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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  December 30, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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her gusts about 60 in the oakland hills. as we look at what's going to happen between now and midnight you can see that by then, forecast winds are still expected to be around 41 miles an hour in half moon bay, gusts up to 31 in san jose. so strong winds will continue for a while. peak wind gusts so far 43 miles an hour at livermore. napa at the airport had a wind gust of 52. oakland 62. those in the hills above downtown. and at reid-hillview in san jose they had a 40-mile-an-hour gust all being powered by high pressure battling a low that's now moved over the desert southwest so those strong winds will persist out of the north through tonight. we can expect 30 to 45-mile-an- hour wind gusts in the cities and at the coast and the hills, even stronger gusts. we'll have the complete forecast coming up. by the way it will go from windy to cold by tomorrow. that will be our story for new year's eve but in the meantime we have the winds to contend with and how. veronica? >> thank you. the high winds and fallen tree limbs caused chaos for bart. >> yeah. many of the trains had to be
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delayed, slowed down, and in some cases turned around. kpix 5's cate caugiran is live at 24th and mission with some pretty frustrated commuters. >> reporter: commuters are happier than when we first arrived at bart and 24th because things have cleared up. this came at the worst time. it came at the peak of the evening commute. people traveling for the new year's eve holidays several of them trying to get to sfo and for those few hours, they had to seek outside transportation. we're talking monis or rideshare options like uber or lyft that were certainly on surge prices as i checked and as you can imagine bart riders we spoke with were not happy. >> it's coming from work and it's cold, the weather, transportation, people all over you. and you want to get home. >> i'm cold right now so it's like last thing i want to do is sitting out in the wind and cold and not be able to go out tomorrow. >> reporter: all of this because of those high winds
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that caused a tree to fall on the tracks. there are still ongoing problems throughout the bay area. hayward fire department tweeted this photo of the tree on bart tracks near that area causing problems at hayward and south hayward on the fremont line in the fremont, richmond and daly city directions. there's also more problems. we're hearing that service between the coliseum and oakland airport is shut down so it's going to be a long night for commuters. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, cate. kpix 5's da lin is live along interstate 880 in vallejo where another toppled tree stopped traffic. >> reporter: we're on eastbound 580 now. that's a giant eucalyptus tree that fell on i-80. strong winds completely uprooted that tree. now, the size of this tree is the reason why it's taking workers so long to clear it. only one eastbound lane is reopened. the chp says the tree fell late
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this afternoon taking down power lines. and that forced this em to shut down both directions of i-80. officers reopened the westbound direction once they removed all the debris on that side. they say they are working as fast as they can to try to re- open all lanes in the eastbound direction. one witness say some of the branches fell on a car causing a minor accident on the freeway. the minivan swerved over got hit by tree. i was slamming my brakes sliding and actually slammed into them. >> you just hear a loud bang, the power was -- the power started flickering and it went off for a while and we just run outside and all you see is the trees fall. the car would try to swing and avoid it. >> they've team of about 15 people and some heavy equipment out here working to clear the tree. let's come back live now. you can see a cherrypicker a man working on the cherrypicker
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to try to cut some branches from the gigantic -- this giant eucalyptus tree. again, the size of that tree is the reason why it's going to take a while for them to clear this area. and also, i want to show you the freeway, over on the eastbound direction only one lane as i mentioned earlier has been reold. this direction, it's a three lane eastbound i-80, so when you shut down the other two lanes it's going to cause giant backups and that seems to be the case right now. if you don't have to get through this area, the advice is to avoid this area altogether. live here in vallejo, i'm da lin, kpix 5. another downed tree causing traffic trouble in the east bay. it blocked lanes on northbound 238 in hayward near 880. the southbound 880 connector to 238 also blocked. that has traffic backing up on 580. pg&e crews worked on power lines in mill valley earlier today. tonight, the utility is scrambling to keep up with all
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of the outages. the winds have knocked out power to thousands of people in the bay area. the south bay has more than 24,000 customers in the dark. east bay 15,000. almost 10,000 north bay customers still don't have power. at sfo, 105 flights have been canceled because of the high winds. and delays are up to an hour and a half right now. san jose mineta and oakland are not dealing with any delays or cancellations at this time. the warriors are sharing amazing photos of wind damage. this one from a viewer in concord. this tree fell in a dry wind grove avenue you can just make out the car buried underneath those branches there. and this one from san jose, this tree toppled on the moss creek mobile home community. the tree by the parking lot fell on to a building. no reports of injuries. our team coverage continues tonight with ann notarangelo in the berkeley hills. she has a firsthand look at
