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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 1, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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h wednesday. gusty winds thunderstorms possible. >> there's the dollar. >> have a great day everyone. st. louis police demand an apology from the nfl and rams players after a show of support for the ferguson protests. as millions prepare for cyber monday an unprecedented new study on toxic and dangerous toys to avoid this holiday season. plus, a hack attack on hollywood, and north korea is being blamed. the new film that has kim jong-un threatening massive retaliation. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> heavy rainfall, right on down to southern.
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the biggest rain event you've seen since february. >> a severe storm slams the west coast. >> heavy rains caused a mudslide. >> there's more rain to come. >> today president obama meets with his cabinet and civil rights leaders to discuss the situation in ferguson, missouri. >> meanwhile, a pregame salute by some protesters to rams football players. >> police found the body of missing ohio state football player kosta karageorge. >> big guy, a huge heart. >> the security line at chicago's midway international airport was reportedly over a mile long. >> meanwhile, new york jfk airport has extra trouble to deal with, a bomb threat. no explosives were found. >> shoppers hit the web in search of the best cyber monday deals. the biggest online shopping day of the year. >> we're going to see record dealings through the week, i believe, on a lot of online
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purchases. >> police and protesters have clashed in hong kong in the worst of violence in the more than two months of demonstration. >> a sinkhole that opened up in the middle of a busy intersection in china was bad news for one driver. >> all that -- >> a formula one driver escapes serious injury after a high-speed crash. >> jordy nelson to the 10 to the 5, touchdown! >> green bay packers are going to take it. >> that is hauled in for a touchdown! >> broncos led all the way. >> -- and all that matters -- >> should the president go to ferguson? do you think he should go there? >> yes, i think he should go. i don't know if he will. i'm surprised he hasn't already. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> ryan fitzpatrick, six touchdowns. however, his son stole the show. >> i want you to give brady two numbers and he's going to multiply them together for you. >> 93 and 97. >> 9,021. >> 9,021. >> look at your calculator, please. does that say 9,021? boom! thank you.
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>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama is focusing this morning on the next step after last week's violence in ferguson, missouri. he meets today with young civil rights leaders and law enforcement officials. they'll discuss how to bridge the gap between communities of color and the police. >> an officer who shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown quit his job over the weekend. that didn't stop the anger, including this protest at sunday's st. louis rams game. these players' actions upset the st. louis police. vladimir duthiers is in ferguson. good morning. >> good morning. and good morning to our viewers in the west. after less than three years of service, officer darren wilson has resigned from the ferguson police department effective immediately.
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he will receive no benefits and no pension. >> officer wilson is no longer an employee with the city of ferguson. >> reporter: ending nearly a week of negotiations, officer darren wilson resigned from the ferguson police department citing threats against fellow officers as his motivation. his attorney. >> they've got intelligence that suggested there were going to be targets at the ferguson police department and the minute he said that, he also indicated that he thought his resignation might help alleviate some of those threats. >> when you say targets, what do you mean? >> they had some intel that suggested there was going to be some action of a violent nature. >> reporter: he said he would like to stay on the force but the safety of other police officers and community are of paramount importance to me. it is my hope that my resignation will allow the community to heal. but emotions here in ferguson are still raw. a small but vocal group continue to gather outside ferguson police department. prior to sunday's football game in st. louis, five rams players
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came out onto the field with their arms raised, a show of support for the hands up, don't shoot movement. the gesture drew a strong reaction from the police association. in a statement they said they were profoundly disappointed with the players' decision to engage in a display that police offers around the nation found tasteless and unnecessary and inflammatory. he says he hopes he can move forward. what is he doing now, what's next for him? >> going forward he wants to translate as much of this event as he can into a teachable moment, and i think he wants to share with people the lessons that he has learned from ferguson, and i hope he does. >> reporter: now at a press conference after the football game, the rams players said that they did that gesture as a show of solidarity for the citizens of ferguson in a way, to help
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them heal to help them move forward. as for darren wilson his lawyer says while he's no longer employed at the ferguson police department, his wife still is. the couple's expecting a baby in the future. that's why there's been a vigorous online fund-raising campaign under way to help them. >> thank you so much. an urgent warning. it alerts the military, law enforcement, and the intelligence community to possible attacks by isis supporters right here in the united states. isis is reportedly looking for supporters already here inside the united states, but there is no information about an expected attack or imminent threat. this morning many of our nation's stores are reeling after black friday. the national retail federation says thanksgiving sales dropped 11%. that's compared to last year. online retailers are hoping today, cyber monday promotions will turn their fortunes around. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> so what happened? >> well, i think this is a
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strange retail season. we saw walmart, the world's largest retailer kick things off a week before black friday. i think that siphoned off sales. we should note there were some bonuses here. we saw traffic on thanksgiving way up. traffic on black friday down. online sales on both thursday and friday were very strong but overall the numbers are not great. >> yeah, but when you look at the video, jill it's so hard to think that the numbers are down with all the pushing and shoving and the stores are packed. >> it does seem this way. there are a lot of people and these are big numbers. but we know from shoppertrak that the numbers of people in stores were actually down. they spent less money per item and the retailers are hoping that this elongated season makes up for that initial drop. >> and today is cyber monday. are they expecting sales to also be down? >> no, this is really interesting. i think sales will be lessening. they expect them to shop $2.5 billion in sales which is a little higher than last year. but you know what.
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cyber monday has really changed. i am old enough, maybe you may not be to remember we did cyber monday because our internet connection at home was so slow. we just went through our bosses and said hey, let's use this fast connection. it's the fourth best deals for cyber monday. the actual best day for online deals was thanksgiving day, with average discounts of 25%. >> there's an interesting study by the national retail federation suggesting that more people use their home computers than mobile devices because we all had the impression that mobile devices were the new shopping tool. >> well it's certainly a tool. and about 20% of people are making purchases. but absolutely the home computer is where the action's at. over 80% of people using that home computer. i think the apps are informing our decisions. we did have some research that pointed to something fascinating to me. 50% of in-store sales are attributed to some form of digital. so this is a changing consumer mind-set for sure.
