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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 4, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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is coming up next. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, december 4th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." fury and frustration. after a grand jury declines to indict an officer in the chokehold death of eric garner. his widow and mother are here. >> a critical launch for nasa scrubbed. what's holding up the mission that will help put a person on mars. >> plus, fake soldiers. the disturbing trend that has real men and women of the military saying enough is enough. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> protesters across the country demand justice.
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>> for the second time in just over a week, a grand jury failed to indict a white police officer in the death of an unarmed black man. >> and new york city, about 30 arrests made there. >> eric garner's widow said she could never accept the officer's apology. >> he's still working. my husband is six feet under, and i'm looking for a way to feed my kids now. >> an american man being held captive is begging for help. >> my life is in danger. >> rainfall saturating california. it has created a flood of headaches up and down the state. >> it created a giant sinkhole. >> getting bigger and with the rain it's going to get worse. >> scrubbed for today. >> nasa says it will try again tomorrow. >> a successful run could be one step closer to a mission to mars. >> details as a boy is shot and killed by a police officer in cleveland. the officer had been previously judged as unfit for duty. >> police officers are public
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servants, not james bond with a license to kill. >> more women have come forward to accuse comedian bill cosby of sexual abuse. three made an emotional appearance. two claimed they were drugged and assaulted. a toddler falls on the train tracks. comes to rescue. a man crashes into a car dealership in texas costing nearly $300,000 in damage. >> it was a boom. >> got it! >> the 76ers have won their first game after losing their first 17. >> -- and all that matters -- >> he wasn't very far away when he went down. >> dakota. the golden retriever fell in through the ice and a local fire captain came in to save the day. >> once in a why, it's good to have a happy ending, you know? >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> 17 states filed a lawsuit. to stop obama's immigrant action. >> there's just so much partisan rancor. republicans say leave john boehner alone. >> announcer: this morning's
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"eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is on assignment, so jeff glor is with us. nice to have you here. we're going to begin with a big story because more protests are planned across the country this morning over the decision not to bring charges against the new york police officer involved in the chokehold death of eric garner. protesters poured into new york city streets after wednesday's grand jury decision. rallies were mostly peaceful. at one point about a thousand demonstrators clogged the brooklyn bridge. police let them cross but arrested people who would not move. >> this case started back in july, when police tried to arrest 43-year-old eric garner. an officer grabbed him around the throat. garner said he couldn't breathe 11 times and later died. the grand jury decided wednesday
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not to indict that officer. midtown man had enhattan the site of rallies. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning to our viewers in the west. the nypd made dozens of arrests that through the night was mostly peaceful but all across the city protesters shouted those three words that are now synonymous with the takedown and death of eric garner. >> i can't breathe! i can't breathe! >> reporter: the last words of eric garner have become the rally cry. it's not about black and white. it's about life and death. >> reporter: the grand jury's decision not to indict an officer in the death of a long island man sent thousand of protesters in the streets of new york's five boroughs last night. some people tried to push through police barricades. hundreds made their way to landmarks like new york city's music hall. others tried near rockefeller
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center. police arrested dozens lying on their backs in the middle of sixth avenue. >> i can't breathe! >> reporter: protesters streamed through times square swarming and shutting down the west side highway, a heavily traveled route in manhattan. some drivers stuck in the gridlock honked their horns and gave high fives, while others left their cars and raised their hands in solidarity with the demonstrators. charles waite is a community organizer who said he flew from ferguson, missouri to new york as soon as he heard the news. >> these police officers now seem like they're an extension of the military. citizens are at war like we're the target. >> the movement has started. the train is leaving the station. >> reporter: earlier on wednesday, dozens of demonstrators staged a die-in at one of the city's transit arteries, grand central terminal. >> i'm angry and i'm furious. and this is what i can do right now.
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>> reporter: unlike ferguson there are no widespread planned oregoned protests though police do expect some spontaneous demonstrations throughout the day. protesters are promising to disrupt the daily routine for as long as they can. jeff. >> michelle, thank you very much. eric garner's family is outraged this morning by the grand jury's decision. they say the officer got away with doing wrong. jim axelrod is on staten island where the family promises to keep fighting. jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 23 grand jurors spent five months combing through the evidence and listening to the testimony about what exactly happened here in front of this beauty supply store last july, and as we've been seeing, the decision not to bring any charges in the death of eric garner is producing outrage. >> how can we put our trust in the justice system when they fail us like this. >> reporter: the anger and frustration flowed from eric garner's family following grand jury decision not to indict
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officer panteleo, the officer in connection with garner's death. >> he should be here celebrating christmas and thanksgiving and everything else with his children and his grandchildren, and he can't. why? because a cop did wrong. >> i can't breathe, i can't believe. >> reporter: a new york city medical examiner says this choke hold contributed to garner's death but the grand jury found no reasonable cause to bring charges against the officer. in a statement wednesday pantaleo said i became a police officer to help people and to protect those who can't protect themselves. i feel very bad about the death of mr. garner. when told about his remorse for her husband's death, teresa garner had this reaction. >> it's time for remorse. my husband was yelling he couldn't breathe. that would have been the time to show concern for someone else's life. he was screaming 11 times that he can't breathe.
