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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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matter on kp i x5 news this morning. good morning everyone i'm michelle. >> and i'm brian. do you believe it's december now? >> already. >> it is 6 in the morning and it is wet in spots this morning. going to get wetter. here's roberta. >> just to be on the safe side carry an umbrella. you can see where we have hit or miss scattered showers. a cell continued pretty moderate rain fall at this time. liver more a calm wind with relative humidity at 93% and air temperature at 51, pockets of heavy fog and currently in the mid 50s in san francisco, 51 degrees in san jose going up toll a high of 68 degrees. scattered showers but overnight tonight start to see pockets of
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heavy rain into the bay area through tuesday into wednesday also prompting a chance of an isolated scattered thunderstorms very windy conditions as well. possible thunderstorm thursday friday and saturday before partial clearing on sunday. check the wind shield wipers and what else. >> starting on a rough note. a number of incidents came in within the last ten minutes so i'll quickly break them down. first if you are traveling in oakland westbound 1 at 580 an accident involving a couple cars according to the traffic. it's in the clearing stages slowing already on 24 mr. right around children's hospital. if you are heading to the bay bridge toll plaza it's beginning to fill in so you are stacked up there in the cash and fast track lanes and a car fire on westbound 80 in
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richmond. a little sluggish from it. we have fire crews passing by. westbound 84 mid span of the dunbar bridge an over turned accident. fortunately traffic is able to get by without much of a delay all the way to the park but a heads up as they continue to block lanes that could cause delays later on and in the san jose area another accident again all these coming in right around the same time this one blocking one lane and it is causing a traffic jam from just beyond the 210, 680 interchange. that's your latest suddenly busy drive to work. back to you guys. the four day thanksgiving weekend was a let down for retailers in the u.s. the national retail federation says more than 113 million people shopped at stores and on line down more than 5% from last year. total spending from thursday through sunday is expected to be down 11% from 2013.
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as for today it is cyber monday the big on line shopping day and kit doe has more live from his dining room in san jose. hi kit. >> hi michelle those numbers are down but they are still huge. stoppers expected to spend $2.5 billion today and here's another eye popping number, 131 million people will be getting on line to guy stuff from various websites one out of every three americans so the folks at retail me say to research the deals first and look for deeper discounts in consumer electronics and health and beauty. a couple tips to stay safe while you are shopping on line. make sure the site is secure and protect your pass words and credit card numbers. do not allow your browser to store them and make sure ant
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virus software is up to date. log out of each web account once you are done shopping and if you can opt in for two step over fiction it's a bit a pain but totally worth it. >> is wifi okay? >> you are going to want to avoid public wifi when you are using your phone. switch it back to cellar coverage, shop with that. it's a lot more secure than public wifi. live in san jose kit doe. president obama is going to meet with his cabinet civil rights leaders and law enforcement officers regarding the situation situation in ferguson missouri after darren wilson resigned after death threats to him and other police officers. more now from suzanne mcginnis. >> in states across the country called for justice for slain teenagers michael brown continue even after ferguson police officer darren wilson resigned. >> his resignation doesn't mean
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anything to me. the purpose for him resigning was him not to bring peace but there was no way after what he had done. >> forced a dizzy interstate to shut down. protestors in new york raised their voices as well a week after the grand jury decided not to indict wilson. five st. louis rams players struck the hand up don't shoot posture before yesterday's game angering st. louis police who said it is unthinkable that hometown athletes would per pet ate einartive that has been disproven. president obama meets to discuss ways to build trust between police and the communities they serve. >> brown's family attorney says changes must begin immediately in ferguson. >> we need to get police officers who care about trying
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to have a relationship with the community. >> on sunday ferguson's mayor out lined new incentives to bring african americans into the police station. today will be a new meeting of a ferguson commission in missouri to discuss problems that ended up in the spotlight after the shooting of michael brown. san francisco police are trying to find a man who opened fire on a busy street in a north beach neighborhood yesterday afternoon and gunfire shattered windows at buster's cheese steak. the gunman was in a car when a pedestrian started yelling racial slurs at him. the driver pistol whipped a pedestrian and gun went off. >> he started yelling at him and called him [bleep] and then he whacked his car and just as he did that i said roy you are going to get yourself killed and the guy gets out of his car and pops a cap off.
