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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 12, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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paper. >> reporter: both women are disabled and were trapped by the debris. the live-in caretakers couldn't reach them. >> fire crews went in rescued them, grabbed them and were able to carry them out. >> reporter: the 90-foot eucalyptus fell at 4 a.m. > it felt like a earthquake. it hit the house all of a sudden. >> reporter: a tree fell on a castro valley house causing minor damage to the roof and a car. aside from the downed trees, a lot of people worry about mud slides in the east bay hills. the alameda county fire district already responded to several mud slides in the last two days. so far, they have only seen property damage. back at the assisted living facility armanda says it's a miracle the tree didn't crush her. >> real lucky. real blessed. >> reporter: eight people were sleeping inside this assisted living facility. the good news, no one was hurt
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p by the way, there are some trees near that tree that fell down and the county plans to chop them down, as well. live in union city, da lin, kpix 5. downed trees were a problem in other parts of the bay area today. san mateo, crews worked to remove a large tree that had fallen on to a home on west poplar avenue. nobody hurt here. firefighters say the roots became so wet they just couldn't handle the weight of the tree anymore. also in san mateo, a tree came crashing down on to a moving car. it happened on highway 92 near the alameda de las pole gas off- ramp. the drive was okay. all lanes were blocked while crews cleaned up the tree which didn't take long. only about half-hour. the storm is still making an impact. let's check in now with chief meteorologist paul deanno. >> thankfully, the storm is winding down after record rainfall yesterday and winds topping out at 80 miles per hour at the higher elevations. we now can say all that is left
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are a few scattered showers and they will be gone by midnight tonight. one shower just moved over the tri-valley, pleasanton, san ramon, dublin, livermore. that's lifting east heading toward the central valley. there is one shower off the marin coastline. right now san francisco across all the bridges down to hayward and san mateo we are dry. in the background, san jose which had nearly 4" of rain yesterday, i picked one city from each county to show you and highlight how much rain actually fell. look at guerneville. 9" of rain yesterday. st. helena almost 7.5. marin county, fairfax, 5 1/2 inches of rainfall. sunnyvale, yes, sunnyvale with more than 4" of rain. danville 4.11." oakland 3.93." it was the wettest day officially in san francisco in 19 years. and it was the wettest day in san jose since 1958. it was the wettest day in more than half a century. flood advisory until 9:00.
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i don't expect any new flooding. there is some flooding out there that will be sticking around into the weekend thankfully is looking dry. there's more rain coming. we'll talk about when next. >> oh, boy. all right, paul, thanks. well, check this out. chopper 5 above a sort of a bucket brigade happening in redwood city. the folks flooded out of their mobile home park. they took matters into their own hands trying to use first trash bins to haul away the water. kpix 5's christian hartnett live with more on this massive clean-up. christian. >> reporter: here at the rc mobile park management has been helping out with this situation. they have had a couple of pumps running all day in the back here. they are still running right now and the water as the day goes on has been getting lower. right now you can see where i am it's a foot. it was higher just a few hours ago and it continues to get lower. in the back there is where it is deep and bad. now, on the other side of this trailer park, there's another community lamar trailer park.
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the management there has been nowhere to be found. residents there have basically had to fix the problem themselves. rubber boots, plastic bags or socks. it didn't matter. neighbors in the lamar trailer park were soaked. the neighborhood is swamped, homes a mess. >> it was getting knee high. we can't get inside our trailer. we lost a lot of stuff. >> reporter: eugenia and her family had to pay for a hotel room last night to stay dry. she wasn't happy about that. but more importantly, she says the neighborhood is appalled that management at the park is missing in action and hasn't done anything to fix the problem or lend a helping hand to tenants. >> we pay rent every month. the owner they want the money every month. they should do something about it to fix this place to be livable. >> reporter: so they took matters into their own hands. eugenia's husband brought in three pumps from his workplace and neighbors worked together
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to get the water out. >> everybody has the trouble. so everybody here let's do it. let's get rid of this water. >> reporter: as the flood levels dropped, neighbors broke bread together and waited. >> when it's all dry you can get to your place, what's the first thing you do? >> probably go and change, some warm clothes, because we don't anything to wear now, you know? >> reporter: now, the fire department was out here yesterday during the worst of this storm to evacuate residents in both of these mobile home parks. the fire department says that this is a recurring problem at these two parks. it is notorious for flooding both parks because they are right up against a levee that separates them from the bay. live in redwood city, christian hartnett, kpix 5. in petaluma people in one mobile home park banded together to fight rising floodwaters. leisure lakes community has flooded before but people here were determined to prevent it this time around.
