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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  December 15, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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more prepared for perhaps the fallout. >> reporter: that was richmond police chief chris manus on the avalanche of protest to him holding up a sign saying "black lives matter" what was he thinking? >> i realized that this is innocuous. the idea that black lives matter is something we should be able to agree on. my feeling is all lives matter. i thought it was a gesture of good will. >> reporter: not every one agreed. the richmond police officers association says he broke the law against politicking in uniform. >> it was not intended to be a political statement. it was intended to be a human statement. i understand it is hard for a lot of police officers, given what has gone on with the protests and violence and ugly
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antipolice sentiment. >> how would you feel if your officers had signs that say we support darren wilson? how would you feel about that. >> i would have been appalled. that is different. my statement is about building bridges. a statement like supporting darren wilson, especially under the circumstances is inappropriate. >> reporter: were you surprised at the reaction? this went worldwide? >> i was surprised. i had no idea that would happen. >> reporter: the reaction just keeps rolling in, from all- around the country. >> the majority of what i have seen has been pretty positive, and heart felt. there has certainly been some critical reaction, and i'm not surprised by that. >> what did you learn from picking up the sign? >> well, i learned that three words can have an extremely powerful impact. i don't think this is a
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movement or situation that is going to disappear. >> and likely neither is the debate about what the chief did, because one of the impacts and the power of that image was that it was someone in uniform. in richmond, phil matier. back to you. thank you, the chief told us about a half-dozen members of his command staff joined him in the process. protestors in oakland chained themselves to the doors of the oakland police department today. that crowd was estimated between 150 and 200 people. some linked their arms with pvc pipe and blocked traffic at broadway and 7th street. 25 people were arrested. meanwhile, a san jose police officer is under investigation for sending out inflammatory tweets directed at protestors. officer philip white tweeted "threaten me or my family, and i will use my god given and law appointed right and duty to
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kill you." #copslivesmatter. he later tweeted "by the way, if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter, i'll be at the movies tonight, off-duty. carrying my gun." white's colleagues are condemning his comments. >> i saw venom, and i saw someone that is a walking danger and walking threat, who has a badge and a gun as well as the state's authority to use it. >> offensive, disrespectful, inappropriate social media comments surrounding the recent tragic loss of life, officer involved incidents, have no place in public discourse. we condemn the comments. >> officer white has been placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation. we're keeping our eye on the storm. doppler is showing another round of rain hitting the bay area. this is the beginning of the wet weather this week. here is a look at the storm earlier today, around noon. it is coming down hard in north
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marin county. the creeks are rising. >> at ocean beach, san francisco, waves were rolling in, about 10 feet high with today's storm. the traffic was backed up on the great highway. san francisco's telegraph hill, heavy rain caused a rock slide. small rocks came crashing on the street. the crews are out trying to stabilize the hillside and scraping off loose rocks. >> joe vazquez is live, where they are dealing with more flooding. >> reporter: it was raining heavily here and across the bay area and it caused its share of problems. >> when we woke up this morning, i thought like, "oh, it is not going to be a big storm," but it was raining hard. >> reporter: during some of the heavy rain, about 6:00 this morning, a large tree fell across edgewater boulevard and
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crushed a parked car. >> i didn't have time to stop. it is like, you know, i slid down. >> in san jose power poles fell. five homes were evacuated. nobody was hurt. on highway 84, the heavy rains also caused a minor rock slide that blocked traffic in both directions. >> that is too much water. >> today's rain flooded this basement in mill valley. >> we could almost go swimming, there is so much water. because it is too much water. we got an inch of water. >> can i go in there? >> oh, yes. >> workers vacuumed it out for the second time in a few days. >> the rain has stopped for now, the creeks appear to be within their banks for now. there are a lot of folks across the bay area watching nervously as more storms are on the way.