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>> the victim has been treated for his injuries and is out of the hospital. the suspect was last seen driving away in a stolen gray mazda. more on the way later in the week and roberta has details later in a few mind. we are seeing some of the usual problems. ryan is in san francisco with a problem. what's the latest. >> here we go again the clean up right here. you see the wood chipper. they cut down a tree about 50 feet tall now about 15 feet tall on columbus avenue on in north beach. crews cleared to the side of the street but they continue to be a problem. the city has it's hands full trying to clear these trees so expect more of these to fall in the weeks and months ahead. the entire bay area is bracing for another big rain tomorrow. joe's taco lounge is ready for
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the rain. they showed us hoses a pump and sand bags they repaired. a huge pile of towels as well. >> there's problems with the storm drain on the corner so every year when it rains these two businesses flood. >> this weekend and the overnight trees that fell down all happened without much wind so with more wind expected tomorrow and wednesday it's likely we'll see more situations like this by the way no injuries or any property damage reported with this overnight tree falling down. it happened at about 4 this morning. >> all right ryan. it costs from a few hundred to over $1,000 to clear a tree and the city has to replace the one that came down. happening today yet another construction detour could cause traffic head aches in san francisco. 4th street between harrison and bryant streets will be closed for the next three months to
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accommodate work on the central subway an $82 million light rail project. crews will be tunneling in that area through february. happening today an event to mark world aids day on multiple continents has been happening every year since 1988 focused on prevention and treatment. at noon actress judeit light and others will be recognized for their help. a tree of hope will be ilium nateed at gray's cathedral and apple is donating a portion of every sale today in the global fund to fight aids that clause transactions at retail out lets and on line. the superior court is taking it's first look at the limits of free speech and social media. how the ruling could change what we post on facebook. it's going to be another one two punch and we are tracking the next two storms heading this way straight
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ahead. and unfortunately they issued a traffic alert for this over turn accident on the dunbar bridge. the latest latest on this and a couple of other crashes slowing your ride. we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share advice by e-mailing or tweeting me and watch right here to see if your question gets answered on air.
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] the u-s supreme court is ta up a good morning no airport delays at this particular time. the airport running on time but sfo reported 55 minute delays
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on some arriving flights. the u.s. superior court is taking up a case on what people post on social media sites. a pennsylvania man post on facebook including violent rap lyrics include killing up his estranged wife and shooting up a school. he was only kidding but convicted and sentenced to prison. whether the posts were threats or free speech. >> if you know that the person you are talking about is going to be placed in fear at that point it becomes criminal. the key is whether he knew they were frightening and said them anyway. >> threats are not just words and it's not true words can never hurt. threats like that are terrorizing. a federal appeals court rejected the claim the comments were protected under the first amendment and will hear the case today. a mudslide covering the coast near mall busier.
