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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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a local prosecutor is not going to want to go after the police. they have to rely on it. >> many high ranking officials say the justice system is broken. because indicting an officer could have repercussions for over local officials. i believe that the whole time. everyone thought i was crazy some of the things i was saying. >> the raiders win the battle of the bay. the 49ers' loss draws more speck lake about jim harbaugh's future with the team. britain's prince william and his wife kate arrived in new york city sunday to kick off their first official visit to the united states. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. good morning everyone, i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm brian hackney. frank has the day off today. looting vandalism and a long night for berkeley police. protesters took over intersections. closed off an entire freeway and demonstrators are angry. all about recent grand jury
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decisions not to charge white officers in the deaths of black men. some of the protesters then went on a violent rampage down berkeley's telegraph avenue. kpix 5's ryan takeo is checking out the damage they left behind. good morning ryan. >> reporter: good morning buy quan. we're at the wall reason -- brian. we're at the walgreens on shaddock in berkeley. you can see right here the shattered glass, this window completely taken out as we zoom in right over here, brian, we'll show you a rock that went through another -- just a big plate of glass. now a handful of businesses were damaged on shaddock and on telegraph. we'll show you some video. some protesters also headed towards highway 24 and on the on ramp over there. dozens got on to the freeway. chopper 5 video shows the demonstrators blocking photograph and after a standoff. that's when police say an explosive was thrown at officers. they responded with tear gas cannisters. from there the march moved on and became more violent.
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one uc berkeley student expected a peaceful protest on saturday and it turned chaotic and he refused to from test last night. >> sitting over here like this is hurting me. i come to walgreens and look what they did. like -- people are getting hurt and stuff. not even local businesses, people who didn't do anything. >> reporter: see some of the graffiti here on shaddock. we know that there are five arrests last night and two officers were injured. one protester was injured too. police say the protester was trying to stop some looting and vandalism over at a nearby radio shack. when another protester hit him in the head with a hammer. live in berkeley, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> elsewhere in the u.s., hundreds of protesters took to the streets in colorado. these are the scenes from boulder on saturday. protesters chanted slogans and held up photographs of michael brown. the unarmed black teenager who was shot to death by a white police officer in ferguson, missouri. other signs in boulder expressed anger and sadness. and hundreds staged a die-
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in after the eagles' game in philadelphia last night. people laid down on the street outside the stadium. they stayed there for four and a half minutes in honor of michael brown who was shot and killed by an officer in ferguson as we just said. it is 6:303 right now. elizabeth for a look at the morning commute. >> thanks guys and out to the photographer greg, he is shrouded by fog this morning. all along 580. he's in livermore showing you the commute right now. it is blanketed near that coalier canyon exit. so that's a live look at westbound 580 traffic. where it is slowish kind of sluggish now from the altamonte pass straight out to the dublin interchange. we'll show you drive time here coming up. in the meantime bay bridge it looks like metering lights are on and it is stacked up to the overcrossings. so far the approaches aren't too bad. you can see the east shore freeway about 22 minutes or so from the carquinez bridge to the maze but yeah fog is the real story this morning. especially along 580. also parts of concord and clayton, fairfield. all getting really socked in. that drive time is pretty slow
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right now. especially coming out of tracy on 205. and then continuing all the way through the livermore valley. in santa rosa still watching that accident. southbound 101 at todd road. the middle lanes are blocked. it was an overturn accident. car actually ended up on its roof after running off the roadway and into some trees. so there are some delays right now all along that corridor in the southbound lanes. outside we go, and in oakland everything looks great near the oakland coliseum. richmond san rafael bridge obviously no delay there yet. and all along the peninsula everything looks great as well as the san mateo bridge and the dunbarton. that's your latest kcbs traffic. roberta is tracking another storm. if we can believe it. the first -- i had to get through the fog this morning which mr. advertiseon was down to a quarter mile. on the 580 reduced down to zero visibility over the dublin grade. cleared out elizabeth towards castro valley. pockets of defense this morning and a smattering of light rain showers right there across the northern portion of bay area in the far reaches towards clear