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live, joe vazquez, kpix 5. we check in with brian hackney, who is in for paul deanno tonight, with the latest round of wet weather. >> there is more rain on the way. especially tomorrow. tonight, we ease off on the showers. that is good news. we have heavy cells over the mountains and a scattered number of showers over 37 right now. the highway that links nevada with vallejo. there are flood advisories because the creeks on the border of marin and sonoma, i think it is 121 and 29, as you head into sonoma, all the creeks are overflowing, so there is big ponding in the roads, so drivers, heads up. and here is what is happening, the low pressure pushes in. pullback, and you can see what is happening. there is more low pressure systems on the way. they will be diving in the bay area. the result being midday tomorrow, we'll be hit with
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more rain. tonight, we ease up. tomorrow, there is more on the way in terms of timing and amounts, we'll have it for you in a few minutes from now. brian, thank you. the weather is causing backups at the airports as we speak. sfo has had 144 flight cancellations today. a rival flights are being delayed nearly three hours. son jose and oakland have 15 minute delays. pg&e is working to get power turned on after the storms. about 900 homes are still in the dark. the largest outage right now is in san jose. we continue with our wet week, keep our weather app handy. you can check conditions in your area and get realtime radar. search kpix in the app store or on google play. the holiday season has shaken a family known for helping others in need. only on 5, len ramirez said
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that the burglary at their house will not stop them. >> reporter: we're talking about people who do a lot of good in the community. they were out doing their important charity work when burglars broke in. >> they had a lot of jewelry in here. and they just emptied the boxes. they emptied the bags. they emptied this and that. >> sylvia martinez doesn't know the value of the jewelry burglars took. >> this is where i had my dad's gold bracelet, and the two diamond rings. >> it was easily in the thousands. but she does know the sentimental value of her lost family heirlooms. priceless. >> they took jewelry that belonged to people that have passed on. we can replace computers, cameras, everything else, but not the stuff that your grandmother or dad, you know, your mom has given you. it would be nice to pass those on to your grandkids. >> and now they are gone? >> they are gone.
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>> burglars broke in the martinez home on saturday night, filling a king size pillowcase with jewelry and cash. what hurts them more is that they were out doing good when the bad guys broke in. >> well, this picture was taken, somebody was in our house, stealing our property. >> sylvia and tony are the founders of the boulevard bombs low rider car club. every december, they deliver food, blankets and clothing to the homeless shelter and toys for needed children at christmas in the park. >> we are out there doing charity work and then we come home to this. >> they spend the year raising money to buy the gifts. so much came in this year they could not fit it in their cars. it will still be delivered. getting ripped off will not change their giving spirit. >> why do you do this? >> to help the less fortunate. >> and so the giving will go on
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here in east san jose, but they will have to install a better security system. they will have to upgrade a camera security system. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez. the couple is grateful the burglars didn't hurt or steal their dogs, which were in the house at the time of the burglary. well, still ahead, millions of dollars for a few precious seconds. california gives cash for its earthquake early warning system. and how this bay area business is capitalizating on all the water. ,,
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. other bay area headlines tonight, police in livermore had to shut down eastbound 580 because of this huge big rig fire earlier today. a plume of black smoke filled the sky before noon and could be seen for miles. the driver used a fire
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extinguisher to try to put it out. fortunately, no one was hurt. there was another successful bay area gun buy back program over the weekend, san jose collected more than 200 guns in the event. oakland had 90 weapons, san francisco 101 guns were turned in, and taken off the street for cash. congresswoman jackie spears says she is committed to keep city college of san francisco open. ccsf should know by next month whether it is accreditation will be restored. it lost it last year over allegations of financial mismanagement. spear is calling for federal reform on the accreditation process. a small piece of plastic tarp brought service to a halt on bart's airport connector. the service was disrupted when a train tangled with the debris. they recovered the material and it is unclear how big it was to
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begin with, but the size was not the problem, they say. >> the piece of plastic got in arrest area where two pieces of machinery need to meet precisely. as it traveled along the way, it created further damage. so even at -- a $484 million system will have service disruptions. >> bart says it plans to put more inspectors on the tracks more often to keep something like this from happening again. well, when it rains, it pours. you have heard that. tonight, our don ford find out for some bay area growers that depend on the weather for irrigation, too much water is as bad as not enough. >> reporter: the rain continues coming down. sometimes hard. now, one award winning ranch cannot take it any more. >> as of this afternoon, the pond is full.