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wind speeds. ann. >> reporter: we're on skyline boulevard. with mobile weather, it has been showing us that for the last several hours the wind speeds have stayed consistent. mobile weather now telling us that the wind speed is about 3 miles an hour. we are averaging about 4 to 2 miles an hour. with our peak gust of wind in the last hour at 20 miles an hour. as far as the temperature it says it's about 42 degrees and it feels like it. but as we have been hearing in this newscast, it's not the cold, it's the wind that's causing the problem. pier 39's christmas tree was being put to the test today with gusts to 45 miles an hour. we'll find out just how secure those ornaments are in the next several hours. drivers are being warned to be careful on bridges. but the wind is causing problems in areas you would think would be more protected. winds uprooted a huge tree in concord that came crashing down at concord avenue and diamond boulevard clipping a corvette on the way down. [ chainsaws ] >> reporter: crews worked to clear it in time for the
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afternoon commute. >> we are having trees that are toppled throughout contra costa county. >> reporter: roy carlisle's car was smashed by a tree in oakland. he says coming from up north he should have known better today. >> i'm from the northwest. we have this kind of winds all the time. and i'm just used to trees falling down. but i wasn't smart enough to not park by one. that's the moral of the story. >> reporter: construction workers in walnut creek were spraying down dust to keep it from blowing in the wind. other than that, it was business as usual. >> basically the work that we're doing here today we're low to the ground. there's no concern of essentially somebody getting blown off a floor or something like that. >> reporter: but we did spot workers for san francisco who were not on the ground floor. at the very least, you know it was cold. somebody was telling me that we have all this technology to show people how the weather is faring. maybe i should use something more basic like a plastic garbage bag to show how the wind is blowing. it's not as bad as expected in the berkeley hills.
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today it's more like my surrender flag because it is getting very cold. in berkeley ann notarangelo, kpix 5. our weather continues in less than 10 minutes. brian hackney on why you need to be prepared for the strong winds into tomorrow. more tonight on a scuffle between a woman and an off-duty san jose police officer. we first showed you video of the incident last night. a fender-bender leads to an off- duty san jose officer taking matters into his own hands. kpix 5's christian hartnett tonight on why the department is defending the officer's actions. christian. >> this officer is in the clear after an investigation from internal affairs. the department says it's because of the one thing he did right before the camera started recording. [ screaming ] >> reporter: the off-duty officer slams the 32-year-old woman into his car. he screams that he is a san jose police officer but then her sister jumps trying to stop him. they jump back in the car and screech off. san jose police say it happened
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back in september at this apartment complex parking lot after the off-duty officer chased down the car that allegedly rear-ended him. an internal investigation determined the officer's actions were justified. >> this officer was a legitimate dualy authorized police officer. our duty manual policy says if he chooses to go ahead and take an enforcement action he is covered by our duty policies an procedures. >> reporter: it found he showed his badge before the camera was rolling. at that point detaining the woman was fair game according to department policy. >> covers him and allows him the opportunity to go ahead and act as a normal police officer under normal circumstances situation. >> my view is that that view of how to analyze whether or not force is appropriate is too narrow. that it needs to be broader. >> reporter: judge ladoris cordell is the independent police auditor for san jose pd. she reviews the department's
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internal investigations if a public complaints on officer conduct is filed. no complaint was filed for this case. but she says current internal investigations at san jose pd and many other police departments don't put enough emphasis on what led to the use of force. >> the analysis should also consider the proportionality. was the use of force appropriate to whatever gave rise to the use of force. [overlapping speakers >> reporter: there's a public year end report released annually by the independent auditor of the san jose pd. this year's report will include a chapter recommending expanding the definition of use of force by this police department. live in san jose, christian hartnett, kpix 5. >> both women in the video have misdemeanor warrants out for their arrests. we are getting a first look at two san francisco men charged with stealing a newspaper truck and then leading police on a chase through three counties. andrew rojas and rudolph rudy martinez are facing a long list of charges.
