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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 3, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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and traffic and roberta? you're out of the gate first. a little bit of light rain in and around the bay area today. widely scattered some reports of lightning as well. and this morning, it is a calm after the storm. look at the bay waters. just very glassy. due to the fact that we don't have a wind out there this morning. temperatures wide variety. 37-degrees in santa rosa. in the 40s in concord and 50s in oakland and san francisco. highs today in the bay area pretty much where they should be. very seasonal. low 60s beaches and mid 60s bay. peninsula and into the inland areas. winds will be slight. by the end of this very first full week of march, we will have near or record warm temperatures. we're going to talk about that and your pollen count straight ahead. and 5:00 and that means the caltrans is wrapping up overnight roadwork. it should be cleared now from anchorage to the fremont street exit and still delays in the far left cash lanes but that's the only spot that could slow
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you down. otherwise end to end looks great across the east bay and san francisco. westbound 580 still slow out of tracy. you can see the brake lights from 205 and now they extend to north flynn but then it clears out all the way to the dublin interchange. checking some other hot spots. potential hot spots. westbound 92 and eastbound 92 we have that overnight road bork and it's still looking like that roadwork is still there in the eastbound lanes. you can see the flashing lights. no traffic break any longer but it's between foster city boulevard and clawiter and westbound traffic also may slow you down a little bit trying to get out of hayward. so yeah we're just kind of waiting for caltrans to give the wrap sign for that. okay. thank you liz. 5:01 now. on the news, two east bay women accused of stealing more than two dozen cars are now behind bars this morning. jessica adkins of hayward and erin ellis of alameda are charged with vehicle theft. they were seen two days in a row in the same jack in the box parking lot transferring property from one car to another.
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that's when the break in the case came. >> it's unusual that we find them in the same place at the same -- doing the same thing day after day. >> well, after spotting them a second time, police tracked the suspects to a hayward home and out front were the same two stolen cars that had been seen in the fast food parking lot. the state supreme court has put a key restriction on sex offenders in doubt. it says part of jessica's law is unconstitutional. kpix 5's kiet do is in san jose to explain the court's decision and its potential impacts. kiet? >> reporter: good morning. the restrictions put on registered sex offenders means right now you have situations like that at race and pedro streets in san jose where there are concentrated pockets of them. on this short little stretch alone there are four registered sex offenders. but all that could change. yesterday, the california state supreme court has ruled that a law that keeps sex offenders from living 2,000 feet from a school or park actually
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violates their constitutional rights by limiting access to housing. the court also said it keeps offenders away from their families and makes it more difficult to get psychological counseling. both of these factors have been shown to keep them from reoffending. the court's unanimous decision said the law had quote no rational relationship to advancing the state's legitimate goal of protecting children from sexual predators. the court restricted the ruling to san diego county. where a group of sex offenders brought the case up. but it could have statewide impact. the author of jessica's law was not happy. >> this was a law that was supported by over 70% of californians. the court really basically says a child molester can now live across the street from a school. and i am convinced that most californians do not believe that should happen. >> and what the court said is that they're to the limitations on where sex offenders can live are too strict. >> reporter: supporters of the court's ruling says the law often forces the offenders into homelessness and that makes i harder to track them. the court basically struck down
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the portion about parks but sex offenders can still be restricted from living within 2,000 feet of a school. but each of these exemptions will have to be made on a case by case basis. we're live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. the future is in doubt for thousands of students hoping to attend a university of california school this fall. it's all because of the budget standoff between governor brown and uc president janet napolitano. the governor has threatened to withhold $120 million if napolitano goes through with the 5% tuition increase. the uc says it does not know how many new students it will be able to enroll. 5:04 now. new video shows more of what happened leading up to the deadly shooting of a homeless man by the lapd. surveillance video from a roof shows officers talking to the man outside a tent. they were investigating reports of a robty at that time. several minutes pass and then the suspect goes inside that tent and that's when the struggle begins.
