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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 10, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> well, the rain we are getting right now is nothing compared to what is on the way. school is canceled for hundreds of thousands of bay area kids and we discovered sandbags are in such high demand, there is actually a black market for
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them. >> we have a team of reporters across the bay area. but first, let's get to meteorologist paul deanno in the weather center tonight. >> a lot of rainfall ahead of the actual storm that will get here well after midnight. it has been pouring in marin county, sonoma county, mendocino county and napa county. already an inch of rain on the ground throughout much of the north bay. no rain near san jose, but showers are working their way south. a lot of rain has fallen already. the storm is not even here yet. an inch-and-a-half in fort bragg. angwin. three things i want you to remember. flooding rainfall is coming. it is going to happen. damages winds are on their way as well tomorrow morning. and that will likely lead to widespread power outages. it is not a matter of if. it is a matter of when. when does the rough stuff get to the north bay? 3:00 in the morning to 9:00 in
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the morning. wind gusts in excess of 60 miles an hour and half a foot of rainfall. in the city, 6:00 in the morning until lunchtime. sometimes you will have a rainfall rate of an inch or more per hour with strong winds for you. south bay, 9:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. a lot of rain out there already. a lot more to come. the storm has not even begun yet. we will talk about how much rain and how much wind, that is coming up. >> thanks paul. andria borba continues our storm coverage from sonoma county where the rain has been falling in sheets. andria? >> reporter: in the past ten minutes, the rain cut out in sonoma county, but the wind began kicking up here. let me tell you after standing out here in the rain, it is bone chilling but there are plenty of concerns besides the wind in sonoma county.
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as the drizzle turns to deluge in santa rosa, lines inside the home depot were long as the rush for last minute supplies and sand were on. oscar gonzalez was getting 40 bags for his neighbor. inside the sonoma county office of emergency services, it was eeriely quiet. county workers were prepping for a hyundai of work while asking everybody else to stay at home. >> we are expecting there will be problems all over the county including sonoma valley, the coast, we will have problems everywhere. >> reporter: the concern not just the pounding rain in the heart of wine country, but the river stalling out over the north bay and the access water that will come down the russian river bay season from mendocino county. we were talking about exactly how soggy it is. this is the ground. it is already saturated at this point. as paul said, liz, we have not hit the brunt of this storm yet. live in sonoma county, andria borba, kpix5. >> the russian river in
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guerneville could rise nearly 32 feet in 24 hours! 32 feet! causing moderate flooding when it crests friday. the napa river is going to overflow at saint helena. kids all over the bay area going to bed tonight knowing they don't have to go to school tomorrow. many schools in sonoma, marin, san francisco, alameda and contra costa counties will be closed tomorrow. mark kelly on the unprecedented rain day for hundreds of thousands of students. >> reporter: jeanette hails from the gulf coast. for her, this storm is not anything to get worked up about. >> i have made it through a lot of hurricanes in the south. this will not bother me. >> reporter: but she is worried for the grand kids and relieved the schools will be closed. >> to the people saying oh, this is way overblown closing school for the day because of rain and wind, what would you say to them? >> they must not have kids.
