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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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growing by the hour next.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. it's 20 feet bay area roads no match for this storm. a giant sinkhole swallowed the street. 20 feet wide tonight and it's getting bigger. >> we haven't had two days of rain like this in six years and there's more in the forecast tonight. >> we are not completely
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finished with the rainfall yet, still scattered showers, absolutely nothing like the thunderstorms and heavy rain that we had 24 hours ago but still the radar is pretty active. kpix5 hi-def doppler showing rainfall for you, walnut creek, concord, pleasant hill, a new batch of light to moderate rain in san jose and milpitas and also near pacifica and half moon bay. the widespread very heavy rainfall is finished. 7 inches of rain in los gatos, morgan hills three inches, pleasanton and martinez 2 1/2 inches, officially downtown san francisco 4 inches of rain in the past three days, more in burlingame and novato 5.37 inches of rainfall. more rain over a two-day period than we received in any two-day period over the past six years. it's more rain after this. we'll talk about when and how much coming up.
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tonight there is a huge hole in a san francisco neighborhood after the storm swallowed part of the street. this is on lake street in the richmond district where joe vazquez is right now. sight . 20 by to swallow joe? >> reporter: you're looking at westbound lake street at sixth avenue. it looks kind of like a small dry lake. luckily no one was driving when it collapsed this morning. nd sewer breaks all around the have crews dis take a look. take a selfie. the sinkhole is quite a sight, 20 by 30 feet, big enough to swallow two winnebagos. when it developed this morning, it made weird noises. the public utilities commission says rain runoff flooded the sewer pipes. the water pipe and roadway collapsed around it. >> i can see the road sinking into it getting bigger and now with the rain it's going to get worse. >> reporter: it's an old system. >> this water pipe dates back
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to 1905. it's over 100 years old. >> reporter: why don't you fix these things? >> we're doing our best. we have water main breaks and sewer breaks around the city daily. we have crews dealing with this 24/7. we have aging infrastructure. >> reporter: they're still out here working. they've got to fix a water main, a sewer line and patch the street back together. they're talking about perhaps a week before they finish it. >> wow. look down that hole you're looking back 110 years, amazing. >> reporter: it really is. it's a sight to behold here. >> thanks, joe. not a sinkhole, but a big pothole opened up on the bay bridge near treasure island this morning. it's the first one on the new span. caltrans closed a couple lanes about 20 minutes and made emergency repairs. the problems on the roads are not over. look at this nasty crash in san jose tonight. a pickup lost control on the slick roadway and hit a pole on
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silver creek valley road off 101. the drive was unhurt. there's -- the driver was unhurt. there's still a lot of water on the road. this is mission boulevard on college parkway, but this is nothing compared with what len ramirez dealt with earlier today. >> reporter: the wind and rain hit the santa cruz mountains like a one-two punch, a knockout blow to big trees like this one outside boulder creek. ot super:audrey nickel/mount herman]"th times last night w it fell across highway 9 blocking it for hours. >> i want to cry like really bad because i guess it's a good thing i left to run errands so now i can pick my other daughter up and all the kids that i give a ride to. >> reporter: rain was too much for the roof of the cvs store and collapsed under the water's wait. >> it looks like a car wash it's so wet in there. >> reporter: it happened about 3 a.m. no one was hurt, but the rain kept coming. look at the san lorenzo river yesterday, then at the same spot same time today.