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>> that's right. you may see it online but then you want to touch it and buy it in the store. thank you so much. the ohio state buckeyes are grieving this morning for a football player who took his own life. the body of kosta karageorge was found sunday, four days after he was last seen. don dahler is here with developments that could give more insight into what exactly happened. don, good morning. >> good morning. shortly before karageorge disappeared, he sent his mother a text message indicating he was disoriented. due to a recent concussion. now fans and family are wondering if these head injuryies could have played a role in his death. hours after his death students gathered at ohio state to remember their friend and teammate. the body of the championship wrestler and walk-on football player who stood 6'5" and weighed 285 pounds was discovered in a dumpster, steps away from his columbus apartment. >> he died from what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
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we recovered a firearm at the scene. his parents have been notified. >> reporter: the 22-year-old senior was last seen by roommates on wednesday morning. before leaving his apartment karageorge sent a cryptic message to his mother, saying he had recent issues from a recent concussion. texting i'm sorry if i've been an embarrassment. karageorge's mother said he had a history of concussions including one last month and that they caused him episodes of confusion. in a statement the ohio state's team physician said while we are not able to discuss or comment the medical care regarding our student athletes we are confident about our medical procedures and policies to return athletes to participation following an injury or illness. the discovery of the body ended a city-wide search for the student, one that attracted over 150 volunteers and brought saturday's game against michigan to a virtual standstill. >> a first-year football player has been missing since wednesday. >> reporter: now, all that remains are questions about karageorge's mental state at the time of his death.
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>> you'd sit down with him on the couch and there's always something you'd walk away remembering. >> reporter: at this point, no definitive link between karageorge's death and his concussions have been made. officials say the investigation is ongoing and expect autopsy results in the coming days. gayle. >> such a sad story. thank you, don. ray rice is free to return to the nfl after an arbitrator threw out his indefinite suspension. commissioner roger goodell, as you know benched the former baltimore raven in september, after video appeared showing rice knocking his future wife unconscious. goodell insists he was misled about the attack. but janal rice tells nbc goodell news everything at the time he first suspended him for two days. >> i can say he's telling the truth, you know. i know for fact that he told --
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that ray told the honest truth that he's been telling from february. >> and you think the league and the commissioner covered their butts? >> i think they did what they had to do for themselves. p>> "new york times" sports columnist bill rhoden is with us. he wrote this morning, there are no heroes here and a lot of potential villains. good morning. >> good morning. >> what do you think about janay's comments? >> he did -- he was not misled, you know. what the arbitrator said -- it's important to realize that the arbitrator's ruling is not that ray rice is a good guy, but that the nfl made a mistake. they made a procedural mistake. that they basically it was double jeopardy. what they did the first time was slap him on the wrist. and then when this videotape -- which they may or may not have seen -- that's the next shoe getting ready to fall -- >> well -- >> go ahead. >> specifically what roger goodell said in an interview with us was that ray rice and his representatives were ambiguous about what
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happened on that night. the judge said he did not mislead the nfl at the meeting. so there's that. and then she said that the nfl abused its discretion. what does it mean for the nfl? >> i want to know what it means for janay speaking out about the nfl while her husband is trying to get a job. >> i'm not sure who's advising her. but, you know, you're trying to campaign for this guy to get a job, which is hard enough, you know, but now you're blasting the nfl. at the same time you're saying by the way, give my husband a job. knowing inging whoever touches this guy, the team is going to be -- they're going to be showing this video all the time. so to me if you're trying to petition for a job, you really have to back up and slow down. because the arbitrator has already said, listen, he made a mistake, any team is free to hire him. i'll be stunned if somebody hires him. as big and as mercenary as the nfl is that the only thing that
7:14 am
matters is money -- >> so it will not harm -- >> i mean, can you imagine? i may be i may be short-selling how mercenary the nfl is but i just can't see anybody hiring him now. >> what about roger goodell, what -- >> people have to understand roger goodell is not the czar of morality. he is the commissioner who works for 32 -- it's like, wait a minute, this is our asset, what are you doing, you can't do that. he's working for them. basically, that's why he's not getting fired. he basically is doing their bidding. there's no sponsors are pulling out. you know, so no this keeps rolling. i'll just be surprised if rice gets a job. >> this season. >> this season. >> thank you, bill. courts in hong kong are banning people from protesting in parts of the region this morning. the rulings followed a violent
7:15 am
night of pro-democracy rallies. seth doane is in beijing, at the root of the anger. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police and pro-democracy protesters in hong kong have been engaging in a sort of back and forth. as police have successfully been removing protesters camps and clearing roads. earlier this morn frustrated student leaders encouraged those protesters to surround government headquarters. but that cause the increased clashes with police. we saw police using batons pepper spray, even water to try to disperse those protesters. at least 40 people were arrested. another 40 people were hospitalized. this as overall public support for the protesters has really waned. we've seen the hong kong stock market fall as well. protesters took to the streets more than two months ago to push for more local control over elections, norah. that process is currently controlled by the central government here in beijing. >> all right, seth. thank you.
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secretary of state john kerry is demanding that qatar release an american couple stuck in legal limbo overseas. they've been barred from leaving even after a court cleared them of charges relating to their daughter's death. margaret brennan is at the state department where officials are working to free the couple. margaret. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. good morning to our viewers in the west. on sunday, grace and matthew huang were acquitted of charges that they killed their adopted 8-year-old daughter but then hours later, qatari officials refused to let them return to the u.s. after nearly two years, matthew and grace huang convinced a qatari judge they did not starve their adopted daughter to death. >> we've been unable to grieve our daughter's death but we want to thank the judge for today's decision. >> reporter: but at the airport immigration officials blocked them from leaving the country. that led secretary kerry to phone qatar's top diplomat. he called for that country to permit their return without further delay.
