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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 16, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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it's on the verge of collap. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. i'm brian hackney. kpix 5's linda yee is at the scene in san jose. linda? hours after the fire starte firefighters were still pou water onto the flames. cell phone video taken by peoplen the neighborhood...s how fl shooting up thru the roof. others posted their photos twitter. the church pastor spotted the flames and smok the pipe organ on the secod floor choir loft: { sot... father firmo mantovani/ pa} we just finished 1:00 mass.. close the church.. .. saw t fire... turned off the electricity..and i called t fire. the church was built 1920.. a wooden structure tt fed the flames: { sot.. cap. mike van elgort / san jose dept} fire burned through e roof.. and we started to ha some collapse.. so we were' able to knock it down and pt out interiorly.. so then it a matt ews out. one tonight, a church caught fire. >> reporter: hours after the firefighters started, the cross fell on the steps. cell phone video taken by people in a neighborhood show flames shooting up through the roof. others posted photos on twitter. the church pastor spotted the flames and the smoke by the pipe organ on the second floor fire lost. >> just finished the 1:00 mass
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and then closed the church and within five minutes i can see the smoke and then i see the fire. and we recalled the fire. >> the church is built in 1920. a wood structure that fed the flames. >> the fire had burned through the roof and we started to have collapsed structures. we were not able to knock it down or put it out entirely. so at that point it was matter of getting our crews out. >> one firefighter was treated for a medical emergency and is in stable condition. nobody was injured. the church has been a part of the neighborhood for generations. parishioners were stunned to see it destroyed. >> this is my life. i come here every sunday, our church, the whole neighborhood. i was baptized here. my kids are baptized here. my mom came here. >> reporter: firefighters say the church is in dangerous of chance. >> there was a fire.
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that was the location, i knew that it was going to be a complete loss, you know. our worry was making sure everyone was safe. >> reporter: the cause of the firefighter is not known. last week they had firefighters memorial match here. a neighborhood church steeped in tradition now gone. we are live in san jose, kpix5. >> that is not the only blaze today. investigators think an unattended cigarette sparked this house fire in hayward. three people inside made it out okay. the house was badly damaged. the family is staying with relatives tonight. the 49ers had a surprise visitor in the locker room today after their win over the new york giants. why the dea dropped in, joe? >> the drug enforcement agents were looking at if several teams are properly administrating painkillers.
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it showed up at several games. including in new jersey. >> reporter: just after today's game, a spokesperson for the dea says agency went inside of the locker room and asked questions of the staff. how they get drugs and if they are able to practice medicine in new jersey. >> reporter: dea agents intercepted the buccaneers at baltimore, washington international today asking similar questions and the dea paid a visit to the seattle seahawks during their game during kansas city. >> i was not surprised. i will tell you that. >> they did investigations where they have been talking to former players and the way they administer the drugs. >> reporter: jeremy was a pro bowl center playing for the 49ers for 11 years. he is now a football analyst here at kpix5. he and other players filed a
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lawsuit against the nfl earlier this year. they want the league to change how it hands out medicine to players. >> the fact they went into the locker room, what do you think that is as? >> well, there is a problem. stage three kidney failure because of the way they administered it. i would be surprised if they did not find what they were looking for. >> is if the paperwork is in ord. >> if there is any. >> yes. if it was, yes. if it was explained to the players. yes, a lot of times you get a handful of medicine, this hurts, that hurts you take it with whatever shot they give you at the time. >> reporter: no arrests made. not sure if infractions were found. jeremy tells us the dea is looking for sup port of the premise of the lawsuit that the teams use staffers to dole out medicine. trainers for example.
