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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 17, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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noontime. take care. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, march 17th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." passengers on the united airlines flight tackle a man rushing the cockpit. plus the star rookie says he is quitting the nfl after one season. does football have a concussion crisis? and james bond is the latest casualty of the hacking scandal. the studio took millions. we begin with today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> no no.
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>> stop fighting david. >> a violent passenger forces an in-flight emergency. >> not long after takeoff, a male passenger tried to get to the cockpit. >> he is retrained for now. more charges against robert durst. >> l.a. prosecutors filed charges. >> authorities in new orleans filed weapons. the polls are open in israel as prime minister benjamin netanyahu seeks a fourth term. >> netanyahu says if reelected, there won't be a palestinian state. lapd are trying to track down one of their own. >> and arrest warrant issued for henry soliz. a massive wildfire in oklahoma burned 23,000 acres. >> residence along the ohio river are waiting for relief. >> yesterday, the door up to below the hinge there. 49ers linebacker chris borland is retiring. he is 24. >> we talked about concerns of head trauma.
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mitt romney stepping in the boxing ring with evander holyfield. all that. >> and john wall. a man of the people. >> i don't know if he was a track star. that's a triple jump. putting their lives on the line to pull a woman from a burning building. >> all caught on the body cameras. all that matters. >> i'm embarrassed for them because it's not how america does business. >> also not helping was dear iran or iraq we can never keep you two straight. on "cbs this morning." >> vladimir putin is back to business after more than a week out of the public eye. >> he joked about his absence saying it would be boring without gossip. >> you know what that means. a boob job. this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. >> welcome to "cbs this
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morning." jeff glor is with us. passengers jumped into action to deal with the disturbance on the united airlines jet. they tackled a man who became violent on a denver-bound flight. >> the pilot declared an emergency and returned to dulles international airport. that is where jeff is this morning. >> reporter: good morning. this was a scare for the passengers on the denver-bound flight. a man got up and started screaming and running to the cockpit. >> i'm so sorry. >> don't move david. we'll get you off this plane. >> reporter: passengers tackled the man pinning him to the floor of the aircraft minutes after takeoff. the pilots quickly radioed a distress call to air traffic control. >> 1074. declaring an emergency. a passenger becoming violent. no weapon involved. restrained by other passengers. we don't know his mental
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condition. sounds like he is restrained for now. >> reporter: moments later, air traffic control radioed. >> the cockpit secure? >> united 1074. cockpit secure? >> cockpit is secure. >> reporter: the united airlines boeing 737 took off from dulles airport at 10:24 p.m. heading for denver. all passengers and crew members returned safely to dulles 20 minutes later. law enforcement detained the unruly passenger and took him off the plane. >> no. >> stop fighting, david. >> reporter: according to sources, there were no weapons found and the man was taken to the hospital for evaluation. >> jeff, thank you. in the last 90 minutes, another plane made an emergency landing. a flock of birds smashed into
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the american airlines flight from jfk airport. flight 1320 bound for the virgin islands turned back and landed safely. firefighters met the plane when it touched down. none of the passengers or crew was hurt. this morning robert durst is accused of more crimes. durst was arrested saturday in louisiana. a day before the documentary which aired his confession. 48 hours erin moriarty has followed the durst case for more than a decade. good morning. >> good morning, jeff. i don't think he will go to california this week. robert durst has been in a louisiana jail since his arrest on saturday. late last night, authorities in the state filed felony charges against the 71-year-old for being in possession of a firearm and small amount of marijuana. robert durst, sits before a new orleans judge monday and waived
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extradition for the 2000 murder of susan berman. his attorney. >> bob durst did not kill susan berman. he is ready to end speculation and have a trial. >> reporter: on the final episode of the hbo series "the jinx," durst sits in an interview and his voice recorded off camera allegedly muterring to himself in a restroom. >> what the hell did you do? killed them all, of course. >> reporter: on saturday, a day before the finishale, durst was arrested in the lobby of a new orleans hotel on an out of state murder warrant. >> when did you take the recording to the authorities? >> reporter: the filmmaker andrew jarecki appearing on monday on cbs this morning, he provided the audio to
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authorities months ago. >> we were amazed ourselves that he hadn't been arrested for so long. the authorities were never communicating with us other than the normal cordial way. >> i knew he killed her. she basically told us if anything ever happens to me look to bob. bob did it. don't let him get away with it. >> reporter: ellen strauss was the friend of his first wife kathleen. she is hopeful the evidence will lead to durst being convicted. >> this is vindication. >> some members of durst's family have a restraining order against him. the order covers the brother, sister-in-law and children and grandchildren. charlie. thank you. israelis are going to the polls to vote for a new government.
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benjamin netanyahu vowed monday that a palestinian state would not be created on his watch. barry levinson is in tel aviv. barry, good morning. >> reporter: charlie, it's a lovely day here. it's warm and sunny and mild. that will help get people out to vote. election day in israel is a national holiday. there is no reason not to go to the polls. a lot of emotion going in the election. they are expecting a record turnout. if the early bird gets the worm score one for prime minister benjamin netanyahu who voted minutes after the polls opened at 7:00 a.m. his main challenger is american educated isaac herzog whose party was ahead. israeli media says the race tightened over the weekend as undecideds decided. as for the turnout up to 80%, credit americans for the expertise used against
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netanyahu. it had people going door-to-door. saying it is time to replace the government. it's a classic american get out the vote campaign. 25,000 volunteers knocking on 200,000 doors until polls closed at 10:00 tonight. it's never been done here before. until he helped found victory 2015 with donations from israelis and americans and hired jeremy byrd who was hired by obama campaign in 2008 and 2012. >> when you were learning from the american consultants, what was the best thing they told you? >> the best thing was we need to meet people. >> reporter: there are a lot of big issues. iran talks and palestinian questions. the people we talked to are also angry about high taxes and high prices and a lower standard of living.