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lake. right now we have plenty of rain showers heading in that direction. and just to the north of cobb as well. so north of the golden gate bridge today you definitely need that umbrella with showers likely. otherwise mostly cloudy skies for everyone else. the breeze out of the southeast at 15. right now 51 degrees in san jose. mid 50s in santa rosa with areas of fog. today's temperatures topping off in the mid and high 60s. except for pacifica at 62. otherwise 70 degrees in gilroy today. and then we have a bit of a break on tuesday until wednesday. late day. when we have it would have been most powerful storms -- one of the most powerful storms since 2008. it is projected to move into the bay area with heavy winds and heavy rain. if you want to track the storm with us, i have to tell you folks. not jest really endorsing this because i have to because i don't. i truly believe in this. it's our cbs 5 weather app and all you have to do is go to the app store and download cbs 5 weather app. and it's for iphone users and
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also for android users. and i got to tell you i've been studying my own preferences for lightning strikes and earthquake alerts. set up yours as well. i really do recommend it. guys? >> sounds good. president obama is speaking out about the protests and racial tension. he tells the cable network b. e. t. tackling problems as deeply rooted as racism is going to take time. susan mcginnis has more from the interview. e officers deaths of michael brown in ferguson missouri, and eric garner in news sund046 >> reporter: protesters turned out in cities across the country over the weekend. venting their anger over grand jury decisions not to indict police officers in the deaths of michael brown in ferguson, missouri and eric garner in new york. >> this isn't going to be solved overnight. >> reporter: in an interview with b.e.t. president obama said racism and bias are deeply rooted in america and that conquering them won't happen overnight. >> it's going to take some time and you just have to be steady. >> reporter: on "face the nation" naacp president cornell william brooks says not enough is being done. >> we have a generation of
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people, our children, who are being profiled. those are the hardcore facts. >> reporter: president obama offers a reminder of how things have improved. saying today's parents and grandparents can see the difference. >> they'll tell you that you know things are better. not good, in some cases, but better. and the reason it's important for us to understand progress has been made is that then gives us hope they can make more progress. >> reporter: something protesters want now. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> the interview with president obama airs this afternoon on the cable network. some legal experts say the grand jury system that cleared the officers is broken. san francisco public defender jeff adachi points out if you indict an officer, there could be repercussions. >> there is an inherent conflict of interest, a local prosecutor is not going to want to go after the police. they have to rely on it and there's also the political angle because if you're the
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elected district attorney, you're not going to want to piss off the -- the police department. >> we apologize for that language. adachi suggests any criminal case involving police should involve an impartial special prosecutor. developing news in los angeles now. a big fire is burning downtown. it's in a building that was planned to hold apartments. a fire department spokesman says he does not believe anyone was living or working there. more than 250 firefighters are battling the blaze right now. and the fire has forced the closure of part of highway 101 in both directions. new this morning, a san leandro police officer is hospitalized after a police car was rammed by a suspected stolen car. san leandro police chased the car into east oakland about 8:00 last night. police say the suspect rammed the patrol car near 98th and ban croft avenues and offered opened fire on the car wounding one of the suspects. the officer was treated and released at a local hospital. the suspect who was shot is listed in grave condition.
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people in the san jose neighborhood that's been a hotbed for burglaries say the situation just keeps getting worse. police report 27 burglaries in the evergreen district in just the last ten days. residents have been demanding action for months. they want a mobile police command center stationed there along with stepped up patrols and so far, there's no word on what the city plans to do. the oakland raiders got three touchdowns and beat the san francisco 49ers 24-13 in oakland yesterday. it was just the second win of the season for the raiders. under interim coach tony sparano. the niners fell to 7-7 on the season and in real danger of missing the playoffs for the first time in four years. under jim harbaugh. kpix 5's kiet do joins us from santa clara with a look at the loss and its impact. good morning. >> reporter: you know a lot of o soul searching here in the niner nation half that upset by the raiders yesterday. you know you got the figure out
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what's going on with jim harbaugh. when he first came out of the gate yesterday, right out of the tunnel, he went straight to owner mark davis of the raiders to say hello. fueling speculation that harbaugh might be headed to the east bay. raiders though looked good even though they were 1-10 on the season. great pass protection from the offensive line held the niners to just one sack and gave carr plenty of time in the pocket. 22-28 attempts there. 254 yards and three touchdowns. that's the highest passer rating they've had since 2001. niner fans just shocked and disappointed. >> it's all good. it's all bad. battle of the bay they won. it's all good. we got the better record. >> reporter: and niners' playoff hopes really just a long shot at this point. three games left in the season. they head off to seattle to play in washington this sunday. and we all know how that game went the last time the seahawks were in town. live at levi's stadium, kiet do, kpix 5. all right, the time now is 10 minutes after 6:00 on your monday morning.
