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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 12, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. this is a live look at the bay bridge. parts of the bay area are still getting some rain this morning. yesterday we saw flooding on the roads, trees toppling, people paddle boarding to work and today it shouldn't be as bad but it is still wet out there. good morning, everybody. it is friday, december 12. i'm michelle griego. >> take a deep breath. friday! >> the weekend is here. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. thanks for joining us. half an hour early a special edition of kpix 5 morning news to get you up to date. from santa rosa to san jose this morning, the bay area waking up to a lot of storm
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damage. toppled trees, widespread flooding, people paddling away, officers and officials in marin county say they have debris and flooding on all roads and it's not over yet. rain is still coming down and will be for quite some time. >> but not as bad as yesterday, right? >> i'm still trying to queue up the maps. >> they're tired! [ laughter ] >> well, you know, we have our hi-def doppler radar and it's really interesting i got home at 3:00 in the afternoon and it was running and is still raining. we are seeing a break in the east bay and south bay. the rain is moving out of there. we still have plenty of precipitation around brentwood and all this is lifting towards tracy. the bottom line is, this storm is out of here. we'll stay on top of it for airport delays. we have mostly cloudy skies outside right now temperature- wise we are sitting in the 50s.
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even a coupleful 40s. it's cooler than it has been. we'll see scattered showers and thunderstorms. we'll see sun, as well. therefore, what does that spell out? >> sunshine? >> rainbow weather today. definitely. lots of sunshine on the weekend, rain next week. here's elizabeth. now some of the damage has been done and that's what we're seeing, flooding, potholes, you name it, even though the rain isn't coming down as hard as yesterday. the first issue is a full freeway closure on 101 at menlo park, northbound and southbound 101 at marsh. they are detouring cars off the freeway and then you can get right back on but we're actually seeing a little delay already in the northbound lanes. so probably not expecting that at 4 a.m. here's a tweet from 511 bay area. the right lanes are closed due it flooding on northbound 880
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in milpitas where we have a camera near the 237 interchange. so potholes, yeah, that's -- coming up we're seeing a lot of different reports of this, but the biggest ones right now are coming into san leandro northbound 238 to northbound 880. apparently it's a large pothole partially blocking the connector ramp. you can get by in the other lane but one lane is fully blocked by pothole repair. and we showed you a live look at the bay bridge. the roads are still slick. we are still expecting some spinouts and things like that today but so far right now it's clear over at the bay bridge heading into san francisco. a member of the "kcbs phone force" just alerted us to this. they are saying it is a very large pothole right now coming out of tracy into the altamont pass right by the 205/580 split. so we are trying to gather more information on that right now. in the meantime, back to you. today looks better for travelers flying out of the bay area. so far only nine arrivals
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canceled at sfo but no departures canceled and no delays. everything is going on as scheduled in both san jose mineta and oakland international airports. hundreds of flights canceled across the bay area yesterday because of that heavy rain. a lucky miss for some shoppers in the south bay during the storm. check out this safeway on capitol expressway in san jose. the roof couldn't handle all the rain and came crashing down yesterday. as betty yu reports, the grocery store was open and people were inside. reporter: safeway looked more like an open-air market after the roof collapsed on a produce section just before 4 p.m. the roof gave in after nonstop rain pounded the east san jose store for hours. the opening is 50 feet wide. it also created a 75-foot-long crack in the roof and turned the floors into a slushy mess. when the call came in, the department ordered an evacuation and everyone got out
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safely. but as a precaution, its search- and-rescue team looked for victims. no one was trapped. >> we're very lucky that no one was hurt. obviously, safety of personnel on the scene and the people walking by is our concern. that's why we have the whole parking lot taped off. >> reporter: firefighters climbed up to the roof to inspect the damage at a distance in the steady rain. structural engineers were called to the scene to take a closer look. but tonight, it's too dark and conditions too dangerous for crews to do much else. betty yu, kpix 5. crews had a hard time pumping water from flooded streets as record rainfall hit the east bay. in berkeley, cars were submerged in the ashby avenue railroad undercrossing and remain flooded for hours. in the oakland hills, a house was yellow-tagged after a retaining wall next door broke in half and tipped over. >> all you heard was a pop and you just heard it fall apart. you just heard it cracking, cracking, cracking, finally heard the crash. >> the homeowners had an appointment to have an engineer check that wall today, but now
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it's too late. just a matter of hours now, the russian river is expected to flood. sonoma county is telling everyone who lives nearby it to brace themselves to get ready including people in and around rio nieto and again develop. the river is a foot below flood stage. it's expected to crest at 1:00 this afternoon 3.5 feet in guerneville. a number of homes and businesses are likely to be flooded. in santa cruz, a student was trapped when a massive tree came crashing down on a playground. firefighters rushed to free the 6th grader. he was pinned under this tree at gateway school. students were lining up for class when it toppled. crews were able to cut him free and get him to the hospital. he had no broken bones just some bruises. then the school was closed for the day. >> we didn't know if this would at any to be high winds and if any of the other trees would come down. our number one concern was safety of the students.