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a lot of people here will be voting their pocket books. jeff. >> barry petersen thank you. jurors will hear more testimony about the tsarnaev brothers land stand today. the focus shifted monday to the gun fight with police. don dahler is in watertown where the shootout took place two years ago. >> reporter: good morning. court is in session in downtown boston, but this is the quiet residential neighborhood in watertown where the fight took place. the police officers were at this end. the tsarnaev brothers were further down shooting in this direction. the police who were here that night say it was some of the most terrifying eight minutes of their lives. dzhokhar tsarnaev escaped and ended up hiding in a boat a mile from here. yesterday, jurors got to get a close up look at the boat. jurors saw the sight of dzhokhar tsarnaev's land stand monday inspecting the boat where he was captured.
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>> we got movement. he is moving. we have movement in the boat. >> reporter: at an undisclosed location, the jurors were taken on the lift two at a time to peer inside. 50 feet away tsarnaev sat with lawyers and u.s. marshals. two pool reporters were present. >> we observed at least 110 bullet holes in the boat on all sides of the boat. >> reporter: back in court, officers gave a vivid play by play gun battle. >> they have explosives. some type of grenades. >> reporter: watertown officer joseph reynolds says dzhokhar tsarnaev was behind the wheel of the mercedes benz. we locked eyes. all i could see is muzzle flashes. i couldn't count it. nonstop. reynolds and another officer returned fired and used a police car for cover to advance toward the brothers.
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andrew took pictures from the tsarnaevs from the bedroom window. he said they hurled a pressure cooker bomb and other bombs to police. he said i could feel my room shake. grainy photos show officers wrestling with tamerlan. another vehicle charged toward the group running tamerlan over and driving 40 feet of the when asked would was driving it reynolds said him. the boat's owner is scheduled to testify this morning. he was home that night on april 19th when the shelter in place order was lifted he went for a smoke and noticed the boat cover moved. he investigated and found dzhokhar tsarnaev lying inside. gayle. >> thank you, don. this morning, a rookie los angeles police officer is on the run from the law. investigators say 27-year-old
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henry solis is wanted in kegs connection with the deadly shooting in pamons. carter evans is covering the story. >> reporter: struggling to keep him alive after he was shot multiple times early friday morning. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. police say the man who pulled the trigger is 27-year-old henry solis. a probationary officer working since december at the lapd's devonshire division. solis fled the scene. his silver volkswagon was discovered this weekend. police believe he is driving a brown or tan early '90s ford pickup truck that may belong to a relative. investigators say his family is cooperating. the lapd is assisting pamona
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police and says sdrksolis was off duty and had no disciplinary issues since joining the force. >> we are hurt. >> reporter: the rodriguez family says their son was a delivery man and was not aggressive. they held a vigil on sunday and gathered at the scene of the shooting. the victim's aunt. >> why run? we know you did it. we know it's you. turn yourself in. explain to the family what happened. why him? >> reporter: for cbs this morning, carter evans, los angeles. this morning, we may have enough evidence that syria is carrying out poison gas attacks. a group monitoring the civil war show victims appear to be suffocating. cbs news cannot confirm the use of chemical weapons. president obama said the use would cross a red line. clarissa ward is in turkey with details of the attack.
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clarissa. >> reporter: good morning. that attack took place in the village of armen which is on the other side of the turkey border here. the videos posted online appear to show the aftermath of the chlorine gas attack. you see young children struggling to breathe. activists inside syria say at least six people killed in the attack, including a man, his wife and three children. this is not the first time we have heard this. we have heard multiple reports of chlorine gas in the so-called barrel bombs. the bombs stuffed with explosives and shrapnel and dropped on civilian areas. >> clarissa ward thanks very much. this morning, advanced weapons from iran are flowing into iraq for the fight against isis. iran is training and equippeding militias to use rockets and
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missiles. in an interview with "vice" news president obama is blaming isil on the bush administration. >> isil is an arm of al qaeda in iraq that grew out of our invasion which is an example of unintended consequences which is why we should generally aim before we shoot. >> the president says he is quote embarrassed for the 47 republican senators who signed the letter to iran. he says it is quote not how we do business. this morning, that letter has become an issue in the necessity gosh yagss to touch the nuclear program. secretary of state john kerry met in switzerland. a senior u.s. official likens the talks to a roller coaster. we have margaret with more. >> reporter: the aim in switzerland is to find a way to stop the nuclear program without resorting to u.s. military strikes. if these talks fail it could
7:17 am
tip-off an atomic arms race in the volatile middle east. so far, no one is promising a breakthrough. this week the diplomats wanted to focus on the possible nuclear deal. they were side tracked twice in two days when iran confronted them about a letter from 47 republican senators who threatened to spike any deal after president obama leaves office. >> this made the secretary of state john kerry's job harder. it gives the iranians an excuse if they decide to back out. >> reporter: the episode illustrates the challenge for both countries. crafting a deal that goes far enough to silence respective critics back home. iran is conceded to the nuclear technology while the u.s. agreed to negotiate with the top sponsor of terrorism. sadjapour is an expert on iran. >> you have two countries here that deeply distrust one another.