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a nightmare is over for a couple held against their will in the middle east for two years. the heart-breaking crime they were accused of committing. >> one hour and 12 minute delays on some of arriving flights at sfo due to clouds. we're tracking that and plus a new storm heading this way. >> we have a small fender- bender now just past the bay bridge toll plaza. plus word of a metering lights snafu. we'll tell you how it's affecting your bay bridge commute after the break. but first we want to know what drives you crazy during the commute. ask a question or share a gripe by e-mailing -- or tweet me @ewengerkpix and watch right here to see the your question gets answered on air. -- if your question gets answered on air. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on this monday morning, december 8th. good morning everyone.
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what you are looking at is the dense fog limited visibility down to a quarter mile throughout stretches of the tri- valley this morning. we've got fog and then we have one of the most powerful storms since 2008. it's rolling this way and we'll track it together as the news continues. all right roberta. a couple accused of killing their daughter and then detained in qatar for two years is finally back home in pasadena. moneys of people attended a church service dedicated to grace and matt huang. they were convicted of child endangerment after the adopted daughter died. they were accused of killing the 8-year-old to sell her body parts on black market. they were cleared of all the charges last week. >> the situation this past two years has been extremely difficult. but we -- it's taught us a lot about patience and trust in god. and we just beginning to realize the amazing hidden pleasantings what god has brought through this crisis. >> the family was in qatar
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while matt huang was an engineer on public works project there. the couple's two adopted sons lived with their grandparents in southern california during the tuyere ordeal. a woman in new jersey had a deer problem when she was trying to get dinner ready. a deer ran through two doors to get into her house. well, she followed it to the back and was able to lock it in hermitser bathroom. and police -- her master bathroom. police showed up and got the deer back into a wild. made a little mess too. >> looks pretty cool about the whole thing. >> i know. can you imagine? at least it wasn't like a mountain lion or something. >> where's the remote? oops i don't have opposable thumbs. what do you want to do first? want to do traffic first? okay miss liz what's the latest. >> we're having some interesting things going on at the bay bridge right now. i guess the buy who turns on the metering lights is stuck in traffic and they still haven't turned on the metering lights. we were kind of -- it liked like the -- looked like the metering lights were on because it was all filling in in the cash and fastrak lanes
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specifically. but they have not turned them on yet and it's stacking up through the maze, going to turn them on here very shortly. in the meantime the east shore freeway is slow as well. 26 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. roberta has been walking about this, the -- talking about this, the thick fog is really the weather issue this morning in the altamonte pass and livermore valley. also the heaviest traffic where it's the foggiest and the slowest traffic. you can really see it from the 205, 580 split all the way out to about vasco and then remains sluggish out to 8:00 0 and the dublin interchange -- 680 and the dublin interchange, this one is actually been there for a while. southbound 101 at todd. so just a heads-up, there were some foggy conditions reported here as well. two middle lanes are blocked there's an overturn accident. car ran off the roadway. a pretty good sized backup for this time of the morning in the southbound lanes. also in the castro valley wide. through northbound 238 both backing up through that area. 880 is fine. no big issues right now. near the oakland coliseum.
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southbound 880 looks okay in oakland. it's not until you reach hayward there was an earlier crash near industrial. one lane is blocked. so if you're commuting in that stretch, just a few slight delays. richmond san rafael bridge the approach look great as you can see no major issues at the toll plaza. along the peninsula and 101 and 280. san mateo bridge and the dunbarton bridge are all clocking in problem free. if you have any questions about the morning commute, once you hit the roads, tune to the radio partners -- that's the latest from here. let's get check on the foggy forecast. here's roberta. >> we're working altogether with kcbs, with ellis radio, with right here our hi-def doppler radar because we want you to be prepared for one of the powerfullest storms since 2008 heading in this direction. if all the models are correct we could see in excess of 6 inches of rain in the wettest locations. right now a smattering of light rain showers primarily around
