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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 24, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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this morning. a last look at lefty o'doul's. you can stop by until 11 a.m. to drop off toys. ♪ ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it's christmas eve wednesday, december 24th, 2014. welcome to cbs this morning. deadly tornados touched down in the northeast destroying homes and knocking out power to thousan thousands and big headaches for travellers across the u.s. george bush sent to the hospital and "the interview" is released. first your world in 90 seconds. >> get in the car i think i see the tornado. >> four dead.
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thousands without power. >> tornados tear through the south. >> twisters damaging several homes in louisiana and mississippi. >> more severe weather expected to complicate holiday travel. >> tensions brewing over in missouri involving a black teenager, investigators say an officer pointed a gun at an officer and the officer shot and killed him. >> there are no winners. >> former president george wh bush is in the hospital. sony picture decided to release "the interview" on independent theaters. >> dow closed 18,000 some thinking it will go to 20,000. >> looks like the wing was snapped. >> two arrested after being
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trapped in sacramento river, neither suffered injuries. >> holiday party in utah ended in the hospital after drinking egg nog. >> norad keeping an eye on old saint nick we know santa will get those presents delivered on time. >> it's a big globe. got a lot of land to cover. >> ladies and gentlemen that was wor worth 90,000 and he donated all of it to a couple charities. and welcome to cbs this morning. merry christmas eve. >> early gift to sit up here with you.
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>> it is indeed. christmas eve begins in states of emergency in parts of the south due to heavy rain and tornado even, has left four deaths and widespread damage. >> hardest hit sit is columbia. >> this storm was strong enough to uproot trees and shut down highways one local official said, simply, it was chaos. >> a powerful line of storms lashed across the south tuesday leaving thousands without power one barrelled through columbia, mississippi. >> it's like a third world. pretty much every business is gone sustained some kind of
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damage. >> i prayed like i never prayed. >> pastor and his wife were trapped. >> got as far as the station and hoped it would keep going but it came right to us and shook us like a rag doll. >> each images show destruction. in marion tore apart this day care center, none of the children inside were hurt. roofs recked. >> a lot of people say it sounds like a train. it is a huge roar and it zdoesnt let up. >> police and firefighters are looking for anyone trapped under the debris. >> extensive damage, from here, we can see at least seven homes, a lot of damage. >> mississippi's governor has
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declared a state of emergency in two counties. >> tough christmas for those folks, thank you. those big cities in the northeast will see heavy rain by tonight, not what holiday travellers want to see. meagan is tracking the conditions, good morning. >> good morning and good morning to our viewers in the west. big storm system in the east and another coming through drifting east ward christmas day so travel will be difficult across a large segment of the united states, unfortunately very heavy snow around the busy airport in illinois and looking at very heavy snow through christmas and blizzard conditions by this
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evening. rough travel in pacific north west and eastern quarter of the united states. atlanta, d.c., boston, chicago and new york travcould cause difficulties. air travel has been cancelled over 224 and 532 delays travellers may have an extra long wait today. >> out west you may not be experiencing any major travel problems but here travellers are trying to leave as early as possible as the day goes on. it is estimated 70% of all flights come through new york. triple a projects more than 98 million americans will travel
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more than 50 miles from home during this year and holiday season which start the yesterday and ends january 4th. most people will travel by car. the lowest gas prices in five years are helping to fuel the 4% rise in holiday road trips. the majority of drivers will face rain or snow perhaps both, it's not stopping holiday travellers, predicted 6 million will travel by air, up 1% from last year. former president george h.w. bush arrived at the hospital last night suffer from shortness of breath last evening so out of an abundance of caution he was brought here to houston methodist hospital where he will remain under observation.
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november 2012 he was hospitalized for nearly two months. in 1991 he was diagnosed with a thyroid condition known as graves disease. he was at i book event in texas earlier this year. while on vacation in hawaii president obama was briefed on his condition and they sent their good wishes to the former president and entire bush family. renewed tension near st. louis after another deadly police shooting at a gas station in berkeley. surveillance video picked up the confrontation. a six-year veteran of the force approached two men one with a gun and the man pointed the gun
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and the officer fired. in the aftermath a small crowd scuffled with police and some set off explosive. four were arrested. two officers were taken to the hospital with injuries. this all took place two miles from ferguson, the site of massive protests following the shooting of michael brown. hundreds of people protestering against police filled the streets in manhattan saturday night. mayor asked the protesters to stop until the two slain police officers were laid to rest. mayor held a moment of silence in their honor. land marks like rockefeller christmas tree turned off the lights for five minutes as a tribute to the officers, vice president biden will attend the
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funeral of officer ramos saturday. isis shot down war plane and captured the pilot. he is the first. the plane crashed near the city where isis is head quartered. military said it will hold isis responsible for the pilot's safety. in the past isis has murdered dozens of syrian soldiers captured inside syria. surprise direction by sony, audiences will get to see "the interview" tomorrow. one theater said screenings are already sold out. >> when hackers threatened theaters and movie goers major cinema chains rejected the
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comedy farce but now sony will roll across the country. >> it has trend set beyond just "the interview" for me it has gone into the realm of freedom of expression. >> they hate us cause they ain't us. >> these tweets from the star of the film. the studio last week pulled the plug on a nationwide release after hackers calling themselves guardians of peace threatened 9/11 attacks. law enforcement said there is no credible intelligence, still local theater owners are
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consulting police. >> we have had a sight-assessment done on all of our venues and weighing the option of additional security. >> sony is also reportedly working to make the video available for home viewing for on demand release. >> the fbi says the hacking at sony appears to be retaliation from the north korea government angry over the film but kim jong-un denies involvement. and suggests insiders played a role. >> insiders were key. >> cyber insider said a person worked there for ten years before leaving in may.