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one point about a dozen vehicles were marooned. the drivers had to get out and hike out. what a nice site they had to hike from. that area was damaged by fire and contributed to the slide on sunday. also a small mudslide blocking part of southbound and mud and dirt across the slow lane just before the tunnel placed very prone to rock slide. here's a look at san francisco international right now. passengers coped with long lines yesterday and today because of the weather and rain area and a wintery mix in the mountains the two major hubs of denver and chicago. elizabeth is covering a traffic alert right now. >> we were hoping this accident would clear quickly but there are injuries and they have to get several people out of one of these vehicles happening on
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the dunbar bridge so they went ahead and ascheed the traffic alert because they expect delays unfortunately so all this is happening into the memo park area and can see some slow downs. eastbound 84 looks okay. it's not effected at this time but that accident does not sound like a good one and right around the same time we had a couple of others including this one in san jose. all is clear northbound 101 approaching oakland road. look at the delays we've got a traffic jam right now heading into san jose. it's backed up in the northbound lanes so that's worse than usual even though all lanes are clear to the right hand shoulder. we are hearing this should be cleared to the shoulder as well. westbound 24 right around the 580 interchange but it is backed up to highway 13 on 24 so this is backed up beyond
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children's hospital. if you are heading to the bay bridge in oakland you will get stuck for awhile. slick roadways are not happening no heavy rain coming down but enough to cause a few hot spots out the door. this is a live look at the bridge approach. northbound is okay but watching a stalled big regular not effecting traffic coming through near the oakland coliseum and heading into downtown. that is your latest drive to work. we've had one storm after another. here's roberta with your forecast. >> another good punch to come. today a bat down the hatches. we have a little bit of light activity on the coast side and now one of these has moved on shore just shy of highway 101. it would be advisable to carry the umbrella today. mostly cloudy conditions and a scattered shower out the door into the 50s and liver more the winds are calm humidity 93% so
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visibility a quarter a mile due to areas of heavy fog. we do have pretty betterren shall downfall over the next couple much days. today is a between day a bit of a break all of monday a scattered light showers and then the area of low pressure that's going to tap into a tropical moisture and lift right into the bay area and computer model residence suggesting between tuesday and wednesday night five full inches of rain. watch future cast this time tomorrow we are going to see a heavy down pour pretty much along the sea shore lifting up in a northeaster fashion and that's going to be the scenario all tuesday. here's the evening commute that looks like a frontal band and here we come the area of low pressure the low itself will open up over the bay area on wednesday pouring one to two inches of rain in the north bay and five inches of rain in the
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mountains. this means two feet of snow above 7,000 neat the high sierra but let's back it up. today we will have a break in activity into the 60s and low 00s. meanwhile 71 disagrees your outside number in gill roy. tomorrow a threat of a thunderstorm through wednesday southeast winds to 30 or 40 ailingerring shower possible thursday through saturday so we can do it together. all you have to do is get the bay weather app. check out condition that's your neighborhood and get real-time radar, search kp i x and dow load the bay area weather app available for iphone and and reid. stale head miami heat gain wade returned to the basketball court. how his wife stole his post game interview. reveal what she thought about it next. good morning the warriors are approaching franchise history and the raiders almost
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reached franchise history but not in a good bay. up next. and what is cool about your school? you can e-mail your nomination to us at cool schools at kp i and we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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experience the revolution of coffee. good morning. the raiders were hoping for a second straight win yesterday. that hope ended when the first second ticked off the clock in st. louis. tony is not going to want anything to do with this video tape. oakland committed five turnovers and the rams scored touchdowns on their first five possession possessions to win 52-0. it's the worst loss since
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the kennedy administration. the warriors had all the right moves on their five game road trip. golden state beat detroit 104- 19. that's two off the record. the bears went down to fresno picking up their fifth win of of the year 54-57. they gave upseason high 87 and the blue demons beat stanford 87-72. finally the dogs against. zack glover comes up with the loose ball races the other way usf beats minnesota 76-57 to wrap up their trip to orlando so all the jim harbaugh rumors he's going to get traded to oakland or the jets get ready for a long week. the raiders play the 49ers this up coming weekend. have a great day. time for the play of the
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day from the nba the orlando magic at phoenix third quarter action. >> threw it off the glass and dumps it in. >> we thought he traveled too. that was gerald green with the play. in the end the magic won 93-90. they don't call traveling anymore. the miami heat back from an injury and scored 27 points in his team's win. >> his post game interview was interrupted by his wife. >> guys ain't played with me in awhile. >> it was okay. a hamstring pull, wow. yeah. to come back with 27 points. we are going to talk about the free throws later. >> she took control half interview. i don't think he's critiquing her movies right? >> i don't think so.