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>> reporter: after meeting with garner's father mayor bill de blasio talked about his own family's dilemma, educating his half black son with dealing with police. >> we've had to talk to dante for years because of a history that still hangs over us. we've had to literally train him, as families have all over this city for decades, in how to take special care in any encounter he has with police officers who are there to protect him. >> reporter: officer pantaleo is currently on modified duty stripped of his gun and badge. his lawyer says when his client testified in front of the grand jury, he said that he subdued mr. garner using a technique he learned at the police academy. >> jim, thank you. in the next hour eric garner's wife and mother will be here in studio 57. president obama says he wants to rebuild trust in the police and he spoke about the garner ruling last night. >> this is an american problem
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and not just a black problem or a brown problem or a native american problem. this is an american problem. when anybody in this country is not being treated equally under the law, that's a problem and it's my job as president to help solve it. >> the president set up a task force this week to recommend how police can work more closely with minority communities. >> the announcement on staten island came just nine days after a decision in ferguson, missouri. last night a minivan struck a crowd. one person was seen crouching on the hood of the vehicle as it accelerated. several protesters backed away after the driver waved a handgun at them. moments later, a wreck went through the van's rear window. police arrested that driver. there's startling information about the cleveland officer who shot and killed a 12-year-old boy last month. the rookie officer's former boss believed he was not qualified to wear a badge. dean reynolds is outside police headquarters in
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cleveland. the city is hosting a regional roundtable today with eric holder. dean, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning to our viewers in the west. eric holder is hoping meetings like this one today will foster better relations between police and the communities they serve. but that will be harder in cleveland where the background of a white officer who shot a black sixth grader last month is now coming into question. at the funeral of 12-year-old tamir rice on wednesday, it was a mix of reflection and frustration. tamir's uncle, michael petty, was critical of the officer who shot and killed the boy last month. >> the family objectives are to first celebrate the life of tamir, mourn his death and then seek justice. >> reporter: park surveillance video from november 22nd showed the youngster holding what appeared to be a gun and pointing it at people walking by. a 911 caller alerted police but also warned the weapon might be a fake.
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>> there's a guy holding a pistol. you know, he's like pointing it at everybody. >> reporter: but that uncertainty was never passed along to responding officers and less than two seconds after arriving at the scene, 26-year-old officer timothy lowman shot the boy dead. the weapon turned out to be a toy pellet gun. >> shots fired, male down, black male, maybe 20. >> reporter: now a two-year-old personnel report on officer lowman raises serious questions about his qualifications to be a cop. the report, for example, described his handgun performance as dismal. it was written by the police in independence, ohio, where lowman worked before joining the cleveland force and describes him as emotionally immature, adding that he would not be able to substantiateally cope or make good decisions during or resulting from any other stressful situation. deputy jim polak wrote, i do not
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believe time nor training will able to change or correct these deficiencies. the cleveland police are now investigating the use of force by officer lowman but they acknowledge that they never reviewed that controversial personnel file before hiring him last march. >> all right, dean. thank you so much. this morning an al qaeda-linked group threatens to execute an american hostage held in yemen. the militants kidnapped photo journalist luke somers more than a year ago in the capital city of sanaa. a videotape shows the plea by the prisoner. >> reporter: the video shows a chilling threat. either meet their demands or somers will be executed. it is not clear what those demands are but usually terrorists want money and the release of prisoners. >> i am looking for any help to get me out of this situation. i'm certain my life is in danger. >> reporter: dressed in a button-down shirt and wearing
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glasses, the 33-year-old american citizen pleads for his life. >> i ask if anything can be done, please let it be done. thank you very much. >> reporter: earlier in the three-minute video, one of his captors warns the u.s. it has three days to meet their demands or somers will meet his, quote, inevitable fate. somers, a photo journalist was abducted off streets in the yemeni capital of sanaa in 2013. the video comes one week after u.s. forces attempted to free somers from a mountainous region in the eastern part of the country. it's believed he was moved to a different location just two days before the raid which was successful in rescuing eight other hostages and killing more than half a dozen al qaeda militants. the pentagon had asked news organizations not to report that the raid had been carried out by american commandos for fear it would only increase the danger somers is in but the story got
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out anyway and now the captors are threatening to execute him. >> david thanks. this morning, a suspect is under arrest in the united arab emeralds in the killing of an american teacher. she was stabbed to death monday in the capital city of abu dhabi. the suspect is also blamed for another attack on an american. >> announced the arrest of the female suspect in the stabbing. it comes after u.s. embassies in the region issued a specific warning of a threat to americans. abu dhabi police released this security camera footage showing the alleged attacker complete with a bizarre eerie soundtrack. the suspect is fully veilmillion a traditional black robe. after an hour and a half in the bathroom, the alleged murderer emerges in a hurry, dodging between scrambling shoppers.
7:15 am
the stabbing victim has been identified as 47-year-old ebolia ryan a mother of 11-year-old twins. she used to teach school in colorado. the blood splattered floor is where her new life came to dramatic end. released new video, showing a bomb outside an american doctor's home. they say this was the raid of the suspect's house and her arrest. they showed the suspect's getaway car and the bloodied steering wheel. cbs news senior national security analyst juan zarate says the attack comes as isis and other terror groups have encouraged lone wolf attacks. >> this could be an episode of an individual inspired to kill an american citizen abrupt, following the call also of al qaeda in the islamic state to actually attack in place, to attack citizens where they can.
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>> the u.s. embassy confirmed the killing took place on monday. saying the teacher was attacked because of the color of her skin and both she and the doctor were targeted because they're americans. norah. >> such a terrible story, charlie, thank you. this morning wet weather in the west is moving into oregon and washington state. leaving cars under wire and causing a big rig to jackknife. elizabeth wenger of cbs station kpix is in san francisco. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you may just call the bay area the gray area. over the past several days. even though the worst of this record-breaking pacific storm has passed the threat of mudslides is still here in the days and weeks to come. or even longer. the skies opened up over the bay area on wednesday causing the streets of san francisco to do the same. the biggest of at least three sinkholes measured 30 feet wide and 10 feet deep breaking a water main underneath.