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and they did. the elderly residents took shifts walking around and clearing the drains making sure water didn't back up. they were up all night on the job. but their plan worked. it was a different story at lagunitas brewery in petaluma. employees couldn't stop this flood. water levels rose more than 12" in the taproom. the company closed yesterday saying it was the worst flooding they have seen in years. brewing equipment was built to get wet so there wasn't too much damage. the brewery reopened today. warnings are posted and today the russian river surged over its banks in sonoma county. kpix 5's joe vazquez is live in guerneville where one couple saw their home wash away. >> reporter: veronica, the russian river is flooded still but it is receding right now. you can see standing water here. as you said, most people were able to get out fine. but this one couple we saw were taking shelter in a parking lot with all that they had left.
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>> we got out -- the water was up to my legs. >> reporter: up until early this morning, stephanie and james lived in this mobile home on the russian river. now it's in the russian river. >> this morning it floated away all the way down the river. >> reporter: just floated away? >> yeah. it broke through some of the trees and i guess went over the dam. we don't have anything left. >> jewelry and clothes. >> reporter: all they managed to scrounged is packed in his late father's old car. they both work at the town's homeless shelter, ironically. >> i just hope that there's some kind of help out there for me because -- [ crying ] >> -- that's all i do. i work six days a week helping the homeless. and then now i need a little help. [ jill ] >> reporter: the >> reporter: the russian river peaked around noon but not as high as projected. most were able to make it through the high water in even
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the lowest lying areas. >> we have to get four days, five days straight rain before it got that high. >> reporter: a few properties were under water like this rv park. the owner in the kayak says money in his rainy day fund will help make repairs. while there are a few dramatic scenes, most of guerneville dodged a bullet. stephanie and james were not so lucky. >> mother nature. i guess. i don't know. it's just terrible. [ crying ] >> we just keep working hard and [ indiscernible ] we should make it through this. >> reporter: we're back live here in guerneville. i'm happy to report that stephanie and james got a helping hand from the shelter that they worked at. they were reluctant to spend the night at the very same homeless shelter they worked at so they are being put up at a local hotel. the locals are coming together to help their own here in guerneville. reporting live, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5.
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all that rain now hitting southern california pretty hard. it's leading to some dramatic rescues in los angeles. swift-water rescue teams pulled off a very dangerous operation in the rushing waters of the l.a. river this morning. a husband and wife were clinging to trees in an area where homeless camps are set up on small islands. crews first found the man, but it took them almost an hour to reach his wife and get her across the river. at one point one of the rescuers got cause in the water. his teammates threw him a line and brought him to shore. tapped the top of his helmet indicating he is okay. in ventura county, mud slides swallowed up homes in the city of camarillo. the mud and rock reaching all the way to rooftops. this is one of the areas hard hit by wildfires last year. not much vegetation to hold back the soaked hillsides. grinches strike stealing gifts meant for bay area children. the holiday heist threatening
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to ruin christmas for several families. >> the simple mistake that caused this mess. tonight how an entire strip mall is suffering because of a grocery store roof collapse. >> very frustrated. >> a 30 hour flight is long enough. what left these bay area passengers stranded on an australian tarmac for seven hours.
