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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  December 6, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, san jose is trying to douse a fire over a high profile and unpopular purchase for its police force. good evening. >> i'm brian, the public got a
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chance to weigh in today. on the department's new drone and len ramirez shows us many people in the packed house say the whole idea to be shot down. >> remote control camera equipped and practically silent. that describes san jose's new police drone. the public has been anything but quiet on the subject. >> you know, it's like the city against the people. the police against the people. >> today, neighbors packed a special meeting with police over the department's proposed use of the drone. but several voice concerned of the department's mind is already made up. >> is this a done deal already and we're having a community conversation. >> it's because police were less than open from the start. >> the process is actually flawed because the drone was purchased before there was any input. >> police say that was a mistake. >> we should have been more aware of the community sensitivity to this specific device. >> but it leaves some to question if police were not
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open then, will they be in the future about how they will actually use it? >> i'm concerned about what they describe as mission, which is the potential use for surveillance of people who are not committing crimes. >> police say they will only use the drone to guide them in search and rescue situations and to get up close without risk to officers in standoffs or bomb scares. they don't plan to use it for surveillance. >> it is a dangerous device for civil rights, for privacy, but also more for trying to build a positive relationship between the community and the police. >> it's become very clear to us now that this is very sensitive and that's why we are going through the process to gain input. >> the police department has never shown the drone to the public and never been officially flown on a mission. for now, it remains grounded until the city council can decide sometime next year how and when to use it.
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in san jose, kpix5. >> alameda county has two drones of its own. it duke took a different approach. the sheriff's department showed them off on wednesday along with all its other high-tech gadgets. the sheriff says the uproar in san jose was part of the reason they decided to do the show and tell. >> why do you feel the need to call this press conference today? >> because these systems are very controversial. because of the retention of data and the privacy concerns. and so we saw what happenedded in other agencies when they didn't have a pres conference. >> the sheriff says it will take at least six months to get staff trained and certified to operate the drones. all together, the unmanned aerial system cost nearly $100,000. and to continue this brave new world theme. police in richmond will wear cameras on their uniforms starting next month. it is the latest bay area police department to adopt the body cam technology. we learned police in mountain
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view will start wearing them as well. richmond has 120 cameras at a cost of $84,000. a federal grant covered the bill. >> many businesses in berkeley boarded up their windows and closed early tonight because of another protest. protesters marched up telegraph avenue and was thought to be recent grand jury decision not to indict police officers in ferguson and new york city. so far, the protests have stayed peaceful, but after several other demonstrations, spun out of control in san francisco and oakland. business owners aren't taking any chances. just last night, vandals smashed glass windows in downtown oakland. they are boarded up tonight as well. this happened during a protest march last night. demonstrators also made it up on to the freeway again briefly blocking traffic. >> thieves targeted a charity in a holiday heist. someone stole a smoker grill and trailer at fort mason
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overnight. the group raises money to send at risk kids to summer camp and they use that smoker to help feed volunteers. all together, the grill and the trailer are worth about $15,000. the stolen smoker should be easy to spot. it has the guardsman's logo on the side and if you happen to see it, call the u.s. park police in san francisco. >> tonight, another bay area tree lot is getting some good news. frosty can stay. this 30-foot inflatable has been a fixture at johnny moore's tree lot. the lot used to be located at fair grounds, but johnny moved it to stanley. but, frosty's plight melted the mayor's heart. johnny got an e-mail saying the city is looking the other way for the holidays and frosty can stay. >> what do you think driving down market street is a challenge now, oh just wait until next spring. there will be no right turns on to market at 9 intersections
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west of new montgomery street. left turns at four corners will also be banned. muni says it's for safety. also part of a grand future plan to ban cars from market street all together. >> the official portrait of arnold schwarzenegger is hanging again at the state capital after a slight touchup. the artist had to clean up a spot where a picture of the ex- governor's wife had been removed. maria's face was on a button, but the two have since divorced. the button was painted over in september leaving an obvious smudge that required a more permanent fix. and still ahead, more rain on the way for the bay area next week and the pattern could continue for months. new predictions for a wetter winter after the break. and workers are moving mountains at a popular bay area beach. why they are trucking the equivalent of an aircraft carrier from one end to the other. ,,
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weekend: after a long dry spell.. the famous waterfal are flowing a welcome sight at yosemite this weekend after a long dry spell. the famous water flows are flowing again. they ran dry five months ago. but this week's rain fall was enough to replenish them. that could be the beginning of f a very wet winter.