7:18 am
there are no guarantees that if a deal is signed that both sides are going to adhere to it. when you look at the alternatives, none of them are good. >> reporter: the u.s. is demanding that inspectors get unfeetered access to the plants and military base where weapons testing has been suspected. so far the answer is no. on the issue of sanctions, iran wants them lifted immediately. the u.s. prefers to do it gradually. sadjapour says iran may have to give in. >> iran certainly needs a major economic boost. the only way to get that is by signing the deal. >> reporter: in fact there has been movement in the past 24 hours. charlie, a senior official involved in the negotiations told me they made progress on sharpening the technical details on limiting iran nuclear development. >> margaret brennan, thanks.
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flood waters on the ohio river are taking time to recede. drone video shows the cars and homes swallowed in new richmond. water levels are expected to stay above the flesh hold until thursday. promising linebacker calls it quits after one season in the nfl. this national weather report
7:20 am
sponsored by e-trade. are you type e? will a foreign government get the final cut over the new james bond movie? >> ahead, the studio accused of selling 007 to help fix a country's image problem. >> the news is back here in a moment right here on "cbs this morning."
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11 people not from the same family happily share a nine bedroom home but this morning the city that doesn't want them
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living together. prince harry's tough happy st. patrick's day everyone, it's tuesday, it's 7:56. i'm frank mallicoat. here's some of the stories we're following right now. state water board will vote on mandatory restrictions violating them could lead up to a $500 fine. one rule would limit outdoor watering to just two days a week. another would require hotels to offer guests the option not to have towels and bed sheets washed on a daily basis. up until now conservation has been voluntary. the 49ers' top returning tackler announced his retirement. chris borland only 24 says he has serious concerns about long- term health problems due to concussions. the niner linebacker was expected to replace willis as inside linebacker after willis announced his retirement last week. tough loss for the niners. traffic and weather coming up
7:27 am
7:28 am
good morning, we will start off with a live look at the bay bridge. the toll plaza. you know it is definitely backed up through the maze. 580 as you can see there is backed up through the 24 interchange. and then it's cooperate of sluggish on the -- kind of sluggish on the incline. santa cruz mountains northbound 17 at summit clearing a wreck to the shoulder. and unfortunately coming into south san francisco, that wreck at avalon and the southbound lanes of 280 has traffic backed up to highway 1. here's roberta. good morning everyone. this is what we refer to as mostly cloudy skies. but we do have a little peek of anyone there. as we take ash sunshine there. -- sunshine there. as we take a sneak peek to the bay bridge. later today cooler than yesterday. 60s and 70s. we have the warmest day on thursday and a chance of rain in the north bay on friday.
7:29 am
7:30 am
it's a long t it's a long time chicago tradition, dyeing the river green for st. patrick's day. i love this. it shows how the river changes color. in realtime it takes five hours to turn the river green with food dye. it was first done in 1952. the same company is in charge of it. the river stays green for five hours. >> i have been in chicago for multiple st. patrick's day. >> that never gets old to me. it is st. patrick's day. that's why we are all wearing green. welcome back to "cbs this morning." apple's ambition for online television. how the tech juggernaut hopes to
7:31 am
shake up tv to the next level. >> romney has a new fight ahead. it's not political. why he will enter a boxing ring with a champion fighter. that story is ahead. time to show you headlines. politico says the long running battle over the confirmation of loretta lynch is getting heated. a vote on her nomination was supposed to take place this week. mitch mcconnell wants to pass a human trafficking bill first. the white house calls the delay uncon shenable. >> an ebola patient worsened to critical condition. the health care worker was lifted to the nih med sal center on friday. the patient tested positive while working in sierra leone. american airlines united
7:32 am
continental and delta want to limit expansion. the u.s. airlines alleged the airlines growth is unlawfully fueled by the government that is own them. coca-cola is working with fitness and nutrition experts who suggest that coke is a good idea for a snack. what? last month, experts wrote for american heart lung. one suggested a mini can of coca-cola. a cincinnati inquirer reports baseball legend pete rose wants to get into the hall of fame. rose agreed to a lifetime ban in 1989. the investigation found that he bet on cincinnati reds to win while managing the team. the new baseball commissioner says he will consider the rose request to be reinstated. reinstatement could help to get him into cooperstown. a stunner out of the nfl.
7:33 am
a league's top player says he is retiring after just one season. chris says he's worried about repeated head injure ris. the linebacker is the latest to walk away. >> intercepted! >> he led the san francisco 49ers in tackles. a standout line backer. now, just 24 years old, he says he's leaving the game for good. concerned over the long term effects of repetitive head trauma. he told espn, outside the lines, i thought, what am i doing? is this how i'm going to live my adult life banging my head? from what i researched and experienced, it's not worst the risk. >> this isn't about head trauma in the nfl, it was the unknown of the future. he decided it's not for me. >> he's the fourth player to retire in the past week. the first to cite head injuries
7:34 am
for leaving football. >> i read his back grounld. he's only had two concussions and no symptoms currently that seem to be demonstrating he had repetitive concussions. >> if only i knew what it took to go out there on sundays and play the games. >> the departure is after patrick willis retired after eight seasons in the nfl. >> playing outstanding football. >> he told espn he didn't want to end up like hall of famer, mike webster who died in 2002. he has cte, following a violent career. >> the head juries took his mind and body from him at an early age and took him from me far too soon. >> reporter: more than 70 nfl players have been diagnosed with neurological disease after their deaths.
