against the run than he is against the pass but he's shown up huge at the end of this game. >> andrew: reynolds in trouble. gets away from rochell. keeps it himself. farley was closing quickly. reynolds out of bounds at the 20. sets up fourth and long for navy. >> aaron: fourth and long with no time outs and an offense based in its ground attack. notre dame needs to keep everything in front of it. remember, a couple of times there were obvious pass situations that navy was able to be able to find room to run and keenan reynolds showing he has the ability to put the football in tight windows. notre dame needs to be careful here and not break the coverage and give up an easy score. >> andrew: fourth and 21 for navy. >> aaron: not too many calls on that play sheet for navy, fourth and 21. >> andrew: pressure coming
8:33 pm
again. reynolds throws on the run and it is broken up. the navy sideline looking for a penalty flag and there is none. >> aaron: i thought there should have been one as well. notre dame and matthias farley got away with one there. he's there quite a bit early. >> andrew: the crowd is seeing the replay here at fedex field and the navy fans not happy. nor is ken niumatalolo. with no time outs, that will do it. >> aaron: that's a bad call. maybe the football gods are feeling bad for what happened on the last play of that florida state game. >> andrew: the first navy touchdown tonight we thought it was offensive pass interference on navy. notre dame can take a knee. it was not easy. it never is against navy. brian kelly said earlier this week that if you polled all the coaches in the country, no one
8:34 pm
would want to play navy, and they showed you why tonight. no quit in the midshipmen. there never is. they erased a 28-7 deficit. came back to take the lead. but in the end notre dame and everett golson who accounted for six touchdowns tonight will walk away and improve to 7-1. brian kelly 4-1 in his career against navy. notre dame has won four straight in the series and next year they will meet again for the 89th time in south bend. time now for the play of the game presented by napa auto parts. everett golson lost the handle. recovered. and takes it in for his third rushing touchdown of the night.
8:35 pm
>> aaron: sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, and the luck of the irish was certainly present tonight, andrew. >> andrew: we are not going anywhere because as per tradition, navy's alma mater, the navy blue and gold will be played as the team stands at attention in front of the brigade of midshipmen. in notre dame's classy way, they will stand right behind navy during the alma mater. >> aaron: there is respect and appreciation by the university of notre dame for the role that navy played in keeping the university afloat during world war ii and it's a big reason why this notre dame-navy rivalry is so well respected -- when notre dame went to the a.c.c., and so many games went away, notre dame chose to protect this rivalry out of respect and appreciation
8:36 pm
and as i said at the top of the show this game is about mutual respect and admiration. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:37 pm
[cheering] >> andrew: the 134th year of navy football. and that never gets old. jamie erdahl is with everett golson. >> jamie: three rushing touchdowns for you, three tlau the air. can you put into words the battle? >> it was for sure a battle. we knew those guys on offense are really talented so we had to do our part on offense as well. i think we had bits and pieces where we didn't take advantage of certain things but i think we did a great job overall.
8:38 pm
>> jamie: can you take us back before the half? coach said it was his bad that interception. what did you see on the play? >> they played a quarter kind of look and i was trying to anticipate. it was bad communication, i guess, between me and my wide receiver. little things where we probably should have cut in front of that safety. we've got to go back to the drawing board and make sure it's a clear communication all around. >> jamie: you found success through the airment how much did that have to do with the success on the ground? >> i think it was big. i think our line did a great job up front. i think those last plays they gave me ample time for me to get my check-down. i think we did a good job overall. >> jamie: thank you. >> thank you. >> andrew: what a night for everett golson. three touchdowns through the air and three on the ground, as notre dame improves to 7-1.
8:39 pm
the irish take on arizona state next week but what a valiant effort from navy tonight. they fall to 4-5. for aaron taylor, jamie erdahl, our entire cbs crew, this is andrew catalon saying so long from fedex field where the final score is notre dame 49, navy 39. this has been a presentation of cbs sports. goodnight from landover, maryland.