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that truck was stolen in the bayview. the wild chase down the peninsula and across the bay ended at chabot park near san leandro. a police car was rammed at one point. charges include assault on police officers because the truck was considered a deadly weapon. still ahead, burnt to a crisp. cars set on fire in the south bay in three separate cases. what's raising a red flag for investigators. >> and more trouble from today's powerful winds bringing down trees in several cities. how long it's expected to last.
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clara county... whoever's behind it... still on the loose tonight. kpix 5's kiet do reports... the location of the fires three cars torched in the santa clara county. whoever is behind it still on the loose tonight. kpix 5's kiet do reports, the location of the fires is raising some red flags. >> reporter: another week, another string of car fires.
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it started at 10 p.m. monday night when firefighters battled a van burning for some time while tucked away behind this office complex at 2105 south bascomb avenue in campbell near the san jose border. two hours later and less than a mile away, this volkswagen was torched on bascomb avenue. it was especially brazen since it's a highly visible spot on the busy street next to the ebay campus. the heat damaged part of gilbert morales' suv. you feel pretty lucky? >> oh, yeah, yeah. i feel lucky. i still got my car. >> reporter: another two hours later, around 2:30 in the morning, this toyota was set on fire at the riverwalk apartments. whoever did it also tried to smash the window of a nearby vehicle but was unsuccessful in starting a second fire. the toyota's owner didn't want to show her face on camera but said she relied on the car to commute an hour to work every day. >> i just can't believe that someone would do this to people. it sounds like it's just for fun. there's no gain.
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there was no need for my car or anything and it just makes me sad that there are people out there that would do this. >> reporter: this fire was the most concerning because it was very close to the apartment building. as you can see here the heat damaged the plastic shutters and put a lot of lives at risk. >> cover caught an apartment on fire put people's lives in danger. >> reporter: the red dots show the most recent suspicious fires. but the yellow dots show three arson fires that happened a week ago. investigators are not saying if they are all related. including this one in east san jose at a park near yerba buena and silver creek roads. whatever the case, that is six cars burned in the same half mile radius all overnight all within several hours of each other all unsolved. in san jose kiet do, kpix 5. >> cars were empty nobody was hurt in any of the fires. meanwhile, a pleasanton police officer arrested three identity thefts suspects.
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jason brown was standing next to a stolen car in a hotel parking lot. stolen mail and other items were inside that vehicle. two other suspects at the hotel were also arrested. back to our top story now. damaging winds ripping through the bay area. this is new video of a couple of fallen trees on san francisco's telegraph hill. one tree is on the ground but another one is up against an apartment building. and it's not just one part of the bay area getting hit. damage reports are coming from all over. for example, hayward, this car was in the wrong place at the wrong time. winds broke this tree which crashed down on it. power lines came with it. no one was hurt. in pleasant hill trees were swaying in the wind. you can see the wind blowing by looking at the branches. people in san francisco didn't take chances. they were bundled up head to toe. hats, gloves, mittens, helmets.
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>> but what's causing this wind? because there was a very fast-moving cold front that came through overnight and a really tightly wrapped low pressure system that moved through now in the desert southwest. now the high pressure that's offshore is going to regain the atmosphere. it's almost like -- if you give it a liquid equivalent, it's almost like you open the floodgates on a dam and the water goes, yeah, now we got someplace to flow. it's the same thing with the air. the high pressure is going to build in. you had, you know, relative vacuum in the low pressure and that wind is just rushing in. especially down there at crissy field right now where there's a swell of five to seven feet. and we have also got gusts up to about 40 miles an hour. so there's rough waters out there and a five to seven foot swell. that's within the bay. that's like ocean going swells. there are gale warnings postedof shore. the numbers are in the lowest 50s. concord 48.