7:17 am
the downpour the past two days has been so huge that local rain totals are hitting or surpassing the normal annual range for the first time in the state's three-year drought. it caused flooding at a high school in petaluma north of the city and at a santa cruz convenience store. >> i thought we were having a tornado because it had that kind of hard-driving train sort of sound, it was hammering on the roof so hard. >> reporter: the rain has been good news for lake tahoe, almost 200 miles northeast of san francisco. elevations above 7,000 feet were covered in 10 to 14 inches of fresh snow. 200 miles to the south, waterfalls that had slowed to a trickle are flowing again at yosemite national park. the state's rainfall totals have been impressive. as of late wednesday, nearly 10 inches have fallen in yukaipa ridge and five inches over the peak. >> more than the water, it's the
7:18 am
mudslide potential that's the problem for us, back behind our house. >> reporter: in southern california, homeowners near the fire-ravaged hillsides must be on the alert for mudslides long after the rain clouds disappear. >> the problem itself remains. and it will remain for the next three, four years. until we see some more vegetation grow back on the hillsides. >> we're talking 60-plus homes from this area down to the end where we could see some sort of mud or debris flow at some point. >> reporter: the harsh reality is it will take several more storms like this one to pull us out of california's drought. before this week's storms, the sierra snow pack, which accounts for most of the state's water supply, was only 24% of normal. jeff, back to you. elizabeth. minutes ago, nasa postponed the launch of the orion space capsule until at least tomorrow. the unmanned test flight is being hailed as a big step to sending astronauts to mars eventually. chuck reid is at the kennedy space center just north of the
7:19 am
launch site. >> what was supposed to happen today is an orion space capsule which they call an apollo space capsule on steroids, was supposed to be launched into a 4 1/2-hour test fly by a huge delta rocket. high winds and technical issues delayed this test flight for quite a while. they finally decided just to scrub it. they're now going to try again tomorrow morning. >> and we'll be watching with you. chip thank you so much. and it is 7:19. ahead, why you flu shot may fall short. dr. holly phillips will joi good morning. from the kpix 5 weather center, let's head on outdoors where we do have mostly cloudy skies, some low-level moisture in the form of drizzle and mist and also according to hi-def doppler radar, we do have a little bit of light precipitation right there in the santa cruz mountains. that will be the case today throughout the day a few scattered random showers clearing out now at sfo. but what you have to realize is
7:20 am
that we will have a few sunny breaks, therefore a few rainbows with highs in the 60s today. next bona fide rain shower will arrive on friday afternoon. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by walgreens at the corner of happy and healthy. the battle u.s. troops did not expect to fight. >> where's your combat patch at? >> i gave it to a little kid. >> why is your flag so low on
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your shoulder? it should be up here. >> >> ahead, real servicemembers trying to stop phony soldiers. the news is back on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" by toyota. let's go places. you can get a great deal during toyotathon. i love the new look. and it's a blast to drive. oh, so you've driven it? [motor racing] woooooooo! yeah, i've taken it for a spin. toyotathon is on get low 1.9% apr financing for 60 months on the bold new 2015 camry. offer ends january 5th. plus every new toyota comes with toyotacare, toyota's no cost maintenance plan. i know a great place for a drive. ♪ ♪
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francisco neighborhood.. after good morning. 7:26 your time. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening around the bay area. there is a huge hole in a san francisco neighborhood after the storm swallowed up part of lake street in the richmond district. the sinkhole keeps getting bigger. to make matters worse, scattered showers are expected to continue today. the dismanhattanling began this morning -- dismantling began this morning at the jungle along san jose's coyote creek. 200 people have been living in the homeless encampment off story and center roads for years. the city says the site is unsafe and unsanitary. and it will be about two weeks to clean it up. the city is arranging for places to stay for some of those being evicted. traffic and weather coming up right after the break.
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good morning. unfortunately, more new problems now for marin county drive. it was rough going yesterday. and now we are just getting word of this new accident. that's involving several cars a truck and two other vehicles southbound 101 at lucas valley road. it's already backed up to delong coming into novato. the good news once you get past lucas valley everything looks clear all the way through sausalito and the golden gate bridge. but another reminder the roads are slick, please be extra careful. the bay bridge is definitely backed up through the maze. 80 and 580 are the worst approaches. that is "kcbs traffic." your forecast now here's roberta. >> those roads are slick because of light rain. good morning. don't leave without the umbrella. showers are in the offering. right now partly to mostly cloudy skies and we are in the 50s. showers today, temperatures in the 60s.
7:29 am
7:30 am
no indictment in the death of eric garner. a grand jury in new york city has decided not to charge a white new york city police officer in the death of an unarmed african-american man. i honestly don't know what to say. i think what is so utterly depressing is that none of the ambiguities that existed in the ferguson case exist in the staten island case and yet the outcome is exactly the same. no crime, no foul all foul. we're definitely not living in a post-race society and i imagine a lot of people are wondering how much of a society are we living in at all? >> jon taking a somber tone. welcome back to "cbs this
7:31 am
morning." eric garner's family has just arrived here at studio 57. we'll talk to them a little bit later in the program. we'll also talk about the angry protesters. the grand jury declined to charge anyone in his death. a lot more on that. plus this this morning. that flu shot you just got may not do you that much good. dr. holly phillips in the toyota green room with a new cdc alert. the austin american statesman says texas is challenging president obama's immigration order. states want to block his plan to protect up to 5 million immigrants from deportation. >> the "washington post" says a new pentagon survey finds sexual assaults in the military are rising. this year there were more than 5,400 complaints by servicemembers. that's up 8% from last year. the alleged victims may be more willing to come forward.
7:32 am
bloomberg warns aboutut the hackers. they released the bududget for the moviee including rogan's salary of more than $8.4 million. row again rogan co-wrote and stars in the movie. the first station in the country selling gas at $1.99. look at that guys in oklahoma city. said it's the first time in four years that any station sold gas for less than 2 dlurs a gallon. gas prices have fallen fast in recent months. the average is $2.73 a gallon. >> that's pretty amazing. >> we often show you how servicemembers are targeted after they return home. >> some scammers even pretend to be part of the military and then they tried to cash in. jan crawford is in washington.
