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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  December 14, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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another round of rain: many homeowners and businesses are still scramb to clean up from the last s. good evening, i'm ann as the bay area braces for another round of rain many homeowners and businesses are scrambling to clean up from the last storm. good evening. the clouds are rolling in.
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that is the view from cliff house on ocean beach on the right. on the left, dublin, it quickly became overcast and gray this afternoon. here is why. hi-def doppler picking up the rain in a row bust cold front off shore. rain will develop in the north bay towards run rise. we will give you a better idea with the future cast loop where you can see showers increasing in intensity and coverage tonight. at the peak of the commute most of the rain will still be north of the golden gate if this forecast verifies, the heaviest due in midday on monday. look at that. more rain after this, too. it will add to the runoff that already caused problems. we will have the forecast in a few minutes. we are at one part of san francisco that has problems with flooding, christian what are they doing to prepare? >> reporter: well, a lot of store owners and people living near folsom have decided to leave their sand bags right
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where they are. a lot of them right down the street. you see them in front of garages, the doors, even though the worst of the rain is passed us. this street is known for flooding and some expect it to happen every single year. >> reporter: local business owner captures the rainwater river rushing through the street as last week's storm raged through. days later, it is clean uptime. crews contracted by the city have a look at soggy homes and stores that took in water. some businesses doors remain shut and cleared out garages remain open to air-dry. >> reporter: sam says the water made it all of the way to that line. about 3 feet high inside of his home. the cared in of his garage was waterlogged, too. damaged parts of his home were gutted and need to be replaced. he says flooding is an annual problem and he has to make home improvements every time. he blames a combination of low
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elevation and poor drainage for the neighborhood flooding troubles. even with more rain in the forecast, he is not sweating it. >> no. i don't care. no problem. i don't care. >> reporter: the set up for the city-contracted crews are in the middle of the street here. they will be back first thing tomorrow morning to continue their work. we are live in sap fran, back to you. >> residents of a redwood city mobile home park spent the day mopping up. the floodwaters are gone for now at least but people who live there tell us that the canal next door is the problem. they want the city to step in and fix it. >> we should get together as owners and the other owners get together with the city and build a fence here, the mill company does not flood because they have a cement fence. why can't we build that. or raise the levy up on one side. >> reporter: residents say this is a problem with the drains, only a couple of them and they are easily overwhelmed
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any time there is a big storm. in other news, the father of the unarmed man, shot and killed by a police officer in ferguson, is in oakland tonight. michael brown senior is speaking at a church that is calling for a change. we have that story now, sharon? >> reporter: we just got out from hearing from michael brown senior. he spoke for less than a minute during the 2-1/2 hour rally that just ended. singing and prayer, the rally sounded like the civil rights rallies in the '60s. he took the same podium where martin luther king once speeched. he thanked the bay area and said he loved them for supporting his family with protests in the police killing of his son. and shared a little bit about his mission with the standing crowd of 300. in a major fight, going city to city, standing up for his rights. he is speaking out.
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more than a dozen leaders of different religious faiths, unite, not just in the street protests but in making policy changes. now, you will hear from michael brown senior at 11:00. we will show you that tape then. he is also going to be in san francisco material. we will be at mission high school at 4:00 in the afternoon, brian? >> are all right, thank you. well, a small but vocal group of protesters marched across the golden gate bridge this afternoon. members of the group code pink helped with signs with the familiar slogans, black lives matter and "i can't breathe." many passed their message on to passing drivers. >> the more you are out on the streets giving your message that peace and justice matter for all people, the more people will see the message. the more people who can participate, more opportunities that they have. >> the protest ended with a rally on san francisco's side of the bridge. >> a lot of unanswered
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questions and some debate tonight over disturbing images that turned up at uc berkeley. black lynching victims were found on campus. the officials don't know who displayed the cardboard cut outs, but it is not also clear if it was protest related to the shootings or a act of racism, campus police are now urging whoever did it to come forward. they don't know the intent. the impact that it has had on the campus. and the free exchange of activities. meanwhile in oakland, the police made 45 arrests in another round of row tests last night. a group of 5demonstratorss smashed a few windows and set -- 500 demonstrators smashed a few windows and set fires.
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earlier peaceful protests took place with a rally at the courthouse. tonight, a california woman sudden disappearance put not one but two lives in potential danger. she is 9 months pregnant. waiter: yep. new gingerbread french toast
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and pumpkin pancakes. but they're only around for a limited time. girl: can i still get it if i'm on the naughty list? waiter, chuckling: i think you'll be fine. [bell rings] waitress: welcome to denny's!