7:35 am
>> it has increased over the past five to ten years. i think athletes and families are considering sport that is have less head trauma involved in them. >> he will be walking away from a $3 million deal he signed with the 49ers last year. in a statement, the team said we respect his decision and will always consider him a 49er and wish him all the best. apple may be getting ready to launch a new tv service. apple is in talks with networks including cbs. we have received no comments so far from either. we have oo senior editor with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> how big of a game changer could it be if apple does this? >> everybody has been waiting for a service like this. people feel they are paying too much for cable or they don't have the same selection. you can see the influence of streaming netflix and amazon being appealing to people and
7:36 am
bringing in new content. i think it's a very big deal. it's hitting at a better time. there are already services like that out there. >> the networks and the other content provided will be willing to go along? >> you have to wait. tv is profitable. when will people decide to partner with these deals? sling tv has a streaming service available, but doesn't have the major broadcast networks like cbs and nbc. you see play station is launching a tv service. hbo is offering up a stand alone via apple at first, but with cablevision. so, you see a loosening with that. that's the key, getting the content into the plans. >> the big complaint is we have all these choices. most people watch 10 to 15 channels. how worried should the cable companies be about this? >> i wonder if it will change the bottom line for them? in the end, you have to use broad bands. the cable companies are
7:37 am
providing them. it's like cell phones you are talking minutes, then data plans. it will get modifyied to emphasize the service. >> big negotiations in terms of who is involved. comcast is not involved. >> rumors they were tied to an apple tv box. that's a big omission. but, you know we don't know yet. it's interesting to see whether that's a negotiating tactic. who knows what. >> there's talk this was steve jobs dream before he passed away. apple hasn't done a lot on the apple tv it seems, in the last few years, right? >> no. the box has been around since 2012. this is an old box. the price dropped a bit. the idea is it's still a peripheral but there's the idea -- >> you have technology. you can create streaming now that people are attracted to and
7:38 am
want to see. >> everything is a tv now. why do you need to build a separate one. >> thanks. mitt romney is gearing up for a fight, but not in the political arena. romney will take part in a charity boxing match this may. it's a fund-raiser to help fight blindness in poor companies around the world. his opponent is evander holyfield. he said it will either be a short fight or i'll be knocked unconscious. sponsors will pay $25,000 to $250,000. romney is taller. >> holyfield is 52. he can still throw, you know? all right. >> i'm going to cheer for mitt romney. >> i'm going to cheer for the charity. >> that is right. from mexico with love. see how a foreign government should be doing directing for the new james bond movie.
7:39 am
that is next. and if you are headed off to work, set your dvr to watch "cbs this morning" anytime. we'll be right back.
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check this one out. seemingly a perfect example of what goes around comes around. a guy kicks a cat off the chair. the cat runs up the stairs. knocks over a potted plant. >> that's one smart cat. >> and hits the guy. we don't know if it was staged or not. it was funny, for sure. >> why do you want to be seen kicking a cat? it was hilarious. >> awesome. >> very funny. >> controversy for the studio behind the next james bond
7:44 am
movie. sony pictures may be taking it to a new extreme. how millions of dollars in tax tax -- >> mexico has been dealing with an image problem after drug related violence in the capitol. the country is trying to change its image dictating how it's portrayed in the upcoming james bond movie. they agreed in exchanges for up to $20 million. >> reporter: the first images released from the upcoming james bond movie, "spectre" show scenes of the mountains but it's in sunny mexico that the latest twist is unfolding. according to reports based on hacked sony e-mails they were offered millions of dollars to change how the country was portrayed in the movie. >> if the next james bond film
7:45 am
grosses a billion dollars, that's a lot of people who could see the movie and be influenced on the portrayal of particular towns and governments. >> sony could use the cash. "spectre" is on track to be the most expensive yet. a sky high $300 million. that's roughly $100 million more than "sky fall." in exchange for the $20 million, mexico wanted specific changes to the script that makes the country look better after years of violence and scandal. atrocities like killings and charges of corruption and a deadly drug war. among the requests reported by, they asked the film makers to showcase modern mexican cities and the villain character to not be mexican. the actress playing the bond girl should be a known mexican actress. last week stephanie sigman was
7:46 am
hired for the role. sony agreed to all requests. then the chief, amy pascal stating, we should insist on getting whatever to get the money. >> it is embarrassing for sony. movie ceos make concessions to countries and states to get tax incentives all the time. what is interesting here are the creative demands the country made on the studio and they are willing to play ball. >> sew any declined to comment on whether concessions were made. the scenes account for four minutes of the final film. >> i'll go to the movie regardless. >> everybody is going to see james bond. >> thank you very much. new questions about the effectiveness of millions of americans. we'll ask about vitamin "d" and the st. patrick's day surprise.