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they definitely must not have any kids that they really love. >> reporter: moms we talk to thrilled they don't have to walk in tomorrow's downpour. >> i think it's a good idea so we can be safe. at the house. >> trees, power lines, it will hit right when students are coming or going from school. >> do you want school closed tomorrow? >> yeah, because i'm really scared something could happen. >> what are you afraid of happening? >> the school tearing down, apart. >> reporter: maintenance crews will be ready and waiting to make fixes. as for students, they plan ongoing anything but work. >> are you going to stay home and have fun? >> yeah, play with my brother and sister and my family. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix5. >> well, we are updateing the list of school closures on the bottom of the screen throughout the newscast and on our website as they come in. go to and click the
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link at the top of the page. the sandbags are out in force in east palo alto tonight. the san francisquito creek is notorious for flooding. and in san jose, people were shoveling and filling sandbagging as fast as they could. but good luck finding a sandbag in marin county tonight. cate caugurian is in san rafael. >> reporter: i got to tell you liz, a viewer heard our report earlier and dropped off sandbags but those were quickly picked up. people have been driving in and coming to an empty parking lot. neighbors preparing for anything. electrical outages by charging cell phones and electronics. uneasy pets by long walks. but the one thing many won't be able to do, flood prevention. several people we spoke to drove all around san rafael to
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fill up their sandbags but when they showed up to places, this is all they found. nothing. >> there is a big pile of sand, but no bags. so now i come back here and there are plenty of bags but no sand. >> reporter: the county ordered 100 tons of sand to prep for the rain. >> it is all gone. it has been claimed by everyone and anyone. >> reporter: but just before sunset, it was all gone. >> there is no agency in the county whether it is law, fire, public works that has any supply left. >> reporter: so now neighbors are doing what they can. >> we are going to go all the way to the beach over here. it is going to be like, two miles from here. >> reporter: with what little time they have left. now on top of all that, marin county sheriffs say some people have come here earlier when there was sand filling up bags and trying to sell them to other people who need them. live in san rafael, cate caugurian, kpix5. >> same story in san francisco. the city ran out of it this
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afternoon. it gave out 12,000 bags. san francisco, like many cities getting ready for flooding. in one area, christin ayers says water isn't the only problem. christin? >> reporter: yeah, the sandbags that are stacked high here at folsom and 17th are not just for rainwater but raw sewage. this is a flood zone and it tends to flood heavily when ever a big storm hits. tonight, the scramble is onto beat a storm that is sure to turn this part of the mission from folsom street to folsom stream. contractors setting up flood gates and plugging up drains that are notorious for flooding. a flood last week shut down this cafe. >> the whole street has been underwater. >> reporter: we were there in 2012 when heavy rain backed up drains. the pipe system was overwhelmed and the cafe was flooded with
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rainwater and raw sewage leaving owner thomas lackey to clean up the mess. >> that's the kitchen floor back there. you see that gritty stuff. that is all sewage. >> reporter: this area was built on a lagoon and mission creek. when the rain comes it flows downhill and pools here. last week, shasink says rain flowed into the robotics firm where he works. >> we had eight inches up. >> reporter: tonight, people who live here are not taking any chances with their cars. >> i'm going to park my car downtown instead of keeping it in the garage since it is very low. >> reporter: in san francisco, christin ayers, kpix5. >> well store shelves all over the bay area are clearing out tonight. >> one guy tweeted people in the bay area are freaking out. this is the flashlight section of his local target store. empty. casey in belmont tweeted this photo says this guy next to her is preparing for the storm
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properly. stormageddon. death 14. >> this guy has the right idea. steve says the power way go out, we are going to eat all the ice cream. and a word of warning from one tweeter who says this is what happens to the golden gate bridge during the last stormageddon. lots of people are also taking it all in stride. the kpix5 weather app will help get you through it. you can check conditions in your area and get realtime radar. search kpix5 in the app store or google play. >> like a sea monster. there is talk thousands of lay offs are about to hit silicon valley. plus ... >> we didn't play well. >> reporter: colin kaepernick took a lot of heat for that interview. he opens up and admits he might have to make a few changes.
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>> traffic is now back to normal on 580 after a wrack at the start of the commute. this happened at 3:00 in livermore. the driver of the jeep was thrown from the vehicle and died at the scene. the crash forced the chp to close all lanes of traffic over livermore about an hour. that backed up traffic all the way to dublin. another night of protests in berkeley shut down an event on the cal campus. the group of about 150
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demonstrators stormed wheeler hall stopping a talk by venture capitalize and pay pal cofounder. they chanted black lives matter. businesses in emeryville are cleaning up after last night's east bay protest. looters smashing their way into the store. jumped over the counter, ran off with whatever they could carry. and across town, vandals also smashed windows and a hair salon, a bank of america. and a cvs. those businesses are boarded up to night. police said hold off on replacing the glass at least for now because of the potential for more protesters tests in the coming days. tonight, we are hearing thousands of jobs could be on the chopping block at ebay. the wall street journal reports the san jose company could cut
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some of its work force. it would be about 3,000 jobs and so far, ebay is not commenting. a big milestone for instagram. sent face book owner mark zuckerberg bounces off the walls. they have 16 million more active users than twitter. well, surf is up along the coast as you can imagine. we saw a pretty decent sized wave rolling in a couple of hours ago. we are expecting them to get bigger in the next few hours as the storm comes on through. mark kelly is standing by at the great highway in san francisco where the worry is really the rain. all the that blowing sand mark. >> reporter: that is true ken. and a good sized storm is on the way when they shut down the great highway. that is what they just did. in the last 15, 20 minutes here. we are at the corner of lincoln and the great highway.