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it rose several feet overnight. >> a couple times last night i thought we were having a tornado because i had that kind of hard driving train sort of sound it was hammering on the roof so hard, pretty bad. >> reporter: and it was no better on the roads driving through a heavy downpour on twisty highway 17, nerve wracking. try doing it when you can't see. . so a that was scary. len ramirez, kpix5. check out what happened tonight in san jose. it looked more like a man tour lake on 280 -- a miniature lake on 280 at the highway offramp, so a chp officer pulled up to stop people from getting stuck. one driver went around him. the car stalled out. watch this. another car tries to do the same thing, but the officer has
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to throw a flare to get the driver to stop. that did the trick. the driver went around the huge puddle. dot com, slash storm. get the latest weather alerts, live radar and our weather survival guide by going to we are just getting this video from palo alto right now. about 150 people walk onto highway 101 at the university avenue exit about an hour ago. our photographer says there were some stanford students there. they shut down traffic both directions for about 15 minutes until chp moved them off the freeway. this is all part of a nationwide protest after the new york grand jury decided not to charge a white police officer in the death of an unarmed black man. d but were u on >> the big thing we're trying to do right now is let people know we will be seen and heard and will continue to disrupt their everyday life until they recognize that. >> meanwhile in oakland tonight protesters tried but were
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unable to get on the macarthur freeway. police blocked their path. officers were ready after protesters shut down freeways twice last week in oakland. tonight's protests in oakland were peaceful, no vandalism. hundreds marched from downtown up to rockridge. in san francisco protesters staged a die-in near the cable car turnal around powell and market -- turnaround powell and market and blocked the intersection. police moved in and the crowd dispersed. many of those protesters tonight were shouting i can't breathe. those were the final words eric garner said before he died after a new york city police officer put him in a choke hold last summer. the officer was trying to arrest him for selling illegal cigarettes. the coroner ruled his death a homicide. president obama is usually pretty measured, but watch him tonight speaking after the grand jury decided not to indict. r of new york said >> this is an american problem and not just a. [ problem or a
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brown problem or -- a black problem or a brown problem or a native american problem. when anybody in this country is not being treated equally under the law, that's a problem and it's my job as president to help solve it. >> the new york mayor said the grand jury decision was profoundly personal in part because of his own son. the mayor opened up to reporters tonight to talk about an issue many families with african american boys deal with. christin ayers tonight on the talk. grand jury declined to bring charges against the offi m.regina ba >> reporter: a familiar scene in oakland's frank agawa plaza. a woman clutching a picture of her 18-year-old son malik in honor of black men who are not here. regina said she spent her life worrying her son could end up like they, so she coached him
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on how to talk to a police officer. >> is there a problem, officer? you smile and you have your hands forward on the steering wheel and you look him right in the eye. you don't flinch. you don't move fast. >> reporter: it's the same talk new york mayor bill de blasio confessed he's had with his own son donte who is half black. >> we've had to literally train him as families have all over this city for decades in how to take special care in any encounter he has with the police officers who are there to protect him. >> you shouldn't have to tell your daughter don't make fast movements if you're in front of the police. >> reporter: yet that is the conversation carissa lewis has had with her young daughter. on black friday carissa and at least 15 other protesters chained themselves to a b.a.r.t. train to make a powerful statement about police brutality. >> i do this work so my daughter knows she has to fight every day of her life. >> reporter: both women say all they can do is protest and pray. >> i'm praying for all the
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black men because you are really saying to yourself is my sin my sin? warriors make a surprise appearance at a bay area high school basketball game, not to celebrate a win, but a loss. why not? we foun >> this woman lost her phone at a 9ers game, but stadium security would not give it back. why not? we found out why. >> plus who wants to sit in traffic when you can paddle board? tonight the coolest bay area commute we've seen in a while. with kaiser permanente, you'll connect with your doctor any time, anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪
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become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ that ended with the suspectt in a struggle with an off-dy cop. this is surveillance video tonight we have new video from a pretty wild crime spree that ended with a suspect shot by an off-duty chicago cop. this is surveillance video from another cafe in san francisco.
