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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 24, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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,,,,,, grand jury in ferguson, misi has reached a decision.. on whethe some breaking news at noon -- the grand jury in ferguson, missouri reached a decision on whether a white police officer will be indicted for the death
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of an unarmed black teenager. the shooting sparked protests all over the country and today officers are bracing for the worst. good afternoon. >> an announcement is expected any moment on whether to charge officer darren wilson for shooting michael brown. barricades are in place outside the courthouse preparing for any protests that may arise. >> i have expectations that things will go well. that things will be peaceful. that they will be orderly. >> dozens of protesters held peaceful demonstrations near st. louis last night. missouri's governor declared a state of emergency last week, a move that has been criticized for adding to the tension. here's a live look over uc berkeley where students are beginning a walkout to protest the proposed tuition hikes. they've already occupied wheeler hall on campus for several days now. the march that is just starting today will move through downtown, with stops at berkeley high and city college.
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the students say they will keep protesting until the uc tuition increases are scrapped. the hikes go into effect and takes pairs end up paying part of the bill. taxpayers. as tuition goes up so does taxpayer-funded finance aid. the number for cal grants rose even as the university budget was cut during the recession. governor brown who opposes the new hikes reminded the minded regents about that last week. the panda boston bound? or is he? >> dennis o'donnell joins us with more on pablo sandoval's new deal. your sources were telling you last week this deal was close? >> i thought it was close and it seems to be headed in that direction. i don't know if it's going to change. certainly could. there's no john hancock on the dotted line but pablo's camp said last week there was a 90% chance of him going to boston. that appears to be the case though the red sox haven't officially announced the deal.
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according to john haman, sports insider, a credible baseball reporter. the red sox and sandoval agreed to a $100 million deal. that us more than the giants original offer though i was told the giants would counter. larry er says he hasn't heard that a deal was done. >> no response from the agent in terms of a decision. we've made multiple offers and we're hopeful to bring him back. >> pablo will reportedly join another big name free agent, ramirez in a blockbuster deal from austin. pablo sandoval is the most popular giants third baseman in san francisco history. if he gets a fourth ring it appears he will have to come in another city. >> how about pablo's relationship with the giants? is it good? in i think he felt slighted because of the weight issues and during the contract negotiations last spring.
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to me the giants had after exclusive window following the world series to negotiate only with pablo sandoval. if the giants really wanted a deal and pablo really wanted to stay in san francisco it seems to me they would have got that deal done. they didn't. >> the fans are going to be disappointed. ryan talked to fans at the ballpark. for many he's already a former giant. the sox signing apparently has polarized panda fans. ryan? >> reporter: that's right. a lot of mixed feelings. some upset, frustrated, some understanding, they get it. they say that, well, pablo deserves a lot of money and this is a competitive process and he deserves to try and get that money. but a lot of folks, they don't want to believe that the deal is done. you heard dennis there talking about how it is not completely signed or a done deal. what i found interesting in the team store -- there's only one rack of pablo sandoval number 48 jerseys inside.
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no panda hats inside. that may not mean anything but looks like the team is waiting to see how this free agency period plays out. pablo has been a vital part of the giants' three rings in a five-year run. reactions vary from understanding to concerned about who will man that hot corner next year. >> just devastated. devastated. like no! not pablo! >> money still prevails. he has to do what is best for himself. this may be his one chance for a big payout. >> he hit three home runs in the world series. i don't know what it's going to be like without him. >> reporter: that 10-year-old brian from antioch, he says pablo is his 5-day forecast player. was his favorite player. now he's crushed. poor kid. he says his next favorite player? next in line? joe panuc. >> he will be around for a
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while. secretary of defense chuck hagel is quitting after a rky tenure. heed to next to the president today. rocky tenure. >> it's been the greatest privilege of my life. to lead and most important to serve. >> mr. obama reportedly asked him to resign on friday. administration officials say part of the reason is the need for someone with a different skill set who is better equipped to wage war against the islamic state group in both iraq and syria. new at noon -- police are investigating a murder in downtown san francisco. police got a call around 9:30 this morning. the event found a body on the sidewalk on the first block of sutter street. police believe foul play was involved though they are not yet talking about the evidence supporting that. investigators are looking for two suspects in a home invasion at cupertino earlier today. a 911 call came in before 5:00 a.m. from a house on garden gate drive yelling and screaming could be heard in the background there. authorities say two black males
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entered the house, one brandished a gun. they stole money and slipped out a back door. sheriffs' deputies arrived. so far no arrests. for the second time a barely 3 months, san francisco police are investigating the murder in the boze triangle area. just after 12:30 this morning a group of five men approached three men. the victim was robbed of a cell phone, wallet, backpack, shot in the torso. and died on the way to the hospital. police have not provided the identity of the victim yet. the death follows the murder of another man just two blocks away back in august. developing news -- the chp says driver fatigue may have played a role in a deadly tour us about crash in shasta county. one passenger killed, dozens injured when the bus ran off i- 5 and overturned north of reading yesterday. five people remain hospitalized. this passenger is one of the fortunate ones. >> he may have fallen asleep a little bit.