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there is an sfpd car there. he just shut down the southbound lane, but we are still seeing some traffic not right now, but we just saw cars a few minutes ago still coming in the northbound lane. that is wide open. so this is shut down from now until 10:00 tomorrow night as we try to get through this storm. we are expecting 50 miles an hour winds in some parts and this is truly bad timing for a storm like this to pick up through ocean beach right here. they are just in the middle of this big project to move sand from one part of the beach to another. and you better believe it. this storm is going to mess up that sand a little bit. we are going to see exactly where they end up moving it. for now, we are live along the great highway, mark kelly, kpix5. >> tonight, daly city is telling drivers not to park on the street. there are no cars tonight on 88 street by west lake park. but there are plenty of signs warns about flood danger there.
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the area flooded during last week's storms. >> we know it is raining in parts of the bay area paulings but the winds are picking up. >> the storm is getting its act together offshore. it is pulling in all that wind. we are seeing the winds increase pretty significantly over the past hour. let me show you the peak wind gusts. mount diablo encroaching on a 50 miles an hour wind gust. up to 80 or 90 by tomorrow. 47 miles an hour. point reyes, the hills above 40 miles an hour. mount tam. half-moon bay, 39 and 38 miles an hour. all the rain is out ahead of the actual storm. the front and the storm system still well offshore, but it is tapping into a lot of tropical moisture so it is being thrown out ahead of the storm. here is the next round of heavy rainfall. some of this will clip san francisco and alameda and contra costa county as well. we are going to get wet and windy. heavy rainfall likely for that
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reason. the flash flood watch continues. already seeing flood warnings up near ukiah. the russian river has forecast the flood and may flood close tore us. damaging wind is likely as the storm makes the closest pass tomorrow morning. widespread sustained winds. that is really a strong wind. with wind gusts exceeding 50 miles an hour everywhere throughout the bay area. go up 1,000 feet in elevation. we are talking 80 miles an hour wind gusts. we finally can see this thing on the satellite loop. it was just a blob of clouds 12 hours ago, the computer model said it is going to get strong. they were absolutely right. look at this storm system right there winding up and heading in our general direction. as it strengthens, it will begin to strengthen the wind and we are seeing that play out. let's talk about rainfall. four to nine inches of rain. most of that tomorrow. but you add everything up by the end of the week, four to nine inches of rain in the north bay. in the east bay, two to four inches of rain. in the south bay, two to four
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inches overable. a lot of wind coming into this equation here as we are looking at 6:00 tomorrow morning from santa rosa, all the way south to san jose. widespread wind gusts in excess of 40 miles an hour. that is the entire bay area. before the front. as the front moves through, i will stop the clock at 1:00. behind the front, it is still raining but look at the wind, not 40 miles an hour, 6 miles an hour in fremont. and 4 miles an hour in san francisco. stuff is going to be blown around everywhere in the morning but by the afternoon, the wind is calm. here are your peak wind gusts. 40 to 50 miles an hour in the city. up to 80 miles an hour in the hills. what to expect. flooding rain in the north bay beginning tonight. heavy rain, strong winds for all of us. we stay wet friday, but lit not be as windy. the wind is primarily tomorrow morning. oakland, 63, stormy day in san jose. we keep the showers around friday. we are dry over the weekend.
