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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 20, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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studios, this is kpix5 news. >> just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, tonight, not even a 90-yard kaepernick touchdown run could save the niners from themselves. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich, ann notarangelo is off tonight. >> and i'm brian hackney. dennis o'donnell joins us with how the niners had a lead and blew it. >> it is unbelievable. the drama of the season gets better and better or worse and worse. the 49ers are surely out of the playoffs. this marked the second worst blown lead in team history. the last time, 1965. the jim harbaugh era is not ending on a high note. they led san francisco 28-7 at the half. the game went to overtime. the 49ers got the ball firstment he appeared to be on the move. a possible field goal.
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but quentin patton fumbles the football. one of three turnovers by san francisco. san diego marched right down on the field and set up novak to win it. the chargers and the 49ers, their fourth straight loss. >> i thought it was over. san diego kept fighting. and they go our way. they made plays when they have to make plays. >> not much to say other than keep fighting. get our last regular season win. that will be the goal. but it's a tough one. everybody feels it. >> so jim harbaugh could have just one game left. a poll on show 67% wants jim harbaugh to stay. a decision on his future will not come until after the season which is next week. >> that had a range of emotion. >> never seen the 49ers play a game like that. it was a microcosm of their
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entire season. >> when you sea decision at the end of the season, do you mean within 24 hours after the end of the season or a few weeks or what? >> the speculation is they want to work out a trade. jim harbaugh want has a another year on the contract. speculation is it is going to happen. >> thank you dennis. well california is ending the year in much better shape than the niners at least when it comes to jobs. businesses hired 90,000 last month dropping the unemployment rate to 7.2%. numbers look pretty good right? tonight andria borba explains why so many people are still worried about their financial future. >> reporter: the crowds and cars pouring in on this final saturday before christmas seemed to indicate people are ready to shop. >> first for my mother-in-law. a bunch of stuff for my kids. >> can't go wrong.
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>> it was matched by the crush of humanity inside. >> reporter: amid the retail frenzy, there were stuffed shopping bags. >> it depends on what happens next month when the credit card bill comes. >> reporter: that hesitation doesn't meet with the job reports. former california employment director michael burneck is not surprised. he says the rise in part time and freelance work without benefit the explanation. >> it is the reason why if you talk to most people in california, they don't feel so good about it even if the numbers show job gains. the numbers are real. i think most people would say that they feel much less secure. much less stable. much more on the precipice than they did before. they are right. >> reporter: the bay area got 25% of the new jobs but they were not spread across every field. ask registered nurse diedre. >> it is really difficult to
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get your blue collar worker as a nurse. where if i went to engineering school, i would probably have a job the next day after i graduated because that is what silicon valley is. they are more into the techies. >> reporter: amid the sales, there is a sense that things are better than years past. >> a lot better because i do have a steady job now. last year, i didn't have a very steady job. so, this year, i'm financially secure in what i'm getting and how i feel about what i still have. >> yeah, we had some layoffs at the company. so definitely this year is a lot better than years past. >> reporter: like a visit to santa's lap, not perfect. in san jose, andria borba, kpix5. >> we are seeing some of the highest high tides of the year in the bay area. the so called king tides will peak over the next three days. the surface especially rough at ocean beach. it will get rougher and high tore next couple of days.
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tides have caused flooding in marin county. they closed the ramps at the stinson beach exit. it happens all the time. monday is when it is supposed to peak. we could see flooding on the embarcadero in san francisco. there is a flood warning posted tonight. it will cover all of this in detail. along with a forecast in a few minutes. many bay area police officers will be wearing black bands over their badges in a sign of respect for the two new york police officers shot and killed today. wendy gillette reports from brooklyn. >> reporter: this is the police car two new york city police officers were siting in when a man walked up and shot them execution style saturday afternoon. >> they were quite simply assassinated. >> reporter: police commissioner william bratten says the suspect identified as 28-year-old ismaaiyl brinsley fired from the passenger side
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ever the patrol car striking both officers in the head. >> officer liu and officer ramos never had the chance to draw their weapons. >> reporter: the suspect ran to a nearby subway station where he shot and killed himself. police say brinsley was on the run after shooting and injuring his exgirlfriend in baltimore saturday morning. he posted from her instagram account just three hours before killing the officers. the caption reads i'm putting wings on pigs today. they take one of ours, let's take two of theirs. shoot the police. rip eric garner, rip mike brown. this may be my final post. the shooting happened in front of the housing projects. just two minutes after the nypd received a fax from baltimore police warning them that brinsley may be headed to new york. >> every new yorker should feel they too were attacked. our entire city was attacked by this heinous individual.