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two officers were wearing body cameras, but that video will not be released. meanwhile san francisco police are on the hot seat over a deadly shooting as community members call for an independent investigation. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo joins us live from the san francisco hall of justice and ryan things got pretty heated when the two sides met last night. >> reporter: frank, it was the contentious community meeting. neighbors are furious and frustrated over an officer- involved shooting that turned deadly last week in the mission. [ chanting ] sfpd held a meeting last night to discuss the death of 21-year- old perez lopez. police say he was trying to steal a bicycle last thursday in the mission district. they say he refused to drop a knife when officers arrived on scene and made a move at officers with the knife and that's why they fire. but neighbors disagree staying the guatemalan immigrant was a hard worker who didn't speak english and was trying to get
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his cell phone back. they have the two officers were in plain clothes and didn't identify themselves. and should have tried a less lethal use of force. >> the kids worked five days a week. he had good money. he wasn't stealing bicycles. i know -- i wasn't there. but i think some things got turned around. >> this is very early on in the investigation. that the -- to come out and just say what we know or what we believe so far. >> reporter: the chief told the crowds that the investigation continues. but neighbors want more. neighbors and san francisco's supervisor david campos is asking for an independent investigation. live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. thank you. an official from the consulate also attended last night's meeting. new this morning, the parents of three college students killed in a deadly shooting rampage in santa barbara are taking legal
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action. 22-year-old elliot rodgers shot and killed six ucsb students and injured 14 other people in isla vista last may. rodgers then turned the gun on himself. parents of three of the victims say the county and the sheriff's department ignored numerous warning signs that the shooter was violent and unstable. two san jose residents and a fremont resident were among the victims of last year's deadly shooting. this morning, contra costa county supervie rajon rondos will likely to give themselves a scaled down pay raise. in january they rescinded a plan to raise their salaries 33%. after strong public opposition in the form of a petition drive rose up. well, today they will take up a raise of 7% instead. it would be their first pay increase since 2007. today san francisco's board of supervisors will consider a plan to force drug companies to help dispose of unused prescription drugs. the bill would require pharmaceutical companies to take back the drugs so they do
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not harm the environment or endanger kids. alameda county recently passed a similar measure. the first of its kind in the nation. "new york times" says hillary clinton used a personal e-mail account to conduct government business while she was secretary of state. that's a potential violation of federal law. rules require officials' correspondence to be retained as part of the state department's records. well, the times says clinton don't have a government e-mail address during her four year stint at the state department. she's considering another run for the presidency in 2018. israeli prime minister will speak before congress this morning. in the speech, netanyahu will make his case against a proposed nuclear deal with iran. he feels it would put israel's security at risk. today's speech comes two weeks before israeli elections. 5:08 on a tuesday morning. and mouth-watering mystery here in the bay area. hundreds of recipes vanish without any clue.
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the tasty trademark secret now in the hands of some thieves. >> plus, the recent rain is barely putting a dent in the state's historic drought. what we could be in for this summer if we continue to get no rain. >> so is the pollen count going up. we have that report straight ahead. >> it looks like the zipper crews have traveled further north across the golden gate bridge. trying to get another lane open in the commute direction, we'll take a look at that morning drive coming. first what drives you crazy during the commute? ask a question or shave share a gripe by -- share a gripe by e- mailing -- or tweet me at -- and watch to see if your question gets answered on air.
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in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works. good morning, it's tuesday, the third day of the month and we're taking a look out towards the golden gate bridge at 5:11
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in the morning. currently we have 51 degrees. clear skies. winds are calm. the high temperature there right there today at 62 degrees. we've got highs approaching 80 degrees. i'll tell you when as the news continues. thanks roberta. the rain this past weekend has done nothing to raul ibanez the drought. -- ease the drought, kpix 5 tells us hot and dry could be the new normal. >> reporter: california's historic drought has placed a tremendous strain on the state's waters resources and a stanford climatologist says we need to prepare ourselves for what could become the new normal. hotter and drier weather in the future. >> it's the mideast severe on record. >> reporter: stanford professor published a study on the interaction between human caused climate change and drought conditions. his conclusion? warmer than average temperatures caused by global warming combined with lower than average rainfall will add up to more frequent and
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persistent droughts. >> what our research is showing is that global warming is causing california to warm. and that warming of california is increasing the odds that you are hot like this one. >> reporter: professor says recent rains have barely put a dent in the drought which is entering its fourth year. that's in part because the shortfall of rain is so severe, that only a storm of biblical proportions could catch the state up but also because warmer weatherings means we've got had been -- weather means we've gotten more rain than snow. >> in california we really rely on snow pack as a natural water reservoir. so we're you know we still have some window here where we you know we could get more rain and snowfall before the summer but that window is closing. >> reporter: and californians are once again bracing for what could be a long hot and very dry summer. >> we'll really need to see a lot of precipitation to be in the situation come summer where we're not still starting out the summer dry.