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more rain moving in next week. so we are going to have the potential for damage tomorrow morning. long term outlook, so much snow and rain, this is a bigger dent in the drought than last week. >> and we are just hearing the schools in millbrae are canceled. >> rightly so. >> check if website to see if your school will be open tomorrow. >> we'll be right back. ,,
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betty yu is in fremont.. whe they're battening down the holiday >> tonight, people all over the bay area are scrambling to save santa from the storm. >> betty yu is in fremont where they are battening down the holiday decorations. betty? >> reporter: well ken and liz, this homeowner goes all out with christmas decorations but this year, she is doing things a bit differently because of this nasty storm. she spent the day bolts down these displays and she is also holding off on putting on all the lights. some of the bay area's most elaborate decorations may have to take this storm rolling in lying down. >> the inflatables is probably what we are most concerned about because they are full of
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air. and with these gusts of wind, they are just going to take these things and launch them. >> reporter: to keep all sorts of santas are running off, chris and his team of installers are anchoring decorations with extra stakes. >> a little electrical tape on there. >> reporter: and wrapping out lets. >> take what you can inside. >> reporter: that is not an option for dozens of christmas tree lots downtown. >> we want to lay them on their side. and possibly tie them to sandbags or stands. >> reporter: it is tough to do that sort of thing in fremont where roof tom reindeer and mickey and his friends are trying to stay grounded. >> i can't run around and take them all down. if i knew we were going to have up to 80 miles an hour winds, i guess i would have. but it takes a long time to get them set up. >> reporter: it takes hours to create these displays. laverne painted all these plywood characters herself. >> we have metal stakes in the back of everything. >> reporter: she is keeping her
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most prized deck race in her garage for now. it is more than 40 years old. >> there are a few other ... >> reporter: she is taking a chance on the rest. >> i hope these princesses survive. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and laverne said a couple of years ago when a nasty storm rolled through here with 40, 50 miles an hour wind gusts, all of these guys held up. she is hoping they will do the same this time around. ken and liz? >> fingers crossed. those decorations take a long time to put up. you don't want to do it again. >> yeah. thanks betty. colin kaepernick does an about face today. i'm dennis o'donnell. can the warriors set the record for the rookie head coach? tip off next. ,, (vo) nourished.
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>> people tieing down their holiday decorations now in anticipation of the storm. you cannot tie down the warriors. >> what a transition! did you learn that journalism tactic at sf state? that was fantastic. >> one upon a time, steve kerr considered taking the knicks job over the warriors. new york is 4-20.
11:29 pm
the warriors are 19-2. syracuse national coach, won 18-2 during the truman administration. the rockets were riding a four- game win streak. led by as many as 11. james harden had 34. they held houston to 17 points in the fourth quarter and rattled off 11 straight at one point. draymond green. and then harrison barnes chipped in with 20. warriors win 105-93. their 14th consecutive win. they can't be tied down. no rookie coach in the history of the nba has gotten off to a faster start than kerr at 19-2. the full monty calling a cal game. bears hosting wyoming. ty wallace. cal up two. they got the steal. and, ran and dunked. they win shooting 36%. the bears are 8-1. nfl, breaking news out of 49er
11:30 pm
headquarters in santa clara. >> extra extra, read all about it. >> colin kaepernick's smile is back. this is a change from previous weeks when his short answers and cold demeanor became national news. >> i think there is a different way to go about things. obviously, i take my job very seriously. when i go out there and compete and i don't do well, i'm very hard on myself about it. so it is something i have to be able to approach others differently in those situations. >> good change there. speaking of national news, the jim harbaugh job situation is not going away. would his departure have an impact on the rivalry with seattle? here is richard sherman. >> i don't think some i think it would take away from a few story lines. but i think the rivalry would be just the same between the
11:31 pm
teams and the fan bases. i don't think the fan bases care who the coaches are on either team you know. i think they have their own disdain for one another. >> i think it matters. pete and jim have had that rivalry going back to their college days in stanford. but pete carroll did come to harbaugh's defense calling him a great coach. >> what's his deal? >> excellent. >> yeah. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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>> already starting to rain in the bay area. we are seeing some wind. when it is the worst of it coming? >> 3:00 to 9:00 in the morning. san francisco, san mateo county and the east bay. it is 6:00 tomorrow morning until lunchtime in the south bay. your last up, 9:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. a lot of rain, a lot of wind. it is almost here. >> stay safe. david letterman is next. >> be careful out there. kpix5 will start early tomorrow
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at 4:00 a.m. to bring you the latest on the storm. we will have live updates throughout the day. stay with us. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the world headquarters of cbs television, throughout the solar system and beyond, it's the late show with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, intergalactic leathario, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs


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