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>> completely? >> yes. so all of our ponds now are completely full. >> mack ranch produces some of the finest olive oil in the world. two weeks ago, the ranch was seriously running out of water for the trees. last year's crop was half of normal. then this. >> for us, it wound up being just a beautiful gift, for this farm. >> so much water, it is creating water falls not seen in years. keeping the water from washing away the valuable trees was not easy. >> we came in at 6:00 in the morning, had some pretty dramatic water flow come through the creek spillway. >> running from spot to spot, the men used bales of hey to keep the soil in place, and it worked. through the week, they lost only 4 trees out of the 18,000 growing here. with trees saved and plenty of water, things are looking up. >> potentially, a fantastic upcoming harvest in 2015.
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>> i'm finding that is a jinx to say that. >> i know. i probably should not have said it, but i'm so giddy right now. >> however, the rainy season is just starting to wind up. >> from having hardly any water to brimming over the top, a lot changed in the last week. the ranch says if it should start to rain soon, and it will, they say they are ready. in marin county, don ford. kpix 5. how things change. the ranch actually pruned back their trees last winter to keep the water demand down. wow, and the reservoirs are full. >> they are not full. >> they are 84% full i heard. >> but they are close to average for this time of year. what a difference a week will make. >> they are so far down in some cases, it will take a lot to get them back up. >> yes, and we'll add to it tonight, tomorrow, and friday, before we get a chance to dry out. we have rain moving through the
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bay area. we're going to scattered at this hour. if you are heading out, take an umbrella. it may come in handy. the temperatures in the upper 40s, and low 50s. we'll be scattered showers all evening. you can see the slick streets of the golden gate. it is 54 in san francisco, santa rosa 51. let's revisit the radar to show you the south westerly flow blowing off in the mountains that will produce snow above 4500 feet. back in the bay area, it is wet from apple to stanford. and across the bay, there is a longitudinal stretch of rain coming into central marin, which got pounded last night, three inches of rain around san rafael, fairfax, and sausalito. that will be spinning off the coast for tonight, but as it goes inland, be ease up on the rain. behind that, there are more
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storms on the way. to get an idea of the timing, we'll go to the futurecast. but tomorrow, scattered showers and peeks of the sun. but not for long. on futurecast, showers here and there. now some clearing tomorrow. but watch what comes, left side of the screen, bam, about midday we get a long stretch of rain from the north bay down to the santa cruz mountains, a cold front comes in, this is 2:00, and you can see the evening commute will be messed up tomorrow from all this and lingering showers into wednesday. reflected in the extended forecast, tuesday and wednesday look wet, mostly cloudy skies on thursday, a bit of a break, and friday we have some rain coming in. the last in this series of storms that began last week. by the weekend, it will dry out. finally. yes. we can use the break. >> first we complain about not enough. >> that is typical. thanks. in southern california, crews rushed to pull a construction worker out of a 40-
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foot hole after he plunged to the bottom. the victim was working on the san gabrielle railroad project when he fell and hurt his legs. he was hoisted out of the hole and taken to the hospital. an effort to rule out a statewide earthquake warning system got a jump start in the feds. >> reporter: this earthquake warning system could be the difference between life and death when an earthquake hits. >> with this notice, people can take cover. automated systems can slow down trains and manage the power grid, doctors can stop surgeries and we can protect lives. >> reporter: today, congressman adam schiff announced $5 million in federal funding for an early warning system. >> this will save lives, money, and infrastructure when an earthquake strikes. >> the system has been in
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testing for the past three years, seismologists say the technology works. the $5 million will get them closer to full implementation. >> we need to complete the system and build it out and make it fast, reliable and bulletproof before it goes pup. >> reporter: the system will eventually send out alerts through every means, like television, radio, online and cell phone, giving a couple seconds to a minute of warning depending how close you are to the epicenter. >> a few seconds or a minute doesn't sound like a lot, but the few seconds may be critical to saving lives. >> it will take about $30 million to build the full early warning system. another $12 million in annual operating costs just for california. once the funding goal is met, the system should be public within two years. this. still ahead, safeway customers should be getting
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money back. >> why a judge says the chain needs to pay up and which customers are affected. i'm ann notarangelo, on location with the hit drama "scorion." i'll show you my acting debut. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. well, cbs new hit drama scorpion is attracting fans from 8 to 80. >> our reporter ann notarangelo is watching the episode and found herself in a fitting role. >> action. >> to be honest, this was never on my bucket list. here i was, on location in malibu with the cast and crew of the cbs drama, "scorpion." i was cast as reporter number
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one, working for 84 news. which really sounds like a cable access station. never theless, i was called to the scene of a rock slide. scorpion is based on the life of walter o'brien. >> i think it is taxing on the mind. that is what smart people do. >> he is joined by a team of brilliant misfits that sound everything with the unlimited resources of homeland security. >> it is fast paced. we have a lot to tell you in an hour. >> as someone that covers real life drama, i had to remind myself that everything was fake. clearly, out of the norm for me, where the makeup and hair ladies, who would appear when i needed a touch up. robert patrick welcomed me to this land of make-believe. >> we're thrilled to have you here. you really add some authenticity to this episode.