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8:41 pm
stanford has been the thornn the side of oregon the last seasons, keeping the ducks t of the pac-12 championship was payback time tonight in eug. ducks quarterback marcus mariota has beaten e pac-12 team except the cardinal.... opening drive the game mariota rolls out d gets it to charles nelson for a six- yard toucn gives the ducks a quick 7-0 lead. next oregon possesion 7-3 mariota goes untouched a 22-yard t-d run 14-3 ducks. oregon easily moving the ba against stanford's defense.
8:42 pm
but the ducks offense coul't be stopped early. thomas tyr scores from a yard-out makit 21-6 oregon. david shaw not pleased. a minute left in t half cardinal finally puncht in. patrick skov from a yard-out cuts oregon's leo 24-13. that was the score at halftime. opening drive of e second half stanford driving again. but hogan overthrows his man and the is intercepted by eric darg. missed oppurtunity for the cardinal. but oregon could' capitalize. mariota throws his second interception of e year to alex carter. stanof would get a field goal cuttg the deficit to 24-16. oregon responds to the field goal a touchdown. tyner scores h first touchdown of the game. 21- yard t-d r making it a two possesion ge at 31-16. then after a hogan fumble mariota picks up his second rushing touchdown of the ga. seven-yard score makes it 3 16. oregon wins 45-16 to ime to 8-1. stanford falls to 5-and-4.
8:43 pm
oregon had to win to ensure spot in the new college fool playoff bracket this week. e loser of the ole miss and an game would create that open. another mega matchup in the pitted number three against number four.. ole miss up t in the 4th quarter, but then cameron artis-payne bulls in from 6 yards out. make it 3 auburn. rebels in jeopardy losing for the second straigh week.. later in the 4th... quarterback bo walla lunges for the first down, but he s the ball before he goes dow auburn comes up with the turnover.. the tigers didn't score and punted back to ole miss.. so, with under t minutes to go wallace hits laquon treadwell. he goes io the endzone for what looks a touchdown...revi ew showed did not get in, he also fumbled ball and suffered a terrible leg e miss loses 35- for what appears to be the touchdown. the review shows he did not get in, he also fumbled the ball
8:44 pm
and suffered a horrific foot injury. arkansas looking for the huge upset at no. 1 my misstate. razor lacks led 10-nothing early on. prescott open, 69 jurors and the bulldogs up 17-10. arkansas inside the bulldog 20 but allen intercepted in the end zone and no. 1 barely survives. they are now 8-0. how about san jose state. hosting colorado state. spartans tyler irving got the block and is gone. giving the lead. irving rushes for 149-yards in the game. let's go to the 4th quarter now. san jose state trailing now. gray making a terrible decision
8:45 pm
here, throwing underhand and intercepted by aaron davis. ran it into points. he takes it in from 7-yards out. they win 38-31. an jose state falling to three and five, 2-2 the mountain west. inside the five we are going to switch to the nfl. what -- why is gym harbaugh all -- jim harbaugh all upset? is at this time rams, we will answer that in a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
virginina hosting seventh rd tcu. third quarter mountain leading 20-17. horned frogsh doctson makes the catch neae line but he gets s big matchup in the bill t west virginia hosting tcu. mown -- horn frogs making the catch near the sidelines but it gets stripped. picking up the football and running it back for a touchdown. west virginia up 27-14. 4th quarter west virginia now scoring on a six yard score to
8:48 pm
get the horned frogs. tcu attempting a field goal to win the game and jaden nails it from 37-yards out. tcu coming back to win 37th -- 31-30. nfl, the rams play tomorrow and johnson led the team with 79 receiving yards. jim harbaugh knows he is capable of bigger games because of his style. >> what makes him different? >> you're kidding? he's got -- you probably see it
8:49 pm
don't you? >> you know you miss jim harbaugh. >> especially in that room. we are at our best together. you know that. >> let's talk, 49ers and st. louis. if you look at the 49ers in their super bowl season they have the same offensive line throughout the duration of the season. they will play the rams with the 5th defensive line in eight games. is this is the biggest issue, the center is gone, is the offensive line the biggest issue on this team? >> it is a big one. that's how they run the ball. we saw when vernon is davis out, they say we will throw the ball and part of it is a belief in kaepernick and the receiver but a lot is this offensive
8:50 pm
line is not the same and maybe against these fronts we will not run the ball. that is -- they struggled to find an offense, who they are, how they are going to win tough games, the offensive line is a big part of that. they did some of this themselves by moving in and out. they done some mixing and matching. they drafted to get players in that can do it. this is who they are. we will see if by december and january this is a thing that will work for them. they are trying to figure out if they can run the ball. they will try to run the ball and see how effective they can be. >> st. louis has had their share of injuries as well. what do you expect tomorrow? >> i expect a conservative game out of the niners. i don't think they will come out flying.