7:17 am
the legal showdown began after the huang's daughter died in january 2013. they were charged with murder with intent by forced starvation. but the couple disputed that. saying gloria adopted from ghana at age 4, suffered from malnutrition-related diseases and would occasionally go days without eating. the huangs were sentenced to three years in prison. the state department declared the trial unfair citing cultural misunderstandings about adoptions. on sunday the qatari judge said the prosecution had aired. erred. stuck in limbo the huangs said that we cannot leave the company and the u.s. government has no answers as to why. we now sit waiting for the qatar government to make the next move. criminal defense lawyer matt kaiser said the u.s. can do little to help.
7:18 am
>> we can ask, we can ask nicely, we can ask strongly, we can use strong words, but besides that, we can't force them to hand over the huangs. >> reporter: both american and qatari diplomats tell cbs news that the huangs were blocked because the appeal process is ongoing. but the family is tired and they want to go home to their two young sons who are now living with family in california. >> thank you. rain in california is creating new problems for california this morning. rocks and debris poured into parts of the pacific coast highway on sunday. a nine-mile stretch is still closed west of los angeles. >> meteorologist danielle niles of cbs station wbz is tracking the latest wintry storm. danielle, give us the latest. >> charlie, good morning to you. good morning to our viewers in the west.
7:19 am
a number disturbances bringing rounds of rain and heavy downpours changing to some snow across the higher elevations of the mountains. this is going to continue right on through the middle part of the week. we'll bring much needed rainfall to parts of the west coast. we are talking about exacerbated flooding concerns. over 2 inches expected in parts of southern california. in between san francisco and l.a. that will help the drought conditions on the west coast. only the mid-30s in seattle today. around 70 degrees in l.a. and a little bit cooler only in the single digits in the northern plains. >> thank you. from the kpix weather center, good morning, everyone. scattered shower is certainly possible. we have mostly cloudy skies, numbers are in the 50s. pockets of heavy fog in our inland areas. later today, numbers pretty much in the 60s. unseasonably mild in oakland at 70 degrees. outside, 71 in gilroy.
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otherwise, heavy rain at times n from tuesday to wednesday with a chance of thunderstorms and gusty winds both days. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by jcpenney. when it fits, you feel it. north korea is suspected of hacking its way into hollywood. ahead, the dark comedy about kim jong-un
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turned one studio into a target. >> the news is back on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. a typical male penguin shows his love by offering the female... ...a pebble. some male penguins, however... are a little smarter than others. this christmas everyone loves a gift from kay jewelers. save up to 30% on select diamonds in rhythm. its continuous motion catches light from every angle. at kay, the number one jewelry store in america... ...and, apparently antarctica. ♪ every kiss begins with kay. ♪ i know what you're thinking, but this is new and improved i can't believe
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out how a dead body ended up in aquatic park. officers got just after four p good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. police are trying to figure out how a dead body ended up in aquatic park. officers got a call just after 4 p.m. yesterday. they found a body of a middle aged man. now home side investigators are looking into whether foul play was involved. so far, they're calling this a suspicious death it should be a short break in the wet weather today. most of the bay area got a decent soaking yesterday and more wet weather is on for tomorrow. roberta is in with more on weather and elizabeth with more on traffic in just a moment.
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good morning. fortunately the traffic alert now across the done barton bridge is cleared. all lanes are back open. unfortunately, traffic is still a mess. look at the westbound lanes of 84. also heavy on the southbound 880 approach. 237 or the san mateo bridge are still good alternates. here's roberta. according to our doppler radar, we have light showers from el-granada and mon tara. temperatures are in the 50s. we do have some fog being reported around pleasanton and livermore. today, unseasonably mild in the 60s and 70s. extended forecast calls for heavy rain at times from tuesday to wednesday.
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7:30 am
these two men in china were this close to being swallowed by a sinkhole. apparently they didn't see it in front of them. their tire clipped the hole. they got out and moments later the car went in. the sand collapsed under the road's surface. >> isn't it interesting they couldn't see it and from our angle we're saying move over it's not good. >> they got out just in time. >> coming up in a half hour a congressional staffer goes after president obama's daughter. yikes. her criticism set off an explosive reaxion line. we'll tell you how others felt the same kind of pressure.
7:31 am
plus they're getting news about their movie. king kim jong-un has his own take. we'll tell you why the company is under attack. that's ahead. the "washington post" says small business is getting little. 1.5 million people visited for individuals. "usa today" looks at the unusual deaths of high school football players. an analysis showed five players died this season due to causes directly related to football. eight players died last year. they suffer three times as many catastrophic injuries as college players. >> "the new york times" calls the newly open eded skyscraper flawed. michael kimelman says the tower
7:32 am
fails to connect to the building. it's symmetrical to a fault and there's nothing to hold your gaze. the "los angeles times" says just in time for cyber monday amazon has new robots. they pick up and move and shelf packages. they can deliver them to customers faster and they worry some day we'll all be replaced by robots. >> let's take that back norah. we want to be sitting here. >> they're predicting it. that's something that will soon happen. we can spend a lot more time on leisure time. the girl scouts are going digital to sell their cookies. for the first time the girl scouts will be allowed to use a mobile app or personalized website. about a million are expected to sell them this way but cookie
7:33 am
boxes can be sent directly to the customers' homes. that takes the fun out of boxes that you buy at work. >> i know. >> that's right. the supreme court today visits unfamiliar subjects. social media. the justices will hear arguments over how to define a criminal threat online. their ruling expected next year could set an important precedent. jan crawford is at the supreme court with the high-tech battle over safety and free speech. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the court is taking up the case of anthony elonis. he claimed to be an aspiring rapper so he could post these violent lyrics and messages on facebook about his former wife who had left him a few months earlier. said he never intended to act on these words and that's why they should not be considered threats. ♪ i don't remember how they got there, but i guess i must have killed them ♪ >> reporter: with heroes like this -- and a sense of humor like this.