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>> but all that love quickly disappeared when we started to talk sports. >> you have that minor league ball team up there, what was it? >> let's discuss the dodgers for a moment. >> let's do. >> how did they do? >> how can they lose all year and the wildcard wins. >> if you want to be greedy, that's your choice. i think three in the past five years is good. so you might want to share. >> i may have been type cast, but the actors delight in the idea their show doesn't have to fit a mold. >> i hear there is a video game in the works. i hope that i get to be highlighted in that one. i cross my fingers. >> it is an exciting time for team scorpion. they have been picked up for a full season. >> you gamble on whether people will watch it or not. it is rewarding to be on a show people are watching.
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>> despite working 12 to 14 hour days -- >> are you having fun? >> yes. i'm on the beach in malibu. i cannot complain. >> reporter: me either. you can see her at 9:00 here on kpix 5 and see anchors from our sister stations in los angeles, chicago, new york. and i think ken makes a cameo. >> not in this one. >> in one coming up? >> yes. it's a great show. we'll watch it tonight. back to the real world. in the next half hour, a tense standoff in sydney, australia, comes to a dramatic and deadly end. what we are leaning tonight about the gunman that held people hostage. wall street heads into a second week of losses. what pushed stocks down again today. and big money on the slopes. how much northern california resorts raked in, all this fresh powder. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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explosions and gunshots... police storm the cafe in australia.. where a gunman more than a dozen hostages f . now at 6:30, gunshots as police storm a cafe in australia where a gunman held a dozen hostages. welcome back, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> and i'm ken bastida. two people lost their lives in that exchange in addition to the gun man in sydney. several more were hurt. tonight we learn more about the man behind it all. authorities had run ins with him before. >> reporter: you can probably hear the loud explosions. >> long hours of waiting out a hostage situation ended, it ended quickly. blinding flashes, obvious force, breathtaking fleeing. all as officials moved into the
6:31 pm
lindt chocolate cafe, where a man held 17 hostages. >> they believed at that time, if they didn't enter, there would have been more lives lost. >> sources say the gunman man haron monis was shot and killed. he was no stranger to the police, he had a long list of charges. sexual assault, and murdering his wife. the self styled cleric called himself shaikh horan. video inside the cafe showed hostages holding up a black flag that said "mohammed is the prophet of god." and he wanted to speak to the prime minister. at one point at least five
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hostages escaped, around 3:00 a.m. local time, police moved in. police say it was a vicious attack, but they assure australians, they cannot attack again. >> police are not saying whether the hostages were killed by the gunman or died in the cross fire. a 34 year old man and 38 year old woman were killed. a search for a gunman is underway in pennsylvania. police say bradley william stone killed six members of his family in montgomery county. neighbors say he killed his ex- wife. he went to relatives nearby. swat teams told neighbors to stay night while they set off a device to enter a house. >> we heard the flash bang go off and that was it. we went back inside, because we didn't know if it was safe or not. >> stone is considered armed and dangerous. people are asking everyone in the area to remain inside and
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keep their doors locked during the search. two years after the school shooting in newtown, connecticut, the families of the victims are suing the manufacturer, distributor, and seller of the rifle that was used. adam lanza went on a rampage at sandy hook elementary school, killing 20 children, and six adults before he killed himself. the lawsuit claims the bushmaster ar-15 should not be publicly available because it was not designed for hunting or home defense. president obama praised american troops as they marked the end of combat operations in afghanistan and welcomed service members home for the holidays. >> let me say to all of you who have returned from afghanistan in recent weeks, on behalf of a grateful nation i want to say welcome home. you are home for the holidays. we're glad to have you back. >> the war in afghanistan is
