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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 23, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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update is at 7:26. >> jim harbaugh 51 today. >> 51? >> there you go. >> all right. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday, december 23rd 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." protesters defy the new york mayor's plea to stop demonstrations. nypd commissioner bill bratton is in studio 57. >> and a delta baggage handler is accused of smuggling loaded guns into the cabin of a passenger plane. plus heavy snow and rain threatened to dampen the holiday cheer for millions of travelers this christmas. >> but we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. in this tragedy, maybe we find some way of moving forward.
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some how knit our city together. >> he wants a temporary pause to weeks of protest. >> the surveillance video capturing the shooter. >> last night the widow spoke out publicly. >> we will get through this together. >> a major storm in time for the holiday getaway. >> this is going to push off to the east. it does look like travel will be difficult. difficult. >> we are not going to comment except to say as we implement the responses, some will be seen, some may not. >> go, go go. >> drivers terrorized by road rage on a freeway. a delta baggage handler charged with gun trafficking. he's accused of smuggling firearmses into new york city on passenger jets. >> belgium's prime minister came under messy attack by activist. he was doused. >> it's over! and now we have a fight on the field. this is ugly.
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a great game. come on. you can't do that. it's a bengals touchdown! >> and all that matters. ♪ let it go ♪ >> surprising performance by students going viral this morning. >> on cbs this morning. ♪ a little help from my friends ♪ >> friends and family are remembering legendary singer joe cocker. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. and welcome to cbs this morning. i'm anthony mason. charlie, norah and gayle are off. new york city's major says protests and debates over police violence need to stop. until two murdered policemen are laid to rest. he spoke after visiting the families of nypd officers rafael
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ramos and wenjian liu. >> some are already ignoring mayor de blasio's request. they accuse him of trying to stifle free speech. demonstrators say they still need do be held accountable. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this memorial continues to grow drastically by the hour as a steady stream of people have been coming here to lay flowers or light candles or pay respects. family members have been speaking out about the loved ones they lost. walking slowly down the steps of her brooklyn home, the widow of officer wenjian liu gathered herself and spoke of the husband she married just two months ago. >> this is a difficult time for both of our families. but we will stand together and get through this together. >> she also thanked the
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community for itself support. >> i would like to express our gratitude to the police department, our neighbors, the entire new york city community. friends and coworkers. for their help. that's what they provide. >> embattled new york city mayor bill de blasio who has been criticized visited the homes of both slain officers yesterday and called for any protests to temporarily cease. >> all i can say is this is a time for every new yorker to think about the families. to put aside protests to put aside demonstrations, until these funerals are passed. let's focus just on these families and what they have lost. >> but later de blasio defendeded the rights of peaceful protesters and argued the media was creating divisions. >> what you manage to do is pull up the few who do not represent
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the majority who are saying unacceptable things and some who physically attack police officers. which i've said is unacceptable. >> commissioner bratton tried to tone down the anger directed towards the mayor by many of his officers. >> can you point out to me one mayor who has not been battling with the police unions in the last 50 years? name name one. name one. so the experience of this man in terms of some cops not liking him, it's nothing new. >> this shows ismaaiyl brinsley inside a shopping mall hours before he fired at close range into the officers' parked patrol car. >> we're going to look for additional assistance from the public. police believe the motive for the murder was anger over the recent deaths of black men during police encounters.
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brinsley posted some 119 anti-government comments on social media. the funeral for officer ramos is scheduled for this saturday and the nypd is making arrangements to bring the relatives of officer liu in from china so they can attend his funeral. anthony? >> thanks. commissioner bill bratton is with us now. good morning commissioner. >> good morning. >> first, let me offer our condolences on the loss of officers ramos and liu. >> thank you. >> you've suspended patrols by auxiliary officers. detectives are working in teams of three. academy trainees were told not to wear uniforms in public. are there credible threats out there right now against the new york police? >> what we're doing is an abundance of caution for the time being. a couple of weeks ago, we had the lone wolf threats. potential terrorist acts, we raised them up.
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this appears to be the case that we put in these extra efforts. we'll probably scale them back. we have to check every one of those out. it's an abundance of caution. >> how do you check each and every one of those out. he was a lone wolf. it's something we're sadly familiar with. people with mental disease, with mental issues, taking action on their own. how can you police that? >> we start with a capable police department, nypd. almost a thousand officers in counterterrorism and intelligence who are very skilled at reviewing social media. we're attempting to follow up with every threat. we follow up on every one of them. we're also attempting to determine the case of brinsley. who does he hang out with?
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he's a couch crasher, as they call him. he doesn't seem to have a residence. but he seems to have had money. so we're checking closely all of his relationships. what was his world like? we're very adept at that. >> there are a lot of tourists in the city right now commissioner. >> wall to wall. zblf a little more than a week away from new year's eve. is there anything extra you're doing at this point? >> we have well honed plans developed since particularly the 9/11 threats. as we go into the new year we finish with the funerals coming up in the next week. the focus will shift to that event. we plan for it all yearlong in terms of intelligence gathering. no credible threats against that event at this time. ment.
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>> how does the mayor regain the confidence of officers that have been very vocal turning their backs on him. >> in the feelings the demonstrations about the police move that seems to have been sweeping the the country as of late. and it's not easy being a cop in america today. the dangers that still exist for them despite crime having gone down fairly dramatically over the the last 20 years. it's a tough job, as we have seen. and they're doing a remarkable job. they're keeping crime down. they've been restrained when face-to-face with demonstrators. and i'm privileged to lead an extraordinarily professional group of men and women who are committed to their profession. >> we hope for safety for all of your police officers.
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commissioner thanks for your time. well, snow and rain are threatening holiday travel for millions of americans. some areas saw two to three inches an hour. some could disrupt air travel in parts of the country. 5.7 million americans are expecteded to travel between today and january 4th. we are tracking the holiday weather threat. good morning and good morning to viewers in the west. we're talking about areas in rain picking up in intensity today. this will expand southeast ward during the day for christmas eve and change to snow in the elevation of the mountains. some mountains in the west will be talking about snow measureded in feet. especially across the higher rain of northeast utah and northwest portions of wyoming. at the same time the east coast is dealing with rainstorm and wind up and down the i-95 corridor for christmas eve. that will cause wet weather and slip sliding on the roads.
