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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 6, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. >> a woman shopping at a bay area nordstrom rack gets attacked in the parking lot because she asked a mother to stop her daughter from having a tantrum. we will have this story coming up. first, a bay area man is in jail tonight for killing his wife. >> tonight his neighbors insist it was not murder. he loved her enough to help her day. >> reporter: his attorney tells me he was fulfilling a promise to his wife from long ago that he would never let her sufficient in pain. he lay a dozen roses right next to her in bed. and shot her to death.
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neighbors are saying prayering for the loving couple who was once inseparable. but now, she is dead and jc canfield is charged with murder. he turned himself into the police department and confessed to a mercy killing. >> he decided to end his wife's life to end her suffering. >> that was something they had arranged? >> yes. >> reporter: joanne was suffering from advanced dementia and kept hurts herself around the house. her recent stay at a nursing home was short lived. >> she was running from monsters she was seeing from the dementia. so he did what he thought was best. he was happen toy bring her
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home. he brought her home and the next day did what he did. >> reporter: jc is also very ill. >> to hear that he did that, it is sad, but it is understandable. she was definitely sick. and he was worried that he wouldn't find anybody else to take care of her if something happened to him. >> reporter: jc is still in jail, no bail. his attorney is going to try to get him out while he awaits trial. liz, the couple had been together 37 years. >> wow. unbelievable. thank you joe. well unlike some states, california does not allow doctors to assist terminally ill patients in dying. it's the reason 29-year-old brittany maynerd moved from san francisco to oregon earlier this year. she ended her life with a lethal dose of prescribed drugs over the weekend after a long battle with brain cancer.
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a show down over sex ed. some parents are upset that planned parenthood is teaching the class. it is not so much about what they are teaching, but the politics that are associated with the group. those for and againsted planned parenthood showed up at the school board meeting tonight. >> this is a progressive community. this should not be an issue. and lafayette really needs to take the lead in ensuring healthy communities this california. >> we just believe it is inappropriate to pretty much turn the students over. give planned parenthood access to students to turn them into clientele. >> the school district says the class has been taught for years. we have breaking news in san francisco's mission district. someone is driving around shooting at people. four people have been hit at
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24th street in alabama. another was shot at 14th and toma. police say none of the injuries are life threatening and those are the only reports we are getting from police now, we are keeping an eye on this. now more on the woman attacked in the parking lot of a nordstrom rack. andria borba talked to her. >> reporter: liz, she is trying to recover toe night, but she is not confident she will keep her smile the way it is. natalie richardson says she was in the checkout line of this nordstrom rack when a child at the age of six began throwing a loud tantrum. >> it didn't bother me that the child was throwing the tantrum. the volume was really loud. >> reporter: she asked the child's mother to quiet the child down, but nicely. that is when things went sideways. >> she, you know, came to the side of me and told me not to tell her child what to do. and i told her that i didn't
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tell your child what to do. i asked you to calm down your child just a little bit. >> reporter: bree says she told the mom off. >> so i told her to go to heck and she told me i will see you there. >> reporter: when bree left the store, the mom followed her to the car. >> she was asking me where did you tell me to go? so i repeated. >> reporter: in the top parking lot of your screen, you can see a woman walking toward bree before both end up on the asphalt. bree was punched twice in the face. >> my teeth hurt, my elbow hurts. i got a bruise on my thigh. >> reporter: her gums obeliac and blue and she may lose three of her teeth. but in the wake of the attack defends her choice. >> you think you have the right to tell other people what to do with their kids? >> not necessarily. but when it is getting that loud, you could quiet them down just a little bit.
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>> reporter: that surveillance video is in the hands of the police department. they are trying to identify the woman who attacked bree. but so far, no success. andria borba, kpix5. state commission has scolded a solano county judge for shaming parents if family court. records show daniel healy referred one woman as rotten, a train wreck and a total human dis ears. he told a mother if you are exposing your daughter to one fifth of the attitude i'm getting, you may as well have her walking the streets as a hooker. judge healy isn't in family court anymore. now he handles criminal cases in vallejo. a couple of bay area elections are still too close to call tonight. congressman mike honda is holding on ro kaalna.