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they will do whatever it takes. >> all right, thank you, joe. the teams came back to the bay area tonight. they told us they would not answer questions. in a statement earlier today, they'd only that the san francisco 49ers organization was asked to participate in a random inspection. the 49ers medical staff complied and the team departed the stadium as scheduled. >> the state department has been hacked. and tonight, it has shutdown the entire unclassified e-mail system while tech tpheugs repair the damage. the officials say the hackers were unable to get their hands on classified information that is the latest in a string of attacks on government agencies others targeted the. uc students could shell out a lot more money for schools depending on what happens later this week. there is a proposal to raise tuition at the 10 campuses by as much as 5% each year for the
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next 5 years. they will meet on wednesday to discus it. >> investigators want to know how a women's body ended up in the middle of a north bay highway. she was found before 5:00 it this morning on highway 29. the victim is said to be in her 50s shaoefplt had said injuries. investigators say it being haos like she was hit by a car but not clear -- 50s, she had suffered head injuries. investigators say it looks like she was hit by a car but they said this that is not an area pedestrians usually walk. captured a little more than a year ago, now, isis released
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a video of his beheading. they warn of more attacks on americans. a surgeon, flown to the u.s. for ebola treatment is on a ventilator tonight. the doctors treating him saying it is an hour by hour situation. he is being treated at nebraska medical center. the same hospital where two other patients with ebo la were treated and released. the doctors say when he a ratifies his condition was much worse. the surgeon was working at a hospital there. >> the fact that he left here and went back to his country. that made me worried a little bit. especially when he is a doctor and he treats patients. >> they don't know how he contracted the virus. >> hours after passengers sick with noro virus were loaded off of a ship in southern california the ship has turned around and heading to the sea. staff say the ship has been disinfected and the cdc was on
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board investigating. 172 people were sick when they were on a month long voyage but paerplgsed the crew handled it well. >> they had it wrapped off and they had extra staff in charge of -- passengers said the crew handled it well. >> they had it wrapped off and they had extra staff in charge of serving us instead of us serving ourselves. >> in april there was another virus outbreak on the same ship. still ahead, fully loaded cargo plane over the bay area all hours of night. pilots forced to stay away for 16 hours at a time. tonight, the fight to change the rules. disabled parking, it costing the city more. did you know it can cost you more at the meter? looking live at the bay bridge and the fact that we have rain on the way for the bay area. the subject of the forecast
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when we come back ,,,,,,
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this... is the best part of the day. when we sit down together and talk. more and more, we're having conversations about the food itself: how good it is for us. how good it is for the planet. at monsanto, we're working with farmers to make balanced meals accessible to everyone. while using natural resources more efficiently. it's time for a bigger discussion about food. be part of the conversation at alert tonight. the fierce gusts are toppling tree bras and ripping up billboards ad the los angeles area. combi that with low humidity.. ane fire danger goes up. tonigh cal fire engines are stacke in this mall parking lot in santa clarita.. ready to ro just in case: as of right now we are stafd through 8 o' firefighters in california, cal fire engines are stacked up in a small parking lot ready to
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roll just in case. >> as of right now we are staffed through 8:00 tomorrow night. >> when you say staffed you got extra personnel on duty? >> correct. the red flag warnings are expected to end tomorrow night. san francisco lost out last year because of disabled parking mackard abuse. that is ark cord -- placard abuse. that is according to the latest survey. you can park there for 3 days without paying. that trickles down. meter rates will very by the number of spots available. when cars with disabled placards tie up the spots it drives up the cost for everyone else. there are 60,000 placards in san francisco alone. double the number of spaces available. starting tomorrow, parking your car at the b.a.r.t station will cost you $1 with.
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one of the last ones left in the system but apparently b.a.r.t tracked it down. they plan to use the extra revenue to approve station access and for station maintenance. b.a.r.t riders will be charged between the hours of 4:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. a fee was add at both of the concord stations and on december 8th the fee will start at the hayward station, too. every day, dozens of huge cargo jets fly over our neighborhood. but the pilots say there is a danger you don't know about. federal regulations don't require them to get as much rest as passenger pilots. when they are tired, accidents can happen. >> did you see that? >> the crash. >> reporter: august 14th, 2013. 4:47 a.m., a ups cargo plane, flying from kentucky to burling ham, alabama crashes and burst into flames short of the runway. two pilots on board do not
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survive. but their cockpit recordings do. their first topic of discussion, sleep. when my alarm went off i mean i am thinking i am so tired, says the first officer. >> i know, says the captain. >> fatigue, it is a part of the job. >> reporter: the captain flies for ups. huge planes like this one. >> we all accept it and it is managing the fatigue, that is where the challenge lies. >> reporter: like the grueling alaska to oakland to ontario, back to oakland to ontario again and back to alaska route. >>,a think mothe pilots we dubbed it the oakland death march. >> what about the people on the ground? flying over their house at 2:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m. with a fully loaded big heavy jet. concerns about that? >> well, of course. you are always concerned about not just yourself but obviously the people that are underneath
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your approaching landing path. >> reporter: the alabama crash is proof that federal regulations need to change. and that is because the faa did not include cargo pilots when it tight ended up the rest rules for passenger pilots last year. passenger pilots can only be scheduled for up to 9 hours of duty at night. but cargo pilots they can be forced to work up to 16 hours. almost twice that. yet, as time lapse video shows, cargo pilots, the yellow dots on the screen, fly mostly at night. >> they face challenges that someone flying during the day does not have. >> reporter: captain sully says it say risk. >> cargo industry get them carved out and excluded from complying with better risk. that is something that needs to be changed. >> all do respect to the captain, he is wrong. the fact is, it was not lobby. it was a legal proceeding in
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the fda. >> reporter: the cargo airline association says cargo pilots do not need the rest. >> they fly only half of the time that passenger pie lots do. a different model. >> reporter: not so says bob. >> flying the same equipment, landing on the same airports, flying over the same neighborhoods. >> reporter: back to you. >> the ntsb investigation into the alabama crash did find pilot fatigue was a facture but concluded it was due to poor personal time management on the time of the crews, not hours of service. a union filed suit against the faa. a final decision is pending. >> that is a good record. we had a few echoes show up off shore today. you can see that at the beginning of the loop. a few showers developing right at the beginning of the loop. it happens as the day wears on.