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it's a strip of snow in the upper midwest and the the wind my gust to over 40 miles per hour. christmas forecast is looking mild. 50s in new york city. quiet with sunshine. 50s in atlanta paz well. and the only area of snow showers focused in the rockies with sunshine and temperatures in the 40s through the course of christmas afternoon. >> danielle, thanks. the dow soared up 18,000 for the first time moments before the opening bell. a new report shows the economy rooring ahead. they threw in a 5% rate from july to september. fastest pace in 11 years. drivers now pay an average of $2372 $2.37 a gallon. two men are under arrest accused of smuggling loaded guns onto flights. all from a baggage handler and former delta employee. it involved multiple flights
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from atlanta to new york city. jim axelrod is here to show us how police caught the suspects. good morning. investigators say mark henry got off a jfk airport with 18 guns in his bag. henry was arrested attempting to sell the guns say prosecutors, to an undercover officer, unraveling what they allege was an even bigger scheme involving delta employees who used their security access to help smuggle the weapons. that's where delta baggage former delta employee smuggle 18 guns on board a december 10th flight to new york. according to the criminal complaint, harvey using his employee clearance was able to enter a secure part of the airport not subjected to screenings by the tsa. as a result h bag containing
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weapons was never run through security. they would meet in a terminal restroom to make the weapons exchange. it hamd on at least four other occasions, according to pros prosecutors who say they purchased 129 handguns from the coconspirator during the eight-month investigation. >> it's an issue that can happen at any airport in the united states. he says this was a failure on multiple levels. the allegations raise serious concerns over airport security. harvey was allowed access to security parts of the atlanta airport after being cleared by the department of homeland security, the tsa, and the faa. >> airport employees having access to secure parts of the airport are not screened the way passengers are. do we want to screen everybody entering a security part of the
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airport as opposed to relying on an airport i.d. to grant them access. >> delta airlines says they are cooperating with authorities. quote, we take seriously any activity that fails to uphold the safety and computer of our customers and employees. we will know more when investigators hold a press conference later today. >> translator: all right jim. thanks very much. north korea is coming back online this morning after a sweeping internet breakdown in the country. >> it happened just days after north korea denied involvement in the sony pictures cyber attack. bob orr is in washington where u.s. officials are keeping quiet about the internet outage. good morning. >> good morning. unsubstantiated claims this morning for two hacker groups taking credit for the north korean internet outage. there's no proof it was caused by a cyber strike. it did come as north korea was threatening new attacks. including the pentagon and the white house. >> that profile, that series of events, i have never seen in north korea before.
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it completely shut off north korea's online access to the rest of the world. >> there would be times it was out for an hour or more. complete lif went off line. >> he ordered us to assassinate north korea. a devastating hack on sony pictures, which caused the studio to pull the plug on "the interview." a slapstick film about the assassination of north korea's leader. president obama north korea would pay a price. >> we will respond. we will respond proportionally and we'll respond in a place and time and manner that we choose. and like china. >> the benign explanation suffering malfunction. >> given recent events in the
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context this occurs in one would have to consider the possibility that there is -- that they were under some sort of an attack. we are not going to discuss publicly operational details ability the possible response options, except to say some will be seen, some may not. >> another possible explanation is north korea may have shut down its own internet network. that would be an extreme way of controlling information seen by north korean citizens. also it would block incoming cyber attacks by the u.s. anthony? joe cocker was one of the few singers who could truly be called one of a kind. he died after battling lung cancer. he was famous for his rhaspy voice and a particularly legendary performance caught on
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film. ♪ lend me your ears and i'll sing you a song ♪ >> his voice instantly recognizable. gravelly, gritty, full of soul. joe cocker was a modern throwback. perfectly melding contemporary rock with blues from a different era. born in england, cocker honed his talent performing in pubs around london in the 1960s. in 1968 he shot to stardom with a cover of the beatles hit "with a little help from my friends." >> we're all a bit spaceded out. i remember like in the mid, late '60s we sort of thought we were going to, i don't know, we thought we l would live forever. >> but wood stock in 1969 immortalized the musician and his style. >> the cocker version is indelible. is it the beatles?
7:18 am
no, but for many people the one that they know because they grew up on it. they grew up hearing it on the wonder years. ♪ would you stand up and walk out on me ♪ ? >> a statement mourning his death, paul mccartney called the cover mind blowing and ringo starr tweeted good-bye to joe cocker. peace and love. despite battling addictions to alcohol and drugs, cocker persevered putting out 40 albums in 50 years. ♪ love lift us up where we belong ♪ >> his duet with jennifer lawrence won him his only grammy and was the oscar winning song from the 1982 film "an officer and a gentleman". ♪ you're everything i need ♪ >> yet much of his best work was not his own. he was a master of interpretations ♪ you are so beautiful ♪
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joe cocker, dead at age 70. >> it's so unusual for a performer to be defined by one performance. >> it's amazing so many of the songs i attribute to his voice. you forget the original. >> not many effectively cover the beatles. >> it is about 7:19. up next, pope francis blasts the preach bishops and cardinals who run the vatican. while his message included phrases and this morning, we're going to be looking for plenty of sunshine with the exception of a few patches of dense fog out there. afternoon highs today will be mostly in the mid 60s for the bay area. a few clouds around but not bad. it looks lake a sparkling eve of christmas eve. tomorrow we stand a chance of a
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shower or two. today's nice though. plenty of sun around the bay area after the low clouds in the morning. and the extended forecast is calling for again a few sprinkles tomorrow. but then christmas looks nice. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy. auto companies are building safer cars and suvs. ahead, the top picks on how
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crash test results encouraged carmakers to build a better product. >> the news is back on the morning here on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. >> announcer: thisponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. and, by some miracle... she actually said "yes." to me. tell her everything you love about her with charmed memories from kay jewelers. hundreds of charms handcrafted in italy with collections like open hearts and new, disney frozen. at kay, the number-one jewelry store in america. and she will be the best mom...ever. ♪every kiss begins with kay♪
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governor has declared a state of san mateo and good tuesday morning everyone, it's 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. he's what's happening around the bay area right now. the governor declaring a state of emergency for san mateo and marin county to help the recovery effort after this month's big storms. like the stretch of tennessee valley road near mill valley. lit allow counties to get financial help from the state and the beds. today the last day of sacred heart community service big toy distribution. look at all the toys in san jose. the group hopes to give more than 16,000 toys, bikes and books to families in need. the event will start at 8:00 this morning on south first street and alma avenue. traffic and weather we might actually have some rain on christmas eve. brian's got you covered coming up next. stay there.