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at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ damage to a san jose safewa- two gaping holes and a major mess. tonight dramatic new pictures of the damage to a san jose safeway. the grocery store is red-tagged after the roof collapsed on the produce section. kpix 5's kiet do tells us, the entire strip mall on east capitol expressway is dealing with the fallout. >> reporter: the view from the air in daylight gives us a much better look at the south bay's biggest casualty from the storm. not one, but now two holes. the biggest one, about 50 by 50 feet. the roof collapsed after more
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than five hours of heavy rain. the view on the ground shows a mess of splintered wood mixed together with oranges, apple cider, ketchup and mustard. sam coleman is the building manager for the pet food express next door. he says the clogged roof drain is likely to blame. >> over a year's time, enough leaves and dirt and mud can plug those drains and cause it to become a swimming pool up there instead of draining. >> reporter: at 4 p.m. yesterday, the roof started creaking and moaning. customers and employees rushed out, and moments later heard what one person said sounded like crashing thunder. a regular shopper: >> terrifying, scary, just i would hope they would check the conditions of the building before anyone would go in there like weekly. maybe monthly. i know we do it at our facility. >> reporter: what do you think when you look at that? >> we're lucky. >> yeah. >> reporter: fernando had just left the store and missed the collapse by a few minutes and is grateful to be alive. >> no one can predict the
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future. >> reporter: this is having a big impact on the neighboring businesses. they have closed all day. that's because power has been cut to much of the strip mall. no word yet on when the power will be restored. in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. overall, pg&e has made significant progress getting the power back on around the bay area. about 1500 people in the dark down from 2500 earlier today. the east bay has the most customers right now without power. christmas cruelty, thieves make off with thousands of dollars in presents for bay area kids. now it's a race against the clock to save their holiday. >> and this is what happens when you buy vacation property on washaway beach. more of the best storm aftermath including damage to a pebble beach icon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stole christmas right out oa salvation army d if you at 5:00 police -- new at 5:00 police in concord are looking for thieves who stole christmas out of a salvation army donation center. the gifts were wrapped and ready to go for dozens of families. the burglars cut through a chain-link fence, broke a lock on the bin, took bags filled with clothes, toys and food. many. families are scheduled to pick
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them up next wednesday. >> so we're hoping to have those items replaced so that those families that we have made a commitment tong help out this christmastime when they come on wednesday, that we'll have the things that they need. >> the salvation army is giving us an estimate of about several thousand dollars of things that were taken. you want to help replace those gifts? we have put contact information on click on "links and numbers." >> the chp is defending an undercover officer who pulled a gun on protestors during a confrontation. the officer and his partner had been walking along with protestors during a march in oakland wednesday night. the chp says a protestor outed the officers. then he yanked the handkerchief off one of them and smacked him in the head h the other officer pulled out his gun to defend himself and his partner from the crowd. the incident is under investigation. the two officers are still on duty. the protestor was arrested by
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oakland police. a brutal week for the dow and you can blame plunging oil prices. the dow tumbled 315 points today capping off the worst week in three years. the nasdaq slid more than 54. s&p down 33. by the way, the price of crude oil is $57 a barrel down 47% since june. passengers traveling on a united airlines flight from sfo to sydney made an unexpected stop and found themselves stuck on the tarmac for 7 hours. hours. >> we treated like a herd of cows. >> the passengers didn't have much more to do than sit in the sun on the tarmac. they were stuck at a small airport 180 miles from the sydney airport. sydney runways were closed because of a safety problem. the plane finally made it to sydney. let's take a live look at
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sfo right now. 22 flights because of weather were canceled. some flights delayed up to an an hour. yesterday sfo canceled 250 flights because of the storm. it's only been open three weeks and the bart connector to oakland airport had to be shut down because of problems from the storm. debris was blown on to the track damaging trains early this morning. one train was just put back in service but overall the service is slow. the storm took its toll on the pebble beach golf course. this is what's left of one of the cyprus trees along the 18th fairway. not expected to be replaced until after february's pro-am tournament. take a look at what the storm did to this house on the washington coast. a few weeks ago this vacation home on washaway beach was a few blocks from the water. high tides, winds and surf have
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been eroding the surf line. the home went into the water this week because of the storm. well, the storm finally letting up in the sierra tonight. this caltrans camera showing us the road clear at soda springs for those heading to tahoe. this is what traffic was like about an hour ago. you can see lots of new snow on the sides of the roads as you hoed up the mountains. >> skiers and snowboarders will be excited. >> they have been waiting for this for a few years. >> we haven't had a december with much snow. it happened during the week now. the roads are clear for the weekend. finally we are adding to the snowpack, as well. that's like putting water into the bank to use next summer. this is another 10% off the drought. 100% to catch up on. it's brisk outside in the 50s everywhere. oakland 55. livermore 56. look at the rain for the month on our live neighborhood new york. we are coming up on a foot of rain in some areas.
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we are 12 days into the month. in dublin 8" of rainfall. south city more thanle." there is more rain in the forecast coming up next week. for tonight, things are calming down. still some rain for the central valley. one tiny shower out there but i had to zoom in on it because it looks like it has its sights set on the city of san francisco. this may impact of between 6:30 and 7:00 tonight. might want to think about bringing your umbrella. good news from guerneville the russian river crested a foot below what was forecast, it will be below flood stage tonight and won't flood likely next week. 39 in santa rosa tonight. fairfield 39. 43 fremont. so a little chilly out there because we'll be clearing things out and we'll lose the heating of the day back up to the atmosphere. so here's the setup. big storm, big-time rainfall now over nevada and southwest utah and northwest arizona. moving away from us, we had the unstable air behind the front. we had some showers today even heavy at times but that's all moving out.