7:47 am
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7:52 am
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good morning everyone, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. voters in the east bay will choose a new state senator today. four democrats are running to replace mark desaulnier in district seven. the top two will advance to a runoff in may. state regulators could approve mandatory water restrictions tonight. one rule would limit outdoor watering to two days a week. and at restaurants, you would have to ask for drinking water. tonight, berkeley will discuss new measures that some say unfairly target the homeless. the city council may outlaw placing personal objects and planters and trees and they may also prohibit tenths and -- tents and sleeping gear on sidewalks at certain times. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning, i want to show you the san mateo bridge, it is unusually slow right now trying to get out of hayward. you can see cars barely moving and there's been no incidents except the chp issued a high wind advisory, you can actually see through the on the caltrans -- it there on the caltrans morning screen. 28 minutes right now between 880 and 101. eastbound traffic is great up and over the high-rise. the mountain commute still brutal at northbound 17 at the summit. they finally cleared the wreck from one lane. it is really backed up though from scot's valley. that's traffic. here's roberta. i was just listening to your chp advisory for the wind at the same sex marriage. the winds -- san mateo bridge. the winds currently out of the west at 15. 49 in santa rosa. it will be partly sunny today. temperature-wise mid 60s at the coast and 60s 70s across the bay today. to the low 70s in our inland areas. we will have additional warming take place for our thursday. a chance of a springtime shower on
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, march 17 2015. which means happy st. patrick's day to you. welcome back to "cbs this morning." what's next for convicted killer robert durst? we'll explore the challenges in this bizarre case. first, here's the "eye opener at 8." a man got up started screaming and running toward the cockpit. robert durst has been in a louisiana jail since his arrest. authorities in that state filed charges. they are expecting a record
8:01 am
turnout. the tsarnaev brothers were farther down shooting in this direction. the police who were here that night say it was some of the most terrifying eight minutes of their lives. that attack took place in the village of sarmine. it appears to show the aftermath of a chlorine gas attack. if these talks fail, it could tip off anatomic arms race in the already volatile middle east. a rookie los angeles police officer is on the run from the law in connection with a deadly shooting last week. everybody has been waiting for some sort of product like this from apple. >> you were the roast master at the comedy central -- >> yes. >> -- with justin bieber. >> yes. >> how did that go? >> it was a little rough. i'm not gonna lie. >> today's "eye opener at 8" is presented by prudential.
8:02 am
i'm charlie rose with gayle king. norah o'donnell is off. jeff glor is with us. this morning, airline passengers are being credited with ending a violent outburst on a united jetliner late last night. the pilot of the flight to denver declared an emergency after taking off from dulles outside washington. he turned flight around and returned to dulles. the incident began when a man rushed the cockpit. >> don't fight, david. >> fellow passengers on flight 1074 tackled the man and held him down on the floor of the cabin. a law enforcement source tells jeff begaze the man may have been on some type of medicine or drugs. this morning millions of israelis are voting in a referendum on prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he's fighting for a fourth term. his opponent appeared to be
8:03 am
gaining momentum before today's vote. accused killer robert durst is in jail this morning waiting to return to california. the notorious millionaire is being head in louisiana. he was arrested there on saturday in connection with the murder of a friend nearly 15 years ago. durst appears to incriminate himself in her death in an hbo documentary. >> if convicted durst could face the death penalty. legal experts are debating whether video evidence from the film will be admissible in a trial. cbs news legal analyst rikki klieman joins us along with "48 hours" correspondent erin moriarty. good to have both of you here. lots of legal questions. erin, you followed this so long. what are you asking this morning? >> well, i think we're now looking at a whole new case. you know, everyone think about the galveston case where he was charged with murder in the case of morris black. he even admitted he dismembered somebody and he was acquitted. you're wondering what's going to happen in this case of susan
8:04 am
berman when there's even less evidence. >> will it be admissible what he said in the bathroom. >> the answer is of course it depends on what the judge thinks. you have three questions, charlie. we have to look at chain of custody of this case. how long did they have it? where did it go? was it edited? then we have to look at the fact about the admission itself. and look and see if he had a reasonable expectation of privacy. now, we're really thinking in the bathroom we all have a reasonable expectation of privacy. but was the producer working in concert with law enforcement so that then it kicks in this whole question of should he really have been advised in any way? and one of the things his lawyer said to me late last night when we talked is he says this jarecki was interested in ratings. he edited the show to suit his purpose. we're interested in the truth. we know where they're going with
8:05 am
that. the final thing about that statement is is it reliable? what did he really mean? was he being his usual sarcastic self or is it an admission of guilt. >> it didn't sound sarcastic. yesterday when the producer was here he said they gave the police to the evidence months ago. why was he not arrested until saturday? i don't understand the answer to that question. >> the lapd made a statement, saying they only came to arrest him on the basis they thought he was going to flee. the defense, mark my words, is going to file a motion to dismiss in california based on what they perceive as collusion with the producers and with the police department. and that the timing is more than coincidental. >> you know, the producers had been given tape all along to the lapd for over a year. they've had it even had parts
8:06 am
of the interview. so i mean it's hard to believe that was because they were concerned he was a risk to the community. >> a flight risk. >> or just a danger. >> do the questions about the producers have to do with ethics or legality? >> could be both. >> could be both. >> then of course you're stuck with what evidence do they have beyond that? if they don't get that in. there is interesting evidence. you know, susen is berman was killed and he just paid two $25,000 checks to her. interesting. >> can we assume "48 hours" will be doing something special with this case? >> doing it this weekend. >> i'm following erin wherever she goes. >> nice to see you both rikki klieman and erin moriarty thank you. who is watching you when you're driving your car? hertz admitted they have installed video cameras inside the car and they face the driver. they're in about one of every eight rentals. they are not functional yet.
8:07 am
it's part of an in-car video conference service that would only be activated when the drivers want that to happen. the rental company says it is not invadinge inging privacy and sees no cause for concern. 11 people living in one home come from different families. >> is this a cult? >> no. >> it's not a cult. there is no religion there's no intermingling. >> ahead, why these people may not be allowed to stay in the house they paid for.