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>> reporter: in redwood city, dover feely, kpix 5. today san francisco transportation officials will take up the latest proposal for bike lanes on polk street. it's one of the most heavily traveled bike routs in the -- routes in the city and also seen 150 bike related accidents in the past eight years, advocates say the newest plan doesn't protect a long enough stretch and gives too much preference to parking spaces. 5:14. a check of traffic on a tuesday, how we doing liz? >> we're doing okay. no big accidents out the door. still out there usually a lot of it wraps up by 5:00. well, you can still see the crews out there on the eastbound side of the san mateo bridge. so it is countercommute but they have semple lanes blocked. mid span. you can see traffic also getting by all the headlights coming towards us coming towards the camera. that's traffic heading to hayward from the peninsula. so again, all -- some lanes blocked i should say for a little while longer, we'll seat you know as soon as we see it clear. over at the bay bridge, we saw
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some delay earlier in the -- delays earlier in the cash lanes, no metering lights and no overnight roadwork here. so it should be a pretty smooth commute between the east bay and san francisco. you know what's also still in full effect is the freeway closure in antioch. eastbound highway 4 at hillcrest avenue. trying to confirm when it will wrap up but it's still in our chp reports and westbound 92 is starting to slow now. this is the commute direction coming off the antioch bridge right around hillcrest and a. street. you can see the bottleneck forming there. but if you are hit in the closure, just hop right back onto the fee using the on ramp. here's a live look through the altamonte pass. westbound 580 not enough to increase the drive time yet. but we're still seeing the delays out of tracy beginning around grantline and then it's slow all the way out past the livermore truck scales. then a touch more slowing once you get closer to the dublin interchange. a few yellow sensors around hacienda tall bay out to 680. -- ail the way out to 680. b.a.r.t.
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so far has been on time. it hasn't been long but so far everything is good system wide in delays, if anything changes. tune to the radio partners -- all right, that is the latest from here. let's get an update on your forecast with roberta. confession. i have to admit today was the first morning when i took that first step out of bed that i was like ooh it's gotten dold out there. it -- cold out there. it certainly has. this morning the temperatures are in the mid 30s in many inland areas, the notable numbers. right now livermore at 40 and meanwhile the closer you get to the pay water that's when you find temperatures near or at 50 degrees. oakland at 46. here's what we all need to snow stepping on -- know stepping on out. it's a chilly start to the tuesday but slightly warmer today than yesterday. bright sunshine very mild conditions and then our nights for the next couple of nights at least dipping down into the 30s while inland. this is a scene right now our satellite and radar imagery does indicate the area of low
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pressure that brought us a couple of lightning strikes yesterday is located over baja, california. and it produced a hail and huntington beach and right here we have that clear slot as we have that big ridge of high pressure that's nestling into the bay area. so as a low kicks out, high pressure filters in. and we're entering a long dry stretch of sunny days and near or record warmth. next opportunity for rain as far as the long-range computer models are suggesting will occur on march 1st. meanwhile the only place you can find a little bit of fog this morning happens to be around right there. merced. otherwise, it's in the 40s in throughout the central valley with clear skies. going up to 64 in fresno. it is now 42 degrees going up 20-degrees in monterey bay. it is 19 degrees in truckee with the forecast high today of 42 degrees. our numbers will top off into the 60s from pacifica through the bay peninsula and well inland. and all of the numbers are pretty close to average for this time of the year. the winds will blow out of the north and then rotate to the
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northwest later today up to about 5 miles per hour. relatively light. pollen is settling in. it's on the medium to high side today but as our temperatures go up, so does the pollen count. so if you suffer from allergies and i know i do, all right, you've been warned. okay, here's a look at the extended forecast. we've got near or record warm temperatures especially by thursday and as beslide -- we slide into the weekend, temperature-wise approaching near 80 degrees. especially in throughout monterey county. that's just so wrong but by the way when you go to the saturday night and you wake up sunday morning. >> we're going to lose an hour. >> we spring ahead one full hour and we return to daylight saving time. it's really interesting i read a blog about that yesterday. and i think it was because of your question. and it's like why do we do this? >> do what? >> spring ahead. why do we resort to -- daylight saving? >> long nights egress? >> supposed to conserve energy: why not just 12 months a year? it's a great blog, you have to read it. >> we'll ponder on that. >> yeah that's what it's all
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about. >> these are questions we have to answer later. all right, well, hey the restaurant in palo alto shut its doors but today, you can get your hands on some of the restaurant's iconic items. the public auction scheduled for today. it's the final opportunity for longtime fans of main's stop by for a visit and pick up a few mementos and a few souvenirs. it will begin at 10:00 this morning. a thief who made off with a local bakery's special recipes. someone broke into mr. holmes bake house in san francisco and took the recipe for something called cruffins. it's a muffin with croissant dough. it was not an inside job the operator insists. there were no signs of forced entry but the front door was unlocked on the day of the theft. a truck carrying millions of dollars in gold robed along the east coast -- robbed along the east coast highway. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell, coming up, the sharks make a