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oakland 50. livermore 50. winds right now in the reporting locations, the bright red shows the strongest gusts along the inner bay shoreline on the western edge and just touching sausalito and also parts of tiburon, but the strong winds are everywhere. 40-mile-an-hour winds at sfo. peak gust 50 miles an hour at mount hamilton. oakland hills 62 miles an hour atop oakland and at the airport we had a gust of 48 miles an hour. and at any will still be windy tonight. these are not going to be abating soon as we have temperatures forecast by 8:00 tonight to be in the mid-40s for much of the bay area. but you combine that with a 40- mile-an-hour wind and that drives the sensible temperature down into the upper 30s. so going to be cold tonight. it will be windy. there could easily be more problems with trees already weakened by the extensive rains that we had two weeks ago. out the door tomorrow morning plenty of sunshine, plenty of winds still through midday tomorrow. that's going to take a while again as that high pressure is
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slowly moving toward the west coast this. low pressure is heading out into the desert southwest and it's the battle between the the two that's creating the breeze. so windy and cold through midday tomorrow. winds abate tomorrow afternoon. we still have wind advisories for gusts up to 60 miles an hour for the north and east bay hills along the coast sow downed trees and power lines a distinct possibility. strong winds through 11:00. they ease midday tomorrow. tomorrow night, with the winds going away for the most part, not completely, but that's going to allow things to get very cold on new year's eve. so we'll have to bundle up if you are going out to watch fireworks or do things like that toward midnight. 33 overnight lows. colder wednesday night. 38 oakland, 41 in the city. forecast highs low 50s bay wide. in san francisco 54. 56 oakland. and 56 in santa rosa. 53 degrees at fairfield. the extended forecast is calling for things to begin to warm up as we head toward the
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weekend. but between now and then, it's going to be breezy. it's going to be cold. and as we get into monday and tuesday there's at least a sense that we might be able to, um, get maybe a little bit of a crack in the storm door opening by next week. we shall see. meantime, dry and cold. >> thank you. you can always get a heads up about the freeze warnings and other weather alerts like the winds, by downloading the kpix 5 weather app for iphone and android. a lot of investors are checking out the popular grocery delivery app instacart. according to a new regulatory filing it has raised $210 million and is now valued at nearly $2 billion. instacart dispatches workers to do your grocery shopping and deliver it to your door. the service is currently available in 15 u.s. cities including san francisco. stocks retreated from record highs ahead of the new year. the dow dropped 55 points to close below 18,000.
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the nasdaq lost 29. s&p lost 10. cal-train's freedom train tradition is ending ticket for the annual event in memory of martin luther king, jr. haven't been selling well. organizers just announced the ride scheduled for january 19 will be the last. tickets are $10. they cover the roundtrip from san jose to san francisco and back. the 54-mile journey is the same distance the king marched from selma to montgomery. no more fabric seat cushions on the bart train. they have been replaced with vinyl covers. the work has been going on for three years. the vinyl seats are easier to clean, durable. riders complained about how dirty the wool seats got. skiers and snowboarders have been celebrating all the fresh powder. >> but how much is the latest round of snow really helping our drought? we'll show you the first measurement of the season coming up.
