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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 4, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, mowed down in the line of duty. a driver ran over this police officer on purpose. and then kept going. >> that driver is urn arrest tonight and joe, she is just 16 years old? >> yes. 16, so young.
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police investigators were able to track her down at her family home in oakland. they negotiated with family members several hours an the girl turned herself? >> it was pop, pop, pop . >> reporter: a san leandro police officer on a stretcher in the moments after he was run over by the car. he is clearly in pain. the driver is injured but it is unclear if she was hitly bullets. police are astonished to learn the driver is just a teenager. >> i am surprised. we see kids commit violent crimes. in this case, i'm surprised to see it is someone 16 years old driving a stolen car and who was willing to run over a police officer to get away. >> reporter: it all started around 7:20 this morning. a neighbor called to report a suspicious car in the intersection of broadmore and
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kennelworth. they say a 19-year-old man sleeping inside ran off and the 16-year-old inside the car gunned the gas. the car hit a second cop. an 18-year-old veteran of the department running over his legs. >> i'm really sorry for the officer who got runed over and i'm a little concerned they would just charge a weapon into a speeding car in a residential area. that seems like it could have gone a lot of different ways. >> reporter: that officer was seriously injured in his legs. reporting live in san leandro, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> both suspects will face the charge of attempts murder of a police officer. it is not clear yet if the 16- year-old will be tried as an adult. from rain to fog. a live look outside. we are socked in, in san francisco right now.
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the rain is not done yet either. >> when you get a heavy rainfall, the night will be foggy. now we are looking at the next storm moveing in. it will not be as strong or close but it will give us another widespread rainfall. doing pretty good in the rain bucket right now. this water year, we are well above average. san francisco, 36% above average. san jose, 65% above average and those numbers will climb tomorrow. future cast showing clouds first, but the morning commute foggy but dry. rain moving in tomorrow afternoon and there are two more rainy systems after that. the pattern continues though the heavy stuff is gone, more rain on the way three times the nec week. we will detile how much rain and when it pans out in the forecast. we know it will take five more days to prepare this massive sink hole in the
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richmond district. the hole opened up creating a mess at sixth avenue and lake street. this is what the 20 by 20-foot crater looked like earlier today. crews had to make it a bit bigger to fix it. century old pipes are to blame. minutes ago, caltrans began work on this pothole. they should reopen by about 5:00 a.m. parts of southern california are still feeling the effects of the storm. take a look at this. flash flooding trapped five cars in the mud in river side county. drivers tried to navigate through the sludge, but most had to wait for help to show up. tonight, people took to the streets once again to protest the grand jury decision not to indict the white new york city police officer for the death of the black man. we saw protests in powell
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street in san francisco. and in oakland. the protesters briefly went on the freeway in sacramento. this person was one of a couple of dozen protesters facing police on i-5, the freeway was closed about 10 minutes. tonight, christin ayers discovered white americans are now using a hash tag to tell their stories about police. not about brutality, but a double standard. >> reporter: the confessions are trending on social media. twitter users claiming to be white confessing to crimes for which they say they were slapped on the wrist. one user, i pushed a cop when i was drunk in the bar. i was told to go home and sleep it off. cops found weed in my car three times and no citations. if i was black, i would be in jail or dead. at a protest in oakland tonight, denmark woodgate said he was astonished on the frankness of the tweets in a
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subject considered downright taboo. >> it was awesome. >> reporter: protesters out here tell me the hash tag has opened up an important discussion about law and white privilege. >> i think it came from a good intention to try and bring light to the discrepancies of how communities treat different races in this country. >> reporter: there is data to back up the claims of unequal treatment. a 2012 national inconstitute on drug study found white high schoolers were more likely to use illegal drugs but black high schoolers were twice as likely to be arrested on drug charges. black drivers are twice as likely to be threatened with force than whites and hispanics. but a hash tag, however eye opening cannot right the wrong. >> the social media stuff won't be enough on its own. >> i hope the hash tag has a
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positive impact. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix5. a construction worker is okay tonight after getting stuck hundreds of feet in the air. she was on a hoist at a high- rise on santa clara and market street in downtown san jose. it got stuck on the 22 floor. you can get an idea of just how high up she was. the hoist is an elevator which is on the outside of the building since it is under construction. she never was in any real danger they say. she just couldn't get down at the time. and crews eventually were able to free her. there was a gas leak at the same construction site a few weeks ago that forced thousands of people to evacuate. >> the feds will release the monthly job reports and it will show more americans are working. tonight, cate caugurian introduces us to a woman who was banking on a better economy to sell more burgers. >> reporter: ocean avenue in san francisco's engle side
