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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 31, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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jose area. the winds are currently calming down there. fremont north-northeast at 16. this is up to the date information you notice it's just fluctuating and changing in fact napa's winds now at 17. these are not the gusty winds though. these are sustained winds. and these winds will continue to blow throughout the lunch hour. the advisory is in effect until high noon the other part of the story is the colder temperatures. we are currently in the 30s and 40s. freeze warning in ticket tonight. we'll talk about that coming up. >> reporter: a lot of wind damage in the bay area this morning. >> kiet do joins us from one problem area where lines are still down this morning. >> reporter: crews are still dealing with about a dozen or so active scenes in the city of san jose. this is one of the bigger ones. a huge tree has fallen in willow glen on meridien avenue it fell down into los gatos
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creek. it took power lines with it but the power is restored. it's blocking one northbound lane on meridien. winds came in yesterday afternoon. highest wind gust in santa clara county at san jose state blocking down trees, damaging buildings, dragged down power lines all over the area and blew out power transformers. >> saw a big explosion and people started yelling and so it was like oh, no. >> reporter: now, the next weather event is the big chill. it's going to get cold tonight. so homeless shelters are expanding for a short time. these two are adding capacity: >> reporter: crews are getting a handle on this with willow blend. they have opened up the southbound lanes. one northbound lane remains
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blocked out here on meridien avenue. crews will climb down that embankment and cut up that very large tree and get that lane back open again. we're live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> new this morning, those strong winds may have inadvertently caused a fire that damaged an apartment unit in south san jose last night at a complex on rancho drive and seven trees boulevard. the man living in the apartment went outside to cut a tree brought down by the high winds. his christmas tree caught fire in the unit possiblily candles left burning. >> power was out in the whole neighborhood. he had candles lit in the apartment. he also had a fire in the fireplace. and he had animals running free in the apartment. so it's possible that one of the animals knocked a candle over or something like that but we don't know at this point the cause of the intoer. >> two people were displaced one were taken to the hospital. >> we don't know at this point the cause of the fire. several blocks of harrison
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tree were shut down because of a fallen tree. and a tree fell on interstate 80. the tree fell on a minivan causing a minor klain reaction crash on the freeway. also hit a tangle of power lines there leaving some nearby homes and businesses in the dark. >> you just hear a large bang, the power started flickering and it went off and we just run outside and all you see is the tree just fall. >> a stretch of the freeway shut down in both directions for hours. that snarled traffic for miles. those downed power lines have been a problem over the past day or so in martinez. downed lines or ward street set two parked cars or fire. the firefighters had to wait for pg&e to cut the power before they cut douse the flames. the fire melted nearby streetlights but nobody was injured. 6:03. let's check our traffic with elizabeth. >> thanks. unfortunately all those incidents you just heard about a -- fortunately a lot are
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cleared so we are seeing the usual high wind advisories for the bridges. an incident in the santa cruz mountains, but first this accident has been keeping us busy. westbound 80 at el portal not related to the winds just an accident multi-vehicle crash. for a while caused a traffic alert. now all lanes are back open. still seeing delays from pinole valley road. this is that issue involving winds with a downed tree and power lines. old santa cruz highway is closed both directions at melody lane and they are not expected to re-open that stretch for another several hours not until this afternoon. that's your latest traffic. >> thank you. a lot of you have been sending us storm damage photos: eek mobile home comm luckily, no one inside was hurt. and the napa fire department in san jose this tree toppled over a mobile home community. no one inside was hurt. and the napa fire department tweeted this photo that is a
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giant redwood that came down on a home. pg&e crews working through the night to restore power to thousands here in the bay area checking the latest numbers from the utility now 1 72,000 pg&e customers lost service at some point. most of those are now back online. more than 7,000 still in the dark. 2300 are in santa clara county. the rest are scattered around the rest of the bay area. oakland offering warming centers to help people stay warm this week. the city is offering several warming centers today through friday morning. they are operating on a first come, first served basis offering warm drinks and some blankets there. there are four centers located one at 2272 san pablo, 559 sixteenth street one on international boulevard and 925 brockhurst street. get weather on your phone with the cbs sf bay area weather app. behind a rash of car fires in santa clara county. six cars
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blaze... within developing news. investigators are trying to find out who is behind a rash of car fires in santa clara county. six cars were set ablaze within a 24-hour period in campbell, and san jose's burbank district. as joe vazquez reports, the latest fires were yesterday evening. reporter: the suspect got away and within minutes another fire broke out just a couple of blocks away in the 1900 block of willow. can you tell me what happened? >> so --[ pause ] [ crying ] >> we had came back from laundry and then like we had parked the van there for like it's been there for an hour ago and then we come back and then we see the firefighters and we got out and then the car was burned down. >> reporter: andrew says he doesn't recognize the suspect but he got a good look at him. >> when you saw him, he didn't look like he was two faced. i started running out and i started running. he didn't run immediately when i opened the garage and when i yell at him. he was staying there for his purpose.