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>> this woman had the technical back ground to locate the specific servers that were compromised. >> no evidence that north korea had any help. for it's part, the white house is applauding sony's latest decision saying screening the interview allows people to make their own choices about the film. >> thank you. we are joined by strategist from vegas. good morning. >> good morning. >> we are feeling a bit of whiplash. sony said the theaters had forced it's hand now they are releasing it. any idea what prompted the final decision. >> it is clear public outrage had an impact. any time creative freedom is challenged hollywood will step back. the idea that north korea has
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less electricity that road island has could push it this far back. the president of the sony saying first we are not showing it, and then saying we are proud to. i wouldn't use that word pride. this is not epic. this is not "titanic" we've made a big deal over it. sony has a lot of apologizing to do. >> do you think it will broaden out and go to home viewing here. >> in the research i've seen, a lot of americans want to see if for curiosity sake. i would absolutely show if, i think it will sell out in almost every theater. understand the economic dynamics of this, if they are trying to release this in pay-per-view so people can see it on christmas day then the movie theaters get
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angry because people stay home to watch it. so from an economic and creative freedom standpoint this is a place sony doesn't want to be. >> i got to ask your comment about we've only seen the tip of the iceberg what what do you think the next shoe that could fall. >> i think a network like cbs will get tapped. >> wow. >> you will have some of the biggest technological corporations. every fortune 500 company will have to face this. what north korea did should frighten every ceo because every e-mail could be made available to hackers. >> what do you think sony has to do to move beyond this? >> that they are fighting for customers and creative freedom. who wants to do a film for sony if they think you will back down
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so easily. who wants to applaud sony if they see their behavior up to this point. this had been a good studio. it has to stand up for creative freedom and fight for consumers show the best quality at the same time -- best quality entertainment. >> thanks frank. learning about delta airlines for smuggling guns from atlanta to new york city. surveillance video shows henry running the weapons. brooklyn's district attorney high lighted the severity of stopping the ring. >> not only are these guns creating havoc on the streets of brooklyn and throughout the country but now this scheme
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really poses a threat in terms of terrorism. >> the ring is accused of conspireing to sell 153 guns. stocks are higher after a historic day on the market the dow jones closed above 18,000 for the first time ever and economy has moved faster than it has in the past decade. it all looks very good when you look at this. >> i know it is just a number, don't right in is that it is just a number. remember march of 2009 dow was scary. i remember doing dow 10,000 so 167% gain since the bottom. this is all very good news for investors. what is driving it? when federal reserve announced
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its policy decision. looks like rates stay pretty low until the middle of next year and yesterday got a much stronger economic growth number that everyone has anticipated. >> and oil prices down 50% from the high. gas prices down 35% putting more money in people's wallets and also effecting confidence. we hate it when gas price goes up because we are worried about spending. the reverse is in effect. >> when you look at the growth number 4.6% in the second quarter have we really finally turned the corner. >> i think 2014 will be known as the year where we did turn the quarter. we had a terrible first quarter economy contracted by 1.2% followed by two strong quarters, we have seen 2.6 million jobs
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added, best year for job creation since 1999, that has really started to effect consumers, about 36 americans say this is a good time for high quality job, best since 2007. >> good times at the right time of the year. >> right. >> thank you so much. it's 7:19, ahead on cbs this morning, the deadly effects of too much caffeine, w,, we are going to expect showers midday in the bay area starting first in the north bay and then south in the rest of the bay area. out the door this morning we have temperatures in the low 50s, but expect wet as the day goes on. by midafternoon, we'll have gusty winds and some showers coming down. temperatures cool, just 60 in the city, 62 oakland. christmas day nice, sunshine
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for tomorrow. in fact, it looks sunny tomorrow through the weekend >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by walmart where you'll find unbeatable prices on this year's top gifts. new york congressman michael grimm once threatened to break a reporter in half.