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car. found shot in a parked car. officers responded to a report this morning of an un a car on keni police are investigating the death of a parked car. this morning a report of an unresponsive man who was pro tphoupsed dead at the scene. so far no arrests. union city police are trying to find this man, 42- year-old jason morton last seen on thursday at a care facility. they are worried because he is bipolar. he goes to the landing shopping center near the care facility. he is 5 '11, 150 poundsism the search is on for a woman who is 9 months pregnant and has not been heard in. the one clue that the police have to work with. >> reporter: she has been missing since last saturday. she was last seen here at her home on the 5900 block of jisento avenue.
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family and friends concerned because they have not heard from her in eight days and she is nine months pregnant. for you folks at home here is a look at her. 20 years old, described as filipino, a little over 5 foot, black hair, blond highlights, she left her home upset at 10:00 at night on saturday. but they are still investigating the circumstances around it. the police say foul play is not suspected but her disappearance is unusual and being that she is nine months pregnant they are concerned. >> obviously if you are nine months pregnant you are pretty far along and it is another human life that we are talking about. so, we want to track her down as quickly as possible, find a location for her. >> reporter: again, nobody here has heard from her in eight days. anyone with information or anyone who may have seen her they are urged to call sacramento police. back to you. >> the police are looking into her if she headed to southern california where she has
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friends and other family members. if you are still waiting to mail out your holiday cards and packages, be prepared to wait a little longer. why you might want to skip the post office tomorrow. >> weather is one reason. a descent storm now heading towards the bay area. including where we are looking now. san jose. all in time for the morning drive. the details in a minute. ,,,,,,,,,,
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week to handle the load and next saturday is the deadline to send cards and packages to be sure they get there by christmas. tuesday, december 23rd is a deadline for sending packages using priority mail express. walnut creek tightens their ban on plastic bags stopping take out food to be given out in plastic bags. >> i do use those. i have to admit. >> it makes it easier to carry it in when you are up 3 stories. >> if i forget the bags sometimes i put the food in the cart and i put a bag in the trunk of my car. i think it it is great. >> this ban will go to -- it is
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great. this ban will go in effect 2016. we have rain lighting up the radar. now, there are showers being reported around santa rosa. winds not much at this moment. actually, napa was reporting gusts 20 miles an hour out of the east. aside from that they are in the 5-15 mile-an-hour variety now. as we bring it closer in the bay area, you can see this is in advance of the cold front coming in midday tomorrow. you can see that in a moment. a few scattered showers tonight, after midnight, going to spread from santa rosa through the rest of the north bay. you can see the golden gate bridge high and dry. the numbers on the mild side. middle 50s, 54 in oakland, 54 in san francisco and 56 degrees in san jose. 8:00 tonight, there could be a few light showers in the north bay. santa rose a but for the rest of us, most part, cloudy skies if you are heading out to see a movie or take a stroll. why not?
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the temperatures, though, low 50s, bundle up a bit. get through the rain and north bay and south. the numbers will begin the day in the low 50s, that develops in the early morning hours and spreads south. here is what will happen. low pressure off shore. rain beginning to spread on the north coast tonight and tomorrow. and, because the jet stream is not shifting much and the low is hanging off shore, it will continue to bring up the moisture through the bay area so we get rain on monday, another system comes in just as we are getting rid of the monday system, tuesday, another, you know, not powerful, moderate systems coming through the bay area. garden variety. rain for the bay area for those who remember what it was like. another system coming in on tuesday. lingering showers on that. throughed with, and thursday, we get high pressure. another system coming in on friday. it looks like we are clearing up you over the weekend. now, look at the future cast
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again. so we can sort of take a moment. now, if this verifies you see most of the rain is confined to the north coast through sunrise, but there is plenty of showers that will be just off shore. a little iffy. a change of a little bit. could mean the more robust rain staying clear. stay tuned, in in the meantime, heaviest cells are due in around noon on monday. the day goes on, sweeping through, out towards the east bay and scattered showers afterwards. tomorrow, a blustery day, winds no more than 30 miles an hour. in terms of amounts, 2 inches after all is said and done. an inch in the east bay, peninsula, same in the south bay, the mountains, another 3 inches of rain from this. so, on the headlines, showers tonight, we will get rain tomorrow, and so, rain on monday, more on tuesday and
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wednesday, coming in, not the big one that we had last week but this garden variety rain. cloudy skies coming in by thursday. if you are heading out of the bay area, translates to snow in the mountains for tahoe and yosemite, rain in the valley, extended forecast to set it out. a rainy day tomorrow, more rain on tuesday, later in the day. wednesday, lingering showers, a break on thursday, more rain on friday, a weak system, then, saturday, sunday, going to be partly cloudy skies, all week, the warmest numbers near, 60 degrees, tracking all of this realtime, you can do this by downloading the kcbs weather app send us weather photos and search kpix on the app store or on google plays. >> 49ers were trying to hold on to their season. >> yes, do-or-die.
