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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 3, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> we don't usually see this, bay area thunderstorms are hitting the bay area right now. >> we have team coverage. paul deanno is tracking this storm. paul? >> it is a significant storm especially in marin county and sonoma county with triple digit lightning strikes. some facebook posts coming in. love the lightning in novato. jessica says pouring and roaring in windsor and thunder and lightning in mill valley as well. look at all the heavy rainfall coming down. i'm talking san rafael, mill
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valley, now across the bay, to richmond, and hercules, petaluma, novato. petaluma, you had 13 lightning strikes in a matter of 15 minutes this evening. santa rosa, heavy rain for you. if it is not raining where you are right now, chances are it will be soon, because all that stuff offshore will move on shore very soon. earlier today, we got some heavy rainfall, the wettest day of the year in san francisco with more than an inch of rain. marin county has been the bulls eye for the past three hours with rain and lightning. joe vasquez is live in san rafael with the latest on what is going on there. joe? >> reporter: hey paul. we are at francisco boulevard. not everybody thinking rain is bad. there is a guy riding his bike out there in it. doesn't seem bothered in the least. it has really intensified in san rafael. we have been in marin the last hour-and-a-half and we have
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seen multiple lightning strikes. this is an area where everybody knows the hot spots. everybody knows where the water gathers on the streets yet we have seen people driving maybe a little too fast at times an pumping on the brakes and you know what? it reminds you, you have to slow down. you have to get a little bit of distance between the driver in front of you. paul, bottom line here, we have seen the lightning strikes, that is a little ... that's quite rare here in marin county. it is very welcome right now. >> joe vasquez, thank you. let's take a trip around the bay. in san rafael, a 40-foot oak tree fell in front of a home. a tree crushed down on a toyota corolla smashing the back window. and in san jose, this suv spun out on a very slick highway 87. a police car pushed it to the shoulder to get traffic moving again.
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at sfo, airlines canceled 186 flights. many of them were delayed for hours, especially those commuter jet flights. it is not just up here, rain is pounding southern california too. this is camarillo in ventura county. mud slid down a hillside and into people's homes there. people took their furniture outside to air dry. the mud came down a hill that had burned in a wild fire which is a fairly common problem down there. in the sierra, snow, they have gotten between eight and 16 inches. north shore could get another eight inches overnight. north star, mammoth are open for skiing. the other resorts expect to open any day. police are begging bay area teenagers to stop trying to assassinate each other. it is a popular elimination game played for cash. there are few rules and almost no boundaries. this guy nearly ran over a buddy trying the get away. tonight, police tell ann notarangelo not everyone realizes it is a game and that
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is the real danger. >> right there next to that pole. >> reporter: renee sanchez was assassinated the first day of his school's elaborate game of tag. >> he got me before i got in the car. i thought this was a safe zone. >> reporter: students buy into the game for $5 and assassinate a classmate by shooting them with a nerf gun or drawing a red marker across the person's throat. this is video of the students in san ramon and danville. the last student playing can make $1,000. this game can last for months. >> neighbors see someone in the dark with what looks like a gun, they may assume it is a gun. i'm afraid the students will get hurt for what they appear to be doing rather than what they are doing. >> reporter: last year, livermore police officers pulled over a car of seniors after a report of a car of guns. >> we point our real guns at them. you order them out of the car
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and find out it was just a game of assassin. >> reporter: livermore police show us these guns that look fake and are real. >> this girl says her assassinator was following her but there was no car behind her, she was paranoid. >> reporter: kids say this is a tradition they want to carry on. >> i'm ready for this moment. i will win. you watch me guys. >> reporter: to them, it is still just a game. but students who play assassin here on campus will be suspended because it is against the rules to bring any gun whether it is fake or not to school. in livermore, ann notarangelo, kpix5. tonight, police hope that new surveillance video will lead to the killers who beat a man to death as he slept on a san francisco street. it shows a young man stomping and kicking 67-year-old ty
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pman in his sleeping bag last sunday. it gets worse. a second video shows three men calmly smoking on the steps of the rocker galleria. they later went back and attacked him again, this time killing him. >> this is extremely brutal. and the fact they left and came back and continued the attack speaks volumes on how bad it was. >> reporter: ty was homeless. police say the lack of any clear motive indicates he was likely murdered for fun. the situation in ferguson is still weighing heavily on many people's minds tonight. a few students gathered at san jose state for a candle light prayer event for michael brown. they want to spark a broader discussion on campus. meanwhile, the feds have asked richmond police chief chris magnus to join a panel