7:34 am
>> i want to kill the president of the united states of america. i'm not actually saying it. i'm just letting you know that it's illegal to say that. >> reporter: anthony elonis roast post after post on facebook describing ways he could hurt his wife and members of his community. on one post he wrote i'm not going to rest until your body is a mess soaked in blood and dieing from all the little cuts. hurry up and die. other thoughts on shooting up a school. enough elementary schools in a ten-mime radius to initiate the most heinous school shooting ever imagine and hell hath no furry like a crazy man in a kindergarten class. they look at whether it could cause harm. >> you can hear this every day of the week on the radio but the
7:35 am
point is just because you say it doesn't mean -- >> elonis was convict and placed in prison. he wants it thrown out. it's a cutting edge case focusing on speech online where people often push the envelope but the ruling would also apply to more traditional forms of communication. in the past supreme court cases have cited with free speech ruling in 2003 that cross burning can sometimes be protected under the constitution and isn't necessarily a true threat. but domestic violence advocates are urging the court in this case to draw the line and not allow people like elonis to go unpunished for threatening language. domestic violence advocates say it could give him a free pass to
7:36 am
post these rants a free pass but others say cracking down on free speech in this kind of case would have broad implications especially for young people who tend to post things blog tweet, all kind of stuff and not really realize how it could be interpreted. gayle? >> maybe people should start thinking it. >> jan, before you go on a nontraditional manner, what happened between the tide and alabama? revenge is sweet isn't it? >> absolutely. >> thank you for clearing that up, jan. >> i have my
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a hollywood studio this morning is trying to solve a real life mystery. sony is the tararget of a a massisive cyber investigationn and nororth korea is o one of t the main suspectsts. over the weeeekend hacackers released five
7:45 am
movies to websites. carter evans reports it could be payback for another new production. >> surprise. we've been together for a thousand episodes. >> reporter: in sony's upcoming comedy "the interview," they're recruited to assassinate north korea's kim junk un. >> i would love it if you could take him out. >> for drinks? >> for dinner? >> take him out on the town? >> no. take him out. >> reporter: the film has become an international controversy, calling it an act of war. last week cyber attackers identifying themselves as guardians of peace hacked into sony pictures' computer system. this reputed screen shot is what popped up on employees' computering causing a widespread company shutdown.
7:46 am
sony is investigating whether the hackers had ties to north korea. >> it looks like this is going to get bigger before it ends and if i were sony i'd be prepared if they come out with a movie, "the interview" on december 25th to expect more attacks from operatives around the globe. >> reporter: over the last few days five unreleased sony films have been leak on the wed. "annie," "mr. turner," still office," to write love on her arms," and "the furryy." they're saying the theft of sony pictures entertainment content is a criminal matter and we're working with law enforcement to dras it. the company is still working furiously to get all of its
7:47 am
systems back up and runs but it still won't confirm whether its cyber war is with north korea or some unknown sophisticated hacker. for "cbs this morning," carter evans, los angeles. this kid's got game. that's what they're saying. a winning quarterback's son putting up big numbers of his own on sunday. we'll show you the 8-year-old from the kpix weather center, good morning, everyone. carry the umbrella out the door today. a shower certainly is possible. we have mostly cloudy skies. numbers are in the 50s. pockets of heavy fog in the inland areas. later today, numbers pretty much in the 60s. unseasonably mild in oakland with 70 degrees. heavy rain at times moving in from tuesday through wednesday with a chance of thunderstorms and gusty winds, both days.
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aids is going to lose. ♪ houston texans quarterback through for a touchdown. we learned after the game that his 8-year-old son brady is pretty food at numbers too. >> i want you to give brady two numbers from 90 to 99 in there and he's going to multiply them together for you. two 90 numbers. >> are you ready?
7:52 am
93 97. >> 9,021. >> 9,021. can you look at your calculator please? does that say 9,021? boom! thank you. >> he should be on his way to attending his dad's department. a son proud of his dad, dad proud of his son. >> more, toys to worry about ahead on "cbs this morning." beroccaaaaaaaaaaaa! [popping & fizzing sounds]
7:53 am
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biggest on-line shopping day of year! retailers wi good morning, it's 7:56, i'm michelle griego. it's cyber monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year. retailers will offer deep discounts. the national retail association says about 127 million shoppers plan to take advantage of the deals and the weekend rain was just the beginning. there's more on the way this book. we can expect the most rain tomorrow and wednesday. businesses in the bay area are already preparing for the downpour. earlier this morning, a tree came down near the joe dimaggio playground in san francisco. traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
good morning, well, we got a new hot spot in oakland and we can see some of the back-up
7:58 am
near the oakland sol seem. the accident is approaching 23rd, blocking one middle lane and it is very, very slow right from 238 to the main, the drive time is double what it should be this morning. southbound traffic looks okay until you reach heyward that. dumbarton bridge cash is cleared, but getting there is still a mess. the san mateo bridge used to be a good alternate. that is no longer the case. what we're picking up right now is a little bit of light precipitation. otherwise, we have mostly cloudy skies. in fact, take a look at this right here. new sun breaks over the bay right now. temperatures are in the 50s. we're still picking up patchy fog in the livermore area. later today, mostly cloudy, numbers in the 60s and low 70s, unseasonably mild. here we go again, periods of heavy rain on tuesday and wednesday a threat of a thunderstorm.
7:59 am
enjoy your day.
8:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday december 1st, 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including an alarming safety study. an incident gift may put your child in the hospital. first here's a look at today's eye opener at 8:00. >> players said they did the gesture as a show of solidarity for the citizens of ferguson. >> we saw walmart kick things off a week before black friday. that may have siphoned off sales. at this point no link between his death and the concussion. officials say the investigation is ongoing. >> the arbitrator already said any team is free to hire him. i would be stunned if somebody
8:01 am
hires him this season. >> we're talking about a number of disturbances coming into the west coast over the next several days, bringing rounds of rain and heavy downpours. >> this morning she's resigning her job on capitol hill. >> going to go deep on cooper. cooper has got it! touchdown! >> what happened between auburn and alabama? >> yeah the tide rolled just as we expected and now we're headed to the sec champion and then the national championship. >> revenge is sweet. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. president obama holds white house meetings today about ferguson, missouri. officials say he wants to bring communities and police closer
8:02 am
together. the officer who killed an unarmed teenager and will not face state charges resigned this weekend. darren wilson said his employment puts colleagues and residents at risk. in the meantime, st. louis police want an apology from the nfl and the st. louis rams. these players entered the field with their hands up. a familiar pose for ferguson protesters. police call it taste lest offensive and inflammatory. nearly 127 million holiday shoppers are hoping to snag a cyber monday deal this morning. that's down 3.6% from last year's total. forecasters say the shoppers who are logging on will spend more. today's online sales could reach $2.6 billion. that's up from almost $2.3 billion last year. toys are on many online shopping lists this morning. how can parents be sure they're safe? a new first of its kind report find toy injuries are up 40%
8:03 am
over the past two decades. dr. holly phillips is here with information all families need to know. good morning. we know toys can be dangerous. >> actually the toys are becoming more dangerous. i was very surprised to find that out. every three minutes a child go to the emergency room with a toy-related injury. the most serious injuries peak at age 2. the most frequent injuries peak around the age of 5. and they're related to the new nonmotorized foot powered scooters. >> my kids use them to go to school every day. why are they so dangerous? >> exactly for that reason. most kids do not wear a helmet unlike bicycles. but they're going at high speeds and on of course concrete. my kids use them too. >> are your kids using helmets? >> absolutely. they fought it in the beginning but i pressed on. absolutely. i see a lot of kids riding without the helmets. what other toys are you most
8:04 am
concerned about? >> for kids under the age of 2, the biggest issue is and asphyxiation. small toys. it's the scooters and toy weapons for older kids. lacerations, broken bones, that sort of thing. >> what do you have with you? >> there was a second study out today that i found very interesting by the publish research group. they examine toys that are on shelves to see if they followed safety standards. this looks dramatically similar to a picture that they've posted in their report of a backpack. i pulled it out of my daughter's toy chest. same backpacks in my house. >> what's dangerous? >> nothing so humbling as showing your limitations as a parent on tv. this has a very high level of -- in it. it's dangerous chemical. the federal safety standards say there can only be 1,000 parts
8:05 am
per million. this has 200,000. >> what's wrong with it? >> phalates are chemicals that can affect the male reproductive system of men. >> with thousands of toys coming out, how do parents know what to do? >> it's very difficult. there are national safety regulations. but it is a moving target. many toys are imported. there's no, nothing else that can take the place of an adult set of eyes watching kids play. and there are also websites to check on toy safety and look for recalls. >> really important information this holiday season. thank you so much. and you can learn more about the most dangerous types of toys by going to the african lion is one of the world's scariest predators. but kevin says the king of
8:06 am
beasts hads a softer side. he gets incredibly close to his animals. he met the man known as the lion whisperer for last night's "60 minutes." >> when they hear his calls, they rush out to greet him like a long lost friend. >> oh my goodness. oh! oh! [ laughter ] this emotional bond is incredibly rare. did you enjoy? did you have a good time? his ability to interact with them so freely is a result of the fact that he has known them since they were cubs. when richardson worked at a lion park for tourists. all of these animals were born in captivity and can never be released into the wild. they are far from tame and wouldn't accept any other human
8:07 am
being getting this close to him. >> have you had a long day today? hey? it's been horrible. it's been a terrible day. you had to spend the entire day out in the bush. oh! what a nightmare. you're very heavy, my boy. can you get off me? thank you. that's kind of you. >> he was so great. you can see the love the unconditional love on both sides back and forth between the two. >> it reminds me of the stories of veterans returning from iraq or afghanistan and their dog coming just jumping all over them. >> except this was a big old lion. ahead this morning, reality tv guru. you know that has to be -- where are you, andy cohen? he is here in studio 57. his most awkward celebrity encounters and how to handle the morn
8:08 am
8:09 am
>> announcer: what you need to what you need to improve the most. your mind your body or soul. we all need to work on it. that's one question in a new 60 minutes vanity fair poll. mike hogan is in the toyota green room. wonder which one andy cohen says he needs to improve. we'll reveal some of the answers next on cbs this morning. ♪ ♪
8:10 am
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8:13 am
many americans are looking for ways to better themselves. that is the topic of a new 60 minutes/vanity fair poll out this morning. 60% say improving yourself is the best way to accomplish good in yourself. mike hogan is vanity fair's digital director. welcome. >> thank you. >> better to improve yourself than someone else. what does that say about us? >> maybe it's good because people feel like they shouldn't be bossy, they should just focus
8:14 am
on their own deal. once they have got themselves figured out. that's my generous interpretation of that answer. >> but they're saying when it comes to celebrities, though they just want them to age gracefully. for the rest of them it's like okay, do whatever you need to do. >> we had two conflicting results here. the first is are you comfortable with cosmetic surgery in general. a majority of people said that they are. as people get wealthier, they're more comfortable with it which i think is kind of interesting. maybe their friends -- more of their friends have had cosmetic surgery and so they're comfortable with it. when it comes to actors, 77% of people say successful actors who are aging should age naturally. and i think it's one of those questions where you wonder if people really think that or if they kind of say they think that. would people really go out and see movies where people are their own regular ole selves as they get older. when celebrities get procedures that make them not look like the person they used to be that
8:15 am
freaks everybody out and nobody likes that. >> when it comes to which part of ourselves we should improve, what do americans say? >> the body at 47%, the mind only 29% and the soul is just a mere 20%. clearly obesity is a major problem in the united states and then none of us are quite as athletic as we'd like to be. >> if we want to improve our soul, what do we do? >> i think you have to move to california is the first move there. >> and doesn't it depend on where you live too as to how you answered some of the questions? >> yeah. and we have breakdowns here where we turn to for self-improvement. the gym is most popular on the west coast 39%. bottomed out in the south at 31%, although that's still fairly significant. house of worship, there's a real regional difference. in the midwest and the south, 40% of people would go to a church or another house of worship. in the west coast that's 29%, in the northeast, a mere 26%.