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winding down after 13 years of fighting. well, u.s. stocks took a hit, extending losses in a second week. the drop is blamed on falling oil prices. the s&p fell 12 points, the biggest decline in two years. the. the deadline to sign up for obamacare has been extended a few days, with the high volume of people trying to sign up or change their coverage. the deadline is now december 21. it used to be tonight, at midnight. the governor of california says you have to at least start the application process, or make a good faith effort by today. well, time is running out for people sending holiday cards, presents, packages. ken. you name it. consumer watch reporter julie watts on the approaches deadlines. >> reporter: unless you want to pay extra for shipping, today is the last day to mail
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packages from the post office with standard ground shipping and be sure they get there by christmas. the last day to ship a package via fed ex is wednesday. if you rely on a retailer to ship your gift, just because the company promises it will be there in time doesn't mean the shipping company will get it there on time. in fact, a company that tracks christmas cutoff dates says retailers are being cautious about estimates this year, due to the late delivery last year. by the way, today is traditionally the busiest shipping day of the year. if you order groceries from safeway on line, you may get a refund, a california judge found they have been overcharging their online customers, marking up prices for home delivered prices by 10%. apparent violation of their own online customer agreement, which states online prices should be the same as the store. a hearing is set for january to determine how safeway will provide refunds. and have you ever wondered
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why airfare remains sky high even though gas prices are plummeting? that is a question, a new york senator is asking and he wants a federal investigation. he says airlines are making record amounts from add-on charges and still tacking on fuel charges. don't blame the lag time. airlines are quick to raise prices when oil prices go up, stag, tickets should not shoot up like a rocket and then come down like a feather. if you have a complaint, give us a call. what caused . all the postal service people are toweling off tonight. >> i feel like it is the time of year that you want to give the postman a cookie. they are working so hard out there. think about your postal workers. that's a great idea. thank you. still ahead, not what you want to see, as you wait for your holiday packages. what caused this delivery truck to spill dozens of boxes on the roadway. and white snow turning into
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green at sierra ski resorts. the boost to business from the latest storm. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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overturned in new jersey toy -- spilling packages all ov the highway. police say the driv . a fed ex truck overturned in new jersey today, spilling packages all over the highway. police say the driver swerved to avoid a tire and lost control. the driver was treated for minor injuries. fed ex sent teams to pick up the spill packages and said there would be no delivery delay. the big storms rolling across california are not just helping the drought. we see sierra ski resorts are celebrating. >> skiers and snowboarders rejoiced. as the biggest storm the area has seen in years brought fresh snow to sierra resorts. and it made way for a jam- packed weekend at ski resorts. >> there were people all over the place. there was fresh powder.
6:40 pm
it was great. >> it was opening weekend at tahoe, and people showed up to do more than ski and snowboard. >> we came out to spend time in the snow and do some hiking with my new snowshoes. >> reporter: with 15-inches of fresh snow, they opened more lifts and run earlier than years past. >> it is perfect. it is not icy, not too soft, not too hard. >> reporter: further up the mountain, they had to shut their doors friday and saturday after high winds knocked out power, but the storms drew in large crowds on sunday. >> that is what we need to get people excited. it has been happening for us. we're very pleased. >> and skiers and snowboarders could not be happier about the type of conditions they are seeing this early in the year. >> the snow is in great condition. it is nice and fast. beautiful view up top. awesome. >> we are hoping mother nature
6:41 pm
provides a lot this year. we want to see inches and feet. the snow could not have come at a better time. the schools are heading in their winter break. the resort should have a huge boost in business. they will see a bit of a boost in the snow fall as this water system moves its way into the bay area. there is another one on the way. the forecast after the break. . straight ahead. the 49ers, what happened now. nfl officiating, too little, too late. and the award winning play of the weekend, you can't miss. we're going to do it in 10 minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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the weather is sponsored by lexus. visit your local lexus dealer and test drive a lexus today. can the prisoners pull it off? how the escape from alcatraz may have been a success. i'll have the story on night beat at 10:00. and our sister station, kb cw, 44 table 12.