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good morning everybody. liza batallones here with wide open over at the bay bridge toll plaza. and all commutes are in great
7:28 am
shape on this christmas week. westbound traffic looking good leaving oakland heading into san francisco. the metering lights should be switched off in just a few minutes. if you're heading for the golden gate southbound traffic is moving well leaving southern marin heading into san francisco. chp reporting no major accidents on bay area freeways and if you plan on making the san mateo bridge commute, that's looking good from end to end between hayward and foster city. here's brian. all righty thank you liza. starting out with mostly clear skies around the bay area. a lot of sunshine today. that will change by tomorrow. as we gaze out towards san bruno mountain and also the airport concord has 48 degrees right now and oakland 47 and livermore 54 degrees. high pressure still means nice and sunny day today with low pressure beginning to move into vancouver but for us, morning fog and then sunshine forecast highs mid 60s. tomorrow as frank said a chance of a few showers coming in. that's tomorrow. today, nice.
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♪ in australia, a drone operator was getting some great shots of kangaroos in the wild but the mother kangaroo apparently thought the drone was getting too close to its baby. she jumped up and swatted the drone out of the sky. welcome back to "cbs this morning." kangaroos aren't the only ones taking aim at drones. faa insiders say they're being rubber stamped to issue to drone you're. >> the pope with a scathing christmas message why he accuses cardinals, bishops and priests from suffering from quote, spiritual alzheimer's. that's ahead. time to show you headlines.
7:31 am
politico said the special investigator is resigning from guantanamo bay. his departure comes amid frustration in some quarters in delays releasing prisoners. 132 remain at guantanamo. the milwaukee journal sentinel said a white milwaukee cop will not be charged in the shooting of a man in april. milwaukee county district attorney determined it was justified self-defense. the decision not to charge him was led by the victim's brother. >> the "washington post" looking at what it calls the troubled legacy of. bmw is expanding a recall of
7:32 am
driver's side air bag to the whole country. it's the last of five automakers to agree to a recall. the recall is 140,000 vehicles made between 2004 and 2006. at least five deaths are blamed on the defect. and "the new york times" said columbia university will investigate a rolling stone story about a student who said she was gang raped at the university of west virginia. "rolling stone" said it asked columbia to review how the story was reported and edited. pope francis said priests inside the vatican are more interested in power and wealth than serving god. the toughest message the pope has ever said to the public. >> reporter: st. peter's square is decked out for christmas
7:33 am
festivities. but inside the vatican, pope francis hasn't been handing out joy to the world. the unpredictable press, in language none of them are used to hearing, francis cass tig gait cast tig gaited spiritual aumz. the 15 list of sins included terrorism of power. and francis never worked before he was elected he is trying to reform what he sees it an infected candidacy. >> it seems to be an impediment to efficiency. and francis by publicly goinging out there and pointing out toot
7:34 am
courier to be an impediment to his work is actually making it impossible to pose him. >> reporter: francis told the so-called princes of the church not forgot how much good is done by a healthy sense of humor. priests are like airplanes, he said, they only make news when they fall. >> i don't think that was the message they were expecting this christmas. >> absolutely not. but again and again he continues to surprise people with what he says. cars and suvs are getting safer. the insurance institute for highway safety is out this morning with its annual list of vehicle, with the best performances in its crash test. >> this time last year only 39 models received top honors. this year that number has doubled. jericka duncan is outside with the top picks. >> reporter: good morning.
7:35 am
nod bad here this mercedes e-class typically does well. but this year vehicles in the top spot had to meet very strict safety standards. all of the winners weren't as luxurious as this car. the experts at the insurance institute for highway safety tested more than 190 vehicles in a series of crash tests. this year 71 models received one of the two highest ratings. top safety pick or top safety pick-plus. including top-selling models, the toyota prius b and the honda civic. each had to perform well in five tests. the newest test is called the small overlap frontal crash test. it re-creates what happens when the front corner of a vehicle clips another car, or a smaller object like a tree or a utility pole. adrian lund is the president of
7:36 am
the iihs. >> we just introduced the small frontal crash interest in 2012. many automaker, stepping up to it, making changes to the design. beefing up the door frame and structuring to the front end. all of this helping to maintain the occupant compartments. >> reporter: but doing well in the crash tests wasn't enough to get the top rating of safety pick plus. the vehicle also has to have a system that warns drivers of an imminent crash and can brake the car automatically if the driver doesn't respond fast enough. >> this some just luxury cars anymore. we're see gg performering good performers including having crash prevention systems in most of the size and price classes. >> reporter: according to that report, american manufacturers are actually lagging behind a bit when it comes to installing
7:37 am
front crash prevention systems. anthony. >> jericka, you don't get to drive that car home do you? >> reporter: i wish i did. this morning, cuba's government is defending its right to grant political asylum. that appears to be a response to new jersey governor chris christie. the potential republican candidate says president obama should not restore relations with cuba until fugitive joanne chesimard is sent home. >> it was awful. and typical of this president, unfortunately, in negotiations one of our state troopers was murdered in cold blood. his killer was convicted. and these thugs in cuba have given her political asylum for 30 years. unacceptable. and i'm going to continue to speak out and i don't know if that's putting pressure on the president or not. but i'm certainly going to continue to speak out. >> a cuban official said monday the u.s. is sheltering dozens of cubans accused of crimes