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he starts hassling a woman in line, tossed her own coffee in her face and chased her around the cafe as another customer tried to fight him off. the clerk eventually grabbed a baseball bat and chases the guy out the door. police say that same individual had just attacked a man outside and after he left he tried to rob an off-duty police officer in the hallway of the officer's apartment building. police say the man was shot in a struggle over the officer's gun. he is in the hospital tonight. were stunned when they saw o richmond high school played concord tonight, a boys basketball game. people were stunned when they saw who showed up. cate cauguiran shows us the surprise wasn't on the court but in the crowd. uching." but tonight. the riors came to >> reporter: for high school basketball players this is the chance of a lifetime playing in front of your idols and the ones typically seen on posters and tv screens. >> my kids are so excited. most of them have never been to a game or done anything like
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this. >> reporter: tonight the golden state warriors came to the richmond state high school game to support not a team win, but a loss. >> it's very sad, a young man lost his life, no reason at all. >> reporter: 16-year-old rodney fraser killed after he was. >> he -- he was shot at 20 times in front of his house. >> it's about family and you got to come together in times of loss and tragedy and kind of be there for one another. >> reporter: behind closed doors the golden state warriors shared a private moment with team members from both sides and talked about now gun violence has hit this area particularly hard and the head coach said the students could be the solution if they stay involved with their community. the message in the locker room was clear. the shootings need to stop. >> robbing so many young teens of a chance to have a great
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life and it's affecting our whole country. >> why are we accepting this in one of the strongest countries in the world? it doesn't make any sense to me. let's get it done. let's stop the violence. >> reporter: while remembering this city and team is so desperate for a solution. >> rodney, we miss you baby. take care. >> there still are no arrests in rodney's murder. police say he did not have any known ties to any gangs or any enemies. the raiders aren't taking any chances when they take on the 49ers this weekend. the team tells us they're beefing up security at the coliseum for sunday's game because they don't want to see this, fans beating each other up. this attack was in a bathroom at the 9ers stadium in october and left a guy partially paralyzed. tonight the raiders tell us you can expect extra police, more undercover officers and added private security. tonight a 49ers fan says
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security in santa clara was too strict. >> reporter: 49er fan sandy lebeau will never forget her first game at levi stadium. >> i was so excited to be here. >> reporter: the 49ers lost 13- 10 to st. louis, but sandy lost something that day, too her samsung galaxy 5 smartphone. >> you go into the restroom, have the clip, put it down, walk away and it's gone. >> reporter: but sandy got lucky or she thought when she got a message from a stadium employee telling her the phone was turned in. >> i went to my locator and found my phone was in levi stadium. the locator says it's within 3 meters of this, levi stadium. >> reporter: but when sandy showed up at the stadium to retrieve her phone, she was in for quite the their quarter surprise. >> they said no. >> reporter: citing policy concerns and more than 80 loss phones sandy says stadium security refused to let her find her phone even though her find my phone app clearly showed it was just feet away.
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>> just let me go in and look for my phone. >> reporter: so sandy contacted a consumer watch and we contacted the 49ers which says the phone is now gone along with all of sandy's contacts and wedding photos. in a statement the 49ers say we will make every attempt to reyou've night guests with their items, but levi stadium is not responsible for lost or damaged items. the organization says they're donated to charity. in sandy's case 9ers have generously agreed to replace her lost phone, something she's grateful for but slightly frustrated. >> i know i lost it. i'm not blaming them. the only thing i'm upset of about is that day when i could have had that back. >> reporter: julie watts, kpix5. we want to get back to the rain we've had and show you more incredible images from the store. >> that car won't be going anywhere for a while. it's now a submarine and is at a park and ride in marin.
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this guy had the right idea. he grabbed a paddle board. chopper 5 spotted him in mill valley today, made his way through the muddy water where nearby car were stranded. we don't know where he was going, but it's a pretty cool way to get around. >> i don't know if we could do it here, take a paddle board to work, way to go. >> it felt like this this morning, widespread rainfall everywhere. last friday we put on the map 3 to 7 inches in the santa cruz area. we're thinking that's not going to happen. guess what. petaluma 10 inches of rainfall, kentfield nearly 1/2-foot. the one that stands out to me the most, san jose, the south bay, more rain in the past five days than you had in all of 2013. still a couple showers in the south bay right now leaving
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milpitas, san jose and the 280 corridor heading east, but there are more showers ought there. as you are out and about tomorrow morning, scattered showers will be around during the day before the next storm gets here friday, foggy, too. widespread fog tomorrow morning. there's so much water on the ground and air right now, foggy start in concord, oakland, san jose and san francisco mid-50s and yeah, still snowing in the mountains. highest elevations we're talking 7,000 feet, 8,000 feet and higher, 4 to 8 new inch of snowfall tonight, 24 to 30 inches of wonderful powder falling in the higher elevations of the sierra. last night this time there was a low pressure area coming closer to us, very unstable air, thunderstorms and gusty winds. now the same low is beginning to pull away. we're seeing the wind not being an issue anymore and no more thunderstorms. the low will still have it be showery as it moves out.