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the clear lake area. anything north of the golden gate bridge you need the umbrella today. otherwise mostly cloudy skies. we have areas of dense fog in throughout the tri-valley and also santa rosa where current lit it is 55 degrees. okay here's what you need to know. we have some showers again to the north. we have also the dense fog primarily to the east. and then we have rain and wind on thursday and friday for everyone. and in fact this is futurecast, you can see the light rain showers today. then as we enter tuesday and really early wednesday, we buy a little bit of a break. that's when you need to bring in the displays off the lawn because this right here has copious amounts of rain. this powerful area of low pressure also has winds in excess of 50 miles per hour. by the time friday night rolls arnold, we are expect -- around, we are expecting over six inches of rain north bay and santa cruz mountains generally around the you are been areas -- urban areas three inches of rain. mostly cloudy at sfo and delays one hour, 12 minutes on some arriving flights due to the very low ceiling, no delays fright now at all of the big
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hubs. our temperatures today going big in gilroy at 70 degrees and 67 in san jose. typically in oakland we should be at 58 instead 68 degrees. there you have it a little bit of a break tuesday, wednesday before that powerful storm rolls in all the bay through friday. -- way through friday. and that's our eye on the storm. and still ahead, half a dozen guantanamo bay prisoners are free but their journey is not over. we'll show you why they can't head home. >> and good morning everybody. raider fans, how you doing? 49er fans, how are you doing? we're going to break down what happened and maybe why. in just a jiffy. >> and what's cool about your school? you can e-mail your nomination to us at, we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,
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and good morning everybody. oh, raider fans, 49er fans, i -- how you feeling this hour? all right. it happened yesterday. i still can't believe it happened. but it did. in oakland. give me a sign. there it is. and here's another sign. harbaugh saying hi to maybe his next boss, mark davis? well, here goes derek carr the game of his life. flipped it to donald penn and the big fella found a big hole. raiders up three. now a three point game and it's marcel reece on the receiving end. raiders up by four. under three minutes left. and this one puts it to bed. kaepernick picked off by the future hall of famer charles woodson. the raiders eight and a half point dogs. oh splashing their way to a 24- 13 victory.
6:25 am
alex stalock between the pipes for the sharks. against edmonton. and no answer for david perron as the oilers won it 2-1. stopped the four game win streak for the sharkies. cal basketball last night in reno against nevada. second half bears by one and tyrone wallace put it up in front -- made it a four point game on the stepback number. he had 29 points. cal wins the game 63-56. to get to 7-1 for the year. but we're not burying the lead -- it was a shocker around the league. really a shocker as you go to work and talk about it throughout the day. the raiders yeah believe it. they get it done. 24-13. on top of the 49ers, now to 7- 6. making the playoffs? tough call having to win their last three games. and they need some help. we'll see you later. thank you vern play. play of the day, the. >> keith: city chiefs -- kansas
6:26 am
city chiefs versus the cardinals. dwayne bowe catches a short pass from former niners' quarterback al, smith and -- quarterback alex smith and leaps over two cardinals. take loot look at leap -- another look at the athletic leap. wow. that was athletic and it was a leap. bowe -- and the chiefs fell to the cardinals 17-14. pretty good brian. pretty good. 6:26. the raiders' beatdown of the 49ers further clouds jim harbaugh's future with the team. what fans are saying about the niners' led coach. >> we're giving you an up close look at the damage here in berkeley after a second night of violent protests. ,,,,
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night's win over the ou're a niners fa raidest' fans are on top of the world after last night's win over the niners. but if you're a niners' fan, you have an ax to grind with jim harbaugh. and bringing that santa claus lawn deck race, we have the most powerful storm since 2008 heading this way. we'll track it together. and the metering lights are finally on over at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll tell you how later this and how bad the delays are coming into the bay bridge. all coming up. while protests got violent in the blink of an eye last night. demonstratorred stopped traffic and looted local businesses. good morning, it's monday december 8th. i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. another wild night of protests. looting and vandalism in berkeley. hundreds of people took to the streets to voice their anger over the grand jury's decision not to charge white officers in
6:31 am
the deaths of black men. protesters made it on to highway 24 last night and brought traffic to that standstill. ryan takeo joins us live in ryan it turns out some students at berkeley are telling people not to go to the protests. >> reporter: that's right. there was a whole social media campaign. a grassroots effort yesterday. we talked to one uc berkeley student who said that he came up saturday and was shocked at the amount of damage and how violent it turned. here's the walgreens on shaddock. you can see just the shards of glass. it took to open up the store in the next half hour. we don't know how that's going to happen. we see the little barricade down there on the floor. now, there are several businesses damaged on shaddock and telegraph. the uc berkeley freshman says he expected a peaceful protest saturday for the two grand jury decisions but it turned chaotic and he refused to protest last night. he says there was a backlash from some students who wrote social media posts asking people not to hit the streets.
