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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 18, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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prison. in san rafael, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> the surgeon had to use a pair of bolt cutters to remove that knife from his skull. the doctor says if jimmy tried to pull it out himself it probably would have killed him. tweets from a san jose police officer have sparked a storm of outrage and nationwide controversy. that officer is on paid leave. but as kpix 5's christian hartnett reports, dozens of people are marching tonight demanding that officer be fired. christian. >> reporter: that's right. the march is going on right now. they are going through the streets of san jose. it began at the santa clara county government building. it will end here at the san jose police department headquarters. and as you mentioned, they are here calling for the firing of san jose police officer phillip white. white obviously involved in some controversy making national news for some tweets that he sent some posts that he put on twitter.
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um, that have been described as anti-protest tweets. currently, right now, white is on paid administrative leave while the department takes a look at this and investigates. but right now, 13,000 signatures on their way. protestors bringing those 13,000 signatures, took about two days for them to gather those signatures and they will be delivering them right here at the steps of the police department. now, before this, at the santa clara county government building, they had another thing on their agenda to do. they also aimed to pressure the santa clara county d.a.'s office about charges against it was san jose state university police officers who shot and killed a man back in february. police say that man charged at them with the saw before they opened fire. as we stand right now, we see or hear a chopper overhead. we are still waiting for the protestors to make their way here to the san jose police department to deliver the 13,000 signatures calling for the firing of officer white. we will send you updates as
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they come in. live in san jose, christian hartnett, kpix 5. hundreds of public defenders took a stand today in support of racial justice outside the criminal courthouse in san francisco. the lawyers wore shirts that said, "black lives matter." attorneys say that they see the racial imbalance in the court system. and they are standing in solidarity with nationwide protests in the wake of the grand jury decisions not to indict white police officers in the deaths of black men in ferguson and new york. today's rally was part of a larger movement of public defenders. this was the scene outside the courthouse in oakland today. attorneys say them officer- involved shootings to be investigated in a public courtroom instead of by a grand jury. also tonight, oakland police want to find out if there's something sinister behind this. it appears to be a noose hanging from a tree in frank ogawa plaza. a journalist posted that picture on instagram suggesting that it may be related to the
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recent "black lives matter" protests. that's not the first symbol to appear recently. a group of anonymous artists claimed responsibility for effigies of black men and women hanging by nooses on the uc- berkeley campus. that group said that it was meant to give historical context to today's marches for racial justice. switching gears, taking a live look at dark clouds over san jose, no, it wasn't a mirage, parts of the bay area actually saw a little bit of sun today. but don't get too used to it. meteorologist paul deanno is live in newark looking at the next storm just around the corner. paul. >> reporter: sunshine, what's that? first time in a long time we had some sunshine. a little bit of a break between storms. but the next one will be here tonight. tomorrow morning it will be raining again. kpix 5 high-def doppler radar showing the rain is still very far away from the bay area. it is still to the north and west of eureka but it will get here in very short order. as i show you futurecast, by
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11:00 tonight, those of you in north sonoma, mendocino and lake counties will already be receiving the next round of rainfall. here's the change of the timing. the past several days it's been the evening commute. tomorrow it will be your morning commute. we have futurecast stopped at 6 a.m. that front right through the bay area means rain and a messy drive tomorrow morning. it will be finished most of it by late afternoon tomorrow. so it's the morning, not the evening commute tomorrow, where it will be raining. i'm standing out here live with mobile weather tonight in newark because one of the most famous christmas lights houses in america is right here in the bay area. and it's right over my shoulder. we are going to have the lights fired up at 5:18. so hang out for that. for now, we are waiting for the rain to return. back to you. >> thank you. homeowners are rushing to take advantage of this brief break in the rain to repair their storm damage. don ford reports, roofers can barely keep up with the flood of calls. reporter: when the sun
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comes out the ladders go up. the heavy rains have homeowners rushing to find roofers because -- >> we have a leak. >> reporter: -- even a newer home like this one isn't spared. roof leaks are sending water dripping into homes in the bay area and getting someone to fix it is tough. >> i called three different places. no one could take me. they had huge waiting lists. i finally called a better roofing company and they came here today. >> reporter: at least her leak is in a more convenient spot. the bathroom directly over her shower soaking the ceiling and causing a water bubble under the paint. but at least not ruining anything under that. >> some kind of vent right there. so it gives me ideas what to look at. >> reporter: water leaks can sometimes be tricky. on the roof, even the smallest hole or gap can be a big problem. >> see where rubber is worn out. >> reporter: work has been nonstop. >> lately i have been working seven days a week about 12 hours a day trying to keep up with the volume. >> hopefully it will be fixed and then it will be real
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congratulations. >> pay the bill. >> i will indeed. [ laughter ] >> reporter: even if you have a small leak, don't put off getting it repaired because little leaks often become big problems later on. in pleasanton, don ford, kpix 5. >> the storms are forcing state parks officials to close angel island for the weekend. there is a waste water system overflow at the park. although the overflow is treated water, park staff decided the closure is needed to allow the system to recover from the excess water brought in by the storms. police in menlo park are investigating a very violent robbery. four suspects made off with $18,000. the armed men were wearing masks when they attacked and beat a cashier at el rancho market on willow road. this happened on tuesday about 6:30 p.m. another cashier was held at gunpoint and forced to hand over the $18,000 from the check- cashing booth. those suspects still on the loose. >> a second day of cheering on wall street today.