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trade and the dividend pays off immediately. and can steph curry save the warriors in the find seconds in tip -- final seconds in tip-off straight ahead. >> after kpix 5 news, here's why for "cbs this morning." >> three world series championships in five years for buster posey of the san francisco giants, we are back on the field in georgia where it all began. that tour is coming up on -- story the coming up on "cbs bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and a cold nose. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to train service dogs for people with disabilities. i would never imagine a life without an assistance dog ever again. i relied on people a lot. he helps me live a more independent life. bulldog: we need your help to do more. give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people
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good morning. we are checking out your tuesday morning ride. and it looks pretty good if you're traveling around the east bay. here's a live look if you're heading through oakland. northbound and southbound 880 still moving at the speed limit. out towards downtown. while, a full check of the kcbs traffic plus mass transit is all coming up. good morning everyone. the warriors came back from 26
5:23 am
points down a couple of days ago in boston. so ten points last night? brooklyn? child's mail right? steph curry's performance in the fourth worth documenting on the phone. 1:10 left. the jump shot tied the game at 108. he had 18 in the fourth quarter. 24 seconds left. andrew bogut threw his pass into the front row. and they -- nets get the basketball. to the former warrior jack who lets the clock tick down and hits the jump shot with 1.1 seconds left. so you got to go to curry right? curry with the basketball. trying for the layup. didn't get it off in time. and it didn't go. so the warriors lose and finish that six game road trip at an average 3-3. ben smith arriving to the tank hours before he was traded from chicago for andrew sugaredden. he made a friend and deflected mark eduardo vlasic's shot. and then stay lock brilliant. but bret burns kept that shut- out by getting the stick in
5:24 am
front of the puck before it crossed the line. 20 saves for is a lock and the sharks win 4-0. hey harrington won on the tour yesterday. he beat a rookie in that one can the 49ers saw an australian rug by star jared main who left millions down under to try to become a 49er for $100,000. coming to levi's stadium possibly. i'm dennis o'donnell, have a great day. thank you dennis, play of the day. how about some hockey? predators and rangers in new york. there we go. >> held in. knocked down on his knees there and the score. taylor beck on his knees. >> nationalville's taylor beck with a nifty pass. matt cullen for the goal. it was the predators only goal of the game however. the rangers take this one 4-1. but hey, predators they got the play of the day. it is 5:24. high school hoops' teams are lacing up for the finals. the one team won't be able to finish their run. the big violation that may have cost them the title.
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>> and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu will address congress this morning. who won't be in attendance when he makes that speech coming your way. >> the state supreme court issued a ruling that could vastly increase the number of places that registers
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tempers flare over a deadly officer-involved shooting in san francisco. why residents say police are trying to cover things up. plus, isis threats escalate to the internet. who we're learning the group may be targeting now. from the kpix weather center, good morning everybody. near and record warmth in the days you should expect it. and as time keeps ticking on later and later the morning commute keeps picking up more and more especially over the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll show with you the delays begin. that's coming up. thank you liz, good morning, it's tuesday march 3rd. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. the state supreme court has overturned a law restricting where registered sex offenders can live. kpix 5's kiet do is in san jose to tell us what the ruling says and what it means. kiet?
5:29 am
>> reporter: good morning, right now the law says that registered sex offenders cannot live within 2,000 feet of any park or school. that's created concentrated pockets of them. on this stretch of ray street alone in san jose, there are four registered sex offenders living here. but all this could change. yesterday the california state supreme court ruled that the law that keeps sex offenders from living from those -- schools and parks actually violates their constitutional rights by limiting their access to housing. the court also says it keeps the offenders away from their families and makes its more difficult to get counseling. both of the factors have been shown to keep them from reoffending. the unanimous decision says the law has no quote rational relationship to advancing the state's legitimate goal of protecting children from sexual predators. the court has restricted their ruling to san diego county. where a group sued the state and this could have statewide impact. the author of jessica's law says this was troubling. >> this was a law supported by
5:30 am
over 70% of californians. >> the court ruling basically says a child molester can now live across the street from a school and i'm convinced that most californians don't believe that should happen. >> probably going to resort to some sort of method of keeping yourself alive be it stealing food or something. >> reporter: now supporters of the court's ruling says the law often forces offenders into homelessness and that makes it harder for police to track them. the court basically struck down the portion about the parks but sex offenders can still be restricted from living within the second quarter thousand feet of a -- 2,000 feet of a school. we're live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. well, march already brought a lot of unusual weather to california. down in orange county, there was so much hail yesterday it turned the beach white there. this is huntington beach where the national weather service says an inch of hail fell yesterday. quite a sight.