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>> ahead, why grimm now faces prison and a fight to keep his job on capitol hill. >> the news is back in the morning here on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by walgreens at the corner of happy and healthy. that's why, whenever the need arises... walgreens is always right around the corner, so you can get in and out in no time. and help keep the magic in your holidays. at the corner of happy and healthy. most stores open christmas day. ♪ it's written on my face ♪ we're singin', we're singin'
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the mold that forced the san jose fire de good morning. it's 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. today a lab company will test the mold that forced the san jose fire department to close a fire station. the test will determine if the mold contamination is dangerous. no word on when the firehouse might re-open. long retired nba player vlade divac hit a half court shot during the warriors-lakers game last night in l.a. and that's nothing but net. all in the holiday spirit. he won $90,000 for charity. popular bay area trail closed because of a slide that took out a couple of big trees. things could get worse. this is happening at lands end. since federal workers who make repairs are off for the holiday, it will be closed through the weekend. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,, ,,,,,,
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good morning, liza battalones on this christmas eve. light traffic awaits you over tow san mateo bridge, westbound fine approaching the pay gates. chp still reporting no big accidents out there. and heading for the bay bridge toll plaza, it is smooth as frank mallicoat's voice in the morning with no delays heading into san francisco. no problems either at the golden gate. brian? >> and we have plenty of clouds around to start out your wednesday morning christmas eve. it starts cloudy with temperatures 47 at concord, livermore 47, san francisco 55. here's how it looks. high pressure gives way to this low pressure that's moving down from the pacific northwest. showers midday today, and gusty winds with temperatures today only in the low 60s. and we'll see 62 at oakland, 60 san francisco and 63 in san jose. after the showers today, it's going to be sunny at christmas. have a good one. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ >> you shouldn't try this at home. in utah, a man joined an eggnog chugging competition. in 12 seconds he finished the carton but then he couldn't breathe. he spent three days in the hospital and barely survived a lung infection. after his ordeal, he says there's no chance he'll chug eggnog next year. >> i think that's a story that no one will. avoid the eggnog chugging. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, a high school wrestler dies from an overdose of pure powdered caffeine. see how the fda is waging a battle to stop teens from taking this potentially lethal power. pharrell williams lawyer isn't happy with youtube this morning. see how the video site's new feature could create a $1 billion legal fight. that's ahead.
7:31 am
time to show you this morning's headlines. "the new york times" says the food and drug administration will recommend lifting a ban on blood donations by gay and bisexual men. the faa wants to allow men to give blood if they abstain from sex with man for a year. a draft of the rule change is expected next year. "the wall street journal" says u.p.s. and fedex started tapping air express deliveries in recent days after a last-minute surge in packages. yesterday the delivery giants asked retailers to scale back last-minute deals to shoppers. the shipping companies want to avoid a repeat of last year when millions of express packages did not make it in time for christmas. "usa today" says a charity will pay the mortgages of the two slain new york police officers. the tunnels of tower foundation said it made the decision after hearing concerns from one of the families about being able to stay in their home. the foundation was created after 9/11 to help first responders and military members.
7:32 am
the daily beast reports the former navy s.e.a.l. who claims he killed osama bin laden is under investigation. robert o'neil is accused of revealing classified information after going public. last month our margaret brennan asked o'neil about a potential legal battle. >> reporter: they're ready to challenge you he'legally. are you afraid of that? >> i would rather that not happen. everything i have done with respect to the pentagon and department of defense and what they're doing. >> thousands of e-mails were obtained from jeb bush. he responded to floridians. one man wrote politicians make me sick and bush replied i'm truly sorry you feel that way. have a nice day. he adds a smiley face. and he sprinkles messages with words like awesome and chill out. >> i'm sure chill out comes up a lot. los angeles police department is facing an internal investigation and a new race
7:33 am
controversy. it is sparked by a performance at a retired officer's party caught on video. some viewers may find the lyrics disturbing. ♪ >> the song mocks the death of black teenager michael brown at the hands of a white police officer. l.a. police chief charlie beck calls it offensive and wants to know if any current cops were at that party. a new york congressman vows to stay in office despite pleading guilty to a felony. republican representative michael grimm already gained notoriety for threatening to hurt a journalist and now admits hiding money from the irs. major garrett shows us how it puts house republicans in a difficult position. >> the republican congressman
7:34 am
faces up to three years in prison. after pleading guilty, grimm said he would not resign but also sounded apologetic. >> i'm truly, truly sorry for the mistakes that i made. as long as i'm able to serve, i'm going to serve. as of right now i'm still in a capacity to serve. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner withheld comment until speaking with grimm. the congressman's future would likely be decided after the christmas holiday. in a statement, house minority leader nancy pelosi said, "speaker boehner must insist that congressman grimm resign immediately." a 20-count federal indictment was handed down against grimm in april. he said at the time he would carry on. >> i'm a man
7:35 am
>> reporter: while running for re-election, grimm faced the indictment issue during this debate. >> if found guilty, would you resign? >> certainly. if i was not able to serve, of course i would step aside and there would be a special election. >> reporter: grimm one reelecion by 13 points despite the indictment and no financial support from beltway republicans. grimm prevailed politically but his guilty plea and subsequent
7:36 am
sentencing due in june may bring his congressional career to an end. for "cbs this morning," major garrett, washington. >> the fda this morning is deadly. one teaspoon can be the equivalent of drinking 25 cups of coffee. 18-year-old logan steiner was a star wrestler at his high school in ohio, prom king and top studwith o ooh. caffeine powder just once. he overdosed and died. kate steiner is logan's mother. >> he had no idea what he was doing. none. i do believe at the last minute he realized what happened and
7:37 am
probably shook his head. >> reporter: the coroner's report showed that logan had a lethal amount of caffeine in his system when he died. it's easily purchased online as seen in this youtube video posted by a man who says he ordered 25 grams of powdered caffeine through ebay. this form of caffeine is classified as a dietary supplement and is not regulated by the government. the caffeine in coffee, tea and other beverages is regulated. dr. robert glatter is a physician at lennox hill hospital. >> teenagers and young adults are getting this powder to lose weight and as a workout supplement and trying to study longer hours and it's seen as a way to do this. it's a vehicle. >> reporter: after logan steiner's death and a death of a newlywed in georgia, the fda posted a warning to consumers on its website and now the agency is building a local case against companies marketing the powerful stimulant in bulk hoping to get
7:38 am
them to stop. the fda will have to use the courts because it does not have the authority to directly pull products off store shelves. michael landa, the director of the fda center for food safety and applied nutrition made the agency's point clear in a blog post writing saying "i cannot tell you strongly how important it is to avoid using powdered caffeine." >> everyone should be on the same page about how dangerous this substance is and not used in any form in any way. >> reporter: the fda won't give a time line for legal action against retailers still selling powdered caffeine. as for logan, steiner's parents took their fight to washington earlier this month asking lawmakers to take action and stop the sale of this powdered pure caffeine. >> we have heard they are marketing toward kids. do you get that sense? >> the fda says this is targeted to children, young adults and teenagers looking for a quick fix. they want that pump in the gym.