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this hour, nothing out there. out of the way. not going to effect us. we just -- we look live out there towards the sin mas, 580, concord, 45 degrees. livermore, 47, oakland, 51 degrees, san francisco, 58, san skwroes a50 degrees. out the door tomorrow morning, -- san jose 50 degrees. out the door tomorrow morning, the same sunshine we had today. not a bad finish. a weak high pressure system over the state. weak for us, but we are getting an off shore flow in the bay area. winds not gusting up here. we saw in los angeles they are really getting santa ana winds down there. causing them problems, for us, low pressure moving closer to the shoreline. tracking farther to the east, a chance of rain to the bay area late on tuesday and in the day for the rest of the day on wednesday. it looks wet but it is not a washer. it is going to be in the vicintiy of the same amount that we had in the previous systems, half an inch to an inch, not a big rainmaker,
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better than nothing. and on wednesday. in terms of the next 24 hours, you can see the sunrise tomorrow. looks pretty good. the high clouds coming in. late tomorrow afternoon, filler in over the bay area tomorrow night. increasing sunshine tomorrow and increasing temperatures as well. so, it will be fair and mild tomorrow. but, more clouds on tuesday. that will set the stage for a chance of rain bebeginning late on tuesday in the north bay. for the rest of the bay area, on wednesday. and, again, half an inch about max. there is the headline for much of the rest of the country. over the seattle, cold, 15, minus up there in north dakota. 45 degrees in dallas. didn't you say your friend said it was snowing in dallas? >> yes. >> it is cold out there terror for this time of the year. 45 degrees in santa rosa. 49 for san rafael, 49 at livermore. chillily. that is the heatwave out east. forecast highs tomorrow, on the balmy side. 71 in san jose. 71 in 69. 68 for concord.
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down in the south bay tomorrow, looking at readings mostly in the upper 60s, a few low 70s in san jose and morgan hill, 68 degrees. 66 at union city. out on the east bay, late in the day, high clouds, 65 in pleasant hill and 66 degrees in vallejo. now, 70 in santa rosa. 67 for petaluma. 64 degrees in the bay and as we head up into the far north bay, 65 degrees and 70 degrees at clover dale. extended forecast, looking for mostly sunny skies on monday, tuesday, partly cloudy, then we get rain. over spreading the bay area late on tuesday and right into wednesday. then thursday, we get a break, here is something rare, another dose of rain coming out of bay area for the first time ney long time, just in time for the week -- first time in a long time, just in time for the
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weekend. get your weather on the go. it is now available for the iphone and android phones, search kpix in the ap p store on google play. if the troops can not come home for the holidays, the holidays will go home to them. tonight, the bay area workers sending cheer overseas and the number one item soldiers are asking for, you might be surprised. it if at first you don't succeed, you know the saying, try, try again. a group of boy scouts take another shot at setting up a world breaking water rocket i'm dennis o'donell, coming up, 49ers were in the football game but not without drama. why a linebacker took a seat in the second quarter. the warriors try for their best start.
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that and a lot more coming up next on "gameday." ,,,,,,,,,,
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troops overseas. our john ramos on some of t tems in those ca a group of volunteers got together to show holiday cheer oversees. some of the most popular items in the care packages. >> in san jose, the action was not on the field or even in the stands. it was in the tunnels that people were scoring for the
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home team. >> okay. >> a group called operation care and comfort took over the home of the giants, to collect donations and box up christmas packages for military members serving overseas. there were snacks, toiletries and the important item for a soldier. >> baby wipes are the best. baby wipes, that is it. that is for sure. >> reporter: if there is one thing that was not in short supply, it was candy. >> it is so much. like a river. >> it is not hard to get donations. but, those that served overseas say it is not just a gift. they are a reminder. >> so far away from home that this is like the next batch of home. makes you feel like home again. >> reporter: they will no doubt be a welcomed treat from those far from home. that is until the real
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christmas wish of every military family can be answered. in san jose, kpix5. >> and still ahead, the big appearance u2 had to postpone all because bono fell offs his bike? - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it.
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the u-2 frontman -- fell ofs bike in new york's central k today. he hurt his arm so badly, he needs surgery. u-2 was supposed to be the e band on 'the tonight show bono fell offs his bike in new york today. had he hurt his arm so badly he needs surgery. they were supposed to be the band on "the tonight show" but the band will be rescheduled. this is the second scare for him in the last four days. on wednesday, the luggage compartment door fell off of his private jet. the plane, though, landed safely. >> they called him bono because of cher. now, et made thousands on ebay for one new mexico city. good sound for those who remember sonno bono.
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now, it is a legend attari buried the game there because the game was a flop. the city auctioned them off. >> it seemed like every 7-10 minutes it went up $1,000. so, it was just instantly, $24, 25, 26 and kept on going. beyond what we expected. >> some of them are now in rome for an attari gig exhibit. there is a documentary made on the treasure hunt and the landfill. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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