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sam lick koa has a thin lead over cortese. officers threatened to quit if liccardo wins. >> reporter: that is largely because of a pension reform measure that he had supported. it requires city workers to pay more into their pensions and they say this will push them out of the city. >> this is too much on the family. too much on me. >> reporter: officer franco vatto has given the last 19 years to serving the city of san jose. he says he is ready to quit if liccardo wins the mayor's race. vatto is tired of years of pay cuts and long workweeks. >> it is time for healing in the city. >> reporter: the councilman wants to rebuild trust with the police union, but the union
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supports cortese. >> crumbling in the hall. everybody is waiting until tuesday. that is what you heard. tuesday we will know what the future holds and a lot of people say if it is sam, i'm done. >> reporter: and to that, liccardo says. >> we are going to get to work on insuring we can accelerate the hiring in the department. get more officers on the street. while we are doing that, we are going to use more innovative approaches to make san jose safer. >> do you feel like it is all talk? >> i do. i do. it is a mayoral race. >> reporter: the registrar voter says it could take weeks to finalize results. meanwhile, liccardo says he has already reached out to the police union president and set up a meeting. no word on when that will take place. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. meanwhile, in oakland, it is official. libby schaaf will be the city's new mayor. she wasted no time in making
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this promise. >> a government that is more responsive to its people and a government that delivers the most basic service of all, and that is safety. >> reporter: libby schaaf made an unusual entrance. she arrived in a fire breathing snail car. she beat jean quan. quan congratulated libby schaaf and says she inherits a city where crime is down, unemployment is down, and the economic renaissance is well underway. >> people in berkeley voted overwhelmingly to tax soda, but if you like your coke or mountain due, christin ayers shows us a few steps can actually save you a few bucks. christin? >> reporter: that's right. i'm standing here at the oakland berkeley border and thanks to that new law, it means if you buy soda right where i am standing, you will pay regular price. but if you pay it 30 feet that way in berkeley, you are
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looking at pricier pop. the owners of the true value hardware on telegraph avenue missed the berkeley soda tax by inches. employee tom tan says half of the store is in berkeley but the half where the sodas are sold is in oakland. that means. >> no soda tax. because your register is in oakland. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the tax passed with 75% of the vote yesterday. it adds one cent per ounce to the cost of a soda in berkeley. that is 12 cents more for a can of soda. 32 cents more for a big gulp. and syrup sweetened coffee drinks will get taxed too. >> a lot of people don't like it. they say it is too much tax. >> reporter: employees at oakland's white horse liquor store have been hearing complaints about the tax all day. they hope berkeley's tax drives more customers to them. >> more business for you? >> maybe.
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>> reporter: christin ayers, kpix5. >> the new tax takes effect january 1. bay area tech companies have been accused of a lot of things but this is new. how a top spy accuses facebook and twitter of helping terrorists. >> they were known as the zebra killers. they terrorized san francisco. part of a race war. 40 years later, no one wants to talk ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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barnes was the kidnapperment they tracked his car to maryland and arrested him. carlesha freeland-gaither is a little bruised up, but she is okay. investigators don't think they knew each other. the israeli palestinian fight is at another boiling point. this is video of a van ramming into a light railation? jerusalem. israeli police shot and killed him after he got out and attacked people with a tire iron. it was retaliation for muslim control of the mosque. temple mount. tonight, one of her majesty's spies has a message for silicon valley. he wants them to stop happening the bad guys. >> reporter: we all know this british spy. >> bond. james bond. >> reporter: bond was mi6, but robert hannigan is gchq, like
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the nsa. he is calling out bay area tech companies for helping terrorist groups isis. hannigan wrote increasingly, their services not only host the material of violent extremism, or child exploitation, but are the roots for the facilitation of crime and terrorism. >> i think that was a bit of a cheap shot. >> reporter: joe felter of international security and cooperation. >> you don't go after car manufacturers to stop drive by shootings. it is inappropriate to target internet companies to stop terror. >> reporter: the more groups like isis expose themselves online. the more it shocks and angers those against the group. >> i think social media has a role to play. >> after edward snow den exposed the government snooping, tech giants are working too hard to keep the
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government out when they should be working together. but joe says ... >> let's make sure we don't shift attention away from terrorism or the enemy. it is not social media. >> reporter: i did reach out to the companies. facebook got back to me and reps said they couldn't comment on what he said, but they do work be government agencies every time they make a request and each case is reviewed. it doesn't always guarantee auxeses, but they do work with law enforcement. cate caugurian, kpix5. >> facebook has a team dedicated to taking down anything linked to terrorists. twitter will deactivate accounts that praise or promote terrorist groups. california has a lot of creepy killers in the past. zodiac killers, killers, charles manson, but linda yee found out why nobody wants to
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talk about the zebra killers even today. >> san francisco police have intensified their operation zebra. >> reporter: it was national news. racially motivated murders. >> all the same pattern. white people shot down by a black gunman for no reason. >> reporter: suspects roaming san francisco streets mutilating, torturing, and killing. >> they eventually decapitated here. >> reporter: lou was a patrol sergeant during the first zebra attack. a young couple kidnapped while walking in their telegraph neighborhood in 1973. the husband survived. >> he fired at me twice. >> reporter: the future mayor art agnos was the sixth victim. shot after attending a community meeting on petero hill. they were tied to a militant group known as the death angels. >> to be initiated into this