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>> reporter: what would you say to these guys starting these fires? [ crying ] [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> among the other fires was this one that burned a van that started shortly after 10:00 monday night behind an office complex. that's on south bascomb avenue in campbell. happening right now, bodies from the airasia flight that crashed in the java sea have started to arrive in indonesia indonesia crews say they have found the main wreckage of the plane. they hope to get the black box recorders now to determine what happened. >> this really begins the investigation in earnest by finding the remains that's floating on the water, by bringing up the wreckage that in fact is floating, we know
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that we finally have evidence of this particular aircraft's crash into the water. >> the u.s.s. sampson from the united states navy is helping find the black box recorders. the ship is equipped to detect under water locator beacons. the centers for disease control says the u.s. has officially surpassed the epidemic treasure hold with this season's flu virus. the cdc estimates nearly 7% of all deaths nationwide were due to pneumonia and influenza during the week ending december 20. the flu is widespread in 36 states. one of the bay area most highly acclaimed restaurants re- opening today nearly a half a year after a destructive fire in the early-morning hours of july 7 when flames engulfed manresa, los gatos institution. it was now restored. the michelin two-star restaurant is completely booked for tonight's new year's eve dinner service. michigan fans last night offered a warm welcome to jim harbaugh. [ applause and cheers ]
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>> harbaugh introduced himself at the university of michigan's basketball game. fans, they were decked out in khakis. harbaugh's signature game day outfit in a show of support. he accepted a seven-year deal at $5 million a year and he was officially introduced as the head coach at university of michigan at a news conference yesterday morning. >> i feel like i'm standing on this foundation that's so rock solid. i feel like i'm standing on the shoulders of tall, tall men. >> you didn't just get a great coach. you got the best coach in football today. >> harbaugh was the quarterback at michigan in the mid-'80s. his father jack was also an assistant coach in ann arbor in the '70s. time now 6:09. it's a new year's eve fare war but you don't have to break your pockets for a safe ride home. the taxi app offering $10 rides coming up. >> and the clock is ticking to
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the end of 2014. details this morning on where revelers are already ringing in the new year around the globe. >> and we are ending this year 2014 on a windy note and we'll welcome 2015 on a chilly note. we'll pinpoint the coldest locations. >> enjoy your "holiday light" traffic at the bay bridge. no delay heading into san francisco. coming up, we get a check of mass transit and show you how it's going to help you get around on this new year's eve. it's all after this break.
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it's already 20-15 in new good morning. welcome back to "kpix 5 morning news" where, boy, we're ending 2014 on a windy note. that high wind advisory is in effect until high noon. winds gradually lessen today. and then next up, we begin the brand-new year with an inland freeze warning, frost advisory across the bay.