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markell on how new predictions are brightening the hopes of businesses that depend on snow. >> this berkeley business may be miles from tahoe snow. >> we have a stickered liner. >> still, wet weather is critical for california ski company to survive. >> three really bad snow years back to back to back. it's been brutal. >> good for the ski shop. the dry spell looks to be cracking. weather models for most of the bay area the next three months show rain fall totals 30% above average. but not everyone is singing in the rain just yet. >> one storm is not going to get us out of the drought. >> this week, even with more rain expected, east bay mud is getting tougher on water waste. customers could be asked to scale back water use 15% in the new year. >> we just don't know, are we in the last year of drought or in the middle of a longer drought? so at this time, it's really
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the most prudent thing to do is ask to cut a little bit more and get us through this winter. >> at the ski shop, whitehouse says he is praying for more snow with more storms forecast this week, it's looking good. in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix5. >> it's not just the bay area benefiting from the rain. the climate prediction center expects rain fall up and down the west coast. will be 50% above normal for this time of the year. >> it should be a great year for people who love calamari and other squid dishes. northern california fishermen are reporting an above average squid harvest. about $38 million worth. half of all squid caught in california will be pulled from the northern and central coast this year. in a typical year, the biggest squid catch is in southern california. in san francisco's ocean beach looks more like a giant sand box. moving 40 to 1 ,000 tons of
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sand. the sand will go from the north end of the beach back to the south end where it originally came from. it has to be moved because it routinely blocks the great highway and parking lot. >> still to come, san francisco's top cop taking the plunge for a good cause. >> as we look through dublin, i can't imagine we'll see much. the moon up there, just about, oh, 12 hours past full. and the fact that we can see the moon tells us what tomorrow will be like. that's your first clue. we'll have the forecast after the break.
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year's version of the holid cal train is getting into the christmas spirit by rolling out this year's version of the holiday train and has more than 70,000 lights. the train will visit nine stations between san francisco and san jose today and tomorrow. the displays look nice in this daylight video, but it really shines at night. >> well, some of san francisco's bravest braved the chilly bay waters for a good cause. police chief, greg, was among those who took the plunge at aquatic park. it's part of the annual make a wish fundraiser and this year's goal is to raise $82,000. it makes the chilly plunge worth it. >> it's cold, but it's for a great cause. make a wish, for the little ones that are in a tough circumstance, you know, we are
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trying to raise money. obviously the big high was a couple years, or was just last year. >> make a wish grants the wishes of children with life threatening illnesses. this is the 30th year in operation in the bay area. >> skiers and snow boarders are enjoying the fresh snow in the sierra. kirkwood opened up today and sent us this video from the slopes. they are reporting no new snow, but clearly there was enough to get one of the lifts up and running. over the last week, they picked up ten inches of snow on the mountains. >> which is not like the feet on feet of snow that we would get, had the storms come out of the gulf of alaska. but we'll take what we can get. we did get some in the snow in the higher elevations and more coming in later in the week. don't forget, by the way, are we going to tell you about the weather app now or later? i'm going to guess later. that will be interesting. the kpix5 high def doppler, the rain is dried up over the state and we're looking at mostly
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clear skies. that radar you see at the top of your screen. the roads are dry. the golden gate bridge. 62 degrees in concord. oakland has 61 and san francisco has 61 in san jose. it's 61. all right, here's how it will look by 8:00 tonight. the numbers are going to plunge into the mid 50s in the bay area with a few clouds out there up against the moon that is a little bit past full. looking good out there for much of the bay area. out the door, we have temperatures tomorrow morning that will be in @ the low to mid 50s. as the day goes on, that will set the tone for the rest of sunday. be dry, but some sun with clouds. high pressure is briefly reestablishing itself over the west coast. we are getting a brief break for most of tomorrow, but then later in the day, low pressure again carves a notch out of the jet stream and that will pull showers from the north bay late in the day. into the evening hours, beginning in cloverdale and the rest of the bay area by early
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monday and then monday looks wet. not a big rainmaker. it's just going to be, you know, a quarter to half an inch of rain in the north bay. lesser amounts in the south bay. future cast tomorrow shows a lot of clouds over the bay area and toward evening, it's a cloud sandwich. clouds in the central valley. clouds offshore. we'll be inbetween. it might be a beautiful sunset tomorrow. but, look at this. this is by 6:00 tomorrow night. you can see the showers just begin to advance into sanoma county at that moment. and then it will be in the overnight hours begin to pick up the rain. look at all those people waiting to come into san francisco. we get a brief break on sunday. showers again on monday and a strong storm in the bay area on thursday. we'll have strong winds. we're going to have pretty heavy rain from this. it will begin late wednesday up north and spread over the bay area. thursday will be a mess. if you haven't battened them out yet, pay attention. 70 degrees with fog in fresno in the early going.