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i'm not sure. i don't know. a man lost his life. >> a little earlier in the day on the same trip the bus hit a denny's restaurant. that mishap took a chunk off the side of the roof. gearing up for the holidays can be tough for some families. how the 49ers are helping one food bank make sure everyone gets a little holiday cheer. >> you're looking at one of the most vulgar phrases in the vietnamese language and it's on a california license plate. how did that happen? >> the very busy holiday week ahead. a lot of folks doing traveling. we got sun, a little rain in the forecast, that's coming up.
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a driver we spotted in east san jose is going to have to get a new license plate. >> only on 5 this afternoon, kit explains why. >> one of the foulest and most vulgar phrases in the vietnam languages -- it means blank your mother. if you have trouble visualizing that here's help from the dmv. we spotted this license plate san jose. the i should be a y but you get the idea. the driver claimed it was an innocent phrase and we played along. >> what does your license plate mean? >> it's a -- means i love your mom. >> really? >> reporter: we showed it around san jose. >> my gosh. >> reporter: home to more than 130,000 vietnamese people. more than any other city in the country. >> terrible. very terrible. >> reporter: reaction ran the gamut from disgust to high
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fives. >> mamai? >> i said to myself wow, how could anybody miss this? >> you speak vietnamese? >> yes. >> so therefore if you have someone that doesn't speak that language and they are trying to figure it out you can see the difficulty there is, in understanding some of those words. >> reporter: a representative from dmv joined us via skype from the sacramento headquarters. when it comes to personalized license plates the department gets 500 application as day. drivers must explain and justify the meaning of the phrase and researchers check it across 150 languages. using special dictionaries, on- line translators, even the white house's drug lingo database to weed out hidden references. when they slip through the department relies on public complaints. >> you saw one in fact in the san jose area and you notified the dmv. it's people like you that help us make sure that the license plates that are out there are
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acceptable. to society as a whole. >> reporter: the dmv errs on the side of caution. for example a firefighter who uses the jaws of life to cut victims from wrecks was denied "account you out" because it's a gang term for murder. and the infamous "i love tofu," denied because it can be read as "i love to f-u." some are recalled every year. this one included. back in san jose the dmv has begun the process to recall that offensive plate. >> you know what is amazing about that story? they were coming home from a san jose football game with a couple of people from channel 5, whoa! and pulled out their video camera. >> i see license plates and try to figure them out but i wouldn't know that. >> good eye. >> neat story.
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we have interesting weather coming our way. we have a lot of sunshine now. i think temperatures are going to be running above the average looking at a gorgeous afternoon, sunshine out over the bay and the temperatures warming up with an off-shore wind so looking good now. up to 64 in livermore. 61 san francisco. and san jose and also santa rosa. 63 in concord. these numbers going to be warming up nicely all over the bay area today, above the averages. we're going to see plenty of hazy sunshine. tonight it's going to be clear and cold again inland. some overnight lows dropping off in the 30s. then the possibility of rain making a return as we look toward the weekend. these temperatures running above the average today. usually in the low to about the mid-60s this afternoon. we're looking at 68 oakland. that is 7 degrees above the average there. 68 in san jose. 68 degrees in livermore. so running a little warm and probably even warmer toward tomorrow afternoon. see that huge dome of high pressure building in. sending any threat of rain well to the north. that will keep us dry for now. maybe just a shower or two in
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eureka. that is about it. much of the state looking good. 60s in the central valley. looking nice and clear overnight tonight. i think the skies are going to stay clear from fog. we'll see the off-shore winds, traveling from the land of the sea and will sweep away low clouds and fog. sunshine coming our way and even warmer tomorrow. 70 in fairfield today. 68 livermore. 68 oakland. 66 san francisco. overnight lows on the chilly side. your sunset time, 4:53. sunrise 7:01. as we look toward the next few days, a lot of folks traveling around and well, a good week to do plenty of sunshine coming our way. mid-70s by tomorrow afternoon. then we'll cool down, a few clouds but staying dry thursday. then here comes the rain on saturday and sunday. >> a nice thanksgiving. the turkey looks happy. this is kind of cool, give