8:16 am
>> people to the northeast go to the gym. people in the midwest and the south go to church. >> don't we think that improving yourself is a good idea? >> yes. i think everybody -- >> whatever it is. >> would say that. i think this is the time of year when we think about self-improvement. we're all bloated from turkey. >> and the best way people boost self confidence is to talk to a friend? >> yes 40% of people. 4% say -- >> you don't have to worry about that. >> i have lots of friends. mike hogan, thanks for being here. you can see more results online at and in the january issue of "vanity fair." later we'll say how gayle, charlie and myself plan to improve our body soul and mind. only on "cbs this morning," the best ads of 2014 and one of them is spencer. >> turns out they don't even
8:17 am
have the money to make a [ bleep ] commercial. they don't even say [ bleep ], [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> what did she say? >> that's next on "cbs this morning." this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by macy's.
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
holiday advertising is in full swing this morning. companies spent more than $30
8:21 am
billion with a "b" to catch your attention last year and open your wallet. this year's advertisements are big. we're revealing "adweek" ads of the year. coming in third, a coca-cola commercial from argentina titled "parents." "adweek" calls it simply adadorablele and totallyly relatable. >> very cute. the runner-r-up a chilllling public seservice announcement savee the children watch times. it reimagined life for a british girl if serious war happened in london. and the fake super bowl spot called "if we made it." >> i don't think of myself as beer commercial babe hot you know? i mean i'm hot but like approachable hot, like the
8:22 am
hottest girl in your improv class hot like hot to the guys that might feel bad calling a girl hot, but like beer commercial hot? am i beer commercial hot? no. but i love a challenge. >> she's great in that. >> charlie loves this. james cooper -- >> perfect casting. you are editorial of "adweek." we love this. why did new castle ad make number one? >> it's the biggest ad of the entire year. but this small but beloved beer brand had only about $4 million for their entire annual media budget which was a 30-second spot in the super bowl. they made it clear. we basically -- this multi-platform hack of a super bowl and it allowed the audience in on the joke and that it was, you know super well received
8:23 am
and we couldn't watch enough of it. >> i know you like anything that takes you behind scenes. i love all things under armour and misty copeland. i really love this ad. >> soy. >> let's listen to this spot before we talk about it. >> dear candidates thank you for your application to our ballet academy. unfortunately you have not been accepted. you lack the right feet achilles tendon, turnout, torso length, and bust. you have the wrong body for ballet, and at 13 you are too old to be considered. >> just her legs alone she wins. >> yeah. >> but why did this one rank so highly? >> i think it was probably the most powerful add in targeting women this year by far. it also sort of redefines what a sports commercial is. i mean she is an athlete.
8:24 am
you can just sort of see her beauty and physicality and define it. that's sort of the underpinning of armor brands begins with. it's a really powerful ad. >> another one that maids what appears to -- not what it appears to be american greetings world's toughest job ad. let's take a look at that. >> we're looking for someone who has a degree in medicine finance, or cultural arts. >> you have to wear several hats. >> sometimes they have to stay up with an associate throughout the night. >> you have to be able to work in chaotic environment. if you had a life, we'd ask you to give that up. no vacations. thanksgiving new years, holidays, the workload is going go up and we expect you to accept that with a happy disposition. >> and the world's toughest job is -- >> being a mom. >> yeah. >> this is a great example of what's happening.
8:25 am
moms are a huge theme in trying to figure out how a dead ended up in aquatic good morning, it's 8:25. time for news headlines. police are trying to figure out how a dead body ended up in aquatic park. officers got a call after 4 p.m. yesterday. they found the body of a middle- aged man on the park's south end adjacent to interstate 80. homicide investigators are looking into whether foul play was involved. so far they're calling this a suspicious death. it should be a short break in the wet weather today. most of the bay area got a decent soaking yesterday and more wet weather is on the way tomorrow. city officials are looking out for old ficus trees that could fall.
8:26 am
police say a driver upset about a pedestrian yelling racial slurs at him pistol whipped the man and his gun went off. the victim is out of the hospital and no one was else was hurt. the suspect drove away in a stolen gray mazda and has not been caught.
8:27 am
tag: sooner or later everyone needs a helping hand, or a helping paw! so mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train assistance dogs for wounded veterans. veteran: i live independently because of what all it provides for me. and it's huge! there's a lot of wounded ill, and injured out there just like myself, who just maybe need a little bit of help. tag: you can lend a helping paw too. give at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs-- helping dogs help people. good morning. if you need a reason to avoid 880, i have one for you right now. in oakland, there's been an accident ichlts actually closer to high street and the drive time is really bad.