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mid 50s and as we look at the numbers for tomorrow, we're warmer than average with all the balmy weather in all of these subtropical systems coming over the bay area. it juiced up the atmosphere and kept us on the tropical side. 65 at union city. 66 in morgan hill and 65 at half-moon bay. over in the east bay, the numbers will be in the mid 60s. 67 degrees at brentwood. 67 at fair field and 65 degrees at vallejo. and up in the north bay, you'll be looking at 63 degrees in santa rosa. for the rest of it, it's liking like the far north bay will be cooler than that around clear lake. the numbers manage 50s and 60 degrees. so not bad. the extended forecast, we're going to be looking at numbers in the upper 60s inland. partly cloudy skies, a few showers coming in on monday. tuesday we clear it off. wednesday we drain and dry, and then we really get wacked on thursday. and friday we have a few showers as well before clearing it off on saturday. if you want to track all of
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this on your own, you can down load the kpix5 weather app. it's available for the iphone and for the android. you can down load it at and follow all of this stuff in real time. and you're going to need it come wednesday, thursday, and friday. you're also going to need an update on the sports. juliette. >> he has been buzzing back and forth. no one can see that behind the scenes. >> the vert tall one. >> yes, absolutely. we have college football. >> that's right, straight ahead, are you ready, folks? for college football and sunday's bay area nfl batter royal. saturday for college football going all out to make a final impression on the playoff committee. ,,,,
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for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train,
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in the play-off tournament. ...where alabama is thje college football up top and why not? everybody wants a shot in the playoff tournament where alabama is the big dog, folks. missouri, i have a little something to say about that today's sec championship game. have a look at this one. former missouri tiger. michael sam, having a look at alabama in white. tearing them apart. look at the passing catch. 58 yards, third quarter, now 21- 3. here come missouri. on 4th and goal to get back in
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it. too much tide. they won the game 42-13. 12-1. they will have the top spot when the college football playoffs began. off to tcu. better known as texas christian university against iowa state in white. look at this, juliette. one side to the other side, and he gone. 55 yards for a touchdown for trayvon. it was 7-0. now third quarter, horn frogs up 41-3. they beat them up bad because they want to make an impression on the committee. here's a shot to green. they won the game 55-3 and they are 12-1 to clinch a share of the big 12 conference. so, let me break it down for you. the top three teams, alabama, oregon, tcu, all that have won so far. florida state, sitting there at
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number 4. baylor 6. are playing respectively right now for that last playoff spot. the selections have come out on tomorrow. third ranked arizona hosting 9th ranked gonzega. in overtime, it is arizona. t.j. mcconnell putting them up. he scored 6 of arizona's points in overtime. here come the zags. that's a foul beyond the ark. you get three shines at the line to tie it. and byron wesley air balls the first. look at this. clangs the second one. misses the third one on purpose to try and get the rebound. but no, it did not work out. it is arizona 56-63 in ot. sure, why not. battling a virus on first hole hosting his playoff event and tiger, yeah, three under today, but he is still in last place of an 18 man field.
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jordan, this tournament is his to win or lose. t-shot on 2. we could make that shot. yeah, i think so. anyway, he is 20 under par going into sunday. off to the nfl for the first time since 2002. the 49ers are going to make their first trip across the bay to visit oakland for a regular season game. and the black hole, going to be waiting for this one. 8 1/2 point underdogs. they are going to play host at 1:00 p.m. you can count san francisco safety, eric reid, among those getting a little intell on the raider atmosphere. >> you ever seen the black hole? know anything about it? >> don't know what the black hole is. >> the nasty part of the end zone where raider fans look like it's halloween. >> i have seen highlights on tv. they get dressed up. >> those are lawyers and doctors. >> i wouldn't be. my dad is a pastor and he likes
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to get dressed up in motorcycle gear and try to act tough. so, you know, it's good to change it up a bit. >> now the raider fans would love to see an upset tomorrow afternoon. don't you know that. oakland again, an 8 1/2 point underdog. i asked head coach, tony earlier this week, what an oakland win would mean to the fan base. he didn't seem so concerned though. >> all due respect, when i wake up in the morning, i don't see a lot of fans at that point. when i walk in, when i walk out of the building, i don't really see a lot of fans. i understand how big of a game it is for our organization, for our team, you know, and for our fans. i do. i really do. and, it was no greater feeling for me than two weeks ago, when as i said, at the end of the ball game, i mean, i just went out into a restaurant and seen raider fans smiling from ear to ear. so, you know, that's a great
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feeling. >> all right, so we'll be in full force out there at the coliseum tomorrow. 1:00. man, that could be the sports story of the year if the raiders could possibly find a way to pull this thing off. >> and they don't go over the bridge. >> that's right. >> a new location. >> all right, thanks for watching. we'll see you again at 11:00. >> thousand that we cleared that up. news and weather always on the full moon on a saturday night. we'll have a lot to talk about at 11:00. ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪
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