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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> breaking news, we are getting word that two police officers were shot during a protest in ferguson, missouri tonight. >> details are still coming in. we have live pictures to show you from downtown ferguson. the saint louis post dispatch is reporting two police officers were shot outside police department headquarters. now, no word yet on whether those officers are ferguson police officers, or from one or the other surrounding departments. i want to show you some video from a short time ago. we have been watching these. officers carrying shotguns now stationed out in front of the ferguson police headquarters. the post dispatch reported that
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they were shot outside while confronting a large group of protesters who had gathered in front of the police department. keep in mind, the ferguson police department is not that big. so in the case of a protest like this one, those officers would be getting support from saint louis county police and the missouri highway patrol. ever since the initial protest over the shooting of michael brown, there have been several demonstrations, most of them peaceful. >> this comes hour after the word that the police chief is out. tom jackson will walk away with a year's salary. almost $100,000. >> after a lot of soul searching, and it is very hard for him to leave. and for us to have him leave. he felt that this was the best way forward. >> protesters have called for jackson to go for months since an officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager. the tipping point came last week. a federal report found a report of racial bias in the
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department. something the chief denied. >> there is not a racial problem in the police department. racial profiling is not prohibited but it is illegal. >> reporter: jackson's resignation takes effect next thursday. here is another live look at the situation in ferguson, missouri. we will continue to monitor the story and bring you any new developments right here on police in the east bay have a murder mystery on their hands. christin ayers tells us about the first homicide in all-star albany since 2004. >> reporter: police are not talking a lot about the investigation. they are saying that they have some leads, but so far, no suspects, and no motive. the front door to an albany apartment sealed by police. crime tape left hanging from the frame where rondeer's cousin found her dead from a gunshot wound. this neighbor didn't know her
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well and only spoke to her briefly last sum. >> my children were playing downstairs and she said don't make the noise, i am studying, because she is a doctor. >> reporter: she was a dental student. she was supposed to garageuate next year. in a statement, she was a treasured member of our community. neighbors say they never expected a crime like this in a city that has never seen a homicide for years. and with the killer still out there, they no longer feel safe. >> now i lock the door. i'm scared and worried. >> reporter: an autopsy was performed on her today. we are waiting for the results. meantime, ucsf is planning a vigil to honor her. christin ayers, kpix5. a young mom killed shielding her kids from gunfire. bullets started flying near 30th and chestnut monday evening when two groups of
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people started fighting. 30-year-old shamel pierce was hit in the back of the head while protecting her kids. a neighbor called the police 14 minutes before the shooting and cold police to come. someone was about to get hurt. but police responded only after shots had been fired. tonight, antioch police are looking for a man who may have tried to kidnap a 12-year-old girl. the girl told officers she was walking to school on sycamore drive when the man stopped his car and asked if she wanted a ride. she ran away. he followed and asked again. she got to the school and told them what happened. a san francisco father and daughter fighting for their lives tonight. our joe vasquez tells us they were hurt when flames swept through their home in the middle of the night. >> i just feel bad. >> reporter: he is talking about his best friend.
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mohammed shaibi who runs the liquor store downstairs an lives with his family upstairs. the family was likely all asleep when the flames erupted in the front room. they were trapped. >> an emotional scene. >> reporter: the fire chief says it was dark, the smoke was heavy and the flames stopped them from running down the stairs. firefighters had to get all five people, a mother, a father, and all three children out of the building. >> there were two young boys rescued tout ladder down the front window. the younger gill was brought up the front door and the parents were rescued out the back. >> reporter: firefighters performed cpr on three of the victims. the father and one child were rushed to the san francisco general hospital with life threatening injuries. the three others, mother and two children, were also hurt. smoke inhalation. >> they were very nice to me. and i think they were very nice to most people. i never heard anything bad about them. >> reporter: neighbors know them as a quiet but very
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friendly family from yemen. >> a beautiful family. >> reporter: family members say the wife and two of the children are recovering well but the husband and one daughter are still in bad shape. >> i'm glad they are okay. they are my cousins. we are going to go visit them now. and hopefully, you know, keep our fingers crossed they are okay. >> reporter: joe vasquez, kpix5. well, two people who were sleeping in the family's business downstairs also had to be rescued. tonight some serious questions about a now-closed east bay health clinic. we were there as a search warrant was carried out at the berkeley health center. officers with the california department of justice hauled away boxes ands boxes of documents as well as computers. the warrant states that there is probable cause to believe the property was used as a means of committing a felony. the clinic provided medical services to low income patients. thousands of their confidential medical records remained at that location. department of justice told us it will not comment on an