7:38 am
including murder and terrorism. >> i new york congressman is expected to plead guilty to federal tax invasion. you may remember michael grimm caught on video threatening a reporter. staten island congressman who co-owned a restaurant is accused of hiding more than $1 million in funds and wages. there's no word if he'll resign. grimm's lawyer had had no comment for cbs news. ahead, the rise of the drones. the government regulators put business interests before safety when
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new concerns this morning about the safety of drones. the federal aviation administration recently granted six hollywood companies permission to use them on movie sets. the agency said it was satisfied
7:43 am
the drones would not cause damage or injure people. but a "washington post" report raises questions as to whether the faa ignored internal safety warnings. giuliana goldman has the story. >> reporter: while some hollywood filmmakers can now use drones to shoot these kinds of scenes in the u.s. 170 other applicants from a variety of industries including insurance companies and big oil remain on the waiting list. >> they're saying hurry up. you're taking too long. we have this technology. it's moving along quickly. it's a big business opportunity we don't want to fall behind. >> reporter: but several faa inspectors interviewed by "washington post" reporter craig whitlock said they felt pressured and that safety wasn't a top priority. in one e-mail inspector james ryan wrote we can do this job good or we can do it fast. but can't do it good and fast. >> they had gone over the applications with a fine tooth comb and were worried these
7:44 am
drones might fly off movie sets. there haven't been enough testing. a couple of them actually formally prepared a denial to reject these plans. but the faa kept that quiet to the public. >> reporter: other inspectors complained about conflicts of interest-after the faa hired drone industry lobbyist jon mcgraw to speed up applications. one wrote i'm now officially numb with total dismay and disgust with our leadership. >> faa is really the skunk of the garden party right now. >> reporter: former faa official scott brenner said the agency is struggling to find a balance between technology that could pump $10 million a year into the economy and ensure the safety of the nation's airspace. >> at the end of the day it is not the drone manufacturer or the company that got permission to operate it. it's going to be the faa who will be the picture on the news up at the congressional hearing saying why did you give permission to operate this drone in this certain circumstance. >> reporter: in a statement, the
7:45 am
faa maintained safety is still its top priority and is undergoing an active debate about how to approach integration. >> many will be excited when they unwrap the box and find an unmanned aircraft. >> reporter: and for those who will get drones over the holidays, the agency launched a safety campaign to help keep everyone out of harm's way. for "cbs this morning," giuliana goldman, washington. >> it's not just hollywood, i think you're actually seeing people who want drones at their wedding. is it safe. >> i'm kind of like the kangaroo. want to swat them. in college football last night, byu and memphis kept hitting after the final whistle. how the brawl overshadowed a thrilling game. also ahead, why e-readers and this morning, we're going to be looking for plenty of sunshine with the exception of a few patches of dense fog out there. afternoon highs today will be mostly in the mid 60s for the bay area. a few clouds around but not
7:46 am
bad. it looks like a sparkling eve of christmas eve. tomorrow we stand a chance of a shower or two. today's nice though. plenty of sun around the bay area after the low clouds in the morning. and the extended forecast is calling for again a few sprinkles tomorrow. but then christmas looks nice. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family, so feet them like family with blue.
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♪ a driver in northern california faces charges after a hit and run incident on interstate 80. two women say the suspect tried to run them off the road. >> oh! >> she is pushing us off the road. she's coming for us. put it in reverse. put it in reverse. >> the women who you can hear narrating in that video also turned out to be a sheriff's deputy. after getting a 911 she'd been arrested five days earlier in another hit and run case. there was rage of a different find at marlins park. memphis intercepted a pass in double overtime to seal up a 55-48 win over brigham young.
7:51 am
moments later, both benches cleared and a massive brawl broke out. players were swinging punches and some bleeding. the memphis players said quote, i hope it doesn't take away from an incredible football game. >> wow, to see them all storming the field. >> it was an amazing game. well if you're still christmas shopping this morning. it's not too late to find something online. cnet cnet's dan ackerman is in our green room. >> we're counting on you. >> plus, his favorite technology picks. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." ♪
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♪ fireball ♪ to understand our changing world -- >> president obama announcing a dramatic change in policy towards cuba. >> you need to see it change first hand. >> scott pelley is in havana. >> cubans are waking up to a new
7:56 am
reality. there say sense of hope in the police are l good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. police are looking for the owner of two pit bulls let loose near the san leandro marina. the pit bulls killed another dog on sunday. then attacked a man walking his dog. police shot and killed both animals. a man who set more than a dozen fires in san jose has pled guilty. 49-year-old patrick brennan will serve at least 38 years in prison. among the fires he was responsible for was the five alarm warehouse fear last january. and san francisco giants are taking their three world series trophies on a road trip. the trophies will be on tour in january and february and on displace all over the west coast and they'll even stop in the team's original home new york city. stay with us, traffic and
7:57 am
weather in just a moment. [male announcer] in norther ireland we live live in what we call the now. well, there's no better place to be. in the now ancient rock formations are for dancing all over. and there's always magic in the air. so, grab hold of the now. and never let it slip through your fingers . ♪ jump into the now. jump into ireland. visit to find out more.
