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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 15, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> i saw venom and very tree roll. someone who is a walking danger and walking threat who has a badge and gun as well as safe authority to use. >>reporter: rapblg works to better relations between police he is demanding he be fired. san jose police chief issued this statement. quote, the comments made on officer white's private social media account do not reflect the thoughts or feelings of the men and women here at the san jose police department nor do we condone this type of behavior. the powerful san jose police officer's union who usually doesn't comments on personnel issues made an exception with a prepared statement. >> offensive, disrespectful inappropriate social media comments surrounding the recent tragic loss of life officer involved incidents have no
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place in public discourse. we condemn these comments. >>reporter: white has been an assistant basketball coach for the men team at menlo college today on his facebook page the college said it no longer associated with officer white. of course there's been an outpouring of criticism on social media people giving san jose police an earful about the officer's tweets. elaina tweetsed let's be real officer phillip white is an embarrassment to your staff and deserves to lose his job. lorna wrote. administrative leave should be without a paycheck you need to clean your house of abuse. meantime the bay area protests haven't let up. 25 people were arrested outside oakland police headquarters this morning. many of them link their arms with pvc pipe blocking broad watt a 7th street. this is part of the continuing demonstrations against police brutality. people also contain themselves to several entrances of police
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headquarters. they old up signs like this one calling for an end to the war on black people. a glass door was broken by police equipment while officers were cut go protesters free. tonight we're keeping an eye on the storm, the current storm. high def doppler showing scattered showers around the bay area. today's storm may be tapering off but there's more wet weather on its heels. joe vazquez joins us live in mill valley where people are trying to recover from last week 's rain are dealing with yet another round. >>reporter: ken, we're on the 101 mill valley exit an area prone to flooding. they have had to shut the street down several times over the past couple of weeks. it's been raining on and off all day. the creeks are rising. >>reporter: it would have been just another one of those rainy bay area days. would have been except last week's storm has sat rated the ground. >> when we woke up this morning i felt like oh, it's not going to be the big storm
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but it was raining really hard. >>reporter: it's been raining in sheets. so hard that even these cows rounded themselves up. >> seems like the creek is rising but we don't have a floods so we're looking pretty good here. >>reporter: the creeks are rising and they are pretty full and this is still quite a bit of standing water in the nearby low-lying street. the flooding is nowhere near 200 6 levels back when parts went underwater. >> it was quite spectacular in 2006, but yeah it's called california living. >>reporter: california living. eye tied is about an hour and-a- half and we're expecting some street level flooding we'll bring you the latest as it develops. joe vazquez kpix 5. a car in san jose lost control and crashed into a
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power pole. it snapped pulling down a second one on to a mobile home park. chopper 5 shows the live electrical wires lying across the rooftop. five homes were evacuated the fire department says people ran out of their homes when it happened. something authorities say is really dangerous with live electrical wires. luckily no one was injured. evacuees won't be allowed back in their homes until pg&e completes repairs. a large tree fell across edgewater boulevard crushing a parked car. it happened at 6:00 this morning. the driver of this truck didn't see it coming and hit the brakes a little too late. brand ofes cracked the passenger's side windshield. the driver was not injured. crews worked to cut up this tree in alamo. this is on stone valley way. it came crashing down destroying this fence and falling into the roadway. the heavy rain made for
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dangerous driving conditions. two tractor-trailers lost control and jackknifed near fremont early this morning. part of i-680 was blocked for two hours all lanes have been cleared. >> as you can see from the high def doppler we showed you a few minutes ago there were some thunderstorms around the monterey bay area. right now we've gone to mostly just scattered showers around the bay area as the evening wears on the showers abate more and more. but not for long. there's a of systems stacked in the pacific we're going to be dealt a fairly wet hands between now and tomorrow night as the first low powers in tonight. we go to scattered showers but two remaining systems will make sure we stay in a soggy regime for the next 36 hours as we get more distinct rain, a separate system coming in by midday tomorrow. i'll have details about how much rain is going to fall the winds associated with, and there's more on the way for later in the week too. we'll set it all out in the
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forecast a few minutes from now. i will see you then thanks. a missing lake tahoe teenager found dead under a 50-foot tree that fell during last week's big storm. 14-year-old dejohn smith was reported missing thursday. his body was s discovered under the massive tree. a live look at sfo where 117 flights have been canceled because of the weather. most of these flights are along the west coast, some delays are nearly 2 hours. san jose and oakland have no delays or cancellations today. slowly but surely people are getting their power turned back on after last week's big storms. 900 customers still in the dark tonight. the largest outage is in san jose. of course you can stay on top of the conditions with our cbs bay area weather app. check realtime radar and send
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us your weather photos. just search kpix in the app store or google play. the 16 hour stands off with australian police ends with grenade explosions and gunshots. police stormed the sydney cafe'. three people died including the gunman. cbs reporter craig boswell with a tough decision police had to make to end the hostage crisis. >>reporter: a dramatic and deadly ending to a more than 16 hour hostage standoff in sydney australia. heavily armed teams of tactical police stormed the lindt chocolate cafe' in downtown sidney where a gunman had been holding 17 hostages. the police action came moments after a group of hostages began running from the building. >> they made the call because they believed at that time if they didn't enter there would have been many more lives lost. >>reporter: cbs news confirms