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brian hackney in for paul deanno. it has been raining every night. he has been empty on the rain bucket. we've got a little more rain on the way tonight. marin county picked up the most from the system that moved through, three or four inches of rain in the last few hours, there will be another distinct system in the afternoon, first, let's show you the golden gate bridge, it is slick, but the rain ease up there. further to the north, along highway 37 there is rain coming down near the sonoma county line. it is 53 at san jose, 53 in oakland. doppler shows you the action, down the santa cruz mountains and still, where it has been raining nonstop since 9:00 last night, over much of marin, we'll have showers tonight before we get a break in the wee small hours because of this culprit, which is spreading
6:46 pm
rain south from the santa cruz numbers. there are two systems, more rain on the way for tuesday, midday. then we get a break on wednesday. and then more -- i'm sorry, we get a break on thursday, and more rain on friday, friday's system doesn't look like a huge deal, but more rain tomorrow. in fact, the amounts from this should be about an inch, inch and a half. so carry an umbrella as you head out the door tomorrow. the numbers will be near 50 and widely scattered showers in the bay area. to get an idea on futurecast, overnight tonight you can see widely scattered showers tomorrow at 7:00. so if this bears out you can see some sun, clouds, and showers. it is a can't miss forecast. later in the day, you can see a distinct front moving into the bay area, so that by 3:00 in the afternoon there is widely scattered showers from the santa cruz mountains all the way up to sonoma in the north. the evening commute will be a mess tomorrow. then we'll begin to dry out. for wednesday, rain forecast
6:47 pm
from this. shows up to an inch in the north bay for the next 24 hours. same for the south bay, a little more than that for the santa cruz mountains. we'll sum it up by saying there are showers tapering off tomorrow. another showers tuesday, and a wet wednesday before a break on thursday. the numbers are not dramatic. everybody will be within a 6- degree range, 54 to 60 for highs tomorrow, in the extended forecast, we'll be looking for numbers to stay in the low 60- degree range, with rain tomorrow, about midday, and we'll continue to squeeze showers out through wednesday, and then thursday, partly cloudy skies, friday, more rain, and then finally, ladies and gentlemen, by the weekend, we'll dry it out and go to partly cloudy skies, but expect wet for tomorrow. all right. every year at this time, this is what it is all about. food for bay area families is collecting food and donations from companies throughout the bay area to exhibit the spirit of giving at this time of year, and the young woman doing that
6:48 pm
tonight is jenny linton from osi soft. >> that is a family business in san leandro? >> yes. >> and you have been donating for years to the alameda county community food bank, and susan bates is the executive director. >> thank you. we're excited about this. this is a big check for us. we are serving one out of five alameda residents, this will help to provide 135,000 meals to low income adults and seniors. >> and johnny, but it is unavoidable, $60,000, that your family run software business, osi soft contributed to the food bank. yes? >> yes. >> and you started to do this right during the recession, right around 2007 and 2008? >> we funded the first contribution by canceling the christmas party and had a local
6:49 pm
party at our office and sent the money to the food bank. >> when did you decide to do that, why did you do it at the peak of the recession. >> we saw other companies do it and thought we should do it as well. >> and that must please you no end. >> it pleases me a great deal. i love it is a family run business and that they fight hunger across the world. not just in alameda countiment i'm grateful they help us out in alameda county. >> so are we. jenny linton, osi, san leandro. thank you for your cathy who didn't want to be on the air you can help out too. we'll be back with sports after the break. thank you. ,,
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at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪
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offs...which brings . nfl up top. the 49ers officially out of the playoffs, which brings jim harbaugh's coaching future to the forefront. his guard, alex boone, admitted yesterday the rumors have been draining. >> a lot of things swirled. i'm sure they will swirl more now. we have to put it aside and stop reading the papers, stop listening to the media and focus on playing football for the next two weeks and having