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they make a beautiful couple. >> he keeps his mouth shut. >> he let's her go. puppies left for dead in the trash get a second chance. how an animal shelter nursed the puppies back to health. that wet weather continues to cause a mess in san francisco. we'll give you an up close look at the clean up ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm kit doe live in san jose it is cyber monday. are you shopping on line? of course you are. amazon is giving uspeek inside
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the warehouse robots. pretty cool. lawmakers are not wasting any time. lawmakers to extend coverage to undocumented immaterial grants. an inch of rain and greater amounts heading this way. we'll track the storm together. unfortunately a few hot spots outside the door right now. an over turn crash. all the latest details coming up. good morning believe it or not it's december 1, monday now at 630. i'm in for frank. >> and i'm mesh. time now 630 get right to roberta with a look at the weather. >> it is pecking up a scattered shower here and there for monday morning. good morning everyone heading out doors right now we do have light precipitation all the way in towards the area and also right there you see along highway 1 and trying to make it's way towards the valley.
6:31 am
justice a scattered shower in the forecast today. right now heavy fog in liver more 50 degrees through pleasanton and fremont into the mid 50s across the bay and later today mostly cloudy a scattered shower internal certainly possible day time high 60s to the low 70s which is mild for the first day of a brand new month. heavy rain moving into the bay area on tuesday and wednesday with gusty winds up to 30 miles per hour. an isolated shower or thunderstorm is possible. ringerring shower is possible thursday through saturday e. we do have partial clearing through saturday eight but right now ryan is in south san francisco and fallen trees being taken out of the way. >> that's right. brief break right here for crews. they were feeding the wood chipper but you can see the
6:32 am
truck is full so they are waiting for a co-worker to bring them another truck. they've been feeding the wood chipper with limbs and branches they cut down. the tree fell at 4:00 a.m. and came crashing down on columbus avenue here in north beach. crews cleared the side of the treat but top heavy trees continue to be a problem. the city has it's hands full trying to clear the 40 to 50- year-old trees more in the weeks and months ahead. the city is scrambling but it doesn't have the resources. it costs from a few hundred to over $1,000 to clear a tree and the city has to replace it with another tree. it all comes as the bay area is bracing for another big round of rain tomorrow. joe's taco lounge is ready. joe's manager tells us he's stock piled towels. back here live as this huge
6:33 am
pile of tree limbs and branches is still waiting for the other truck. expect it to take once they get that truck maybe another 30 minutes or so. they've been hard at work at this since 5 this morning. the call became came in a little bit before that. ryan. we are watching a traffic alert this morning. if there's one bridge you want to avoid it's the dunbar bridge. there's been an over turn accident and it's taking awhile for them to clear it there. were injuries reported as well all happening in the westbound lanes so at least one lane is blocked and traffic is get agday reclaiming worse by the minute. it is almost stacked up clear to the toll plaza and the bridge would be a good one. it's sluggish in southbound 880 but across the span of westbound and eastbound 82 so far it looks pretty clear to the peninsula. here's a live look at our sensors northbound 101. an earlier crash has messed up
6:34 am
the commute here as well. it is really heavy all the way out to old oakland road the scene of ther accident and if you are traveling mobile 2 sent a unit on westbound 24 approaching 580 the account is cleared to the shoulder but there's a lot of debris out there stacked up clear to broadway. that's your latest busy drive to work. back to you guys. elizabeth thank you. police investigating a body found at an aquatic park. officers got a call after 1:00 p.m. yesterday found a body of a middle age man at a park south of interstate 80. looking to whether foul play was involved. so far they are calling this is a suspicious death. today is cyber monday a day they try to entice people with
6:35 am
sales. they expect $2.5 billion to be spent on line today. thanksgiving weekend when retail spending was down from last year. meanwhile one of the world's biggest on line retailers is increase increasing it's use of robots this season. leave in san jose where it looks like the on line cyber shopping has begun and i love the socks by the way. >> yeah you know it has begun in our house for sure. in the past two years amazon has been quietly refining the use of it's robots. today they pull the curtain back and give us a really good look how the technology works. the way it worked before is workers would walk up and down the items pulling items from the shelves and now the shelves come to them. >> at this fulfillment center in tracy california more than 3,000 of them cruise the floor. >> a little orange robot goes
6:36 am
out and brings the pod of inventory back just at the right time for the person to put it in the shipment. >> it can lift up to 750 pounds. they have motion sensors and can travel between three and four miles an hour. the robot's small footprint allows it to squeeze 50% more inventory into the warehouse and improved efficiency by 20%. the process starts when products arrive by the truck load. >> in this new generation fulfillment center we have associates taking products off the carts and and putting them onto the shelves moved by the robots. >> then they retrieve the item when someone places an order an then hand picked to be shorted packed and shipped. while some may worry about it taking away from humans amazon insists that's not it.