7:39 am
they think it's easy. it can be very deadly. >> sad story. thank you so much. the hefty price of playing music online. one industry mogul is taking aim at youtube. we'll show you why he wants the website to pay $1 billion in a fight over streaming music. plus, a sit down with sting. charlie rose talks with the [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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youtube is being threatened with a $1 billion lawsuit this morning. the claim is the site doesn't have rights to nearly 20,000 songs from performers like pharrell and the eagles and he wants them taken down immediately. as john blackstone shows us, it's another area where traditional music companies are
7:44 am
going up against the popularity of online streaming services. ♪ you might think crazy what i'm about to say ♪ >> the pharrell williams' hit "happy" has half a billion views on youtube. it's available free of charge to anyone with an internet connection. there's a threat to sue youtube speared by azoff. he says writers are underpaid when it comes to digital. global music rights is taking a stand for songwriters. >> they are signing up famous songwriters like pharrell williams and smoky robinson to get rights to protect the public performance of those songs.
7:45 am
>> reporter: youtube said we have done deals with labels, publpu publishers and collection societies and more. we'll keep working with the music community and music fans invited to our beta phase." recently sued youtube and several record labels are pursuing litigation against the video site for distributing recordings from artists like the beetles and beyonce. last month taylor swift pulled her catalog from spotify after they refused to keep her latest album off the service. many artists and songwriters fail to make royalties from music streaming sites. >> when you have a pie that was so big and now the pie is only about half as big, all of the
7:46 am
people who want a piece are trying harder than ever to get theirs. ♪ because i am happy >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, san francisco. >> this is going to be a huge ongoing battle. it came out in an e-mail from sony that pharrell's "happy" was streamed 43 million times in the first quarter of the year but he made ,, example showers midday in the bay area first in the report in bay and then south through the rest of the bay area. out the door this morning we have temperatures in the low 50s, but expect wet as the day goes on. by midafternoon, we'll have gusty winds and some showers coming down.
7:47 am
temperatures cool, just 60 in the city, 62 oakland. christmas day nice, sunshine for tomorrow. in fact, it looks sunny tomorrow through the weekend. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by the new nook from samsung only "cbs this morning" sponsored by the new nook from samsung only at barnes & noble. give a lit a book is a gift like no other. and barnes & noble is like no other book store in the world. with so many books to discover and the new nook by samsung now a full featured tablet. a book is the gift they'll remember long after the holidays are over. you can get a great deal during toyotathon. ah, the bold new camry.
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a seahawks fan got an emotional christmas surprise when he received a gift from one of the team's running backs. >> hi, alex. i'm sorry you weren't able to meet alex back in november. to make up for it rob was generous enough to get the team to autograph this seahawks helmet and send it to you. >> alex hughes was wearing his seahawks jacket for game against the chiefs in kansas city. he met his girlfriend and he requested a picture with his jacket. alex obliged and asked for the autograph in return but he couldn't get in touch to meet her. later he received this helmet with signatures from the entire team. >> he said he bought a helmet case and he'll put that in a display case in his son's room. another loyal fan to come.
7:52 am
>> that's very cool. coming up, the real unbroken. an american olympian that became a prisoner of war during world war ii. we'll hear from the japanese guard who brutalized louis zamperini.
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theaters will now show the controversial film 'the interview.' plans are alrean r increased securi good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. a handful of bay area movie theaters will show the controversial film "the interview." plans are already in place for increased security and some theaters will have restrictions on what movie-goers can bring inside. a popular trail on san francisco's western edge is closed due to a landslide. the hillsides at lands end started sliding on monday. the ground could continue to give way especially with more rain possible. 3,000 people will get prime rib for lunch thanks to glide family services in san francisco. house of prime rib is donating 2,000 pounds of meat. the lunch starts at 11 a.m. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,
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good morning. liza battalones. if you are heading for the bay bridge toll plaza it's been light all morning long on this christmas eve. no delays at the pay gates. no problems either for the golden gate commute. just remember, the golden gate will be shut down the weekend of january 10. scheduled to re-open in time for monday morning's commute on the 12th. over at the bart system, they are operating with no delays on a normal weekday schedule. look at this view from the top of mount vaca in solano county. they have sunshine with high clouds up top low clouds down below and temperatures this morning still just in the 40s and the mid-50s here in the city. we are expecting this cold front to wash through the bay area around mid-morning today. and then be out by tonight. temperatures today with windy conditions by this evening. we'll manage only low 60s but christmas day looks nice and sunny.