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we'll pinpoint those coldest locations still straight ahead. it is already 2015 in new zealand. fireworks lit up auckland skies in midnight. it's the first city in the world to ring in the new year. samoa is also one of the first and hawaii is one of the last. this was the scene in sydney, australia just about an hour ago. it's always beautiful there. traditional new year's eve fireworks display at sydney harbor bridge was spectacular. we hear crowds are still out there celebrating down under. we got a ways to go yet. cab drivers and ridesharing drivers are getting ready for a busy night tonight. new year's eve. and the competition between the two kinds of services is expected to mean lower prices for their passengers. some people tell us that they will go for the ridesharing option because cabs don't always show up. >> wave them down and they will ask you where you're going and they will just take off if the fare isn't what they want. >> cabbies are fighting back
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though against the new competitors with the new flywheel app. it's offering $10 flat rate for cab rights on new year's eve when they are called through that flywheel app. the valley transportation authority in santa clara county is one of the agencies offering extended service tonight and tomorrow morning. by the way, it's free. no charge to ride the vta buses or light rail from 8 p.m. until 5 a.m. tomorrow. and the entire crew here is freezing. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> i was going to say -- >> everyone is going like this. >> no excuses tonight because there's so many options out there. >> i know. have fun, be safe. >> you stole my thunder. i was going to talk about mass transit. >> sorry. >> that's okay. we'll just kind of repeat a few things. so the trains on bart are running until 3 a.m. that is extra extended service. and if you are heading to the fireworks show in downtown san francisco, they are going to be running trains every 20 minutes to get folks out of san francisco so you don't have to be waiting on a very cold platform. embarcadero, montgomery stations, are some of the
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busiest stops. so yes, extended service and even free service for muni, caltrain, vta, bart unfortunately will not be free but they are offering extra trainings. out the door everybody is sleeping in with the day off gearing up for tonight into tomorrow. westbound 92 on the san mateo bridge, we do have a high wind advisory posted 13 minutes now between hayward and foster city. so two hands on steering wheel but once again not too much company out there no delay behind the pay gates. and, in fact, just about all of your bridges have those high wind advisories posted. in addition to the bridges, we are also seeing one at the altamont pass on 580 and the santa cruz mountains. highway 17. we haven't seen too many issues in terms of the winds or downed trees since we have been on the air this morning. here's a live look at some of our sensors coming through the eastshore freeway. things look a whole lot better. so fortunately, it is a holiday and things when an accident happens we are seeing the traffic kind of dissipating more quickly than usual. westbound 80 at el portal drive
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we had an earlier traffic alert. several lanes were blocked. reopened all lanes. the off-ramp remains closed but just barely a delay right now heading into richmond. other bridges look great. richmond/san rafael bridge no delay heading out of the east bay to marin county and we'll just show you the golden gate bridge. four southbound lanes open in the commute direction no delay in either direction between sausalito and san francisco. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." it sure is cold outside! and in here. let's check your forecast. >> it is cold and it is breezy. good morning, everybody. the winds will continue to blow today. but not as windy as yesterday. as elizabeth was alluding to our air temperature is now dropped down to 33 degrees in concord. and when you factor in the wind, it feels like the 20s. low 40s in santa clara, livermore, pleasanton, all 43 degrees. this is actual data being ingested by our computer reporting it to you live. 25-mile-per-hour sustained winds at this moment at sfo.
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20 in san francisco. winds are just calm in the san jose area. 12-mile-per-hour winds. these are not gusts, however, sustained winds now at 17 in napa. we have a wind advisory in effect until high noon today but again, once that advisory expires, the winds will continue to blow. they just should not be as damaging. now, meanwhile, this is what you need to know out the door today. you do need a jacket. you do need your sunglasses. we do have those wind-swept blue skies visibilities unlimited. the winds will gradually lighten up. they will lessen. and then we have a freeze warning that goes into effect as the ball drops at midnight tonight. that warning gust up. wind gusts continuing to go up, as well. 16 san raphael, 10 fremont, 18 ben lomond, 25-mile-per-hour wind gusts towards the evening commute, 20 in concord. midnight to 2 a.m. some wind gusts up to 20 miles
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per hour. this is really impressive. yesterday that dry cold front that just skimmed through the bay area, leaving that damaging wind in its wake it's now located over the southern california area spilling out some rain and snow. but this right here is a good indication of that cold air mass that is heading this way. only 25 degrees is a high today in the tahoe area after 6" of snow did accumulate in the sierra at tahoe area. our highs today 47 degrees in antioch to 57 degrees in oakland backing through berkeley. tonight's lows, that's the story. 28 degrees in throughout the tri-valley freezing in the san jose area. and that is why we have a freeze warning in effect for the inland areas a frost advisory across the bay. this is a look at your extended forecast. again, 47 degrees high in antioch and discovery bay. we don't have rain in sight through tuesday. frank and michelle? >> thanks, roberta. 6:19. we do have results of the first year of snowpack survey of the
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winter. it was done near echo summit yesterday. it revealed some good news, kind of. there's more snow than last year, but snowpack is still only 33% of normal. we need more snow. 6:20. the controversial movie "the interview" popping up in theaters all around the world now. and now one south korean activist says he has a plan to make sure people in north korea see it, as well. hey, good morning, everybody! well, the 49ers are certainly not in jim harbaugh's rear view mirror. how about his old college team? hey, they were going to work last night. i got pictures.