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ongoing investigation. pleasanton police say the woman in these surveillance photos went to home depot this weekend, checked out the flowers and stole a bunch of power tools. police are still looking for the guy who was driving the get away car. people in san jose sounding off about their police department tonight. the goal was to build better community relations. kpix5's devin fehely says the police were not even invited. >> five minutes nonstop, almost killed me. >> >> reporter: it is a relationship that can be strained. colored with mistrust and misunderstanding. the relationship between the police and communities of color was the topic of a town hall meeting in san jose. attended by several new city council members. >> i was cruising in santa
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clara, i would get pulled over all the time. i thought maybe it was unfairly. >> reporter: but the council member also spent eight years as a san jose police officer and readily admits the department must do a better job of communicating. >> we can come up with better solutions, training on culture, sensitivity, whether it is simply understanding. >> reporter: the council member emphasized communication. one group left out of the conversation were the police themselves. nobody was at the meeting. an apparent opportunity missed. organizers say tonight's meeting was designed to be a forum in which members of the community and the newly elected members of the city council could be heard. they also didn't intend the conversation to be so narrowly focused on the police. that is why they didn't extend them an invitation. devin fehely, kpix5. tonight, a noisy protest in support of teacher ins san
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bruno. several dozen people marched in front of crestmore elementary school before packing into a school board meeting. they spent the evening discussing budget saving moves including laying off 17 teachers in the district. >> the staff matters. we are the heart and the soul of this community. we need to be here and we need to be respected and we want to be a part of your community. but we can't afford to live here. >> in the end, the board voted 4-1 to issue the 17 pink slips for next school year. the district is facing a deficit of more than $2 million. a new housing fight is shaping up at a san francisco neighborhood. the battle lines are focused on a parking lot near the embarcadero. plans call for a new apartment building. as kpix5's mark kelly tells us, the issue is two gets to live there. mark? >> reporter: well liz, the city want to get rid of this parking lot and put in low income housing. but the neighborhood
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association here says they have enough of that in this neighborhood. they want to see middle class homes. this battery street high-rise, low income housing, and kiddy corner, they are putting finishing touches on the sampson apartments. also low income. they are now look at building a third low income project. carol is treasurer for the neighborhood association. she is not against living next door to low income housing, she just believes the middle class should have a shot at affordable housing too. >> you don't want rich and poor. why not have the middle class? that helps the whole neighborhood i think. >> reporter: she says the city comes up with one reason after another why their hands are tied and why this has to be low income housing. but the neighborhood has gone up against the city before and won. who can forget eight washington?
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>> it will create another park space for our children. >> reporter: endorsed by the board of supervisors an mayor, eight washington still lost at the ballot box. this is not about protecting the waterfront, but about carol, it is about preserving the middle class. >> everybody is talking about how the middle class is getting, you know, out of bounds, san francisco is just too much for them. >> reporter: recently, a second group weighed in. the northeast waterfront advisory group. they also want to see a mix of both low income and middle class housing. live in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix5. >> neighbors are also concerned about the height of the building. some want to see the building a little lower than that. well, a car crashes into a white house barricade tonight. two secret service agents under investigation for drunk driving. >> this bay area woman is at the center of a high stakes sexual discrimination lawsuit in silicon valley. tonight, a big curve ball.
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>> and this is hollywood's version of a big bay area quake. tonight, scientists have a new prediction about
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>> more now in the breaking news coming out of ferguson, missouri, two police officers were shot tonight outside the city's police department. now, according to the saint louis post dispatch, the shots appeared to have come from a block of houses near the police station. it happened as the protest was winding down. witnesses report hearing between two and four shots. one of the injured officers is from saint louis county.
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the other, from a nearby suburb of west webster grove. no word yet on the officer's conditions. a new secret service scandal tonight. allegations have surfaced that two top agents were driving drunk and crashed into a white house fence. it happened last week. investigators say the agents were coming back from a late night party. officers wanted to arrest the agents, but say they were told by a supervisor on duty to let them go. it is the legal case captivating the tech world right now. a woman says that she was shunned by her silicon valuely firm. kpix5's andria borba on today's courtroom twist. >> reporter: the case ellen powell has brought against cliner perkins is about another of things. sexual discrimination, harassment, and money. a lot of it. pao is suing the firm for $16 million. in a curve ball, just before lunch, defense attorney asked the judge to introduce evidence
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about why pau wants that cash. >> there's a whole con tect around the case not presented to the jury. so that is what we are learning about. and, if you were to look at ellen pao on the internet, you would learn through a vanity fair profile of her and a fortune profile, that she has a complicated family situation. >> reporter: pao's family is in dire financial straits and that is why the lawsuit is going forward. it has been a two day mental chess match between pao, a harvard educated attorney herself. and details of her employment, old conversations, and, her eventual firing. >> when she is being questioned by the defense attorney, the tone changes a lot. she is testy. she is short. she is a little bit skeptical. a lot skeptical. >> reporter: in san francisco,