6:37 am
>> it's about helping people not replacing people. >> so far 10 of the 50 have integrated with the robots. >> that fulfillment center in tracy at it's peak can ship up to 700,000 items per day. they can push it up to 1.5 million items a day with the help of those robots. >> amazon can say that but people used to help people do their jobs and now it's robots so it's a problem to suggest it's not going to cost jobs but all that being said does this mean that people who are choosing clicks over bricks can put their orders in later now because of the efficiency. >> yes to that first point you made they say by using this technology they can expand and push sales even higher and you still need humans to satisfy some of those orders so by
6:38 am
using robots they can increase the number of jobs they need for the human side as far as increasing the--decreasing the delivery time. right now the cutoff is at noon for same day. they think increasing technology they can push that deadline back a couple hours early remember late afternoon for those same day deliveries. it's a big day at the state capital the first day of the new legislative session both the senate and assembly plan to meet at noon newly members will be sworn in democrat and republican from the east bay. one of the first bills introduced when the new legislature goes to work in sack meant joe aimed at health insurance. it's called the health for all act by long beach state senator. one reason his proposal stalled was a lack of funding and plans
6:39 am
to address that in the proposal. the driver license processing center on center road will only deal with driver's license transactions. the 32,000 square foot office features 40 touch screen exam term nationals. today in san francisco a letter written to jack by his friend in 1950 after reading it he set aside an early draft of on the road and reworked into a style similar to the letter that marked the beginning of what came to be known as beat literature. the letter goes up for auction later this month. a litter of abandoned puppies have a new lease on life. >> they were found in a trash bin in suzanneville. i will give anybody a dollar if they have ever been to suzanneville. since volunteers have been
6:40 am
nursing those seven puppies back to health and now the prognosis for them is good. they are believed to be a lab minute and will be put up for adoption. >> very cute and you owe roberta a dollar. >> you've been there? >> yeah. >> oh my god. who is taking over as president of the board of supervisors today and why it's a significant transition. whether your favorites are thin mints it just got easier to order your favorite girl scout cookie. the new technology ensuring you get your cookies before they sell out. and taking a quick check on the board the dow is off to 1775 and pocket change. we'll get an update from jason brooks after the break. and we want to invite all you pet lovers to send us questions about their health or well being and we'll have the
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pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon.