7:59 am
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in the west. it's christmas eve wednesday, december 24th, 2014. welcome to cbs this morning. deadly tornados touched down in the northeast destroying homes and knocking out power to thousands and big headaches for travellers across the u.s. mississippi governor's declared state of emergency in two counties. >> big storm in the east as well as another one coming on shore in pacific north west drifting east christmas eve and christmas day. >> 90-year-old former president
8:01 am
was suffering from shortness and breath and brought to the hospital. if i were at a movie theater, i would absolutely show it. i think it will sell out. have we finally furnished t turned the corner. >> now the pie is only half as big. all the people who want a piece are trying harder than ever to get there. merry christmas eve. >> early gift to sit up here with you. >> it is indeed. a massive clean up is under way in parts of the south that were hit hard by tuesday's tornados. the storms are blamed for four deaths and 50 injuries in two mississippi counties. >> officials in columbia,
8:02 am
mississippi say the whole city were blacked out. those storms are now moving east causing flooding and christmas travel delays. we're watching all of the seasons across the u.s. good morning. >> good morning to you. it may be difficult to keep the christmas spirit alive if you're traveling across the eastern quarter of the nation today. anything from heavy rain to heavy snow around chicago land to possible severe weather in the deep south. who will see a white christmas? there in lies the question, it will be in the middle plains, minnesota potential boston not likely but possible record breaking heat tomorrow. one location that will see a white christmas, hawaii on the big island summits, there are
8:03 am
blizzard warnings up through tonight. another police shooting near st. louis left an 18-year-old man dead overnight. berkeley police say this surveillance video shows that man pointing a gun. the officer fired to protect himself. >> the video shows that -- that -- the deceased pointed a gun, that has been recovered, at the officer. and i think the officer, because he stumbled, might have saved his life many -- >> crowds confronted the police. two officers were injured and four people were arrests. sony will release the comedy "the interview" in select theaters and president obama
8:04 am
supports the move. he is in hawaii for the holiday. as usual he is on a working president. chip kelly is with the president good morning to you. >> yes the president is rediscovering just because he is on vacation the world has not stopped spinning. big item one sony's decision to release "the interview," the president applauds the decision and quote, we are a country that believes in free speech and the right of artistic expression. president has announced he will send joe biden for the funeral of one of those police officers killed in that tragic double shooting. some critics say the president shouldn't be on vacation with such big news number one there's always big news and two, the president can do his job from wherever he happens to be in the
8:05 am
world. >> as the president been able to actually enjoy his vacation. >> that's a definite yes. he went on a hike with his daughter and some of her friends yesterday and has been photographed in one of his favorite restaurant and in four full days has played three full rounds of golf. >> we hope you're enjoyed your christmas eve in hawaii. >> not bad at all. ahead sting talks to charlie rose and takes him inside his magical music. >> is it a visual thing? >> no ltsit's a line. a line t,,
8:06 am
up next, they are a long way away from college dorms, boomer
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experience the revolution of coffee. ♪ ♪ it's fairly common for young people in thirteens and 20s to have a roommate but now older americans are sharing their homes. the so called boomer-roomies are saving money and having fun. >> 67-year-old and 68-year-old are not just roommates but best friend but one title neither of them can stand. >> i'm sure you heard the term boomer-roomies. >> i don't particularly like that term too much. do you like the term? >> no i hate the term. >> the pair have lived together in this 1200 square foot apartment in harlem for the past two years. >> i have an office area and
8:12 am
bedroom area. >> and anne on the other. but just a few years ago they barely new each other. deena was living alone after her husband's death after down sizing to a two bedroom apartment in new york. she met anne in a learning seminar. she was divorced and new to new york. deena heard anne talking about her battle with breast cancer and she could no longer afford her rent because of her medical bills. >> next thing i knew i was calling her. and i started to cry saying i have to sell everything and move into one bedroom with one closet and within a day or two i said i would be foolish not to move in here. >> they are the growing number of machineamericans sharing hou. amount indications fapplication tripled.
8:13 am
she says sharing finances is not the only motivation. >> it could be lonely and cause depression if one isn't able to get out as often as possible. there are individuals who have no family so these are built-in relationship that's can occur. >> they started a blog called senior where the home others can benefit from what they learnd. >> i think we feel closer to each other than a lot of other people in our lives. >> it adds a richness i can't describe. someone will be here to talk to and share stuff with and go out for a glass of wine with. >> is this a lifelong situation. >> we make it up as we go along. >> it's open-ended. >> it's just life. >> but life is open-ended. >> right. >> both ladies would love to meet a man and get married again, until that happens, they have each other.
8:14 am
companionship is pivotal. >> very important. >> more than 15 years before the new movie unbroken, bob simon brought you the real american hero from the tale. that's next. ed the former olympian. that's next on "cbs this morning." ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪ cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? (cough!) it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this. up to 27% more brush movements. patented sonic technology with get healthier gums in two weeks. innovation and you philips sonicare save when you give philips sonicare this holiday season.