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but reporter derek shore shows the first winter stow knack survey in the sierra found more snow than this time last year. reporter derek shore shows us there's still a long way to go to put a dent in the drought after examining the first winter snowpack. >> reporter: mother nature wanted more snow up in the sierra before the first snow survey of the season. the problem is it doesn't appear it's going to be nudge. with the snow coming down sideways a snow survey made a short trek right next to sierra tahoe to see just how we're doing when it comes to the snowpack. and it was underwhelming. currently we're at about 22 inches of snowpack here. that is about a third of where we should be. of course, the water up here very important and the snowpack very important for water everywhere in california. elsewhere the sierra is doing
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better than up here, 50% half of where we should be. we need more to go. >> we are going to lead a lot more storms to catch up to average and average is not going to be enough to break the drought. >> reporter: according to the department of water resources, they will be back up here throughout the season about another four times to check the snowpack and see just how we're doing. reporting in the sierra, derek shore, kpix 5. >> the california snowpack supplies about a third of the state's commercial and residential water needs as it melts in the late spring and summer. marin county has tallied up the numbers. it sustained more than $13 million in damage from the storms earlier this month. flooding mud slides, winds, the high tides, rolling into the bay area mid-december, marin county businesses homes and roads were all hit hard. nine million dollars worth of damage to public property. marin was one of several bay area counties to declare a state of emergency in order to get help to pay for that
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damage. coming up in our next half- hour, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of wine stolen from an exclusive napa restaurant. just how rare the bottles are. >> and a days long search for a missing air asia plane and the dozens aboard turns into a recovery mission. the efforts now to figure out why that jet went down. >> usually you salt the roads in the winter but today, an accident sent salt pouring on to cars.
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life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups. female announcer: sleep train thanks
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this napa restaurant... so how did burglars get away with hundreds of now at 6:30, it's hard enough to get a reservation at this napa restaurant. so how did burglars get hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of rare wine? welcome back. ryan takeo shows us the of these knew exactly when and where to strike. >> reporter: this list shows the wine stolen in this high- priced list but the napa wine dealer says there's a silver
6:30 pm
lining that has a serial number and tag to make it difficult to trachsel. they could be unloaded on the black market. >> the fear is this would be sold to a private individual where none of the serial numbers are anything else may matter. >> reporter: investigators say they might release the serial numbers to go along with this list. they hope publishing all the wines taken will lead to someone in the industry raising a revved flag. someone kicked open the door the wine cellar at the yountville three star michelin restaurant on christmas day. >> there was a small window of opportunity where there wasn't anybody here. >> these are the faberge eggs, the bugattis. >> reporter: he says it's a list of who's who of wine royalty with some bottles costing $10,000 each. many are from a famed french winery like this bottle. >> it's a winery in burgundy. it is generally considered among the rarest and most collectible wines on planet
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earth. >> reporter: and it looks like the of these may have known exactly what to grab. >> this is very much like an art heist. these are very specifically chosen. would you have to know what you were -- you would have to know exactly what were you after. >> reporter: another winery made the list of what's lost. those wines can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000. in napa, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> total loss is estimated at close to 300 thousand dollars. tonight, the state department is admitting that north korea may not have acted alone in the massive hack attack on sony. the fbi has met with multiple cyber security firms who suggested that the reclusive nation may have outsourced the attack. one of those firms was san mateo based norse. they say they found strong evidence that the attack may have been an inside job involving at least one laid off
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sony staffer. >> it was not masterminded by north korea and we are confident that insiders were key to the implementation and success in one of the most devastating attacks in history. >> cyber experts admit only the u.s. government has the type of far reaching access to determine what really happened. rerecovery is under way for passengers in downed flight 8501. crews are frantically searching for the black boxes. >> reporter: pieces of lives lost are slowly being brought ashore. helicopters and divers are sent to recover bodies and belongings of the 155 passengers and 7 crew members aboard air asia flight 8501. >> he is a good husband and a faithful husband great husband. i can't name all his qualities.