8:08 am
♪ millions of americans may millions of americans may be taking speed limits needlessly. our dr. david agus shows us how a vitamin tagged as a cure-all could be putting you at risk. that's next. "cbs this morning." roll smoke.
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. ♪ in our morning rounds vitamin d is getting a big old f for battling hypertension. a new study finds despite its
8:13 am
widespread use the supplement is useless for lowering blood pressure and too much could open the door to serious health problems. dr. david agus is in los angeles and joins us. not at the table, on satellite. always good to see you. what do you want us to know about this research? >> this is a study that pooled lots of other studies with thousands of other people and showed that taking vitamin d did not lower blood pressure. there's an association. it was a logical trial to do but it failed. this is one of many trials that have failed with this vitamin. >> go ahead. >> go ahead. >> do we need vitamin d? >> the answer is no. so there's nor and more people are taking it. it's the second most taken vitamin in the country, second to a multivitamin, yet there is no benefit that anybody derives any clinical utility. it doesn't work in anybody but it may cause significant harm. >> is there debate in the medical community about this?
8:14 am
or is it 100% that vitamin d has no good effects? >> the associations are real. right? people with lower vitamin d have more cancer heart disease, et cetera. vitamin d goes with inflammation inflammation. it's not because vitamin d is causal in these cases. the u.s. preventive task force, the most conservative group 2349 country says nobody in the country should be tested or taking vitamin d. 75% of caucasians and 97% of african-americans are low in "d." i think and the community thinks we have to re-assess what is normal. nobody should be taking it at the present time in a normal individual. >> i am totally confuse by this. i was told i had some of the lowest vitamin d levels ever seen, lack of sun or something. i was prescribed to get these supplements which i took. for people like me, there are a lot of us what are you saying we should do? for you to say nobody should be taking it is count of scary. >> that's the data.
8:15 am
women over 70 increase the rate of bone fracture by 26%. people who take vitamin d, that is normal women who take vitamin d have stomach problems kidney stones, no benefit on bone fracture rate at all. i don't think you have r rickettes, a clinical level of vitamin d. >> people who are taking it are probably taking it because their doctors told them to take it. >> i want people if their doctor says you should be on vitamin d, i want you to say where is the data it will benefit me and challenge for that data. >> all right, dr. david agus. >> there you go. >> your name will be coming up a lot in doctor's offices. that's david a-g-u-s. >> thank you. >> does the government decide how many roommates you can live with? we go inside a mansion where a
8:16 am
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the question at the center of a dispute this morning in hartford, connecticut. nearly a dozen people live together comfortably in a single
8:20 am
family home. how they could be forced to split up. >> if you ask this group of 11 couples, singles and children whether they are different from anyone else they will tell you no. the only difference is they decided to share a home. the city of hartford says under zoning codes that kind of living arrangement is not allowed. the west end neighborhood boasts stately mansions and high profile homeowners including the mayor and connecticut's governor and then the people living in this house. like others they bought their home and live here in apparent domestic harmony. >> do you consider yourself a family? >> absolutely. >> except they are not. this group of 11 includes three couples with three children and two single people. they are all long-time friends who decided years ago they wanted to live together. kevin lamkins is an english
8:21 am
teacher. >> i think it is values. the values i'm thinking of are sustainability, cooperation, living well but within your means, being connected to other people and not being in a silo so to speak. >> reporter: this group of friends includes three teachers a grants manager and mental health therapist. >> a couple of things we want to get out of the way. is this a cult? it's not a cult. there is no religion. there is no intermingling. >> intermingling? >> we are really living very much like most people are. we just are doing it together. >> this is our kids den. >> reporter: they purchased the nine bedroom home and moved in last august. they have a legal partnership agreement and shared bank account. the group spent $30,000 so far
8:22 am
to repair the home built in 1921. >> you assign particular people to these projects? >> the projects are ongoing issues. >> reporter: they all say it works well but some neighbors apparently don't agree. someone complained to the city which determined in october that the living arrangement violates the zoning code for the neighborhood which specifies that although houses may be massive no more than two unrelated people can live in them. it came as a surprise to the group. >> we did some research. and the reason why we thought we were okay is because there is a density clause. only a certain amount of people per acre and we more than fit that. >> reporter: last month they appealed and lost. they have to decide whether to fight the decision in court or break up the group and sell. hannah simms. >> it's been terrifying and really stressful.
8:23 am
we are just getting into living together and functioning as a family with all 11 of us. and it's already become very precious i think to all of us. >> reporter: city officials would not comment citing possible litigation. land use attorney says zoning codes were designed to protect neighborhoods. >> historically it was to rule out things like boarding houses. it would be wise of hartford to look at the definition of family. how does it work? is it doing what you want it to do? >> this group says in their case definitely not. >> it's preposterous. whoever is in your home and who you love is who your family is. and the notion that the city will discount that is unacceptable to us. >> some cities and towns have found ways to address these living arrangements calling it a functional family. they must have an ownership interest, share house keeping
8:24 am
duties and adhere to specifications for the homes don't end up as boarding houses. we reached out to neighbors who made the complaints and none were willing to comment on camera for us. but we know some neighbors probably concerned with what happens with other houses. >> what happens next? >> the group has to decide. they say they are going to fight. they haven't said how but you can imagine there is probably a legal battle which is why the city didn't want to comment either. >> i am sorry some neighbor complained. what should matter is are you good citizens and good neighbors. yo you can have people related who are horrible. here you have people being kind to each other and good in the neighborhood. >> how do you address that under a zoning code. >> i wish somebody would ask me. thank you. >> gayle, what do you think? >> that was a great story. new research shows the
8:25 am
changing landscape on decisions about whether to become a parent. why good tuesday morning everyone, it's 8:25. time for some had had lines -- headlines, i'm frank mallicoat. the state water board will vote on mandatory restrictions today. violating them could lead to a $500 fine. one rule limits outdoor watering to two days a week and another requires hotels to offer guests the option not to have towels and bed sheets washed daily. up until now conservation has been voluntary. the retirement yesterday. chris borland said he has some serious concerns about long- term health problems due to connotations in the game. so the 24-year-old was expected to replace patrick willis after willis announced the retirement last week. tough loss for the niners. in california community college students will have a new way to get into more four
8:26 am
year school. an agreement will be signed in sacramento today with the historically black colleges and universities. students who meet the academic requirements will be guaranteed admission to hbcus. traffic you can find a new frontier. there's nothing stopping you and a lot helping you. technology that's with you always. this is our promise.