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neighborhood. new apartments, new grocery stores. >> it is still the same and i like it. >> reporter: it has been here more than 50 years. the paint chipping away on the original sign. >> it is because i like old timey vibe to it from the 50s. >> i love the hamburgers and the fries and the milk shakes. >> i used to come here in college at san francisco skate. we came here late at night. >> reporter: it was that bit of nostalgia that sparked a career change for samantha wong. >> i was tired of the corporate life and i wanted to do something on my own and be my own boss. >> reporter: the one thing she didn't want to do, change it. not only is samantha preserving history, she is also working to change it as an asian american business owner. >> reporter: she may be small, but she is part of a bigger
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trend. the u.s. chamber of commerce say women own 30% of new businesses in the united states. samantha says ... >> a lot of people when they come, they think i just work here and i'm like, they are like can i speak to the manager and i say you are speaking to her. >> reporter: sales are good so the proof is in the pudding or in this case, the patty. in san francisco, cate caugurian, kpix5. >> beefs got its name during the the early dais of the sports program. you are looking at three of the bay area's most wanted tonight. police say these guys stopped for a smoke an then beat a man to death for the thrill of it. >> son! >> tonight, a mother looking for her missing son in san jose finds him in the middle of our interview. >> and who would have thought playing with toys can pay so well? tonight, how these bay area
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brothers are making $800,000 a year. ,,
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borba says: there really is did it for fun. >> the search is on for three guys who kill a man. why did they do it? andria borba says there is no motive. they did it for fun. >> reporter: now that detectives know robbery wasn't a motive, veterans at the san francisco police department are trying to figure out why three men beat ty lam to death as he slept. >> it was done out of boredom. >> reporter: outside the montgomery bart station, a search for answers. >> these people kicked them to death. >> reporter: this video is dark
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and fuzzy but it shows the murder in detail. think first kicked the sleeping homeless polio victim and in this next video, took a smoke break before returning the final blows that ended his life. >> who is next? >> reporter: san francisco detectives revealed he had over a thousand dollars on him and his attackers didn't touch it. >> so you might recognize the way somebody smokes or how they move or who knows what. >> we are looking for a homicide suspect who beat a homeless man to death. >> reporter: as officers race against time for justice for a man who didn't get any in life or death. in san francisco, andria borba, kpix5. >> police believe the suspects may have been in san francisco
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for a flash mob event. it happens every month. people walk around the city taking pictures. san jose police moved in and dismantled a huge homeless encampment known as the jungle. >> son! >> yeah! >> well this mom came to the jungle looking for her son. she knew he was homeless and sure enough, she found him. about 200 people called the jungle home. but between the tons of garbage and filth, the city said it was time to clear it out. now some of the homeless are staying in city housing but look at this. many have migrated from the jungle to the concrete jungle. with spotted many of them at the wal-mart on story road. they had their carts and are taking over sidewalks. the store is not far from where the jungle was. tonight, the cdc is warning doctors everywhere there is a new strain of the flu going
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around. this year's flu vaccine won't protect people from it. the cdc says the new strain tends to cause more severe symptoms. the doctors say it is not a reason to skip out on getting your shot. >> what this means is the vaccine may work less well against flu viruses this year compared to the average year. >> the shot appears to be a good shot against other viruses circulating. so far, california is experiencing minimal flu activity. hollywood celebrities may be the latest targets in the sony cyber attack. the leaked files include social security numbers of more than 47,000 employees including hollywood actors. the wall street journal reports sylvester stalone is one of them. the guardians of peace are taking credit for hacking the motion picture studio. tonight, a san bruno family has turned making money into child's play literally. john blackstone introduces us to two young brothers who are
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making well into the six figures by testing toys. >> ready? action. >> let's open this thing. >> reporter: with christmas approaching, brothers gabe and garrett have plenty of work to do. their youtube channel with videos of them trying out new toys has tens of millions of views. >> this is the new ford f150. >> reporter: the brothers, six and eight are likely to influence what shows up under many trees this christmas. >> today, we are going to review the hot wheels. >> reporter: their dad bryant shoots and edits the videos. mom laurie is in charge of set decoration. >> it is a true family business. >> it really is. we all have a part in it. >> reporter: was your dad always chasing after you guys with the video camera? >> yeah. >> let's go! >> kids are really good at this because it is authentic and they tell it like it is. >> reporter: april anderson
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sells advertising for google which owns youtube. >> we have hundreds of thousands of content creators who make over six figures. >> it has gone beyond all of our wildest expectations. and now, you know, we get like a million views a day. >> reporter: how much money do you make? >> probably a couple of bucks per thousand views so you can do the math on that. >> reporter: at $2 per thousand views, brian gets a check for about $2,000 a day. that is $730,000 for a year. what was it like when the checks started coming in? [ laughter ] >> it is crazy. >> reporter: gabe and garrett's toy reviews may help make many kids happy this christmas, but nowhere, will they bring more happiness than in their own home. >> oh man. >> really cool toys.