6:33 pm
he is a great husband for me. [ crying ] >> reporter: several bodies have been found already in the shallow waters of the java sea as has an emergency exit door. there's been no signs of survivors. family members cried and some fainted as they learned of the discovery. >> i apologize for what they're going through. i am the leader in the company. i have the responsibility. that's why i'm here. i'm not running away from my obligations. >> reporter: the cause is unknown. the two black boxes -- >> every investigation is different. this one i believe will underscore the need for floatable black boxes and emergency locating transmitters. >> reporter: but right now, job one is the need for families to recover what they can of their lost loved ones. i'm stacy cohan, reporting. >> another one of air asia's
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planes ran into trouble today. it overshot the runway in the philippines. it got stuck in a muddy field beyond the runway. no injuries. a tragic story out of idaho tonight. a toddler accidentally shot and killed his own mother at a walmart. investigators say the 29-year- old woman was shopping with several children when her 2- year-old son pulled a gun out of her purse and then pulled the trigger. she died right at the scene. deputies say the woman had a concealed firearms permit. a building collapse in chicago left a line of cars at a dealership buried in salt. firefighters say the brick wall of this morton warehouse gave way under the pressure of that you will salt piled up inside. no reports of injuries. the first president george bush is released from a houston hospital. "41" was taken there by ambulance last tuesday night
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after experiencing shortness of breath. his spokesman says he is resting at home. bush, who is now 90, says he is grateful to the doctors and the nurses for the superb care. pulled off his surfboard and business end by a shark. tonight, a man is speaking out about his scary experience in the waters off san luis obispo. he was pulled off his surfboard and bitten by a shark. >> i'm lucky to be alive. yeah. no doubt about that. >> reporter: it was a moment. kevin swanson says he will never forget. he was out surfing with his buddy sunday morning. the waves were smooth, the surf was fun. that is until a great white shark attacked him. >> everything just, you know, changed dramatically at that point, you know. it went from calm serene beautiful day with your friends to, you know, violent. >> reporter: the shark believed between 8 to 10 feet bit hit and pulled him under. >> it took me down 5 to 10 feet. >> reporter: he was in surgery for two hours. he says the laceration to his right leg was about the size of
6:36 pm
a pie pan. >> looked like something that would never be able to be put back together again. >> reporter: before he was flown to a medical center, two doctors who were on the beach at the time he was attacked came to his rescue. >> i may have gone into shock. who knows what would have happened if they weren't there. >> reporter: now he is home recovering with his family thankful to be alive and to be able to tell his story of how he came to face to face with a shark and survive. >> i'll go back out there as soon as i get the green light. i'll be hesitant to be out to the same spot about eventually will be -- but eventually will be there, as well. >> sharks are native there. park rangers say they spotted them several times a year but it is rare to attack humans. nasa's jet propulsion lab has unveiled a new robot creation designed especially for disaster response. it looks like a plumbing experiment. it has four identical limbs that can serve as arms or legs
6:37 pm
and is designed to move like an ape. there's no head. instead it has 7 cameras that act as eyes. the robot can move across rubble, climb stairs, use a tool even drive a car. all without human control. still ahead, keeping people safe this new year's eve. what's already being done in times square ahead of the ball drop. >> plus, they are doing their friends a favor. now an app is helping designated drivers find the best perks on a night out.
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the ball drop in new york's times square... so organizers do everything possible people from all around the world running in the new year but watching the ball drop in times square so organizers do everything to make sure it goes smoothly. kris van cleave was there for today's dry run. >> 4, 3, 2, 1, whoo! happy new year! >> reporter: with a flip of the switch, the new year's eve ball is lit up and ready to go.
6:40 pm
organizers powered on the 32,000 l.e.d. lights and hoisted the ball into position above times square. at 11:59 wednesday night it will come down to ring in 2015. >> when we count down with the irc those final 60 seconds, over 190 million americans will be counting down with us in unison. i can't think of another moment in time like that. >> reporter: encrusted with more than 2600 waterford crystals, new year's' most famous ornament weighs in at nearly 12,000 pounds and while organizers prepare for the big drop, security preparations are also in the final stations. bomb-sniffing dogs are on patrol as officers are out in force and barricades are being delivered by the truckload. times square is already packed with tourists from around the world but as busy as it is now, organizers say they expect up to a million people to be here to ring in the new year. >> we want it to be an amazing experience. we want to see the ball drop. >> everybody having a great
6:41 pm
time. >> reporter: in households all around the globe, a billion people will be watching the ball drop cheering the promise of a new year. kris van cleave, cbs news, new york. >> chp won't be. they will be out on the roads. california highway patrol and other state traffic officials hope a new app that rewards designated drivers will help curb holiday dui's. the app shows exclusive offers an discounts for designated drivers at bars and restaurants throughout california. it also allows people who are out for a night of drinking to connect to a ride home. the app was first announced earlier this month. it's getting more special attention now because many people of course will be out celebrating tomorrow night. still ahead a surprise no one wanted under a christmas tree. what one couple found inside this playstation box that wasn't fun and games. >> easily the windiest day of the season so far in the bay area and it is not over yet.