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investigating the fallout. the decision by the grand jury not to indict darren wilson sparked protests all across the country. meanwhile, oakland police announced three more arrests tonight. these men are charged with looting a business downtown. they are among dozens of protest related arrests made in oakland over the past week. we won't see much of this anymore. at least, if we do, it will be a no-no. san jose city council voted to ban bicycles on downtown sidewalks. it only affects streets that have bike lanes. it doesn't apply to police officers or kids under 12. the ban will likely start early next year. also tonight, people biking or driving down a main drag in north oakland are noticing something new. christin ayers shows us it is big, it is blue, and it has people talking. >> reporter: for months, it was nothing more than a drawing. a mock-up of a 20-foot tall
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bright blue obelisk. they planned to put it here to welcome people to the neighborhood, but not everyone was crazy about it. >> it is too big and it is ugly! >> i think that is outstanding. >> reporter: the obelisk's biggest critic, neighborhood activist karen hester. >> it is tacky. >> reporter: after our story ran last summer, the district agreed to put the project on hold, yet now here it is in the flesh. >> it is how we want it to be. >> reporter: that is what one of the district board members said, but tell that to karen. >> it made us a laughing stock. >> reporter: she gathered more than 200 signatures online causing a meeting in august. >> and then only seven people showed up to the meeting. >> reporter: so the obelisk went up. >> it almost made me cry. this is worse than i thought. >> reporter: but karen says there is one silver lining, she
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says the uproar will force the district to seek more public imput next time. as for what will happen next? >> it is permanent. >> nothing is permanent in my mind. >> reporter: they will have to agree to disagree. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. >> the cost of the obelisk, $20,000. split between the district and the property owner. a whole new liner, andria borba shows us why people look different in one part of the bay area tonight. >> you will meet the east bay girl who got lips are your thinnest skin. they need special attention, day and night. new chapstick dual-ended hydration lock provides 24-hour care. spf protects by day. natural oils replenish by night. chapstick.
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gate bridge. -year-old daniel s >> tonight, the chp says the driver was drunk when he took a very wrong turn at the golden gate bridge. 22-year-old daniel soto ended up wedging his mint condition mustang about a quarter mile down the pedestrian path. that is no easy feat. the chp tells us daniel was coming from the marin headlands but instead of turning onto 101, he turned into a parking lot plowing over a pole and went right through a metal fence. he was later arrested on suspicion of dui. people in one part of san francisco are looking a lot better these days. no, they are not in better shape or getting more sleep. andria borba shows us it is all about the lighting and look at andria borba. she is glowing. [ laughter ] >> reporter: oh yeah, ken, i am glowing as a matter of fact, but here at the quarter of gerrero, you can see the brand
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new street lights being installed changes the way san francisco looks. in a city where the word gentrification is a slur, meet the latest case of out with the old, in with the new. >> we have an old deteriorated street light system and it is really important to modernize it. >> reporter: the old sodium street lights that have kept san francisco lit in a creepy 70s era glow are getting a tech era makeover to led. >> more reliable. they last longer, they are more energy efficient and it is a much higher quality light. >> reporter: supervisor scott is leading in the great foldout. >> as parts of my district get converted, you notice the difference immediately. i get immediate feedback from neighbors about how nice it is and how they didn't even realize how cruddy the old lights were. >> reporter: under the leds , the details of buildings are crisp and sharp. >> you see colors more accurately. >> reporter: and what better
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way to put the lights to the test than with the selfie. under the sodium, i'm as orange as snooki, under the leds , i'm my usual pasty glow. they are owned by pg&e and the city has to buy the lights back from pg&e before they can be swapped out for ds and ken, i'm assuming the word glowing you told me earlier is a euphemism for please get a tan. >> not at all. you look great. also, the 70s weren't that creepy. >> reporter: they were totally creepy. >> okay, all right. maybe. how long will it take to replace all those creepy lights? >> it will take quite a long time. they are moving very slowly. they are getting the funding that they need to replace all
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of them. this is something you don't see everyday. a the president using a stolen iphone to post selfies. they went into the cloud and the stockton woman who owned the phone turned them into the police. thieves have hit a new low. toys from needy children were snatched from two toys were tots drop off locations. it is estimated the thieves made out with $15,000 worth of toys. a publishing company has changed a line of children's books because an east bay girl said that is not right. cate caugurian shows us what that girl did. >> and other space objects. >> reporter: little parker danes had no idea how big a change she would make. >> i went to the library, i saw a cool book. >> reporter: after she took it home, that book made her angry.