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the suspect is iranian born self-described cleric. australian media received a video with one of the captives listing the gunman's demands. he could be seen in grainy video during the standoff pacing back and forth. the 50-year-old had a lengthy criminal record and was already known to authorities. he had asked for an isis flag to be delivered to the cafe'. >> as the siege unfolded yesterday, he sought to cloak his actions with the symbolism of the isis death consult. >>reporter: a handful of hostages escaped the cave a earlier in the standoff. others were carried out on stretchers two died along with the gunman. craig boswell, cbs news washington. police are not yet saying whether the hostages were killed by the gunman or died in the crossfire. a 34-year-old man and 38-year- old woman were killed. shiny new and out of
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service after just two weeks. why bart's half billion dollar tram couldn't stand up to the storm. the tiny object that triggered a major domino effect. technology could save lives , now a major development is bringing this earthquake warning system a step closer to your smartphone. he's one of a kind. >> rudolph is m.i.a. tonight. 200-pound symbol of christmas cheer disappears. a california neighborhood desperate to track down its holiday staple. ,,,,
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female announcer: sleep train thanks all those who helped make a difference last year for thousands of california foster kids. thank you for helping foster kids. thank you for the school supplies! thank you for the new shoes. thank you, secret santa! and thank you for donating money. announcer: your generosity proves that while not everyone can be a foster parent, anyone can help a foster child. thank you! thank you! ¬°gracias por su ayuda! [baby cooing] thank you. of californians everywhere: (alarm) earthquake, earthqu congress has allocat . this sound could be music to the ears of californians everywhere. >> earthquake earthquake. >> you wouldn't be happy if you heard that but you would know what to do. congress has allocated initial $5 million to roll out a
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statewide earthquake warning system. it would expand a limited program developed in part by uc berkeley. eventually the system could give enough advance warning for trains to brake, utilities to shut off gas lines and people to take cover. >> while a few seconds or a minute may thought sound like a lot, those few seconds of warning may be absolutely critical to saving lives. >> the federal funding is just a start. a full build out will cost $30 million, plus another 12 million a year in operating expenses. the huge big rig fire shut down 3 lanes of eastbound 580 in livermore today. the plume of black smoke filled the sky before noon could be seen for miles. a driver was seen using a fire extinguisher, on the engine. no one was injured. a tran particular rescue? southern california where crews tried to pull a construction worker out of a 40-foot hole after he plunged to the bottom.
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the pan was working on the san gabriel roy projects when he fell. he hurt his leg and needed to be hoisted out on a stretcher before going to the hospital. a massive search isobase way in pennsylvania where a gunman killed 6 people in a shooting rampage. put holes in a apartment complex so where the shooting spree began. bradley stone killed his ex- wife there and took off with their two kids. they had been in a custody battle. police say stone went to two nearby neighborhoods killed five people and disappear. the children have been found safe. half billion dollars and broken already. now we know why passengers were stranded in a storm. the tiny issue that brought this high tech trend to a halt. plus going for the gold. the bay area goes head-to-head in a battle to score the olympic games. the first big hurdle tomorrow. ,,,,,,
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dollar connector to the oak airport grinds to a halt... because of a piece of tarp. mike sugerman shows how caused such a . bart's brand new half billion dollar connector to the oakland airport grinds to a halts all because of a piece of tarp. mike sherman shows how something so small caused such a big problem.
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>>reporter: they finally figured out what happened last week that shut down the bart airport connector in oakland. one word, plastic. >> plastic? >> plastic, right. >> plastic and nylon. >>reporter: it was a piece of plastic with a string on it which sounded like maybe a mylar balloon or baggie or something. they aren't sure. >> we're not sure the piece that we recovered was relatively small but we're not sure how big the piece of the plastic and nylon was to begin with. >>reporter: it had only been running 3 weeks and cost $480 million to build. it didn't sounds like a little piece of flags particular would shuts it down. >> it's a piece of plastic got into an area where two pieces of machinery need to meet and meet precisely. so as it traveled along the way created further damage. so, even at $484 million system is going to have some service
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disruptions from from time to time. >>reporter: they are going to have more people inspecting the track more often to make sure this stuff doesn't happen again. in oakland, mike sugar man kpix 5. >> it was a brief disruption in connector service last night. it's still lag into that one. tomorrow contenders to host the 2024 olympics will make their pitches to the olympic committee in redwood city. committee is expected to choose between the bay area, los angeles, boston or washington d. c. it's a vacant lot in brings bane may be the center of it all. each city will have an hour for presentation a decision is expected within the next months or so. >> weep our fingers crossed. if you want obamacare coverage starting january 1st today is the last day to sign up. today's deadline is for people signing up for the first time
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and californians who want to switch health plans in the covered california exchange if you have an existing policy it will automatically be renewed. open enrollment continues through february 15th. if you went to the post office today you had a lot of company. 6million extra people. this is traditionally the busiest chicago and mailing day of the year. today was the last day for people to mail packages with standards ground shipping in order to arrive in time for christmas. it wasn't much different at fedex stores across the country. today is also projected to be their biggest day of the year. workers expected to handle more than 20 million packages today. fedex is up 9% in deliveries this year compared to last. a pretty wild ride on wall street as oil prices continued their downward spiral. how low will it go? the dow swung up more than a hundred points at the opening bell only to tumble a bit and close a hundred points down.