6:32 am
he knew berkeley's history of protests but not like this. >> so coming to berkeley all right i knew that protests it's very -- it's what we're known for. it's very liberal over here can it's very usually peaceful. but i didn't suspect it like this. >> reporter: second night in a row of violent protests here in berkeley. man feet says most of the violent protesters were not student aged but were older. we know five arrests that's from berkeley pd. two officers injured and one protester injured and police said that that from tester was injured he was trying to stop vandalism and another protester hit him in the head with a hammer, live in berkeley, ryan takeo, kpix 5. all right it is 32 minutes after 6:00. on this early monday morning. appreciate your coming by to channel 5 and you've got a lot to talk about in the weather department. >> you no i what michelle? i have to tell you when looking at all the computer models and forecasting this the most powerful storm since 2008 rolling into the bay area. i knew it was all good as soon
6:33 am
as brian agreed with me. >> what about thursday by the way? >> thursday and on friday. and i noticed the ways off but the model have been just agreeing with each other that this storm entering our area by the end of the week will have in excess of at least six inches of rain here in the bay area. but today is just is a smattering of light hours according to the hi-def doppler radar. if you look carefully right there's the moderate rainfall just exiting the clear lake area. lifting up in a northeasterly fashion. so meganorth of the golden gate bridge, showers are likely today albeit very light. temperature-wise we are into the 50s under mostly cloudy skies. we have areas of dense fog and we do have delays at sfo over one hour and 12 minutes on some arriving flights. temperatures today unseasonably mild. into the 60s, 70 degrees in gilroy. so tuesday, wednesday clear out your gutters. get set batten down the hatches. we will have the eye on the storm again overrics cinches of rain -- six inches of rain expected in the west i locations by -- wettest locations by friday. so elizabeth you know what that
6:34 am
means. i know we're bracing there. in the meantime just fog that could slow you down and i want to show you a live look right now. we sent our photographer greg and he's been covered in fog this morning. and so are commuters along 5080. this is a live look near the canyon coming into livermore and actually has cleared out maybe a little bit. westbound 580 very show though from -- slow though from the altamonte pass to the dublin interchange. to the bay bridge now ask that metering lights issue, they're filially on but they were turned on a half hour late finally at 6:17. there was a malfunction with the lights and the guy who turns them within was late. -- on was late. so between the two things we have a big backup at the bay bridge. stacked up well east of the maze. that's kcbs traffic. back to you guys. okay thanks liz. the oakland raiders are the winners in the latest battle of the bay. coming out on top of the san francisco 49ers yesterday. kpix 5's kiet do joins us from santa clara where the nine, may have seen their playoff hope --
6:35 am
niners may have seen their playoff hopes fade far good. >> reporter: what's up with the passing game? is it bad pass protection or play calling and maybe it is kaepernick himself. case in point. first play of the game. kaepernick takes the snap and then rolls to the left and motions to michael corral tree. fires up -- crabtree. fires off a 30-yard pass attempt into the waiting yards of brandon ross setting the tone for the rest of the game. he threw 18-33 for just 174 yards and one touchdown two interceptions. and including the one n fourth quarter. dashing whatever small playoff hopes they had. after the game, a reporter tried to get kaepernick to dig a little deeper. >> have to play better. >> i'm sorry? >> i have to play better. >> i understand that. do you understand why you're not playing better? >> i haven't been playing well. >> reporter: what do you think should happen to harbaugh now? >> i don't think it's harbaugh doing the wrong. i think it's more chemistry between the players. they're just not communicating as good. >> is it cap? >> i hate to say kaepernick but
6:36 am
yeah. it is. >> reporter: and so a lot of speculation about what's going to happen now to coach jim harbaugh. he was seen in full view of the cameras coming out of the tunnel at the beginning of yesterday's game going over to say hi to raiders' owner mark davis. you can bet he'll be asked about that at the next niners' press conference. kiet do, kpix 5. tougher for cars to use market street in san francisco. starting next year, the mta will ban right turns onto market street at nine intersections. already drivers are forced to turn off of eastbound market street at 10th and 6th streets. the idea is to cut the number of private cars on market to cut the risk of pedestrians being hit. crews in san francisco expect to have the sinkhole in the richmond district fully patched up by tomorrow. the nine foot deep crater opened up last wednesday at 6th and lake street. the city says it was caused by water flowing from a broken storm drain line which eroded sand underneath the road and then severed a water main.