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it was here in the children's section of the milpitas library where parker found the book that started it all. >> biggest baddest books for boys. yeah. >> reporter: and you didn't like that huh? >> no. >> reporter: the seven-year-old says why just boys? >> girls can like books too. i told dad that we needed to do something. >> reporter: and what did you do? >> i wrote a letter. >> reporter: and sent it straight to the publisher. >> when i saw the title, it said biggest baddest books for boys and it made me very unhappy. >> reporter: less than a month later, the publishing company wrote her back and biggest baddest books for boys became no more. the publisher printed a new series for both boys and girls. >> you changed the entire title of the book. how did that make you feel? >> super super super super super super super duper happy! >> reporter: and an even
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prouder dad. >> when she decides what it is she wants to do as far as a career, she is going to take it and she is going to run with it and no one is going to slow her down. >> that's a cloud of hydrogen. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: so if you see books just for boys or girls, you think you will write more letters? >> i think so. >> reporter: publishers beware. parker is reading. in milpitas, cate caugurian, kpix5. >> in case you are wondering, parker says she wants to be a writer when she grows up. that is super. >> absolutely. let's get back to the storm. where is it raining the hardest? >> it is still in the north bay heading to napa county. but those who haven't received the heavy rainfall yet, it is coming. when we get it, we get the rainfall. second straight night with widespread heavy rainfall. this time, with thunderstorms more than 100 lightning strikes since 8:00 this evening. many of them over marin county and heavy rainfall headed into different portions of the north bay. hello to you in saint helena
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and napa. heavy rain invading you headed out to vacaville, fairfield, vallejo. you are getting heavy rain as well. also american canyon. still pouring in and around san rafael. mill valley, novato, two more lightning strikes. winter weather alert, we have a winter storm warning still in effect for the sierra. this is good news all around. we need the heavy rainfall. we want the heavy snowfall. we are getting both. 25 inches or more of new snowfall in the high e elevations of the sierra. so why all of this stormy weather? because we have been dry for so long, things have turned on a dime. we have a ridge of high pressure which has moved out and is now stuck in the perfect spot allowing the jet stream so sit right over the bay area. everything out there is headed toward us. often stuff misses us. in this case, it is headed toward us. we are more unstable tomorrow as the storm that gave us the rainfall today will now be
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closer to us. rain, wind, lightning possible overnight tonight, a second day of widespread rainfall coming overnight tonight and during the day tomorrow. even on thursday, as the low begins to move out, we have showers even on friday, a new low moving in. we still have showers. no rain-free day until monday. one new facet to the weather we have not seen yet but will thunderstorm is the wind. check out the peak wind gusts, 32 miles an hour? san jose. 41 in half-moon bay. the winds will stay elevated throughout the lunch hour tomorrow. a windy wet morning throughout the bay area. so rain likely tomorrow. heavy at times. gusty winds and there will be a risk of isolated thunderstorms throughout the day tomorrow. i feel like i'm talking about texas, but this is the bay area. this is rare weather for us. oakland, 65 tomorrow. wet, mountain view, 66. napa, 63 degrees. stormiest day will be tomorrow. things taper off with showers thursday and friday. we are dry over the weekend,
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but lo and behold, more rain move in as early as next monday. very, very wet for us, but we need it all and we are thankful. >> absolutely. we talk about how much we need the rain, but how are we doing as far as perspective goes? are we getting enough? >> the answer is we are putting a dent in the drought, but nowhere close to ending the drought. we are eliminated about 10% of our long term drought with these storms. we need this water year 44 more inches of rain to end the drought. and that is not going to happen. we are not going to have that much rainfall, but we have put a nice little dent. to eliminate 10% of a drought in one week is fantastic. >> thank you paul. well, a heated batter of frosty, the city says the snow man has got to go. the bay area christmas tree lot says no way. who wins? eh, you don't want that one. yea, actually i do. it's mucinex fast-max night time and it's got a nasal decongestant. is that really a thing? it sounds made up.