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on sunday, jim harbaugh said good-bye to his old place of business, levi's stadium. last night his old college team stanford said hello and then good guy to levi's and the mayoral terrapins. look at the wind! wreaking havoc with the maryland state flag. opening drive of the game, rice -- raymond wright pounding it in from a yard out to put the cardinal up 7-0. but the terrapins had an answer a one-yard crash in to tie the game from wes brown. so you think, okay, we got a pretty good game. but on the ensuing drive, stanford knocking at the door again, wright scored three times with just eight touches and then they ran away and hid. kevin hogan hooks up with kevin. puts the cardinal up by 28. they ended up winning 45-21 to finish their year at 8-5. so we
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go from the foster farms bowl to jason richardson. remember when he was with the warriors? he plays for the 76ers. he was watching this one. he was watching the ball movement. oh, they get it to david lee inside. warriors up by a bunch and it got worse. the rebound, put back, they were up by 24 points. 4th quarter barbosa goes crazy putting them up 101-65. he has 17 points in 17 minutes. the biggest lead 47 and they win 126-86. and get this. the warriors 25-5. that's game 2 of their six-game home stand. so far, so good. see you later, everybody. thank you, vernal how about the play of the day? music city bowl. we notre dame versus lsu 2nd quarter this was a good game.
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lsu's leonard fornette on the kickoff. he's gone, 100 big time yards kid makes it look easy but notre dame won as i mentioned a good game, final 31-28 your music city bowl. i'm kiet do live in san jose. that big windstorm yesterday left a huge mess all across the city. we have one scene here in willow glen. we'll tell you all about it coming up in a live report.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. multiple cars going up in flames in just 24 hours. and now investigators in the silicon valley are searching for clues on who might have set all those fires. >> boy, it's been a one-two punch, first the wind, now the cold. we'll pinpoint those coldest locations for tonight. >> and the gusty wind continues for bay area bridges. high wind advisory posted for
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the bridges. your morning commute coming up. good morning, everyone. wednesday, december 31, new year's eve. it's cold. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. it's cold in the studio, but i think even colder outside, roberta. >> let's check the current conditions. good morning. temperatures in the 30s and 40s this morning. currently 40 in santa rosa, san rafael and then we drop into the 30s in concord, clayton, walnut creek, 43 tri-valley, low 40s in san jose but big story happens to be the winds. now, certainly at this hour, we had the wind speeds still up to a good 20 miles per hour in san francisco. 25 at sfo. we have a windchill factor that makes it feel like the 30s. we have the wind advisory in place until high noon today. then a freeze warning for tonight. we'll talk more about that still straight ahead. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. wires are still down on a
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major street in san jose. kpix 5's keit do is there checking on the repair work. and he looks cold, too. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. you know, um, i want to show you what roberta was just talking about here. when we got out here about 4 a.m., the wind was not blowing and it has picked up steadily since i'm guessing from 10 to 15 miles an hour at least out here in willow glen. so we are live on meridien avenue near willow street in the neighborhood of willow glen where you can see a huge eucalyptus tree has gone down. it's been that way overnight. it is down steep in a ravine in los gatos creek. we have video of it here. it uprooted sometime yesterday during that big windstorm. fell across the creek crashed into the bridge and took out a couple of utility lines along with it. the crews have been working overnight since, power and cable have been restored. but again as you can see here the tree continues to block at least one northbound lane of meridien avenue. so crews still dealing with
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about a dozen active calls around san jose. these are calls left over from yesterday when that windstorm came into the south bay. the highest wind gust in santa clara county was in downtown san jose at 52 miles per hour. all that blowing knocked down massive trees all over the city. it blocked streets, damaged becomes, dragged down power lines, blew out power transformers. one woman's car got smashed. >> i thought i got a good parking spot but i didn't. [ laughter ] >> i'm still in shock. >> reporter: so the next big weather event is the chill tonight going to get cold. so homeless shelters are expanding for a short time until january 4. these two shelters adding temporary capacity: back out here live in willow glen, the southbound lanes of meridien are now all open. one northbound lane is open. but the crews will have to climb down that steep