6:37 am
the u.s. is has released six men who have been prisoners at guantanamo bay for 12 years. don dollared els us this is part of a renewed effort by the obama administration to ultimately close the u.s. base despite some stiff opposition from republicans. >> reporter: the six men were detained in 2002 on suspicion of having ties with al-qaeda but were never charged. they were cleared for release in 2009 on the condition they not return home. uruguay offered to take them months ago. but security concerns at the pentagon delayed their release. cbs news senior national security consultant juan zarate. >> they had connections to al- qaeda affiliates and other networks, all the the individuals even deemed not to be security threats, aren't angels and certainly have connections back to certain networks that have concerns. >> reporter: closing the bay is one of president obama's key
6:38 am
political goals. secretary of defense chuck hagel was slow to sign off on the releases. which created tension inside the white house. syria is one of the released detainees. his attorney spoke to us via skype. >> why do you think he's been released now? >> unfortunately as is often the case with guantanamo, the prisoners end up being effectively hostages to u.s. partisan politics and had nothing to do with him. every single u.s. agency with a stake in national security affairs has signed off on his transfer and his certified that he poses no threat to anyone. >> reporter: upon their arrival the men were believed to have been examined at this military hospital. uruguay has no mosque. the country of 3.3 million is home to only about 300 ms. limbs. uruguay's president is himself a former political prisoner. this brings the total number of detainees left in guantanamo to 136. 67 of the men have been cleared for release or transfer. but they remain in limbo until
6:39 am
the u.s. finds a country that will take them. don daler, cbs news, new york. three good samaritans were killed in the florida everglades. eight other people were rushed to the hospital. here's what happened after sunset last night. a driver hit a black bear on a two lane road. and then three people got out of another car to help. they were run down and killed by a third car. the drive who are hit the bear in the first place was not hurt. right now in the felt means, a powerful typhoon is bearing down on the capital of manila. hours earlier, big waves and 100-mile-per-hour winds ripped through coastal communities in central philippines. and at least 21 people are dead. the same region where 6,000 people were killed from last year's typhoon haiyan. this time, nearly a million people were moved to safer grounds. super bowl 50 in santa clara is still more than a year away. but the host committee is already working to make a difference. it's kicked off its charity campaign to raise $150,000 for bay area food banks.
6:40 am
and fans who donate will have a chance to win tickets to this season's super bowl in arizona. kpix 5 is proud to be the media partner for super bowl 50. kpix 5 is also teaming up with whole foods to help feed bay area families in need. for more on how you can help, go to time now the 6:40. -- is 6:40. a massive fire erupts in southern vr this morning. we'll take you -- california this morningment we'll take through. >> if market just opened up about ten minutes ago. a quick look at the big board right now. you can see the dow is down about 25 points. we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
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good monday morn, it's december 8th. and on this day, we do have
6:44 am
mostly cloudy skies. burlingame 65 degrees today. and a southeast breeze at 15 and menlo park in the mid 60s. otherwise san jose you're averaging high temperatures a good five degrees above normal. and 70 unseasonably mild in gilroy are plenty of cloud cover. east of the bay beginning the morning with visibility down to a quarter mile in throughout the tri-valley due to dense fog. otherwise north of the golden gate bridge you need that umbrella today with scattered light rain showers and high temperature in petaluma today at 67 degrees, otherwise 64 in bodega bay with mostly cloudy skies and good morning san francisco at 65 degrees. developing news in los angeles, firefighters are checking hot spots after a big fire downtown overnight. it destroyed a building that was being renovated. the fire is also caused damage to three floors of an adjacent high raise. more than -- rise. more than 250 firefighters were battling the blaze. and the fire has forced the closure of 101 in both directions in l. a.
6:45 am
some top business economists are out with a road sieve look ahead to the coming year. >> here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> good morning michelle. good morning brian. we start back with friday. when we got that solid jobs report for november. a gain of 321,000 jobs that led to new closing highs for the dow and s&p. the national association of business economics does like that job growth that we've seen in 2014. the best pace of growth since 1999. because of that, along with low oil prices, down at a five year low, it's projecting economic growth at 2015 of 3.1%. that would be the strongest move by gdp in the u.s. since 2005. this all depend on this job growth continuing into next year. in order to do so. the market is pulling back a little bit after the big gains on friday. let's take a look at the big boards and see how we're going so far this morningment -- doing so far this morning.