5:31 am
and there was enough hail for someone to build this snowman or snow dude. complete with a surf board and palm trees there. it's southern california. so of course some guy had to find a way the surf on the hail. the hail also nell if parts of -- fell in parts of l. a. county. >> we have been flooding in silver creek on saturday. that was pretty special right? and then we had that very fast moving area of low pressure that dumped a little bit of light rain around the bay area yesterday. a couple of lightning strikes between san jose and fremont. and that area of low pressure is what brought that copious amounts of hail into southern california. hi everybody. let's go ahead and step on outside right now and take a look at the bay bridge under clear skies and calm winds. and temperature-wise into the 30s. wow. santa rosa 37 degrees. 40s livermore. also back in through pleasanton into dublin and san ramon and we're now in the 50s around san francisco. back into the mission district. all right, right now you saw those temperatures let's go ahead and pinpoint notable
5:32 am
numbers -- and later today temperatures pretty much where they should be for this time of the year. low 60s at the beaches. and with the sunshine, mild conditions around the peninsula, into the 60s. outside numbers 67-degrees in los altos. 68 however inless goos to and saratoga. the eastern portion of the bay area we will have a wind out of the north and rotating to the northwest very slight at 5 miles per hour. into the mid 60s. north of the golden gate bridge, we're talking about 64 in san rafael and a little bit more mild in that in novato streaming into petaluma. up stream we do go to 63- degrees in windsor. these are very typical numbers for this time of the year but wait and look what happens. gradually warmer conditions on wednesday. near or record warmth by the weekend. liz, when the temperature goes up, so does the pollen count. we'll have that next time around. okay sounds good. thanks roberta. out the door we just got the official word from caltrans
5:33 am
that that roadwork in san leandro we've been talking about northbound 880 that's been picked up. now really delay free between 238 and the maze. until you reach here the bay bridge. the toll plaza. if you're a cash payer you will be waiting in that. that's up to the very end of the parking lot. no metering lights yet but just a word of warning. the lights are coming on around 5:40. the next few minutes we could have a big difference trying to get into san francisco. stilt waiting for the -- still waiting for the all clear from the toll freeway closure that happened overnight in the eastbound lanes of highway 4 at hillcrest avenue. not officially from caltrans, eastbound traffic is countercommute. so you can get right back onto the freeway using the on ramp. it's really westbound traffic that's pretty backed up through about i don't care approaching hill -- antioch approaching hillcrest and the road work and emergency crews have left now on eastbound 92 crossing the san mateo bridge. that's kcbs traffic. back to you guys. liz thank you. new video shows more of what happened before the deadly
5:34 am
shooting of a homeless man by lapd. surveillance video from a roof shows officers talking to the man outside a tent. they were investigating reports of a robbery. several minutes passed and then the suspect goes into the tent. and that's when a struggle ensues. so far the police chief is defending his officers. >> the man forcibly grabbed one of the officer's holstered pistols resulting in an officer shoved shooting. >> the chief provided photos of the gun that the suspect allegedly tried to grab and an enhanced photo of the suspect supposedly reaching for it. there's also video from two officers' body cameras but that will not be released to the public. 5:34 now. a deadly police shooting in san francisco is also under the microscope with some neighbors saying the story just doesn't add up. kpix 5's ryan takeo he joins us live to explain why some are calling for an independent investigation here in the city. good morning. >> reporter: that's right frank. neighbors and even san
5:35 am
francisco's supervisor david campos wants other eyes on this investigation. and it all came to a head last night during a heated community meeting. >> this is what a cover-up looks like. >> reporter: sfpd held a meeting to discuss the death of 21-year-old amilcar perez lopez. the police say he refused to drop a knife when officers arrived on scene and made a move and that's why they fired. but neighbors disagree saying the immigrant was a hard worker who didn't speak english. and was just trying to get his cell phone back. they add the two officers were in plain clothes and did not identify themselves. and should have tried less lethal force. >> what i see is more people with pr who are covering up the murder of an ininnocent man. -- an innocent man. >> that's right. >> this doesn't mean the investigation is by any means over. it continues.