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>> a sixth grade girl was also hit by the tree. she had scrapes and bruises but no major injuries. the school of says the trees are checked and trimmed each summer. downtown novato flooded before the sun even came up yesterday. it made for a miserable day for most people that live there. as andria borba reports, schools in novato and in many cities in the north bay will be closed once again today. reporter: with the rain still as noisy as marbles bouncing off tile in marin county and garden seating turned into lakeside seating, kids are out of school and they are getting out of tests. >> spelling and math. >> math test and spanish test. >> reporter: and so you got like four extra days to study? >> yeah. yeah. >> reporter: have you studied at all?
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>> um, no. [ laughter ] >> i haven't. >> reporter: these boys are off to shred boreal. >> goofy. >> reporter: for these two, mother nature has passed the test. >> best storm ever. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the schools this is marin county are expected to re-open on monday. in novato, andria borba, kpix 5. pg&e crews have made progress in tens of thousands of people -- when tens of thousands of people lost power when the storm came through yesterday. there are still scattered outages all over but the total number is under 4,000 for the bay area. san francisco was hard hit by power outages yesterday. 85,000 customers lost power during the storm including more than 100 businesses on pier 39. when the lights did come on, the fog harbor fish house scrambled to open for dinner. >> it's challenging, hard to bring people into the restaurant if you can't cook or do anything. so just the waiting game. >> bart's montgomery street station was closed for hours because the power was out and
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pg&e said it hired repair crews from oregon, washington and southern california to help restore power. and speaking of southern california, it's their turn now. parts of l.a. county already seeing high winds and a lot of rain just like the bay area. folks in southern california stocked up on sandbags yesterday. l.a. could get one to two inches of rain. mountainous areas could get as much as six inches of rain. and a little bit of snow, as well. the storm will then hit san diego by noon. several wildfires this year have left many areas down south vulnerable and all that rain could cause a number of mud slides, as well. still ahead, parking lot flooded? no problem. where people took advantage of the high waters to get in a little paddling and some fun. >> and time now is about 408. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. stay with kpix 5 news as we track the storm. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we found a san francisco fa in laurel heights - puddle jum. all this rain - smile on their
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we have some video that shows you can't let a little rain ruin your day. a family in laurel heights puddle jumping. a lot of fun there, right? >> loving the boots too. >> i know. this is so cute. some people in healdsburg took advantage of the flooding and had fun. this is pretty cool. instead of just shopping at safeway they kayaked and tubed, even wake board with a car winch. the parking lot flooded. that's creative. the water got deep. word spread around town about the new makeshift lake. >> we came down earlier and it was really coming down so we ran home and changed and then got the kayak. why not? >> other people had the same idea. they fished out their summer lake gear battled to the store got the pets out, much of the floodwaters since receded. so the fun is over but that is pretty creative there, huh? >> and point reyes slammed with
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massive waves from the storm. one after another crashed on the shore. the surf report says waves coming in up to 20 feet high up north. further south in pacifica, similar swells. a little tamer, they came in about 10 feet tall. the storm certainly affected all parts of the bay area. but how much fun? see? rain doesn't have to be bad. >> how do you set up a winch and wake board in a parking lot? [overlapping speakers >> the main thing yesterday i was leaving the station and i had to stop because there was a woman and i assume it was her son they were crossing the sidewalk here and she was trying to get him across the street and he was just jumping in the puddles and the smiles on his face. i thought that was darling. she couldn't get him across. he was probably 4 years old and he was puddle jumping. wow! the smile was just enormous.