7:58 am
good morning everybody. liza batallones here, very light traffic no matter where you're headed open this holiday -- on this holiday week. westbound traffic looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza. officials even switched off the metering lights, you can just sail right on through into san francisco. san mateo bridge westbound traffic looking good at the pay gates, we havement had any nay jr. issues for the commute and you're looking good for west 92 getting into foster city. that's traffic. here's brian. all right we're starting out with blue skies sfo looks pretty good. no delays being reported this morning. temperatures. well a little on the chilly side not bad though. reads from the 40s to low 50s and here's what's happening. sunshine today gives the way to a chance of a few showers tomorrow. mostly in the north and east bay. be cooler on christmas eve but christmas day is looking mighty nice. forecast highs today 64 in the city and 69 in oakland. a look ahead after that chance of showers, looks pretty good.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, december 23rd, 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." why reading on an electronic device at night could leave you tossing and turning. but first, eye opener at 8. >> it's not easy being a cop in america today. it's a tough job. thankless job. this memorial continues to grow practically by the hour. the steady stream of people have been coming here. as we head into christmas morning, some of the mountains out in the west will be talking about snow measured in feet. and he was arrested attempting to sell the gun, unraveling what they allege was an even bigger scheme. no proof yet the blackout was caused by a cyber strike but
8:01 am
it did come as north korea was threatening new attacks against u.s. terminals. that woodstock performance, whether you saw it there or saw the film never forgot it. >> american manufacturers are actually lagging behind a bit when it comes to installing front crash prevention systems. >> you don't get to drive that car home, do you? >> i wish i did. hey, happy festivous. >> it's important holiday for the seinfeld fans. >> the tradition of festivus begins with the airing of greatness. i've got a lot of people with you people! i'm anthony mason with i have vinita nair and norah o'donnell are off. rejecting a request from city hall to stop antipolice protests. the mayor wants protesters to
8:02 am
pause after the funerals. minutes ago de blasio and his wife brought flowers to the site of the killings. the mayor got angry on monday when the reporter canned about demonstrators directing hateful language at police. >> what are you guys going to do? are you going to keep dividing us? what you nlg whatmanage to do is pull up the few who do not represent the majority, who are saying unacceptable things who shouldn't be saying those things, and some who actually physically attack police officers. yes, there are some bad people who say inappropriate things. there are some people who say hateful things. they have no place in these protests. they are not what i'm talking about. i am talking about -- excuse me i'm talking about the vast majority of new yorkers like the vast majority of americans who believe in peaceful democratic process. >> meanwhile the suspect's family rejects claims that ismaaiyl brinszley wanted to police. >> it had nothing to do with police retaliation. absolutely nothing to do with
8:03 am
police retaliation. he was disturbed. the way he did this was -- it's horrifying. >> the funeral for officer rafael ramos will be held saturday. the service for officer went ginjian liu is not yet scheduled. slick roads and poor visibility. some areas saw two feet of snow. there's more in the store for other parts of the country. the midwest and northwest could see a wits christmas. other regions like the northeast will instead experience a wet christmas with rain in the forecast. two days before christmas, more than 7 million keurig coof fee coffee makers are under recall. the model k10 has been sold since 2009. 200 people said water over heated and sprayed out of the instant coffee maker.
8:04 am
90 people reported injuries. keurig is offering free repairs to people with the machines. the clock is ticking this morning on getting those last-minute christmas presents to their destination. ups says monday was its busiest day of the year. even if you missed the shipping deadline it's not too late to get the perfect gift. dan ackerman with cnet is here with cool ideas that don't need to be mailed in. good morning. >> good morning. >> i was fascinated because the reality some places you still can mail stuff from. >> it's getting close to the wire but some companies have your back even at this late hour. one is amazon figured out some people might still need gift so they have a pilot program called amazon prime now. the test market is in new york. >> one-hour delivery? >> in you order something they have in the warehouse over here on 34th street they will put it on the back of a bike messenger and get it now. >> god bless amazon. >> google had something similarities, google express. they have stores they will go to, best buy and staples, and bring it to you.
8:05 am
>> you don't actually have to go to stores in this case. there are some ways to get last-minute gifts and not have to go out. >> at this point you're restricted to sending an electronic gift card whether it's amazon or apple or best buy. it's literally the least you could do at this point, at least you can send someone an e-mail saying i got you a gift card and you can use it right away. >> any in particular you recommend? >> best buy are good people who like text stuff. amazon gift card you can get anything. from apple, apple store card to get stuff at the stores or itunes gift card that downloads music and media. >> and if you're avoiding the shipping fees we're all spoiled. >> a lot of stores are open until christmas. if you have the time to go out and shop still, that's difficult for a lot of us what are your favorite gifts at this point? >> i like tech stuff that's inexpensive and easy to use. i like hp's stream 11 laptop. $2 had been for going online it's really surprisingly good.
8:06 am
and then smart tvs, kind of hard to use sometimes. tcl makes the roku tv. it has the box built right into it and it's amazingly priced. like $350 for a 40-inch set. the big thing everybody is buying is the amazon firetv stick. it's a usb stick sized device. plug it in the back of your tv and you get amazon streaming, netflix, music, apps. $40. >> are you paying a subscription fee with that stick? >> if you're an amazon prime member you get the streaming. if not you can go netflix and other things but it makes the most sense if you're already a prime member. >> great deal. at this point you still -- if i'm in a desperate situation, you know just a hypothetical what's my best move do you think, dan? >> you know if you want to get something for somebody not in the same city last minute i'm sending kindle e-books as gifts or a gift card from amazon or from best buy. if you're in new york and they're in new york you can still run out to the store. i was shopping yesterday and
8:07 am
it's getting crowded out there. i still found cool stuff and stuff i normally wouldn't have bought because i just looked around the store and found interesting new things. >> couple of tech stores open on christmas day? >> i have no doubt they will be just like stores are open on thanksgiving now to get ready for black friday crowds. i'm sure people will still be sghoep are lots of different ideas. thank you fshlgs. ahead, space may be the final frontier. two american astronauts show us how they will be celebrating. a little bit of
8:08 am
morning if you're using an e-reader, it could be the culprit. a new study looks at the downside of some of your favorite gadgets and potential health risks. one of the authors is in our toyota green room with the findings. that's next on "cbs this morning." one of the authors in the toyota green room. that's next on "cbs this morning."
8:09 am
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♪ just dance ♪ one m. one happy dog is showing off moves. this puppy breaks into a dance on his hind legs when its owner comes into view. that turns into a hop as the anticipation -- >> how wonderful if you're the owner. your dog really loves you. >> man's best friend. if your christmas list includes an e-reader think twice. a new study finds if you switch to e-books you could be making it more difficult of get enough sleep. dr. charles czeisler is chief of the division of sleep medicine in boston. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> for a while now it feels like we've been hearing don't read your laptops, don't watch television. e-reader, we haven't heard that warning yet. >> people don't realize that text-reader is emitting light directly into your eye, shining it directly into your eyes.