5:36 am
and the more information is -- if more information -- certainly if anybody here has any firsthand information to bring forward the investigators are present and we'll take that and we'll look into it. >> reporter: chief greg suhr says both men spoke spanish and officers were not fluent in spanish leading community leaders to urge the chief to put more spanish speaking officers in the mission. this photo popped up online of twitter founder jack dorsey caught in crosshairs. a message in arabic urges gee da hees to kill twitter slows. the reason appears to be the -- employees, the reason appears to be they banned hate speech, threats and post that is promote violence. as a result twitter is always removing isis related accounts. isis has done this before calling for attacks on twitter employees back in october. and twitter says in a statement --
5:37 am
. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will make a speech before congress this morning despite objections from the white house. in the speech mr. netanyahu will make his case against a proposed nuclear deal with iran. he feels it would put israel's security at risk. he outlined his position yesterday in the nation's capital. >> the same iran vows to annihilate israel. if it develops nuclear weapons, it would have the means to achieve that goal. we must not let that happen. [ applause ] >> today's speech comes just two weeks before israel's elections, they are now working to finalize an agreement that would eliminate iran's ability to build a weapon for at least a decade in exchange for easing on some sanctions. the "new york times" says hillary clinton used a personal e-mail account to conduct government business while secretary of state.
5:38 am
the potential violation of federal law. rules require officials' correspondence to be retained as part of the state department's records. the times says clinton didn't have a government e-mail address during her four year stint at the state department. she's currently considering another run for the presidency in 2016. and by now you've probably received most of your tax information. so now is a good time as any to take on the return. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us from new york with suggestions on how to save or get extra money too. tuukka rask credits -- tax credits, what are those and why know about them? >> well, tax credits reduce your bill dollar were dollar. and that's -- for dollar. and that's instead of being calculated based on a tack bracket. that's why they're so valuable. some of the best ones include the earned income tax credit. maximums over $6,100. the dollar amount varies by
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family size. next up we have the child tax credit. yes, you'll get money for having kids. it's amazing. $1,000 for each kid under the age of 17. this does phase out if you are a high income earner. and then there's the child and dependent care credit. it's available if you pay someone to care for a dependent under the age of 13. so that you can either work or look for a job. this credit is up to $6,000. so lots of money on the table here. >> yeah it sounds like it. what about deductions? >> two out of three taxpayers take the standard deduction rather than itemized and itemized deduction includes mortgage interest and charitable contributions but you may be better off actually itemizing, if it's above the 2014 standard deduction limits that $6,200 if you're single and $12,400 if you are filing jointly. you probably should itemize. if you are going to itemize, here's some overlooked
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deductions. miscellaneous, my favorite catch all category. it includes tax prep fees, job hunting expenses, even professional dos. there's medical expenses. if there are more than 10% of your adjusted gross income or 7.5% over age 65 that could be a deduction. and sales tax, that can be valuable if you make a big purchase this year. >> okay and how about iras? time to freeze those as well? -- feed those as well? what are the limits? >> 5 # hundred dollars this year -- $5,500 in year, $6,500 over 50. remember contributions to the traditional ira that gives you the tax deduction today and you will pay taxes later in retirement when you withdraw the money. with a roth ira no deduction today but remember, all that accumulation grows tax-free and when you take the money out later, no tax due. that's the roth. if you take advantage of more valuable credits and deductions that you could be missing, you can go to >> all right.