6:53 pm
fun, go out and smash people in the mouth. >> the seattle defense smashed the 49ers defense in the mouth, allowing 7 points, san francisco will play its first meaningless game in the harbaugh era saturday at levi stadium, although the coach begs to differ. >> we have a lot to play for. we will play the games like our lives depend on it, play for a winning season. play for each other. play for the team. and play for the honor of the game. >> linebacker nick moody here called for roughing the passer yesterday in the fourth quarter. it was a pivotal play. we'll see it on review here. it allowed the seahawks to extend this drive and score a touchdown, that gave them a ten point lead. today, the nfl said "my bad," and admitted the official should never have made the call. >> then there is the rain dance. the last two games of the
6:54 pm
season are all about finding whether or not they will end up in the top pick in the nfl draft. according to in the race for the number one choice, the raiders have the fourth best chance to get the best pick. they have a 10% chance behind the bucs, jags, and oakland. they dropped to 10-2 yesterday. they will have some changes in the off season, lineman antonio smith had this idea. >> i would say get into the hiring process of referees or something. a lot of the plays is just playing football, and penalties get called. it seems to me like a lot of them get called on us, but hey, man, i don't know. i ain't looked at the film to see what it is. but, man, the referees is going to be referees. >> he will get a note on that one. in baseball, chase utley
6:55 pm
resigned with the yankees, four year deal, worth $52 million. the giants were in hot pursuit of headley. san francisco was in the running foraged lowrie, but today, the stanford product kind a $23 million deal to return to the astros. all right. here come the plays of the weekend. because you waited long enough. this kobe bryant free throw against the timberwolves bolted him against michael jordan for third all-time on the nba scoring list. the johnny manziel money sign at texas a&m, but it was the bengals defense that cashed in yesterday. manziel's first nfl start for the browns a 30-0 loss. oh, my. lacey for the win. looks like it, but on review, he was a tenth of a second too late. wofford upset n. c. state.
6:56 pm
yeah. to golf, ladies golf, you know what happens here. get an ace, win a car. so here is georgia hall. 18 and doesn't have a driver's license. they look to retrieve it, but tyson chandelier slapped it away. the shoe belonged to speights, who played on with a shoe until a time-out was called. just something the coach might have missed. >> his shoe looked like a 2 by 4 going through the air. >> you compared to those, oh, my. oh, boy. my bad. for news throughout the evening, check on
6:57 pm
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[music] announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [applause and cheering] [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: hi, y'all. thank you all very much. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. got a good one for you today. we've got a family here returning for their fourth day. with a total of 21,630 bucks. from right here in atlanta, georgia. it is the grier family! [cheering and applause] and from kennett, missouri, it's the stuerke family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here a brand new head-turning ford fusion hybrid. yeah. [cheering] steve: let's play "feud"! give me stacy. give me kenny. let's go. [music]
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[clapping] >> go, megan! steve: fellas, here we go. top 8 answers on the board. in order to save time, name something you might do while you are on the john. [ring] kenny. >> brush my teeth. steve: brush your teeth, wow. [applause] [bell] [cheering] steve: stacy. >> i like to read. steve: i like to read. [applause] [bell] [cheering] >> we're going to play, steve. steve: let's go. [cheering] steve: hey, stacy, how are you doing, man? >> i'm great. what a pleasure to meet you. steve: what is that you're all wearing? >> these are cotton boutonnieres. steve: cotton? >> cotton boutonnieres. [laughter] >> we are from kennett, missouri. >> cotton country. >> which is cotton country. i'll let diane tell the story. >> our dad farmed in a small farm in southeast missouri, and every summer we had to work. so the boys would drive the tractors, i got stuck in the cotton field, chopping cotton. so it wasn't worth much m,


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