7:33 am
she shows us how the real troops are fighting back. jan, good morning. >> good morning. if you sacrifice for our country, few things must be as outrageous as seeing people lie about being a soldier and serving in the military. now in a world where everyone's got a smartphone with a camera, some veterans are saying enough. >> hey, sir. hey, my son looked at me. he really admires guys in the army. >> reporter: at a suh bush ban malin philadelphia the scene was caught on camera. the man in the army ranger's uniform is sean yetnan. the man behind the camera is army ranger ryan burke. he noticed something wrong with his uniform. where's your combat patch? >> i gave it to a little kid. >> why is your flag so low on your shoulder. it should be up here. >> you got me on that. >> where did you get your three
7:34 am
at? >> in after gap stan. >> you know you need to be in three campaigns. >> let me show you, if i wasn't, phoney, i wouldn't be wearing this. >> then you are phoney. i called you out about ten different things. they have no record he ever served. the video has millions of views on youtube and it's hardly the only one like it. >> armed with smartphones, active duty troops and veterans are calling out imposters, some who are looking for money or discounts officered to the military. they're now sharing that evidence online. guardian of valor, the website that first posted the video told us it gets dozens of e-mails a day of soldiers who spot fakes. it even has a hall of shame for those who are caught. >> it's very disappointing, frustrating, and one of the reasons we went forward with
7:35 am
this law. >> he sponsored the stolen valor act last year. the law makes it a crime to benefit financially by lying about military service. >> i'm appalled and it's not the first time we've seen these imposters going around trying to hold themselves out to be something. >> stolen valor, right here. stolen valor. >> he has previously pleaded guilty to impersonateing a public servant. if he pleads guilty or is charged he could be fined and even imprisoned under the stolen valor act. norah? >> jan thank you so much. an advisory sent to doctors last night said only 48% of flu virus samples taken through last month were closely related to this year's north american vaccine. our dr. holly phillips is with us. good morning. >> good morning, norah. >> does that mean for those of us who had a flu shot or flu
7:36 am
mist are going to be affected? >> it's not going to be as effective. the new virus is called hd 3 n 2. it's mutated in some way since the vaccine has made to right now when it's actually circulated. >> less than a 50% rate does not seem very good at all. >> that's a big mutation. >> right? >> it is. it's not unheard of but it is pretty unusual. you know 18 of the last 22 flu seasons the vaccine has been a good match with the dominant strain. in '97/'98 we saw a shift like this where it wasn't well match and we saw many many more flu cases. >> so does it mean you're going to get a flu shot? >> you're not going to get another shot but it's still
7:37 am
good. it covers several strains of the virus, h1n1 and others. also with h3n2, even though it's not a perfect match, you might get some coverage. you may get the flu, but you'll not get as sick. >> there isn't anything else you can do. why should you get this information? >> people should know even if you had the flu shot and you have symptoms, get in to a doctor. >> i have a friend who has not had her flu sethot yet. i'm not mentioning her name. >> her name is gayle king. bam. no apologyies. >> i have a friend who did not have a flu shot. now she says well now i'm definitely not getting one. would you advise against it? >> no. you'll get some coverage.
7:38 am
call your doctor. they'll treat you with it. they'll shorten the course of the illness. >> and i think norah o'donnell had an ex-friend. >> we're not naming friends but if anyone wants to pop into my office today, they absolutely can. >> she's absolutely right. my children are embarrassed. >> i'm trying to keep you healthy and happy. >> thank you. thank you, holly. ahead, women on the verge of change in saudi arabia. the quiet revolution from the classroo the volkswagen golf was just named motor trend's 2015 car of the year. so was the 100% electric e-golf, and the 45 highway mpg tdi clean diesel. and last but not least the high performance gti.
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7:43 am
change is coming from the kingdom. she joins us now from london. good morning. >> good morning. saudi arabia women do not have the same rights as men and some say they're not even treated with the same rights. some saudi women are refusing to let those obstacles stand in their way. in saudi arabia some islamic hard liners say this is a sin. the country's religious conservatives believe women's sports are un-islamic. they're still banned in public schools. but this woman disagrees and founded the women's basketball club. >> i don't think it has anything to do with religion. i do think it's out of chauvinism and male dominance. >> saudis on the internet were calling them prostitutes.
7:44 am
>> we have been called names before. we've been labeled before. it's very i would say, really sad to have people from the same country call each other that. >> saudi arabia is an ultra conservative islamic state. the male guardianship system means all women need a male relative's permission to work go to university, and travel overseas. for some like this high school principal, those restrictions are not a problem. foreign women have more freedom than we do she told us but i don't want to be like them. these are our customs, and we follow them. but saudi arabia is changing. women now outnumber men in saudi universities and their government is encouraging them to join the work force. as this university female students are planning careers in
7:45 am
everything from engineers to filmmaking. this woman told us her students have futures their mothers could only dream of. >> it has been a huge change huge transformation in almost every way. it has been a change in the mentality, in the acceptance of women in the workplace. >> the saudi king is himself a reformer who's promoted women's rights but the king has to contend with religious conservatives whose support helps keep him in power. he recently made 20% of the council members women. some of the women told us any change has to be carefully managed so that the islamic establishment doesn't fight back. do you feel frustrated by the pace of change sometimes? >> change that happens overnight
7:46 am
and people are not ready for it sometimes is what fires back you know backfired. >> she's working on a proposal that would effective libya end the male guardianship system. >> men and women over 18 will be independent citizens of the kingdom of saudi arabia they will make decisions about their lives. that's according to this proposal for family law. >> but all of them told us change has to come from within saudi arabia. >> i think it is our right to live the way we want to live without having somebody come from anywhere in the world and say you're doing this wrong. it's nobody's right to say that. >> some saudi women told us that many women in the west assume that because they wear the veil they're victims. they urge us to look beyond the veil and see the progress that they're making even in a country
7:47 am
where they face such enormous challenges. gayle? >> all right, holly. thank you. every country has different customs, different traditions but to hear the women say we can lead them. >> and hat's off to holly williams and her whole team for taking us behind the scenes behind saudi arabia. nice job. >> i got an e-mail from kirby who said she's on team norah. she's hanging her head. >> thank you, kirby. we're going to get your mom a flu shot. no guts no glory. the race where you good morning. from the kpix 5 weather center, let's head on outdoors where we do have mostly cloudy skies, some low-level moisture in the form of drizzle and mist and also according to hi-def doppler radar, we do have a little bit of light precipitation right there in the santa cruz mountains. that will be the case today throughout the day a few scattered random showers clearing out now at sfo. but what you have to realize is
7:48 am
that we will have a few sunny breaks, therefore a few rainbows with highs in the 60s today. next bona fide rain shower will arrive on friday afternoon. ♪ give a journey. . >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by barnes & noble. a gift is a book like no other. and barnes & noble is like no other book store in the world. with so many books to discover and the new nook by samsung now a full featured tablet. a book is the gift they'll remember long after the holidays are over. beroccaaaaaaaaaaaa! [popping & fizzing sounds] support both mental sharpness and