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embankment cut up this huge tree and try to get that one northbound lane back open again. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. pg&e crews are making good progress on getting everyone's power back on. checking the latest from the utility this morning 1 72,000 pg&e customers lost service at some point last night. most of those back online right now. but more than 7,000 still in the dark. 2300 in santa clara county the rest all around the rest of the bay area. in oakland, a 50-foot tree fell on a fence uptown. the resulting clean-up forced the shower of several blocks of harrison street. the fallen tree also damaged a car. in vallejo, firefighters had to saw through a massive tree on interstate 80. the tree fell on to a minivan causing a minor chain reaction crash and it also hit a tangle of power lines leaving some nearby homes and businesses in the dark. if you are driving to southern california to welcome in the new year, beware of the
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wind. there's a high wind advisory for interstate 5 over the grapevine. they have some snow on the freeway there yesterday afternoon. the chp handled a number of minor accidents. the road is clear now, but it's still windy over the grapevine and will be frosty tonight. it's a tough time for traveling. , heading to big bear for the big new year's celebration in southern california, state route 38 shut down in that area last night after several vehicles got stuck on the road. developing news. investigators are trying to find who is behind a rash of car fires in campbell and san jose's burbank district. we'll get to that story in a moment, but first how about some traffic from liz? >> okay. thanks, guys. yeah, let's see. let's met the roads. and, you know, it's likely wind related. we haven't confirmed that but we are hearing about downed power lines and it's affecting a couple of muni lines so the 21 hayes and 22 fillmore, they are saying to expect some delays. and some traffic tie-ups.
6:35 am
the rest of mass transit is on a regular schedule this morning. but they are actually offering extended service. many agencies are for the new year's eve revelers. bart is running until 3 a.m. new year's day. and systemwide, no delays. they are even running every 20 minutes after the fireworks show wraps up in san francisco. caltrain and vta will be free later tonight. that is a live look in oakland. 880 near the oakland coliseum, no delays anywhere even at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's "kcbs traffic." >> thank you. i think we lost a light there. everyone is fine. wow. [ loud noise previously in the background ] investigators are trying to find out who is behind a rash of car fires in campbell and san jose's burbank district. six cars set ablaze within 24 hours. the latest fires were in the same area as similar fires a week ago.
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>> if you had to say one thing to the guys who started these fires? what would you say? [ indiscernible ] [ crying ] >> so far, investigators are labeling these fires suspicious. bodies from the airasia flight that crashed in the java sea are arriving in indonesia today. crews believe they have found the main wreckage of the plane. mark albert has more on how the u.s. is helping find the black box recorders. reporter: four days into the hunt indonesian search-and- rescue teams say they found the main wreckage of airasia flight 8501. cbs news has confirmed officials in the country now have a sonar image showing a large dark object upside-down at the bottom of the java sea. the breakthrough comes as rescuers recovered more bodies from the water including a flight attendant in uniform one day after picking up other bodies and debris from the plane. >> this really begins the investigation in earnest.
6:37 am
by finding the remains that's floating on the water, by bringing up the wreckage that in fact is floating, we know that we finally have evidence of this particular aircraft's crash into the water. >> reporter: while heavy rain and clouds hampered efforts today, investigators remain focused on locating the plane's so-called black box recorders to determine how it went down. they are getting help from the u.s. navy's uss sampson which is specially equipped to detect under water locator beacons. >> side-scan sonar is something not very many navies have. the united states navy does have that. >> reporter: the relatives are waiting at the airport as police collect dna samples and photographs that will help identify the bodies recovered. >> that was mark albert reporting. the u.s.s. fort worth is also standing by in singapore prepared to aid in search efforts if requested. the centers for disease control says the u.s. has officially now surpassed the epidemic threshold with the
6:38 am
season's flu virus. cdc estimates nearly 7% of all deaths nationwide all due to pneumonia and influenza during the week ending december 20. flu is now considered widespread in some 36 states. medical investigators studying ebola say they may have come up with the source of the deadly outbreak. they say patient zero was a little boy who got sick after playing near a colony of infected freetailed bats in guinea. fruit bats have been linked to previous outbreaks of ebola. time now 6:38. a high-end heist at the famed french laundry in yountville. details this morning on how much wine these thieves got away with. >> and we got a live look at riverside california. that looks more like the bay bridge, doesn't it? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> it does. [ laughter ] >> you know what? i'm going with that! that is the bay bridge! a complete look at traffic and weather coming up. a quick check on the big board: (adlib conditions) new this morning >> and the market just opened.