6:42 pm
a strong wind continues to blow through the region. we'll have the forecast coming up in a minute. >> straight ahead in sports, jim harbaugh riding a wave of blue. >> no guarantees. >> his previous boss on the defense. >> you have asked me that like 17 times already. >> arguably the bay area's biggest superstar was in a giving mood. in 10 minutes.
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area company is creating clothes.. your credit card more than 10 million identities will be stolen next year. tonight learn how a bay area company is creating clothes to keep your credit card information safe from digital pickpockets. we'll have that story plus much more on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. well, you know you have pulled off a real christmas surprise when even the gift giver is shocked at what's inside the box. sandra ortiz thought she bought her boyfriend a playstation 4 from a kern county target store. when he opened the box, there
6:46 pm
were two bibles inside instead. ortiz says she was mortified and worried target wouldn't believe her. >> i felt embarrassed. i felt like, you know, i just ruined christmas for him and everybody else. he said he didn't want the bibles unless they were autographed by jesus himself. >> ortiz says the target believed her. she was ready to square on the bible. [ laughter ] >> they did agree to give her a real playstation 4 after the store security system confirmed she was telling the truth. >> awww. more look at the rough waters of san francisco bay. the high winds whipping up the water all day. this is crissy field. we have been watching the waves hit the pier. ferry service was canceled due to the rough conditions. >> it was a wild and windy night on san francisco bay.
6:47 pm
>> we have the mobile weather lab. we'll provide a live shot -- you can guarantee calm winds wherever you send this thing in the middle of the big storm. >> i'm thinking they are on the west side so the winds are coming from the north. >> elsewhere it is not 3.3 miles an hour. we are looking at strong gusts through the bay area. 20-mile-an-hour gusts at mountain view and in san jose, out of the north at 22, at the airport in the last hour, 40- mile-an-hour gusts and right now in the city, it was blowing with winds up to 34 miles an hour now. slowly things will ease up overnight. 50 oakland. livermore 50. peak gusts reported earlier today. mount hamilton had 50-mile-an-
6:48 pm
hour gusts and santa rosa 41 in napa at the airport at 52-mile- an-hour gusts and maybe as ken said on the other side of the oakland hills 62-mile-an-hour gusts earlier in the day. by 8 p.m. mid-50s, breezy through midnight and slowly beginning to relax the winds but still tomorrow morning as you head out. it will be chilly with numbers near 40 and winds still up around 20 miles an hour. those strong winds will hang in through tonight as low pressure gets kicked into the desert southwest. high pressure rebuilds. and as the high rebuilds, it's going to fill that relative vacuum that was previously occupied by the the low pressure and ergo the high wins. cool temperatures tomorrow night. high winds are keeping temperatures up at night. downed trees and lines still a factor tonight. so strong winds through 11, winds ease by midday tomorrow.
6:49 pm
new year's eve dry and cool. the embarcadero for the fireworks numbers about midnight in the mid-40s but at least the winds won't be bad tomorrow night as tonight. 49 at livermore. 51 at pleasanton. up in the north bay tomorrow, we'll be mostly in the mid-50s so a little warmer tomorrow than today. winds die down tomorrow. chilly temperatures through thursday. toward the weekend above average readings. as we peer into the distance into the middle of next week the storm door opens about that much. just a little bit. we'll have the forecast update for you at 11:00 tonight. we'll have sports for you after a break.