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andria borba, kpix5. >> the trial is expected to last three more weeks. the bay area got a little jolt today. there was a 2.0 quake in cupertino in afternoon. it was right at the surface which can make it feel stronger than it actually is. and tonight, the usgs says the odds are increasing that we will have a major quake in the next 30 years. we are talking an 8.0 or bigger. but, haven't we heard that before? >> reporter: geologist david schrartz has seen hollywood's latest vision of a megaquake. thanks to cgi, destroying california has come a long way. by comparison, it is easy to feel like predicting the real thing hasn't come quite as far. it is something the usgs first tried back in 1988. >> scientists don't know where
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the fault line will give way next. >> reporter: the answer was loba prietta. predictions have kept rolling in and they are all the same. >> this new study says 72% in the next 30 years. >> reporter: he knows what you are thinking. >> i've heard this before. what's the big deal? >> reporter: on one hand, geologists are still using some of the same formulas they drafted up in the 80s . but with each forecast, they add new data. new fault lines, and new lessons from new quakes. then they reset that 30 year clock. the truth is? >> it is difficult. >> reporter: so we are closing in on 30 years worth of 30 year forecasts. but only time can deliver the answer we are all waiting for. >> and one day, it is going to happen. and then everybody is going to say, you know, those guys were right. why wasn't i prepared? >> for the record, that first predict in 1988 was a 50% chance of a 7.0 quake within 30
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years. tonight, a san mateo county correctional officer is something of a hero thanks to his gift. 19-year-old garrett ramos has a new chance at a normal life. he was spending up to 15 hours a day on dialysis. due to kidney failure and he needed a transplant. his father who is a correctional officer tried to donate, but could not. and that is when his coworker jaron higgins tried and found he was a perfect match. one of his kidneys was transplanted into garrett and they are both doing well tonight. all right paul, we were hoping for a little bit more rain today. >> yeah. >> but you know, you got to take what you can get. >> and we got a little bit. a tenth of an inch of rain. and the beautiful view tonight. as we have clear skies. over the city, the financial
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district, here it is. a great shot from treasure island. clearing skies overnight tonight. take a look at your rainfall totals. about a tenth of an inch from san jose and concord. little less in hayward, san francisco, and santa rosa. brentwood, a quarter of an inch of rainfall. the radar is clear tonight and will be the next several days. take a look at the rainfall in december. we had nearly a foot of rain since january 1? less than an inch-and-a-half. we have gone from the haves to the have notes. 40s and 50s tonight. fremont, 48. san jose, 51. san rafael, 50. the front now over eastern nevada and far southern california. silt moving out and replacing it is a strong ridge of high pressure. i know you have heard me say that 29 times so far this winter. big ridge, strong ridge, storms going over the ridge and not hitting us. we will be dry the next week. warm over the weekend. with afternoon highs in the low 80s . we will have slow
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clearing overnight tonight. dry weather back thursday. and we are warming it up through the weekend. though tomorrow will be pretty warm as well. oakland 71. fremont, 70. redwood city,71. sunshine for san ramon, 72. 68 in san francisco. sunshine, novato. 71, lake port. so we are dry, sunny. looking at highs in the low 80s away from the water an though we cool down next week, we likely will stay mainly dry. syracuse play tonight? were you screaming at the tv? >> it is nothing short of allergies. so i'm thankful for the rain. i need a little bit more. >> to clear it all out. >> it is what it is. you still got your forecast. we are going to keep going. well, it is like cool aid, but with a kick. it's not for kids. tonight, powdered alcoho
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>> well, it is called powdered alcohol and it could be coming to a liquor store near you. >> the feds approved the sale
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>> nba up top. the warriors, staring at a possible 51 wins tonight. a visiting 22 win team didn't blink. tim hardaway. they got andre drummond. detroit in front. steph curry, oh, ridiculous pass! leandro barbossa hits. klay thompson had 27. and the warriors win 105-98.
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pack 12 tournament. ten seconds left. rosco allen, no. marcus allen. to jason randall. and the cardinal leads! last chance for washington! andrew andrews. a good look. but no, no, no. stanford wins 71-69 to get utah tomorrow. cal also victorious. the 49ers jed york got a quality player today. tori smith. the wide receiver is a 49er after five years with the ravens. during his time in baltimore, his brother was killed in a motorcycle accident. so smith has a scholarship foundation set up in his honor and dedicates a lot of time in the community. >> my mother needed help. i know what it is like. we had tough times. she worked her tail off to provide for us.
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and you know, i know what a lot of these families are going through. what a lot of these kids are going through. i want to do something for them. it is important for me to give back. >> top five! let's go! number 5, golf course in florida, ken, and they let him play through! a massive 13-foot gator walking the greens. number 4, fans not paying attention, looking at the cell phone. bam. this lady paid the price. look at this. boom. noseful of spaulding. number three, when table tennis goes bad. oh, the unfortunate lady! number two, watch this. say what you want about yasiel puig. but in center field, he ran it down. look at that. that's a great grab and it is only spring training. and number one, texas, san antonio ties it.
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florida international. international for the win! mavin a hero at the conference usa tournament. that's the top five tonight! >> that's pretty good. >> table tennis! wow. >> got a little sideways in the dining room. >> be right back! >>
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>> david letterman is next. >> and we will have the latest on the police shooting on
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ferguson tomorrow morning. be there for ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from a mysterious ancient circle of massive stones it's "the late show" with david letterman." tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now with free balloons for the kids, david letterman!


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