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a turkey, get an autograph. that was the deal at the san jose food bank set up for 49er fans. >> as turkeys piled up outside second harvest food bank so did the line. in exchange for a turkey or donation, there was a little meet and greet. >> it's a time of giving. i always said if i was in a position where i could give back to the the community i would and that is what it is all about. people less fortunate than i am, just want to give a helping hand. >> it's a win/win, second harvest set a goal to collect 13,000 turkeys this holiday season. we made a promise to get to college no matter what but lives in a home with 17 other people and just getting enough to eat can be a big challenge. how this richmond student is rising above. >> we want to invital you pet lovers, send your questions about their health and well being. or our facebook
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page. you'll get an answer every friday here at noon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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okay buddy, what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too. these cutie tangerines are out of this world. delicious and small and called
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cuties because they are so small. they are cute. when you buy them they should have nice color all the way around. if you buy them individually make sure they are heavy. that means they are packed with juice and that pulp. when you bring them home always store them on the counter, never store citrus of any kind in the refrigerator. these cuties are easy to peel. the juice that comes out of them is incredible. look at this. look at that. no seeds. this is what i call something that is so refreshing and so good for you. loaded with vitamin c, other vitamins we need. cutie tangerines in the markets. hold on a second -- mmm. i get the whole bag. ciao, everybody. >> i always see them, never buy them. but they are good. >> i could eat a bag in one sitting. it's a must-have for students getting to college these days. computers. >> yes, but most of our students rising above can't
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afford one. wendy shows us the unbelievable way one richmond high student with a near perfect gpa and no computer gets his homework done. >> reporter: antonio gons less -- gonzalez was a little boy web he promised his grandfather he would go to college but you have to see him at home to really understand what that takes. he lives at his grandmother in richmond with 16 others, sharing a bedroom with his sister and mother. >> 17 people in one house. it's really hard to actually -- there's days where there's nothing to eat. >> reporter: for a serious student there was another problem. finding a quiet place to study. he always starts with math homework. his best subject. so easy for him that the background noise doesn't bother him. here he helps his little sister with her math too.
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>> is it positive or negative? >> but when he really needs to concentrate anthony shows us how he does his homework. in their room at night, waits until his mother and sister are asleep. then he uses the flashlight app on his cell phone to see. >> i usually do my homework, sometimes all the way until 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. >> he has no functioning computer at home. so he uses the ones at school. often in the library or the college center. >> when there's projects or research a lot of teachers find that he has to essentially work at lunch, after school. that's his only option. >> reporter: his teachers can see the work ethic. counting his advanced placement classes anthony has a 4.0 gpa. >> he's a thinker. he's a kid that is constantly asking questions. that is a kid that needs to be
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in college. >> reporter: but during after- school tutoring something else is evident. >> he would always ask for food. even days he didn't come to my specific tutoring he would ask me for food. >> when there's no food at home, i wait until the next day so i can go to school and actually eat breakfast. >> reporter: then there's that promise. >> every time i am ready to throw in the towel i remember the promise i told my grandfather. >> reporter: a new motivation. anthony says if he finishes college he'll be in a better position to support his family. >> students right now students rising above is launching a computer loner program to help students get through program. to donate go to to donate. reminder, if you've got a consumer problem or question call our hotline.
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volunteers are standing by. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on whether to ch updating our breaking news at noon -- a grand jury in missouri reached a decision on whether to charge officer darren wilson for shooting unarmed teenager michael brown. we just learned that announcement will come this
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evening and we'll have the latest on local reactions coming up at 5:00 and of course you can always keep updated on our web site, one last check of weather. big holiday week and we're looking nice and smooth for thanksgiving? >> a little dense fog in the central valley but i think around the bay area lots of sunshine coming our way. temperatures well above the average, mid-70s on tuesday and wednesday. on thanksgiving a little cooler, then a rainy weekend. ,,
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>> caroline: i'm sorry. ex-- excuse me? >> rick: i need you. we've -- we've hurt each other enough. if our wedding vows mean anything to you... we can make this work. we can get back to what i -- to what i almost threw away. caroline. this is what you want?


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