8:28 am
on northbound 88o from 238 to the maze, it looks like that, solid. it will take you more than an hour to get to embarcadero and closer to your downtown oakland access. southbound 8o locks0 looks okay. just a very busy commute this morning. that is kcbs traffic. good morning, everybody. this is our weather camera looking toward the trans america building. we have clouds and peeks of sunshine and if it's raining across the bay area, you would see it right here, the green off the santa cruz coast, that's about it. right now, temperatures are holding steady in the 50s. the winds of nonexist events. we have a little bit of fog in the livermore area. today, 60s to the low 70s and
8:29 am
rain on tuesday and wednesday.
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour hard day's life working like a dog certainly could apply to andy cohen. does he ever stop? he knows how to get the inside scoop. this morning he's the one dishing it out. he'll take us behind his late night series and talk about what he calls a shallow year. >> go, andy. plus scraps of paper that changed pop music. he shows mark phillipss the humble beginnings of their live lie hood. >> i'm so excited. >> about andy cohen? >> yes.
8:31 am
britain's daily express says prince harry revealed a secret this morning to support aids day. he admitted he's afraid of public speaking. >> despite the fact that i laugh and joke all the time i get incredibly nervous and anxious actually before going into rooms full of people and when i'm wearing a suit. >> he joins a list of celebrities who share their secrets. he hopes people come forward and seek help. >> we love prince harry. >> we do. a young father joked he was spider-man. 35-year-old aaron died last week after battling brain cancer. his wife's blog about his treatment had 25,000 followers. they wrote his obituary together. it said he died peacefully after
8:32 am
a radioactive spider bite led to years long battle of crime fighting and cancer. they will recognize him best as spider-man. britain's "telegraph" said there will be a sequel to "frozen." ♪ let it go let it go ♪ ♪ can't hold you back anymore ♪ ♪ let it go let it go ♪ >> all right charlie. charlie. >> she tells the newspaper a sequel and a stage musical are, quote, in the works. "frozen" is the highest grossing animated film in history and frequently sung in my house. >> andy organization now e the words. don't pretend you don't know the words. >> it's my motto. >> to let it go. >> let it go every day. >> andy cohen is here. he started in tv. he started at cbs news a
8:33 am
producer here. you shauld hear the reaction. he was here? >> on the 7th floor. >> then he became a "bravo" executive. he hosts and now is the best-selling author. his new book "the andy cohen diaries sln a daep look at a shallow year." there's nothing shallow about the way andy rolls. >> that's debatable. >> "the new york times" yesterday, i pulled it you're number three behind george w. bush "killing patton" by bill. >> the three of us continue to battle it out. >> it's that time of year. >> you love pop culture. you don't shy away from it. >> yes. >> that's what i love about it. you're a grown man that's an enthusiastic boy. >> yes. >> don't ever change. >> i was an intern at cbs before
8:34 am
i got a job here for ten years i became infatuated with warhol's diaries. i love his book. it reads now like a pop culture time capsule and i used it as an inspiration to write my own diary. i kept a top secret diary for a year and then published it. >> hue deep do you go? >> gayle's redad it and chuckled. it could be called name-dropper. it takes you on my talk show a journey to find love. >> how is that going? >> i'm still single but i fell in love with my dog. >> didn't you say you had a crush on somebody early on? was that you or -- >> i have many crushes. >> somebody famous on television. >> i don't know. >> let's talk about your love
8:35 am
life for a second. in his book he's got hung out with irish chef which is code for hung out. blue speedo guy. dr. kyle. >> yes. >> friends wonder this about you. do you use your job and your relationships as a way to avoid having a good relationship have you just not found the right guy? >> that is the question i grapple with every day, gayle king. >> do you really want a relationship? >> i think i do. >> i think you do too. >> i think we all do. so how's it going? >> it's going well. i find prince harry more interesting every day now i i find he's afraid to speak in public. >> join the club. join the club. >> i'm still single. i have a great fulfilling relationships in my life. i just don't have wine. >> it's hard to find love isn't it. >> yes. >> i'm sorry, i can't offer you a drink on our show. i know you offer drinks on your
8:36 am
show. >> what time is your show? >> 11:00. >> what do you think? >> i think they have replaced the modern soap opera. skrimted soap operas, there's only a couple on the air now. truth is stranger than fiction which is part of the reason why i love my book actually. because things that happen to us in real life you couldn't write this stuff and it certainly holds true with the beverly hills housewives and all the rest. >> i don't write it that much. >> yes, you do. >> i can't believe apollo lied on kenya. >> see? she watches. >> i'm worried about what your friending are saying. this is off the rohr. you say watch barkin unpark. that would be ellen bar kinl. got a text from chef. that's chef. madonna. >> interactions. >> thank you. kevin spacey was in front of us with what looked like a full face of makeup. i was wondering do your friends say this is off limits i'd
8:37 am
rather you not talk about this? >> i feel like i ride the line in the book. i want to give people the feeling they opened up my diary and they got something out of it and they got something i dished. certainly there's a lot of dish on my late-night talk show and nights out with friends but i have to ride the line because i want to live and function this in society and i don't want to be blackballed from new york city but i share my opinions. i think i rode the line really well. > what happened? i heard you and anderson have been faevg. there's never been a better celebrity interviewing a celebrity. >> you're good friends. >> yes. we're buddies. >> in the book you think purple toilet paper is a good gift. >> i got purple toilet paper. i got it from my friend grass yell la. why don't we all do it. it's festive.