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the dow soared more than 400 points for its best day in three years. investors were celebrating. the federal reserve pledged it would be patient in raising interest rates. also good news, jobless claims fell the lowest level in six weeks. the dow closed up 421 points. nasdaq added 104. the s&p advanced 48 points. meanwhile, sony surrenders to some hackers. tonight outrage in hollywood over what this means for the future of film and how the u.s. could fight back. >> it's about as low as you can get at christmastime. >> caught on camera. a heart-stopping theft. what two grown men did to steal a barbie corvette. >> it pays to be a procrastinator sometimes, but you have to act fast. how online shoppers can cash in on freebies in the next few hours. ,, ,,,,,,
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business... the cyber attack on sony pictures could end up being the
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most damaging attack ever on a u.s. business. today crews pulled down the billboards the movie "the interview" after sony decided to cancel its release. hackers were threatening physical violence to movie- goers. the comedy involves a plot to kill north korean leader kim jong-un. federal investigators have linked the cyber attack to north korea. but white house officials stopped short of confirming that today. the u.s. is considering a range of options in its response to the attack. sanctions or a cyber counterattack are not being ruled out. >> regardless of who, um, is found to be responsible for this the president considers it to be a serious national security matter and it's being treated as such. >> it costs about $40 million to make "the interview" but the final total of the hack could run into the hundreds of millions of dollars. in place of showing "the interview," several movie theaters plan to run this film,
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team america. paramount pictures has ordered the theaters to cancel those screenings. it's a 2004 comedy that also knocked north korean leader. a steve carell movie about north korea has also been pulled now. it was supposed to be a thriller but fox backed out of distributing that film. a date is set for the trial of suspended state senator leland yee. he is among 28 people charged in a complex 228-count indictment. chinatown association leader raymond "shrimp boy" chow is also accused of running an organized crime enterprise. today the trial judge said jury selection will begin june 1 with opening statements due to start on june 22. the accused boston marathon bomber was back in court today. security was tight outside the federal courthouse in boston. dzhokhar tsarnaev's lawyer told the judge he wanted to delay the trial which was scheduled to start next month.
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during the hearing, the mother- in-law of a man shot and killed by police during the investigation shouted encouragement to tsarnaev. he didn't acknowledge the shout. people in cuba appear to be pretty eager to see what new relations with the u.s. could do for their country. many are looking for a boost in tourism. and the injection of money being brought in. travel would be less restrictive for tourists and more lucrative for locals. >> the u.s. is the biggest economic power in the world and can bring economic change in tourism [ through interpreter ] >> most of the sanctions will be the same for now unless president obama can convince congress to lift 53-year-old economic embargo. there's a spike in interest in cuba tourism in the last day according to trip adviser. searches involving cuba skyrocketed 293% yesterday. two shoplifters sure to be
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on santa's naughty list. wait until you see the distraction they used to steal barbies. >> and he has his pick of "a" list movies but he can't do public service. why a judge kicked brad pitt out of jury duty. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ended in tragedy last night. a suspected drunk driver plowed i a christmas concert at a southern california church ended in tragedy last night. a suspended drunk driver plowed into the crowd as they left. two 80-year-old women were killed and a mother of three. nine others were injured including five children between the ages of 5 and 14. >> just seen car come through, everybody here people were flying in the air. >> police charged 56-year-old margo bronstein with felony vehicular manslaughter and dui. what looks like thousands of rods and bolts on the new eastern span of the bay bridge will remain in place. we'll know for sure when the bridge oversight committee meets tomorrow. after 32 of those fasteners snapped last year, investigators found the failed rods lacked a basic property that resists cracking. the new report says the rest of the rods and bolts are safe because they are tougher. other bay area headlines.