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for your weekend, it's this guy. high pressure go out and do some clean-up maybe put up christmas lights and get the christmas tree because high pressure will keep us dry but only for two days. look at what happens next week. ridge moves out again. another area of low pressure gets into a good spot where we'll be talking about. rainfall moving in. nothing like yesterday. widespread flooding is not expected but it will be wet four days out of five next week. another dent in the drought. showers ending this evening, dry weather for the weekend, rain is back as soon as the morning commute on monday. highs tomorrow will mainly be below 60. concord 58. but it's still two degrees above average. sunnyvale 58. fremont 59. san mateo 59. san ramon 58 with sunshine for you. chilly start for antioch 58. benicia 58. 60 for you in alameda. sonoma 58. petaluma 59. boy has it been wet for you. lakeport 54 degrees with sunshine on your saturday. a little cloudier sunday, milder. then the rain again. monday rain likely. tuesday, wednesday, on-and-off
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showers. one dry day on thursday. showers again on friday. do you think the pattern has changed? >> no. not at all. >> hm. >> we have gone from completely dry to the exact opposite. and -- it's rare to see sunshine in the forecast. some spots have had a foot and a half of rain in the past month. unbelievable. >> more on the way. >> thank you. we'll be right back. ,,
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most expensive ones. cons when it comes to buying batteries, most people seem to go for the more expensive ones. except for myself. i could say. i like the dollar pack. >> well, kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts test us were cheaper may be better [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: batteries are flying off store shelves. the most popular? >> duracell? >> thought maybe the name brand ones would last longer. >> reporter: turns out they don't. consumer reports tested 15 popular battery brands. specifically, double-as. and side by side, surprise!
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many less expensive store brands worked just, as well. >> it does surprise me. it does. >> reporter: magazine's number one best buy, kirkland, costco's store brand a value bit of information when you break down the price. for instance, these wholesale duracells are $14.48 for 40. by comparison, this 48 pack of kirkland are only 12.99 which could save you more than 18 cents every time you change those batteries. other bargains according to the magazine? cvs brand and rayovacs. but bottom line, when you buy batteries this holiday season, there's no need to pay more for the name printed on the side. now, as we mentioned the consumer reports best buy is the kirkland signature batteries. the panasonic digital power batteries were not only the most expensive at $2.84 for two but they also scored the lowest in the test. and remember, if you have a consumer question or story idea, call us at 888-5-helps-u. >> i told you it was all about
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the dollar pack. >> i always use the ones that come with the remote. jill schlesinger has tips on how to recharge your career with a job at a nonprofit. reporter: if you have always wanted to work for an organization that is guided by a larger cause or goal, then a career in the nonprofit sector may make sense for you. in fact, with 10.7 million employees, nonprofits are the third largest industry behind retail and manufacturing. according to the 2014 nonprofit employment trend survey, these organizations are hiring again. 46% of the groups plan to create positions in the year ahead. but the nonprofit sector tends to rely on informal networks for identifying new talent. that means your best bet may be to launch a job search by researching a large local nonprofit. a good place to start in the bay area is the william and flora hewlett foundation or the
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david and lucille packard foundation. also, check out the "chronicle" of philanthropy with advice for people who don't have a nonprofit background. one last tip. nonprofits are increasingly looking for employees who have business backgrounds to help maximize profits cut losses and remain sustainable. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> p >> pelley: tonight, hitting home. a powerful west coast storm crashes into houses, touches off mud slides and floods. >> one more rain like this, it's over. >> pelley: and first responders come to the rescue. reports from john blackstone and bigad shaban. oil hits another five-year low, greasing the skids for a huge sell-off on wall street. anthony mason has the dow's triple-digit loss. dean reynolds on the cyber attack against sony that exposed embarrassing e-mails and took the glitter out of a hollywood premiere. and steve hartman. it began with a routine traffic stop. >> how you doing, ma'am? >> i was good until you pulled me over. >> pelley: but this story is about to take a sharp turn "on the road." captioning sponsored by cbs


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