6:39 am
let's check the big board. you can see the dow is up about 35. we'll be right back.
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good morning, everyone. taking a look up at sun-up which officially is at 7:25, right here at the city by the bay on this last day of 2014, we still have a wind advisory in effect and as the ball drops tonight a freeze warning goes up in throughout our inland areas. we'll talk about just how low the temperatures will go, that's still straight ahead. pretty shot there. new this morning, north koreans could soon actually get to see sony's movie the interview. a south korean activist says he plans to drop dvds of the movie towards north korea with korean subtitles. the comedy is about two american journalist trying to
6:43 am
kill kim jong-un. the activist will drop 100,000 of them on north korea. sitting for hours in near freezing temperatures is about to pay off for parade-goers in southern california. they will have good viewing locations for the 126th annual tournament of roses parade in pasadena set to begin shortly. volunteers have been putting their final touches on the floats which are all covered with flowers and other plant life. organizers say it takes about 80,000 hours of manpower by nearly 1,000 people to put on the extravaganza. >> 3, 2, 1! happy new year! whoa! >> no need to panic. you didn't miss any parties. this is only a test to make sure the big ball is in working order for tonight's festivities in new york's times square starting at 11:59 tonight, eastern time. the ball will officially drop down to ring in 2015. and the ball is thousands of
6:44 am
l.e.d. lights and waterford crystals weighing nearly 12,000 pounds. the first celebration was 1903 as the "new york times" celebrated its new headquarters. >> i was there in 2005, overrated. >> not 1905. >> you have to wait in line for 20 hours just to get into times square. it's crazy and cold. >> way too many people there. i just like to watch it on tv. >> okay. well, cab drivers and ridesharing drivers are all getting ready for a busy new year's eve as you might imagine. the competition between the two kinds of services is expected to mean lower prices for their passengers. cabbies are offering bargains with the flywheel app, it's advertised as $10 flat rates for cab rides on new year's eve when called through the flywheel app. >> the california highway patrol hopes that new app -- [ pause ] >> -- that rewards designated drivers will help curve drunk driving on the hovel. the ddvip app shows exclusive
6:45 am
offers and discounts for designated drivers at bars and restaurants to curb drunk driving on the holiday. it allows people who are out for a night of drinking to connect to a ride home. the app was first announced earlier this month. it's getting more attention now because people will be out tonight. time for a look at what's coming up on "cbs this morning." jeff glor joins us live in north carolina on this new year's eve with more on the big show. hey, jeff. >> reporter: hey, frank and michelle. good to see you. ahead we're in indonesia with the overnight discovery that may provide new clues into the final moments of flight 8501. also we'll take a look back at the biggest stories and memorable moments of the year and we are gearing up for the ball drop here in new york. but a glowing chilly bologna and drag queen will also be dropped this new year's eve in different cities around the world. we have some of the more unique celebrations where the tradition originated. into us is back in the morning. we'll see -- the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00.