8:14 am
basically it's telling your brain that it's daytime. that suppresses the release of the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin which is also an anti-cancer agent and shifts us to a later hour. we found it was tougher to fall asleep. and people were less alert in the morning as well. it decreases your rapid eye movement sleep, or dreaming sleep, and so these are major biological effects and we think that this is contributing to the sleep deficiency that we have as a society. national sleep foundation found a 90% of americans use some type of electronic device in the hour before bedtime. >> i think a lot of us are guilty of that. is this just disrupting sleep or is there real health risks associated with it? >> well, we didn't study the health risks in this study but other studies have shown that sleep deficiency increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, increases the risk of advanced prostate cancer and breast cancer and colorektal cancer,
8:15 am
and the depression of the sleep promoting hormone melatonin which is also an anti-cancer agent and stops cancer. so it's night shift work where people are exposed to light at night has been declared a probable carcinogen by the health association. >> i think we all have this notion that if you read you somehow fatigue the brain and then you will be able to drift into sleep. >> right. turns out if you read a printed book, then that does help you drift into sleep and we found that the comparisons that we did with the e-readers were against the printed book. the printed book didn't have these effects. but it was reading with the light shining directly into your eyes that adversely effected these different health. >> is the only solution here basically not to read these devices at all or some e-readers actually okay? >> some of the e-readers don't
8:16 am
emit light, much like a printed book. also there are things we can do to change the nature of the light coming from the readers. for example, i just learned from dan, the previous guest, that you can -- >> our tech wizard. >> yes exactly. >> that's what green room is for. minkle and learn. >> this is his ipad here. you can actually reverse the screen. >> right. >> so that it's got a black background with white letters. that will dramatically probably more than 90% reduce the light coming from the e-reader. >> good advice. dr. charles czeisler thank you for being with us. do you remember this commercial? >> my baloney has a first name it's o-s-c-a-r. my bowl thenally has a second name -- >> we will go inside the ad agency creating classic campaigns for 150 years. that's next on "cbs this morning."or
8:17 am
150 years. that's next on "cbs this morning." years. that's next on "cbs this morning." unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. [ male announcer ] take zzzquil and
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8:19 am
bipolar disorder is a brain
8:20 am
she marks her man with her lips. he is her possession. you've given every girl that wears your lipstick the gift of total ownership. >> on "mad men" don draper knows
8:21 am
how to leave the mark. 150 years ago. lee woodruff takes under behind one of the company's most memorial campaigns. ♪ oh island love to be an oscar mayer wiener ♪ >> reporter: if you wanted to be an oscar mayer wiener you can thank j. walter thompson. for 150 years j. walter thompson has been creating slogans -- >> the few, the proud, the marines. >> reporter: and writing jingles that stick in your heads. ♪ toys "r" us kids ♪ >> reporter: i'm going to have a hard time with the toys "r" us. the ceo. is part of your history what attracts them? >> we're in a competitive business, some people would say
8:22 am
a cut throat business. and our business is obsessed with what's new. frankly, customers want to know are you committed to innovation are you committed to experimentation experimentation. >> reporter: jeffrey said ads are success. so commercials have to have some amount of entertainment. >> my diaper is full. >> reporter: a successal ad not only sells products it can bring change to the way people live. j. walter thompson helped invent the grilled cheese sandwich as part of the campaign for kraft. and they're mind measurements lines on the butter and marger erter erter and manager. >> and we invented celebrity fashion we had liz taylor.
8:23 am
we were the first to use sex appeal in advertising. >> reporter: what was the first sex appeal in advertising? i have to know. >> it was for woodbury soap. the line was something like the a skin soft to touch. that was believed to be very very sexy. >> reporter: because nobody was touching? >> touching or talking about touching. >> reporter: everything comes from "mad men" something that jeffrey said he was grateful. >> before "mad men" peopled wanted to work in wall street. and now they think it's sexy and creative. >> reporter: did you see an influx of young people caring about it. >>. >> oh, yeah absolutely. >> reporter: and having young people involved is important according to jeffrey as advertising migrates to online
8:24 am
and social media. so things like the ice bucket challenge. all of a sudden you've got this grander awareness if you were creating that campaign you would hope to be that successful. >> see i think that's the amazing thing about what's happening. again from a consumer point of view they're not just receiving creativity. they're actually creators of the content. when they look at a video, they say, oh, we want an ice bucket challenge video. it's how it's affecting social media. >> reporter: a fair one or aspiration? >> no i think everybody realizes it's about content. ♪ because oscar mayer has a way with b-o-l-o-g-n-a. >> reporter: for cbs.