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scout cookies anymore. starting this good monday morning it's a brand new month and very a brand new forecast today with mostly cloudy skies and temperatures unseason burglary mild for this time of year. sunnyvale 69 degrees there today with a scattered shower possible and 71 degrees in gill roy. wrap it around to the eastern portion high temperatures in the 60s winds non existent and mostly cloudy sky. carry and umbrella to be on the safe side. then as we begin to head towards the city by the bay the city of san francisco you have mostly cloudy conditions today with rain overnight tonight. >> you don't have to find a girl scout to buy girl scout
6:45 am
cookies anymore. you can order them on line. the new program is called digital cookie. they'll still sell in person outside the stores. a lot of shop owners are disappointed about the results of the thanksgiving shopping season. >> good morning. a bit a dud for the first big holiday shopping weekend of the year. still plenty of people out there but expectations are higher this year. sales over that four day period fell 11% from a year ago to just under $51 billion. fewer people actually hitting stores and on line compared to last year as well. com scores says on line shopping did increase up 32% to thanksgiving and 26% higher on black friday to $1.5 billion but that slower start to the shopping season is impacted. a number of stocks in local
6:46 am
merchants like gap, williams and son chroma all falling 1% adding pressure overall on wall street. let's look at the big board. dow lowered by nearly 60 points nasdaq by 32 s&p by 10 points. lower gas prices under $3 a gallon in the bay area for the first time in a long time oil prices dropped on friday to the lowest level in over four and a half years. you can expect them to keep dropping in the next couple of weeks. back to you guys. >> thanks. and elizabeth is following a traffic alert now. >> we are still. dunbar bridge a big hot spot right now traffic alert in effect westbound 84 and traffic continues to be really bad all cross the span back out from the toll plaza.
6:47 am
a number of hot spots out the door. we can see the back up courtesy of the westbound 24 approaching oakland you can see the traffic jam growing backed up to broadway because of an accident tuesday was closer to 580 but very heavy right now. may have you are heading to the toll plaza you can see the long stretch. 24 is not the approach you want to take right now. if you are headed to the toll plaza it's stacked up. metering lights turned on at 5:39 but once you get onto the bridgeself everything is fine and going through the meter lights pretty quickly. traffic is jammed up behind this and it's not too bad on the bay bridge itself. we've seen a couple of other accidents causing a number of other hot spots. it's still really jammed up past old oakland road so it's a mess right now trying to come
6:48 am
into an jose. 880 is fine. 101 near sfo looks good and oakland airport approaching 11 everything looks great and continues to move out well by high street. the new airport extension to oakland airport everything is on time more than 50 trains so problem free. remember that's the latest from here. roberta very busy this morning tracking another storm. >> we call that mobile weather where we do have delays up to 55 minutes on some arriving flights. otherwise no reports of airport delays at oakland international airport and just shy of an hour delay on some arriving flights. currently checking rain drops on the coast side of the city by the bay the city of san francisco right there. we do have light precipitation north of the golden gate bridge
6:49 am
primarily between the valley this is going to be the scenario and so will this. that's our live camera in san francisco. really kind of a day for everybody, some cloud cover, some breaks and also a scattered shower. we are currently in the 50s with pockets of heavy fog and throughout the valley this morning right now the liver more airport reporting a quarter of a mile of visibility. heaviest rain tuesday and wednesday. today is an inbetween day to assess everything around your house and make sure your gutters are cleaned out and heavy rain coming from this right here. we are going to see this area of low pressure tap into tropical moisture the it's going to start raining in the bay area in the overnight hours. watch our future cast. this is your tuesday morning santa cruz mountains and as the day progresses pockets of heavy rain and moisture southeast winds up to 20 and 30 miles per
6:50 am
hour and by the time of area of low pressure opens up over the bay area we could see as much as five null inches in the mountains one to two inches in the north bay and two feet of snow winter weather watch in effect for the greater lake tahoe area. temperature wise 60s and 70s. this is unseason burglary mild for this time of year. we will have a lingering shower thursday friday and saturday. partial clearing will occur by sunday. >> sounds good. big change on the board of supervisors. katie tang takes over as president the highest city hall president ever won by an asian american and she did it at the age of only 30. >> she not only got a seat at the table, supervisor katie tang heads it. >> i would say if you asked me a month ago i would never have imagined being in this role as
6:51 am