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jill lessing her, thank you. -- jill schlesinger thank you. a girls' high school basketball team in la reached the playoffs only to be told they have been disqualified because of the yawn form. -- uniform. they had been banned from the postseason after changing the color of the text on their jerseys. the switch to pink and white for breast cancer awareness. now the rule says the uniforms can only include school colors, the team had no idea about that rule it says. right now, a california company is under fire for what may be sipping with your wine. the new lawsuit about what was found in some popular bottles. >> and a check of the commute let's take a peek at highway 880 we're in oakland and things are moving just fine at 5:41. but that could change. liz has your
5:42 am
5:43 am
good morning, on this tuesday, march the 3rd. and we are looking out towards levi's stadium. at mineta international airport where currently it's clear and 41 degrees, a much cooler start to the day. winds are slight out of the east at 3 miles per hour going up to the daytime high today in
5:44 am
the mid 60s. a strong winter storm continues to wreak havoc on much of the country. snow and freezing rain has led to hundreds of accidents and thousands of power outages across the northeast and southern plains. people in boston are struggling to dig out from all of the snow and another storm is expected to hit the city tonight. the amount of snow forecasted could bring boston's 20-year- old snowfall record. a one man in pennsylvania has some fun with all the snow. he throws a 400-foot luge in his backyard. it took him eight weeks to complete. and well worth the time. that's at least according to people sliding down his slope. i think the screams they say it all. people said they were both excited and nervous to test it out after sliding down the luge riders can warm up with some hot drinks and warm food that the homeowner cooks up. >> bet he's popular in the neighborhood. >> i think so. >> i think that will be there until july by the way. happening today, a special lighting ceremony at san francisco's ferry building. the number 1915 will shine on
5:45 am
the tower tonight. that's the year the city hosted the world's fair. 100 years ago. 19million people came through the ferry building door for the fair and now a century later the city is honoring the historic event. lighting ceremony by the way will take place at 6:15 tonight. the lights will stay illuminated through december. oakland is trying to entice george lucas to build a museum in the bay area. you may have heard the legend that the giant snow walkers of "star wars" fame were inspired by the port of oakland's maritime container cranes. actually just a myth. still the nonprofit bay area council has sent lucas a letter with the blessing of the mayor libby schaaf urging him to put his museum in jack london square. >> waterfront locations, in proximity of the cranes might make a -- you no i a very you know kind of poetic combining. >> we're always in the shadows of san francisco and i'd like to see us stand out a little bit more and this would help.
5:46 am
>> lucas chose chicago over san francisco months ago as the site for the museum despite continuing obstacles including a lawsuit. he has not replied to the letter about oakland just yet. time now is 5:46. a check on the traffic with elizabeth. >> over to the metering lights to the bay bridge. they were turned on early. even earlier than usual. so that's ten minutes ago at 5:36. so that means you're already backed up to at least the 88 # overcrossing and minute binning the delays are growing in the cash and fastrak lanes too. so yeah, already very crowded trying to get into san francisco. and right around the same time the lights were turned on we got word of this motorcycle wreck traveling around the dublin interchange. it turned into a shot spot. westbound -- hot spot. westbound 580 at hacienda. so if there are major injuries then likely they'll have to get emergency crews out there. they block a lane. and right now we're hearing that everything is confined to the center divide. still slow though from hacienda out to the dublin interchange and headlights westbound and
5:47 am
then we're seeing the backups just behind it further east of livermore valley and altamonte pass. yeah the drive times in the red saw the latest just change within past few minutes. -- flush so for both of the commutes the bay bridge commute, to a 580 commute. consider b.a.r.t.. no delays system wide. that's all mass transit looks good. a lot of the road work has officially been picked up now. we've able to talk to caltrans, eastbound 92 is fine now through foster city boulevard to clawiter, for a while they had traffic breaks while emergency crews cleared that work out of the way. the full freeway closure in antioch gone all picked up overnight they had all lanes closed at hillcrest. now just seeing the delays westbound in our usual spots approaching hillcrest a. street 26 miles per hour. and then it actually looks okay as you head into bay point. that's your latest kcbs
5:48 am
traffic. roberta my little frost symbol came up today. it is in the mid 30s currently in many of the inland areas, good morning everyone. time check for you now is 5:47 but it was just before 2:00 in the afternoon yesterday that we had this sound and it rolled over the fremont area, lifted into sunol and into pleasanton and in its wake, it left this. a rainbow captured by jonathan payne. he was out mountain biking around the pleasanton ridge and he captured this forus and tweeted it to roberta. and i want to see your favorite photos, please send them to me or tweet them to me. this is the live weather camera looking out to the bay bridge and notice the waters are calm. that's because we have a pretty much noncoms tent wind. i -- nonexistent wind. at 41 degrees in san jose, otherwise as liz said in the inland areas, it's dipping into the mid 30s. 40s now in oakland. 50s san francisco. here's what we all need to know on this tuesday. it's going to be a bright and chilly start out the door. afternoon is going to be sunny
5:49 am