8:51 pm
that is not harbaugh's tendency. they will play tight. i think defensively they still got the guys out and we will see about lewis. they don't want too much exposure. i think they will try to move the ball down and play it like an old 2012, 2011 game. i think they are going to play it old harbaugh style. not new harbaugh style. >> raiders at seattle. who has the biggest rate not guilty the postgame show, channel five or six? >> you can be doing volleyball. >> always coming back. >> it's the o'donnell show. >> that will be a fun game to watch. okay. thank you, tim. the aforementioned raiders,
8:52 pm
taking on the super bowl seahawks. >> seahawks. >> reporter: near the famed seattle place market, it is the eve of the raiders seahawks matchup. on paper it doesn't like like much of one. raiders a two touchdown underdog. but linebacker moore disagrees. >> they are a good team but they are no different than any other team that is on the schedule. they have 16 teams like we do. you can't start pegging teams as this and that. they are a good team and add opponent, they have a lot of good pieces. i say the same for my team too. >> reporter: they did meet in the preseason and the raiders won that one. does that mean anything? a bold showing against the region of boom secondary.
8:53 pm
>> he doesn't know any better, if you don't know any better, you don't know better, you know. i mean he is slinging the ball around. i don't think hes about who is guarding anybody, he just slinging it. got nothing to lose. >> it is so different, it is. you know, that game, it is what it is, it's the preseason game, no. 4. that is where it ends. >> reporter: seahawks, the defending super bowl champs. we will bring it to you in the 5th quarter postgame show. inside the five, i'm certain glenn, back to you in -- i'm vern glenn. see you back in the studio. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
yesterday along market stre with the giants parade of we are the giants. we are san francisco. we are the world champions. an incredible month wrapped up yesterday along market street with the giants parade of champions. three titles in five years. you can start throwing around the d word, dynasty.
8:56 pm
the giants are. bumgarner threw a baseball record 52 and two-thirds in the playoffs and has until february to ice his arm. >> are you tired yet? >> i can't lie to you anymore, i am a little tired now. >> i mean that to me, i mean, that was in my opinion the best pitching performance i have ever seen. >> now the giants pitcher signed a five year extension in april of 2012. at the time it seemed pricy but the giants got him for four million this year. the big money doesn't kick in until 2016. now the giants do have some decisions to make heading into the off season. hitting the list of free
8:57 pm
agents, jake peavey, michael morris and sergio romo. if you saw the speakers on the podium yesterday in the parade, you know it is on in the office. >> the sign pablo chant. i think i'm a little light larry. please sign pablo. we need about five more for that. resign pablo. >> yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. >> would you like to celebrate again with these teammates in the futuringly love being with this guy, especially with with the fans. >> yeah, everybody gets to go home and relax except ryan sabian. his time started yesterday. that is it for inside the five.
8:58 pm
raiders, seahawks, 1:25 kickoff tomorrow. i'm out.
8:59 pm
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