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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  December 7, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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amazing upset in the battlef the bay. the raiders make a huge dent in the 49ers chans for a playoff spot. good evening, i'm brian hac. collin kaepernick, the raiders make a huge depth in the 49er's chances for a play off spot. good evening. if you are the raiders this is likely in the super bowl, the 9ers, your season is over, vern? >> reporter: yeah, ann, the season has been made if you follow the raiders. what a commanding wear down of the 49ers. if you are a fan of san francisco, another punchless, listless performance as they had nothing throughout. let's roll a quick hit of the highlights early on in the
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game. you see jim harbaugh, daveis, visiting each other. kaepernick kicked off on the first play of scrimmage. the first of two interceptions by kaepernick. carr had one of the best games of his career. raiders knocked off the 49erss 24-13 for their second win of the season. -- 49ers 24-13 for their second win of the season. again, you can say what you want about all of the raiders that want the first pick in the nfl draft, they are not thinking about that now. this is the kind of game where the post game meal tastes great, they are walking on air, what a terrific performance all throughout. especially after getting blown out last week by the st. louis rams. extended high lights, coming
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up, later on in sports. >> all right, thank you, vern. -- highlights coming up, later on in sports. >> all right, thank you, vern. tonight, a protest over the police death of michael brown in ferguson and eric garner in new york. a group from a peaceful march vandalized businesses and clashed police. the damage left people wondering why and questions what good it does to damage businesses, kpix betty ye on the fall out. >> reporter: the unrest went on for hours, evidence of violence was hard to miss in downtown berkeley today. people smashed windows at trader joe's on university. a radio shack was also vandalized and vandals trashed a wells fargo branch. >> it was horrible, horrible feeling to see all of the stuff going on, destructive stuff going on. it is misrepresenting my people. misrepresenting the family of the kids that veteran about
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murdered. this is -- this is -- ... >> reporter: demonstrations on saturday started out peaceful but some groups did this, berkeley police showed this damage done to their vans, two officers injured and six people arrested. >> there are a lot more people out there protesting peacefully, more people out there who are fed up and then you get a bad apple over here, smashing windows, doing stupid stuff. >> officers had to use tear gas to get the crowd back. one point, phafpbers were face- to-face with the line of police officers in riot gear. berkeley's mayor, tom bates. >> the people who are doing this is provocative. take off your masks and let us see who you are.
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back to you. >> protesters are gathering again at this hour in berkeley and we are monitoring the demonstrations in case things get out of hand. again, we will have an update at 6:30. many pro athletes are wearing "i can't breathe" as a sign of protest. lions, reggie bush wore it on his shirts during warm ups and he had company. one of cleveland brown quarterbacks had one on his his shirt to get ready for the game and the message was found on the shoes of the st. louis rams, joseph, the slogan refers to garner while the police used the choke hold. he shouted to the officers that he could not breathe. joe vazquez is live to tell us about the intentions inside and outside in the battle of the bay, joe? >> we heard the x's and o's earlier from vern but let me tell you, these are real people out here. they are brothers against brothers of the bay area. and, as one raider's fan told me, sometimes you have to kick your brother's butt.
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that is what happened here tonight. these folks right here, bad boys of bbq. oakland raiders faithful group with one 49er group, they are still hanging out together, they still love each other, before the game got ugly and it was fun for the most part. but i will tell you, folks are leaving the game we had a chance to talk to a couple of fans, close friends who are on opposite sides. >> i love my boys, raider nation all day. >> it was cloudily right now. yes. >> reporter: sometimes brothers get into fights and sometimes they got their cuffs put on them and sent to jail. we are looking for numbers, yes, the fact is, the cop his to go into the stands and make some arrests, there were plenty
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of public intoxication arrests, for the most part, people coming out of the stands they have been peaceful and we have seen, look entire families are here. wearing opposite jerseys enjoying the heck out of the game unless you are a 9ers fan it got tense there towards the end. >> well, look for the final numbers coming up later on in sports. well, six men, held for more than a decade at the u.s. military prison in guantanamo bay, cuba were released today to be resetelled as refugees. >> reporter: the men four syrians and a palestinian were cheered for release in 2009. but could not be sent home. the u.s. struggled to find a
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place for them until uroguy accepted them. he promised to help the men get established in a nation with a tiny muslim population. one of the men has been on a prolonged hunger strike and suing the government for the release of the videotape showing force feeding of the detainees. >> the main focus is just on getting well, getting well, he wants to see, of course he wants to see his wife and kids again. >> the men were never charged during 12 years at guantanamo bay. president barack obama has vowed to close the prison but congress blocked the move and put restrictions on where they can be sent. sunday's developments come ahead of the expected release this week of a senate report on cia interrogation methods. the report is believed to detail water boarding and sleep deprivations following september 11th. >> i think it say terrible idea. so our foreign partners are telling us it will cause
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violence and deaths. the men released from south america, among them, a syrian who went on a hunger strike. the video shows the force feeding of detainees. it is december 7, a day that will live in imphany. tonight, the letter from joe dimaggio to marilyn monroe just after she announced she was divorcing him, sold for big bucks at auction.