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gym-goers had a huge scare in concord earlier today. this honda insight burst through the wall at the willow shopping center's ufc gym. chp says the driver an 81-year- old woman accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake. nobody was hurt in the collision. low-income families in the south bay will have another chance to receive boxes of holiday food tomorrow. this was day one of sacred heart community service two-day food distribution program. the charity expects 3500 families will take part. this is the 50th anniversary of the holiday event. couple of thieves are in jail after quite the elaborate shoplifting attempt at a florida walmart. the suspects put a lot of heart into it. >> this is a crazy world. >> reporter: some holiday trickery inside a busy lakees walmart. investigators say these two men picked up a cart full of toys including a huge barbie car and
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house. but instead of paying, watch closely. a person falls to the ground, grabs his chest and fakes a heart attack. as soon as a couple of people notice, this goes his buddy scott with all his toys in tow. >> we have seen diversions before. so it's not original. but it was pretty interesting. he didn't even go down hard on the ground. >> reporter: check it out. as soon as he notices the coast is clear, suddenly he is pain- free, free like the $400 in toys that just rolled out of the store. >> that's a christmas miracle. you see he started out with a heart attack. >> reporter: the sheriff says the duo clearly didn't know deputies are working closely with department stores this holiday season to find thieves especially the clever ones who think they have gotten away with it. this smirk says it all. >> after a heart attack, what's next. >> it's incredible. i don't know. they must have spent hours thinking of these diversions and the things that they can do to get over other people.
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>> reporter: turns out judd says loss prevention officers are trained to watch for these type of stunts and here's a textbook example why. >> we have now welcomed them to the county jail for a very merry christmas. >> one of the suspects had just been released from prison after serving 10 years for armed robbery. both men are charged with grand theft. something tells me you don't want to cross that cop ever. meteorologist paul deanno is live checking out a pretty impressive light display over in newark. paul, we can see some of it going off right behind you. >> reporter: i'll tell you what, this is a really cool christmas display not only because of the thousands of lights but because of the music that all these lights are set to. if you can hear, i'm going to shut up in a second here, it's all set to "star wars" music thousands of lights here in newark at the corner of lafayette and ruskin. the owner of the house is tom, he set up the lights in a month. he is a music teacher and created a christmas lights
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display set up to "star wars" music. take a listen. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: it may be hard it hear but it sounds amazing. you can stop by. it's out here in newark once again. about 500 to 1,000 people drive by or stop by every night here in newark at the corner of lafayette and ruskin. a beautiful christmas light display set to some pretty cool music. "star wars" music including the say sabre fight on the roof right now. take you to the golden gate bridge, where we have current temperatures outside generally in the upper 50s. san jose 58. san francisco 58. livermore 57. we were dry today. we are clear for now on the radar. but as soon as midnight tonight, rain will return to the bay area. lows overnight tonight with mainly cloudy skies, mountain view 50, napa 51, fremont 51. vallejo 50. we have a cold front on approach. it's still several hours to the north but it will bring us rainfall overnight. it will bring rainfall tomorrow
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especially for the morning commute. we have had a ton of rain over the past week and a half. the wettest beginning to a december ever here in the bay area. we'll add to the rainfall totals tomorrow. if you are watching us in san francisco, san mateo county or the east bay, you will likely get .25" to half inch of rainfall tomorrow morning. the south bay up to quarter inch of rain. the north bay takes the cake a half inch to inch of rain by midafternoon tomorrow. cloudy tonight, rain moving in from the north off-and-on rain throughout the day on friday but mainly friday morning. we'll begin drying out tomorrow evening and the drying really begins later on this weekend into next week. we need a break. we have had mud slides and flooding. we won't see that during christmas week. highs tomorrow, low 60s with morning rainfall in san rafael. concord 59. san jose 62. and redwood city 61 degrees. your extended forecast we are calling for wet weather tomorrow morning. mainly cloudy but dry on saturday. the sunnier choice over the