8:25 am
new york. ahead, chris in in orbit. good tuesday morning everyone, it's 8:25. some headlines around bay area, i'm frank mallicoat. governor has declared a state of emergency for san mateo and marin county to help the recovery effort after the month's storms. lot of road damage like this stretch of tennessee valley road near mill valley. the emergency declaration will allow counties now to get financial help from both the state and the t feds. today is the last day of sacred heart community service's big toy distribution in san jose. the group hopes to give more than 16,000 toys, bikes and books to families in need. the event starts at 8:00 and just got underway at south first street and alma avenue. a san jose fire department shut down a station because of a mold problem in the building there. yesterday the crews moved the equipment out of station 16 and
8:26 am
that's on south king road on the city's east side. station 16 firefighters now work out of some of the other stations and san jose until the building is cleaned up and declared safe. traffic and weather coming up right after the break. ♪
8:27 am
♪ the world is your snowball see how it grows. ♪ ♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪ ♪ good morning everybody, liza batallones here. we have an accident tying up some of the traffic on 88 #. this is southbound 880 just beyond marina. in the san leandro hay ward area, this crash off to the right hand shoulder, you will seedlies in the -- delays in
8:28 am
the northbound direction of 88 # leaving hayward bound for the oakland area. stays heavy approaching and passing hyde street. you can see the delays there on the right half of your screen. meanwhile at the bay bridge toll plaza, the earlier delays have thinned out and now holiday light at the pay gates and b.a.r.t. system an earlier medical emergency at the daly city station. looking at 10 to 15 minute delays leaving daly city bound for sfo. that's traffic. here's brian. all right sfo itself does look pretty good this morning. plenty of sunshine around and we're going to have nice readings after a chilly start. 48-degrees in concord right now and 52 in san jose. here's what's happening and high pressure is over the west coast and that means that everything holds up for today. a few showers though for the north bay tomorrow. and a little bit in the east bay and wouldn't amount to much. temperatures for everybody will come down though. tomorrow. today is nice. 64 at hayward and 65 at san francisco. and 69 at napa. the look ahead a little showery tomorrow but christmas, nice.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, one sushi restaurant is one of the hardest places to get a reservations in the country. charlie rose takes us there. plus the uncompromising position of director robert altman. his widow offers a new look behind m.a.s.h. and dozens of other movies. that's ahead. right now, time to show you the morning headlines. the los angeles times said workers at coca-cola ditched voice mail. all but six opted to shut off the land line voice mail. they say it's not about saving
8:31 am
money it's about, quote, changing the tools and methods at which we communicate as a economy. "the new york times" looks at diet busting restaurant meals with 2,000 or more calories. cheesecake factory pasta with chicken is 2,000 calories. and shake shack an even 2,000. >> i had shake shack for lunch yesterday. now i'm questioning my choice. "the washington post" says former nfl wide receiver donte stallworth is now working as a reporter. he's doing a six-month fellowship with the huffington post. stallworth conducts news cores and writes stories. he calls it his dream job. editors at huffington post said it was hard at first to edit somebody who was once on their football fantasy team. we recently showed you new satellite images from nasa
8:32 am
showing you how bright the holiday lights are in cities across the country. >> here's a familiar sight for two astronauts who will spend christmas aboard the space station. they're joining us now from orbit. thanks for floating with us this morning, guys. how are you? >> our pleasure. we're doing great. having a great time. doing a lot of things up here. getting ready for the holidays. of course, we'll be separated from our families. we've got each other. we've got some plans for gift exchanges and such. >> now i've seen elf shoes on your feet and i think i see what looks like a christmas tree. what else are you guying do to stay festive? >> well we've got stockings. butch got each crew member a stocking. we have santa hats and other gear that we've got stored away in the other module. we've got turkey and mashed potatoes in the kitchen. so we've got traditional christmas stuff here. >> i like this upside down
8:33 am
christmas tree look. that's a new thing. i've got to try that at home. you guys both have kids. how do you stay in touch this time of year? >> nasa is great, we afford us the ability to do video twice a week. my daughter has changes loose teeth and i see them from here. it's very unique. it's a very good thing nasa does. we stay in close touch. >> i can't imagine the stories she gets to tell in school in terms of where her dad is for crew vehicles in february we're doing space walks.
8:34 am
and the vehicles will be flying in the next few years, we hope. every day, there's a challenge. we have to keep ourselves in shape with a lot of exercise to counteract weightlessness. >> you defied printed a 3d wrench from a design e-mailed to you from earth. what kind of impact are things like that going to have on the mission up there? >> well it could actually -- it could change everything. i mean you may have a part that fails that you don't have on board. and opportunity to print small parts. even print out the special tool that you can use to install those parts. so the possibilities are truly endless. what we can do as this technology goes forward. >> terry, i want to ask you about the amazing images we've seen on twitter, images from the earth from clearly an amazing viewpoint. when you take each of these, are you still as amazed as the first one? >> it's amazing. i wish i could describe it with
8:35 am
words. i've seen pictures from space ever since i was a kid. i had space books and stuff. the first time i looked out of the shuttle a couple years ago. i just couldn't believe it. it literally took my breath away. i saw colors i hadn't seen before. and every time you take pictures it's a brand new experience. >> keep the stunning images. merry christmas captain willmore, colonel burkes thanks for joining us. >> merry christmas to everybody on earth. there are more than 24,000 restaurants in new york city but only six share the distinction of a four-star rating from "the new york times." the newest is sushi naka zzawa. charlie rose met up with a japanese chef. >> reporter: in a city famous for theater, new york's newest stage can be found at sushi nakazawa where nightly performances can be designed for
8:36 am
the palate. the year-wronglong wait for a reservation is the compilation of these two guys. how did you meet this guy? >> it was a crazy idea. i turned on netflix, i ended up watching sushi. i fell in love with the whole documentary. >> reporter: the 2011 documentary follows the chef said to be among the best if not the best sushi chef in the world. he encountered him within a tokyo train station. >> i always wondered why duo never had more than one restaurant in japan? >> if it's a restaurant you have to watch everything. >> reporter: nakazawa appears in the film as an 11-year apprentice who earns the respect of his teacher. >> i wrote down all the credits.
8:37 am
i wrote down his name. >> reporter: despite knowing little about japanese cuisine or culture, a popular italian restaurant in new york was convinced to get in the business of sushi. >> what i found on facebook i'm not sure if it was him or not. i translated it. >> reporter: with google translator? >> with google translator. >> reporter: and you're looking for the best sushi maker in the world. >> correct. >> reporter: and you get the message. did you say this must be some crazy man in america. you're in the restaurant business. it's the italian business. >> correct, being a guyitalian, i'm passionate about the food. is it-t doesn't necessarily have to be italian food. >> reporter: part of the japanese culture of business meant spending months getting to know the chef. >> mr. nakazawa wanted to get to know who i was. wanted to know about my family.