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>> reporter: the officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu were on duty from another precinct assisting in a special initiative to fight crime in the housing projects. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. police are looking for the vandals two did this. chopping down and spray painting a sign that honored four oakland officers killed in 2009. there is speculation that antipolice protesters may be behind this. opd says the sign will be repaired and the officers' sacrifices will never be forgotten. a 17-year-old boy attacked a chp officer with a machete and the officer had to shot and killed him. he was trying to help the boy after he hit a telephone pole in humboldt county. four detainees from guantanamo bay are back in their home in afghanistan
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tonight. 182 detainees are still at guantanamo as the so-called war on terror. the afghan government is expected to set them free. a big turnout tonight for a memorial for the 132 children murdered in pakistan. hundredsover people filled the steps of the state capital to condemn the taliban attack. they say this has nothing to do with religion. it was a terrorist attack and the terrorists must be stopped. >> the terrorists have no religion, no color. they have no faith. okay? they are not muslims at all. if they believe they are muslims, no, they are not. and we all need to unite regardless of our religion, regardless of our age, regardless of our colors. we must defeat them. >> the taliban says it was pay back for the target of militants. bill maher was at uc berkeley
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where christin ayers shows us he got a mixed reception. >> reporter: median and talk show host bill maher greeted with applause and silent protest. a few had signs reading dear administration. don't maher our commencement. >> come on, it's berkeley. i hope i can speak freely here. >> reporter: the outspoken comedian came under fire after criticizing islam for extremism on his hbo show realtime. >> based on reality. we are not making it up that in the muslim world, it is mainstream belief. >> reporter: today, he addressed the controversy only indirectly urging graduates to reject group think and stand up for free speech. >> i recognize that this
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university on the 50th anniversary of the berkeley free speech movement made a statement by choosing me for this speech and i would like to say that i appreciate that and i would also like to say i think you made the right statements. >> i really felt like ... >> reporter: for hannah, a muslim graduating today, it was hard to watch. >> on multiple occasions, iowansed to stand up and yell free speech is not hate speech. >> reporter: she sat silently refusing to clap. she accepted her diploma but says her relationship with uc berkeley has changed. >> i don't know if i can support a university that doesn't care that i wasn't comfortable with this commencement speaker. >> christin ayers, kpix5. and a food coming to oakland is turned away at the
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shipment. that is considered a top threat by the ag department. 88,000 pounds of rice were sent back to india last month. also returned more than a million pounds of soybeans. former hewlett packardceo is getting ready to run for president. she is hiring staff on the republican ticket. her announcement could come as early as next month. she ran for a u.s. senate seat in california back in 2010 and lost. it has been four decades since diane von furtenburg became an icon in the creation of the wrap dress. elizabeth cook sat down with her. >> reporter: when diane was in her late 20s , she made a bold prediction. >> i was very arrogant. i saidly retire by 30 because i was very successful very, very early. >> reporter: that may be common here in the bay area now where
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a lot of people are successful at a young age. but this was back in 1972. and it was coming from a woman with a trunkful of dresses. >> so i was lucky that by door was fashion. because, it gave me confidence and made me independent, and it just turns out that it was making other women too. grow very strong the first time right? >> reporter: by 1976, she had sold 1 million of her iconic wrap dresses and was on the cover of news week. >> i love that quote. feel like a woman, wear a dress. >> and it was so strange, because that moment, i took that picture. and i took that picture, i sat on the cube. and then we ran that as an announcement for women. but the wide cube was very big on the page. and i said oh, it is so wide and so big. i said write something on it. and i just took my fountain pen
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and i wrote feel like a woman, wear a dress. >> reporter: that phrase became an anthem in the 70s not just as a fashion statement but for women. >> i couldn't imagine being a man. i wouldn't want to, really. again, another thing my mother told me is that it was a privilege to be a woman. and it was an advantage. >> reporter: now the 40th anniversary of the wrap dress is being honored with an exhibit. journey of the dress. >> reporter: when you first put that wrap dress on and it fit perfectly, did you know you had something really special? >> it was not just the dress, it was discovering the fabric and making it, you know, work on the body of a woman. and it being super practical. and proper and sexy at the same time. i always used someone's quote who once told me it is the dress you get the man in and his mother doesn't mind. >> reporter: fashion is such a
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fickle business even when the economy is booming. you are either in or out. how do you stay relevant? >> life is a journey. the landscape change, it rains, mountains, the lake, people come in, people leave. but you are always with yourself. and it is always your journey. >> reporter: she doesn't shy away from set backs both in love and business. in her memoir, the woman i wanted to be. >> when i was true to myself, things would be good. when i diverged, it didn't. >> reporter: that dress is now over 40 years old, but her ideas are still contemporary. >> now my goal is to leave a legacy. you know. and to make sure that for my work, my product, my brand, everything stands for what i
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believe in and what i would like to say. in the end, all of it is one mission. to empower women. >> reporter: elizabeth cook, kpix5. the finale of house of df airs tomorrow night. let's get behind the scenes of this coastal flood advisory. it was a hard segway going in. it was not easy coming out. as we get the surf's up out there. we have breakers up to 24 feet off show and the king tides are back. the time of the year you would think as we approached the winter solstice that the earth would be far away from the sun. but this time of the year, the earth is getting closer and closer to the sun. you get tides every year this time of year in december, in january, in february. near 6.7 feet tides around quarter of 11 tomorrow morning