and mild. and our nights ahead dipping well into the 30s away from the bay. all right, fast moving area of low pressure that dropped significant hail in throughout the los angeles area, huntington beach yesterday. we had a couple of lightning strikes as well. that's now over baja, california and in its wake high pressure is quickly filtering into the bay area. so as this low exits, high pressure building in. and result is we are entering a dry stretch of nothing but string of unseasonably mild days ahead. in fact, next opportunity for any rain right here in the bay area, long-range computer models suggest will occur on march 11th. meanwhile, it's currently 42- degrees in monterey. going up to a high of 62. it's in the 40s in throughout the value central lee. only -- valley. only right around merced today a hint of some fog forming. otherwise in the teens. 19 right now the greater lake tahoe area. smack in-between today average highs into the 60s. and in fact when the temperature goes up so does the
5:50 am
pollen count. so if you suffer from allergies, ooh. look at the days ahead. you've been warned. all right check out the extended forecast. warmer tomorrow. but we're going to have additional warming taking place with near or record warmth on thursday through sunday. when you look at the springtime numbers you know somebody's backyard is going to be 80 degrees. >> not one cloud in across the board? >> i did have a cloud. mike can we go back to that really quickly there? one little tiny cloud on the seven day forecast. >> all right. i'm going back to my room now. >> he just needs to get his eyes checked. the fbi is sevenning for thieves who held up armored car drivers and made off with millions of dollars in gold. it happened sunday night in north carolina. the guards were traveling to massachusetts with $4 million worth of gold and silver. they pulled over the -- when their armored truck developed mechanical problems, that's when the suspects approached and tied up the guards and forced them into a wooded
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
you can expect across the bay area today. into the mid 60s around the peninsula. east of the pay, also mid 60s and expect highs today in the 60s north of the golden gate bridge. and here's the latest tweet from kcbs traffic. a word of this motorcycle wreck in pleasanton westbound 580 at hacienda. we'll show you where traffic begins is slow down. -- to slow down. it's all coming up. all right ladies thanks. jury selection should wrap up today in the boston marathon bombing trial. finding jurors has been a long process. selection had to be delayed several times due to snowstorms and last second appeals.
5:54 am
if everything goes as planned, opening statements in the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev will begin tomorrow. a wine bottle manufacturer in modesto is accused of putting toxic terms into its glass and now the state of california is suing. regulators claim the gallo glass company put recycled lead, arsenic in their bottles. those are all by-products of making glass. but the department of toxic substance control says gallo was not recycling the dust properly. >> and we believe when the facts of the case are presented, that it will be very clear that the position we've taken and our use of material has been very appropriate. and compliance with state law. >> the department of toxic substance control says there's no evidence drinking from those bottles poses a health risk. both sides say settling the case out of court is a possibility. 5:54 now. a dozen people getting have stricted rallied -- evicted rally today save their tome -- rallied to save their homes.
5:55 am
the building is not for sale. but station 40 tenants trying everything so they can stay. >> we've talked to the landlord about potential solutions. and we're willing to -- and open to find any solutions that you know can sustain you know these low income residents. >> it's development agency. >> the building includes housing and event space and several people dealing with their own eviction battles joined in support at yesterday's event. nothing but charred structures remain after a fire in san jose quickly spread from one garage to three. the fire gutted a garage and damaged two others at a home on north 9th street monday. at least two cars were also destroyed. firefighters said victorian homes nearby were a concern and -- were a concern and the primary goal was to save those. teams were looking into whether this fire was intentionally set. no one was injured. i'm ryan takeo live in san francisco. where police and neighbors dispute what led up to a deadly shooting. coming up we'll take you inside
5:56 am
the heated meeting. >> and the state supreme court has issued a ruling that could vastly increase the number of places that registered sex offenders can live. i'm ki
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning everyone, i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 6:00 here on a tuesday now. and the state supreme court has thrown out voter approved r instructions on sex offenders now. it says part of jessica's law is unconstitutional. kpix 5's kiet do is in san jose to explain the court's decision. and its potential impact as well. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the living restrictions put on registered sex offends, has created sidewalks like this at race and -- situations like
6:00 am
this at ray and pedro streets in san jose. on this stretch alone there are four registered sex offenders. but that could change. yesterday the california state supreme court ruled that a law that says that sex offenders cannot live within 2,000 feet of a school or park that actually violates their constitutional rights by limiting their access to housing. the court also said it keeps the offends, away from their families and makes it more difficult for them to get counseling. they have been shown to keep them from reoffending. the unanimous decision says the law had quote no rational relationship to protect children from sexual predators. a group of sex offenders brought the case up in san diego county. but the author of the law was not happy. >> this was a law that was supported by over 70% of cla c januaries. the court -- californians. i am


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