8:27 am
it's never been better to wander because wherever you go, you'll find us doing everything we can, so you can. good morning, getting out of san francisco right now is kind of a grind if you're trying to travel on 101. it's because of a wreck approaching cesar chavez but it's backed up to the sky coming off the bay bridge. 280 not a whole lot better, we
8:28 am
have that earlier mess in south san francisco. near avalon. here's a live look out the door at the nimitz freeway. 880 in oakland, getting tougher and tougher to get to downtown right now from san leandro. this is this commute really picks up. once again, into and out of the city it's busy and chp issued that high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge and traffic is still sluggish out of hayward. that is kcbs traffic. here's roberta. you got to stop and take a look another this. because we saw the skies were clearing out and look at n bank of low clouds trying to seep into the city of san francisco. you can see the skyline in the distance there. wow that's amazing. temperatures currently 48 to 55 degrees. and later today numbers stacking up from the mid 60s through the low 70s. up to about 75 degrees in gilroy. for the outside number. oh it's going to be breezy. northwest winds 10 to 20 for the st. patrick's day. a chance of showers as spring arrives on friday.
8:29 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour it's called the largest and most comprehensive study of american singles. why it appears that men want kids more than women do. plus prince harry is preparing for a major change in his life. the royal is retiring from the british army but will continue a life of service. elizabeth palmer is at buckingham palace. cbs sports says rory mcilroy is replacing tiger woods in a popular video game. woods had been the face of the video game for 15 years. his contract expired in 2013.
8:31 am
"wall street journal" said the executive chairman of google got called off for cutting off a woman while talking about diversity. the panel included author walter isakson and megan smith. both men interrupted smith several times. >> trying to roll that out across the uk and trying to bring that stuff. >> and the white house and you and us would be -- >> to your point it's critical to doing it. i think probably it will get the other stuff right. >> we have an urgent question. >> academic appearance on women -- >> one of the state-of-the-art issues has to do with tenure. >> that doesn't seem like interrupting to me. it looked like a conversation. >> we weren't there but that doesn't illustrate the point. afterwards google's diversity manager asked both men if they
8:32 am
thought interruptions were a sign of unconscious bias. that got a big applause from the audience. "boston globe" reports on youngest girl in the united states to become a chess grand master. clarissa yip beat a grand master last fall. she learned to play when she was 6. she can play the game with her eyes closed. she said it is a challenging game and i like that about it. >> that is fantastic. congratulations. >> i like her. and the washington post issues a royals visit alert. prince charles and wife cumilla arrive in the nation's capitol tonight. together they will tour before a reception at the british embassy. sometime before they head home friday they will stop at the white house to shake hands with president obama. prince harry is making what
8:33 am
he calls -- charlie's favorite royal. he calls a tough decision to end his military career. the fourth in line for the
8:34 am
8:35 am
conservation of wild life in africa. >> thanks very much. there is a new twist in the age old debate about whether couples should become parents. the study found men want to have
8:36 am
kids more than women. articles spot light the growing number. it is most read and shared post on a cut. the magazine's lifestyle website has gotten quite a reaction. you surprised by that? >> what i was trying to do was name something that has gone unnamed which is growing number of young women who just don't know whether they want kids or who is now partners is absolutely sure. >> what were you seeing? >> i was just having conversations with friends, colleagues around my age, women who were saying i just don't know if i want to have a kid. i'm really stuck in this decision. >> were you thinking about it yourself? >> i have been thinking about it myismself. i am married. i think women at my age are really wrestling with this question and their male partners
8:37 am
seem really confident. they said absolutely i always wanted to be a dad. that is something i have known my bhoel life. >> does this have to do with the fact that more and more women are in the work place? >> absolutely. today's young woman is integrated. every woman my age is thinking about her career what she wants to do professionally. we are very aware that it is tough in this country to balance your career and children. they are sort of weighing these things. i think the men in our lives are aware of this but they also probably know that they are not going to be asked to give things up, not going to be guilted about it. it is an easier road for them. >> does it prize you that the men were more interested? women are still doing a heavy lifting a home even if you have a great husband that does the great things. >> i think today's young people want a legal tar yn
8:38 am
relationship. you put a kid in the picture and things are chaotic. >> you just want it to be fair. men and women both want equality but women don't expect it. >> i think we are just really -- our eyes are open about the challenges and what is likely to happen. i think men may be more optimistic and then a kid comes into the picture and see what the reality is. >> because you are better than us. >> we watched our mothers. i think our mothers really wanted equality but really struggled with it. >> when it comes to age, what ages are we talking about and how much has been changed? >> i'm talking about women in their mid to late 20s, sort of the older end of the millennial generation. biology is a big question here. you get to a certain age and the decision is either made for you or you have made it for yourselfism these are women just getting to the age where they
8:39 am
feel the pressure to make a decision. this is not necessarily sort of teenage women or early 20s when the question is farther off. >> what has to happen before you don't see these results? >> my personal opinion is the next generation is the one where things are a lot easier. they will watch us as parents and say they got close and we are going to figure it out. >> you can compromise on many things in relationships, children is one thing you cannot compromise on. getting into top colleges might not be worth the fight. "new york times" columnist is in our greenroom who