6:46 am
the dow falling about 20 points, nasdaq is now turned positive up six points and the s&p is down by two points. mcdonald's shares down over 3% this morning. its same store sales across the world fell more than 4%. including here in the u.s.. michelle and brian back to you. >> all righty, thanks. time now is 6:46 and a check on the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks guys and we started off so well early this morning with no major incidents and suddenly things are popping up left and right the i know the nothing is -- and i know the fog is not helping the commute across some streams. earlier accident, westbound 80. everything is now cleared to the right hand shoulder but there must be some activity there. we're still seeing delays all along the east shore freeway backed up to hercules. and also this stretch. we've been reporting the fog all morning on 580 from the altamonte pass and through the livermore valley. it's also thick in concord. fairfield. and anyway this drive time is up to 33 minutes now. you can see the thickset is coming out of tracy 205, 580 and then to about vasco and
6:47 am
then remains just kind of slow and go out to the duction texas. we also had -- dublin interchange. the metering lights were turned on a half hour late this morning. going to the bay bridge expect bigger than usual backups. and of course the east shore freeway is in the red. but the accident san pablo dam road is not helping that commute either. up to nearly 50 minutes. that's huge for this time in the morning from the bridge to the maze. if you're traveling through the sunol grade. southbound 680 just very slow. probably some fog in this area as well. coming out of pleasanton and all the way down into sunol like i mentioned. golden gate bridge the marin county commute gets two thumbs up. no major issues right now between san laugh jell and the golden gate bridge -- rafael and the golden gate bridge golden gate bridge. an interesting week with roberta. one of the biggest storms in the last decade is poised in position to move into the bay area beginning late wednesday afternoon in the north bay and then spreading across the entire area through friday night. all the computer models
6:48 am
completely agree and so does brian hackney that we have heavy rain moving this way. right now hi-def doppler radar is reporting a smattering of light rain showers around clear lake and also from yucaipa along highway 101 to of lynn. other than that, you'll just need the umbrella north of the golden gate bridge. we have mostly cloudy skies. and we do have some areas of dense fog in throughout the tri- valley and also santa rosa where visibility is about a half a mile. livermore currently 50 degrees and oakland in the mid 50s. sfo, now reporting delays one hour 12 minutes on some arriving flights due to the low ceiling. again, light showers north of the golden gate bridge. heavy rain and wind by thursday and friday. here's futurecast. and again just slight rain showers today. otherwise mostly cloudy and southeast winds at 15 miles per hour. here comes wednesday, wanted to call in the 72 -- computer model observation. so you can get a good idea on the precipitation and that's the leading band coming in in the overnight hours on
6:49 am
thursday. both commutes will be virtually affected and by the times this said and done, six inches of rain in the wettest locations and one to three inches across the urban areas, on top soft so much rated soil. -- of saturated soil. 73 degrees today in gilroy. wow unseasonably mild conditions. here's the extended forecast. brace yourself and get ready and bring in the lawn decorations for thursday, friday. wind up to 50 miles per hour. all right, thanks roberta. and we do agree by the way. 18 states are suing president obama over the recent action on immigration. >> with more on the case is legal and political analyst melissa griffin caen. >> i checked the morning and now 20 states. at least 20 states have signed up to be part of this lawsuit. there are almost all from the east coast from alabama to maine. they got together to file the lawsuit against the president because of his recent
6:50 am
immigration actions. now as a reminder the president issued an executive order to allow undocumented persons who have lived here for at least five years and who have children who are here legally to avoid deportation. the lawsuit says the president is nullifying laws that were passed by congress. when he did this. the u.s. constitution says that the president shall and i quote -- take care that the laws be faithfully executed. according to the lawsuit, the president isn't faithfully executing certain laws. in fact, they say he's torpedoing the laws and they cite to a law that requires the deportation of undocumented persons. there's another law that says that if you're undocumented and you have a child who is a citizen, you have to go to your home country and wait ten years for a visa. those are the kind of laws they're saying the president is not taking care to execute. as a result, they claim that we are going to experience another humanitarian crisis like the one we had earlier this year if the executive order is allowed to take effect. >> well, other presidents have issued executive orders on the
6:51 am
subject of immigration. so how is this different? >> well, in papers filed by the plaintiffs in this case, they say that this scope of obama's order is bigger than anything we've seen before. prior to this the biggest law enacted by congress forget executive orders, through the legislative process only affected 2.7 million immigrants. and obama's order will affect four to five million immigrants and just can't do something bigger than what congress has ever done. >> so you're saying it's up to 20 states who are suing him now? >> yes. >> what are the states saying will happen if this all goes through? >> they say that -- you're right. bring a lawsuit you have to show that you're going to be harmed right? you have to prove that there's going to be a pain that you're going to experience. and in? case the states say that once other nations hear about this new program, the border is going to be flooded with people trying to come here. they say it's going to you know stretch their social services and that's going to be the problem. >> so where do we go if here? >> the obama administration actually did a lot of research before they issued this