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the words of president fran roosevelt echo 73 years lat -- as the nation remembers the japanese attack on pearl ha. the words of president roosevelt, 73 years later as they remember the attack of pearl harbor. the naval base this in hawaii that pulled the u.s. into world war ii. 2500 people died that morning, 18 ships and 300 u.s. planes
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destroyed or damaged. almost half of the deaths were on the uss arizona. survivors, spectators and the military paid tribute today during a service near the ship. four of the last 8 survivors of the arizona were present at that memorial. they are now in their 90s. coming up at 6:30. we will hear from survivors that attended ther is the ceremony here. a letter sold for $75,000. the letter was written by joe dephorb kwroe after dimaggio to marilyn monroe after she announced she was divorcing him. they were married for an hour.
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tom hanks, sting, al greene, mcbride, all of this year's recipients congratulated today at the white house by the president and first lady. the award is for those with an influence on american culture through the arts. >> steupg says he is be wildered because he is from great britain. -- sting says he is bewildered because he is from great britain. now, prince william and kate arrive in new york. what is on their a tkpwepbda. one of the biggest storms of the season is winding off shore. we will tell you about the damages. ,,
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states tonight. it's their first visit here as a coupl cbs reporter, brian webb isn new york where the couple arrived a few hours ago. brian, where are they right? will they do the duke and duchess of cambridge are in new york tonight. the couple arrives a few hours ago. brian where are they right now? >> reporter: hi, ann, they stopped here at the carlile hotel. it was a favorite of princess diana. they were here maybe an hour. a lot of fans waiting to see them. they got a lock at them. the couple went inside, changed clothes quickly and then off to a very high-level fundraiser at an apartment in midtown, manhattan. there were crazy numbers floating around, $50,000 for a couple to get inside of the palas denied that. needless to say it is an expensive fund raiser and the
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money will go to a royal foundation that they are part of. >> i know they are here for two days, jam-packed couple of days, what is on their itinerary? what are they expected to do? >> reporter: we hear they have 10 things to do. they will separate tomorrow, william heads down to washington, d.c., he will meet the president, he will meet hillary clinton, he will give a speech on conservation, kate will stay up here in manhattan. she will visit a child development center in harlem with the mayor's wife. remember, kate is pregnant with her second child, by the way, a few people upon reported seeing a little bit of a baby bump on her way inside of the hotel. they meet up again on monday night and they go to an nba basketball game where they will see lebron james play, sitting courtside with beyonce and j-z. a star-stupbded event the entire time they are here. >> good to see you -- a star-
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studded event the entire time they are here. >> it is good to see brian webb again. he was here now he is working in new york. he is looking good. we are being looking okay tonight. we have cloudy skies over the bay area, santa rosa is only partly cloudy skies. upper 50s, low 60s. gazing towards the golden gate bridge, dry streets for now, not for long. light wind on the north bay tonight. not making its way into the rest of the bay area. a possibility tomorrow it morning, one way or the other, a weak system coming in overnight. not going to drop much if anything at all. there will drizzle around. now, concentrate on the north bay, you can see just a little pocket of rain moving in time to time. such as it is, not much. you will notice south of the
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bridge, as this model verifies, looks at 5:00 tomorrow evening to be clear here. north bay there will be cloudiness. so, we now dispensed with monday. not a big deal. heading out tonight, cloudy skies around the bay area, 8:00, the numbers in the middle 50s, not freezing but not warm. so, take a jacket. out the door tomorrow morning, the same, maybe light sprinkles down to the golden gate bridge in the early going, most of us will not see too much. but, there are major changes ahead after we get this chance of showers tomorrow. high pressure, briefly reasserts itself. tomorrow, tuesday, it looks okay. but then changes are coming, low pressure that is off shore, really digs a bull's-eye so that by thursday, we have high wind and heavy rain due into the bay area. had this has the potential to be the most damaging storm so far of the season as we are looking over dublin right now. a light showered chance on monday. a major storm due in for the
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north bay. rest of the bay area, 50 mile- an-hour winds and as much as 10 inches of rain in the mountains, so, keep your eyes focused on thursday. it looks like a really potentially damaging storm. tomorrow, light rain north of sacramento. mostly to part he cloudy skies. overnight tonight, middle 50s, tomorrow, the numbers manage to upper 60s. 68 degrees for livermore, 64 degrees for san ramoan. 64 in napa and light showers for the north bay overnight tonight. in the early going tomorrow. tuesday, partly cloudy, wednesday, increasing clouds, that leads to heavy rain, spreading south over the bay area, wednesday night, continuing on thursday, showers linger into friday and then we will get a chance to catch our breath by next weekend. between now and then it will be a major story. as we saw at the top of the newscast, vern glen, 9ers playing raiders. >> yes. coming up on the other side.