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7:56 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. the jungle the large homeless encampment in san jose is being dismantled today. about 200 people had been living there. the city says the site is unsafe and unsanitary. and it will be about a two-week process to clean everything up. fast food workers are more than 150 cities across the country will walk off the job today wanting $15 an hour and the ability to unionize. workers in oakland plan to join the strike this afternoon. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
good morning. this is what it looks like right now if you traveling to the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up well east of the maze now. it looks like 580 is definitely
7:58 am
the worst approach. an earlier accident there has traffic jammed up to highway 13. i can show you what we're talking about. 24 is looking okay right now as you pass children's hospital and the eastshore freeway. you may have seen that drive time 40 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. we're also watching an accident in marin county southbound 101 approaching lucas valley road. traffic is backed up once again out of novato approaching delong where the backups again and it clears out past lucas valley. that's "kcbs traffic." for your forecast, here's roberta. >> due to a low ceiling sfo is reporting delays on arriving flights up to 42 minutes. that's the scene at sfo. meanwhile, let's kick it on over to the city by the bay, the city of san francisco under partly to mostly cloudy skies. we see a few raindrops this morning. temperatures 50s to 60 in san jose. another view sporting today that your weather headlines weather showers with sunny breaks temperatures in the 60s.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday december 4th, 201. more real news ahead i colluding the anger over no charges in the death of eric garner. his family is here in studio 57. but first, a look at today's eye opener at 8:00. >> protesters shouted words that are now synonymous of the death of eric garner. >> the officer said he subdued mr. garner using a technique he learned in his training. you may just call the bay area the gray area. the threat of mudslides is still here in the days and weeks to come. high winds and sum technical issues delayed this test flight. they finally decided just to scrub it. the video delivers a chilling threat. either meet the terrorist's
8:01 am
demands or else somers will be executed. they never reviewed that controversial personnel file. police in abu dhabi announced the arrest of a female suspect who tried to place a bomb outside the house -- >> i have a friend who has not had her flu shot yes. >> yes. >> i'm not saying who she is. >> my name is gayle. >> rockefeller center christmas tree. it was magical. >> it was lit with 45,000 led light bulbs. >> said to be the world's largest celebration of someone putting a plug in an electrical sock socket. i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell. there is new outrage across the country this morning over the decision not to charge a new york city police officer in the death of a suspect. officer daniel put eric garner a chokehold. garner repeatedly told officers he could not breathe.
8:02 am
>> a grand jury wednesday found no reasonable cause to indict him. that decision spurred protests in several cities. knoxville's common demonstrations were disruptive but mostly peaceful. more protests are planned for today and later this month. at a news conference yesterday eric garner's widow rejected a statement of apology. she said she demands justice. >> my husband's death will not be in vain. as long as i have a breath in my body i will fight you the fight to the end. thank you. >> esaw snipes-garner is here along with eric garner's mother and the reverend al sharpton president of the national action network is here with us this morning. thank you for coming. i'm so so sorry it is under these circumstances. we're glad you're here to share, to talk with us today. so many people share your anger, your frustration, your disappointment. i want to know what you want them to do and how you're getting through it.
8:03 am
esaw? >> well, it's been really hard since july 17th. i'm just trying to you know make sure that his death is not in vain, that you know it makes a change for my sons as well as sons and brothers and fathers and grandchildren of other people that may be victim like i was a victim. i didn't choose to be a victim. you know? this is something that happened. i didn't expect when my husband left me that morning that i would never see him alive again. that was the last thing i expected. >> of course. >> and to get that phone call it was just -- i didn't know what to -- i didn't know what to think. you know? one minute they were saying he was okay he was on his way to the hospital. the next minute they were saying he stopped breathing. and i'm on the phone like i just didn't know what to do where to go how to -- i didn't know what to do. that was my life my husband. he was my life.
8:04 am
we've been married 27 years. how do you wake up the next day without your life partner? he was somebody that i was supposed to share the rest of my life with raise my grandchildren, you know? and he's no longer here. and we need justice for this. somebody needs to pay. >> what is justice look like to you? what does it look like? >> justice is when everyone who was involved in my son's death that day stands accountable. and then i'll feel like i was justified, because that was so inhumane what they did to my son and her husband. i mean no mother no grandmother, should have to ever go through the pain that we went through. it's just -- it's -- >> it's horrible. >> it is horrible. it is horrible. >> reverend al let me ask you because now that the criminal phase of this is over, the fate
8:05 am
of the officer rests in the hands of the police department. what do you want chief bratton to do. >> first of all, he violated police procedures with the chokehold. commissioner bratton ought to uphold the policy that they established. but i do not agree the criminal process is over. attorney general holder said that the federal government is going to investigate. they can bring criminal charges. in the past we fought cases, national action network was out in front, that policeman is still in jail this morning. the state didn't prosecute him. the federal government did. rodney king after the state courts acquitted him, the federal government came in and tried those officers. they were convicted. so pantanelo is not out of this. the difference here we've seen ferguson, 12-year-old kid in cleveland, we've seen this all in 90 days. the difference here is a videotape because people -- i'm very proud to see americans of
8:06 am
all races and ages saying, wait a minute now, a grand jury is not supposed to say whether someone is innocent or guilty. the grand jury says, is there probable cause to go to trial. that tape says everybody, let's go to trial and see what happened here. but for a grand jury to look at the tape and say let's not even go to trial, that's kind of hard for a lot of people to swallow. >> can we talk about the chokehold maneuver that we saw? it was supposed to be banned in 1993. >> right. >> how much of it is still being used? >> it's apparently been used a lot, according to some of the data we've seen. but the officer in this case the commissioner himself bratton who i've been critical of says it appears like a chokehold to me. the officer said, well, no it was some martial art maneuver. that's why you go to trial, so you can try in a court of law. there are no adversaries in the grand jury. the other thing that i think is important about that, all cops are not bad. most cops are not bad. but those that are we should
8:07 am
have a process that we can deal with that. it protects good cops and protects citizens. i think with this tape unlike other cases, people can say let's unite and see where there's structural change. not just outrage and anger but change. >> interesting corporation this morning. is it a matter of -- i agree with you because i do believe that most cops are good. do you think it's an issue of cops using excessive force or do you think it's a racial issue? >> i think it's both because they seem to use more excessive force on the young men of color than they do of the white boys and young men. and usually when there is some fatality or some heinous, you know death by the police hands, it's using our boys of color. >> do you wonder what tape the grand jury was looking at? have you all looked at the tape?