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bipolar disorder is a brain condition
8:17 am
>> a moment of pain is worth a
8:18 am
lifetime of glory. remember that. >> a scene from the movie "unbroken" which hits theaters tomorrow. it's a movie about louis zamperini who survived two years in japanese prison camps. in the late '90s, bob simon looked at zamperini's story of survival. >> reporter: the son of italian immigrants, louis zamperini was the troublemaker. >> i started getting in trouble because kids like to hear me swear in italian so they were picking on me to hear me swear in italian. >> reporter: known as the kid so fast on his feet he managed to steal deer from the bootleggers. he was convinced to take his talent for running into a new direction. >> the first race lou got in he won. come on, lou!
8:19 am
i guess that turned him because it was from there on out he had a different outlook on life. >> reporter: zamperini became a high school track champion. the second time he ran 5,000 meters, he qualified for the u.s. olympic trials. a month later, he was headed to the 1936 olympics in berlin. he was 19 years old. zamperini didn't win medals in berlin but he didn't fail to impress. he ran the final lap of his race in a staggering 56 seconds. >> he seems to have some gas in reserve. he really is making up time. >> reporter: he was congratulated by adolf hitler. he left berlin with high hopes for the tokyo olympics of 1940 but those olympics were replaced by world war ii and zamperini signed up for service who was posted to hawaii with a rank of
8:20 am
second lieutenant. in 1943, his crew got a call for an ill fated rescue mission in the northern pacific. >> as we circled to look, our number one engine, the rpms dropped. this plane was barely flying with four motors and with two gone it dropped like a rock. >> reporter: zamperini and the plane's pilot survived the crash and 47 days on a life raft in the middle of the pacific. when their raft drifted 2,000 miles west, they fell into the hands of the japanese. throughout the remainder of the war, zamperini was transferred through a series of japanese prisoner of war camps. he spent his most trying months at the hands of a sadistic japanese sergeant the p.o.w.s named the bird.
8:21 am
>> i couldn't bear the look in his eyes. even when i was punished and he said look in my eyes, i couldn't do it. they were that sadistic. >> look me in the eye. >> reporter: much of the torment took place at a prison camp. in april of 1945 with the camp facing starvation, the bird ordered zamperini to look after a sickly goat. >> he said if the goat dies, you die. if the goat dies, he dies. and the goat died. >> instead of a usual punishment, he said pick up that piece of wood and made sam hold it above his head. >> for the first three minutes i could hardly take it and then i went numb and i was just frozen in that position. >> reporter: zamperini held that
8:22 am
plank for 37 minutes. his revenge was his survival. >> that's how we do it. that's our revenge. >> if i can take it, i can make it. >> reporter: months later the war was over. zamperini had endured more than two years of beatings, torture, horrendous conditions and brutal weather and now he was going home. >> you well over with emotion and excitement. it explodes your body to get out. >> reporter: zamperini's family who once thought he was dead waited for him in long beach, california. >> when i saw them, i ran up to my parents and my family, i just felt i had come back alive. i had been dead and i came back alive. >> reporter: zamperini returned to japan years after the war in the hopes of finding the bird. he had come to terms with the nightmares of his past and was
8:23 am
ready to forgive. right after the war, the bird flew up to these mountains. he hid out here for seven years. more than 50 years on, we found him in the first television interview of his life, we questioned the bird about his ruthless treatment of the prisoners of war. >> i beat them. kick them. >> zamperini and other prisoners remember you in particular as being the most brutal of all of
8:24 am
the guards. how do you explain that? >> zamperini found his redemption another way. during the 1998 winter olympics in japan, he carried the torch. he ran triumphly through the streets of the city which was once his prison. louis zamperini died in july at the age of 97. the only item on his bucket list was joining angelina jolie on the red carpet at the remepremi. >> she ended up not showing up because she had chicken pox. sting talks to charlie rose about conquering years of
8:25 am
writer's block with a broadway musical. that's coming up on "cbs t company will tes your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's i had:25. time for news headlines. today a lab company will test the mold that forced the san jose fire department to close a fire station. it will determine if the mold contamination is dangerous. no word on when the firehouse will re-open. the 14th annual lefty o'doul's toy drive is going on now in san francisco. the last-minute christmas eve toy drive started this morning and runs through 11 p.m. san francisco police chief greg suhr stopped by earlier to join some of the carollers. the goal is to collect 10,000 toys before tomorrow. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. liza battalones here with your "kcbs traffic." chp doing a great job of clearing up this morning's accident in the san ramon valley southbound 680 just before crow canyon road so this is as you head towards san ramon there was a three-car accident blocking two lanes. all lanes are open, no delays. it's a quiet traffic morning with no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza all morning long. that continues with the metering lights off. on christmas eve highway 92 good both directions at the
8:28 am