interm board president. >> she's finishing the position. it won't be easy for tang. how she got here rankels some of the veterans who suspect her of a power grab by ordering a vote for his replacement while his chief rival was on vacation. >> i understand where they are coming from but i hope we can still all work together. >> the fact she's the first asian american woman to reach such heights of city hall isn't lost on her. >> that's right. i would say that's an incredible honor and i really do hope that people who are young and growing up in the city can look to it and say maybe i can do they too. >> an incredible achievement for a 30-year-old. she may be the youngest supervisor on the board but she is no rookie. she's already spent eight years
6:52 am
working city hall in the mayor's budget office and a legislative aid for another supervisor. she grew up in the city's sunset district which she represents and affordable housing in her neighborhood is her priority. >> we really need to make sure that san francisco maintains it's core middle class and that is where we've been not paying enough attention to. >> reverend has high hopes for tang. >> if she continues to think about the heart of san francisco versus political opportunity i think she'll do fine. >> already becoming a seasoned political tang is non committal about her future. >> i hope i can bring some peace to this board and just be as fair as possible in that people respect me for that. >> and maybe some day we may call you mayor tang. >> maybe but i don't know yet. >> in san francisco linda. >> supervisor tang will lead
6:53 am
the next three board meetings before members vote for the no one president. she will be a candidate for that position. time now 652 the biggest holiday shopping day of the year. how much shopping internet suffers are projected to do- -surfers are projected to do. i'll look at the clean up as more trees come tumbling down in san francisco. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this holiday season, it's customer appreciation at subway! we're saying thanks with two of your favorite six-inch sandwiches for $2 each! the meatball marinara and the cold cut combo. join our customer appreciation celebration today. subway. eat fresh. find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! and meet with civil rights leaders to discuss tensionsn ferguson, missouri. five things to know at 55. president obama will hold meetings with civil rights leaders to discuss tensions in ferguson missouri. protests have continued nationwide after the decision not to indict police officer darren wilson in the shooting
6:57 am
death of michael brown. he resigned over the weekend. >> the superior court is taking a look at the limits of free speech in social media and will hear a case for pennsylvania who was convicted for making threats against his ex-wife on facebook. he says he was just kidding. ohio state university is in mourning after a football player was found dead. police discovered the body of 22-year-old costa george in a dumpster not far from his apartment. investigators believe he took his own life. his mother says he had several concussions and was worried he was disoriented and in trouble. the thanksgiving weekend was a let down for retailers in the u.s. that's down more than 5% from has year. total spending from thursday through sunday is expected to
6:58 am
be down 11% from 2013. worker proctit could go down today it's cyber monday the biggest on line shopping center of the year. retailers will offer deep discounts and 127 million shoppers plan to shop on line down slightly from last year. >> right live in san francisco where another top heavy tree fell overnight. the city crews have already cut down the branches picking up the pieces waiting for another wood chip o come by because that one is full. crew cleared to the side of the street but these trees continue to be a problem for the city. they have their hands full so expect to see more of these to fall in the weeks and months ahead. the entire bay area is bracing for another big rain tomorrow. joe's lack tack loe lounge in mill valley is ready for the rain. >> pretty much every year when it rains these two businesses
6:59 am
here flood. >> the scariest part about this situation overnight this tree falling there wasn't much remind or rain to speak of. live in san francisco. >> and the right lane remains blocked on the dunbar bridge. get ready for a big back up sending beyond the toll plaza from newark boulevard so if you are looking for an alternative 237 looks okay right now if you are trying to get to the south bay it's sluggish but it looks better than 84. that's the latest from here. >> take a look at this right now a little bit of light rain. otherwise mostly cloudy today scattered showers throughout the day. currently in the 40s and 50s and later today mild in the 60s across the board 1 degrees in oakland. 71 degrees today in gill roy. otherwise rain moving in by this time tomorrow through
7:00 am
wednesday. gusty winds thunderstorms possible. >> there's the dollar. >> have a great day everyone. st. louis police demand an apology from the nfl and rams players after a show of support for the ferguson protests. as millions prepare for cyber monday, an unprecedented new study on toxic and dangerous toys to avoid this holiday season. plus, a hack attack on hollywood, and north korea is being blamed. the new film that has kim jong-un threatening massive retaliation. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> heavy rainfall, right on down to


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