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
being michigan football head coach... ...toda football up top. as the younger man jim harbaugh sawed he dreamed about being michigan football home. today as many wolverine fan alums would say, go blue. >> they dumped gatorade over me on sunday at the ballgame and i have lost my vocal cords a little. >> reporter: his voice was
6:53 pm
hoarse but he took the job because he loves michigan and they expressed their love for him. >> i'm wondering how comfortable you are with this perception that you're the savior of michigan football. >> i'm not comfortable with that at all. >> reporter: harbaugh is comfortable with the paycheck a $5 million annual base salary with loads of incentives. times have certainly changed in ann arbor since he guaranteed a win over ohio stay in the '80s. >> i guarantee we'll be ohio state this saturday. we'll be in pasadena on january 1. >> no, i tell you, i make no guarantees. i made a guarantee a long time ago and i have learned from that, i have grown. >> reporter: there are some who say his personality is the reason he spent no more than 4 years at any coaching job. >> how do you feel your personality translates to the college game? >> i feel like it's the only
6:54 pm
personality i have. you know? [ laughter ] >> the other ones were all taken. >> reporter: in ann arbor imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. >> that young michigan daily reporter at the airport last night? >> that was not me. [ laughter ] >> where's that young man? that was you? heck of a job. [ laughter ] >> heck of a job. there's a go getter right there. >> smiles in michigan. sighs in santa clara for 49ers ceo jed york. on the ropes and on the defense at questions zeroing in on how he could possibly let go of a man with a fifth best winning percentage in the history of the national football league go. he went 17 minutes with knbr morning show host brian murphy. here's a sample. >> you guys were winning at a historic clip and you have chosen to get other way.
6:55 pm
how can you justify that? >> you have asked me that like 17 times already. this was a mutual decision between jim and me. i don't know what else to tell you. >> circling back i think the last four years have been a very acceptable product that you guys have now chosen willingly to dismiss and -- >> we have not chosen willingly to dismiss. >> you have. >> no, we haven't. >> "new york daily news" is reporting former jets coach rex ryan will interview with the 49ers. the falcons are also on his schedule. a 50 -- 46-50 in his six seasons with the jets. baseball more love for giants madison baumgarner named today the "associated press" male athlete of the years. baumgarner clayton kershaw and derek jeter finished 1, 2, 3 in the voting. before the warriors host the sixers tonight steph curry hosted his annual feed the children giveaway in oakland. 400 boxes of food handed out.
6:56 pm
last year's league community assist award win keeps on going. >> we had a moment. >> how many shots does it take before you realize that you're mine? >> i'm on tonight. >> just one. [ laughter ] >> [ indiscernible [ much mumbling ] >> if i miss 50 or make 50 the next one i think is going in so that never changes. >> so the warriors running with the sixers tonight tip-off at 730. expected for the warriors to kind of roll over through this -- >> they should beat them. >> highlights and stories on the late show. at levi's stadium, the foster farms bowl will be under way tonight stanford a two touchdown favorite to roll the maryland terrapins. >> might want to bundle up. >> you bet. >> even in santa clara. >> just a little. >> for news throughout the evening the latest news and weather are always on our website,
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! ["family feud" theme playing] give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: they want the money. let's go. audience: [cheering] steve: how's everybody? how y'all? i appreciate you now. thank you very much. thank y'all now. appreciate it. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. we got a good one today, folks. we got a family here returning for their fourth day. with a total of 21,825 bucks from san diego, california it's the siqueiros family! audience: [cheering] and from right up the road in marietta, georgia it's the tuso family! audience: [cheering] everybody's here trying to win
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their self a lot of cash and the possibility driving out of here in a brand-new fuel-efficient ford fusion hybrid right there. audience: [cheering] steve: let's play "feud"! give me ann, give me carla. ["family feud" theme playing] all right, ladies, here we go. top 7 answers on the board. for you, what's the worst kind of music to make love to? carla. >> country. steve: country. >> come on. audience: [cheering] >> rap. oh! >> we'll play? all right, we're going to play. steve: they're going to play. audience: [cheering] isa, for you, what's the worst kind of music to make love to? >> sorry, honey. metal. steve: heavy metal. >> yes! yes! great answer, isa! steve: hey, david, for you, what's th


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