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when you feel good no one is immune. with antioxidants, electrolytes, and b vitamins plus more vitamin c than ten oranges. emergen-c transforms more than just water. emergen-c. let your awesome out. of an accident.. near lakev highway >> i want to get to some news right now. all lanes of southbound 101 in sonoma county are blocked because of an accident near the
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lakeville highway. we are just getting this into the news room. apparently, it's a pretty serious accident where the chp has had to shut down all lanes of southbound 101. we showed you all the rain going on up there right now. so hazardous driving and if you are heading to that part of the bay area, expect delays. highway 101 southbound at the lakeville highway. meanwhile, a big fuss over frosty is really snowballing tonight. >> the owners of the blowup snow man will told to take it down or face the fine. it looms 30 feet above the johnny morris christmas tree lot in pleasantson. they just moved there. the city says frosty is no longer welcome at his new home. >> he has been around for about 25 years. and it is an icon here in town. >> it is a little spirit, a christmas spirit to cheer everybody up. i don't see nothing wrong with that. >> frosty was deflated briefly today because of the rain.
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later he was back. they are told they will be fined daily until he is down for good. a college opening sets off a college opening sets off more rumors for jim ,,,,,,,,
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sure it's the best plan for you, now's the time to visit but to get covered, you gotta get going. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today. oracle arena tonight, my producer laughed it off, sa, >> earlier today, when i suggested going live from oracle arena tonight, my producer laughed it off saying dude, they are playing in orlando. it is going to be a blow-out. roll the highlights please.
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warriors back at home after a 5- 0 road trip. golden state trailed orlando with nine. four minutes left. but then, klay thompson gets a 9-0 run to tie the game at 93- 93. 45 seconds remaining. 95-95. harris gives magic back the lead and it is 97-95 orlando. warriors steal down two. here is the finish. >> for the leap, score! >> curry. curry, the game winner with two seconds left. warriors win 98-97. their tenth straight win. they could tie the franchise record on thursday. second period, san jose trailing philadelphia 1-0, tommy wingels to mark mark. the former san francisco bull shoots and scores with 11
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seconds left. second buzzer beater of the night in the bay area and the sharks win 2-1. guess who is loving tall drama at 49ers headquarters? check out the seahawks head coach petecarroll. >> how would you feel if you tweeted out the loss was unacceptable? >> i would never do that. [ laughter ] >> yes indeed. the wolverines went 5-7 and their coach was fired. jim harbaugh was suggested as a possible replacement. you know, with so much bad news about athletes these days, how about a good story in give me the top five wayne. for the eighth straight year. texans wide receiver andre johnson spent over $16,000 on toys for underprivileged kids in houston. now that is good stuff. michigan may need a football coach, but their basketball
2:08 am
team doesn't. ricky doyle. they beat syracuse. skying for the ally-oop. arizona beat the great gardner webb. back to oracle. speights, best deep ball in the bay area. touchdown, raiders. at number one, chicago trailing dallas 5-3. final seconds of overtime. the bulls derek rose. one-handed shot and that banks in. did he call that? did he call that? that is a buzzer beater. that sent the game to double overtime, but the bulls lost 132-129. >> that would be three buzzer beaters. >> but that only acceptables ,,,
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>> heavy rain and lightning in the north bay the last few hours now headed to the south bay. lit be a wet ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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