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>> yeah, absolutely. perfect timing too for this time of year. >> dad can buy some more money with the $700,000 comeing in as well. >> absolutely. so can we get more rain coming up? >> the answer is yes. for so long, it was one storm, then we are done two weeks. now, it is one storm, we are done for a day. the rain is back tomorrow. then we get more rain next week. twice. how about that? tonight, pretty foggy. usually what happens after a significant rainfall, there is so much water in the atmosphere and the ground. we get foggy. we are foggy at the bay bridge now, some misandries mist and drizzle. lows. redwood city 52. it will be the rain that slows you down on the commute. how are the reservoir doing? much better. a jump of nearly 4% for lake
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oroville. shasta lake got a little bit of a bump, nearly 1%. not bad for a week's work. but mother nature says not done yet. more is coming. the active storm track is still there. we are between storms. another storm gets here tomorrow. some showers right around the lunch hour, but the meat and potatoes of the rainfall get here tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. it is a front, not as strong or juicy as what we had earlier this week, but it will total up to an inch-and-a-half of rainfall in the north bay. slightly less south of the golden gate. good timing if you want to get outside over the weekend. high pressure will build in saturday and sunday. mainly dry. but over my shoulder is another storm that will get here monday behind that is another storm which may bring significant rainfall to the bay area next thursday. so three more solid rain chances over the next several days. talk about the next 24 hours. if you live in the south bay, quarter inch to half inch of
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rainfall. same for the east bay. north bay, up to an inch-and-a- half of additional rainfall. flooding not likely, but another nice solid round of rain. cloudy night tonight with leftover showers. the fog will stay through tomorrow night. but it gets out of here in time for the weekend. high ins the mid 60s with the rain in the afternoon an evening for you in san jose and cupertino. rain by mid afternoon for pleasant hill and san ramon. we will likely see showers in marin by the lunch hour. santa rosa 62. lake port, 56 degrees so we are wet tomorrow, we are mainly dry for the weekend. we are wet again on monday. and we are wet again on thursday. this is balance. we haven't had balance in so long. we get sunshine, but we also get the much-needed rainfall and not too much of either. just wonderful news. >> it is great. looks beautiful. thanks paul. well what would you do if you found a box lying on the
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train tracks? two bay area women opened it and what they saw was inside, they knew they had to do whatever it takes to return it. ,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight strangers are helpi bay area girl in her fight >> so what would you do if you found airpackage sitting on the side of the row? >> tonight, strangers are helping a bay area girl in her fight against cancer. a mom and daughter found the dumped box near railroad tracks in east oakland. inside were scarfs with the hash tag camille strong. a girl fighting for her life against lymphoma. >> thank you very much. i couldn't have done it without each and everyone. >> well the scarves were meant as a gift to camille's family. >> great story. good story. >> i have another good story
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warriors...not yet... havn't lost since >> nba up top. but there is no stopping the golden state warriors. not yet. haven't lost since november 11. tonight, they went to new orleans. the unibrow got his touches. don't block him out! here is what happens. 30 points, 15 rebounds, pelicans led after one. second quarter, oh, klay thompson moving aside. thompson with 23. and his fellow splash brother steph curry scored 19 and was dishing them out. old schoolyard here. and the uh-huh from thompson, 11 assists for curry. they tied the franchise record with 11 consecutive wins. meantime, joe thornton against his old team. the sharks erase the deficit.
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a little shake rattle and go for joe pavelski. the go ahead. san jose score three unanswered and won the game 7-4. third straight victory for the boys in black and teal. how about the thursday night football? tony romo and the cowboys in chicago. first winning since since 2009. check the third quarter play. romo puts just enough on it and a nice pinnish by cole beasly who hit the pylon. they beat the bears 41-28 to improve to 9-4. so. the win means the cowboys move into a wild card playoff spot with seattle. the lions and the 49ers are on the outside looking in right now. time now, thursday night top five. here we go. number five, how is tiger woods come back coming? >> he is golfing like me.
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>> he is golfing like me. >> 5 over 77 today. >> check this out. this bike ride with a bear chases you. boy, that could have been the number one play! speaking of bears, check this catch! brandon marshall. the juggling grab. he later left with a rib injury. we like it. number two. game almost over. instead of a bro hug, he stole the ball and scored so the team lost by 12 instead of 14 to portland. central florida needed a prayer to win. omg. perryman called it in to beat east carolina in an amazing grab as time ran out. that is your top five for tonight. can't do it any better than that. >> that was a great top five. >> but how about number two though? can you imagine going for a
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bike ride and you see that? ingly want to look at that again, i think it was a guy in a bear suit. >> the bear was digging and that guy was pedaling. >> we'll be right back. [ laughter ] ,,,,,,,,
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