8:08 am
have you all seen the tape? >> yes. >> they wasn't looking at the same one. >> they couldn't have been. >> what do we know about the grand jury? what have you heard about the grand jury? >> well, i've heard that there were three blacks, five latinos, and the rest were caucasian. >> out of 26. >> out of 23. >> 23. >> 23 total. but see, i think you've got to remember the grand jury only the prosecutor puts up. so he could put up tape have the policeman walk us through the tape and there's no other side. that's why you need a public trial. there's a famous saying a judge in new york used to say you can indict a ham sandwich if you want. that means you cannot indict one if you want. on the racial angle, the majority of people in black community killed by other blacks put the majority community in the quhats kill whites. asians ss and asians. it's only in our community that we see a disproportionate amount. why don't you know how to
8:09 am
correctly police in ours. >> some people say there's al sharpton again. you are viewed as a polarizing figure. is he really helping the situation? >> what do you say about it? >> i say the police unions are there every time the policeman is questioned. here's the union there. they need structures that are there for them to help them get through funerals. they don't have the expenses the resources, the contacts. how to deal with the media. we are an infrastructure like the police have a union. i know going in i'm going to get attacked by the left and the right. it's better that you have a structure that can absorb that better than do it for the family. we've been doing it well for so long. >> i have to say something about the protests. i saw the traffic was blocked. it was so peaceful and you saw protesters of all ages all colors, children black, white, laying on the street. are you all comforted by that gratified by that? >> i am. >> i appreciate everyone that is out there marching for my husband because had it not been
8:10 am
for the tape for the people for reverend al putting it out there, he would have just been another black man killed and it would have been over three days after he died, there would have been a funeral, he would have been gone and nobody would remember his name. this way his name will be remembered. my grandchildren, they know who their grandpa was. it's not like i can say to my granddaughter at 3 years old, do you remember grandpa? she says yes, grandpa is in heaven and he's an angel now. >> he said he played santa. >> yes, he did. >> for three years. >> every year. he put a santa claus hat on and he would dance around and ho ho ho and he would buy them anything they wanted. he made sure that we had everything. like my kids never wanted for anything. >> do you think the time will come that you can accept an apology from the police officer? he does appear to be reaching out to the family to say he's sorry. >> honestly i'll be honest? >> yes.
8:11 am
>> no. no. because he's gone. maybe if he would have been tazed and maybe disarmed and like not -- not disarmed. say incapacitated or some way and still lived, in the hospital, maybe a little slower now because of the oxygen was cut off to his brain or something for a few minutes. but he was here, maybe then i could accept his apology. but now, he's gone. and i'll never have my husband again. >> i think we should understand her anger and i've talked about it. but you do learn to grow. i was stabbed once during a american and guy went to jail for stabbing me. i went to jail and forgave him. sometime you grow. i look at that scar every morning and remind me how bad violence can be. that's why we want peaceful protests. >> important thing to say. >> thank you all very much. >> you're welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> condolences to you. >> thank you. coming up here what nasa is
8:12 am
doing today to help astronauts reach mars some day in the
8:13 am
ahead, the man who knows women from head to toe. >> there's a red soles that have graced red carpets around the globe and will be speerking to world famous designer christian louboutin in paris, the city where it all began. we will have that story coming up on "cbs this morning." paris it all started. i'm charlie d'agata. you're watching "cbs this morning." suffering from the flu is a really big deal. with aches, fever and chills- there's no such thing as a little flu. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. attack the flu virus at its source with prescription tamiflu. and call your doctor right away. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the
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here's some news you may find surprising. we're for an open internet for all. we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules.
8:21 am
a great idea can shake everything up in a good way. there are the 85th most disruptive ideas in the past 85 years. television is fif octoberen the list. fourth is walmart. third is the green revolution 2 is the micro chip and the most disruptive, josh. he's not number one, although he's number one at the magazine, i should say. >> that's comforting. >> the jet engine. why? >> because when you start to thing of all 85 things you get
8:22 am
down to what makes other things possible. the jet new jersey generates the size of the world. we travel where we've never traveled before. we collaborate with other places an cultures like we never have before. when you think of the microchip and the background and the manhattan project, things couldn't be made without a globalized world. the jet engine -- we surprised ourselves in these conversations when we tried to track. when we arrived at it there was a form of eununiformity. >> it's helped made the world more flat. >> yes. >> you say the pill is on the list at number 9, why? >> i think we forget. what's interesting when you look at these ideas you forget what life was like before them. the income of professional women has risen dramatically since the introduction of the pill. not having to worry about
8:23 am
reproduction and not being a slave to the possibility you are going to get preg flanlt early allows you to manage your life in ways you couldn't have before. >> and it helps with cramps. >> as far as i know. >> just saying. >> okay. >> but -- >> jeff goes okay. most think disruptive is a bad thing. nothing on this is a bad thing. i love that you have motown on the list. not rap, not country. why motown? >> so motown really was about declaring universal emotion. in america in particular, it showed a lot of white peoplele a lot of b black people. it was a reel. in 30 seconds you couould intrtroduce cultures. what you discover is that evererybody wants to be loved. >> w we do, we do. >> we picked the photo for the nd the jackson 5 meeting the brady bunch and now it summarizes what motown was doing
8:24 am
for america. >> kitty litter is on the list. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> this goes back to that notion about what happens before that we forget about. in 1950s people didn't have cats in their homes? >> really? >> there was an entrepreneur who took sand and said you know what? if you put this in a box, your account can go to the bathroom. if you had this then you wouldn't have the smell anywhere. this is a great business story. a guy sees sand writes kitty litter and a complete new product line is born and people have cats in their house. >> also in the snow. kitty litter is great. >> i think you're great but it says you're going become president. >> thank you for bringing that up. >> 20 seconds or less. >> i'm very surprised. i have
8:25 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. shooting.. police say an officer may have it's 8:25. we're following breaking news in san leandro where there has been an officer-involved shooting. police say an officer may have been injured. this is a live picture from chopper 5. it's happening on the 600 block of broadmoor boulevard around 7:30 this morning. we are gathering details on what led up to the shooting and the extent of the officer's injuries. there's a huge hole in a san francisco neighborhood after the storm swallowed part of lake street in the richmond. the sinkhole keeps getting bigger and scattered showers are expected to continue today, to make it worse. the dismantling began this morning at the jungle the homeless encampment at coyote creek. 200 people were living there
8:26 am
off story and center roads. the city says the site is unsafe and unsanitary and will be about a two-week process to clean it up. the city is arranging for places to stay for those being evicted. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!!