6:46 am
happy new year. >> we'll be watching that at 7:00. >> thank you. happy new year to you, too. >> have a great show, jeff. >> all right. time now for a check of traffic. and all is well, we open? >> all is well. i know, i haven't had much to talk about this morning. i got to say the metering lights are off at the bay bridge toll plaza. no major accidents right now. so we'll talk about later tonight mass transit is going to step up. if you are heading out of town or heading on the town, bart systemwide they are offering extra service after midnight. they are running until 3 a.m. they are going to run trains every 20 minutes around the downtown san francisco stops if you are watching the fireworks show. muni, caltrain and vta are actually free. you can't say that very often. once a year they offer free service just for new year's eve partiers. so no excuse to hit the road. if you are traveling right about now, traveling on muni, muni delays still in effect at 21 hayes and 22 fillmore lines. there are overhead power lines not. not sure if it's related to the wind. i wouldn't be shocked if that was the cause but again they are saying those two lines to
6:47 am
expect some delays and i already said this but again the bart trains are running until a.m. new year's -- 3 a.m. new year's day. bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights this morning. didn't have to turn them on yesterday either. so people getting a head start on their new year's eve plans sleeping in hopefully you have the day off work. everything is really quiet into san francisco except for the high wind advisories posted for bridges. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. that kind of blurry sign there is the high wind advisory that caltrans put up since yesterday. westbound 92 looks great. there's also a wind advisory in effect in the santa cruz mountains on 17 and westbound 580 through the altamont pass. livermore valley we can say this very often, right now everything is clear all the way straight through if you are approaching vasco, no big delays. speed limit all the way out to the dublin-pleasanton area. so if anything changes, remember kcbs, our radio partner, when you hit the roads at 106.9 fm or 740-am. that's the latest from here.
6:48 am
roberta sounds like everyone is going to be bundling up tonight if they are heading out on the town. >> they need to definitely because when the ball drops, wow, the freeze warning will go up. good morning, everyone. let's head out. pristine conditions looking out towards the bay bridge. wind-swept blue skies. that's the only really great thing about a windstorm. the visibility is unlimited at this hour. now, it will not be as windy today as yesterday. but it certainly will be on the breezy side. temperatures currently just slightly above freezing in concord. oakland at 43 degrees. san francisco mid-40s. san jose to the south in the low 40s. and to the north santa rosa at 40 degrees. but when i factor in these current sustained winds, that's when you get a wind chill that makes it feel like it's in the 30s out the door this morning. check out san jose northeast at 12 miles per hour. again sustained winds in pleasanton. 24 in novato. 25 at sfo. so far we have no airport delays. 17-mile-per-hour sustained winds in napa but we are still
6:49 am
currently seeing gusts up to 20 miles per hour and that's why we have the wind advisory in effect until noon. when that advisory expires, the winds don't just stop. in fact, it will be a breezy day. you need your jacket and shades heading out the door today. lots of blue skies wall-to-wall sunshine. the winds will gradually lighten up as the progresses but still an occasional strong gust and tonight that freeze warning does go into effect. in fact our futurecast does suggest that the wind gusts will be up to about 14 miles per hour in fremont back in through milpitas at 2 p.m. today. 19 in ben lomond. 15 in san rafael. towards the evening commute temperatures will still be in the 40s but the wind gusts 24 in san francisco, 26 at the delta. and right around the santa rosa area towards midnight tonight, still a wind gust up to a good 20 to 22 miles per hour. winds finally begin to cease this time tomorrow. this is our satellite and radar imagery and that strong cold front albeit dry for us is now positioned over the southern california area spilling some
6:50 am
rain and even snow in the higher elevations but this is what's so impressive. this is a pool of cool arctic air mass that's now plummeted neat bay area. it has prompted our freeze warning for tonight. meanwhile, only 25 degrees in the high sierra after six inches of snow yesterday. so some fresh powder there. sun-up at 7:25. by the time it goes down tonight, temperatures anywhere from 47 degrees in antioch to 51 degrees in mountain view, a cool day, plus with the breeze it's going to feel like it's in fact 40s all day long. here's your expected new year's eve temperatures overnight! >> no rain in the extended forecast. frank and michelle? >> you it. -- thank you. still no arrests in the elaborate wine heist at the world-renowned french laundry in yountville. the thieves made off with more
6:51 am