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on friday the storm is farther to the north and not as strong, so a much weak -- weaker storm on friday. we get rainfall, but not the widespread rainfall. scattered showers tonight and tomorrow, a widespread light to moderate rainfall friday, but the weekend is trending mainly dry including that raiders/49ers game. mid-60s tomorrow, a little sunshine between showers, not a bad day to get outside, fremont 66, redwood city 66, 64 in pleasant hill, antioch, pittsburgh, mid-60s, a mixture of sunshine and showers, 65, kentfield 64, santa rosa, 62. extended forecast, back to the rain friday, nothing heavy, dry saturday, a couple showers, approach the north bay on monday and tuesday and wednesday dry next week. so maybe not as stormy and the rain not as intense, but the wet pattern is here a while and
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likely for the next two to three weeks, so heavy stuff done, but rain is still coming. this is what we'll see in a few hours if everything goes as planned, tonight nasa's mission to put humans on mars. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪
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closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by covered california. they are off put a we're just hours from nasa's next bold mission. >> yeah. it's part of their effort to officially try to put a human on mars. this is a live look at the orion spacecraft at the cape. it will be sent into orbit just after sunrise weather permitting. nobody will be on board, though, as a precaution. >> this mission will test some of the riskiest parts of the trip to mars. that would be the launch and then the reentry into the earth's atmosphere. orion's parachute system and heat shield will have to withstand temperatures of 4,000 degrees fahrenheit. if all goes as planned, it will orbit the earth twice and splash down in the pacific ocean off the coast of san diego. >> how the moon mission started, remember? >> you going to be there? >> i won't be making that one,
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no. >> you can actually see it at aims, right? >> you can watch it at aims. >> good field trip for the kids. the raider and 49er quarterbacks debate the battle of the bay next. ,, tag: mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train assistance dogs for wounded veterans. we need your help to do more. give at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs-- helping dogs help people.
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the bank of the west sports report is next on kpix5. record in his first year. >> ed kyle is off to a strong start. old the great ben chairington in 1916 had a better record. you were starting anchoring then. in his first year. the bears hosing former cal assistant and the montana grizzlies jordan matthew hits the three ball tying the game. they go to double overtime, bears up two. cal survives 78-76. they are 6-1. usf in boulder trying to upset colorado, mark tollson dials up the three ball. they are one of the best teams in the pac-12 and they showed why. book him, dano. 16 and 21 in the 2nd half. they win by 17.
11:29 pm
nba, the philadelphia 76ers trying to avoid history tonight. >> we're going streaking! mark set by the nets.. but mcdaniels three in the 4th t >> streak of 17 to start the season for the sixers. that's 17 losses. a loss against the t-wolves would tie the all time mark set by the nets. three in the 4th put the 76ers up for good and they end that streak. >> 1-17, baby. the raiders and 49ers will meet for the fourth time sunday. both quarterbacks are from california and were both given a chance to talk about the game's meaning to the region. first here's derek carr. >> either you're a raider fan or a 9er fan. i hope to think bakersfield and fresno are more silver and black than anything. it's definitely something important to the fans obviously. i know that. it's very important to them and they always get amped up for it every time that these two team
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kick it off. >> now colin kaepernick grew up just north of carr in turlock. here's his take on the game. >> i was a packers fan. the university of alabama birmingham became the first major program to shut down its football team since 1995. school officials said it would cost nearly $50 million to run the team over the next five years. they're also facing 22 million more to upgrade the stadium. players and coaches are out of jobs and scholarships. in a meeting yesterday a senior let school president ray watts have it. erman is next.. with >> my cusp asked me last night -- cousin asked me last night what are they going to do in oakland? he spent every day no matter the distance, no matter the distance. he went to every game! what am i supposed to do? and you go home and sleep in a comfortable big ass house, but
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it's okay. some of these cats came from 3,000 miles away to play here to be a part of this! >> that guy speaking there was an iraq war veteran, came back to play football. so the end of football at uab. it's going to become more the norm i think. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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tag: mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train assistance dogs for wounded veterans. we need your help to do more. give at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs-- helping dogs help people.
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,,,,,, the holidays can be an especially difficult time.en, to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, tomorrow morning at 4-30. david letterman is next with taylor swift. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. see you then.
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