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he was having so much fun. i thought i want to be a kid again. i did have some fun tracking this storm. >> can we have sunshine now, please, just a little bit? >> i'll do anything for you frank. >> there you go. >> i have the seven-day forecast coming up. good morning, everybody. we still have some light rain showers in and around the bay area right now. let's fire up our hi-def doppler radar. look at that big blob offshore. that is progressing north and wants to push into san francisco within the next 30 minutes. meanwhile, again, when you see yellow on your tv screen, that's a pretty moderate downpour at this particular time in the woodside area. also all of this is encompassing the highway 280 commute this morning. we have light rain showers pulling out of the brentwood area. and also in vacaville heading towards clarksburg and also in the tracy region. this is very interesting. the core of the center of the area of low pressure is right about there not so well defined anymore and this is the frontal boundary. remember i said it was tapping into all that subtropical moisture? the fetch all the way back to
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the hawaiian islands? that's why it didn't stop raining last night. it's finally stopping as this frontal boundary begins to surge, watch that there, towards los angeles. but it's actually lifting up in a northerly direction. bottom line is behind it, a lot of scattered showers for us today. and a lot of cooler air. currently we are in the 40s and in the low 50s out the door. you need a light jacket or even a liner in that raincoat. we still have that high surf advisory in place for some of the breakers over 25 feet. meanwhile, how much more rain to expect? this is from now all the way through saturday morning at this time. could see still up to a half inch of rain in san francisco because there could be heavy downpours. we still have the winter weather alert in effect as far as the storm warning is concerned in the greater lake tahoe area. we are still counting up the
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inches, over 3 feet of snow in western plumas county. our satellite-radar clearly indicates this area of low pressure big powerful pacific storm is still going to impact at least the lower portion of the state of california. and behind it here a lot of unstable air mass and that's why we'll have some scattered showers. temperatures are going down. these are actually pretty seasonal highs for this time of the year in the 50s and in the 60s. the winds will rotate to the west about five to ten miles per hour during the afternoon hours. here's the extended forecast. you will notice that we do have some sunshine on saturday. yay! and then increasing cloud cover on sunday. and that will lead to the potential of rain showers on sunday night. but more likely, it will occur on monday and up to about .75" of rain is anticipated, mostly cloudy skies tuesday through thursday. it was off the charts yesterday. people downloading our cbs bay area weather app, because you can check out conditions in your own neighborhood. you can get realtime radar.
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i was using it yesterday myself. search "kpix" in the app store or google play. hey, elizabeth, i heard a new term this morning. it is tire-eating potholes. >> good one. it's true, i know. a lot of people were dealing with that, unfortunately, in parts of san leandro. i'll get to that in just a minute. potholes are really the issue right now. no wind advisories on the bridges. i can show you what it looks like on one of them. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. so it looks okay but we have some pothole repairs going on and flooding issues in lanes. but the golden gate bridge is a good spot right now. no major delays there. the san mateo bridge looking okay but obviously the roads are still slick, a little wet and flooding is the name of the game in menlo park. i mentioned this full freeway closure both directions. you will have to detour off and hop right back on.
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they are hoping to re-open the stretch by 5:00. they are working to clear some of the flooded drains in the area. but again, it was enough to cause a full freeway closure. and more flooding, this time in milpitas. it sounds like it's approaching dixon landing in the northbound lanes of 880. we have a camera closer to 237. and traffic is still so light you can get by in the other lanes. just the right lanes are closed. the left lanes are fine. and again, no big delays because it is so early. pothole repair, this caught half a dozen or so people off guard. those are those tire-eating roads that robe was talking about. northbound 238 to northbound 880 one connector lane is blocked by a pothole and the repair going on. so mass transit, if you still want to use it, everything is still on time. a lot of folks used bart and caltrain saved the day for a lot of people along the peninsula who didn't want to drive on 101 or 280. ace train also looks good and ferries, we haven't heard any issues so far this morning.
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there were some cancellations yesterday. but everything should be back on track for today. of course, if anything changes, remember kcbs, our radio partner, when you hit the roads at 106.9 fm or 740-am. that's your latest "kcbs traffic"." back to you. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. rain turned this portion of industrial drive in petaluma into a lake yesterday. the roadside fire hydrant barely popping out of the floodwaters. not even an suv could get through leaving people totally stranded. >> a number of the commercial businesses on the north end of town were isolated due to flooding of the roadways. so we conducted extensive operations to get some of the people in the industrial area evacuated. >> about 40 people were trapped near the auto mall. the fire department used a boat and a couple of large dump trucks to get some of them to dry ground. the rest decided to stay put until the floodwaters receded. all that wind and all the rain did a big number on the