6:52 am
executive order. so they feel that they're on legal solid ground. however, the case was filed in texas. and a judge in texas might be more friendly to the plaintiffs. and the states here. we'll know in a few weeks whether the judge will put a hold on obama's immigration order or whether it will go ahead and go into effect while this all gets litigated. stay tuned. >> thank you. more violent protests in berkeley. and more businesses damaged. coming up, we'll give you anen close look and talk to a -- up close look and talk to a protester. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
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five things to know now at the :55. jim harbaugh's future with the niners is looking iffy this morning. the niners' loss to the raidest last night 24-13 and they're in
6:56 am
danger of missing the playoffs for the first time in four years under jim harbaugh. a san leandro police officer was hospitalized last night after a suspected car thief rammed the patrol car. officers opened fire on the car wounding one of the suspects. the officer was treated and released from a local hospital. the suspect who was shot is listed in grave condition. going to get a little bit tougher for cars to use market street in san francisco. starting next year, the mta will ban right turns onto market street at nine intersections. the idea is to cut the number of private cars on market. to loiter risk of pedestrians being hit. the goal? is safety. a massive fire is still burning right now in the west lake section of los angeles. it's burning in a large commercial building on west 7th street. this is the second fire in l. a. this morning. thefire one destroyed an apartment building. and tomorrow a sacramento firefighter will be arraigned accused of burglary and elder
6:57 am
abuse. craig white allegedly stole medications from mobile homeowners in citrus heights. police say he would tell residents he was there to inspect smoke detectors but instead he allegedly raided their medicine cabinets. i'm ryan takeo live in berkeley where the city is waking up from a second straight night of violent protests. here's the walgreens on shaddock where you see the broken glass. a handful of bids are damaged on -- businesses are damaged on shaddock and dell graph. now some other -- some uc berkeley students said it was a peaceful protest about 9:00 and then turned violent. in fact protesters stopped traffic on highway 24 started fires on city streets and chopper 5 video shows the demonstrators blocking traffic. then after a standoff, that's when police say an explosive was thrown at officers. who responded with tear gas. one uc berkeley student says he expected a peaceful protest saturday and it turned chaotic and refee rued -- he refused cocome out and protest lag
6:58 am
night. >> the community over here, this hurts me, i come here to wall greens and look what they did. even local businesses, people who didn't do anything. >> reporter: we know of five arrests from last night. two officers, two berkeley pd officers injured and one protester was injured. live in berkeley, ryan takeo, kpix 5. and it looks like our monday back to work commute is kicking into high near now. -- gear now. here's a live look at the drive westbound 237 is a little slug, leaving milpitas. and at the bay bridge get ready for a brit good sized backup. the metering lights were turned on on the later side at 6:17. and so now all the approaches are very slow including the east shore freeway. there was also an earlier crash at san pablo dam road. here's a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge approach. it's slow getting on to the bridge. once you do though everything is okay. and has transit. b.a.r.t. right now has 54 trains system wide. no delay and a.c.e. train one and three all left
6:59 am
the central valley with no delay. roberta? michelle griego i'm so surprised you didn't scold me earlier today. >> i didn't hear it. >> i made up a word on television. powerfullest. >> powerfullest. >> i like it. >> i works. >> because it's going to be one of the most powerful storms in a decade heading toward the bay area and not right now what you're looking at there is a smattering obviously light rain showers north of the golden gate bridge. mostly cloudy skies and areas of patchy dense fog in the tri- valley areas and temperatures in the 50s. going up to highs today all the way up to 70 in gilroy. southeast breeze up to 15 miles per hour. so here we go. you have your tuesday and most of wednesday to bring in those lawn holiday decorations. because gusty winds move in overnight wednesday night through thursday and friday in excess of 50 miles per hour. over six inches of rain expected in the wettest locations and three inches around the urban areas that on sop of the saturated soil we're going to have a mess. >> oh boy a bigamies. >> go like this. >> but we need the rain.
7:00 am
>> we do. >> thanks for watching everyone. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, december 8th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a mass vive fire over downtown los angeles, forcing the closure of freeways overnight. an american couple back from overseas. their first television interview about being falsely accused of killing their own daughter. plus the bright lights shine on prince william and kate. america rolls out the red carpet for the royal couple. >> we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. on the streets of berkeley, california, people smashed windows, set fires to stores.


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