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if you love the 49ers it is the worst thing that could of happened this year. if you are the raiders it is simply the best. recap 49ers, raiders, in a moment ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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(((ad lib-15 seconds))) vern is at the oakland coliseum, vern what a day for the raiders. >> man, i tell you what, if you love the silver and black, your season,let face it. it is may. you are 8 1/2 point underdogs
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for the 49ers, back to the drawing board for them. they lose and then arizona and seattle both win. this is something. any way. as jim harbaugh and mark davis said hi before the game, kaepernick is picked up by ross, oakland got a field goal out of it to go up 3-0. late in the 1st, cap finds bruce miller here. miller, tip toeing to the line. david carr going to roll out and find a 320 pound lineman, he completed the third reception of his career. 3rd quarter, game tied at 6. to carlos, bobels it, bobelss it, it stopped short of the line. oakland responds to the 9. carr to reefs, hello, how are you
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doing? carr throwing for three touchdowns, raviera100 yards receiving. sanfrancisco getting back into it. five minutes left until darkness. a 47 yardline field goal attempt, under 3 minutes left and capp picked off. dots the eyes, crosses the t's. raiders, a second win for the year. hey, they feel like they are in the playoffs. >> i believed it the whole time. everyone thought i was crazy. some of the things i was saying. obviously our record is what it is. that is where we are. but our mind set is not like. that we have not turned on each other, nobody pointed a finger. it shows what we are doing, now, the way we are doing things as a team it is the
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right thing. [reporter asking a question ] >> have to play better. >> i have to play better. >> i understand that, do you understand why you have not been playing well? >> i have not been playing well. >> now, i think he is happy with his current quarterback, russell wilson, the seahawks are rolling, two touchdowns, ran for one more and the seahawks go into philadelphia and beat the first place eagles, 24-14 for the third straight win. meantime, bruce arias and the cardinals are trying to avoid losing the third straight. 14-9. brown, arizona's only touchdown but that is all they would need. they hang on to beat the chiefs, 17-14. so, arizona remains the top seed in the nfc and the 49ers
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are now 2 games behind the seahawks, lions, cowboys for a wild card spot. sanfrancisco will play at seattle next sunday. now, college football, we have news for you. if you follow the stanford cardinal. they accepted a full bid. they are playing very close to home as they were playing in levi stadium in the farm fresh bowl as big 10 champion, ohio state, they move ahead to texas, christian, university to grab a spot in the final 4. the buckeyes facing alabama on new year's dave. winners will meet january 12th at jerry jones house in dallas. wallace, stepped back, and as the shot clock expired, his
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high 29 was enough. now, tiger woods, final round of his own tournament. hero world challenge and tiger will not be taking home his own trophy. he can not get a chip shot on 13. troubled weekend. woods finished tied for last at even par. t-shot on the par315. finishing the weekend at 26 under and won the event by 10 shots. back to bring it back full circle the top story may be the story of the year. the raiders taking care of the 49ers, the 49ers, 7-6 looking for the answers in the next few games. that will do it. >> all right, thank you. that is it for us at 5:30. we will see you back here in
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>> glor: tonight, slow march of a huge storm. typhoon hagupit makes its way across the philippines, more than 900,000 evacuated and more rain on the way. seth doane reports. six prisoners with suspected al qaeda terrorists sent to uruguay. don dahler has details. north korea calls the hacking of sony pictures a righteous deed, even as charlie d'agata tells us it denies responsibility. and the british are coming. mark phillips is watching prince williams and kate's arrival in york and the americans who can't wait to get a glimpse. >> i have followed them since i was a little girl. i'm roman catholic but that doesn't stop me from wanting to marry him. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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