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
the tina fey movie shows how
8:44 am
far students will go to get into college. high school seniors will learn. colleges are posting acceptance and rejection notices. "new york times" columnist frank rooney offers encouraging news to students who do not get into the likes of princeton or stanford. "where you go is not who you will be." we welcome you to the table. one thing you point out is madness and nonsense yes or no from a certain school determines your value. >> we created a culture where we have kids and parents. it's not true. it's a destructive narrative to tell them. the book tries to explain why you can have success in any number of ways traveling down any number of paths and to treat this juncture as more than it is is not a good idea. >> don't you have to look around and see what people have done in
8:45 am
terms of traditional definition of achievement? >> you can look at the table. university of maryland syracuse. no pattern here. you are all at the table because of energy you put into your careers. you are here because of basic challenges -- >> university of maryland. >> look at that girl on the right. >> thank goodness for -- >> you were so good looking in college. >> this is the thing. university of maryland i say i went to university of maryland people go that is lovely. you say you go to duke or harvard or yale. i don't think you can deny that when you go to one of the top tier schools that people look at you differently and regard you differently and make in most cases correct assumptions. doesn't that count for something? >> it can be an advantage and those schools are really great schools. we have to keep it in perspective. this table shows in any survey of successful people shows that
8:46 am
they come from all sorts of educational pedigrees. the oo when you say duke is wonderful. not getting that does not mean you will get ahead. >> i agree. >> that is what we cannot lose sight of. >> a lot of it comes from the rankings. how have the rankings effected the way the colleges pursue them the way they live by these? >> colleges pursue students to get acceptance rates down. they want to rise in these rankings because americans love rankings. they love to have judgment out to surveys. there might be a best school for you but no objective best school. that is why putting too much faith and attention to rankings is a big mistake. >> i realize you are saying you can still do really well if you didn't go to a fabulous school.
8:47 am
the last presidents harvard. yale. columbia. >> let's talk about that. >> and then all supreme court justices went to ivy league law schools. >> when you say yale you are talking about george w. bush. did yale make him? wasn't he bound for yale? >> legacy matters? >> to attribute bush's time in the white house to anything at yale is more a blood line than anything else. >> you mentioned supreme court. we can look at other sample sets and get a much different picture. senate very few people in the senate went to ivy league schools. we love to talk about the ivy league when we see that pattern. joe biden university of delaware. chris christie university of delaware. in the 2008 campaign david fluff, steve schmidt university of delaware. why aren't we talking about this
8:48 am
maker of political kings, university of delaware? because we prefer another narrative. >> we can talk about syracuse university. >> parents really need to relax. people go through so much. the things people say to admissions counselors just to get into school is amazing. >> people get so focused. i talked to one who said he had a panicked call from a couple of parents who were planning a lavish vacation in the summer for the kid and then they go the colleges want to see he has done community service so we need to have him build roads. the counselor reminded they are in europe. >> there is a game to get admitted in addition to academic achievement because the competition is so tough there are things you can do. >> there are things you can do and things you have the good luck of being. kids and parents need to remember when they are getting
8:49 am
too heart broken over not getting into a school. if you are a star athlete or legacy these can be a leg up. >> i hear the music. we got to go. this was the best part of the book to me. a parent wrote to his child there is not a single college in this country that would not be lucky to have you. you are capable of succeeding at any of them. we love you as deep as the ocean, as high as the sky, all the way around the world and back again to wherever you are headed. they sent that before rejection notices came in. >> very revealing. >> thank you. where you go is not who you will be goes on sale today. you are watching "cbs this morning."
8:50 am
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8:52 am
that does it for us. be sure to tune in to the cbs evening news tonight. for news anytime anywhere log
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good morning. as the morning commute is mostly cleaning wine un-- winding down unfortunately it's heating up on northbound 101 just trying to get into san francisco. there's no real reason why. no accidents but you can see how backed it up is from south san francisco all the way past candlestick heading into downtown. let's go up to the east bay now and westbound highway 4 at bay point at bailey there was a wreck. it is now cleared but unfortunately, it's still really slow between antioch and pittsburg bay point. and here's a live look at the bay bridge. the toll plaza. even though it looks like it's clearing out in the left lanes still backed up through the maze with a drive time of 43
8:59 am
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you won a car! (screams) you're going to miami! (giggling): man, how you doing? jonathan: it's a designer watch. (screams) - oh my gosh you're so beautiful. - i'm going to go for the big deal! jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal". now here's tv's big dealer wayne brady! wayne: hey, everybody, welcome to "let's make a deal." i'm wayne brady, thank you so much for tuning in. i need three people. let's make a deal. (cheers and applause) with the boa, with the boa. go on right down there for me. you right there. yes, ma'am. and you right there. come on over here. everybody else, have a seat. welcome to the show. welcome to the show. esther, nice


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