8:38 am
we all use it that i know the reason. >> you do? >> what is your ambition? >> my ambition? your ambition. >> my ambition is no bounds. going after 11:00 on pbs. >> don't you dare. don't you dare. >> all i need is a black screen behind me. >> no, no. you need much more than that. >> i know i know. i'm just kidding. i just want to build "watch what happens" live. i love writing. writing is my passion. this is my second book. and i'm -- i'm working. >> it was stellar. >> wasn't that a great answer to a simple question? >> yes. >> i want to keep doing what i do. >> your dog has changed your life. >> he has. he's wonderful. >> charlie has a dog. >> he's a beagle foxhound mix. there he is. i rescued him last year. i never had an animal in my life. >> what is it? >> i was getting so sick of
8:39 am
myself that i was ready to rip my skin offmy. and so i rescued this dog and just taking care of him has been this wonderful thing. anyone who owns an animal will relate to ourlove story. >> what is it you don't like about yourself? >> the constant yammering about myself. enough. i'm just sick of myself. >> you understand the love of a dog. >> of course i do. >> you never wanted to rip your skin off right? >> no, no no. >> it's called "the andy cohen diaries." it's on sale wherever you buy a book. >> gayle king, you can do anything. >> that's an actual song. the beatles now share a
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
seven hand drafted beatles songs are now on display in the beatles library. this morning a biographer gives a fresh look at the stories behind the lyrics. mark phillips spoke with him sunday morning to show how a few scraps became classic. >> you've got a story. >> i gave my stuff to the british library which is part of the british museum physically.
8:44 am
>> reporter: hunter davis's stuff is the stuff of pop legends. the lyrics of beatles songs scratched out on the backs of paper, on the backs of envelopes, birthday cards and on display in the british library alongside shakespeare, guttenberg bible and original scores written by beethoven. scraps of paper that were considered worthless at the time, discarded once the songs were recorded. ♪ yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away ♪ ♪ i think i'm going to be sad i think it's today, yeah ♪ ♪ michelle my bell ♪ >> reporter: hunter dave's was hanging out with the beatles as their official biographer. that's him with the band and the
8:45 am
ma ha ricci a he wanted the lyrics for the book he was writing. >> i'd say i'm going to write about the song in this book so at the end of the day, they would say, yes you can have them. >> reporter: each one tells the story of how the song came to be. >> how did it come to be written on this child's card? >> for some reason john and paul never seemed to have any paper, pads on note paper or station err stationery, and that was a birthday card to his son julian. ♪ it's been a hard day's work ♪ >> the workings became the song for a movie. >> they did it on paper and on one occasion, "i'm only sleeping," john did it on the back of a bill. this is a bill from the post
8:46 am
office for his telethon. >> he owes them 12 pounds. dave davies has assembled his lyrics and those of others in a new book. a winding wrong to song ♪ there are places i remember all my life, though some have changed ♪ >> reporter: in the original lyric of "in my life," john mccartney an john lennon and paul mccartney listed the place u i they left but in the final version the places are left out but not apparently forgotten. >> penny lane is missing. >> reporter: which became a whole other song. or the lyrics showed how hard the beatles worked to make it
8:47 am
work. >> that's not help. he's ees's scribbled out the line when we were young. >> much younger than we were today. so he's having trouble with that line. so he crosses it out. and the one below is the one he used. when i was younger, so much younger than i am today. ♪ when i was young ir so much younger than i am today ♪ ♪ i never needed anybody's help in any way ♪ r it's the book about scraps of paper irthat changed the worm or at league the world of popular music but does it go along with the other bits of changing paper in the british library's treasured gallery, the great literature, magna car ta first attempt at the constitutional. >> what she did is what we're doing now. she walked along but she
8:48 am
couldn't stand along here because she can't read latin any more than you can or i can. but she stood longest at this case just a few feet away reading "yesterday" because she knows the words of "yesterday," a human being, alive on the planet ♪ how i long for yesterday ♪ >> reporter: the lyrics have been given new life too. they may have once been throwaways -- ♪ she's got a ticket to ride ♪ >> reporter: -- but they're worth millions now and they have another value as well. >> the farther away we get the bigger they become and there's probably 500,000 people studied the beatles at the university and they'll get a ph.d. out of it. they'll sit there, take it apart, and think of things i haven't thought of. ♪ i love to turn you on ♪
8:49 am
>> reporter: and have quite a nice time doing it. for "cbs this morning," i'm mark phillips in london. >> what a beautiful piece and what great treasure to have those lyrics written on those backs of cards. >> and just to hear the lyrics again. >> just to see the process of how they wrote it, scratched it out. i hope paul is watching. >> it's not easy sometimes. >> no, it's not easy. you love all things beatles. >> can i say charlie and i love watching you watch these pieces. you sing every song and you know every word. >> we all know the words to the beatles songs. >> nothing like you do. >> you're welcome. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." >> they're like, stop, gayle, stop.
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what a wonderful way to start the week. >> reporter:
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m-v offi good morning. it's 8a 55. time for news headlines. a brand new dmv office is open in san jose today on center road. this office will only deal with drivers license transactions. and it is cyber monday. the biggest online shopping day of the year. retailers will offer deep discounts. the national retail association says about 127 million shoppers plan to take advantage of the deals. and the weekend rain was just the beginning. there's more on the way this week. we can expect the most rain tomorrow and wednesday. businesses in the bay area are already preparing for the downpour. earlier this morning, a tree came down near the gentlemen dimaggio playground in san francisco. check this out.
8:56 am
it is our weather camera looking outdoors from the mount vaca area. boy, is it beautiful. a hint of sunshine, some clouds and some fog there. let's traverse over to our high def doppler radar, we have a little wit of green over the waters. scattered showers today, in the 50s. a little fog in the livermore area. today, mostly cloudy, a scattered shower possible in the 60s and low 70s. and those temperatures are unseasonably mild, so with that scatter shower today, we do have heavy rain at times on tuesday, wednesday, with a threat of a daily thunderstorm. a look at traffic with elizabeth on deck next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. that crash we've been watching in oakland is finally clear and the drive time has slightly improved because it's still about an hour between 238 and the maze. you still may want to consider using 580 instead. the approach to the bay bridge is clearing out t may be that bottleneck further south approaching on the nimitz freeway. the metering lights remain on and it's still very heavy on southbound 680 out of pleasanton.
8:59 am
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