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coastline in california. highway 1 in marin county taking a beating. here's a photo from the chp in marin. the ground fell away right near the road there. mark kelly shows us more. reporter: the steady drumbeat of rain hitting marin county proved too much for highway 1. this typically scenic stretch closed at this hour. caltrans put up warning signs for drivers to beware and turn back. some listened, others did not. closed roads had drives confused and -- drivers confused and stuck. the terrain here tricky to drive and never-ending. from muir valley to muir woods on to stinson beach, rocks, debris and water took over highway 1. highway 1 not a place you want to be in marin county this morning. not after all the rain that we saw overnight. sir francis drake, on the other hand, looking a little bit better than highway 1. and if these waters are getting too
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close to your house, we have these sandbags right here in san rafael off 3rd and union streets. best bet to get some of these before the water gets too close. i'm mark kelly, kpix 5. up next, caught off guard by the big storm. the rough ride through the mountains as drivers got stuck in a big snowy mess. >> and time now is 4:21. this is a live look outside from mount sutro overlooking the city. not nearly as wet as yesterday. but part of the bay area is still getting rain right now after the biggest storm in years. the clean-up happening this morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, it is finally friday and we still have that high surf advisory in effect
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today for all of our local beaches. speaking of the beaches, 59 degrees today in pacifica. burlingame 60. let's just say everybody is in the upper 50s and low 60s today with a scattered shower possible in sunnyvale all the way through campbell into downtown san jose. meanwhile, take a look at this. the forecast high today in livermore is in the upper 50s and yesterday at this hour, we were at 67 degrees. so a much cooler day across the bay area with that need to carry the umbrella. slight chance of a thunderstorm, winds out of the west 5 to 10 miles an hour, mostly cloudy skies in san francisco with a scattered shower. please be extra careful on 101 along the peninsula. this is where we saw the brunt of the flooding yesterday in south san francisco. and now we are just getting word of a new crash. it's southbound 101 at grand avenue. two lanes are blocked and so there's still a lot of ponding in the roadway. in fact, we still have a full freeway closure in menlo park due to flooding on northbound
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and southbound 101 between the willow and marsh exits. more coming up. back to you guys. nearly 1,000 restaurant workers at sfo are picketing today over their contract negotiations. airport officials say despite the picketing a majority of restaurants will be open today. union leaders want the management -- or the union leaders the management wants to freeze healthcare contributions for the next five years. the union says the employees can't afford it. things were bad in the bay area yesterday and it wasn't much better in the sierra. >> people headed to the mountains were stuck for hours in traffic. nick janes spoke to some of the drivers who were not prepared for the storm. reporter: this is what drivers faced after dark. near white-out conditions up in the high country. has it been difficult driving through all this? >> yeah. very difficult. this is my first time. >> reporter: if that wasn't
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tough enough, we found octavio marooned on the side of i80 waiting for a tow one of his chains snapped. >> i don't know what happened. so that one is new. it's broken. >> reporter: bad luck. >> yeah. >> reporter: earlier in the day following one of several wrecks, eastbound 80 was stopped completely near the donner summit. >> i'm just waiting for this to keep on going. >> reporter: frustrating drivers and caltrans plows trying to keep the roads clear. [ beeping ] >> reporter: despite obvious impatience, the plows couldn't get by traffic tying up both lanes. [ beep ] >> reporter: they had no choice -- [ beep beep ] >> reporter: -- but to sit and wait with everything else. >> i just want to get home. i'm heading to idaho right now. i just got on my winter break from school. >> reporter: this college student's winter break was put on hold while this suv that rear-ended a big rig was loaded on a tow truck. >> i was planning on getting home today, but i don't know. by the time, it's going to be like 2:00 tomorrow morning.
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>> reporter: but as he found out, this kind of storm, even after traffic started moving again, nothing happens fast. >> that was nick janes reporting. coming up a little later we'll show 7-foot-high swells on lake tahoe that surfers took advantage of. a bay area supermarket under close surveillance this morning. coming up, this store was open when the roof came crashing down. >> and at 4:27, a live look over at sfo. we don't have any delays to report on just yet but as the morning continues, that will probably change. but a far, far cry from yesterday though. stay with us, kpix 5 morning news will be right back. , ,, ,,,,,,,,
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december 12-th i'm michelle in parts of the bay area. t yesterday.. this is a live look at the bay bridge right now. you can see traffic moving okay at 4:29. a few raindrops on the camera still raining in parts of the bay area. today will not be as bad as yesterday. good morning, it is friday december 12 i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. the bay area waking up to quite a bit of damage from one of the biggest storms we have seen in
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years. >> and there's lots of it. check out this safeway on capitol expressway in san jose. the roof just couldn't handle all that rain and came crashing down yesterday. as betty yu reports, the store was open when the roof collapsed. reporter: safeway looked more like an open-air market after the roof collapsed on a produce section just before 4 p.m. the roof gave in after nonstop rain pounded the east san jose store for hours. the opening is 50 feet wide. it also created a 75-foot-long crack in the roof and turned the floors into a slushy mess. when the call came in, the department ordered an evacuation and everyone got out safely. but as a precaution, its search- and-rescue team looked for victims. no one was trapped. >> we're very lucky that no one was hurt. obviously, safety of personnel on the scene and the people walking by is our concern. that's why we have the whole parking lot taped off. >> reporter: firefighters climbe


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