8:27 am
no? must be the honey!!! good morning. checking the ride on 580 through oakland, it's still a mess after that earlier crash. you can see all the delays in our sensors now westbound. unfortunately, 880 is not a whole lot better. here's a live look as you pass oakland airport, oakland coliseum. the drive time is 41 minutes from 238 if you are continuing
8:28 am
out toward the macarthur maze there is a stall in all that mess approaching high street. the marin county commute is better this morning out of san rafael between san rafael and the golden gate bridge toll plaza. it's still clear even though you will find some delays still southbound 101 out of novato. that is "kcbs traffic." your forecast, here's roberta gonzales. >> other hurry, take a look at this before it goes away. there's a rainbow in san jose because we have some sunny breaks and we have a little bit of light rain. can you see it there? ah, that's pretty. all right. right now, we do according to hi-def doppler radar have light rain falling at the golden gate and moving onshore towards bolinas. that's the scenario today, scattered showers. carry the umbrella. temperatures today in the mid- 60s. definitely rainbow weather with this sunshine and the rain mixed. tomorrow a brand-new storm works its way in, in the afternoon. it will be a rainy evening commute but dry for the weekend.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour inside this morning's o'ryanh orion mission, nasa says there hasn't been a launch like this in more than 40 years. chip reid shows us how this orbital ride will make it easier to get to mars. hey, look at this. an internet sensation. kids testing toys for other kids. you may not see these kids on magazine covers but toy companies are scrambling for their endorsements this holiday season and that makes sense. that story is ahead. >> that looks like a barbie drone. c bhristina pulled over and
8:31 am
was able to get all 38 kids out of the bus safely. nobody was hurt. later somebody sent her a photo of that burnt bus with a rainbow over it. she said it's a sign they were all being taken care of. look at that. >> wow. that just gave me -- look i have the goose bumps. >> goose bumps. wow, very nice. our partners at cnet says gang 'em style broke youtube. >> you haven't lived till you've seen charlie rose do gang numb style. he's quite good. too bad he's not here to demonstrate since the video came out two years ago. it never thought that this video would top the two bill upmark. >> the way charlie is able to do that part he's got an arm like i i've never seen. around the "washington post" shows the white house christmas
8:32 am
tree. first lady michelle obama says the tree is the biggest ever. 18 feet tall and 12 feet wide. they had to take the front door off the hinges to get it inside. from the cat walk to the sidewalk designer christian louboutin has come to design footwear for women all around the world. only on "cbs this morning" charlie d'agata shows the fashion and vision behind the designer's empire. >> i sort of can put myself in a woman's brain definitely. >> get into their heads before you get into their shoes. >> exactly. >> i would like a pair of shiny louboutin shoes, you know, the ones with the shiny heals and red bottoms. >> reporter: christian louboutin has been getting into the women's heads and their shoes for the past two decades. towering heels have embedded themselves in popular culture.
8:33 am
from hip-hop divas in racy videos to strong fee mail characters in tv series such as "sex and the city." >> hello lover. >> reporter: the red carpet a catwalk for his red lacquered soles. a statement and a state of mind. >> sometimes i do exactly the same play with the woman in front of the mere looking at herself and thinking this looks good. let's go for your the shoes. >> reporter: it all began very small when he opened his first boutique in paris in 1991. and are most of your shops boutiquey, smallish? >> absolutely. >> reporter: back then he dream thad just maybe one day he'd open another shop in new york. now his empire of 93 shops worldwide sells almost a million pairs of shoes a year to women
8:34 am
and men. growing up in the french capital he became intoxicated with the moulin rouge. he began by sewing sequins onto costumes before honing his skills on a cobbler, frens designer jane jordan. >> i have for sure this thing that women -- >> reporter: is there any danger that women don't want to be considered show girls? >> i don't think there is any danger about thinkings about women who don't want to become show girls. i'm not engaging any woman to wear my shoes. i feel offended when people tell me you're gading women to wear super high heels. it's crazy and out of nature. >> out of nature or not, he's
8:35 am
taken some criticism for those super high heals. wearing some of his super stilettoes can be a killer but louboutin said there are times when sexy should trump comfy. >> i do a work which is not about comfort but beauty. i put everying, which can make it easier but i'm not going to say five inches of heal is comfortable. no. it's not comfortable. >> reporter: it's the perfect fit that counts and the super perfection that stands out in his workshop where a-lifters and those the world over come for their made to measure shoes. this is the operations manager who keeps the famous feet under wraps. >> there are sometimes celebrities we can't name but we would know who they are. >> yes. >> first molds are taken. >> we have to point out these are christian's feet r before the pain stake progress says of making louboutins begin,
8:36 am
high-quality leather is measured and cut for the upper part of the shoe. then a fakfabric specialist sketches out the exact mold a leather will take before a seamstress me meticulously stitches the material together chltz an assembler creates the base before putting thelet and mold on the heel, allowing it to set. then there's the red sole. >> the all important red sole. every one gets the red sole. >> it was born more out of an accident than a design. one afternoon a design he was working on didn't pop. an assistant was painting her nails at the time. >> i grabbed her nail polish and painted the sole became the trademark. they love passion blood. >> it's anger, it's blood, all of those things. >> yes. that all seems good.