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we were coming out what do we do if there is no post season. realistic possibility. 49ers must-win game in seattle to keep their playoff dreams alive. ,,,,,,,,
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everyone is hot. >> i just put out a tweet
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asking people if they felt jim harba augh deserves to go. and the overyou -- jim harbaugh deserves to two and overwhelmingly people are saying absolutely not. on the brink of a super bowl championship, in fact, but today, the post season future depended on beating seattle on the road. would it be the last time he faced pete carroll as head coach of the 49ers? the first quarter, wilson, to richardson who makes the catch and then nailed by eric who on is called it for unnecessary roughness, they get a field goal, 2nd quarter, now, getting this and a lot more. touchdown, 49ers, leading 7-3. they would later lead the game with a concussion, 8 seconds left in the half. dedicating the field goal. looking for awful the marbles picked off -- all of the
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marbles picked off. he gets a touchdown, to end the first half, 7-3 san francisco at the break. late 3rd quarter, seahawks facing 3-1lynch, and 10-7 seattle lead. early 4th quarter, wilson, connects, richardson, seattle led 17-7, jim harbaugh can see the play off hopes slipping away. following the touchdown, getting the drive, and then, on 4th and one there was no high left, they gave it to miller. now, the 49ers turn it over, seattle wins, ending san francisco's play off hopes. >> i understand what it means, yes. >> what does it mean to you. >> >> never give in. keep fighting, which our guys did today. i understand. >> it is difficult.
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that is our expecttation that we will get to the playoffs and we are going to make a run. to be denied the opportunity this year it is not something that we are used to. >> the nfc playoff pictures no longerip cludes the 49ers, arizona is the number one seed followed by detroit, seattle game back from the cardinals holds the wild card spot at 10- 4. when the raiders traveled to missouri two weeks ago they were blown out in st. louis, 52- 0, oakland was hoping for a better trip today. tony trying to finish strong as his head coaching career in oakland winds down. thomas did it just a few times, finding room along the sidelines, 81 order yards to the house for a touchdown. kansas city has a 7-0 lead. 3rd quarter, 10-7, kc, smith, to travis, a big tight end fumbles the ball. now, wilson, picks it up and goes down the 15, down to the 15, raiders got another field
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goal, cutting the lead 10-6. same score, later in the 3rd. barrels in from threeiards out. cansace city, and then, the chiefs betpwapb to steam role the raiders, he fell on it and kansas city ball at the -- began to steam role the raiders, he fell on it and kansas city ball at the line and they go on to win 2, they are now 2-12. >> we failed to rise to the occasion, the last time we had a great victory we did not come off of it well. today we did not rise to the occasion, so i give all of the credit to kansas city regardless of what we did. you know, when you get beat in all phases of the game that is what happens. >> the warriors playing without david lee and andrew you in new
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orleans. paying the price for getting chose to cunning ham. leading to a rough night for barns, 2 points in 29 minutes. 4th quarter, curling in the lane, getting two of the 34 points, leading with 4 minutes to play. is the losing streak over? but then, curry, comes up short, staying this for the put back. and golden state will force overtime and then they would take control in the second period. curry drove for 3. he scored 8 of the 34 if in overtime. war areiors win 128-122 for their 16th straight win. all of the attention focuses over at the nba and the warriors have a look of a team capable of making a deep run at the playoffs. >> i want to ask you two probability questions, what do you think the chances are that harbaugh is head coach of the raiders next year? >> that is most of the
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speculation, his family lives in the bay area, he is from the bay area, so he is able to keep his bay area roots, my question pertaining to that is, who knows it if the raiders will be here long-term. >> that was my second question. >> yes. 50/50, 10%? >> well, but, this will be possibly 8 teams without a job so harbaugh if he gets out he will have his choice. >> join the discussion with dennis on twitter. thanks for watching, "60 minutes" is next. >> good night ,, ,,,,,,
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captioning fundd by cbs and ford >> pelley: two years after the tragedy at sandy hook, are some seriously mentally ill patients being denied long-term care by their insurance providers? our investigation found parents and doctors who say so, and we've documented cases where patient care was cut short by insurance company doctors who never actually see the patient. >> some nameless, faceless doctor is making this decision. and i'm furious because basically, to me, he was playing god with my daughter's life! >> simon: syria's civil war started peacefully almost four years ago as a protest against a brutal dictatorship. this 19-year-old became one of its leaders, adored by the crds


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