speed limit. all other bridges moving well. and if you plan on catching a bart train today, keep in mind, they are operating on a normal weekday schedule. golden gate ferries are operating on what they are calling an enhanced holiday schedule, no problems record with caltrain. here's brian. >> look what's on the way this morning? we have some showers on the north coast heading south to the bay area. it appears right there touching mendocino. and that will be on the way for the bay area by midday today. it will be brief but it will get wet right around noon in parts of the bay area. as we overlook ocean beach it's 49 degrees right now at concord, livermore 48, same for san jose and santa rosa. this afternoon expect a little rain, a fast-moving system and breezy, as well. the winds will really be picking up with gusts up to about 40 miles an hour in parts of the bay area. numbers only in the low 60s today. and for christmas tomorrow it everything looks like it's going to break out nice and sunny. that's after the chance of showers today. captions by: caption colorado c comments@captioncolorad ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, sting talks with charlie rose about his broadway musical and how it hits close to home. the kennedy center honoree opens up about his family and why it was right to walk away from the police. they are living, breathing history of the internet. stanford class of 1994. "the new york times" reporter jody cantor will talk about a fascinating piece on how influential students found success in silicon valley. "the wall street journal" says e-mails leaked in the sony hacking attack appears to show sony considered selling its vast music publishing business. the units in partnership with
8:31 am
michael jackson's estate catalog including most of the beetles son songs. "forbes" says adam sandler is number one of the list of most overpaid actors in hollywood. it calculated what stars were paid and what their last three movies earned. "forbes" says for every dollar sandler was paid, he r connecticut. people flock to see a massive frozen beam art show clogging traffic featuring 50,000
8:32 am
christmas lights and timed to music on a local radio station. the backup to see the show is at least a half hour. i would go see that. i love those things. >> that's cool. sting is among this year's kennedy center honorees. he first gained fame in the 1970s with the police before going solo. charlie rose spent some time with sting as he enters a new stage. live theater. >> it's a community. it really is. it's something i found welcoming and nourishing. ♪ >> reporter: sting is currently performing eight shows a week in the last ship, the broadway musical for which he composed the music and the lyrics. ♪ >> reporter: the songs were originally written for the 2013 album of the same name telling a town in transition and
8:33 am
diminished opportunity. it's much like the town where sting was raised in northern england. you could say "the last ship" began when you were born. >> you could say that. i was born in the street where the end of the street was blocked by a giant ship for the first 15 years of my life where life working in a shipyard would seem to be the logical conclusion of where i came from. i did everything in my power to escape that. >> reporter: your father wanted you to stay. >> it wasn't that my father wanted me to stay. my father was an engineer at the beginning of his life. his father was a shipyard worker. my idea of being a songwriter or a writer seemed absurd to him. >> reporter: your mother loved music. >> she was a good musician. she was a piano player. she encouraged me.
8:34 am
♪ >> reporter: sting moved from a small shipping town to london. it was there that he launched his rock star career as the front man of the police. ♪ >> reporter: sting was joined by stewart copeland andy summers. with their blend of rocking reggae, the police went to the top in the late '70s and early '80s. the six-year collaboration produced five platinum selling studio albums, five grammys and a place in the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. it seems to me to have taken courage to disbanded police when you did not knowing what a solo career would be like. would you describe it as courage? >> i knew what the alternative was to just stay in the same place and keep doing the same thing and for me that would have diminishing returns.
8:35 am
my instinct was always to take a risk. i hope i have courage to keep doing that. >> reporter: talk to us about the process of song writing. >> i wish i could tell you how it's done. it starts with an itch. a vacuum somewhere. >> reporter: is it a visual thing or -- >> no. it's a line. a line that has some rez nance that you haven't heard before. you haven't thought of before. it's a mysterious process and sometimes like fishing, you get nothing and then sometimes you catch something substantial. when i feel it on the end of the line, i know what i have and i do my damndest to pull it in. >> you are 2014 kennedy honors
8:36 am
honoree. >> he's one of our essential musicians. >> you look down and you see marilyn introduce you and you see some of your music performed. ♪ >> it's not unique for an englishman to receive this honor but it's rare. it was unexpected. certainly not anticipated by me at all. ♪ >> my friend bruce springsteen came and herbie hancock. bruno mars. it was odd. and not having to do anything. not even required to speak never mind sing. i'm used to singing for my supper. it was a wonderful experience. it was difficult to just sit there. >> reporter: do you know who this is?
8:37 am
say hello. at 63, sting has no shortage of new fans. admits before writing "the last ship" he went through a creative drought. did this come at a time in your life when you were not having the same sense of being able to be inspired to write? >> i was in a writer's block i would call it. not a short one. maybe eight years where i didn't feel the compulsion to write songs or maybe i was just sick of me. i like myself. a songwriter is obsessive. i was sick of that. i was sick of offering myself for scrutiny of the world and just for the sake of commerce. and yet when i decided i would write about other people, the community i came from, i think i
8:38 am
revealed more about myself than i actually intended. it's my attempt to honor my community. i'm in it perhaps unconsciously. >> reporter: i was stunned to know and i understand you didn't go back to your father's funeral. >> no, i didn't. >> reporter: was that personal? >> it could have been cowardice on my part. i was working. i was on tour around the world. >> reporter: it's your father. >> i saw him just before he died and i had some commitments and i left and i didn't go to the funeral. i didn't want the media circus to follow me there to that personal place. but having not mourned my father in that conventional way, i was cursed to mourn him in a much more extravagant protracted way.