8:37 am
>> it all seems good. >> reporter: this summer in a nod to where it all began, he tried cosmetics on for size by launching a nail varnish. the bottle shaped like, yes, a heel inspired by he said the spires of istanbul. at his paris design studio where the brainstorming takes place, his craftsmanship bears the hallmarks of an extensive foreign travel. the essence to take his experience and putting it ins he shoes. >> this is coming from here but this comes from cairo. >> reporter: along with exotic patterns are souvenirs from around the world, borneo, italy. although his passion has always been about creating beautiful designs louboutin says what matters most is how women feel about themselves when they step into his shoes. >> definitely high heels makes
8:38 am
you never give up. >> you just stand and walk differently. >> you stand for yourself. definitely. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," charlie d'agata, give up. >> sometime is want to give up. >> you're right when he says at the end of the day it's not about comfort. it's about beauty. louboutins on the table. he's right. they're very beautiful shoes. so you can't walk at the end of the night. >> never give up. >> never give up. the toy industry is watching an 11-year-old named gracie. how youtube
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
buddy was sent where the special elves work. >> i love bud yo so much. i love buddy so much. this year many boys and girls aren't looking to elves for inspiration. they're going online where other kids are influencing toy sales and christmas lists. adrianna diaz is where toys are all over. good morning. >> reporter: toys will be swooped off thash shelves headed
8:43 am
to the arms of lucky children but the age-old question of which to get now has some new age advice. don't be fooled by her small size. this 11-year-old with fiery red hair and bed azled glasses has become one of the most recognizable young faces on the internet. her name is gracie hunter. she and her mom alyssa are the stars of the aptly named "mommy and gracie show" where they put toys to the test. their quirky videos have been put to the test over 100 million times. >> did you ever think it would be this popular? >> i don't think ever. >> i remember the first time we got comments we didn't know and thought, people are watching us. >> reporter: they decided to make the video after mom was
8:44 am
faced with multiple sclerosis. i thought, what can we do all summer given that i could. go outside and do the normal things that you can do. said let's start a youtube channel. >> reporter: their show quickly became a hit. bede spite lacking shall we say the polished look of other productions. >> we don't do like retakes and stuff so if we mess up words, if we drop stuff, knock it over i mean we just keep going. i can't tell you how many times we've dropped stuff off the end of the table. >> that happens so many times. >> i go pick it up. >> and i keep going. >> gracie is part of a point-size toy reviewer. they've become increasingly popular because kids want an opinion. who better to give it than one of their own. >> oh, no she's going to sing.
8:45 am
>> you get reviews, this study stinchs or it's really bad. >> reporter: these channels can generate big bucks for families. with millions of viewers, these tech-savvy tots can drive billions. companies like spinmaster have paired up with hundreds of online reviewers including gracie who they call influencers. >> over time the level of influence from these influencers get people looking at our website, the toys checking them out and eventually seeing it. >> last i'm going to put these on. >> reporter: and buy a lot. spinmaster contributes a 0% sale to one of the toys from influencers. but these partnerships are not without controversy. toy companies often give reviewers free toys and some
8:46 am
kids are even paid to promote products. blurring the lines between advertising and genuine opinions. >> even though toy companies aring you toys do you feel the responsibility to tell the truth? >> if it's something we really like, we're going to love it and say yes. if something's terrible, we're not going to -- we're not going to say it's terrible. we're going to say it politely. >> now as for in money that gracie and her mom do get from companies they donate it to charities like toys for tots to help kids in need. gayle? all right. you know what i like best? the relationship with gracie and her mom. loivg that it's called the gracie and mommy's show. >> i think gracie's headed toward the stage. she may end up on the stage on broadway or something. >> she's just coming back. when we come back the nasa mission heading for two trips around mars.
8:47 am
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event it goes today, we talked with charles bolden who explains why this mission is so important. >> for the first time in 40 years this space mission is going to launch a mission that's
8:51 am
going to launch humans into orbit. that's a big deal. >> reporter: charles bolden couldn't be more excited. during a 4 1/2-hour flight the unmanned capsule will circle the gloen twice, reaching an alt tuld of 3,600 miles, about 1,400 miles higher than the international space station. orion, larger than the moon capsule will enter the atmosphere at a blazing 2,300 miles an hour with the capsule reaching almost 4,000 degrees. it's designed to keep astronauts same. also a testing of enormous parachutes to soar the speeding capsule into the atlantic ocean. bolden is bullish on the ultimate goal, though he concede concedes it will take a long time. >> anything we do between now and the 2030s is critically important to be able to
8:52 am
confidently put humans on the surface of mar, but we are going there, and we're going to do that. >> you say you're going there. but, in fact doesn't it depend on future congresses and presidents to peny up the money? >> it is a long journey. by demonstrating that we can do what we plan to perform, people can have trust in you and faith in you. that's why i'm confident we're going to be able to sus establish this. we're on our way to mars. repeat after me. we're on our way to mars. >> reporter: but, again, that's going to be a long time away. the 2030s. which is why nasa is partnering >> nicely done. >> thanks for having me. >> for
8:53 am
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8:55 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's 8:55. we're following breaking news in san leandro. there has been an officer- involved shooting on broadmoor boulevard. police say an officer may have been injured. this happened a little before 7:30 this morning. police are holding a briefing right now. we'll have the latest on kpix 5 news at noon. a grand jury has decided not to indict a new york city police officer for the chokehold death of an unarmed man. protestors took to the streets in response. there are more demonstrations planned for today. the jungle, a large homeless encampment in san jose is being dismantled today. the city says it's unsafe and unsanitary and it will take two weeks to clean it up. now here's roberta with the forecast. >> let's head out and look at the transamerica building
8:56 am
because we have partly to mostly cloudy skies even rain out there. you put all that together, it spells rainbow weather. right now according to our hi- def doppler radar, some scattered light rain showers here and there. that's why it's advisable to carry an umbrella today. right now we have some light rain across the golden gate bridge and also mount tam. so today's temperatures will top off in the 60s with an occasional lingering light rain shower. south winds five to ten. and it looks like once all this is said and done it's over with here comes the brand-new storm on friday afternoon through the evening commute. it will taper off early saturday morning leaving with us partial clearing. we'll have some sunshine sunday then cloud up by the evening hours leading to the potential of rain on monday. that's a look at your local weather. we have traffic with elizabeth next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. silicon valley commuters heads up. 237 pretty jammed up. there's a crash on the shoulder approaching great america parkway in the westbound lanes of 237. so in the commute direction, and it is backing up to the 880 interchange coming out of milpitas. 880, 580, you name it in oakland, it's been a mess. a couple of different accidents, you can see 580 is jammed there from macarthur beyond highway 13. in fact there's a tweet from chp warning you to slow down.
8:59 am
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