than $300,000 in wine. it happened on christmas day while the restaurant was closed. the thieves seemed to know exactly what they were looking for, rare bottles each valued between 3 and $10,000. well, you know you've pulled off a real christmas surprise when even the gift giver is shocked at what's in the box. sandra ortiz thought she had bought her boyfriend a playstation 4 from a kern county target. but when he opened the box, there were two bibles inside instead. ortiz says she was mortified and worried target wouldn't believe her story. >> i felt embarrassed. i felt like, you know, i just ruined christmas for him and everybody else. he said he didn't want the bibles unless they were autographed by jesus. >> ortiz says target did agree to give her a real ps4 after the store security system confirmed she was telling the truth. i'm kiet do live in san jose. the winds are whipping out here in the south bay. they are still cleaning up from that windstorm that blew through. we have a live report coming
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
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five things to know at the :55. an investigation under way in santa clara county after six cars were torched. investigators say five of those vehicles set on fire in san jose. one last night in campbell. police are calling the fire suspicious at this time. indonesian search-and- rescue teams have obtained a sonar image of airasia flight 8501 upside-down at the boat. java sea. cbs news has confirmed this. ships and planes from several nations to continue to search for more victims and wreckage today including the black box recorders. a toddler accidentally shot and killed his mother at an idaho walmart. a sheriff's spokesman says the 2-year-old boy reached into the mother's purse took a loaded
6:56 am
handgun and fired it once killing 29-year-old veronica rutledge. she had a permit to carry a concealed firearm. it's 2015 in new zealand. fireworks lit up auckland's sky tower at midnight. it's the first major city in the world to ring in the new year. the island nation of samoa is among the first places to step into the new year and hawaii is one of the last. >> and an apartment fire in san jose injured one person displaced two others. it happened last night at a complex at rancho drive seven trees boulevard. fire investigators say candles lit after a power outage may have caused a christmas tree to catch fire. i'm kiet do live in san jose. crews are still dealing with a dozen active scenes across the city after the windstorm that blew through san jose. this is a bigger scene in willow glen on meridien ave. near willow street. a huge tree has fallen inside the los gatos creek ravine. it fell over and hit the meridien avenue bridge, took
6:57 am
out some utility lines with it but crews spent much of the day yesterday and overnight and power and cable have been restored. so the winds came roaring into the south bay in the afternoon. the highest wind gusts recorded was about 52 miles an hour yesterday in downtown san jose. a lot of that wind knocked down massive trees blocked streets, damaged buildings, dragged down power lines, blew out a couple of power transformers, as well. the next weather event is a big chill tonight. homeless shelters are expanding until january 4. these two places are temporarily adding capacity. meridien avenue open now in all directions except for one lane going northbound. we are live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. and a final check of "kcbs traffic." so muni is back on time. paul rose over at muni a spokesman says the 21 hayes and the 22 fillmore are back on
6:58 am
track. there were some overhead power lines that fell. the situation was minor, got everything back to normal. the rest of mass transit bart running until 3 a.m., and muni, caltrain and vta will be offering free rides this evening. the roads right now are very quiet. it appears everybody is not working -- except for us. >> what's up with that? >> what's going on? >> 880 is quiet. no accidents and no metering lights at the bay bridge. roberta? >> good morning, everyone. as you are heading out the door today, the thing you need to know is first off it's sure going to be breezy today. but certainly not as windy as it was yesterday. at this hour it has just tumbled breezing in concord, walnut creek and hercules and clayton. the tri-valley has dipped into the upper 30s, and we have our
6:59 am
wind advisory in effect until high noon today but granted, once that advisory is allowed to expire, at 12:00, the winds will still be sustained out of the northeast up to 20 miles per hour occasionally stronger gusts. just now received a report mount diablo, a wind gust of 51 miles per hour. east bay numbers today only in the 40s and 50s for daytime highs. in fact, antioch only at 47 degrees backing through brentwood into discovery bay. 54 in san francisco. typically we should be right around 57 degrees. mid-50s in throughout the northern portion of the bay area. tonight when the ball drops, the freeze warning goes up. we do have that freeze warning inland a frost advisory across the bay area. the extended forecast, what do you see when you look at this? >> i see a lot of sun. >> i see no rain. >> no rain. >> we need some more rain in here. >> yeah. >> hey, what's the five-day forecast in the studio? [ laughter ] >> i know. there you go.
7:00 am
>> see you at noon. happy new year! captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is new year's eve, wednesday, december 31st, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." new clues into the final moments of flight 8501. we have the latest. overnight rescues for drivers trapped in heavy snow, how cold weather across the country william impact new year's eve. plus, celebrations already checking off around the globe. we will show you the most unique ways america is ringing in the new year. but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 second. >> the forecast is not looking


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