8:39 am
mourning his life to a certain extent. he was not a fulfilled man. he was an intelligent man. he never really felt satisfied by life. >> reporter: my impression would be that your life has been hugely satisfying. not because of its success but because you went in pursuit of something that was in your heart and you wanted to do. not to be but to do. >> i have a history of doing things that are against the odds. leaving a successful band at the height of their career making records that on paper don't seem like they would stand a chance on earth. i never really sought to coincide with popular taste and often i have but my intention is just to satisfy my curiosity. ♪
8:40 am
>> interesting he says this show he meant to not be personal but winds up being very personal because it's his view of the world he grew up in. >> you get that depth from sting in some of his lyrics but to hear him say those things especially about his father is very moving. >> sting continues his broadway run until january 24th. you can see sting and all of this year's recipients when cbs brings you the 37th annual kennedy center honors next tuesday at 9:00, 8:00 central here on cbs. one group is old school when it comes to women. "the new york times" reporter jody cantor is in our toyota
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> cool costume. >> where did you get it? >> my bed. >> you're funny. i'm brooke. this is my friend anastasia. >> hi. >> what's up? >> the show "silicon valley" reminds us a male nerd still dominates the tech industry. the percentage of women in the tech workforce plunged after the
8:45 am
industry's bust in 2000. despite the recovery since then, women's participation is still lower than in 1998. "the new york times" reporter jody cantor looks at this gender cap by tracking stanford's ground breaking class of 1994. good morning. >> good morning. >> what i like about your article is we make some of the main characters as they were in college as when they graduated and as they entered the workforce and where they are now. what attracted you to this particular class? >> in history of american education, there are not too many classes who had this kind of magical timing. they literally graduated when and where the internet was being created. when they came to college, they had no idea but they grew up to be these tech titans and made a lot of money but it's not just that. they invented a lot of technologies that you and i use every single day. >> what's so interesting is as one of the women in the class says to you in the article, the internet was supposed to be the great equalizer. it hasn't turned out that way.
8:46 am
why did that happen? >> that's the question i wanted to focus on. the internet was supposed to represent a chance to do things differently, to topple old conventions, to allow more people to participate, and yet when we look at the technology industry today which is probably the most dynamic and creative industry in america, we just don't see a lot of women. that clip you showed from the hbo show was perfect. there's a moment in my story where the first woman finally comes to work at paypal and she's going to be the office manager. one of the engineers says to her does this mean i can't look at porn anymore in the office? >> we often hear women admitting i took a step back because of family life. i wanted to do something else. was it your sense after interviewing this class that men really outshined women or that some of the chips were stacked against women as they tried to enter this world? >> both. both. there are generic things that hurt women in every industry. what i wanted to concentrate on
8:47 am
in this story were things that were particular to the tech world. it's a number of factors. there were fewer female computer science majors for example in this stanford class than there were male ones. there's also the question of how do groups form in silicon valley and how come so many startup groups are like minded people that will come and try to do something very risky and improbable together so the way that generally works is you kind of want people like you with you. people with whom you have a high degree of trust. the provocative idea here which is upsetting is the same thing that's made silicon valley so successful has kept it hononogus. >> you say it was the men that
8:48 am
took the risks. why was that? >> if you were the woman in the class of '94 and you were analytically inclined, you probably went into medicine in part because that was exciting back then. their moms hadn't been doctors. to get a medical degree from a great university and practice a valuable area of madisedicine w alluring. if you look at the comparison, i would do medical training and residency for a couple years or a startup for a couple years, they are exhausting and dema demanding but at the end of the medical training you know what you're going to get. something valuable and durable that will last your whole life. with a startup you could end up with nothing. that changed a little bit. on the stanford campus, they say that computer science is like the new law degree. it's considered safe. if you have a computer science degree from stanford, there is a very strong possibility you'll
8:49 am
be gainfully employed for the rest of your life. >> i thought it was interesting in an article that said i never tried to sit at the boys' table. was that inherent in her success. i won't try to be like you guys? >> we have seen that a lot of female tech successes are in clothing, fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, et cetera. >> great article. thank you so much for joining us. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that does it for us. i don't know about you, i have to go shopping. >> i may be scrooge this year. >> for news any time anywhere, logon and watch our 24-hour news
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>> linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. it's 8:55. time for news headlines. a handful of bay area movie theaters will show the film "the interview." plans are already in place for increased security and some theaters will have restrictions on what movie-goers can bring inside. a popular trail on san francisco's western edge is closed due to a landslide. the hill slide at lands ends started sliding monday. the ground could slide with more rain possible. 3,000 people will get prime rib for lunch thanks to glide family services in san francisco. house of prime rib is donating 2,000 pounds of meat. lunch starts at 11 a.m. here's brian with the forecast. we have showers on the way for the bay area this morning.
8:56 am
a look at the kpix 5 hi-def doppler shows those showers way up in northern california will come toward the bay area by midday today, pretty good winds coming along with it, too. temperatures now we're still in the mid-50s and cooler in san jose and santa rosa. so a little bit of a nip in the air but it's late december. that's what we get. low 60s will do it for highs today. 62 at oakland. 60 in san francisco. and 61 in fairfield. winds will be up to 30 to 40 miles an hour this afternoon. so expect gusty winds and cool temperatures. but we'll go 180 degrees tomorrow to sunshine. not in terms of temperatures. we are talking about direction! we'll have sunshine and temperatures in the low 50s tomorrow. and then right through the weekend, we'll stay dry and keep it in the upper 50s. traffic is next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
liza battalones here. just getting word of a protest in san francisco affecting traffic on octavia and market and affecting muni on 6, 21 on the other lines. southbound 880 before the alameda, a car hit a guardrail and ended up in weather it lanes of traffic. you can see it is causing a delay down to 34 miles per hour south 880 in san jose. and over at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is christmas eve light. there is an accident though west 80 just before west grand blocking the right lane.
8:59 am
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