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and they will be high again on monday, tuesday. high-def lop dear is not showing us much. we have some sprinkles, the streets are slick, especially in the north bay. we have temperatures in the 50s . and that is about where we will start out with. tomorrow morning, a little cooler with numbers in the low to mid 50s . a few scattered showers favoring the north bay. everybody else tomorrow will finally begin to clear it out. and we get increasing sunshine for the bay area, but notice the north bay on the future cast as we will freeze this. you can see most of the scattered shower activity is right up here for the rest of the bay area, we get clouds and as we continue the loop, you can see a few showers reseeding up into sonoma county by 3:00 in the afternoon. the rest of the day, you see sun coming out in much of the bay area. it should be a beautiful finish to sunday and a clear night tomorrow night. didn't pick up too much in the last 24 hours in the rainfall department with seven- hundredths of an inch at
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dublin. eight-hundredths of an inch at brent wood. you can still see that the golden gate bridge is wet. there are some fog forming tonight. light showers north of the bridge. slowly drying out tomorrow. christmas week for the most part does look dry. with increasing sunshine and temperatures getting to dangerously close to 70 degrees. by lateener the week. mid 60s tomorrow for san francisco. partly cloudy skies. rain tomorrow if you are mendocino and north. overnight lows will be in the mid 50s . about five to 10 degrees warmer than average for overnight lows. daytime highs, mid 60s are also warmer than average. and for the east bay, not much variation. 62 at brentwood. 65 fairfield. 63 at concord. 64 pleasanton. in the north bay, we will look for some showers tonight. a few very light showers tomorrow morning and clear it out to the mid 60s in the far north bay. we will look at 55 at lake
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port. extended forecast calling for increasing sunshine as we head toward christmas. numbers will be in the mid 60s for the most part this week and we will keep it sunny for the latter half of the week as it gets a little keeler. so we will dry it out over the bay area and talk about getting a dry spell. dennis. >> no kidding. hot temperatures in weather. the 49ers had the best offense of the year, but then came the second half and you will not believe what happened. ,,,,,,
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display of offense and defee as >> with the playoffs in the rear-view mirror, the 49ers put on an epic display of offense and defense as they destroyed the chargers. then came an implosion of unprecedented magnitude. jim harbaugh wondering if it is snowing in michigan tonight. there he goes. the first interception return of his career. 21-0. they led 28-7 at halftime. okay? third quarter, 28-21. colin kaepernick can't find anybody. so he takes off up the middle. look at him go. 90 yards for the touchdown. this is the colin kaepernick we have missed all season. 49ers led 35-21. he rushed. phillip rivers to malcolm floyd. tied game and we go to overtime. 49ers got the ball first start
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in overtime. quentin patton looks like he will be in field goal range. but he fumbles. chargers need a field goal off that turnover now. to win the game. they got into field goal range. this is nick novak from 40 yards out and the comeback is complete. they blow the lead, 28-7. they lose 38-35. here is vern glenn at levi stadium. >> the ball came out. i didn't get it high and tight like i'm coached to be. >> that is one of my close friends. i want to let him know this isn't your fault. >> have you been through a game like this? >> no. we have had losing seasons and stuff. but, you know, not with the
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pass. it has been weird. >> it has been a tough year for our team. it is hard to win when you don't have your top guys. >> right now, maybe not much to say. keep fighting. maybe get your regular season win. that is tough. >> yeah, tough for vern glenn, my producer told me vern was so devastated he couldn't do standup. sharks try to stay hot on the ice and the amazing comeback by a local high school team in the state championship. better news ahead. a hot chocolate?
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ho ho ho... we'll all have hot cocoa! ma'am, need a strong pot of joe. the all new keurig 2.0.
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county schools were playingn state championships tonight. including de la salle who w going for their fourth titl five years.... justin alumbaugh and the artans ranked third >> three teams from contra costa schools were playing in state championships including de lasalle. centennial in the third. antoine custer gets lasalle a lead. they win 63-42. talk about points allowed. it is the spartan's six state title in 2007. el capitan. minutes ago, tied at 28, el capitan about to take the lead. tiger garcia knocked the ball loose. they cooked it up and went 85 yards for the touchdown. that is their first ever state
11:29 pm
title. good for them. division three title game. fourth quarter, clayton valley trailing redland. the ugly eagles quarterback. nate cesic scores it himself. on the ensuing extra point. rather than block the kick to keep it the one-point game. he kept the extra point. they win the state title. how about the ice? sharks looking for their fifth win in a row against saint louis. overtime, brent burns, paced, the sharks come back to win 3462 in overtime. san jose is red hot. they have won 9-10. they saved the coaching job in the process. byu. cougars up 79-77. five seconds left. winder misses the free-throw. the cardinal, a chance. jason randall misses the shot at the buzzer at byu hangs on 79-77. the cardinals are 6-3. finally,
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vandemere. vols leading, jasmine jones. tennessee up 13. they win 59-40. how about this? the first time that the cardinals have lost back to back games in four years. so, a tough night for some teams. congratulations to camp olindo. >> how about the raider ins. >> the raiders on channel 5. they are looking really good at home right? they have beaten the rams there. no, they have beaten the 49ers there. >> all right,. >> hopefully keep it going. >> back in a minute. ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> well you will come back tomorrow right? ann is off. >> i'll be here. thank you very much for watching tonight. >> two-and-a-half men is next i guess. ,,
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