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weekend is sunday. partly to mostly sunny skies through thursday highs in the mid-60s. back out here live at the "star wars" christmas house, the video for this place has gone viral. tens of millions of people have seen this online. and you if you want to drive by it's a public street, swing on by and get out of the car and check out this pretty cool house. i'll tell you what, they have done a great job here with the christmas lights display. one gentleman took him a month to get everything together and set it to music and i'm a "star wars" junkie so this is cool to be listening to the music and then seeing everything behind. so you know, there are worse places to spend a thursday evening than in front of this house. >> that is so neat. it is, it's really creative. it's amazing how he did it and choreographed the whole thing to music. it's awesome. >> reporter: and it's not just "star wars." he also has let it go and i joke that every parent out there is like no, don't play that song. [ laughter ] >> but yes, it does go to let it go, as well. it's cool. >> thank you. well, lots of people would
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love to spend, you know, a couple of days hanging out with brad pitt except for the l.a. criminal court. the hollywood "a" lister was dismissed from jury duty for being, quote, too, distracting. hey, he did his civic duty. he was ready to go down there. he even showed up reported for court. he was ready to go. but the court said his presence on a jury would take attention from the trial. >> hm. well, a perk for holiday procrastinators. but better get clicking. the online freebies for last- minute shopping tonight. ,,
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some, or all, of your holid shopping on-line, tonight m be a good time to do it. if you are still planning to do some or all of your holiday shoppping online tonight, might be a good time to do it. as kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, it's free shipping day. >> reporter: when shopping online, how important is free shipping to you? >> very important. it's a deal breaker. >> because i think that's part of doing business online. >> reporter: are you willing to add more to your cart just to
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get free shipping? >> yeah. sometimes. >> i have done it before. >> reporter: but it likely depends on how much you have to add. the "wall street journal" estimates retailers require you spend an average of $82 to qualify for free shipping up from $76 last year and half abandoned the shops if they didn't qualify for the minimum. >> sometimes i don't see the point if i don't need anything else. >> reporter: today's the day for you. it's the 7th annual free shipping day where more than 1,000 retailers are offering free shipping with guaranteed christmas eve delivery and no minimum order. free shipping lists the participating retailers along with promo codes and special deals and rebate sites like e bates also have a list of stores offering free shipping. if you clip through their site first you get cash back, too. but be careful. unlike those listed on, some require a minimum order. although nerd wallet says there are ways around that, too. >> look for free in store pickup at local brick and mortar retailers. >> reporter: and something
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else, the promise of delivery by christmas eve. >> a store can guarantee you christmas delivery. but they can't guarantee you the weather. lots of things can happen in transit between now and december 24 that may mean your gift does not arrive on time for christmas. >> reporter: what you do do make sure it gets there on time. >> you have to start shopping early. >> i don't shop at the last minute. >> i'm done. >> reporter: good for you. now, for those of us procrastinators a warning. for most stores, free shipping day ends at 11:59 eastern time that means you only have a little over 3.5 hours left to take advantage. but amazon is extending its free shipping deadline to december 19 and prime members have until december 22. >> all right, thank you. tonight jill schlesinger has some useful holiday gift ideas for job seekers. >> reporter: are you looking for the perfect gift for someone on a job hunt? younger seekers and seasoned workers returning to the job search can benefit from a consultation with a certified resume' writer.
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happy shopping. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. ,,,, female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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tonight: a car is charred.. i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 newsroom. here's what's new at 6:00 tonight. we have lots of news coming up at 6:00. ken, i'll see up then. >> all right, veronica. we'll see you. well, a car is -- >> that's it for us tonight. we'll see you back here at 6:00. for the latest news and weather are always on our website, >> "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight from havana, >> pelley: tonight from havana, where the world changed overnight, cubans stuck in the past are now looking toward a future without an embargo. >> the average cuban is ecstatic. >> pelley: and u.s. corporations are ready to make a 90-mile dash for dollars. the white house considers what it calls a proportionate response to the cyber attack against sony, and there's angry reaction to the decision to pull "the interview" after a terror threat. >> i think it's a coward way to go out. >> pelley: most americans are enjoying those falling gas prices, but manuel bojorquez reports they could cost tens of thousands of people their jobs. and a sign of changing times in cuba. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley


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