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nasdaq fell 48s and p dropped 4 points. oil is trading below $56 a barrel. that's half its price in june. tonight theft that will go down in history. someone sole a 200-pound statue of rudolph. you know rudolph seen on a perch. all that was left was the broken antler. it was taken from the los angeles neighborhood late last week. there's no sign of who did it. >> it is the lowest of low. especially at christmastime. i cannot imagine someone taking rudolph. >> you're a mean one -- rudolph has ushered in the holiday season on that perch for 50 years. he's handmade. police have even taken a report. >> brian hackney do you know where rudolph is. >> follow his red nose. >> i was thinking maybe gene
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autry. only california angels when they were the californian gels. >> they did it based on the proceeds. -- >> singing cowboy. >> we have rain coming into the bay area by tomorrow afternoon. again a few scattered showers tonight and boy we got pounded up in south marin with almost 3 inches of rain in the past 24 hours. there will be scattered showers tonight but the general trend for the next 12 hours will be a bit of an easing up in everything. numbers heading out tonight will be in low 50s for the most part. high def doppler shows the system is moving into the mountains where it shows some snow 4500 feet. we've got a few pretty good cells offshore. widely scattered showers tonight. we'll get off -- it won't be the kind of rain we had this morning. numbers are mostly in the mid
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50s this hour monday evening. out the door tomorrow morning wants to have an umbrella there could be a rogue shower or two. numbers in the low 50s. a little bit of bite in the air systems coming up out of the sub tropics. future cast at 3:00 in the morning it's what it looks like. there are still scattered showers in the bay area we small others. as we go into the morning commute around 8:00 it's mostly dried up. we'll get a peek at the sun here and there rapidly this next system comes in about midday. we get the coast being what kind with this one. it's not a north to south storm it will hit everybody at about the same time around noon tomorrow. you can see by 5:00 tomorrow night there's a bulls-eye over san francisco. tomorrow night's evening commute will be a bit of a mess. rainfall from this, look at ben look manned. 1.1 inches. santa cruz mountains got a lot. inch and-a-half began to rain around 10:00 didn't quit t.
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north bay san rafael got twice as much as the santa cruz mountains. 2 i don't 2 inches. fairfax picked up almost 3 inches of rain in 24 hours. so south marin got what kind with this one. one and a third in santa rosa. here's what we're expecting low pressure per sifts offshore rain tomorrow. lingers showers wednesday. next real break is coming in for most of thursday then another system coming in by friday will give us a few showers not as strong as the one we're going to see tomorrow. extended forecast we'll look for rain tomorrow especially coming in midday and through the evening hours. wednesday lingering showers give way to partly cloudy skies by thursday. chance to drain and dry before finally we exit the stage on this series of systems by friday , saturday and sunday look okay. looking into next week none come in. >> okay. >> i need a little break. >> i think so. >> for the first time.
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>> thanks. okay. >> thanks brian. love to wine and dine and dinner parties are fit for a pinterest board. holiday guide to impress your favorite foodie.
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cocktail recipes using these brands head to watch. >> here's another great item for foodies. ken corrected my alcohol knowledge. >> always a favor. >> enjoy wine pairings brett 0- meter you simply pair it with your smartphone app it turns your smartphone into a breath lieser for $99. >> that is a good idea. >> this is a great idea although a cab is a better idea. it shuts down injure engine. >> this one doesn't do that. that's also an interesting gift. >> thanks julie. >> for a look what's ahead on cbs evening news. >> scott pelley is in new york. >> hi ken and veronica great to be with you in the bay area. we're following developments in two big breaking stories today. ben tracy will have the latest on the terrorist who held more than a dozen hostages in sydney, australia and year i car duncan will report on a deadly rampage in the
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philadelphia suburbs. we'll have those stories tonight on the western edition of the cbs evening news at 5:30 right after kpix5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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helping dogs help people. his own officers say it's illegal. only on 5 -- find t . coming up at 6:00 bay area police chief joining in on a protest against police brutal. his own officers say it's illegal. only on 5 find out why he says he'd do it all over again. a family known for its charitable work feeds help themselves after thieves paycheck off with irreplaceable heirlooms. thanks for watching. the cbs evening news with scott
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pelley is next. >> the latest news and weather always on >> pelley: tonight, a deadly end to the siege in sydney. police storm a café where a terrorist held more than a dozen hostages. ben tracy is in sydney. jericka duncan on a deadly shooting rampage in the philadelphia suburbs. oil prices fall again, but not air fares. manuel bojorquez on the airlines defying the laws of gravity and supply and demand. and michelle miller on report card day for high school dropouts getting a second chance. >> a lot of these kids have never accomplished anything in their lives. >> pelley: until now. >> i want to rock your world. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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