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murderous group, they had to kill a white people. >> reporter: by christmas, more than a dozen people were butchered or shot. five people were killed within two hours including a 45-year- old woman doing her laundry on silver avenue. a gunman walked in, shot and killed her. >> people were scared to go out at night. >> reporter: retired homicide director gus headed the investigation. there was a city wide dragnet. >> the extraordinary measures they have gone to stopping a number of people in san francisco who fit a certain profile. black, between 20 and 30. five foot nine to six feet tall. medium build. there are a lot of people in san francisco who fit the description. >> reporter: the city was accused of civil rights abuse. reverend cecil williams pointed out the lack of random stops
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for the zodiac killers. >> they did not create a dragnet for the white participants. >> reporter: a court order ended the stops but composite sketches ended the case. anthony harris saw himself in the drawings and fearing for his life and seduced by the $30,000 reward money, he called the cops. >> and he laid everything out to us. names, places, crimes committed. >> reporter: four zebra suspects were convicted for 16 murders and remain in prison on life sentences. anthony harris was in witness protection. today, 40 days later, the case is rarely discussed, almost forgotten. >> this was such a racially sensitive issue. a radical sect of the black muslims killing white people. it is something this country is not comfortable discussing or remembering. >> reporter: but it continues to haunt the memories of survivors and families of the
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murder victims. in san francisco, linda yee, kpix5. >> well police stopped and searched more than 500 black men as part of operation zebra. the killer's trial lasted more than a year. at the time, it was the longest trial in california history. full moon outside. just a little bit of cloud cover keeping temperatures up by a few degrees. the current numbers outside. tonight, 64 in san bruno. 62 oakland. livermore, good evening to you, cool spot. overnight tonight, a couple of degrees mild nor redwood city. 50 degrees. livermore 48. sunrise, 6:40. micro climate forecast taking you to sunnyvale where the town name will live up to the weather. filtered sunshine tomorrow morning. 73. mainly sannyasis on the peninsula for friday with a high of 74 degrees. so what is happening? we had some cloud cover in the north bay if you were just
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hanging out in san francisco or oakland. you saw some clouds. earlier today. that was because a storm system was passing bay to the north. we have a wall. we have a big ridge of high pressure allowing a little cloud cover to make it here. not enough for any rainfall. it will cross the california oregon border. more rain in northern california, but not us. as we approach the weekend, the ridge gets closer and stronger, we get warmer and sunnier. sunshine all the way through the weekend. when the pattern changes, we are confident this will happen. the ridge will slide off to the east. low pressure will come down from the gulf of alaska. that transition is at least seven days away. at least another week if not longer with no rainfall, lots of sunshine, chilly mornings and mild to warm afternoons. lit be sunny tomorrow. filtered sunshine. not as warm. but the dry mild weather does continue all the way into and through the weekend. here we go. san francisco, to degrees above
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average. lost autos, 74. mid 70s inland. walnut creek 75. kentfield 73. we stay sunny right on through the weekend. look at the highs over the weekend. 82 degrees inland. there is not a drop of rain in or beyond veteran's day. it is july in november. >> beautiful weather. it just really isn't november like. >> thanksgiving is 22 days away. >> that is so weird. [ laughter ] you got to stick around for this next story. it is too cute. a baby otter found alone and crying ,,,,,,,,
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at chicago's shed aquarium. she is learning how to groom and find food. she also drinks baby formula. when she is bigger, she will get a name and a permanent place in the aquarium's habitat. >> speaking of furry. paul, i notice something a little different about you. >> something a little there. growing a little hair for an excellent cause. it is called movenber. it raises money and awareness for men's health issues to know more about things like prostate cancer. i lost my father to cancer five years ago. you know the cool thing is you get to grow facial hair as weapon. it started a few years ago, but there is a trend sent their started this back. wow, look at this. the original movenber. who is that on the right ken bastida? >> i don't know. >> that would be ken bastida on the right. the original founding card member of moevenber.
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to steal the hoop for a quick five-point play. warriors up three. lateener the first, curry flings the ball at the rim. when andrew bogut. around the horn. curry another three. warriors up 25 points. cur ray with 28. draymond green feeling up the stat sheet. a career high 24 points. warriors with 121-104. they are now 4-0. 49ers running back marcus lattimore decided to require without ever playing in an nfl game. 23-year-old lattimore was one of the top backs backs south carolina before suffering two career ending knee injuries. check tout top five. jets fans had a plane over practice asking for the jets to fire the general manager.
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good thing he didn't have an antiaircraft missile. have a nice trip hornets. charlotte won the game. here shh the best one. bride and groom. very unique entrance. >> i know where this is going. >> oh. >> it is all downhill from here. number two, magic and sixers, tobias harris nails the buzzer beater for orlando. but give me the cavaliers and the jazz at number one. >> hayward fires. got it! can you believe it? in an identical spot. ingly can't believe it! the jazz knock off lebron and the cavaliers. cleveland is off to a 1-3 start. before anybody panics, remember when the big three assembled down there in miami for the very first time? they got off to a really rocky beginning. so give lebron a little time.
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it will be lebron and the cavaliers versus the warriors ,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. ingly lost control. >> david letterman is next with jennif,,,,,,,,
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