8:38 am
he wanted to know exactly what i did for fun. and me not knowing the japanese culture, you know i found it interesting. >> reporter: and what were the challenges? >> i have four kid ss one coming five kids. if i cannot provide for my family it's a risk. >> reporter: the risk paid off. just months after opening, "the new york times" called nakazawa's fish as delicious as it's ever going to get. you got four stars from the "the new york times." >> correct, four stars. >> crazy, no? >> reporter: seems to me. >> i thought it was crazy. it was equivalent to a football player or quarterback winning the super bowl. and that's what it really is. >> reporter: so where do you go from there? >> it's really difficult at this point in time our discussions are about staying here and being
8:39 am
consistent. >> reporter: what are you promising people who come here for dinner? >> i make experience for customer. not just food. no just drink. i make experience. whole experience. >> reporter: the experience combined well-regarded japanese cuisine with familiar western service. sushi's nakazawa's continue success may lie in the friendship of its founder. what's the relationship between the two of you? >> my brother. >> we've been spending an enormous amount of time about each other. we know everything about each other. >> my best friend. my best friend. >> it's so interesting how they came together and now it wasn't a business relationship. it was more like a courtship. >> isn't it beautiful when you're in those open kitchens and you can see them making the food and you really appreciate
8:40 am
the art form behind it. ahead, hollywood's rebel behind the camera. >> reporter: director robert altman was an innovator. >> so many of his movies we invented the way stories were told. >> reporter: now we're seeing the new side of a filmmaker in a deeply personal book written by his widow. i'm ben tracy in los angeles. that story is coming up on "cbs
8:41 am
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sometimes, you just forget something that you're looking for and duct tape can come in handy. you wrap it around your finger like a string or something. you just tape it up whatever things do tend to fall apart. confusions rains epidemic in our world. >> a scene from the prairie home companion, the final movie by legendary director robert altman. his widow kathryn biographies a new documentary. ben tracy looks at the man who left an indelible mark on hollywood. >> come on in everybody. >> reporter: robert altman liked to call the shot. he was a rebel who did not led studio heads tell him thousand make his movies. ♪ ♪ suicide is painless ♪
8:45 am
>> reporter: in 1970s "m.a.s.h." he insisted on bloody realism. in 1967's "countdown" it was the innovation just before it's times. it bothered studio head jack warner so much he banned had him in the warner brothers lot. >> he said that fool meaning me, has actors talking at the same time. >> reporter: now eight years after his death, his work is back in the spotlight. >> why do you think there's still so much fascination about hill and his work? >> because he was a remarkable man. >> spoken like a true wife. >> reporter: kathryn altman was married to the dynamic director for 47 years. >> how did the two of you meet? >> oh god, i was afraid you're going to ask that question. >> reporter: they'd met on a movie set, she'd been a swimmer
8:46 am
in esther williams films. >> he said how are your morals? i said a little shaky. how are yours? he kept following through through our life. >> reporter: but kathryn also followed him to all of the movie locations around the world with their six children in tow. they took thousands of pictures of their adventures filling 42 photo albums. they're now part of a coffee table book simply titled "altman." >> a big family gathering. makes me vulnerable are you? >> creating a family. >> reporter: the director created life long relationships with a lot of his actors
8:47 am
including lily tomlin. >> most actors were crazy about robert altman. they were kind of in love with him. >> reporter: altman made a blueprint for actors. >> actors would say what do you want in this scene? he'd say i don't know why don't you surprise me. >> i'd say, here's the situation, here's the boundaries, what do you want to do? show me. >> reporter: oscar winner tim robbins starred in three of altman films including "the player." >> can we talk about something other than hollywood? >> when i first met him, he was my hero. so many of his movies reinvented the way stories were told. >> reporter: when "m.a.s.h." became altman's top smash it took first. it also won altman five oscar nominations although he never
8:48 am
won, altman did receive an honorary oscar. >> what do you think people can learn from his life? >> encouragement. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," ben tracy. >> m.a.s.h. nashville, the player, three of my all-time favorite films. >> you hear that again, listen to the system. >> his style was so distinctive. the real life story behind the new movie "unbroken." a look at american war hero louis zappermperini. >>. and up next he's on the hunt for a leg. the hollywood icon for pop culture. there it is.
8:49 am
you tlaeb. you remember that. there it is. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪
8:50 am
8:51 am
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♪ police are trying get a leg up on a man accused of stealing an iconic christmas light fixture. surveillance video from a liquor store near buffalo new york shows a man in a gray hooded sweatshirt and looking around and swiping a lamp modeled in the shape of a ladies leg. the kicker the thief didn't take any liquor he just stole the leg and walked out, according to the owner. >> it's fascinating what people want to steal. all right. that does it for us for news
8:53 am
anytime, anywhere,
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looking for the owner of two pitbulls let loose near the san leandro marina. the good morning everyone. take a look at some of the headlines around the bay area right now. the pit bulls killed another dog on sunday. police shot and killed both the animals. a man who set a dozen fires has plead guilty. he will serve years behind bars. the giants are taking their three world series trophy on the road. they will be display all over the west coast. time for weather now.
8:56 am
i guess a little rain or christmas eve. is that true? >> that is true. we have a few showers for the bay area for tomorrow. but today look how beautiful it is in the airport. santa rosa will get there in time. today it will be sunny. tomorrow we will introduce chance of showers on christmas eve. there is winter storm warnings posted in the mountains as well. if you are headed for the hills you will look at a little bit of snow. three to six inches of snow above 4,000 feet. 65 in the city, 69 in oakland and in napa 69 degrees. on christmas day turns sunny and relatively mild. we have traffic after the break.
8:57 am
the bay area's first on wheels powered by toyota.
8:58 am
good morning everybody. we are watching this accident which cropped up in the san jose area. slow just beyond it has you head the 280 interchange. no delays as you head into san
8:59 am
francisco and no problems in the golden gate commute.
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you got a car! (screaming) jonathan: it's a zonk pirate ship! - no! jonathan: i was like “blah, blah, blah...” it's a trip to hawaii. - whoo! wayne: jumpin' jehoshaphat! - i am out of my mind thrilled. - i'm going for the curtain, baby! jonathan: it's time for “let's make a deal!” now here's tv's big dealer wayne brady! wayne: what's up, america? welcome to “let's make a deal.” i'm wayne brady, thanks for tuning in. i need a couple to make a deal with me. i need a couple. you gotta be together. you guys are a couple? come on down, come on over here. everybody else have a seat. let's get this party started. james, nice to meet you. and you are? - tracy. wayne: tracy, pleasure. now how long have you guys been a couple? - 20 years. wayne: why did you look uncertain, james? you went, “20 years...”


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